Connection between an avatar and her/his original planet

Question: Do some new avatars learn  from the earlier avatars trap of illusion, for example: “Do not like stick your nose into this planet Earth? Because that can cost millions of years to get lost in a place of darkness.” 

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Certainly there is a connection  between the avatars that have descended from a particular natural planet and the beings who are still on that planet—living on that planet. And so even though you, when you embodied on a dense planet like earth, may not be consciously aware that you have a connection to your natural planet, there can from the other side, be an awareness of what those who have come from that planet to earth have experienced on earth.

And this means that avatars can see what happens when you embody on a unnatural planet without having to do it themselves. And there are already some, quite a number actually that have decided that: I don’t need to personally experience what it’s like to be on a planet like earth, because I can see what has happened to others from my planet who have done this.


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About mean children with destructive behavior

Question: Why in today’s world are there  so many mean children with destructive behavior, especially young people?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

This is a complex issue that has a number of causes.  But  I will give you three. First of all, we are living in a transition time where we are still transitioning from Pisces to Aquarius because so many people are still stuck in the Piscean mindset. So, in a transition time, it is normal that certain things will be acted out in a more extreme manner, so that people can come to see it more clearly. That is also as we’ve said before, why there is more conflict in the world. So, this is one, the transition.

Another aspect of this problem is as we have talked about before with mental illness, that because society is still stuck in this no-man’s-land between Christianity and materialism, children don’t grow up with a sense that their life has a purpose, that there is a direction, that they can raise their consciousness, that their consciousness will determine what they experience in life, their success or not success in life. And all of these things, so children don’t have a way to take command over their psychology, so they are just acting out.

A third aspect of this is partly driven by the internet where people again come in contact with more children than the ones they meet physically. And there is that tendency to put a very rough expression on the internet. And this ties in with some spirits and demons created collectively, so many children become swept up in this. Again, this is because they don’t have any spiritual awareness and a sense of purpose, so they just spiral downward—they become pulled into these spirals.

So there isn’t necessarily a simple solution to this other than a raising of awareness. What you can do is try to give your children a spiritual awareness if they are open to it, but if they are not, you can’t force it on them. So you just need to allow them to act out this until they’ve had enough of it. You can try to ask them these questions: Is this really how you want to live the rest of your life? Do you want to be in conflict with others for the rest of your life? Or do you want to find a different way?


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How to give invocations being a busy mother

Question: This question  is about giving invocations, being a mother with a small child and wanting to give your invocations and giving them when you have time to give them when the child is sleeping. But obviously the mother wants to sleep at the same time too. So she faces a dilemma. Do you do the spiritual practice? Or do you take the rest and then expect to do it later or wait to the next day without giving the invocation?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Here you have to be a practical realist and look at your individual situation. You should not with the outer mind decide: Well, I have to give a certain amount of spiritual practice every day. You should be willing to tune in and say: Today I’m just too tired—I need to rest. But what I recommend is that you do not decide with your outer mind that I have to give a certain amount of decrees or invocations every day. But what you can do is you can look at your life and you can say: Is there a certain amount of time that I could set aside every day or at least almost every day. If it’s 10 minutes, then I can’t give a whole invocation. But I can give maybe one or two sections of an invocation. And then what I recommend is that you set aside the time when your child is asleep. You take those 10 minutes, and then you focus as much as possible on really being centered in the heart while you give part of an invocation. It is better to be centered in the heart for 10 minutes, then to give it more rotely, for half an hour or more.

So most of you will even if you have small children, be able to set aside 10 minutes or maybe more every day and then use it as a way to center in your heart instead of being driven by some decision by the outer mind. In other words, don’t make it a burden. Don’t make it an obligation. Actually make it something that is not necessarily rest, but that is rejuvenation. Where you are getting enjoyment and a certain rejuvenation out of it, rather than the frustration that you should have done more. Let go of that old frustration of what you should be doing, and then create a certain time where you can really enjoy what you’re doing.


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Duality in the golden age

Question: Is Saint Germain is golden age affected by duality, or will it be transcendent?

Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, naturally, the golden age isn’t affected by duality, but it will take some time before the earth as a whole transcends the consciousness of duality. There will, for at least couple of centuries, perhaps more, be certain groups of people who are still stuck in the dualistic consciousness and need to work it through. But this won’t prevent the forward movement of the golden age where greater and greater number of people will overcome duality and therefore move into the golden age consciousness.

Again, because of the outplaying of free-will, there will be the same condition you see now. It will also be there in the golden age where you see on earth right now that there are people at many different levels of consciousness and it’s still allowed on the planet. And that will also be the case in the beginning centuries of the golden age, that there will be some differences.

But it’s clear that there will come a point where we move so deeply into the golden age that the vast majority of people will not be in a state of duality, and they will become very aware of what duality is and how it affects people and how it has affected the past. And there will be a growing determination to keep people who are in a dualistic state of consciousness out of leadership positions.

This is something that’s already beginning in a certain primitive form, where people are becoming more aware of  narcissists and psychopaths and sociopaths. And there is a beginning awareness that we cannot allow these kinds of people to be our leaders, because it can only lead to disaster. This will of course, be greatly reinforced as we move further into the golden age.


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How to stop reacting through a separate self

Question: When I’m reacting emotionally through a separate self and when there is also an opening to a collective spirit and the energies are intense and overwhelming, with fear, anger and panic, what is the best way deal  with this in the moment.  And what level of consciousness is this reaction coming from? Can I be at a higher level than the reactions coming from a separate self and the collective spirit reinforcing the reaction? 

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

What you can do is you can take the teachings we have given on the separate selves and you can decide to consciously adopt the attitude that you are willing to come to see your separate selves and separate yourself from them. And if you adopt that as a general attitude, then you can also draw the conclusion that anytime you react with a state that takes away your peace, a reaction that takes away your peace, that disturbs you—then this is coming from a separate self. Depending on the intensity of the feelings that are brought up, you can react in a couple of ways that I will suggest.

If the feelings are very, very intense, you can decide:  I am not going to allow these feelings to continue—I’m not going to allow the feelings to create a downward spiral. So therefore, I’m going to stop what I’m doing, I’m going to stop reacting to this situation. I’m going to walk away from it. And I’m going to go into my private room and make some calls to the ascended masters: to Shiva to Astrea, to help cut me free from the pull of this energy. Because if the energies are very intense, you know you’re tying into some collective spirit. So you can make the calls to be cut free from this, so that you can stop the spiral. It is a principle that you have in first aid where the first principle of first aid is, stop the accident from accelerating further and involving more and more people or becoming more severe.

Now, if the energies aren’t so intense, then you can gradually build a momentum where you realize that you are reacting in a state that is not at peace. And then again, you mentally stop yourself and you just mentally step away from the self. You realize this is a separate self. And when you build a certain momentum on doing this, you can actually in this situation, without even having to walk away from it—you can stop yourself from continuing to react through that separate self. It may not mean that you are instantly resolving it, but you can separate yourself enough from the self that you are not continuing the reactionary pattern. You can take a more neutral approach. You may stop talking to the other person or you may take a pause and try to respond from a more neutral perspective.

On a more long-term basis, you of course want to say: What was the separate self that caused me to react in that situation? And then when you have time to meditate on this, you use your intuition, you may study a particular book or dictation that talks about it—you may give an invocation so you seek to get clarity on  the self, what the belief is behind it until you can release it let it die.


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Having children and free will

Question: Ten years ago I discovered I was pregnant. I felt I was not ready to have a baby and I panicked. I decided to connect to the soul of that baby and I asked it not to come just yet but to come back to me when I was ready. I spoke to that soul for two days and then it left so I had a miscarriage. As an Ascended master student, I have learned that one should not take other life streams opportunity to grow. Although at the time I thought the solution was better than abortion, is there really a difference how one takes someone’s life? What is the consequence of that decision for me and also for that life stream? I have felt that I owe it. I have felt that I owe to it the chance I took in ignorance and fear.

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, what you’re describing here is a process that is at a much higher level of awareness than many of the people who have an abortion because they are so frustrated and don’t see a way forward to have a child. So there is nothing really – I am reluctant to use the word wrong – in this process. You need to recognize here that the incoming soul of course has an opportunity and it has free will, but you also have free will.

We have even in our teachings on abortion said that you do have a right as a person in embodiment to decide whether you want to have children or how many you want to have. That is why we are not as the Catholic church against contraception because you have a right to decide for example, I don’t want any children or, I want two children or, I want one child or whatever the number may be. You have a right to decide that.

We are not giving a teaching like the Mormons where women are pretty much in prison to bringing forth nine or more children, which takes up their whole lives. You need to recognize here that if you have that level of intuitive awareness, it is perfectly valid to talk to the incoming soul and ask it to delay its embodiment. If the soul agrees to that and leaves then this is the outworking of free will. You don’t need to feel guilty about it.

Whether you are obligated to give that soul another opportunity is something you need to determine intuitively. I would strongly advise you to look at any sense of obligation, any sense of fear, any sense of shame and see that this comes from separate selves. Then work on getting rid of those separate selves because then you will be in a neutral state of mind. That means you can have a stronger intuition.

In many cases, the soul might have moved on and found another way to embody in the meantime. But if it hasn’t there is something you need to sense intuitively and then make that decision based on your intuition not based on some fear or shame in the outer mind.

The entire issue of having children is very, very complex. In previous Ascended master dispensations we gave a more black and white teaching on it and there was a certain culture created that was more black and white. This was because it was in the Piscean age. In the Aquarian Age there needs to be a less black and white view on this. This means that many, many things need to be understood at a deeper level and debated at a deeper level.

