Lessons behind the corona crisis

Question: What can we learn from the corona crisis? Both on a personal and a societal level?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well my beloved, this is a very, very complex situation. And there are obviously many things you can learn from it. Not so much on the personal level other than what we have talked about before: raising your consciousness, keeping your consciousness up and also at the same time taking the practical measures to avoid being infected by this. But even if you are infected, the more healthy you are, the better your consciousness the better your body can of course fight off the virus.

But on a societal level, there are many, many lessons that can be learned and hopefully will be learned as nations begin to process this experience and their reaction to it. Let me point out one thing that should be part of this entire process. It is necessary to take a look at the fact that this virus originated in China, or at least that it started spreading from China. And it is necessary for the rest of the world to take a look at how the Chinese government dealt with this situation. It should be pretty clear that the Chinese government took a long time to really admit that there was a situation here that was extraordinary. And they tried to hide it in order to save face because this is more important to the Chinese, both to save face for the Communist Party, but the Chinese have also always been, even going far back in history, concerned about saving face, maintaining an image.

It needs to be recognized by the international community that this was a very severe demonstration of what can happen when a nation has this kind of attitude and is not open, honest and direct with the rest of the world. It is clear that the international community cannot really allow one single nation to withhold information about a situation that has such dramatic effects on virtually all other countries in the world.

There are many different ways that this could be implemented. But it is quite necessary that the international community recognizes the need to put pressure on the Chinese government and make it clear to the Chinese government that if you want to sell goods produced in China to the rest of the world, then you need to follow the rules and standards that we have adopted in the international community. You cannot expect that you can set yourself apart and have a special status in the international community and at the same time be able to trade freely in ways that are just to your advantage.

You need to create this awareness that the world has become so interconnected. A virus does not stop because you have politically created a border here that says nobody can enter. A virus can spread beyond borders. But more than that, you also have a situation in the world where the world is so connected both physically and economically, that you can see that what happens in one country or starts in one country can have wide, wide ranging effects on the entire world. And you cannot turn back the clock because the economy simply couldn’t withstand turning back to a state that was 50 or 100 years ago.

You need to move forward by making the world more and more connected, but this also means that you need to then put procedures in place that can prevent a disease from spreading beyond borders. You need to then strengthen the international effort to bring all nations to a point where they are open, they are direct, they are honest. And therefore, you will need to go through an interim period where you put pressure on the nations who have traditionally not been open and honest. It is, of course, not restricted to China alone. This would be a very important lesson to learn.

Another important lesson to learn is, of course, the entire issue of the economy that we have already talked about to some degree, where it is simply necessary to find a new approach to the economy where governments realize that they must take up the responsibility to be in charge of the creation of money and how the money system works.You will see universally, that whenever there is an economic crisis, who are the ones who are most severely affected by it? Well, it is, of course, the majority of the population. The elite, they can sit in their mansions and isolate themselves. And they have so much money in their bank accounts that it doesn’t even matter to them.

But the people who are losing their jobs and are facing an uncertain future are deeply affected by it. The question that simply needs to be asked here is: “If we claim to be a democratic country, can we allow our economy to be dominated by a small financial elite that are not affected by any crisis. Whereas our economy is so that a crisis very much affects the majority of the people. Why should we not have an economy that benefits the majority of the people instead of benefiting a small elite?”

These are just a few of the questions that need to be asked. You, of course, also need to look at government’s reactions to the crisis. Is it reasonable? Is it constitutional that a democratic government effectively shuts down the economy of a country for several months, causing massive job losses and failures of businesses? Is this a reasonable approach? I know that you have these very severe scenarios in Italy and Spain, for example, where the government did not act to contain the disease at an early stage and you had some very severe consequences.

Naturally, most nations nations want to avoid this. But is there a different approach? Is there perhaps a more balanced, middle way between doing nothing and doing too much? I’m not saying there is just one way to evaluate this. But it is important that each nation looks neutrally at its response. And as I have said before, creates an independent commission that can evaluate the government’s response. And this should be something that is beyond party politics. It is not a matter of whether you are for example, a Republican or Democrat, there should be an independent, politically neutral commission that could evaluate this in order to improve the response in the future, or even improve the response during the rest of this crisis, because it isn’t by any means over yet.


