Can you make karma for giving invocations for other people to change?

By Kim Michaels

After the new invocations about Ukraine came out, some people have asked how this is to be understood in connection with Nada’s book The Mystical Initiations of Peace, where she says:

The fallen beings are at a level where they are deliberately and maliciously seeking to control others. This is not just to get what they want but to actually destroy other people by creating all kinds of divisions and contradictions in their four lower bodies, by making them houses divided against themselves.

There is a certain point where the difference between the two is subtle. I am talking here in order to help you see the contrast. What I am saying here is that the most severe form of karma you can make is when you interfere with the three higher bodies of another person and influence the choices that the person makes. Even if you think you are doing this for the person’s own good, you are still making a very severe karma for doing so.

Some people have wondered if they are making karma by giving the invocations, and here are several points to consider:


When we give an invocation, we are not trying to do something ourselves. We are calling to the ascended masters to do something. We are in physical embodiment, so we have the authority to decide what is acceptable to us here on earth, and we use that authority to give the masters permission to act, which means they primarily do something in the emotional, mental and identity octaves. The ascended masters have a higher level of consciousness than we do, so they know cosmic law and will not violate it, regardless of what we call for or what we want to have happen. They are not affected by our feelings or opinions.

This means we do not make karma for giving an invocation in the sense that the masters will not carry out anything impure. However, if we have anger, then we can send out psychic energy, and if this affects another person, we will make karma for this. Thus, we should not give an invocation about world conditions if we feel anger or fear. We should then use other invocations to heal our psychology.


Most invocations start with: “In the name I AM THAT I AM, Jesus Christ.” This is a safety mechanism where we are suspending our personal will or intent, and essentially saying: In accordance with the will of God and the vision of Christ, I give these calls. So it is not our human will and vision with which we give the invocation.


Calling forth the judgment of Christ is NOT a human judgment. We are calling for this judgment to be administered according to the vision of Christ. 

The judgment of Christ is not a human judgment because it is first of all an opportunity for the person to come to see what they cannot or will not see. For example, it seems Putin is not fully aware of what is happening in Ukraine, thus he is not seeing the full consequences of his actions. This is because he has created selves in his three higher bodies and is influenced by dark forces that block his conscious vision. By calling forth the judgment of Christ (again, we who are in embodiment have that authority), the masters can remove these forces so he can consciously see the consequences. He can of course deny this and refuse to see it, but he has still had the opportunity.

If a person denies the judgment of Christ a number of times, he can lose his right to be in embodiment, and the karmic Board can then withdraw the life force. Again, this will happen according to their vision, not our opinion. 


Some fallen beings are deliberately and knowingly committing evil, but many people do so without realizing what they are doing. This can happen because these people have wounds in their three higher bodies that make them open to dark forces, including beasts in the collective consciousness. Or it can happen because people believe in illusions, which is also because of dark forces. 

When we call to “shatter and consume the collective beasts that prevent people from acknowledging,” we are not calling for a violation of people’s free will. The dark forces are violating people’s free will, and we are calling for people to be set free so they can make a conscious choice. This is actually calling for a liberation of people’s will. Of course, people can deny the opportunity, and we are then non-attached to that.

Thsi is the same when we call for people to be awakened or for them to come to see something. We call to give them an opportunity to choose freely, and if they reject it, we are non-attached to this. 


The “Invocation to the Great Karmic Board for cosmic justice” is a new type of invocation where we call to the Karmic Board to return their self-created karma to certain people. For example, we say:

“In accordance with the vision of Christ, I call for the greatest possible return of karma to these people, so they will not be able to deny the consequences of their actions and therefore will be given another opportunity to leave behind their selfishness. If they will not turn around, I call for an instant and accelerated return of their karma, so they will be unable to precipitate further violations of the Law of Free Will. I also call for you to withhold light from them to further reduce their power to harm other people.” 

Again, we are calling to the Karmic Board and in accordance with the vision of Christ. What does the return of karma do? As the masters have explained, when you commit a physical act, you make karma, but the karma cycles through the higher octaves before it returns to the physical. This is in order to give people an opportunity to change their consciousness before the karma comes back, often in a future lifetime.

Yet if a person is very entrenched in a certain state of mind and is committing great evil, the Karmic Board can speed up the return of the person’s karma. This can affect the person’s three higher bodies so he is not able to commit evil. Or it can have a physical consequence that prevents the person from committing physical acts. This is partly done to protect other people and partly to prevent the person from making such a severe karma that is cannot be balanced.

Again, we are in physical embodiment so we are physically affected by what other people do. Therefore, we have the authority to call to the Karmic Board to speed up the return of karma in order to prevent people from hurting others. This will only happen according to the vision of the Karmic Board, and they see so many complex factors that we cannot possibly see. So as always, we call to the masters but we are non-attached to the physical outcome. We are calling for cosmic justice, not human justice.


We are in physical embodiment, so when other people do something that affects us, we have a right to challenge them, including making them aware of how this affects us and what we feel and think about it. This is also what the Christ in embodiment does, as Jesus often challenged the scribes and Pharisees. 

This is not violating people’s free will because no one has the right to do something that affects others without being challenged and made aware of the consequences. We do not have a right to force people to make a specific choice, but we do have the right to force them to make the choice to accept or reject what we are saying. Our respect for other people’s free will does not suspend our own right to speak out. 


In conclusion, if you strive to be in a neutral frame of mind, you do not make karma for giving an invocation. If you are very emotional about something, it is better not to give a world invocation. 


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How to deal with a child’s serious illness

Question: My son is autistic and I’m in a situation where I don’t get any free time to pursue things I like, either doing decrees or reading or just expressing myself on the internet. He requires my full-time supervision and I feel stuck as I don’t know when this will end. I’ve always felt powerless to do anything to make his life better, or even my own, but somehow I cannot accept this treadmill existence to go on forever. As I read Mother Mary’s A Course in Abundance about healing energies that can flow through us, I got rather determined to pursue the idea that I should try to heal him. Also a recent dictation by Saint Germain says we can make the revolutionary shift of accepting the Christ Consciousness and also consider that the healing energies of God can flow through us. I have recently accepted this in myself and started healing him though I still have a small bit of doubt about what I’m doing. I do understand that whether he heals or not will depend on his own  divine plan and what he has come into embodiment for, but I’m hoping we can reach a point where he can become quite independent and thus give me some relatively free time of my own. I also understand that spirit contains matter and if Jesus could bring Lazarus back to life healing my child would also be a valid possibility. Am I right in this assessment? Is there something else I should consider?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, certainly we will not discourage anyone from opening their minds or their four lower bodies to the healing energies of God. I would say though that you cannot heal your son but that spirit can heal your son through you. So it is a matter of focusing on opening yourself up to the flow from the spiritual realm. In order to fully do this, you need to set aside any desires you have, even a desire to heal your son because if you are attempting to heal your son from a human desire that is aimed at easing your own situation, then you might try to force this instead of being open to the flow of the Spirit.

In general anyone who is in a similar situation, you can certainly strive to open yourself to the flow of healing energies from the spiritual realm, but in a case like this you also need to see here that there is an Omega aspect of this and that is that you need to be practical about this and say: “If my son’s situation does not improve, because for example, if this is in his divine plan to live a certain way, does that mean that I have to be bound to this particular lifestyle for the rest of my life?” And therefore, you need to shift your mind and say: “Isn’t there a possibility that my situation could become easier, for example, that there could be people that could help me, that there could be institutions that could help me so that I am not the one who has to be there 24/7 to take care of him.” You need to open yourself up to this as a possibility. Make the calls for it, take practical steps to do it, so that you can change your situation and have more time to focus on yourself, your own needs, be they spiritual, mental, emotional or physical.


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Question about extraordinary abilities and talents

Question:  If we have lived so many lifetimes on planet Earth why is it that many of us have such apparently ordinary outer lives without any extraordinary abilities or talents? Do we have talents or abilities stored in our causal bodies that we can’t access or don’t access? If so, why is this the case?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, you have to be very careful for how you look at extraordinary abilities and define them. There are some people who think that if you have an extraordinary ability such as clairvoyance or the ability to manifest matter or move things with your mind, that that is a sign of spiritual growth, but as we have said before it isn’t. There are in fact some fallen beings who have certain abilities like that that can impress those who do not have Christ discernment.