I can tell you that as we move into the Golden Age there will come a point where there will not be laws against abortion, where women will have a right to have an abortion. But there will also at the same time come a state where there will be very, very few abortions performed because women will have higher level of awareness, meaning that an unplanned pregnancy will become more rare. Nevertheless, you will have to say that, given the reality of free will if a woman has the awareness of the existence of souls and how a pregnancy can represent an opportunity for that soul, if a woman has that awareness, she also has the right, has the right to exercise her free will and choose not to become or to carry on that pregnancy, not to have a child at that time or not to have a child at all. This is a right you have within the law of free will.

You could say that given the much more nuanced teaching on free will, that we are giving today, you could say that some of the teachings given previously were interfering with women’s free will by presenting this very black and white view. And there were even some women who decided to have another child in order to give a soul an opportunity to embody in the world, but it wasn’t necessarily in their divine plans to do so.

So you see how almost any teaching we give, there will be some people who interpret it in an unbalanced way, instead of using their intuition to sense what is in their divine plans.  You need to recognize that  given the complexity of life,  it is entirely possible  that a woman can become pregnant but it is not in her divine plan to have a child at that time.  And that means that you can then say that the woman becoming pregnant is because she hasn’t used her intuition or she would not have become pregnant. But this doesn’t mean that the woman couldn’t then re-evaluate the situation, use her intuition to determine: Is this pregnancy part of my divine plan or isn’t it?

And we of course, always want people to make the most aware choices possible. We are not having the attitude that women should have children just to bring children into the world if it isn’t part of the divine plan that they chose before coming into embodiment.


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A magnetic pull of the moon on people’s emotional bodies

Question: Is it true that phases of the moon affect us and it’s also been said that the moon is a tool of the fallen beings, is it so? 

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, the teaching was given in previous dispensations that the moon has become a focus for dark forces in the astral plane. There is of course reality to this but nevertheless you also need to recognize here that when you reach a certain level of consciousness it is not something you need to be concerned about. If you are giving decrees for protection, if you are seeking to raise your consciousness it is not really something you need to be greatly concerned about.

I’m not by that saying that you should go out on a warm night when there’s a full moon and sit there and stare at the moon for several hours because it might tune you into certain energies from the astral plane. But it is not something you need to go around fearing. When you rise above a certain level of consciousness the moon cannot influence you because it doesn’t have anything in you that it can pull on. It is like with everything else. The prince of this world must have something in you, a separate self that it can pull on.

The moon is the focus of fairly low energies so when you start walking the path to self-mastery and start rising about the 48th level, it’s not something that you need to be too concerned about.

If you ask almost any police force around the world, you will see that there is usually more crime, more violence, more chaos around the time of the full moon. It’s just an observation that people have made pretty universally around the world. And it does show you that people who are below a certain level of consciousness are affected by the moon and the pull on their emotional bodies. But that is again people who are at a certain low level of consciousness that corresponds to the energies that the dark forces have anchored in the moon.

Now I know that you can take the view that materialists will take and say that this can only be nonsense because the moon is just a natural phenomenon. This just shows you the limitation of their philosophy where they do not recognize anything beyond the physical because naturally, it’s not the physical moon, the moon as a physical moon that anchors these energies. They are anchored in the emotional realm. It is from there that they exert a magnetic pull on people’s emotional bodies.


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More than one soul in the body?

Question: Can several lifestreams embody in one person’s body?  Some teachings claim that’s true.

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, here we need to consider what we mean with the word embody. You will see that you can find books on psychology that contain the concept that people have multiple personalities. You even have examples of people who, when they are in one particular personality they have a particular physical symptom. But then when they shift to another personality, that physical symptom goes away. This shows you the power of these different personalities.

In some cases, there are people where their physical body is being used by vehicles for more than one soul in order to use the general term. There could be several souls who are expressing themselves through that physical body. But they are not doing it on equal terms. We still need to recognize here that when we are talking about embodiment, then there is one particular soul that embodies in this particular physical body and it is the primary being that uses that physical body.

If that soul has holes in its aura, severe traumas from past lives, it can be open to letting other people take over the body or take over the mind on a temporary basis. It’s perfectly correct from that perspective that there can be several souls or even dark beings, demons or entities that are using the physical body. But there is still one primary soul that is embodying in that body and that is why this primary soul has the potential to take full command over the body and close its aura off, its three higher bodies off from other influences.

That is what ideally should happen. That this person takes command over the body and takes command over its four lower bodies and shuts out other souls or other beings, dark beings from influencing.


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How to help a non-spiritual person

Question: Can teachings on spiritual psychology help a non-spiritual person who doesn’t believe in past lives and doesn’t want to use the tools? If a person asks for help, is it possible to explain to him that he has allowed dark forces entry into his mind and energy fields?  

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, yes and no in the sense that it might be helpful, even if people are not consciously or in their conscious level spiritual, they might still be willing to listen to certain ideas. But there may be other people who will deny anything beyond their current mental box. It may be impossible to help them. Now, you can try to express this in more neutral terms, you can try and look at what science has discovered. You can try and talk about energy, there must be higher or lower frequencies of energies. Instead of dark beings, you might just talk about fear based on lower energies and this may be able to help people.

But there are some people that cannot be helped by a spiritual psychology. Because if you look at any system, even traditional psychotherapy, any teaching you create has certain concepts. That is what defines the teaching. There are always certain concepts involved in defining any teaching. If people are open to these concepts, then they can be helped by the teaching. But if they reject the concepts, argue against them and refuse to believe them, then how can they be helped by that teaching? It goes for anything.

Even modern medicine, physical medicine, related to the physical body is based on certain concepts. If people accept those concepts then sometimes they are helped by it, through the placebo effect by the fact that they believe in the medicine that is helping. If they reject everything, then sometimes they cannot be helped.

You need to recognize that there are some people you cannot help because their free-will choice causes them to reject what you have to offer. And as a spiritual person, which is something this messenger struggled with for years, because he had this idea that he should be able to help everybody. But as a spiritual person, you have a right to say: “I have these beliefs, this worldview and therefore I can help those who can accept that worldview, or at least aspects of it. I don’t need to concern myself about the rest of them. The rest of the people, they must find other ways to be helped.” You don’t need to feel responsible that you should be able to help any person that you come across.

I know this can be difficult if you’re talking about people who are close to you. But again, there comes a point where you need to recognize free will and accept that people have free will and there isn’t anything you can do about it, other than you can honor your own free will and say, “Do I want to be around these people anymore? Do I want to continue to be associated closely with people that reject everything that I stand for, everything I believe in?”  You have a right to make that choice.


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People with Buddhic attainment

Question: Buddha said in the book divine plan, that it would be as an example, for one person with a sufficient level of Buddhahood, to withdraw space for pedophilia. And that would mean that no pedophile would be able to embody on earth after that cutoff point. Why is there still pedophilia on the earth? Isn’t there any person with sufficient level of Buddhahood who wants to withdraw space for pedophilia?

Answer by Ascended Master  Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

No, there isn’t so far.  We are talking about a very high level of consciousness.  And  it is actually when we talk about this level of consciousness beyond the scale of 144 levels. What we have said previously is that there comes a point where you can ascend from earth, and this is what we have given you the scale of 144 levels when you reach the 144th level you can ascend.

But have also said that not everybody who ascends and becomes an ascended master has reached the level of Buddhic attainment So, it is quite rare that someone in physical embodiment reaches that level and  when that happens, it is a matter of what is that person focused on and it may not be pedophilia, it can be many of the other things that are happening on earth. So, I simply gave that as an example of something that could be changed by just one person.

Now, there are also some issues that are so big, that even a person with Buddhic attainment couldn’t change them. The person might be able to withdraw space, but you also realize that withdrawing space does not negate free-will. So there is still free will to consider in the equation.  And perhaps it would be helpful for you to clarify that withdrawing space  involves all four levels  of  this sphere, the physical, emotional, mental and identity.

So, you can actually, as a Buddha, you use the mind the powers of mind to withdraw space, in the identity, mental and emotional, but there is still the need for the outplaying of free will in the physical.   So therefore, it doesn’t mean that a certain phenomenon instantly disappears because the people who are in embodiment must be given an opportunity now that space has been withdrawn in the other levels to voluntarily overcome this condition, which is easier for them when they don’t have the pull from the emotional, mental and identity realms. But they still need to be given that opportunity, sometimes for the remainder of that lifetime. You see that in terms of pedophilia, it’s a relatively small number of people that are engaged in this compared to the total population.

But when you see a condition like warfare, there are many more people, a much bigger percentage of the population involved. This means that there needs to be more opportunities for free-will to outplay itself, so that people can be given the opportunity to voluntarily overcome this. You see that what we are always seeking to do is to help people voluntarily and consciously make the choice to overcome a certain condition. We give people as many opportunities to do this as possible.

But there does come a certain point where we determine that now we are at a cutoff point where we say: “this condition will no longer be allowed”  meaning that those who will not give it up can no longer embody on the planet and in some cases taken out of embodiment. Or they are allowed to outlive their embodiment and then nobody else with the same propensities will be allowed to embody again. This is a complicated equation that is determined by the Karmic Board of when that cutoff point can happen and whether people have been given enough opportunities to voluntarily abandon that condition.


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How to understand concept of “mandala”

Question: What is the purpose and characteristics of our mandala? How we are all connected, how are we all connected to each other? Have we embodied as a group before? (We’re talking about us who are part of these teachings that the masters are giving).

Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, many of you have, of course, embodied together before. But when we use the term “mandala”, we use it in a broader way. We use it in a broader way that we have done in previous dispensations, but actually we don’t. We use it in the same way. But we want you in this dispensation to have a broader view than they had in previous dispensations where they thought that there was a specific close group of people that were part of a certain mandala and that is why they have found that ascended master teaching and they had all embodied before and they all had this very important mission.

What we want you to see is that  it is not only the people who are following the teachings now that are part of the mandala—the mandala is much broader. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the people who are part of this mandala need to come to accept ascended master teachings.

