How to overcome the difficulties in attuning to the masters

Question:  I have found that when trying to attune to a specific master directly, that sometimes it’s very difficult. For example, the technique given by Guru Ma to visualize an endless field of daisies and then focusing on the infinity to attune to her was very helpful. Could the masters expand on this topic about the difficulties of attuning our minds to the masters and could there be any techniques to aid this?  

Kim: Okay, so that teaching is given in the book Don’t drink your own Kool Aid If I remember correctly, that you’re talking about for the daisies, and that was specifically for Guru Ma.

Answer by Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well first of all, we have the standard answer. Look for a separate self that blocks your attunement and then seek to overcome that separate self. Many, many spiritual people, and this ties in with what we have just talked about with the idolatry you have about what the spiritual path is about and how ascended masters are, they have built this idolatry of ascended masters, that we are so perfect. Therefore, we are so high above you that in order for you to attune to us, it requires almost a superhuman effort of raising your consciousness to some ultimate level.

But as I said in my answer about Christhood, there is an expression of Christhood for every one of the 144 levels of consciousness.

Who Am I? I Am the representative of the Christ Consciousness for earth. That means, I am able to express myself for each of the 144 levels of consciousness. So, whatever consciousness you are at, I am able to, if you want to use that image, go down to your level and therefore you just need to reach one level up to connect to me. It is not like you need to reach many levels. You just need to reach beyond your present level to connect to me and that you are capable of doing.

The question is, do you have aseparate self that blocks you? It may be the separate self that thinks you have to raise your consciousness so much, but it also may be some other separate self related to how you see ascended masters or a particular ascended master. It may be a separate self that doesn’t want you to connect because it’s afraid that a master is going to come in and expose an aspect of your ego. In a previous ascended master organization, so many people were afraid of having their “dweller on the threshold” exposed because they thought that is what the ascended masters always do. But that is not what we always do. We express ourselves in many different ways from many different people, depending on what will help you grow to the next level of consciousness.

We are never out to punish you. We are never out to shame you. We are never out to make you feel bad. We are out to help you grow to the next level up. So I would say that look at your relationship to ascended masters, how you see the ascended masters and especially how you see yourself in relation to ascended masters. Whether you feel some reluctance, whether you feel you’re not worthy and then work on that separate self and then it will be easier for you.

Now there is another type of separate self that many people have when it relates to spiritual beings. And that is this entire consciousness that has been built by many religions that any kind of spiritual being, any kind of deity should be a version of Santa Claus—in other words, the wish fulfilling God that many people totally ignore God in their daily activities but when they have a problem, then they suddenly pray to God or they pray to Mother Mary or they go into the church and light a candle. And now they think Mother Mary is magically going to fix their problem and then they can ignore her again. That’s not the way to attune to ascended masters. If you have those kind of selves or perhaps grew up in that kind of environment, then that’s also something to work on.

Then it’s a matter of saying: “Why am I trying to attune to an ascended master? What is my intention? What is it I want to accomplish?” And here you can learn from what the messenger has said about him taking dictations. What he has said several times is that in order to take a dictation, he goes into a neutral state of mind. He has no intention about us doing anything, or saying anything in particular. He doesn’t expect that we are going to do anything for him, praise him, elevate him, this or that. He just goes into neutral. If you really want to attune to an ascended master, we need to work on your intention, what are you trying to accomplish?

There might be a separate self that would feel that you would gain some status, it would be like a pat on the back if we appear to you or you could connect to us. You might use this to brag to other people. We have seen ascended masters’ students do this over and over. It might give you a sense of importance that you are more important than those people who haven’t had any experience with the masters.

If you have those kind of intentions, they will block you from experiencing our presence because if we did give you an experience, it would only reinforce that separate self, would it not? There are of course students who have that intention or who feel they’ve had an experience with an ascended master,  but it has been with false hierarchy imposters. Because if you have any prideful intention, you cannot connect to us because we would hinder your growth by giving you an experience of our presence. There are times when we actually directly withdraw from a student, because this is the only way we can help that student grow. So this is also something to look at. But if you can come to that point where you are not wanting us to do something, you’re not wanting to answer a question, then you can be neutral.

This idea of wanting us to answer a personal question for you, especially wanting to tell us what to do in a specific situation is also something that often blocks your attunement. And it’s not that we are not willing to help you in certain instances, but in many instances, we are not willing to tell you what to do, because it’s your responsibility to decide what to do.

This is something this messenger again learned at a very early stage on his path, where he realized that there are certain situation in his life where it is his responsibility to make decisions. We will not tell you what to do. We might give you a frame of reference, that there is another way to look at the situation. But we can only do that when you are in a neutral state of mind.

So, again, look at this, overcome this self that wants to be told what to do, often because it’s afraid of making mistakes. So you think that if a master appears to you and tells you do this, such as take out a knife and slit the throat of your son as happened to Abraham. Then whatever you do, you are blameless because after all. some spiritual being did it.  If there is a lesson of the story of Abraham, then it is that it’s actually not told correctly in the Bible, because it wasn’t God that told him to do this, it was a false hierarchy imposter who told him to do this. And it was his Christ Self or his I Am Presence you could say, who told him not to do it. But he only heard that because he was willing to look beyond his first direction.

So again, if you want some outer booming voice from heaven to tell you what to do, because you are afraid of making a mistake, we cannot appear to you because it would reinforce that consciousness. So if you can come to that point where you simply say I would like to experience the presence of an ascended master or perhaps a particular ascended master, then you might give some decrees to that master.  But then after you have done that, go into neutral, lie down, close your eyes, relax and just go into neutral—a neutral state of mind, the more neutral you can be, the more there is a probability that you will experience something beyond your current level of consciousness.

It will not be the ultimate appearance of that ascended master. It will be what you can handle given your level of consciousness, because we don’t appear in some ultimate experience because people wouldn’t be able to handle it.  If I manifested the fullness of my Presence here now, it would burn out all of your chakras, including those of the messenger. We always step down our Presence to what people can handle. And that’s another pitfall for people wanting spiritual experiences—if they always want some peak experience, some ultimate experience, that also blocks you or it blocks us from actually appearing to you. It doesn’t so much block us from appearing, as it blocks you from realizing that we are there because you just can’t feel our Presence, you’re looking for something else. So, when all else fails, go neutral, be neutral. And you will experience something that is beyond your current level of consciousness.


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