The reality is that for most people, they are not striving to have those kinds of abilities. They are striving for spiritual growth which is not the same as having an extraordinary ability or even extraordinary intelligence. Now, it is however true that there are many people who have abilities in their causal bodies that they have built up over many, many lifetimes and that could make them far more creative, far more productive than they are.

But look at the society in which you have grown up. Even in the modern democracies do you stimulate children to access these higher abilities from past lives? Do you even have the concept of past lives and that people could need some help to activate or access these abilities? What you do instead is that you actually program children to deny such abilities, to look away from them. This is again a result of the deliberate manipulation of the fallen beings who do not want people to access any abilities from past lives. They want the general population to live ordinary lives and have an ordinary level of intelligence and awareness, so they want to keep people down.

Even in the most advanced democracies, the system currently serves to keep people down and to limit children and discourage them from expressing these special intelligence or insights that they have from previous lifetimes. Now, of course not all people are suppressed, which is why you are all ascended master students and why there are many other spiritual students around the world, why there are many other people who are acknowledging their intelligence, abilities and understanding.


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Women in IT field

Question:  In the world of information technology and software development, the workforce consists mainly of men. How can working in this field be made more attractive for women? How can this field be restructured to become more balanced?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, the field cannot necessarily become more balanced in the sense that it will be difficult to create an environment where there’s an equal number of men and women. Because computing, as it is currently done, appeals more to the rational, intellectual, linear mind because computing operates with a dual system, binary system, of on and off signals. But there is a concept today called quantum computing where there is the attempt to develop a new type of computer that can perform more calculations based on the principles discovered through quantum physics.

I can assure you that the reason why not enough progress has been made in this field is that you primarily have male programmers who are attempting to program these quantum computers, but a quantum computer cannot be based on a binary system with only two values, it must have more values. That means there needs to be a different, a more holistic, more intuitive approach to computing and women are more suited to do this.

Now, whether you can make women make the decision to go into this field instead of using their skills in other areas is another question. There will of course also be men who could develop this ability, but I can assure you that quantum computing will not really take off until you change from a binary approach to programming to a more nuanced approach that incorporates other values. One way to do this is to look at how the brain processes information because the brain is not binary but can operate with many more values than just on and off.


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Spiritual perspective on the situation in India

Question: My question is about India and her leader Narendra Modi. Since the coronavirus situation has come up, the biggest concern to me is the horror being experienced by the poorest section of society. What is required for the people to address and become aware of how to help these poor people. Also, I cannot discern what type of leader Modi is. He comes across as more of a one man show, kind of dictatorial, whereas India is a democracy. The views of people are starkly divided where some people love and idolize him while others find him a fake pretending to do good for the nation. Would the masters like to share a higher perspective?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, there are many nations in the world, and India is certainly one of them but not by any means the only one, that are in a sort of interim phase. They are in the process of making a transition to a higher level but the collective consciousness is still stuck in the past. Some of the nations cannot attract a higher level of leader. Some may attract one leader that is at a higher level and then regress and attract another leader that is not at a higher level and they go back and forth like this because there’s something that people can’t break free of.

Now, in several of these nations it’s the same pattern you see. The nations have had clearly elitist tendencies in the past. Most nations have had this and so even though these nations have become democracies they have not fully let go of this elitist mindset that is in the collective consciousness. I mean not just that the elite hasn’t let go but that the population hasn’t let go either. What you see in some of these nations is that before the advent of democracy there was a very clear power elite, a financial economic elite that had privileged positions.

You saw this in India before the British came, to some degree even after the British came where the British of course became the overall power elite ruling India. But since India became an independent nation and a democracy, India should have moved away from these elitist tendencies. What you see is that India hasn’t actually done this. There is still a power elite. an economic financial elite in India that has tremendous influence on the government even though the government is elected by the people. What you also see in India and several other nations is that you have seen improvement in the economic situation, it is just that that improvement has so far been very selective and, as you point out, there is still a large group of people in India who live below the poverty level.

What has happened is that there is now a growing number of people who, so to speak, form a middle class. They have gotten better jobs, they have gotten better living conditions, they are beginning to see that they can buy a house, they can buy a car, they can isolate themselves from the worst poverty and they want this and they realize that their wealth and the jobs they are getting are coming from the financial power elite who own the large businesses and corporations.

Actually, these people who are, really were part of the population, the general population, they have now adopted a certain elitist mindset where they no longer see themselves as part of the population. They see a distinction between themselves and all of the poor people and they realize that they are not part of the upper elite, but they think they can still become part of the elite because they can attain that higher status, that higher wealth, and so they want to uphold that system. This means that even though they may not be consciously aware of it and even though they may not be deliberately or maliciously deciding to do this—by clinging to their lifestyle and their fulfillment of their dream they are essentially accepting that a large part of the population continues to live beneath the poverty level.

As we have said many times, a country will elect the kind of leader that out pictures what goes on in the collective consciousness and so India has attracted a leader that is open to these elitist tendencies, is open to certain dark forces and therefore would like to be almost like a dictator who had more power to do things. He also believes that maintaining the status quo with a certain power elite is necessary and therefore he also implicitly accepts that a large part of the Indian population will continue to live in poverty. It’s not really a reality but that’s what he thinks and that’s what many people in India think both in the power elite and in the middle class.

Even some among the poor people think that it is not realistic that they could improve their lot, that it will take beyond their lifetime, maybe their children will have a better life but they don’t think they can have it. This is an out picturing of the collective consciousness.

There is no easy solution to this unfortunately. There needs to be a shift where there is more of a solidarity in the population where those in the middle class begin to say: “But wait a minute now, why shouldn’t everyone deserve to have the material standard of living that we have? Why should we accept that we are living a comfortable life when so many people are living in poverty? Why should we actually accept this?”

This is what you see in some of the more advanced modern democracies where, for example, in the Scandinavian countries and Canada you see this solidarity between the middle class and the lower class, if you want to talk about classes, where the people have said: “We want everybody to have a decent standard of living”, the same in Germany and several other countries in Europe. Where you don’t see it is America and that is why America is also one of these nations that is in this interim phase. It can’t really attract the higher kind of leader that can take America decisively towards the golden age and so it attracts these leaders that out picture certain tendencies in the collective psyche.


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Where is the Conscious You during the night when we sleep?

Question: Where is the Conscious You during the night when we sleep?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, that depends on your level of consciousness. If you are on the spiritual path and have a higher level of consciousness the Conscious You often goes to what we have called the Etheric Retreats of the masters where you will then receive various instructions and sometimes you can retain this in your waking awareness but many times you do not but you are still being helped in these retreats.

The vast majority of people on earth of course are not on the path so their Conscious You often cannot free itself from the body so it simply stays with the body during night. Sometimes it isn’t focused on the physical body, but for example goes into the emotional body, and this is why people can have certain nightmares. There are also some people that have holes in their auras so that the Conscious You actually leaves the physical body and travels to other regions in either the physical realm or in the astral plane, even sometimes in the mental realm, and has various experiences there that some people might even remember when they wake up.


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About women in academia

Question: The number of female professors at universities lags far behind the number of male professors, especially in the natural sciences. What can be done to improve the position of women in academia? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, as Mother Mary said, you can have a shift in academia away from this rational, linear mindset to valuing more intuitive holistic thinking. We have before talked about the fact that beginning with Aristotle, Western civilization was put into this focus on a reductionist approach to understanding the world.

There is this tendency to break things into smaller and smaller units and study these units so that when we get down to the most basic unit, whether we call it a subatomic particle or something else, we will have the foundation for understand everything that happens in the universe. But as we have said several times, there is simply a limit to how far you can go with this approach. And science has already run up against this limit—if the male scientists were willing to acknowledge it. Of course, they are not because they’re stuck in a more linear, analytical mind.

There needs to come this awareness that if we are to really move beyond our current limitations, we need to have a different approach a different way of thinking. And women are currently more open to this approach. They are generally more intuitive, which means they have a more holistic view. They are actually better at looking at the big picture rather than looking at the details. Not all women, but many women are.

If there was this breakthrough, this recognition that science has reached a limit, that we cannot go beyond with our current approach, because if we keep doing the same thing and expect different results, we are insane (according to one of the most intelligent people of the world recognized by all male scientists).

We need to look for a new approach. And there is a possibility that women could drive this approach. There’s already of course, both men and women who are developing different kinds of science such as systems theory and other sciences that attempts to look at the whole and that are realizing that even in the Chaos Theory, that a small effect in one place can have a major effect in another location, because everything is interconnected.