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The COVID – 19 pandemic and the financial system

Question: Can you comment on the impact of the enormous fiscal and monetary stimulus, created in response to the pandemic, especially in the United States, where trillions of dollars have been created out of thin air to support the financial system and the economy. Is this likely to cause hyperinflation? Is it bringing us closer to the point where a new monetary system will need to be adopted to replace the existing system?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, my beloved, I will comment in general because what I will say here applies to most nations, not just the United States. Many of the modern democracies, the more developed nations, have for decades been influenced by this particular economic philosophy called neo-liberalism, which basically is not neo, it is simply liberalism. The idea is that the government should restrict itself from interfering with the economy or the financial system, but let the system regulate itself.

Now, as I have said before, the 2008 financial crisis should have proven to anybody that liberalism or neo-liberalism is dead. It has no validity. It has no place in a golden age economy. Since that lesson was not learned, then as I have said before, if you will not learn from one crisis, you will precipitate a worse crisis and here you are.

Here you are in a greater economic crisis than in 2008 and again, you face the same issues. What will the government do? And many governments, including the United States government, are doing basically what they did in 2008. They are creating money out of nothing, which is not in itself a problem, but they are giving it to the financial system because they are still suffering under this illusion that this is the best way, or even the only way to stimulate the economy.

There are many economists, experienced, intelligent economists, who have pointed out, time and time again that when you give money to the financial elite, to the financial system, this will not stimulate the real economy because the banks and the financial institutions will not use it to lend to consumers or businesses. They will use it, first of all, to secure their own position and their own earnings and only about 8-10% of the money created by the government filters down to what you can call the real economy of people who are producing something, who are consuming, who are buying something and therefore, stimulating economic activity and economic growth.

You need to recognize here, I am saying this again into the collective consciousness, that there are two parallel economies running in the world today. There is the financial elite and their economy and then there is the real economy, which is the people who are producing products, providing services and who are consuming products. Now, the financial system, the financial elite, their economy, is as we have said about the fallen consciousness, a parasite on the real economy. It could not exist on its own. It is a parasite that takes advantage of and siphons the wealth out of the real economy. Then, it artificially inflates the value of its stocks, its financial instruments, to a completely unrealistic value that would collapse in a moment if it was not continually supported by the real economy. In other words, the financial elite, their economy has no chance whatsoever of sustaining itself on its own. It can only be a parasite that lives off the real economy.

It is the real economy of people and businesses producing products, giving service and people consuming and buying those products—that is what drives the economy. What needs to be recognized here is that if you want to stimulate the economy, then you do not create money out of nothing and give it to the financial elite, so that only 8-10% filters through to the real economy. You can create money out of nothing, but you give it to the real economy so that you get a direct economic stimulus, where you get almost 100% of the money created going into and stimulating the real economy. If you will not learn this lesson, the system must break down and this will, of course, make it necessary to create a new monetary system.

Now, I have said before, that the world has already created this huge mountain of debt that many nations either cannot pay back or they can only pay it back by enslaving their populations and where does the money go? Do they go to the nation? No, they go to this financial elite and the financial artificially-created economy.

There needs to come a recognition here, that at some point, we need to simply cancel out all debt, reset the economy and create an economy that is not based on creating money as debt, but where the government takes upon itself the responsibility to create what some economists have called sovereign money or sovereign currency, where the government creates the money instead of allowing banks to create the money in terms of loans and where the government then creates that money and gives it directly to the real economy, or at least gives it as loans. This, when it is done right with a computer technology and the knowledge you have today, will not lead to hyperinflation. In fact, it is the debt-based economy that leads to inflation, because inflation is a consequence of the interest that is paid on every dollar that the banks create out of nothing.

