The Karmic Board and the Law of Karma

Question: This question is for Mother Mary.  You explained lately how karma works, but you didn’t mention the Karmic Board. Is karma really completely impersonal as you said when the Karmic Board has the deciding word and do they have to follow the Law of Karma?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

The Karmic Board has to follow the Law of Karma but only in the sense that they have made the Law of Karma. We do not speak so much about the Karmic Board because we are, in this dispensation giving you a more nuanced, a deeper teaching about karma.  In the previous dispensations the Karmic Board was often looked at a little bit like the wish fulfilling god. In other words, you could appeal to the Karmic Board and they would set aside some portion of your karma that was about to descend.

But what we are giving you now is a teaching where you take more responsibility for yourself. And you realize as we have said that, although there is an impersonal impulse that comes back to you from a past life, the effect it has at the physical level really depends on what you have in your emotional, mental and identity bodies. If you had transcended the consciousness that caused you to do something in a past life that created the karmic impulse, then it does not have to descend to the physical level.

Now, this requires you to be willing to look at yourself, change yourself use the tools to overcome these separate selves. And this is not something that the Karmic Board can do for you. You recognize that if you look back to the Summit Lighthouse or the I AM movement, the view of ascended masters was very much tied into this wish fulfilling god that you could appeal to us, you could give our decrees, and then we would do something for you.

If you go back to take the original books, the Unveiled Mysteries published by the I AM movement, you will see that Saint Germain there was portrayed as a being who could intercede in people’s personal lives, physical lives. And that was because that was what people needed at the time because of the collective consciousness.

Many people are still at that level of consciousness and they might make progress from finding these teachings. That’s why we are not saying that they are in any way obsolete. They’re still valid for a certain level of consciousness. But you recognize that as a consequence of progressive revelation, we do not continue indefinitely to give teachings for the same level of consciousness. We give a certain portion of teachings that can help people transcend that level of consciousness. And then we move on and give teachings for higher levels of consciousness. What we have done is we have given teachings that help people take an increasing degree of responsibility for their lives.

The Summit Lighthouse presented us in a slightly different way, not quite as much as the wish fulfilling god but still as masters who would intercede in your life and do something for you. This is an image we have left behind and are not giving you in this dispensation, especially with these latest teachings. We are beings who will not do something for you, we will help you do something for yourself. We will empower you to raise your consciousness.

That is really why we give these higher teachings about karma, where you yourself can take care of that impulse. You don’t need the Karmic Board to do this for you.  That being said, there is of course a Karmic Board and they are looking at the planet and they are looking at all people on the planet. For some people, they don’t look at them individually because they are in a certain group that can’t receive help but for people who are on the spiritual path, the Karmic Board are looking at you individually seeing if you have a certain karmic impulse coming back, if it could have a certain effect on your life physically, if you are close to breaking through to a higher level of consciousness, where you could consume that impulse, but you are not there yet.

In other words, there can be some instances where the Karmic Board would delay the return of your karma. Because they evaluate that if it descended into the physical, it would disrupt your growth. And therefore, by delaying it you have an opportunity to raise your consciousness where you could consume it yourself. That does happen.

But this is not something that, is not a process that you can interfere with. You cannot make calls or write a letter to the Karmic Board asking them to set aside a specific return of karma because you are not even aware of it. And even if you could, it’s an impersonal evaluation that the Karmic Board makes, not based on how you feel about it, but your opportunity to grow. Would this help your growth to set it aside? Or would it actually hinder your growth to set it aside because you need to experience the physical return. There are cases where they hold back certain karma. And then if you change your consciousness, then they release the impulse and it’s consumed in your three higher bodies before it becomes physical.

If on the other hand, you choose not to raise your consciousness, then after a certain time the Karmic Board will release the impulse and now it will become physical because you’ve had the opportunity and you haven’t made use of it. So again, with the teachings you have now, the best way to, we might say make use of the Karmic Board is to use the teachings, to try to overcome as many separate selves as possible.

And then the Karmic Board will make an evaluation of what helps your growth in the best possible way. But it’s not something that you can influence by making calls to them. You can influence it by making an effort to raise your consciousness. Because again, karma is not punishment. It is an opportunity to see the out-picturing of your previous state of consciousness so you can make an effort to transcend it. That is what karma is all about because that is what life on earth is all about.


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