When you recognize what quantum physics has proven, that everything is interconnected, how can you then continue to think that the reductionist approach of looking at smaller and smaller details can tell you anything about the interconnected whole of the entire universe? It is simply a matter of when will that shift happen? It will inevitably happen. If you’re concerned about it, you can certainly make the calls for it by using my decree or certain invocations. But it is clear that in the golden age, this will happen. It is just a matter of when.


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Question about dark matter and dark energy

Question: Question about dark matter and dark energy. Are they corresponding? Like dark matter (corresponding) to emotional, mental and identity realms and dark energy to spiritual realms? Or what are they really? And can they be investigated further? And can it bring more conclusions about how the universe is really constructed? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, the distinction between dark matter and dark energy is really artificial. It is because scientists have not yet made the quantum leap to accept the philosophical consequences of quantum physics and even relativity theory, which clearly says that everything is energy, there is no such thing as matter. It is simply a sensory-based concept that has been created. In reality, everything is energy.

What the theories of dark matter have brought into the physical awareness, or should bring into the physical awareness of people, is that the physical realm is just one part of a larger energy continuum. Matter is really energy and beyond what we call physical matter or physical energy, there are other forms of energy.

What scientists currently conceive of as dark matter and dark energy, are actually the emotional, mental and identity realms. The total energy continuum that makes up what we from an ascended perspective, call the material universe is these four octaves. Scientists have correctly seen that you, for example, cannot explain the movement of the galaxies by the gravitational force created by what you call physical matter. There must be some other force that pulls on the galaxies causing them to move the way they do. And this is of course, because there is also a certain pull, not necessarily gravitational pull, from the energy in the emotional, mental and identity realms.

What they call dark matter and energy is not the spiritual realm because that’s beyond what science can currently even deal with. Tremendous progress could of course, be made if science would begin to investigate this more. There will even in the future, be certain instruments or techniques that I can release, so that they can make this energy visible and begin to actually look into these.

Of course, you can also do this through intuitive experiences that people can gain in various experiences of this. For example, you have some years ago, what was very famous, at least in some parts of the world was the idea of astral travel, where people could be trained to travel to remote locations and do remote viewing. Well, that is obviously because people in their emotional or mental bodies can travel to other locations and observe what there is to observe there.

There are already indications of this. Many psychic people have an awareness of these realms. And it is simply a matter of time when there is that critical mass that has been reached, where there is a shift, where a larger or critical mass of scientists become willing to say: “Here’s something we need to investigate. And in order to fully investigate it, we need to expand our current paradigm. We need to look beyond a strict materialist paradigm, because otherwise we simply cannot even conceptualize what is going on beyond the physical realm.”


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The higher education can be much more than just educating the rational mind

Question: The University of California regents voted to stop requiring high school students to submit an SAT or ACT score for admission. The most significant blow to the traditional standardized tests, as leaders of public system attempt to address fairness concerns. Some people argue that high SAT scores indicate success at university and using the system of submitting SAT scores is an objective way to determine who to admit to a university. Was removing SAT or ACT scores for entry into the University System inspired by the ascended masters, or is it a step in the right direction to help making entry into a university system less elitist and more humanitarian? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, if you have ever taken a so-called IQ test, you might have realized that the outcome of this test does not necessarily give an objective view of your intelligence. It only exposes whether you have the same kind of intelligence as the people who created the test—what was their definition of intelligence. And if you have some of the same tendencies such as a very linear, rational, analytical, logical mindset, then you will do well in the test they have created. But this doesn’t really say anything about your real-life intelligence, your intuitive abilities and so on. It is the same with the ACT and SAT. The scores really say something about whether the students have the same mindset as the people who created the test.

The reason why it is traditionally said that, if you do well in the test you will do well at university is of course because there is a correspondence. The people who create the tests are often from the university environment, so they have the same definition of intelligence as is prevalent in a university environment. And that means that if a student can do well in the test, then he or she is also likely to do well in the university environment, because it can fulfill the requirements of that environment, which are often defined based on a very intellectual, rational, linear mindset.

This of course, does not mean that people who cannot do well in that environment, who cannot get a university degree are not intelligent and do not have a valuable contribution to make to society. What I will say is that it is a step forward from the ascendant perspective, that you allow a broader group of students to enter the university environment. You will actually see in several other nations where they have opened up for a broader access to higher education. And this has had certain beneficial effects. Some students do find it very difficult to get along in the university environment and some drop out, but there are some that stay in it.

And that will gradually, over time contribute to changing the university environment away from this very intellectual, rational mindset. And this can also, in a little bit longer run, help to shift the university environment away from being so focused on materialism, because as more intuitive people enter the environment, they will gradually change the equation, so that the environment becomes more open to other forms of intelligence, first of all intuitive abilities.

So yes, in general, we consider it at least potentially positive step. Of course, there is still tremendous opposition and resistance in many academic environments around the world to any real change. And there are many materialists, many rational people who will cling to their doctrines and their dogmas for as long as they can, which in some cases means for as long as they are in the system. But still, as we move further into the golden age, the field of higher education will of course change dramatically and be focused on much more than just educating the rational mind.


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The non – hardcore fallen beings and the need to save a fallen being

Question: There were millions who volunteered to come here as avatars. I would like to know if the numbers were also in the millions, of angels who volunteered to come to help rescue the angels who fell knowing they would have to take on human form.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

You will notice when you look at the teachings we have given through this dispensation that we do not anymore use the terminology, “fallen angels”. We used it in the beginning as a bridge between this dispensation and the previous dispensations where we talked about fallen angels.

The idea of fallen angels, of course, originated, at least in the present historical epoch with the Book of Revelation, where Lucifer fell from heaven, was cast down into earth, having great wrath and so forth and so on. Both the Christian religion and many other religions have had a somewhat primitive view, where they have thought that any being that is beyond the physical is an angel. There are people even in the New Age spiritual field today, who are in contact with beings in the higher emotional realm, the mental realm, or the identity realm, and they are convinced that these are angels. There are some spiritual people that are even in contact with ascended beings and think we are angels.

The reality here that we are working our way up to is, that we will at some point give a deeper teaching about this. But what I will say for now, without going into a larger context here is that there were no angels that fell as people normally conceive of angels. We have given this very profound teaching that the fall occurred in a previous sphere. Most people today look at angels as being in the spiritual realm. Well, a being who is in the spiritual realm cannot fall. It has ascended, it is beyond the possibility of falling. Only beings in an unascended sphere can fall. If you define angels as beings in the spiritual realm, then no angels ever fell and no beings from the spiritual realm took embodiment on earth in order to help those that fell. It is simply a mixing of the concepts.

What we prefer to say today is that there were beings that fell. But there were no beings that deliberately took embodiment from a higher realm in order to help the fallen beings. Now, when you had the situation in a previous sphere, where there was a planet, for example, where certain beings had set themselves up as the leaders. When these leaders fell, there were in some cases, many of their followers who followed them. They didn’t deliberately fall, they simply followed the leaders blindly as they have followed them for some time. Even though these beings have actually fallen, they are not really the hardcore fallen beings who rebelled consciously against growth.

There are some of these beings that are in embodiment today and that see it as their role to support the fallen beings or even help the fallen beings. Some have raised their consciousness to the point where they have actually started walking the spiritual path, but they still have an attachment to these hardcore fallen beings, and they have a desire to save these fallen beings. This is a very, very difficult and very dangerous position to be in. There are spiritual people, even a few ascended master students who are in this category and if you feel this applies to you, you would do very well to really seriously consider this. And to realize that your attachment to saving a fallen being comes from a separate self that was actually created in a previous sphere. It can be difficult to resolve, but by using the tools we have and being willing to really look at yourself, you can resolve it and I can assure you, you cannot ascend as long as you have a desire to save any fallen being. It just cannot be done. You must let go of this desire in order to ascend, even in order to reach the higher levels of Christhood.


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Is Benjamin Netanyahu a fallen being?

Question: Is Benjamin Netanyahu or his relatives fallen beings? Is his mind taken over by external beings in a way similar to Putin? Why do we see, and we saw from the very beginning, the kind of idolatry for him, similar to a dictator? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, let me be direct here, Benjamin Netanyahu is a fallen being. Generally, we do not say this except in special cases where it needs to be said. It really doesn’t make so much difference whether a person is a fallen being or has his taken over by fallen beings.

