Connection between an avatar and her/his original planet

Question: Do some new avatars learn  from the earlier avatars trap of illusion, for example: “Do not like stick your nose into this planet Earth? Because that can cost millions of years to get lost in a place of darkness.” 

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Certainly there is a connection  between the avatars that have descended from a particular natural planet and the beings who are still on that planet—living on that planet. And so even though you, when you embodied on a dense planet like earth, may not be consciously aware that you have a connection to your natural planet, there can from the other side, be an awareness of what those who have come from that planet to earth have experienced on earth.

And this means that avatars can see what happens when you embody on a unnatural planet without having to do it themselves. And there are already some, quite a number actually that have decided that: I don’t need to personally experience what it’s like to be on a planet like earth, because I can see what has happened to others from my planet who have done this.


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