We have said before, we don’t want you to isolate yourselves from other people or from society. And therefore, we don’t want you to look at this as you should only be concerned about people who are part of the mandala and people who are part of the mandala are people who are on the outer, accepting this particular teaching.

We want you to look at it in a broader way, where you realize that there is a certain inner ring of the mandala who are consciously aware of ascended master teachings, but there are also other rings. And your role as those who are consciously aware of the teachings is to administer, to help these people who are in the outer ring rings, so that you can give them whatever they need to come up higher.

As we have said before, it doesn’t mean that when you try to help other people, your primary concern is to make them members of this organization. We don’t even really have an organization here that you can become a members of, but we had that in previous dispensations and many people did become so concerned about the organization, expanding the organization, attracting more members, and getting people then to come in to become full members of the organization, doing whatever that meant. This is not what we are saying now because it isn’t the Aquarian mindset. It was a Piscean mindset.

So what we are saying is see yourselves as being part of a larger group of people. This doesn’t mean you need to see that you should be able to help everybody. Because there are many people who will not be responsive to these teachings or the ideas and the teachings for the rest of this lifetime. You need to be concerned about those whom you can help, those who are open. As I said, it doesn’t mean they’re open to ascended master teaching, but they could be open to some of the ideas that we give.

So that is what we would like to see— to see yourself as being in the inner ring of a circle that isn’t closed because it extends to many other people. And then considering how you can help these people. We have talked in these dictations given throughout this year, that there is a certain tension built in the collective consciousness. And that means that there are many people who are part of the outer rings of your mandala that are ready to step up and acknowledge, consciously acknowledge certain ideas.

We would like you to see yourself as being the forerunners who can help these people make that shift, even if they never recognize you, or meet you, or recognize ascended masters—they are still shifting their consciousness. And that is what we want you to see as the primary goal: shifting consciousness, not expanding the membership of a certain organization.


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The next step in economy

Question: Because this world is infected by duality, what is the next step after Communism and Capitalism.  Capitalism cannot  survive without  opposition. 

Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, I have commented on this before. So the next step is, of course, to find an approach to the economy that is based on some humanitarian awareness of what is best for all people and not just for the elite. And this can be done in many different ways and it’s too complicated in a short answer to go into it in depth, but it is also something that I’ve already talked about that we’ll talk about more also, as we move further into the golden age teachings.

It’s clear that what you can see if you look at Capitalism and Communism, you can see that they are unconscious systems, they are unaware systems—they are based on a certain level of awareness. But it is not an awareness that is based on what we have called the essential or the basic humanity. In other words, it’s based on that sense of separation, where people see themselves as separate beings and they say: How can we create an economic system that’s good for us that’s good for the elite.

And so the next step is actually to create a more humanitarian economy that is best for everybody. Now, some nations have already made quite a bit of progress towards this, many of the nations in Europe, Canada, and many others have made progress towards creating a more egalitarian economy that isn’t strictly capitalist. Because there is at least something control by the state that prevents corporations from taking over. You could argue that even the United States has some limitations to corporations although not as effective as some other nations. So, this really is the next step: an economy that isn’t driven by an ideology or system but that is driven by this awareness of what is best for the whole what is best for all people in that nation.


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Phenomenon of trolling

Question: Why do people feel mentally threatened in comments sections, like on forums or websites/Facebook while talking to each other? I understand it is ego that is reacting, the separate selves reacting to each other. However, could you expand on this, any master please? What is the psychological mechanism? And what is happening on the mental level as people speak to each other, and how do they send energy to each other as they mentally speak to one another?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

The internet has created new opportunities for people. You will see that before the internet, people were limited to the people they met physically, that they had physical contact with, for the most part. Now you have the opportunity where you can sit at your computer, you can look at some kind of site and you can see other people expressing their opinions. And you can by just typing a few sentences express your opinion. You can even sometime do this in a seeming anonymity because you’re not face to face with other people.

If you take a positive spin on this, you can say that this gives people an opportunity to interact with a greater number of people than they could do by meeting them physically. This means they actually get an opportunity to get more feedback on their own opinions, their own behavior, how they express themselves, how they relate to other people.

We can say that the positive opportunity is that people will go through a phase where they are expressing whatever they feel like expressing and getting the feedback they get. And it’s all ego based and it’s all driven by several separate selves.

But there can eventually come a point where, which has already happened for many people, they’ve had enough of this. It’s like they have expressed whatever they needed to express—gotten it out there, and now they see it and now they say: But this isn’t really who I am. This doesn’t really reflect who I am. So, let me find a more mature way to relate to other people.

The not so positive spin on this is that everything you do is done with energy, so naturally, people are feeding energy into creating these beasts in the collective consciousness. And they are some of these internet forums, where most of the people who participate have their minds taken over by these collective beasts that simply want people to be in conflict so that they can steal their energy.

You can say that the positive potential is, that by giving people the freedom to express whatever they want, they can eventually work through it and get over it. But once they become trapped by these entities and demons, then it becomes like an addiction. It becomes a never ending spiral that they can’t get out of. They have to go on the forum and get their fix every day or even several times a day, or even while you’re driving in their cars. They just had to get that post done, even if it endangers their lives. So, this is the not so positive portion of it. But again, what can you do?

The positive potential of the internet is that people can connect all over the world they can connect with people from different parts of the world, from different cultures.  And this has the potential of creating  a minimization of people’s differences. They see that people have some similarities no matter where they are from. They have the same basic psychology, basic way of looking at life. And this can create more of a sense of unity.

The dark forces of course, will do whatever they can to counteract this and that is why they have taken over the minds of some people who then begin to do what is known as trolling. And many of these people are literally addicted to this. Their minds are completely taken over by it. And the question is, will they ever have had enough? Because when will the demons have had enough of extracting peoples energy? It may not happen until these people are so depleted that they, as they say about addicts of other kinds, they hit rock bottom and see that they simply can’t continue doing this.

What you can do as, as a spiritual person and more aware person, is you can intuitively try and sense the energy. And if you sense that it’s at a very low level where it’s all conflict, it’s all solar plexus chakra where people are accusing each other and using very negative expressions about each other, then you can just stay away from that forum, withdraw from it and not even engage your energies in it. You can find other forums because obviously people have also a need to create forums that do not function at that base level.

What you see to some degree is that some of these things that are available on the internet have been pulled down by the trolling to where no normal person wants to engage in it. But that means there is then a desire to create another form of internet where people can have a higher level of communication. And one of the ways this could be done was to create an internet or forum where people are not anonymous, where you have to register you have to validate your identity—you register with a picture of yourself and therefore you are taking responsibility for what you are saying, just as you would when you’re talking face to face with people.

And this is something that there is a need to create, there are already certain initiatives that point in that direction but it will become more and more of a need as times move on, where people will see that we need to find a civilized humanitarian way to interact on the internet.


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Israel and mindset of blaming other countries

Question: It seems that the State of Israel, and part of the world Jewish dysphoria nowadays, have set a specific goal for their various subtle but severe attacks:  Poland, which for centuries, as the Jews themselves admitted, was a paradise for them while elsewhere in Europe they were persecuted and brutally expelled from many countries. Will the masters comment on this phenomenon? 

Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

As the master who is responsible for the golden age on earth, and also representing the seventh ray of freedom, I will comment on it from this perspective of what sets people free and what binds them, what keeps them tied to a condition that causes them suffering or causes them to not be free.

The reality here is that if you look at any group of people you can look at their current behavior and you can say: “Is this behavior helping them become more free or is it helping them become less free?” And it is clear that the State of Israel and the Jewish leadership are caught in a downward spiral that is making them less and less free. And this is something that anybody who takes a neutral look at it can see. And, of course, it is not constructive for the Jewish leaders to start blaming other countries, whether Poland or other nations, because you need to take responsibility for yourself and your own state of mind. And when you start blaming others, well, you are not doing that. You are not taking responsibility for your own state of mind, and this will make you less free. You cannot become more free if you are blaming others.

There is a clear attitude or mindset in the Jewish people that has been there, quite frankly, since Old Testament time. And it is of seeing themselves as being separated from other people. There is, of course, the whole idea that they are God’s chosen people, which would then imply that God favors certain people over others. Supposedly, God has created all people because God has created everything. But apparently this God who has created all people favors some people over others. Well, that is not the God I know from the ascended so it must be a lower god. That is the only logical conclusion.

You see that there is this attitude where the Jews want to set themselves apart. Well, what are they subconsciously sending into the cosmic mirror? “We want to feel we are different from other people.” And you also see in the Jewish people, this long history of feeling how they were persecuted by other people, how they were taken to other nations and imprisoned there and so on. The Jewish people are actually sending into the cosmic mirror at subconscious levels: “We want to be persecuted. We want people who treat us as if we are different because this validates our sense of being different. And it is so important to us to be different.”

What have we said about the Russian people?  They also want to be different. And what does it prevent Russia from doing? Engaging in the family of nations on equal terms with others so you can become part of the whole instead of standing apart from it. And it is exactly the same mechanism in the Jewish people, for that matter also in many of the Arab people and many other people around the world. They want to be different. They want to be special. They want to be separate. And how do you get the validation for this feeling that you are separate? By other people opposing you or persecuting you or putting you down. Now again, if this is what the Jewish people want to continue to experience after thousands of years of this who am I as the god of freedom to tell them differently.

But, of course, there is no way you can enter the golden age consciousness if you have that mindset. How can you become part of the golden age if you have that mindset because the golden age, the Aquarian Age, is the age of community. And community can only happen among equals. What is the word community? Come ye into unity.  If there are people who want to be apart from others they cannot come into unity with others. This cannot be done.