In this case, Benjamin Netanyahu is not a high ranking or sophisticated fallen being, so his mind is taken over by fallen beings in the emotional, mental and identity realms. This is the reason why you see this idolatrous cult around him. It is not necessarily in all cases, but in the majority of cases, where you see this personality cult being built around a person, especially when it is with the active involvement or participation by the person, then it is because it is a fallen being.

The fallen beings have a need to have this kind of a personality cult. They also have a need to set themselves up in a position where nobody dares to object to them and people blindly follow their dictates. This is unfortunately what is the case here and it is my hope that the Israeli nation will soon move beyond the phase where he is the leader and can therefore hopefully elect a more constructive leader. But again, with the unresolved psychology, it is possible that they will just elect another leader that is if not a fallen being then certainly open to them—to being led by the fallen beings in other realms.


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About the role of Israel and the Jews

Question: Is it a correct view to say that each and every nation has a special kind of role to play, and a special kind of contribution to make to the world? If so, what is the role of Israel or the Jews? I’m asking because I’m from Israel. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not impressed from what I see around me. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint  Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, I will not go so far as to say that every nation has a special contribution to make to the world. I will say that there are many nations that have the potential to make a certain contribution. There are some nations on earth that are not really, I will not say they are not created by the ascended masters or sponsored by the ascended masters, but some nations are developed, not because there’s any higher spiritual vision for that nation, but they are born out of the needs of a certain group of people. There are some nations that are really just an outplaying of the unresolved psychology of a particular group of people.

And these nations, they really do not have any higher spiritual vision for their existence and then they have no highest spiritual contribution to make to the world. They could make a contribution to the world in terms of if the people would become aware of their unresolved psychology and overcome it, and thereby demonstrate to other nations that this is possible. But there isn’t really a higher spiritual vision or purpose behind the creation of that nation.

Now as one example that we have often used in ascended masters teachings, I did sponsor the creation of the United States of America for a specific spiritual purpose. This is one example of a nation that was founded for a specific spiritual purpose. There are, of course, others. And I will not here go into mentioning them, but there are many others that are founded with a specific spiritual vision.

That being said, I’m sure it will be shocking to many, but Israel is not a nation that was founded for a higher spiritual purpose. It is a nation born out of the unresolved psychology of the Jewish people. It was that unresolved psychology that led to the Holocaust and the persecution of Jews by the Nazis who had their own unresolved psychology. Two groups with unresolved psychology clashed and the result was, of course, so shocking to the world that they agreed to the creation of the current nation of Israel.

What you see in Israel and what makes you say that you are not impressed by what you see is the outplaying of the unresolved psychology of the Jewish people. Now, if the Jews would deal with that psychology and resolve it, then they could make a positive contribution to the world by demonstrating that a people who have been so stuck in their past can nevertheless overcome their attachment to the past, and they can overcome their narcissistic focus on self and actually become a constructive, normal member of the family of nations.

This would be an important example that many other nations certainly would need to see because there are other nations that are largely driven by this narcissistic self-focus that is one of the primary examples of unresolved psychology found on the planet. China, for example is an obvious example, but there are many others.


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Virtual reality as a tool on the spiritual path

Question: What is the potential of the technology we already have manifested in supporting self-transcendence? Can VR (virtual reality) for example, really support us in moving beyond a certain mental box? What are your thoughts on that? Does a virtual immersion experience have the potential to help us transcend our status quo? I kind of imagined it to be like you describe it in your etheric retreats, where we see our subconscious images and forms played out on a screen. 

Answer from the Ascended Master  Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

You are very correct in seeing that there is much technology that can be used for a positive purpose. Virtual reality is one example of this, where you could very well, if you had the vision, or if people were open to the vision, create a virtual reality environment that would be specifically designed to challenge certain mental boxes. It could very well show you that there is an entirely different perspective on a certain aspect of life than what you were brought up with.

You could also create certain virtual reality environments where you could have something similar to what we described in the Path To Self Mastery books on various of our retreats where we can make certain things visible on a screen. This couldn’t, with current technology, would be what you actually have in your four lower bodies, but you could still program something into the environment that would be based on general tendencies where, for example, people could become aware of anger and their tendency to react with anger to certain situations and stimuli.

Many other things could be eventually programmed into it. And there is in fact a real potential that in the coming decade or more, some of the more progressive psychologists may find a cooperation with some of the more progressive computer programmers, and they might create some of these programs that can help people deal with various psychological issues. It could be sort of a virtual Gestalt therapy, if you will.


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Insensitivity of the fallen beings

Question: How is it possible that something like a less than ideal childhood, can incapacitate somebody and affect their confidence and self-esteem. But the fallen beings who have seen and endured much worse, can be so productive and achieve high positions in society without things like depression and anxiety holding them back.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, the simplest answer, and there are levels of answers, but the simplest answer is that fallen beings are completely insensitive. They are insensitive to human beings, but they’re also in a way insensitive to themselves. They can go through a certain experience that for most people would be very traumatic  but they are so insensitive that it barely registers in their consciousness. They are so hardened by what they have experienced before. And there are indeed, many fallen beings, in fact, I would say most of the fallen beings who have taken embodiment on earth are so insensitive that nothing on earth can really touch them. They don’t react to it. Some have a specific goal where they are so focused on that goal that they will not let anything detract them from it.

Most people, of course, are not that insensitive and shouldn’t be. They will be greatly affected by an abusive childhood, for example, and it can affect them for an entire lifetime when they have no spiritual path. Now there are of course also people who are closer to Christhood and who can have a difficult childhood but they can still either avoid having it impact them or they can overcome it and heal themselves very quickly, because again, they have a positive goal. Their goal is Christhood, their goal is their ascension and they realize they cannot let anything on earth detract them from it.


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To reconnect to your I Am Presence you need to make a decision

Question: Why does the feeling of meaningless come? When following the path, you let go of all your desires, images, goals. When you see the unreality of everything and the outplaying of free will and lose the sense to do something, to work, even make your service which you did before from the separate selves. How to connect with your I Am Presence so that it can work through us?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, while this question is somewhat similar, it’s a little bit different. You can come to a point where you have resolved so many of these outer selves—you have let these outer selves die, that previously gave you a motivation for following the path. In fact, we see a typical pattern in many spiritual students is that you find a spiritual path, and you have certain outer selves that are motivating you, that are driving you to follow the spiritual path, applying the teachings and tools you have found.

And then when you start working more on your psychology and understanding the deeper aspects of the path of personal Christhood, you start letting go of all of these outer desires and motivations. And as they fade away, you can go into this interval where it is like it says in the scriptures: “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity”. You see the vanity of everything on earth, you see the futility of so many human activities, how they don’t lead to anything, they don’t go anywhere. You no longer see any purpose to it.

And in a sense, this is a necessary shift to go through, but it is not necessary to be stuck in it for a long period of time. There are of course, people who become stuck in this and again, as I said in the previous answer, there comes a point where you have to make a decision. Now, some of the later books in the Healing Your Spiritual Trauma series talk about why you are on earth why your I Am Presence came to earth.  You can use this to get over this phase where you reconnect to your I Am Presence and that your I Am Presence wanted to experience itself on earth.

And that can give you a new motivation where you’re not trying to do something or accomplish something on earth, but you are trying to experience life on earth, experience your own reaction to it and basically experience yourself in various situations. You can also connect to your divine plan and the motivation you had for what you wanted to do. You may want to help the ascended masters, do certain things to set other people free, you may want to help other people by telling them about various things that can help them grow, so forth and so on.

So use those last couple of books in the series, (or for that matter, use all of them in the series) and you should be able to make that decision to reconnect to your divine plan and your I Am Presence and again feel that there is actually a purpose for being on earth. It is not so my beloved, that as you approach the 144th level of consciousness, you have no sense of purpose and you don’t care about anything and nothing matters. It is just that there are certain stages on the spiritual path where what used to matter to you no longer matters, because what used to matter was what mattered to a separate self that you have now let die and therefore, there is nothing right now to replace it, but you can very quickly reconnect to something higher.


