What does the Titanic represent?

Question: When the RMS Titanic hit an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912, with the loss of over 1500 lives, was this a disaster karmic in nature? What are the reasons other than karma that makes it possible for disaster to occur in the world and in our lives? And do we have to be a vibrational match for something like disaster before we experience it in our lives? Or can it just happen anyway?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

This is a difficult question to answer because it’s one of those situations where no matter what I say, some people will interpret it in a way that I don’t intend.

So on the one hand, you can take the stance that many spiritual people’s teaching say that nothing happens by accident. Everything is a matter of karma. The problem with saying this is that it seems very fatalistic. At least many people will see it that way because what is then the way out of it?

So what I would prefer to do with a question like this is actually to look at the specific incident, what does the Titanic represent?

If you go back and look at why this was built, how it was built, there was a certain optimism in society, where people thought that they had reached some ultimate stage and now they could create the ship that was unsinkable. There was a certain spiritual pride, a certain arrogance that was in the conception of the ship. It was “invulnerable” and of course nothing in the physical octave is invulnerable. What actually happened here was that the very consciousness behind the creation of the Titanic attracted a certain type of people who wanted to be on the maiden voyage because they resonated with the consciousness behind it.

And so the Titanic became sort of a symbol for man’s hubris, man’s pride, of where you think you can create something on earth that is ultimate. And you have the saying that: “pride goes before the fall”, or in this case, the sinking. You can look at this from a certain perspective, a karmic perspective and you would say that none of the people who were on the Titanic, were there by accident, they were all attracted there because there was something in their consciousness, their four lower bodies that resonated with the consciousness behind the ship.

And this, of course, applies to many things in society, including the World Trade Center, and 911 and many other of these things where you see that people have created something out of a certain state of consciousness, and then a disaster happens to demonstrate that there was something that needed to be looked at and transcended in that state of consciousness. In an incident like this, you can identify that there was a certain state of consciousness, the people who were on board that ship were attracted to that state of consciousness and  that’s why they became part of that disaster.

The thing you cannot do, is take this teaching and apply it uncritically to your own life and think that everything that happens to you now needs to be analyzed by you, as if there is some problem in your consciousness that you should have overcome, or that stone would not have hit the windscreen in your car and cracked it as you were driving to work. You have to be careful that you don’t go into this thinking. For example what you see in India, where they are so focused on karma that they think that every little thing that happens is the result of karma.

We have said it before that the earth is a very chaotic planet. And sometimes things just happen because of the chaos and the unpredictability. What you can do in your life is you can see, are there some big events that have happened and what can they show about your, not karmic vulnerability as much, as you’re subconscious vulnerability and what kind of separate selves you have?

You can also look at your life and see, are there are any patterns you can see of how you get into the same situation several times. And then that can be something you need to look as to: What separate selves do I have, that’s attracting these situations to me? What attitude can I identify, what belief can I identify that may cause me to get myself into these situations repeatedly?

So that you can learn from them. But you have to be careful not to over-analyze. There are many, many, spiritual people who have found some kind of teaching and they have realized the reality of karma and that their past lives could affect them in this life and they have gone into various extreme measures to try and find this out—to try and divine it. Some people use tarot cards, some people go to psychics, some people use astrology, some people use muscle testing.

They do all kinds of things to figure out why things happen to them almost as if every little thing that happens in their life has to have some kind of meaning. But on a planet like earth, not everything that happens to you has some kind of meaning. It isn’t necessarily because there’s something wrong with you or there’s something you need to change in your consciousness. Sometimes you just need to look at an event, shake your head and move on or shrug your shoulder or say: “So what, I’m moving on.”


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