What the Jews are doing is simply reinforcing that mindset that sets them apart from others. If that is what they want, that is their prerogative. But the consequence is, of course, that they will have conflict with other groups of people. It can be no other way. You cannot have cooperation, come into unity with other people, if you want to stand apart from them and see yourself as being different or being better. Because, of course, there is always that subtle value judgment that: “We are so special, therefore, we are actually better than other people. And that is proven by the fact that they are so jealous that they have to persecute us.” This mindset, where will it lead you? Well, where has it led you in the past?

One of your own, Albert Einstein, who was of Jewish descent, is famous for saying: “If you keep doing the same thing and expect different results you are insane.” Listen to him and decide what kind of a future you want. I am not going to tell you what kind of future you should have. I am just telling you the consequences of continuing on the track you have been on for so long.


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Aliens or astral entities?

Question: The masters say that there are no aliens other than astral entities. However, there are a few people speaking about meeting aliens, and no matter what level of consciousness I am using to investigate this, I can tell or feel that they are not lying. Am I failing my discernment? And I am not talking about when people make a crossover effect where they see into the astral plane, but where people really believe that they have seen aliens. I am convinced they are not lying about the experience. Because of what the masters have said about the topic I am wondering if I am discerning correctly.

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Our teachings have not said that people who have believed they have had alien encounters are lying. In that sense, your discernment is correct that they are genuinely believing that what they have seen was reality. But the idea of the crossover effect where the vibration of the material realm and the astral plane can be so close that people can see something that is a manifestation of the astral plane, even with their physical senses, and therefore, they can be completely convinced that what they are seeing is the physical manifestation, they are not lying about this. Because it seems to their physical senses and their outer consciousness that what they are experiencing is a physical reality.

But, as we have said, it is not a physical reality in the sense that aliens have physically (traveled) in spaceships through the vast distances of space to get to Earth. It is a phenomenon created by beings in the astral plane that is meant to deceive people into thinking that this is real. You can also see people who are absolutely convinced today they have seen ghosts or other kind of mythological creatures that people have seen throughout history. There are even some people who are convinced that they have seen angels, but it is not actually beings in the spiritual realm that they have seen.


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Relation between the collective spirits and the personal internal spirits

Question: Sometimes I feel opposition from the internal spirit. But could it be that I have an inroad, that the collective spirit is actually affecting me? How can I discern that? Is it my internal spirit or the collective spirit?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, basically you can say that a collective spirit does not have the power to enter your four lower bodies, or to influence your four lower bodies, unless there is an opening. And that opening is created by an internal spirit. It’s really the only way that these collective spirits gain an inroad into your consciousness. You created that collective spirit or separate self by making a decision. That’s why we stress again and again that you need to uncover the separate self, see the decision behind it, and then consciously change it.

It may be that, perhaps in a past life, as we have said with the birth trauma, for example, you are exposed to such a traumatic situation, that you are not making a conscious, fully aware decision to create a certain internal spirit, or separate self. So you can actually make an unconscious decision to create a separate self, but you can’t overcome it by making unconscious decisions. You have to make conscious decisions in order to let these selves die, or dismiss these spirits. Again, the best way is to look at yourself, use the tools for exposing the separate selves, until you come to see what kind of decision you have.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the calls, for example, for spiritual protection, for Astrea to cut you free from the collective spirit, because once you are influenced by a collective spirit, then it becomes more difficult to see the individual spirit, and more difficult to deal with it.

You understand here that there are many different kinds of internal spirits or separate selves. They have various degrees of seriousness. With that, I mean that some may open you up to a collective spirit, but only to a small degree, or on certain occasions. But other selves or internal spirits can create a bigger opening, so you have more of an influence from the collective spirits. Once you have an internal spirit, that has created a big opening for a collective spirit, then people can be overpowered by the collective spirit, to the point where they really can’t do anything about that individual internal spirit. What you need to do in those cases is you need to make a very sincere effort to use to calls and invocations to Archangel Michael and Astrea to be cut free from the collective spirit.

The purpose of these calls is then to seal your four lower bodies from the influence of the spirits so you have an opportunity, not to live a comfortable life as some people do. They pray or they use some spiritual technique to get some relief from a collective spirit, and now they say: “Ahh, now I can relax and enjoy life and go to a party.” But the opportunity is that now you can work on the internal spirit. And once you get rid of that, you seal your forcefield yourself, and then the external spirit cannot influence you.

It isn’t necessarily so important for you to know whether it’s the internal spirit or the external spirit. We can say that if you have a really severe problem where you feel a lot of energy, a lot of burden of energy directed at you, then you know this is coming from an external spirit. You need to then make the effort to close yourself off from that, and then work on the internal spirit. But if you don’t have as much of an influx of energy—and many of you, when you start working up to the higher levels, where you have overcome some of the more severe spirits—you’re dealing with more subtle things, where there isn’t so much of an influence from the collective spirits. That’s when you start looking at these internal spirits, separate selves, and what it is. Basically you could say that if you sense a very intense energy, that energy is coming from a collective spirit. An internal spirit, you will not sense as being such an intense energy, simply because it comes from the inside where you’re more used to it. When you sense that something is really burdening you, something is really intense, then you know that’s coming from the outside, because otherwise you would probably have gotten used to it.

And that, of course, is a danger of these internal spirits: that you can become used to the energy they are projecting at you. Some people, many people, have even submitted themselves to the energy, where they think it’s normal to live this way: “That’s just how life is” or “that’s just the way I am.” And that, of course, is what you don’t want to do as a spiritual person. But most of you, when you are sincerely striving on the path, you won’t fall into that pattern. When you have overcome one spirit, you will after a short time be ready to look for the next, and that’s just what you need to do.


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Spiritual significance of breastfeeding

Question: Does breastfeeding have any spiritual meaning? For example, if a baby grows in consciousness, or a mother gives back karma?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, it certainly does have a spiritual significance in that it’s a more direct contact between mother and child. It opens the possibility of building a more direct connection between mother and child. It also serves as a very important process that helps the child make the change from being in the womb to being outside the womb. In the womb, the child feels much closer to the mother, even if the mother doesn’t feel so close to the child because she doesn’t have a direct perception of the child. But the child feels very close to the mother, and once it is born, breastfeeding helps the child maintain that connection.

If the child is prevented from breastfeeding, it is more difficult for the child to make the transition into what we might call the physical world, being born. You see that children who have not been breastfed for various reasons, whether they were born early or whatever the case might be, it is more difficult for them.

Now, you have to say that on a planet like earth, there are always many complicated situations. There can be a child who, for example, has a higher level of spiritual development than its mother. But for various reasons—karmic, or in order to give the parents an opportunity—the child chooses to be born in that family. But because the mother has a lower state of consciousness than the child, it can actually be better for the child that it isn’t breastfed, because the child needs to create a certain distance from the mother, because the mother has a lower state of consciousness.

This isn’t a general concern, but it is sometimes the case. That’s why there are some children who, for example, have been born early, so they couldn’t be breastfed. Or in some cases, the mother has been able to tune into not wanting to breastfeed the child, and it can be because the mother sensed that the child’s energies were so much higher than hers, that it actually disturbed her, even disturbing some of her chakras. So as always on earth, there is a very complex picture with many individual situations.


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Will there be more spheres?

Question: Is this the last sphere, or will there be more? It is said that there are more spheres than this, and for the Creator it’s more difficult to feel oneness. Everything seems separate.

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

It isn’t actually more difficult for the Creator. It’s more difficult for the beings who exist in more dense spheres. There will be more spheres. But it’s not really a topic you need to concern yourself too much about, especially not when you’re embodied on a planet like earth. But yes, there will be more spheres. How many is not determined, because it is something that the Creator itself will determine as it goes along.

You could say basically that the purpose of creating the spheres, the purpose of creating more dense spheres, is to give more opportunities for growth. But there can come a point where spheres becomes so dense that very few lifestreams are able to ascend. In that case, the creator might simply decide that it is not constructive to continue the process. The Creator may also decide to change the way the spheres are created. It isn’t just a matter of continuing on a certain track, making them more and more dense, because the Creator can envision different ways to create the spheres. But again, this is a topic that really isn’t particularly relevant for you, especially on a planet like this.


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How to stop nagging

Question: Can the ascended masters expand the topic of nagging between couples? Is it more like a collective spirit or an individual spirit? What are the key elements of this to transcend this?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, there is a very, very strong collective beast, demon, spirit, that causes this nagging. It’s not actually only between couples of men and women, but in many human relationships. It’s almost as if people go into, we might call it a hypnotic state, where they are hypnotized. It is like their view of the other person is locked. But what is also locked is their view of themselves in relation to that other person. Many people think—and you can have a married couple, for example, that are nagging at each other—and each of them think the same thing. They think: “Oh, my partner is just that way, and therefore I can’t be any other way with my partner.”

Well, if they both think the same thing, how are they ever going to get out of this? Because what they are both saying is: “I can’t change because my partner won’t change.” That is the ultimate state of powerlessness. When you think there is nothing you can change unless something outside of yourself changes, you are powerless in an ultimate way. There is nothing in your life you have control over, is what you are saying. And that is why people open their consciousness to these collective beasts or demons. They are actually saying: “I don’t want to change myself. I don’t want to take responsibility for changing myself. So therefore, I want some demon to take over my life, so I don’t have to make any decision to change.” They are not saying this consciously, mind you, but they are saying this subconsciously.

When both partners go into this, well, then where can the relationship go? It can go nowhere, other than more and more nagging. What you actually see in some couples is that the nagging reaches a certain level, but it doesn’t get worse. It doesn’t get into a conflict that might lead to a divorce. It just leads these people to stay in that level of nagging for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years. And what are they doing? They are feeding their energy every day to this demon that’s sitting there getting fatter and fatter. You want an image of what this looks like? Look at the early Star Wars movies, at a being called Jabba the Hutt, and you have some idea of what these beasts or demons can look like. They are just soaking up people’s energy getting fatter and fatter, and it is really even more ugly than it was portrayed in those movies.