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How to deal with a loss of your motivation on the spiritual path

Question: I feel like I have no motivation at all. Some studies say that motivation is linked to a person’s ego. If your ego is weak, then you are less motivated. How about a spiritual person? If I dissolve separate selves, could this mean I am less motivated? What can one do if the ego-based motivation is gone, but does not have a connection with the Holy Spirit or the River of Life?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

If you look at many people in the world that you consider to be successful people, for example, people in a political arena or in the business community, you can clearly see that these people are motivated by their egos, they have some kind of goal to attain power, attain status, attain wealth and this is what drives them. They are driven by this motivation that comes from the ego. They want to make themselves special or powerful, whatever the case may be.

There are many spiritual people who, when they were younger, had a strong motivation that came from the ego. Many people, as this messenger has seen about himself, when you first find the spiritual path or spiritual teaching, you become very enthusiastic about applying the teaching and the tools given and part of this is driven by an ego motivation.

You want to attain some kind of status in your own mind of being a good student, being an eager student, a good chela and therefore this is a motivation of the ego. What happens is that if you are open to working with yourself and your own psychology, then you may come to a point where you start to see through this ego motivation. Some students do not come to this point and can continue for decades being driven by this ego-based motivation, giving decrees for hours and hours, without actually making as much progress as they would do if they would look at their psychology. Others come to have some insight in their psychology—they come to see the futility of this and even if they don’t know about the concept of the separate selves, they can still give up some of these selves that are part of the ego.

When you give up a self, when you let the self die, you lose the motivation for that self. And it is possible that you can be in a sort of interim period, a sort of no man’s land, where you haven’t yet connected to your divine plan and to the purpose, the higher purpose that is not ego-based that you defined in your divine plan. You may still have other separate selves that make you self-focused, so that you cannot go beyond that self-motivation and therefore begin to use your spiritual growth to serve some greater cause. This could be for example, serving a cause for the masters by giving decrees for various issues. It could be to express yourself in society, it could be to focus on your spiritual growth by working with your psychology and so on.

But there can be a period where you haven’t connected to this. You feel like you have no motivation—you don’t know what to do or where to direct your attention and energy. And again, we have given you these tools. If you take the tools in Healing Your Spiritual Traumas and use them, you are likely to get over this. But there are some people that you cannot use a tool to get over it because you simply need to make a decision. You simply need to make a decision to stop being so focused on yourself and deliberately set aside that separate self, or that ego-based focus on yourself.

You work for some cause that reaches beyond yourself. You need to so to speak, shake yourself out of this inertia you are in, and it is an act of will. And there are certain points on the path where you cannot move further until you have that act of will and if you feel your lack the act of will then appeal to Master More, go to the Path To Self Mastery course. Take that first book by Master More and use it, apply it—make the calls to him. But again of course, Master More cannot make the decision for you. You need to be willing to make it for yourself.


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Question about the situation in Argentina

Question: Concerning Argentina, in the last decade this country has been dominated by the Kirchner couple that are deemed to be two fallen beings in power. Are they so? Is Argentina facing a total collapse in the near future, almost risking a civil war? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Let us leave the question of whether these are falling beings in embodiment open, and leave it at that they are certainly open to the influence of fallen beings and the fallen consciousness. The situation in Argentina is quite delicate, and it can go several ways. It may not end up in a total financial collapse, it may not end up in a civil war, but there’s certainly the possibility of severe economic problems and uprisings of various intensity that could happen.

If you are in Argentina or concerned about the country you can certainly make the calls for this to Archangel Michael and Astrea for the judgment and binding of the dark forces working in the country. You can make the calls for people to be cut free from the influence of these dark forces, even these forces that are simply trying to create chaos and violence without really leading to an improvement in the country.

But you unfortunately see in many revolutions, and what you actually have historically seen in many revolutions in Central and South America, is that they are simply perpetrated by forces who don’t have a clear goal and they don’t lead to an improvement in the country they just lead to chaos. In many cases there is another repressive government that takes over and might even be worse than the previous one.

This is a pattern you can make calls for and of course you can make the calls also to me to release the Golden Age matrix, the Golden Age vision so that some people might be able to grasp it and see that there is a higher way to deal with the situation both in Argentina and in other countries in the region that will lead to real progress.


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About the concept of “spirit guides”

Question: Can spiritual guides be from the three higher planes or just from the ascended realm? The three higher planes I assume means the emotional, mental and identity. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

If you look at spiritual and New Age people, there are many among them who have this concept of “spirit guides”. But as is the case with many other issues, many people in these spiritual or new age movements or field, do not have discernment so they might identify or make contact with some being in the emotional realm, the mental realm or the identity realm and because these realms are higher than the physical, they might see it as a higher source and they might therefore identify it as a spirit guide, or even as an angel. Many of what people have experienced or thought was angels, were actually beings in the emotional, mental or identity realm.

So it just depends on how you use the terminology. From an ascended master perspective, we would say that a spirit guide would be an ascended master or your I AM Presence, or your Christ Self, but not one from the identity, mental or emotional realm. Now there are of course some beings in these realms that are not necessarily malicious. They have good intentions and they may be able to help some students who are not at a level of consciousness where they can make contact with ascended masters or find an outer ascended master teaching.

Some students have benefited from such spirit guides but the issue is that if your spirit guide is a being in the mental realm, there’s a reason why that being is in the mental realm. That is, it hasn’t moved beyond a certain level of consciousness and a spirit guide cannot really take the student beyond its own level of consciousness. That just isn’t a very realistic scenario. So that’s why if you are aware of ascended masters, you want to not use any kind of tools or techniques or even put your attention on spirit guides in the three lower realms.


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Do we need therapy to deal with our separate selves?

Question: It seems to me that yoga and meditation and decrees, among other tools and techniques, are helpful in staying balanced but to actually deal with a separate self you will need therapy of some sort to look at your issues more deeply. Is this a correct assumption? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Let us put it this way. There are many spiritual techniques that have been given not only by us in this dispensation, but in other dispensations and in other contexts entirely, such as for example, yoga, that have various benefits. It can be relaxing the mind, it can be invoking spiritual light, opening up for a flow of spiritual light through the body and the chakras and they are beneficial to spiritual growth. They are beneficial in the sense that when you invoke or open the flow of spiritual energy, it can consume some of the lower energy stored in your three higher bodies. This, so to speak, reduces the tension or reduces the cloudiness or the unclearness of for example, your emotional body, and it calms your emotions to some degree.

But to really make progress you need to come to identify these separate selves and consciously let them go. The question really is, what does it take for you to come to see this consciously? I will not in any way imply that therapy is necessary for this process. But many people can benefit from therapy because it can help you become aware of these selves. Now we have given you the Healing Your Spiritual Traumas and the other books in the series specifically to help you with this process and these books can really help you make major progress.

But again, for many people, it can be beneficial to work with a therapist who can give you a more direct feedback than you get from a book. So this is something you need to tune into individually. You may need to go through a phase where you’re going to therapy. You may have a long phase where you use the books, or even other spiritual teachings to become more aware of what is happening and where you don’t need the therapy. There are some people that don’t need therapy, there are some people that absolutely need it and there is a larger group that could benefit from it, but could actually make progress without it.


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About similar separate selves

Question: Is letting a separate self die something that happens one time, as the name suggests? And is it something that is always obvious and recognizable like in the story that Kim described where he felt his body being very relaxed? I understand that coming to terms with trauma and your separate selves is a gradual process but there seems to be a promise that eventually you will reach a point where you can let that separate self die once and for all, not have to deal with it again. Is this an accurate understanding of the teaching? 

(Clarification by Kim – I had an experience where I became aware of a certain self and I felt that I let go of it and I felt such relaxation, such a release,  such an inner peace that my body was simply so soft, I could barely get out of bed and it actually stayed that way for a couple of days.)

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

It is very true that dealing with one particular separate self can very well be a gradual process. You may have to ponder it for some time, you may even have to release it for some time, or to even in your mind think that you are letting it die, but you haven’t fully let go of it so it comes back and you might have to repeat the process several times. But it’s very correct that if you keep using the tools, working with the process, being willing to look at it, perhaps look at it from different angles, until you uncover that decision behind the self. Then you will come to that point where now this particular self dies—it is dead, it is gone.

You may not always recognize this. It depends a little bit on how aware you are and how conscious you are of the process. It may take you some time before you become conscious enough of the process that you can really recognize when a self dies. Now there may be many cases also where you have actually let one self die but there are one or several other selves that are fairly similar that might be created in similar situations. You might then have a situation where it seems like it was that original self that came back, but it is actually another self that is just very similar, as you may have to repeat that process and work on this.

