Duality in the golden age

Question: Is Saint Germain is golden age affected by duality, or will it be transcendent?

Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, naturally, the golden age isn’t affected by duality, but it will take some time before the earth as a whole transcends the consciousness of duality. There will, for at least couple of centuries, perhaps more, be certain groups of people who are still stuck in the dualistic consciousness and need to work it through. But this won’t prevent the forward movement of the golden age where greater and greater number of people will overcome duality and therefore move into the golden age consciousness.

Again, because of the outplaying of free-will, there will be the same condition you see now. It will also be there in the golden age where you see on earth right now that there are people at many different levels of consciousness and it’s still allowed on the planet. And that will also be the case in the beginning centuries of the golden age, that there will be some differences.

But it’s clear that there will come a point where we move so deeply into the golden age that the vast majority of people will not be in a state of duality, and they will become very aware of what duality is and how it affects people and how it has affected the past. And there will be a growing determination to keep people who are in a dualistic state of consciousness out of leadership positions.

This is something that’s already beginning in a certain primitive form, where people are becoming more aware of  narcissists and psychopaths and sociopaths. And there is a beginning awareness that we cannot allow these kinds of people to be our leaders, because it can only lead to disaster. This will of course, be greatly reinforced as we move further into the golden age.


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