Phenomenon of trolling

Question: Why do people feel mentally threatened in comments sections, like on forums or websites/Facebook while talking to each other? I understand it is ego that is reacting, the separate selves reacting to each other. However, could you expand on this, any master please? What is the psychological mechanism? And what is happening on the mental level as people speak to each other, and how do they send energy to each other as they mentally speak to one another?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

The internet has created new opportunities for people. You will see that before the internet, people were limited to the people they met physically, that they had physical contact with, for the most part. Now you have the opportunity where you can sit at your computer, you can look at some kind of site and you can see other people expressing their opinions. And you can by just typing a few sentences express your opinion. You can even sometime do this in a seeming anonymity because you’re not face to face with other people.

If you take a positive spin on this, you can say that this gives people an opportunity to interact with a greater number of people than they could do by meeting them physically. This means they actually get an opportunity to get more feedback on their own opinions, their own behavior, how they express themselves, how they relate to other people.

We can say that the positive opportunity is that people will go through a phase where they are expressing whatever they feel like expressing and getting the feedback they get. And it’s all ego based and it’s all driven by several separate selves.

But there can eventually come a point where, which has already happened for many people, they’ve had enough of this. It’s like they have expressed whatever they needed to express—gotten it out there, and now they see it and now they say: But this isn’t really who I am. This doesn’t really reflect who I am. So, let me find a more mature way to relate to other people.

The not so positive spin on this is that everything you do is done with energy, so naturally, people are feeding energy into creating these beasts in the collective consciousness. And they are some of these internet forums, where most of the people who participate have their minds taken over by these collective beasts that simply want people to be in conflict so that they can steal their energy.

You can say that the positive potential is, that by giving people the freedom to express whatever they want, they can eventually work through it and get over it. But once they become trapped by these entities and demons, then it becomes like an addiction. It becomes a never ending spiral that they can’t get out of. They have to go on the forum and get their fix every day or even several times a day, or even while you’re driving in their cars. They just had to get that post done, even if it endangers their lives. So, this is the not so positive portion of it. But again, what can you do?

The positive potential of the internet is that people can connect all over the world they can connect with people from different parts of the world, from different cultures.  And this has the potential of creating  a minimization of people’s differences. They see that people have some similarities no matter where they are from. They have the same basic psychology, basic way of looking at life. And this can create more of a sense of unity.

The dark forces of course, will do whatever they can to counteract this and that is why they have taken over the minds of some people who then begin to do what is known as trolling. And many of these people are literally addicted to this. Their minds are completely taken over by it. And the question is, will they ever have had enough? Because when will the demons have had enough of extracting peoples energy? It may not happen until these people are so depleted that they, as they say about addicts of other kinds, they hit rock bottom and see that they simply can’t continue doing this.

What you can do as, as a spiritual person and more aware person, is you can intuitively try and sense the energy. And if you sense that it’s at a very low level where it’s all conflict, it’s all solar plexus chakra where people are accusing each other and using very negative expressions about each other, then you can just stay away from that forum, withdraw from it and not even engage your energies in it. You can find other forums because obviously people have also a need to create forums that do not function at that base level.

What you see to some degree is that some of these things that are available on the internet have been pulled down by the trolling to where no normal person wants to engage in it. But that means there is then a desire to create another form of internet where people can have a higher level of communication. And one of the ways this could be done was to create an internet or forum where people are not anonymous, where you have to register you have to validate your identity—you register with a picture of yourself and therefore you are taking responsibility for what you are saying, just as you would when you’re talking face to face with people.

And this is something that there is a need to create, there are already certain initiatives that point in that direction but it will become more and more of a need as times move on, where people will see that we need to find a civilized humanitarian way to interact on the internet.


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