The unfortunate aspect of this current situation is that the fallen beings have a convenient excuse, they can say: “It was the COVID-19 pandemic that caused this economic crisis because government shut down normal economic activity. It was not our system that failed.” But I can assure you, my beloved, that had this situation not arisen, the economy would still have failed. The financial system would still have precipitated another crisis and you would have essentially the same dynamic.

Again, you can make the calls for this, if you want, that people and governments will wake up, and they will find a better, more efficient way to stimulate the economy and to create a money system that is not based on debt and that does not allow a small financial elite to be parasites that siphon off the real wealth created through the labor and the ingenuity of the people.



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About the US government’s response to the COVID – 19 pandemic

Question: What are some of the highest lessons that the American people can learn from reflecting on how the US government and Trump in particular has responded to the COVID – 19 pandemic?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, it’s sort of a question that is, in a way, not constructive to answer because the general public in America will of course not listen to the answer, will not read the answer. But naturally, the people of America need to look at their government’s response and they need to evaluate it from a neutral objective, perspective.

There are already nations in Europe, where the people or even the members of parliament have called for the creation of an independent, neutral commission to evaluate the government’s response to the COVID-19 situation in that nation. Something similar could and ideally should be demanded in the United States.

Naturally, any democratic government should submit to such a process because a truly democratic government is based on the mindset that we want to evaluate what we are doing, not to find fault, but to see what we could have done better, so we could improve for any future situation. Any president who is in the constructive mindset would have no problem subjecting himself and his administration to such an independent evaluation.

The step that I would recommend is that you, as spiritual people, can make the calls for this that people will be cut free, so that Americans can say: “Look, this is what they are doing in Europe, we need to do the same thing here and have an independent commission.” As this then gains momentum, you can see what the response will be from Trump, from the administration, whether they will submit to this, whether they will seek to avoid it and what kind of reasons they will seek to use to avoid it.

Based on this, you can evaluate what their attitude is, not only to the current situation, but to the people in general, and to the way they conduct the office, for which they were elected. Of course, the general concern from all people in any nation should be: “Have our government responded to this situation with our best interests at heart? Have they taken this seriously? Have they done what they could to protect us or have they been lacking? Have they not fulfilled the responsibility to take measures to protect the spread of this disease through a large part of the population?”

And again, I will allow the American people to make that evaluation because I really have no desire here, other than for the people to become more aware of what kind of administration, what kind of president they currently have, and what is his mindset and his attitude towards the office he is holding, and how he is personally executing that office.


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The coronavirus pandemic and conspiracy theories

Question: Which spiritual and practical tools should be used in order to avoid mass vaccination and to prevent a chip implantation in humans via vaccine as a result of the current pandemic? What would be the tools suitable for the Ascended Master students and recommendations for the general public?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

You already have been given tools to make calls on the corona virus and the COVID-19 situation. My beloved, we are not promoting, and we are not spreading conspiracy theories. It is clear that this is a serious situation that many governments around the world have recognized. They have recognized they needed to do something about it. They have taken whatever steps are available to them. It is clear that, as part of this process, there will be research into various forms of medication that can stop the COVID-19 disease or at least prevent it from becoming lethal. And it is clear that there will be efforts to develop a vaccine just as there is a vaccine for the common flu.

The idea that democratic governments would use such a situation to implant chips forcefully or without people knowing it through the vaccine is simply not a realistic idea. It is a conspiracy theory that has no reality to it. We are not saying that there are not certain fallen beings who would like to see this. But we are saying that there is no democratic government that would in any way do this.

In terms of a vaccine, it’s clear that when a vaccine is developed, you need to evaluate individually, whether you will allow yourself to be vaccinated. And you need to evaluate: “Has the vaccine been thoroughly tested and have the side effects been adequately evaluated?” Now in most democratic nations, you should have a choice of whether you will be vaccinated or not. So, you should be able to say “no” if that is what you feel based on your own inner guidance.

I am not making a general recommendation here to have the vaccine or not have the vaccine. That is what you need to decide individually because that is your responsibility to use your Christ discernment. But, as we have said before, if you are trapped in a fear-based state of mind, you cannot have Christ discernment, you cannot have accurate intuition. And my beloved, you cannot feed your mind with all these conspiracy theories, day in and day out without being in a fear-based state of mind. And therefore, you will not have accurate intuition.