There are many issues that are very complex and that you may have encountered certain situations in many past lifetimes, but in slightly different outer contexts. You may have, in several lifetimes, experienced a certain issue or problem, but the outer circumstances were different enough so that instead of just creating one self and reinforcing it, you created separate selves, several selves that are related to this same issue. This could be, for example, sexual abuse, but it occurred in different outer contexts so instead of just having one self that relates to this, you now may have three or four because they are created in different lifetimes.

It can be many other issues as well. For example, when you are killed brutally you may create a separate self but this may happen in different situations that are different enough that you create separate selves instead of just continuing to reinforce one self. So you have to let all of those selves die before you have overcome that particular issue.


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The main causes of anxiety and depression

Question: It seems that over the past few years, we have seen an acceleration of mental illness within the collective consciousness, especially anxiety and depression. I myself over the past three or so years have felt a greatly increased tension within my own being. Can the masters comment on why this is, and more importantly how we can, ourselves rise above this and help others do the same? If the masters could also comment on the origin of anxiety or depression, that would be wonderful.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

As we have said several times, in many of the more evolved nations, people’s material needs have been fulfilled to a critical degree. If you look at Abraham Maslow’s “Pyramid of Human Needs” you will see that there are four classes of lower needs and then you go up to the self-actualization needs.

We are at a point where in many of these modern democracies, a critical mass of people is ready to go into self-actualization. But because these democracies are stuck in this no man’s land where they haven’t let go of the Christian paradigm and they haven’t started questioning the materialist paradigm, people do not receive any help from without to pursue their self-actualization needs. This is what in many cases gives rise to various forms of anxiety, depression and inattention, where people know that they are not doing what they should be doing, and they feel this.

Another aspect of this is the fact that there are these powerful collective entities that have been built over a very long period of time that people become vulnerable to when they don’t have a sense of purpose. So, this is really the two main causes of anxiety and depression, there is that you have an inner drive to actualize yourself, you don’t know how so you feel you’re wasting your time, or you are vulnerable to these entities.

The reality here is that these modern democracies will have to shift into finding a way to help people deal with their own psychology and improve their psychology and raise their consciousness. It doesn’t mean they have to follow ascended master teachings or any particular spiritual teaching, but they need to accept a new approach that is beyond materialism because otherwise you will see an increase in this that will simply overburden the healthcare systems and the social safety nets, because people might be so depressed that they are incapable of working or they might have to go to a hospital or mental institution to receive help.

So it’s simply a product of this unwillingness of these modern democracies to take the next logical step to go away from focusing on material welfare to being focused on psychological well-being.




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Creating money and the national debt

Question: Can the masters comment on current financial issues? Money has been printed so rapidly and governments are taking huge loans to help out the economy. I do not understand to whom all governments owe the money that they borrow. At the same time people are losing their jobs. What are the long term consequences of artificial money making? Do the power elite secure their positions and people have less freedom? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, we have to some degree commented on the financial aspects of the corona crisis. What I will say here is that it is a very valid question. When governments borrow money, from whom are they borrowing this money and to whom do they owe the money? And you can see that in several nations, most obviously, in the United States, the government borrows money from private banks that make up the Federal Reserve Banks. The Federal Reserve is not a federal institution, it’s privately owned banks that are owned by the financial elite. Most Americans are not even aware of this. But the fact is that governments often owe money to private banks, or other international financial institutions.

There are already economists who have come up with a new approach to the economy, where the government creates the money itself. And of course, you can look back at history and see that the government of Germany in the 1920s created so much money that it caused hyperinflation and this is not, of course, a constructive approach. But this doesn’t mean that you can say that the current approach of letting private banks create money as debt is better—both will lead to inflation. Both will lead to increasing prices if they are taken too far.

But in today’s world, as we have said, with computer technology and more experience and knowledge about the economy, it is possible for governments to create the money in a balanced way that will not lead to hyperinflation and therefore will stimulate the economy. And it is, quite frankly preferable to have a democratically elected government be in charge of creating money than to have private banks  that do not answer to the people, but only to a few shareholders.

The question really is: Do you want a financial system that is controlled and dominated by the elite, or controlled and dominated by a democratically elected government? Obviously, the elite will never look at the best interest of the people. But at least there is a reasonable possibility that a democratically elected government will, or that they can at least be replaced by another government.

It’s clear that,as we have said also, debt has already reached a level in the world that is unsustainable. It cannot be paid back. There are even politicians in the United States who are not worried about the national debt skyrocketing, because they believe that the nation will never have to pay it back. But is the nation still not paying interest on this debt? Where does that money come from? It comes from the taxes paid by the people. Is the nation not allowing a small financial elite to create money out of nothing, but still extract money from the people that they use for their own purposes, which is primarily to maintain or increase their dominance over the financial system? And is this democratic? Is this in accordance with a democratic constitution? I can assure you it is not.

It is not what Saint Germain intended for America or any other democratic nation, and certainly not what the founding fathers intended. You may see that the American revolution started as a reaction to the oppression of the British King. But today, the oppression of the financial elite is far greater than the one exerted by the king back in 1776. Is there a need for another American Revolution? Well, not a violent revolution, but certainly an economic revolution.


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Spiritual perspective on the death of George Floyd

Question 1: Can you comment on the recent George Floyd murder by police and the African American community in general? Is it tied to the records of slavery in America? 

Question 2: Can the Masters comment on the death of George Floyd and some of the riots happening as a result of this? It seems some people are justifying the riots. Is this just a consciousness that needs to play itself out? How can we bring more awareness about this from a spiritual perspective?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, again, when you look at this situation, you can see how many situations have there been in the United States where the police have shot somebody or otherwise killed somebody or been too violent in dealing with the public? How many situations have we had? How many situations do we need to have?

The real reason for this is that there is a collective beast, a collective entity that has been created by the law enforcement community in the United States. And it is based on a certain set of attitudes that, quite frankly, are in some ways related to what you find in dictatorial countries, where you also have a certain law enforcement community that have this attitude that their job is to control the public and make sure certain things don’t happen and they should be allowed to use any means necessary to accomplish this goal.

And I’m not saying that is all of it, but that is certainly part of it—that you have this collective entity and this doesn’t mean that most people in the law enforcement community in the United States are overpowered by this entity, but some certainly are. And some can become that when they are in a tense situation. That is why you see a police officer doing something like this which is completely illogical, completely irrational, and quite frankly completely unintelligent, in an age where everybody has a cell phone and can video anything that’s happening in front of them.

How can you possibly say that this person acted rationally? Obviously, he didn’t. He had no thought for the consequences here, both for himself and for the law enforcement community and for the potential for these riots to occur. You can only look at this and say this person’s mind was taken over by something that isn’t rational, that just had a drive to punish somebody for some perceived offense. This is the law enforcement aspect of it.

Now, of course, you have also the situation in the black community in the United States. And one question raised the possibility that this could be connected to slavery. And it’s true that there is a certain connection here because there are still many people in the United States in the black community especially, but even some among the white people in the white supremacists who cannot leave this issue of slavery behind. They cannot let the past go. They are holding on to this.

And there is, of course, a collective beast created by black people in America that makes black people want to see themselves as victims of white oppression. And they want to feel that the reason why they can’t do better in their lives is because they are limited by the white people in America and they don’t have the right opportunities and all of these things.

Now again, many, many black people are not affected by this. They have done whatever they needed to do: to get an education, get a good job, free themselves from the past and live constructive, positive lives. But there is a segment of the black community in America that just cannot let go of the past. And these are the kind of people who then become vulnerable to these anger entities that just want to create chaos. There are certain anger entities that are constantly looking for people they can use to create chaos. There’s no rational reason behind it.

It is clear, as some people have already said, that these riots will not advance or improve the situation of black people in America. On the contrary, how can it? How can it advance or improve the situation of black people, when many white people will react strongly against this violence and see the black people behind these riots have just simply gone out of control, which they are because their minds are taken over by this collective beast that just wants to create chaos.

Now again, you could say, is it understandable that many black people are frustrated? I’m not saying it isn’t. I’m not saying that black people’s situation shouldn’t be improved. But what I am saying is that many black people are frustrated because they’re overpowered by this collective entity and cannot let go of the past. They cannot look at their situation and say: “What do we actually need to do to improve our situation, given the society we have right now?

