How people go down in consciousness

Question: What are some examples of the most common ways to step downwards in consciousness?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, you can look at the headlines of any day and you will see some examples. One of the fastest ways is, of course, to kill another human being, go into any kind of violence, go into any kind of criminal behavior because it reinforces these selves. The more extreme the behavior, the more you hurt other people, the more you reinforce these selves. And that is how you go down in consciousness. Of course, you could say you have to be at a certain level already, in order to kill somebody. If you look at people that are at a higher level of consciousness, again, as the messenger actually said, why would you even want to know how to go down if you are at the 76 level, but it really is, at the higher levels not so much a matter of behavior because you wouldn’t do these really selfish types of behavior.

But the fastest way to go down in consciousness is actually to make a decision that you don’t want to take the next step. You don’t want to transcend your current level of consciousness. You don’t want to see something in yourself that would take you to the higher level once you resolve it. And that’s when you then stop your growth at that level, you start finding excuses and validations for why you don’t need to go beyond that level.

If we take Saint Germain’s previous answer on the people who have been in an ascended master organization and do not want to step up to the next dispensation, they often find reasons, either for rejecting the new dispensation or for why they don’t need to study those teachings because they still have a valid teaching, they haven’t studied all of it and whatever excuses people might come up with. If you are aware of the spiritual path and you find an excuse for not taking the next step, then that is the fastest way to start going down in consciousness. Because once you have been on a spiritual path and have made progress, you will keep having to reinforce your validation, your justification for not taking the next step. And that means you will have to continue to go down. You can’t just stay at a certain level. Once you have gone above, say, the 60’s or the 70’s level of consciousness, you can’t stay there and be comfortable. You have to continue to validate why you’re not growing, and that then takes you down. Of course, you could also say that once you get to the 96th level and you decide that you don’t want to give up the separate self that has helped you rise to that level. You want to glorify that self. You want to raise it up, you want to validate it, you want to perfect the separate self, so that self can get you into heaven. You can take it with you into heaven. Then you really start spiraling downwards quite quickly.


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