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How to protect yourself from coronavirus

Question: What is the advice of the masters to prevent infection from the COVID-19 disease, the coronavirus?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, you need to follow the advice that the authorities in most countries have given: avoid large crowds, avoid contact with people as is practical given your situation. In some cases where you cannot avoid close contact, wear a mask, and other places keep a social distance, wash your hands whenever you can. And this is sufficient in the short run to follow these directions.

There is a tendency for any dramatic event to give rise to many conspiracy theories that can be floating around, but I can assure you that in the vast majority of countries, the authorities are acting from a constructive state of mind, doing what they believe, based on their experience and knowledge, is the best for the people.

So if you live in a specific country, you are part of that collective consciousness, and therefore I advise you to simply follow the advice that is given there. Now there can be a few exceptions to this, where you may feel that your authorities did not react quickly enough, did not take it seriously enough in the beginning, and of course, in that case, it is prudent to take stricter measures than what is recommended.


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Spiritual perspective on the COVID-19 disease

Question: I wonder if the people who get the corona virus attract it through their lifestyle and way of thinking, or are there more reasons? Was it time for these people to leave the earth? I think I had a mild form of corona, did not stay in bed, but had some mild complaints. I ask to tell me what it was in my system that attracted the virus and what I can learn from it. I got better without being aware of a block or something similar. Is the cause physical then?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, as we have said, there is always a connection between your state of consciousness and what happens to you in the physical. However, you must be careful how you interpret this. You have to realize that there are certain events that happen, and once they cross into the physical octave, there are certain different rules that apply. In other words, of course, you can say that the higher your level of consciousness, the less likely you are to attract a contagious disease.

However, this does not mean that you can then reason that all of the people who got the disease must have been at a lower level of consciousness. Because once the disease is in the physical, the virus is in the physical, is spreading between humans, then there can be people who are in a specific physical situation where they cannot avoid being exposed to the virus.

As an obvious example, there are certainly doctors and nurses who are at not necessarily the highest level of consciousness but a higher level of consciousness than the average population. And precisely because they are at a higher level of consciousness, they are willing to serve others, and that is why they were attracted to the position as doctors and nurses. And, of course, once they are in an environment where there is a heavy contamination of the virus, then even though they can take precautions, they can still get the disease, and the same holds true for other people who are in certain positions.

So you can, of course, say that many of the people who died from the coronavirus, it was their time to move. You will see that in most cases, in fact, the majority of cases, people did not die from the COVID-19 disease. They died with it, as they say in at least some countries. In other words, they already had certain preexisting conditions, such as respiratory problems, and the COVID-19 disease reinforced that and therefore caused their death. But many of these people would have died anyway, not necessarily at the same time, but within a relatively short period of time.

You also need to recognize that what you call the normal flu can fluctuate greatly from season to season. And there can be some flu seasons where, at least in some countries, more people have died from what you call the normal flu than from COVID-19 and the coronavirus. But because of the entire attention around the COVID-19 it seems as if this is much worse than a normal flu season. Now in some countries, of course, it has been much worse, but in other countries it really has not. What you realize here again is that many of the people who died from or with having COVID-19 disease, they would have passed on anyway sometime during this year.

There are, of course, exceptions. There are people who got the COVID-19 disease and who otherwise would have lived for some time longer. But this is, again, what happens once certain things are in the physical. Not all people who have a higher spiritual consciousness can avoid being involved with these situations. This also goes for natural disasters or wars, where some people have lived a certain place in order to hold a spiritual balance that had the potential to turn back a certain dramatic event. But then, still because of the reaction from other people, the event could not be turned back. But the people could not get out of the way fast enough, and thus they were caught up in the situation.

So, again, you can reason that in general the higher your level of consciousness, the less likely you are to attract a disease like this, but do not, if you do attract the disease anyway, condemn yourself and feel that you must have somehow sinned or done something wrong to deserve this. You are in the physical octave on a dense matter planet, and sometimes certain unfortunate things simply happen.