You will see that there are many people, black, white, Asian, Hispanics, who have used the American society, as it is, to improve their situation.This can be done if people are willing, but if they are overpowered by this beast that makes them not willing to do what they need to do, well, then they cannot do it. And so they feel frustrated.

Of course, an element of this is also the Corona crisis, which as I said, always hits hardest —any crisis always hits hardest at the lowest income level. There are many black people who have lost their job and who face an uncertain future because of this. Here comes a situation that allows them to take out their frustration and their anger. From a certain perspective, understandable but from another perspective, not constructive. Not constructive for black people, not constructive for America.

You have seen in previous decades how there were other riots in connection with economic organizations meeting in the United States. You had some years ago, these riots in Seattle not driven by black people, primarily driven by white people, but again, people who were thinking that they had some epic cause they were fighting for, but once you cross that threshold and you start committing violence against people who have nothing to do with the cause you think you are espousing, who are not the cause of this problem, then you have crossed a threshold where your efforts cannot have any constructive impact.

What can be done about it? Well, if you feel this is important to you, you could certainly make the calls for the binding of these spirits. But unfortunately, there are many situations where once things are brought into the physical, they have to sort of run their course. They have to be expressed to a certain degree, before people can stop it. That is the case with these riots, it is the case with the corona situation. It is if once something has broken into the physical, it cannot be stopped quickly. It must be allowed to outplay itself until people have had enough of it and can see that it doesn’t lead to anything constructive.


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How to discover your divine plan

Question: What can I do for the masters and for my country, Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole? Your word is my command, I live to serve, my life is yours.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, what you can do as an individual is, of course, walk the spiritual path, raise your consciousness as much as possible, so that you can tune in to the goals that you defined in your Divine plan before you came into this embodiment in Africa. You understand here that you made a Divine plan, which you are meant to discover gradually. It would not be constructive, as we have said before, if the ascended masters or some spiritual teacher in embodiment or some psychic told you: this is your Divine plan, this is what you are meant to do. It needs to come to you from within through an intuitive revelation or insight. It also is part of your Divine plan that you need to make certain decisions.

Now, just to speak generally here, when we look back at, especially previous ascended master dispensations, we see that many people found an ascended master teaching, became very enthusiastic about that teaching. Even this messenger went through this when he found his first ascended master teaching. And they became so on fire, as we might say, for saving the world for Saint Germain, that they wanted to go out there and do decisive deeds to save the world as quickly as possible. And what happens to some of these people is that they throw themselves at the spiritual path in an unbalanced way that they cannot maintain over time. They come to a point where they, so to speak, crash and burn.

What we are looking for is that our students, especially in this dispensation, take a more balanced approach, where you focus on healing your psychology, walking up through the seven rays of the path to self mastery, using the books on healing your traumas, to go beyond this, and then you follow your own intuitive promptings.They are, as we said, many people who have chosen to embody in these less developed nations, whether in Africa or elsewhere, who have a spiritual attainment and a spiritual potential, which means they can do something.

But you need to discover what that is from within. The fact that you are asking from an external source shows that you have not yet directed your attention within, and not yet made the effort to come to the point where you can trust your intuition, and you can receive that intuitive guidance that shows you your divine plan. Now, be aware here that we fully understand that students can sometimes have this enthusiasm. We are not trying to discourage you from being enthusiastic, but we are trying to say, even in your enthusiasm, be balanced.

Your Divine Plan will not be revealed to you in its fullness at any one time. What you will get intuitively is the next step in your divine plan. Then you take that, you work on your psychology again, and then you can receive a higher vision, and it can go that way gradually.

This messenger has never had a clear view of his Divine plan and what will happen for the rest of his life. But it has been many years ago that he decided that he didn’t even want this, that he was content to take the next step, then see the next step and take that and then move forward that way. One of the reasons he has been able to exceed the service that was defined in his Divine plan is precisely because he has taken this attitude. He has never demanded from the ascended masters that we should reveal certain things to him or give him certain guarantees.

We have had examples of students who have been able to work with us in some capacity, even some who have been messengers, and who have all of a sudden decided to make demands, to get some kind of guarantee, to be told what their Divine plan is. This will then cut you off from working with us, we simply cannot work with people in this mindset. You need to be willing to flow with the river of life, taking one step at a time as you see it, and not even being concerned about what happens after that step.


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How people with a low state of of consciousness make decisions about their next embodiment

Question: The Masters say that some people go into a coma like state when they are in between lives, how do they make decisions about what their next life is going to be like? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, there are many people with a low state of consciousness who are simply not able to connect to the ascended masters and receive direction between embodiments. There are some that go as you say, into a coma like state, but there are those who go into the lower levels of the astral plane, and these people do not actually make a decision, any kind of conscious decision about their next lifetime. They are, so to speak, thrown into their next lifetime by their karmic circumstances. You understand here that we have given teachings on karma, that there are different levels of it.

When you are walking this spiritual path you do not need to have your karma from past life to become physical if you are willing to change your consciousness, so that there’s nothing in your three higher bodies that multiplies the karmic impulse as it comes back to you. This is what, of course, you will be advised to achieve by the ascended masters before you come into a given embodiment.

But if you cannot receive this direction, and if you are not even open to transcending your level of consciousness, then your karma will descend into the physical and it will therefore determine your next embodiment. Your karma will simply decide for you because you are not able or willing to decide for yourself.


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How to respond to attacks of the dark forces

Question:  What is the best way to make an end to black magic? (people who are invading your force field and using their energy or misusing their light to manipulate another person).

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, the best way to deal with this is to invoke the spiritual protection of Archangel Michael, and to ask for Astrea to consume the black magic, to cut you free from it. But of course, if you are the recipient of this kind of very aggressive, mental and emotional projections, then you also need to see – are you vulnerable to this, is there some separate self in you that makes you vulnerable to it?

In some cases, there can be people who are directing black magic at you, and there isn’t really anything in your consciousness that this impulse can multiply. But you can still, of course, then have certain projections of emotional energies or thoughts that come into your force field. This doesn’t mean that they multiply anything that is in your force field, but you can still be aware of them.

This messenger has been exposed to quite a significant amount of black magic from students that have followed him for a time, followed the teachings for a time, and then for various reasons decided to no longer do this. And then having engaged in these very aggressive mental and emotional projections against him, to get him to stop or to get him to see that they were right and he was wrong or whatever the cause may be. Now, in some cases, he has felt something in himself that was multiplied by this, he has then been willing to look at it and overcome it and resolve it so that there was nothing in him anymore. In other cases, it is simply he has noticed the projections, he has realized that they are projections, and he has just let them pass through without engaging in them, or in any way putting his attention on them.

Now, in severe cases, you can of course, make the calls for this, but quite frankly, as you walk the path to Christhood and begin to come to the higher levels, the fallen beings will begin to see you as a threat. They will use whatever means are available to them, be it people in embodiment, be it demons and entities in the emotional realm or the mental realm or the identity realm to project these very negative aggressive energies against you both at the emotional, mental and identity level. You need to come to the point where you realize this is just part of the path to Christhood on a planet like Earth, that you learn to identify these projections, that you learn to just let them pass through you.

In some cases, you can identify a certain source of this and then you can make calls on it, but there are so many of these sources that you cannot make the calls for all of them because it takes up too much of your time and attention. You need to simply come to the point where you realize: “This is not my thought, this is a projection.” You just let it pass through without engaging it, without trying to reason with it, without trying to think that you should not have had this thought come into your mind, or you should not have this feeling come into your mind. You just identify it as a projection and you just let it pass through you, and you are like the water that flows back into a calm state whenever it has been disturbed.

You are, after all, moving into the Aquarian Age, so it’s natural that your mind attains this water like quality, where you cannot avoid when you are in physical embodiment, having your mind stirred up by certain things that happen, but then you do not keep stirring it, you just identify what it is, make a conscious decision to let it go, and let the mind return to its calm state. The beautiful thing about water my beloved, is that if you stir the water, even stirring the water violently does not change the water molecules. When there is no longer a force stirring them, they naturally return to a calm state and there is absolutely nothing in the water that retains that stirring. There is no record in the water of it.

This is what unfortunately happens to the mind that when the mind is disturbed, there is created some kind of record in the mind. Now there may be some kind of process that starts where, for example, you can think, as a spiritual person: “I should not have had this thought or this feeling. Now, I need to discover why that is, now I need to engage in this entire process to make sure it doesn’t happen again”, and all of this stuff. But as you grow to the higher levels of Christhood and have resolved much of your psychological wounds, you can simply identify: “Oh, this is not my thought, this is not my feeling, this is a projection.”