So what can be done to break it? Well, unfortunately, when people have gotten into that situation, it’s very difficult for them to break it. One way to break it is that they could escalate the conflict and decide to get a divorce. That would at least break the pattern. The other way is, of course, that they could decide to walk the spiritual path. Or if they are already aware of the spiritual path, they could look at this phenomenon of nagging and say: “Well, do we want to continue this, or don’t we?”

Here is the trap that prevents so much change in relationships. It is that both of the people decide: “I can’t change the relationship unless my partner is also willing to change. And my partner isn’t willing to change, so there’s nothing I can do.” This is, again, an unwillingness to take responsibility.

There is always something you can do. You can change your own consciousness. You can recognize that this kind of nagging comes from a separate self. You can use our tools to identify that self, come to see it for what it is, see what belief is behind it for you individually. It relates to how you see yourself and how you see the opposite sex. How you see relationships. How you see yourself in a relationship. When you identify that belief you can let the self die. You are not trying to change your partner. You are not even trying to change the outer situation. You are not trying to solve a problem. You are just letting the self die that causes you to participate in this nagging process.

My beloved, can one person nag? What is the sound of one person nagging? It is like with one hand clapping, dead silence. Because there is nothing being sent back. If you don’t send something back to your partner, can your partner continue to nag? Well, some would say yes, for a while. But eventually, what’s the fun of nagging if the other person doesn’t respond?

But it doesn’t really matter whether your partner stops nagging or not, because we have said this before. If you change yourself, if you change your state of consciousness, one of two things will happen. Either your partner will also change, or you will change partner.

Either way, you are better off than staying in that relationship that isn’t going anywhere, at least if you are a person on the spiritual path. Because if you are really serious about making maximum progress on your path, fulfilling your divine plan, you can’t afford to stay in a relationship where there is no growth. You can’t afford to stay in a relationship that’s locked in a certain pattern. You can’t afford to stay with a partner who isn’t willing to take responsibility for him or herself, and grow, and look at their psychology, and work on that psychology. You just can’t, my beloved. You cannot make maximum progress and fulfill your divine plan if you are locked in a stale relationship. You may do it for a while if you have children and you do not want to break up the family. But you cannot do it for the rest of your life, if you are intent on making maximum progress.


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About life on other planets in our solar system

Question: Is there life on any other planet in our solar system except for earth and Venus? If not, then why were these planets manifested?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, each planet represents a certain expression of consciousness. That’s why there are certain planets. You can even tie this into astrology, where the planets have a certain significance which has been seen for many, many years. So you could say that part of why the planets are there is to anchor that certain consciousness in this particular solar system.

There is life on other planets besides Earth and Venus. But as you know, with Venus, life is not in the physical octave. It’s not in the same vibrational spectrum as what you call life on earth. These lifestreams that live on these other planets live in a different vibrational spectrum where you cannot see them with material instruments. It is not something that we consider particularly significant for ascended master students, and that is why we don’t give an elaborate teaching on it. But yes, there is life, not on all of the other planets, but some of them.


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The Karmic Board and the Law of Karma

Question: This question is for Mother Mary.  You explained lately how karma works, but you didn’t mention the Karmic Board. Is karma really completely impersonal as you said when the Karmic Board has the deciding word and do they have to follow the Law of Karma?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

The Karmic Board has to follow the Law of Karma but only in the sense that they have made the Law of Karma. We do not speak so much about the Karmic Board because we are, in this dispensation giving you a more nuanced, a deeper teaching about karma.  In the previous dispensations the Karmic Board was often looked at a little bit like the wish fulfilling god. In other words, you could appeal to the Karmic Board and they would set aside some portion of your karma that was about to descend.

But what we are giving you now is a teaching where you take more responsibility for yourself. And you realize as we have said that, although there is an impersonal impulse that comes back to you from a past life, the effect it has at the physical level really depends on what you have in your emotional, mental and identity bodies. If you had transcended the consciousness that caused you to do something in a past life that created the karmic impulse, then it does not have to descend to the physical level.

Now, this requires you to be willing to look at yourself, change yourself use the tools to overcome these separate selves. And this is not something that the Karmic Board can do for you. You recognize that if you look back to the Summit Lighthouse or the I AM movement, the view of ascended masters was very much tied into this wish fulfilling god that you could appeal to us, you could give our decrees, and then we would do something for you.

If you go back to take the original books, the Unveiled Mysteries published by the I AM movement, you will see that Saint Germain there was portrayed as a being who could intercede in people’s personal lives, physical lives. And that was because that was what people needed at the time because of the collective consciousness.

Many people are still at that level of consciousness and they might make progress from finding these teachings. That’s why we are not saying that they are in any way obsolete. They’re still valid for a certain level of consciousness. But you recognize that as a consequence of progressive revelation, we do not continue indefinitely to give teachings for the same level of consciousness. We give a certain portion of teachings that can help people transcend that level of consciousness. And then we move on and give teachings for higher levels of consciousness. What we have done is we have given teachings that help people take an increasing degree of responsibility for their lives.

The Summit Lighthouse presented us in a slightly different way, not quite as much as the wish fulfilling god but still as masters who would intercede in your life and do something for you. This is an image we have left behind and are not giving you in this dispensation, especially with these latest teachings. We are beings who will not do something for you, we will help you do something for yourself. We will empower you to raise your consciousness.

That is really why we give these higher teachings about karma, where you yourself can take care of that impulse. You don’t need the Karmic Board to do this for you.  That being said, there is of course a Karmic Board and they are looking at the planet and they are looking at all people on the planet. For some people, they don’t look at them individually because they are in a certain group that can’t receive help but for people who are on the spiritual path, the Karmic Board are looking at you individually seeing if you have a certain karmic impulse coming back, if it could have a certain effect on your life physically, if you are close to breaking through to a higher level of consciousness, where you could consume that impulse, but you are not there yet.

In other words, there can be some instances where the Karmic Board would delay the return of your karma. Because they evaluate that if it descended into the physical, it would disrupt your growth. And therefore, by delaying it you have an opportunity to raise your consciousness where you could consume it yourself. That does happen.

But this is not something that, is not a process that you can interfere with. You cannot make calls or write a letter to the Karmic Board asking them to set aside a specific return of karma because you are not even aware of it. And even if you could, it’s an impersonal evaluation that the Karmic Board makes, not based on how you feel about it, but your opportunity to grow. Would this help your growth to set it aside? Or would it actually hinder your growth to set it aside because you need to experience the physical return. There are cases where they hold back certain karma. And then if you change your consciousness, then they release the impulse and it’s consumed in your three higher bodies before it becomes physical.

If on the other hand, you choose not to raise your consciousness, then after a certain time the Karmic Board will release the impulse and now it will become physical because you’ve had the opportunity and you haven’t made use of it. So again, with the teachings you have now, the best way to, we might say make use of the Karmic Board is to use the teachings, to try to overcome as many separate selves as possible.

And then the Karmic Board will make an evaluation of what helps your growth in the best possible way. But it’s not something that you can influence by making calls to them. You can influence it by making an effort to raise your consciousness. Because again, karma is not punishment. It is an opportunity to see the out-picturing of your previous state of consciousness so you can make an effort to transcend it. That is what karma is all about because that is what life on earth is all about.


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About Om, Amen and I AM

Question: Is “Om” equal to “Amen” and “I AM”?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

No, I will not say that it is. And the main reason is that the word amen has been used by Christians in such a way that they can’t be neutral about it.  There are of course also some people in the East mostly Buddhists and Hindus, especially Hindus, who have created a certain overlay about the word Om. The reality here is that, a word in order to be effective, you have to give it in the most neutral frame of mind possible. That means you need to have as little mental or emotional overlay associated with that word as possible.

There’s so much overlay about the word amen, that I really would not even recommend that you try to chant that word as we do with the Om. In fact, you can use it as an ending prayer because it’s traditional, but I don’t recommend that you put much attention or emphasis on it. The word Om, is for many Westerners at least, more neutral and it is also more suited for chanting especially for taking in a very deep breath and letting it out over a long period of time. The I AM is not suited for chanting in the same way. You could use the word AM as you can chant that, but why not use Om unless you have as I said, some specific overlay associated with that word.


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How people go down in consciousness

Question: What are some examples of the most common ways to step downwards in consciousness?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, you can look at the headlines of any day and you will see some examples. One of the fastest ways is, of course, to kill another human being, go into any kind of violence, go into any kind of criminal behavior because it reinforces these selves. The more extreme the behavior, the more you hurt other people, the more you reinforce these selves. And that is how you go down in consciousness.

Of course, you could say you have to be at a certain level already, in order to kill somebody. If you look at people that are at a higher level of consciousness, again, as the messenger actually said, why would you even want to know how to go down if you are at the 76 level, but it really is, at the higher levels not so much a matter of behavior because you wouldn’t do these really selfish types of behavior.

But the fastest way to go down in consciousness is actually to make a decision that you don’t want to take the next step. You don’t want to transcend your current level of consciousness. You don’t want to see something in yourself that would take you to the higher level once you resolve it. And that’s when you then stop your growth at that level, you start finding excuses and validations for why you don’t need to go beyond that level.

If we take Saint Germain’s previous answer on the people who have been in an ascended master organization and do not want to step up to the next dispensation, they often find reasons, either for rejecting the new dispensation or for why they don’t need to study those teachings because they still have a valid teaching, they haven’t studied all of it and whatever excuses people might come up with.

If you are aware of the spiritual path and you find an excuse for not taking the next step, then that is the fastest way to start going down in consciousness. Because once you have been on a spiritual path and have made progress, you will keep having to reinforce your validation, your justification for not taking the next step. And that means you will have to continue to go down. You can’t just stay at a certain level. Once you have gone above, say, the 60’s or the 70’s level of consciousness, you can’t stay there and be comfortable. You have to continue to validate why you’re not growing, and that then takes you down.