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The unresolved psychology behind the coronavirus outbreak

Question: Could Elohim Cyclopea or any masters comment on the unresolved psychology behind the corona virus outbreak? And would Cyclopea or any masters share with us teachings that can help us transcend this psychology? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

You will know, my beloved that a virus is not really a life form, at least not what you normally call a life form the virus is a parasite that is dependent, for its own survival, on the host cell that it invades.

Now, you can see based on this, that a virus is not a natural occurrence, in the sense that it is not the result of the normal evolutionary process. Because the normal evolutionary process, even on a planet like earth, that has such a density of matter, brings forth life forms that can survive and reproduce on their own. And therefore, they can grow, they can transcend themselves, evolve into other life forms and there is a progression in the evolutionary process. But you see certain life forms, viruses, parasites, toxic animals and so forth, that cannot exist on their own. And when you see these kinds of life forms, you know, that they are not the result of a natural, undisturbed evolutionary process, but they are a result of an influence by fallen beings and the fallen consciousness.

We have in previous dispensations talked about viruses and how they were genetically created or modified in laboratories in past civilizations by the fallen beings. But really, I do not wish to particularly go into this here. What I wish to say is that a virus is the manifestation, the outpicturing in the physical of the fallen consciousness. Fallen consciousness, fallen beings are a kind of virus, a kind of parasite because they cannot exist on their own. They can no longer receive energy from the spiritual realm, from their I AM Presences or the ascended masters and therefore they must invade the minds of other people and force these people who are receiving energy from the spiritual realm to misqualify it with a lower vibration so the fallen beings can survive.

This is really the mindset behind a virus, the refusal to self-transcend, the refusal to change, to come up higher, to evolve, to grow. And of course, there is a connection between the consciousness, the collective consciousness, and the particular places where a virus can make the jump into the physical or make the jump from animals to humans.

It is not a coincidence that this happened in China because China is one of the nations in the world today that is stuck in a state of consciousness where they do not want to, or they are not able to transcend themselves. There are many aspects of this consciousness including how they treat animals, how they treat animals in these animal markets, but also how they treat people. But the most glaring problem in China today is, of course, the refusal to transcend Communism and communist ideology.

You have a nation that is as capitalist, if not more capitalist than the United States, that has a growing number of millionaires and billionaires. And still there is this insistence on maintaining the appearance that we have a communist system and a communist party that runs the country. Who are they kidding? To use a popular expression. Well, only themselves, are they not? This, of course, goes back thousands of years in China, and even in the greater Asian area, where there is this tendency to create an appearance. And with all means available, they want to maintain that appearance. They want to save face.

Of course, you find it in other parts of the world. I’m not saying that there couldn’t be a virus outbreak in other parts of the world. But nevertheless, you see it very much in China. And that is the reason for this particular outbreak. It is a manifestation of this consciousness, this unwillingness to transcend itself, transcend yourself. And really, it is also a manifestation of the people’s unwillingness to stand up to the fallen beings because who are the ones who are maintaining the appearance that the communist party is in control of China? It is the fallen beings because they are the ones who created not only Communism and Marxism, but also certainly the communist party in China and the entire power apparatus.

When the people will not stand up to the fallen beings, there needs to be something that shakes that mindset, that challenges the mindset in a way that is more difficult to deny. You have a physical manifestation that is difficult to deny. I know very well that China was denying it for quite a while. And that they could have minimized the impact of this virus, if they have been more open and forthright with the W.H.O and the rest of the world. But this is again, this fanatical emphasis on maintaining the appearance and saving face for the communist party. They think they are in control, but are they in control of this virus? No. This has already had an impact on the collective consciousness in China. It will have more of an impact in the future. It, of course, has had a certain impact also in Western nations because, of course, there are also Western nations where the people have an unwillingness to transcend themselves.

