How to help a non-spiritual person

Question: Can teachings on spiritual psychology help a non-spiritual person who doesn’t believe in past lives and doesn’t want to use the tools? If a person asks for help, is it possible to explain to him that he has allowed dark forces entry into his mind and energy fields?  

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, yes and no in the sense that it might be helpful, even if people are not consciously or in their conscious level spiritual, they might still be willing to listen to certain ideas. But there may be other people who will deny anything beyond their current mental box. It may be impossible to help them. Now, you can try to express this in more neutral terms, you can try and look at what science has discovered. You can try and talk about energy, there must be higher or lower frequencies of energies. Instead of dark beings, you might just talk about fear based on lower energies and this may be able to help people.

But there are some people that cannot be helped by a spiritual psychology. Because if you look at any system, even traditional psychotherapy, any teaching you create has certain concepts. That is what defines the teaching. There are always certain concepts involved in defining any teaching. If people are open to these concepts, then they can be helped by the teaching. But if they reject the concepts, argue against them and refuse to believe them, then how can they be helped by that teaching? It goes for anything.

Even modern medicine, physical medicine, related to the physical body is based on certain concepts. If people accept those concepts then sometimes they are helped by it, through the placebo effect by the fact that they believe in the medicine that is helping. If they reject everything, then sometimes they cannot be helped.

You need to recognize that there are some people you cannot help because their free-will choice causes them to reject what you have to offer. And as a spiritual person, which is something this messenger struggled with for years, because he had this idea that he should be able to help everybody. But as a spiritual person, you have a right to say: “I have these beliefs, this worldview and therefore I can help those who can accept that worldview, or at least aspects of it. I don’t need to concern myself about the rest of them. The rest of the people, they must find other ways to be helped.” You don’t need to feel responsible that you should be able to help any person that you come across.

I know this can be difficult if you’re talking about people who are close to you. But again, there comes a point where you need to recognize free will and accept that people have free will and there isn’t anything you can do about it, other than you can honor your own free will and say, “Do I want to be around these people anymore? Do I want to continue to be associated closely with people that reject everything that I stand for, everything I believe in?”  You have a right to make that choice.


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