Of course, you could also say that once you get to the 96th level and you decide that you don’t want to give up the separate self that has helped you rise to that level. You want to glorify that self. You want to raise it up, you want to validate it, you want to perfect the separate self, so that self can get you into heaven. You can take it with you into heaven. Then you really start spiraling downwards quite quickly.


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Step up and connect to where the masters are today

Question: What is the spiritual significance of the House of Rakoczy and what purpose does it serve in connection to the consciousness for the people?

Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, in the present age, it has outlived its significance.  It was something we talked about in previous dispensations where we gave a different view of ourselves that was adapted to the level of consciousness that people had at the time. There are many ascended master students who have decided that they needed to go there, to that particular place and travel there, meditate there, just like there are ascended master’s students who have decided to go to locations where we have said we have physical retreats. Some have had (a few have had) genuine experiences, many people have had experiences that did not come from the ascended masters.

So, again, in the Aquarian Age, in the present dispensation, it doesn’t have much significance which you can see from the fact that we do not talk about it. You need to recognize here that this dispensation is given for people in the Aquarian Age, in the Aquarian Age consciousness. And it is different from what was given just a couple of decades ago or those few decades ago when we had another messenger in another dispensation. It simply is a matter of, we are seeing things from our perspective, not from the perspective of many ascended master students who are still stuck in the consciousness for which we gave those previous dispensations. Many of these students are not willing to come up in consciousness, they are not willing to raise their consciousness and tune into what we are actually giving today. Some of them read our dictations, they listen to our dictations but they’re not doing it with a neutral frame of mind. They have an idea from previous dispensations of how we should express ourselves, what kind of teachings which we would be giving, how and what kind of words we should be using, and they are trying to superimpose that.

In other words, instead of listening to what we are saying, they have an image in their minds of what we should be saying and they are only looking for validation of that or they are looking for what contradicts that so they can reject the current messenger and the current dispensation. They are not neutral. They’re not listening to what are we actually saying? This is again, one of the problems we face as ascended masters. We give a certain teaching, we give a certain dispensation. This was meant to help people rise to a certain level of consciousness. The teachings we have given previously, were not meant to take students to the 144th level of consciousness, because that could not be done in the Piscean dispensation. They were meant to raise people to the 96th level for the Summit Lighthouse. Those teachings were meant to raise people to the 96th level of conscious—while you have a ways to go from the 96th to the 144th level. There can be students who felt, and it was a valid feeling, they have made maximum progress from the dispensation of the Summit Lighthouse. They have grown as much as they could grow from that dispensation. But some of them have now decided that this means that their view of ascended masters is the ultimate view based on that previous dispensation, the view that they created of the ascended masters and our teachings and how we should be giving our teachings is the ultimate view, the ultimate level.

So, they now take that view, they use that view to evaluate this messenger in this dispensation. And maybe they accept this messenger because they feel there is some correspondence. Maybe they reject this messenger because they feel we are different, we are expressing ourselves differently, which we are. But they are not willing to realize that we have moved on. We did what we wanted to do through the Summit Lighthouse or the I AM movement or other movements. But we have now moved on, we are doing something now that we couldn’t do in that time.

It’s not a matter of taking this old image and transferring it. It’s a matter of going into neutral, listening to what we are saying, reading the words with a neutral frame of mind and saying, “Where are the masters at today? And how can I step up and connect to where they are today, instead of being connected to where they were 30 years ago?” The question simply is, “What do you want to be connected to?” The ascended masters as we are today or the dispensation that ended many years ago—that ended my beloved! The ascended masters that express themselves through the Summit Lighthouse no longer exist in the ascended realm. We have transcended ourselves. There are some students who have listened to or read the dictations that I, Saint Germain have given through this messenger. And they have said, “It’s not the same Saint Germain. He is so different. The way he is talking, the words he’s using are so different. It can’t be the same master.” Well, they are perfectly right. I am not the same master I was 30 years ago.  I have transcended myself a million times in 30 years.  The question for you, if you have been a student of a previous dispensation is, how much have you transcended yourself in that time? And are you willing to transcend yourself so you can keep pace with me? So, you can retain a connection to me as I am now, not the way you saw me based on how I expressed myself three decades ago.  That is the question, to be where I am or to be where I was. That is the question.


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How to overcome the difficulties in attuning to the masters

Question:  I have found that when trying to attune to a specific master directly, that sometimes it’s very difficult. For example, the technique given by Guru Ma to visualize an endless field of daisies and then focusing on the infinity to attune to her was very helpful. Could the masters expand on this topic about the difficulties of attuning our minds to the masters and could there be any techniques to aid this?  

Kim: Okay, so that teaching is given in the book Don’t drink your own Kool Aid If I remember correctly, that you’re talking about for the daisies, and that was specifically for Guru Ma.

Answer by Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well first of all, we have the standard answer. Look for a separate self that blocks your attunement and then seek to overcome that separate self. Many, many spiritual people, and this ties in with what we have just talked about with the idolatry you have about what the spiritual path is about and how ascended masters are, they have built this idolatry of ascended masters, that we are so perfect. Therefore, we are so high above you that in order for you to attune to us, it requires almost a superhuman effort of raising your consciousness to some ultimate level.

But as I said in my answer about Christhood, there is an expression of Christhood for every one of the 144 levels of consciousness.

Who Am I? I Am the representative of the Christ Consciousness for earth. That means, I am able to express myself for each of the 144 levels of consciousness. So, whatever consciousness you are at, I am able to, if you want to use that image, go down to your level and therefore you just need to reach one level up to connect to me. It is not like you need to reach many levels. You just need to reach beyond your present level to connect to me and that you are capable of doing.

The question is, do you have aseparate self that blocks you? It may be the separate self that thinks you have to raise your consciousness so much, but it also may be some other separate self related to how you see ascended masters or a particular ascended master. It may be a separate self that doesn’t want you to connect because it’s afraid that a master is going to come in and expose an aspect of your ego. In a previous ascended master organization, so many people were afraid of having their “dweller on the threshold” exposed because they thought that is what the ascended masters always do. But that is not what we always do. We express ourselves in many different ways from many different people, depending on what will help you grow to the next level of consciousness.

We are never out to punish you. We are never out to shame you. We are never out to make you feel bad. We are out to help you grow to the next level up. So I would say that look at your relationship to ascended masters, how you see the ascended masters and especially how you see yourself in relation to ascended masters. Whether you feel some reluctance, whether you feel you’re not worthy and then work on that separate self and then it will be easier for you.

Now there is another type of separate self that many people have when it relates to spiritual beings. And that is this entire consciousness that has been built by many religions that any kind of spiritual being, any kind of deity should be a version of Santa Claus—in other words, the wish fulfilling God that many people totally ignore God in their daily activities but when they have a problem, then they suddenly pray to God or they pray to Mother Mary or they go into the church and light a candle. And now they think Mother Mary is magically going to fix their problem and then they can ignore her again. That’s not the way to attune to ascended masters. If you have those kind of selves or perhaps grew up in that kind of environment, then that’s also something to work on.

Then it’s a matter of saying: “Why am I trying to attune to an ascended master? What is my intention? What is it I want to accomplish?” And here you can learn from what the messenger has said about him taking dictations. What he has said several times is that in order to take a dictation, he goes into a neutral state of mind. He has no intention about us doing anything, or saying anything in particular. He doesn’t expect that we are going to do anything for him, praise him, elevate him, this or that. He just goes into neutral. If you really want to attune to an ascended master, we need to work on your intention, what are you trying to accomplish?

There might be a separate self that would feel that you would gain some status, it would be like a pat on the back if we appear to you or you could connect to us. You might use this to brag to other people. We have seen ascended masters’ students do this over and over. It might give you a sense of importance that you are more important than those people who haven’t had any experience with the masters.

If you have those kind of intentions, they will block you from experiencing our presence because if we did give you an experience, it would only reinforce that separate self, would it not? There are of course students who have that intention or who feel they’ve had an experience with an ascended master,  but it has been with false hierarchy imposters. Because if you have any prideful intention, you cannot connect to us because we would hinder your growth by giving you an experience of our presence. There are times when we actually directly withdraw from a student, because this is the only way we can help that student grow. So this is also something to look at. But if you can come to that point where you are not wanting us to do something, you’re not wanting to answer a question, then you can be neutral.

This idea of wanting us to answer a personal question for you, especially wanting to tell us what to do in a specific situation is also something that often blocks your attunement. And it’s not that we are not willing to help you in certain instances, but in many instances, we are not willing to tell you what to do, because it’s your responsibility to decide what to do.

This is something this messenger again learned at a very early stage on his path, where he realized that there are certain situation in his life where it is his responsibility to make decisions. We will not tell you what to do. We might give you a frame of reference, that there is another way to look at the situation. But we can only do that when you are in a neutral state of mind.

So, again, look at this, overcome this self that wants to be told what to do, often because it’s afraid of making mistakes. So you think that if a master appears to you and tells you do this, such as take out a knife and slit the throat of your son as happened to Abraham. Then whatever you do, you are blameless because after all. some spiritual being did it.  If there is a lesson of the story of Abraham, then it is that it’s actually not told correctly in the Bible, because it wasn’t God that told him to do this, it was a false hierarchy imposter who told him to do this. And it was his Christ Self or his I Am Presence you could say, who told him not to do it. But he only heard that because he was willing to look beyond his first direction.

So again, if you want some outer booming voice from heaven to tell you what to do, because you are afraid of making a mistake, we cannot appear to you because it would reinforce that consciousness. So if you can come to that point where you simply say I would like to experience the presence of an ascended master or perhaps a particular ascended master, then you might give some decrees to that master.  But then after you have done that, go into neutral, lie down, close your eyes, relax and just go into neutral—a neutral state of mind, the more neutral you can be, the more there is a probability that you will experience something beyond your current level of consciousness.

