How to stop reacting through a separate self

Question: When I’m reacting emotionally through a separate self and when there is also an opening to a collective spirit and the energies are intense and overwhelming, with fear, anger and panic, what is the best way deal  with this in the moment.  And what level of consciousness is this reaction coming from? Can I be at a higher level than the reactions coming from a separate self and the collective spirit reinforcing the reaction? 

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

What you can do is you can take the teachings we have given on the separate selves and you can decide to consciously adopt the attitude that you are willing to come to see your separate selves and separate yourself from them. And if you adopt that as a general attitude, then you can also draw the conclusion that anytime you react with a state that takes away your peace, a reaction that takes away your peace, that disturbs you—then this is coming from a separate self. Depending on the intensity of the feelings that are brought up, you can react in a couple of ways that I will suggest.

If the feelings are very, very intense, you can decide:  I am not going to allow these feelings to continue—I’m not going to allow the feelings to create a downward spiral. So therefore, I’m going to stop what I’m doing, I’m going to stop reacting to this situation. I’m going to walk away from it. And I’m going to go into my private room and make some calls to the ascended masters: to Shiva to Astrea, to help cut me free from the pull of this energy. Because if the energies are very intense, you know you’re tying into some collective spirit. So you can make the calls to be cut free from this, so that you can stop the spiral. It is a principle that you have in first aid where the first principle of first aid is, stop the accident from accelerating further and involving more and more people or becoming more severe.

Now, if the energies aren’t so intense, then you can gradually build a momentum where you realize that you are reacting in a state that is not at peace. And then again, you mentally stop yourself and you just mentally step away from the self. You realize this is a separate self. And when you build a certain momentum on doing this, you can actually in this situation, without even having to walk away from it—you can stop yourself from continuing to react through that separate self. It may not mean that you are instantly resolving it, but you can separate yourself enough from the self that you are not continuing the reactionary pattern. You can take a more neutral approach. You may stop talking to the other person or you may take a pause and try to respond from a more neutral perspective.

On a more long-term basis, you of course want to say: What was the separate self that caused me to react in that situation? And then when you have time to meditate on this, you use your intuition, you may study a particular book or dictation that talks about it—you may give an invocation so you seek to get clarity on  the self, what the belief is behind it until you can release it let it die.


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