People with Buddhic attainment

Question: Buddha said in the book divine plan, that it would be as an example, for one person with a sufficient level of Buddhahood, to withdraw space for pedophilia. And that would mean that no pedophile would be able to embody on earth after that cutoff point. Why is there still pedophilia on the earth? Isn’t there any person with sufficient level of Buddhahood who wants to withdraw space for pedophilia?

Answer by Ascended Master  Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

No, there isn’t so far.  We are talking about a very high level of consciousness.  And  it is actually when we talk about this level of consciousness beyond the scale of 144 levels. What we have said previously is that there comes a point where you can ascend from earth, and this is what we have given you the scale of 144 levels when you reach the 144th level you can ascend.

But have also said that not everybody who ascends and becomes an ascended master has reached the level of Buddhic attainment So, it is quite rare that someone in physical embodiment reaches that level and  when that happens, it is a matter of what is that person focused on and it may not be pedophilia, it can be many of the other things that are happening on earth. So, I simply gave that as an example of something that could be changed by just one person.

Now, there are also some issues that are so big, that even a person with Buddhic attainment couldn’t change them. The person might be able to withdraw space, but you also realize that withdrawing space does not negate free-will. So there is still free will to consider in the equation.  And perhaps it would be helpful for you to clarify that withdrawing space  involves all four levels  of  this sphere, the physical, emotional, mental and identity.

So, you can actually, as a Buddha, you use the mind the powers of mind to withdraw space, in the identity, mental and emotional, but there is still the need for the outplaying of free will in the physical.   So therefore, it doesn’t mean that a certain phenomenon instantly disappears because the people who are in embodiment must be given an opportunity now that space has been withdrawn in the other levels to voluntarily overcome this condition, which is easier for them when they don’t have the pull from the emotional, mental and identity realms. But they still need to be given that opportunity, sometimes for the remainder of that lifetime. You see that in terms of pedophilia, it’s a relatively small number of people that are engaged in this compared to the total population.

But when you see a condition like warfare, there are many more people, a much bigger percentage of the population involved. This means that there needs to be more opportunities for free-will to outplay itself, so that people can be given the opportunity to voluntarily overcome this. You see that what we are always seeking to do is to help people voluntarily and consciously make the choice to overcome a certain condition. We give people as many opportunities to do this as possible.

But there does come a certain point where we determine that now we are at a cutoff point where we say: “this condition will no longer be allowed”  meaning that those who will not give it up can no longer embody on the planet and in some cases taken out of embodiment. Or they are allowed to outlive their embodiment and then nobody else with the same propensities will be allowed to embody again. This is a complicated equation that is determined by the Karmic Board of when that cutoff point can happen and whether people have been given enough opportunities to voluntarily abandon that condition.


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