It will not be the ultimate appearance of that ascended master. It will be what you can handle given your level of consciousness, because we don’t appear in some ultimate experience because people wouldn’t be able to handle it.  If I manifested the fullness of my Presence here now, it would burn out all of your chakras, including those of the messenger. We always step down our Presence to what people can handle. And that’s another pitfall for people wanting spiritual experiences—if they always want some peak experience, some ultimate experience, that also blocks you or it blocks us from actually appearing to you. It doesn’t so much block us from appearing, as it blocks you from realizing that we are there because you just can’t feel our Presence, you’re looking for something else. So, when all else fails, go neutral, be neutral. And you will experience something that is beyond your current level of consciousness.


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Progress on the spiritual path

Question: How many steps on the staircase i.e  “levels of consciousness” is it possible to ascend in one lifetime? Is there a point on the staircase, when our movement up becomes accelerated? And in this dispensation, have many of the ascended master students made more than ordinary progress in their current lifetime?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, it depends on whether you’re below the 48th level or above the 48th level. There are many people who are at very low levels of consciousness—say the 10th level for example. And there is absolutely no way in one lifetime that they could make their ascension—that they could qualify for their ascension. There is, for many of them, no way they could even rise to the 96th level. But they could potentially rise to the 48th level and perhaps starting to go beyond it. But for many spiritual people who are ascended masters’ students, you will have come into this embodiment above the 48th level.

And we have of course, given you the Course to Self-Mastery, which starts at the 48th level and we encourage all of you to use the books in succession. So you go down, start with the initiations on the 48th level and work your way up. And if you came into embodiment above the 48th level, it is possible to ascend after this lifetime. Depending on people’s age, if you were at a certain age when you found the spiritual path, it may not be possible in this lifetime but then certainly in the next lifetime. But for many, many students it is possible to ascend after this lifetime.

Have the students in this dispensation made more than ordinary progress? Yes, the people who have sincerely studied the teachings and applied the tools we have given have made more than ordinary progress. Those who have diligently followed the Course to Self Mastery and also the books based on the My Lives book, Healing Your Spiritual Traumas and the other books where you have made a sincere effort to overcome the birth trauma, you have made much more than ordinary progress in this lifetime.

And it is indeed possible for those who have sincerely used these tools to qualify for their ascension in this lifetime. What does that mean? Who is it possible for? Well, if you have been attracted to the teachings and the tools and if you have determined to use them sincerely, then you know you are in that category.

The other aspect of the question was does there come a point on the path where your progress is accelerated? Well, there are several points, in the sense that once you are above the 48th level, it is considerably easier for you to make progress than it was below the 48th level. And this is an accelerating spiral. The closer you get to the 96th level, the easier it becomes for you to take the next step.

Then as we have said at the 96th level, there is that crucial turning point. Do you now decide to continue  pursuing spiritual growth, just to raise yourself as a separate individual, in which case you start going backwards? Or do you come to that shift in consciousness, where you actually realize what Christhood really is about—that it’s about overcoming that separate self, letting it die gradually as you let each separate self die.

And then if you make that shift, then there will be another acceleration and it will be much easier to make progress. There are also some steps once you go above the “hundreds” level of consciousness where there are certain levels, but it’s not that I want to say that it’s a particular stage—but there are certainly stages where it is accelerated.

There especially comes a point where you have done what we have said, you have depersonalized your life. Once you depersonalize your life, you are no longer reluctant to look at anything in your consciousness. When you come to that point where you make peace with the fact that as long as you are in embodiment, you’re going to have illusions to overcome, so there’s no point in trying to let these separate selves hide, you actually want to flush them out one at a time and see them and overcome them. Once you make that determination, then you can make much faster progress because now you are not resisting it. You are not resisting looking at something in yourself.

You understand that there can be a certain consciousness that sneaks into students that are above the 96th level. And it’s caused by the fact that you now realize that you have made some sincere progress. You have risen to a certain level of consciousness. But this can sometimes tie-in with what Jesus was talking about that there is this ideology about Christhood: that if you can express Christhood you’re almost perfect.

So you experience you have made progress you can actually express levels of Christhood. And now that can be this separate self that says: “But that means you should now be almost perfect. So there shouldn’t be anything in your consciousness that’s not right.” So, in other words you become reluctant, because you are happy that you have made progress. And you don’t want anything to detract from that. So, you become reluctant to look at the next illusion, the next separate self.

And if you can outsmart that aspect of the ego or that separate self and let it die, then you can come to that point where you’re not resisting an exposure of something you need to look at. You will see if you look at spiritual teachers around the world, that they can come to a certain point where now they feel they have reached almost an ultimate level of consciousness. And then they are reluctant to look at themselves. Their followers might also believe they have reached an ultimate level of consciousness and they want to maintain that illusion. So they don’t want their guru to see something in himself he needs to overcome. That ideology was created in the previous, in fact all, previous ascended master dispensations around the messenger.

This messenger has not encouraged it and has actually spoken out about it because he has said he has recognized that as long as he’s in embodiment, he still has some illusions left and that means he continually needs to look for the next illusion that he needs to overcome so he can take that step up. And so, there is no reason for this idolatry of a guru or messenger and there is no reason for this idolatry of yourself. You need to outsmart that and if you can do that, then you can make much faster progress—it becomes much easier, much less painful. You’re just looking at the next self and say: “Oh, there it is, well I’ve let so many die already, surely I can let that one die as well and on you go.

Then you can say that as you get to the 140th level of consciousness, there is again, an acceleration where now it becomes easier to move through the last steps. But there are many, many people who actually come to a point where they sometimes even consciously delay that progress because they still have aspects of their Divine Plan to fulfill, so they need to stay in embodiment. So once you get to the 140th level it’s so easy to rise up to the next levels, that you almost can’t stay in embodiment very long after you reach that level. And so for many of you, you need to sort of stay at a certain level, so you can fulfill your Divine Plan and bring out what is in your plan to bring out in this lifetime.


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Ascended master students and poverty

Question: Mother Mary has said that as ascended master students, our focus is not on the material world. And it would seem that financially speaking many of us have to muddle through and do the best we can. But if in spite of our best efforts we find ourselves falling into poverty, or having fallen into poverty, what do we do then?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

A question that cannot be answered in general because it is very individual. It depends of course on where you live, what kind of society you live in, and what opportunities you have in that society. I’m well aware that there are many nations in the world where there are ascended master students and because of the conditions in those nations, it can be very difficult to rise out of poverty, at least without focusing so much on making money that it eats up your time and attention.

So, in some cases, there are students who should accept a certain lifestyle that is not particularly affluent and focus on their spiritual growth. But in other cases, there are many students who could benefit from making a certain push to get up to a higher standard of living, that would actually give them more freedom to pursue their spiritual goals. If you live in a more affluent nation, then it should be possible for you to find some way where your material standard of living is not a hindrance to your spiritual growth.

You need to recognize that there are many, many spiritual students, not just ascended master students, but many spiritual people, even religious people who have a certain negative attitude towards material affluence. They feel perhaps that money is the root of all evil as they have heard so many times. Or that as a spiritual person, you shouldn’t be doing something to make money. So there’s a resistance to it. And that has kept many spiritual people at a lower level of affluence than they actually need to be at.

So, you need to make an individual evaluation and in many cases, you will actually be able to see that you have a separate self that is resisting affluence, material affluence. If you get rid of that self, if you discover what is the belief behind it, then you will find that it will become easier for you to manifest affluence without having to compromise your spiritual goals and ideas.

Many, many times you can have grown up in a certain family situation, a certain cultural situation, a certain town perhaps, where the collective consciousness is such that there’s only a certain way to make money and you have a certain attitude towards making money. This can be a limit for you. And if you can break free of that, perhaps even move to another environment, then you can rise to a higher level of affluence, where it is not detracting from your spiritual goals. It is really a matter of what is in your individual divine plan.

It’s true that you shouldn’t go to the extreme of focusing all of your attention and energy on making money. But on the other hand, you shouldn’t be so poor that this eats up all your time and attention, because it’s distressing to you that you don’t have what you need. So you should find that balance. And if you overcome those selves that are pulling you out of balance when it relates to money, you will find that opportunities will open up whereby you can manifest the material abundance you need so that your material abundance actually supports your spiritual growth and the unfoldment your divine plan. And that should be the goal for spiritual people.


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You are always able to express Christhood

Question: The ascended masters say that they would like us to express Christhood. But if we are not anybody noteworthy in the world, if we have no great outer abilities, if we have difficulty doing ordinary things and making our way through life on a very dense planet, how do they expect that we can express Christhood?  

Answer by Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

If you look beyond all of the nonsense created by Christianity for the past 2000 years, if you go back to the actual situation where I walked the dusty roads of Palestine, many, many people, in fact the majority of the people I met would have said, I was nothing out of the ordinary. There was nothing special about me, in their view.  So how did I express Christhood?  Well, by being who I was at the time, and expressing it to the best of my ability.

Christhood has often been misunderstood, even by ascended masters students, and it’s partly because of the entire idolatry created around me over the past 2000 years. You see, back then, when I was actually in embodiment, most people would have said there is nothing special about this guy. He smells just as bad as all the rest of us when he has been walking all day in 30 plus degree heat.

It is only after the fact, that Christianity built this idolatry. And as I have said many times, the Catholic Church decided to do this to make sure that nobody could follow my example. It was the fallen beings working through the leaders of the Catholic Church and this has been reinforced ever since. Not all who have reinforced it have been fallen beings, but many of the Christian leaders have been and are fallen beings or their minds have been taken over by fallen beings, and they perpetuate this idolatry.

