How to understand concept of “mandala”

Question: What is the purpose and characteristics of our mandala? How we are all connected, how are we all connected to each other? Have we embodied as a group before? (We’re talking about us who are part of these teachings that the masters are giving).

Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, many of you have, of course, embodied together before. But when we use the term “mandala”, we use it in a broader way. We use it in a broader way that we have done in previous dispensations, but actually we don’t. We use it in the same way. But we want you in this dispensation to have a broader view than they had in previous dispensations where they thought that there was a specific close group of people that were part of a certain mandala and that is why they have found that ascended master teaching and they had all embodied before and they all had this very important mission.

What we want you to see is that  it is not only the people who are following the teachings now that are part of the mandala—the mandala is much broader. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the people who are part of this mandala need to come to accept ascended master teachings.

We have said before, we don’t want you to isolate yourselves from other people or from society. And therefore, we don’t want you to look at this as you should only be concerned about people who are part of the mandala and people who are part of the mandala are people who are on the outer, accepting this particular teaching.

We want you to look at it in a broader way, where you realize that there is a certain inner ring of the mandala who are consciously aware of ascended master teachings, but there are also other rings. And your role as those who are consciously aware of the teachings is to administer, to help these people who are in the outer ring rings, so that you can give them whatever they need to come up higher.

As we have said before, it doesn’t mean that when you try to help other people, your primary concern is to make them members of this organization. We don’t even really have an organization here that you can become a members of, but we had that in previous dispensations and many people did become so concerned about the organization, expanding the organization, attracting more members, and getting people then to come in to become full members of the organization, doing whatever that meant. This is not what we are saying now because it isn’t the Aquarian mindset. It was a Piscean mindset.

So what we are saying is see yourselves as being part of a larger group of people. This doesn’t mean you need to see that you should be able to help everybody. Because there are many people who will not be responsive to these teachings or the ideas and the teachings for the rest of this lifetime. You need to be concerned about those whom you can help, those who are open. As I said, it doesn’t mean they’re open to ascended master teaching, but they could be open to some of the ideas that we give.

So that is what we would like to see— to see yourself as being in the inner ring of a circle that isn’t closed because it extends to many other people. And then considering how you can help these people. We have talked in these dictations given throughout this year, that there is a certain tension built in the collective consciousness. And that means that there are many people who are part of the outer rings of your mandala that are ready to step up and acknowledge, consciously acknowledge certain ideas.

We would like you to see yourself as being the forerunners who can help these people make that shift, even if they never recognize you, or meet you, or recognize ascended masters—they are still shifting their consciousness. And that is what we want you to see as the primary goal: shifting consciousness, not expanding the membership of a certain organization.


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