More than one soul in the body?

Question: Can several lifestreams embody in one person’s body?  Some teachings claim that’s true.

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, here we need to consider what we mean with the word embody. You will see that you can find books on psychology that contain the concept that people have multiple personalities. You even have examples of people who, when they are in one particular personality they have a particular physical symptom. But then when they shift to another personality, that physical symptom goes away. This shows you the power of these different personalities.

In some cases, there are people where their physical body is being used by vehicles for more than one soul in order to use the general term. There could be several souls who are expressing themselves through that physical body. But they are not doing it on equal terms. We still need to recognize here that when we are talking about embodiment, then there is one particular soul that embodies in this particular physical body and it is the primary being that uses that physical body.

If that soul has holes in its aura, severe traumas from past lives, it can be open to letting other people take over the body or take over the mind on a temporary basis. It’s perfectly correct from that perspective that there can be several souls or even dark beings, demons or entities that are using the physical body. But there is still one primary soul that is embodying in that body and that is why this primary soul has the potential to take full command over the body and close its aura off, its three higher bodies off from other influences.

That is what ideally should happen. That this person takes command over the body and takes command over its four lower bodies and shuts out other souls or other beings, dark beings from influencing.


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