The reality is that if you are open to the idea of Christhood, you can begin to express Christhood. We have said so many times, that there is actually a level of Christhood, an expression of Christhood for each of the 144 levels of consciousness. There is no ultimate expression of Christhood. But there is for each of the 144 levels, an expression of Christhood that can challenge the consciousness at that level and show that there is another step up.

So, forget about the idea that in order to be the Christ, you have to be almost perfect, you have to have some perfect expression of Christhood. Whatever level of consciousness you are at personally, you are able to express a level of Christhood that’s higher than the level of consciousness right below yours. If you are at the 56th level, you can express Christhood for the 55th level and for that matter, all of the others below you. You are always able to express Christhood. Christhood doesn’t mean that you come up with some ultimate truth, it means you come up with something based on the level of consciousness you have, based on your experience in life but also something that maybe reaches a little bit beyond your present level of consciousness.

We could say that in order to express Christhood, you have to reach beyond your present level of consciousness, not to the ultimate level, just to the next level up. And you are capable of doing that because whatever level of consciousness you are at, you’re always capable of reaching up to the next level. When you are consciously walking the spiritual path, then you can reach up.

And we have given you the tools in the “Path To Self Mastery” books to get on that path where you are constantly reaching for the next level up. If you are always willing to ask us, to work with us, to use the tools we have given you, you’re always capable of reaching that next level and that is your expression of Christhood. It is the perfect expression of Christhood for your level of consciousness. And then when you express Christhood at that level, that will help you grow to the next level.

My beloved, there are ascended master students who have gone two different ways when it comes to expressing Christhood. Many have taken the path of spiritual pride and thought: “Well I am an ascended master student, I have given all these decrees. I’ve studied all these teachings I’ve been in the organization for many years. Surely I have reached a certain level of Christhood. So now I can go around and tell other people how they should be doing”, because they somehow have come to think that this is what the Christ does—which is not what the Christ does.

You do not go around and talk down to people and tell them what they should be doing. You encourage them to have a higher level of understanding, to get that insight that will help them reach beyond their current level of consciousness. But many people have gone into this prideful attempt that: “I already have Christhood” and they often think it’s the ultimate Christhood that they have, even though they might be on say the 56 level, which is not a particularly high level of consciousness.

So that is one way. You could say the first way is the way of pride, what you would call obvious pride, i.e. “superiority”. The other way is the opposite polarity, which many people don’t see as pride which is inferiority, but it is still an aspect of pride. It’s just the  flip side of the coin. And this is where people belittle themselves and say: “Oh, I’m not worthy, I’m not ready, I haven’t done this. I haven’t done that.” And what happens to these kind of people is that it is as if they’re standing there with a handbook on how to ride a bicycle. And they are reading in this book how you’re supposed to ride a bicycle. But they don’t dare to jump on the bicycle and push off and just start riding.

And that’s what you have to do with Christhood. If you wait until you’re perfect, not being willing to express Christhood until you feel you’re perfect, you will never get there. At some point, you have to jump up on the bicycle and push off and find your balance. Because it is only by doing, that you will find the balance. You cannot learn it from a book. You can learn all kinds of things about how to ride a bicycle, but you will not learn how to do it until you try it.

And it’s really such a  profound  compassion for people because I know it is very, very difficult, given all the propaganda, the Christian propaganda around it. But nevertheless, it’s also such a, what can you call it? You would say, such a shame but I don’t really want to use that word. But it is really to the point where people need to just wake up and get out of this illusion of perfection and  just decide to express Christhood, learn from it, evaluate it,  see what your reaction is. Because or every level of consciousness, there is a self that opposes your growth to the next level and when you dare to express Christhood as you are able to see it, you will challenge that self and that self will have a reaction.

And if you’re willing to look at that, you can learn, you can come to identify the self, use the tools we’ve given you, try to find the belief behind that self, and then you can let it go. But if you don’t dare to express your Christhood, that self will continue to hide from you, and you will not take that step up to the next level.


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What does the Titanic represent?

Question: When the RMS Titanic hit an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912, with the loss of over 1500 lives, was this a disaster karmic in nature? What are the reasons other than karma that makes it possible for disaster to occur in the world and in our lives? And do we have to be a vibrational match for something like disaster before we experience it in our lives? Or can it just happen anyway?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

This is a difficult question to answer because it’s one of those situations where no matter what I say, some people will interpret it in a way that I don’t intend.

So on the one hand, you can take the stance that many spiritual people’s teaching say that nothing happens by accident. Everything is a matter of karma. The problem with saying this is that it seems very fatalistic. At least many people will see it that way because what is then the way out of it?

So what I would prefer to do with a question like this is actually to look at the specific incident, what does the Titanic represent?

If you go back and look at why this was built, how it was built, there was a certain optimism in society, where people thought that they had reached some ultimate stage and now they could create the ship that was unsinkable. There was a certain spiritual pride, a certain arrogance that was in the conception of the ship. It was “invulnerable” and of course nothing in the physical octave is invulnerable. What actually happened here was that the very consciousness behind the creation of the Titanic attracted a certain type of people who wanted to be on the maiden voyage because they resonated with the consciousness behind it.

And so the Titanic became sort of a symbol for man’s hubris, man’s pride, of where you think you can create something on earth that is ultimate. And you have the saying that: “pride goes before the fall”, or in this case, the sinking. You can look at this from a certain perspective, a karmic perspective and you would say that none of the people who were on the Titanic, were there by accident, they were all attracted there because there was something in their consciousness, their four lower bodies that resonated with the consciousness behind the ship.

And this, of course, applies to many things in society, including the World Trade Center, and 911 and many other of these things where you see that people have created something out of a certain state of consciousness, and then a disaster happens to demonstrate that there was something that needed to be looked at and transcended in that state of consciousness. In an incident like this, you can identify that there was a certain state of consciousness, the people who were on board that ship were attracted to that state of consciousness and  that’s why they became part of that disaster.

The thing you cannot do, is take this teaching and apply it uncritically to your own life and think that everything that happens to you now needs to be analyzed by you, as if there is some problem in your consciousness that you should have overcome, or that stone would not have hit the windscreen in your car and cracked it as you were driving to work. You have to be careful that you don’t go into this thinking. For example what you see in India, where they are so focused on karma that they think that every little thing that happens is the result of karma.

We have said it before that the earth is a very chaotic planet. And sometimes things just happen because of the chaos and the unpredictability. What you can do in your life is you can see, are there some big events that have happened and what can they show about your, not karmic vulnerability as much, as you’re subconscious vulnerability and what kind of separate selves you have?

You can also look at your life and see, are there are any patterns you can see of how you get into the same situation several times. And then that can be something you need to look as to: What separate selves do I have, that’s attracting these situations to me? What attitude can I identify, what belief can I identify that may cause me to get myself into these situations repeatedly?

So that you can learn from them. But you have to be careful not to over-analyze. There are many, many, spiritual people who have found some kind of teaching and they have realized the reality of karma and that their past lives could affect them in this life and they have gone into various extreme measures to try and find this out—to try and divine it. Some people use tarot cards, some people go to psychics, some people use astrology, some people use muscle testing.

They do all kinds of things to figure out why things happen to them almost as if every little thing that happens in their life has to have some kind of meaning. But on a planet like earth, not everything that happens to you has some kind of meaning. It isn’t necessarily because there’s something wrong with you or there’s something you need to change in your consciousness. Sometimes you just need to look at an event, shake your head and move on or shrug your shoulder or say: “So what, I’m moving on.”


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Violence against women

Question: Hidden violence, abuse and murder of Russian women by Russian men in marriages and family situations has been highlighted in news reports recently. It would seem to be very widespread in Russian society. What is in the upbringing of certain Russian males that is turning them into these misogynistic monsters?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, this isn’t a particular Russian phenomenon as you will see that there are surveys that show that violence against women is a worldwide phenomenon. I will not say that it is not worse in Russia. But it is not something that is only a Russian phenomenon. It isn’t so much that there is something in a particular upbringing that is the cause of this, whether it’s Russia or other countries.

It is actually really a matter of there is a very, very strong tension in the collective consciousness, that is a worldwide phenomenon that is getting very, very close to women in general, worldwide waking up and demanding, better treatment. It isn’t just about violence, it’s about many other things.

We do actually have plans to release a book with invocations about this at some point. But again, there is time and space, including the messengers time and space and ability to bring out so many books. But because of this tension in the collective consciousness, there is a movement in the three higher octaves, the identity, the mental and the emotional realm, by the fallen beings to stop this awakening of women because they want to keep women suppressed because of the tension it creates in society.

What you are actually seeing is that there has been created these demons in the astral plane, that will use any man that is vulnerable to create violence against women. And it’s not that there is necessarily something you can pinpoint in the upbringing of particular men, because you will see that even in Russian society or in Arab countries, not all men are violent against women. Why is there two men who can have very similar upbringing, have grown up in the same culture, one is violent one is not. In many cases, this is a complicated individual issue that goes back several lifetimes.

But of course, it also needs to be said that there are certain cultures, certain nations where men are more frustrated, they have a higher frustration level because they feel like they cannot reach their goals in life. They want something that they can’t have. And there is certainly a growing frustration in Russian society among Russian men, that they want to have more opportunities, but they feel they are held back. They can’t do it. And now they feel frustrated. They can’t even provide a decent living for their families.

You have the same thing in many Arab countries, many of the poor countries, so there is created in the astral plane, this growing frustration in men. And at the same time, there are these demons that are trying to take over men’s emotional bodies and get them into that blind rage where they their take anger out on the woman in their life. And this is a deliberate effort by the fallen beings.

If you are concerned about this, you can certainly use some of our invocations, for example invocation to Astrea, that you can rewrite for this particular purpose. But in the not too distant future, we do want to bring out a book* with teachings and invocations such as the one about how to stop war, about how we can overcome this persecution of women in many different ways that is happening in society.

*  The Spiritual Liberation of Women book ,  Liberating Women Webinar 2020.


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