You can go through the many different nations and you can find at least a reasonable correspondence between the number of people infected and the number of people who died from COVID-19 and the unwillingness in the collective consciousness to transcend something in that nation. You may see in Italy for example, this very fact that the Catholic church was started in Italy, still has its headquarters there but has the Italian nation really challenged the Catholic church? The same in Spain? In Britain, you see how, again, the people leaving the EU because they want to do their own thing, but they are not challenging the power elite that rules Britain behind the scenes, again an unwillingness to transcend.

You see in America, where we have said before that the power elite in America are becoming richer and richer, the middle class are becoming poorer, the poor people are becoming destitute. But Americans are unwilling to change this. They aren’t willing to demand that their government, their president, take steps to change this, even though that is what he, to some degree, promised to do when he was elected by a so-called populist movement. But where is populism today in challenging the rule of the iron grip that the power elite has on the American economy and financial system? You can certainly look at the world and find some correspondence there. Not that you necessarily need to over-interpret this, but it is there.

Now in terms of spiritual tools that can be used for this, well you can certainly use the tools we have given for raising your consciousness, you can call for your protection, for being cut free. And you can work with yourself and your willingness to transcend yourself. But you have to recognize here that there is a limit to what spiritual people can do in terms of calling for the mitigation of this COVID-19 disease and the virus outbreak. Because it is simply one of these lessons that humanity needed to learn, because they have not been willing to learn it from a higher spiritual direction, so they must learn it in the school of hard knocks. And of course, you could say that in recent times, it is certainly one of the events that has gained people’s attention, even more than the 2008 financial crisis and in certain ways, even more than 9/11. Because you see the restrictions that have been imposed, you see how governments have reacted.

And thereby you see that, if nothing else, this crisis at least got people’s attention. And they were shaken out of this idea that: “Oh, it will probably blow over. We don’t have to do much about it”. They were awakened to the fact that there is something they have to do or they will experience a true catastrophe. So again, even this awakening can lead the way for more of an awareness of the need to transcend the old mindset and move forward in various ways.


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Why the masters did not comment on the COVID-19 pandemic situation

Question: Can the masters briefly comment on what they want us to know about the coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, my beloved, the messenger has not been on vacation or in a coma for the past three months. That means that he has been willing and able to take a dictation anytime we wanted to give a dictation. So by the fact that the messenger has not taken a dictation, you can reason that we have not really had anything we wanted to say generally about the situation. So then, of course, your logical question will be: “Well, why not? Why haven’t you wanted to comment on this?”

And there is a multiplicity of reasons for it, but one of them is that when we saw this situation developing, and it had, of course, already started before the New Year’s, where Gautama Buddha gave his dictation, we realized that this could not be turned back. No matter what we had said to our students and told you to decree on this, it could not have been turned back. We have talked before about contagious diseases being a possibility that is lying there latent all the time, so it really is just a matter of when that happens. I know we have said that as the collective consciousness is raised, it is less likely to happen, but it still can happen.

Another reason we did not comment on this is that we are in a phase here where we are primarily focused on giving you teachings that will help the planet move into the Golden Age of Saint Germain. We are therefore looking at a more long-term perspective. And, quite frankly, I know that the situation now can seem very serious and, of course, it is serious for those who have either been ill or who have family members who have been ill or who have died from the disease. I know it is serious for those who have lost their jobs or are facing an uncertain future.

But nevertheless, when you look at this in the long run, in a longer perspective, such as the next decade, it will not be such a serious event. It will be somewhat similar to the financial crisis of 2008, which was very serious at the time but now, just those few years later, does not seem quite as serious in most people’s awareness. In other words, it is something that will be serious in the short run, but that people relatively quickly will move beyond, and many will even forget about it. Now it is not that we are not willing to comment on the situation further, but then I am asking you to ask more specific questions, which we will then comment on.


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Effects of nuclear explosion on human soul

Question: When there has been nuclear war experienced, like at Hiroshima, with the souls who have experienced death through that nuclear bomb. I have heard that the energy from such a bomb is so destructive that it can destroy even the energy field of the soul, so is that correct? What happens when somebody experiences that? 

