Will there be more spheres?

Question: Is this the last sphere, or will there be more? It is said that there are more spheres than this, and for the Creator it’s more difficult to feel oneness. Everything seems separate.

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

It isn’t actually more difficult for the Creator. It’s more difficult for the beings who exist in more dense spheres. There will be more spheres. But it’s not really a topic you need to concern yourself too much about, especially not when you’re embodied on a planet like earth. But yes, there will be more spheres. How many is not determined, because it is something that the Creator itself will determine as it goes along.

You could say basically that the purpose of creating the spheres, the purpose of creating more dense spheres, is to give more opportunities for growth. But there can come a point where spheres becomes so dense that very few lifestreams are able to ascend. In that case, the creator might simply decide that it is not constructive to continue the process. The Creator may also decide to change the way the spheres are created. It isn’t just a matter of continuing on a certain track, making them more and more dense, because the Creator can envision different ways to create the spheres. But again, this is a topic that really isn’t particularly relevant for you, especially on a planet like this.


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