You are always able to express Christhood

Question: The ascended masters say that they would like us to express Christhood. But if we are not anybody noteworthy in the world, if we have no great outer abilities, if we have difficulty doing ordinary things and making our way through life on a very dense planet, how do they expect that we can express Christhood?  

Answer by Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

If you look beyond all of the nonsense created by Christianity for the past 2000 years, if you go back to the actual situation where I walked the dusty roads of Palestine, many, many people, in fact the majority of the people I met would have said, I was nothing out of the ordinary. There was nothing special about me, in their view.  So how did I express Christhood?  Well, by being who I was at the time, and expressing it to the best of my ability.

Christhood has often been misunderstood, even by ascended masters students, and it’s partly because of the entire idolatry created around me over the past 2000 years. You see, back then, when I was actually in embodiment, most people would have said there is nothing special about this guy. He smells just as bad as all the rest of us when he has been walking all day in 30 plus degree heat.

It is only after the fact, that Christianity built this idolatry. And as I have said many times, the Catholic Church decided to do this to make sure that nobody could follow my example. It was the fallen beings working through the leaders of the Catholic Church and this has been reinforced ever since. Not all who have reinforced it have been fallen beings, but many of the Christian leaders have been and are fallen beings or their minds have been taken over by fallen beings, and they perpetuate this idolatry.

The reality is that if you are open to the idea of Christhood, you can begin to express Christhood. We have said so many times, that there is actually a level of Christhood, an expression of Christhood for each of the 144 levels of consciousness. There is no ultimate expression of Christhood. But there is for each of the 144 levels, an expression of Christhood that can challenge the consciousness at that level and show that there is another step up.

So, forget about the idea that in order to be the Christ, you have to be almost perfect, you have to have some perfect expression of Christhood. Whatever level of consciousness you are at personally, you are able to express a level of Christhood that’s higher than the level of consciousness right below yours. If you are at the 56th level, you can express Christhood for the 55th level and for that matter, all of the others below you. You are always able to express Christhood. Christhood doesn’t mean that you come up with some ultimate truth, it means you come up with something based on the level of consciousness you have, based on your experience in life but also something that maybe reaches a little bit beyond your present level of consciousness.

We could say that in order to express Christhood, you have to reach beyond your present level of consciousness, not to the ultimate level, just to the next level up. And you are capable of doing that because whatever level of consciousness you are at, you’re always capable of reaching up to the next level. When you are consciously walking the spiritual path, then you can reach up.

And we have given you the tools in the “Path To Self Mastery” books to get on that path where you are constantly reaching for the next level up. If you are always willing to ask us, to work with us, to use the tools we have given you, you’re always capable of reaching that next level and that is your expression of Christhood. It is the perfect expression of Christhood for your level of consciousness. And then when you express Christhood at that level, that will help you grow to the next level.

My beloved, there are ascended master students who have gone two different ways when it comes to expressing Christhood. Many have taken the path of spiritual pride and thought: “Well I am an ascended master student, I have given all these decrees. I’ve studied all these teachings I’ve been in the organization for many years. Surely I have reached a certain level of Christhood. So now I can go around and tell other people how they should be doing”, because they somehow have come to think that this is what the Christ does—which is not what the Christ does.

You do not go around and talk down to people and tell them what they should be doing. You encourage them to have a higher level of understanding, to get that insight that will help them reach beyond their current level of consciousness. But many people have gone into this prideful attempt that: “I already have Christhood” and they often think it’s the ultimate Christhood that they have, even though they might be on say the 56 level, which is not a particularly high level of consciousness.

So that is one way. You could say the first way is the way of pride, what you would call obvious pride, i.e. “superiority”. The other way is the opposite polarity, which many people don’t see as pride which is inferiority, but it is still an aspect of pride. It’s just the  flip side of the coin. And this is where people belittle themselves and say: “Oh, I’m not worthy, I’m not ready, I haven’t done this. I haven’t done that.” And what happens to these kind of people is that it is as if they’re standing there with a handbook on how to ride a bicycle. And they are reading in this book how you’re supposed to ride a bicycle. But they don’t dare to jump on the bicycle and push off and just start riding.

And that’s what you have to do with Christhood. If you wait until you’re perfect, not being willing to express Christhood until you feel you’re perfect, you will never get there. At some point, you have to jump up on the bicycle and push off and find your balance. Because it is only by doing, that you will find the balance. You cannot learn it from a book. You can learn all kinds of things about how to ride a bicycle, but you will not learn how to do it until you try it.

And it’s really such a  profound  compassion for people because I know it is very, very difficult, given all the propaganda, the Christian propaganda around it. But nevertheless, it’s also such a, what can you call it? You would say, such a shame but I don’t really want to use that word. But it is really to the point where people need to just wake up and get out of this illusion of perfection and  just decide to express Christhood, learn from it, evaluate it,  see what your reaction is. Because or every level of consciousness, there is a self that opposes your growth to the next level and when you dare to express Christhood as you are able to see it, you will challenge that self and that self will have a reaction.

And if you’re willing to look at that, you can learn, you can come to identify the self, use the tools we’ve given you, try to find the belief behind that self, and then you can let it go. But if you don’t dare to express your Christhood, that self will continue to hide from you, and you will not take that step up to the next level.


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