You just let the mind be like the water, go back to its calm state without retaining any record of this ever happening. Quite frankly, if your mind goes back to a pure state, it never did happen. That’s the beauty of the Christ mind, which cannot be permanently affected by anything on earth, it is like the water. You will see that even Jesus could get angry as this famous example of him overturning the tables on the money changers, but after that his mind returned to a calm state. He didn’t beat himself up over having done this, he just focused on his mission and went forward as if it had never happened, and therefore in his mind, it had never happened. And you can come to the same point where whatever other people or dark forces may direct at you, you just let your mind return to this calmness, and it literally never happened. It may have happened in the mind of the other people, they may still be blaming you, but it never happened in your mind.


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The Office of the Two Witnesses

Question: Is anyone on Earth currently holding the Office of the Two Witnesses? 

(In the summit Lighthouse it was said that Mark and Elizabeth Claire Prophet were holding this office, which actually goes back to the book of Revelation where there’s talk about the two witnesses).

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, the simple answer is no, there is no one currently holding that office in physical embodiment.


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Non-attachment in a relationship

Question: How should we see and deal with the balance, and seeming fine line, between engaging in taking care of and loving someone to keep the relationship going but still having non attachment? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, it is truly a delicate balance in all relationships. It’s clear that you need to engage yourself in a relationship. You need to invest your attention, your energy, in keeping the relationship constructive and even meeting the needs of your partner, and this will engage your energies to a certain degree.

At the same time, you of course do not do yourself or your partner any favor by becoming attached to a certain outcome, because you will start to take things personally, you will become tense in yourself, and this tension will spread to your partner, maybe your partner already has tension, so there can be a growing tension in the relationship. How do you avoid this growing tension in the relationship? Well, there must be a certain level of non attachment, preferably by both partners, but at least from one partner. How do you deal with that? Well, you deal with it as always, by seeking to identify whatever separate selves you have, that cause you to react to your partner in an inharmonious way, and then seeking to resolve those selves.

This is really the spiritual reason why you engaged in that relationship in the first place, because you knew your partner had the potential to help you see what you need to overcome in your own psychology. If you approach the relationship with this attitude, then you can make significant progress yourself. This means that you will also build that non attachment where you are not attached to your partner’s reactions and you do not go into this reactionary pattern, you can avoid going into a reactionary pattern.

Non-attachment does not mean that you don’t care and that you are insensitive to your partner, it just means that you are not trapped in a reactionary pattern, you are not reacting based on these separate selves. This means you can react to your partner in a more positive way, and this can create a positive spiral in the relationship.

There can also be some relationships where this simply will not work, because your partner has a certain unresolved psychology that he or she is not willing to move beyond. That is where again, you can then come to a point where you have attained maximal growth that you can attain from that relationship, and it can be part of your divine plan to move on into a new type of relationship. So this an individual evaluation, that you don’t decide with your outer mind. But you work on the separate selves, you work on overcoming your reactionary patterns, and then you can come to that point where you receive a clear inner direction of what is the most constructive step to take, and then you can decide with the outer mind to follow that direction. But you in many cases cannot receive that direction when you are still trapped in a reactionary pattern and have that attachment to a specific outcome.


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The Treaty of Trianon

Question: The Treaty of Trianon was a very significant happening in the history of Hungary at the end of World War One. The energy waves of this event still have a strong impact on the people embodied in the country and determined their relationship with themselves and the other countries of Central Europe. What was the spiritual cause and significance of this event? (This treaty actually reduced the size of the Austro-Hungarian Empire very drastically, so that what you presently call Hungary is much smaller than the empire was before World War One.) 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, you cannot necessarily say that there is a spiritual significance in the sense that there was a spiritual reason for this event. There was sort of an unspiritual reason in the sense that the Austro-Hungarian Empire was a somewhat artificially created empire that was created by force, and it was as so many of these empires you have seen in the past, created out of this force based mindset that originally comes from the fallen beings where there are falling beings who want to create as big of an empire as possible so they can have as much power as possible.

You have seen in history quite a number of these empires spring up, exist for a time, and then disappear, often as a result of some violent event. You can point to the Ottoman Empire, the Polish Lithuanian Empire, Russia, France, Napoleon, and many other empires, even the British Empire, and even many in the East, and even in Africa. So you have many examples of this, and it’s simply that when you create an empire based on force, well, you will create some counter force, and at some point the resistance that you are creating becomes greater than your ability to overcome it through the force that you can manifest, and then the empire must disappear.

Obviously, you see that war is a process where some will win, and some will lose, so whenever an empire or a nation engages in war, well, it’s a given that someone will lose. It’s often a complex equation that determines which one will win and which one will lose, but someone will lose and in this case, the Austro-Hungarian Empire lost and was therefore reduced in size.

Now, what spiritual people in Hungary can do is to make the calls for the consuming of all energetic records from this event and the impact it is having on the collective consciousness. It’s clear that the fact that so many people in Hungary are looking back to this event, feeling that they were perhaps unjustly reduced in size, that Hungary should have been bigger and should have been a more important nation than it is, this is keeping Hungary from making progress, this is keeping Hungary from moving into the golden age, because you are holding on to the past, a past that cannot be changed.

This is not unique to Hungary, you see many other nations who are doing the same thing. But you also see nations who have gone through this phase and have managed to move on. I would point to an obvious example of Germany, which has, to a large extent, been able to put the Nazi Empire and the mindset of the Nazi Empire behind it. Germany has said: “We would not even want to continue this empire, we want to move forward as a new nation.” And it has been quite successful in doing so. In fact more successful than Britain, which has not been able to free itself from the colonial past and a desire to be a large empire that has a worldwide impact. There are of course many other examples of this: Japan, China, Russia – which still dreams of the Soviet Union – and Putin still dreams of having the same power as Stalin, and many other nations.

You can make the calls that your nation will be able to move on. Until Hungary and many other nations let go the past, they cannot fully move into the golden age mindset. They will be in sort of a no man’s land, where, as Jesus said about the Christ process, you’re not willing to let the old identity – national identity, these old selves – national selves, die in order to be reborn into a higher state, where you can now see a way forward that even given your physical size stills gives you a clear growth path that moves you in a better direction.

This is what I wish for Hungary, and for all other nations who are in this, and there are, quite frankly, many, many nations around the world, who are in one way or another stuck in their past, cannot let go of some event from their past, cannot simply let that national self die so they can be free to move into the golden age mindset and receive that vision for Saint Germain of the Golden Age Matrix for their nation.


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The weather in the golden age

Question: Dear Saint Germain, can you describe the weather of the golden age? Will there be seasons? Will there be such a big difference in geographic or temperature points like there is today? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

My beloved, the weather in the golden age will be better. It will be better in many ways. As we move further into the golden age, there will gradually be a certain straightening of the Earth’s axis. This will actually even out the seasons so that they will not be as extreme, but there will still be seasons because seasons are actually beneficial in a variety of ways.

Now, Mother Mary has given teachings about certain natural disasters tied to certain spiritual poisons. As we move into the golden age, naturally the collective consciousness will be raised, it will be cleansed from some of these spiritual poisons, and therefore, you will not have these extreme weather conditions that you see now. We have said before that the extremes of weather are partly an expression of the fact that we are going into a transition phase where many things must be stirred up in order to become visible. As you have this stirring up of the emotional body of the planet, for example, the elementals often react with these more violent weather conditions. This is a phenomenon that will go away in the golden age.

As the collective consciousness continues to be raised the elementals will be set fee from the burden of fear based energy put upon them by human beings. This means that the elementals will be able to bring forth weather conditions that are much more constructive for, for example agriculture. Gradually as you move into the golden age, these very dry desert regions of the Earth will disappear, because the elementals will be able to bring more rain to these regions. You will have temperatures modified so that they will not be as hot, at the same time there will be rain so that many areas that are now desert will become fit for agriculture. This will also be necessary as we continue to increase the population towards the 10 billion mark that is the designated population for Earth, and therefore more food needs to be produced. And so you will see that there will be, in general, a much more pleasant weather around the planet. This will not happen tomorrow or within the next decade or two, but it will happen as we move further into the golden age.


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