Answer by Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, it is clear that a nuclear explosion is very intense, but it is primarily intense at the physical level. The actual explosion releases physical energy, it is a physical bomb, it is a physical explosion. So the effect at the emotional mental and identity level is not produced by the bomb, it is produced by people’s reaction to it. So, of course, when so many people die such a violent death at the same time, there is a strong energy released by them in the emotional, mental and identity realms. This can cause damage to the souls, especially those who are a little weaker when the event happens.

But nevertheless souls can survive this, and they can overcome it without too much difficulty. It would of course help if they had a certain spiritual teaching about how to heal their auras, but nevertheless, there are souls who went through Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and are still relatively whole today, one or two embodiments later. So it is not really such a huge disaster, it is certainly not something that people cannot overcome. This is not to say, of course, that I in any way minimize the seriousness of nuclear weapons. But it is also not necessary to blow it up to being so disastrous that it destroys everything.


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Spiritual perspective on the immigrants issue in the Great Britain

Question: Many people say that the great cities of Western Europe, especially London and Paris, have become rude and are now only shadows of their former greatness due to the influx of third world immigrants who bring nothing of value to their new home. They make use of the system and are prioritized for housing and services, which should greatly be used for the indigenous population who are in need of them. They do not integrate or learn the language or try to adapt to life in the West. There is a saying that “If you bring the third world, you get the third world.” What is the ascended master’ perspective on this?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, what is the former greatness of these cities? Because if you look at it historically, you would have to go back to before the colonial age, and were these cities really that great at that time? You see that why is London invaded by people from third world countries? Well, is it third world countries or is it the former colonies of the British Empire? Who brought this influx of immigrants? Well, the British Empire brought it upon itself by going into these nations and subverting them as colonies. What you do unto others, you will experience yourself.

What was the subconscious message that the British Empire was sending into the cosmic mirror? Well, it was that “we want to deal with people from these other nations. We are willing to go in and use violence to suppress them in their own countries.” And this is what is now being returned to you on your own doorstep where you now have to deal with these people and decide, will you try to deal with them with the same state of consciousness you had when you were colonial power? Or will you transcend that state of consciousness and find a higher level of humanity, of dealing with them in that way?

You see that what is going on in Britain right now with Brexit is this very negative attitude towards immigrants from other countries. And, quite frankly, this has the danger of putting England, putting Great Britain into a downward spiral. And the only way that the British people can pull themselves out of that downward spiral is to rise to a higher level of humanity and develop a more humanitarian attitude towards people from other countries. Same goes for France and other colonial powers. You can see how Holland has made more progress in that respect than England has, clearly.

Truly, it can be said in a very simple way. And I am not denying or ignoring that there are problems with these people coming from other countries. I am not saying that they should not try to integrate. But when it comes to the British people, it is really very, very simple. Will we project that the problem is outside ourselves or will we take responsibility for our role in creating this issue? Will we then deal with it from that level of responsibility, instead of trying to deal with it from a level of denial, where we say: “Oh, could we only get rid of these people, then we will solve the problem!”  Can you not see that that particular attitude: “If only we got rid of that group of people, we would solve the problem?” Can you not see that that is exactly the same attitude that Adolf Hitler encouraged in the German people in the 1930s?

You all know what that led to, I am not saying it is going to lead to a second Holocaust, but it could really lead to something that is far more violent and far less attractive than what you see in England today. The potential is there. If you are concerned about this then make the calls that the British people will step up, accept more responsibility and find a higher level of humanity in their dealing with this issue.


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Is there a conspiracy behind the influx of immigrants to Europe?

Question:  Is there a policy of the elite implemented by the different governments of Europe that wants to flood the different countries of Europe with foreign nationals, refugees and asylum seekers, to the extent that it will water down or break down the original cultures of those countries, or by making them weaker and more easy to be taken over and governed in a one-world government system?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

No, there is not such a policy. We have before commented on why there is this influx of immigrants to Europe. And the essence of it is that the European nations have not used their affluence to help less developed nations. And therefore, instead of the European nations doing what they could to help the African people in their own nations, the African people are now going to Europe to get better conditions. There is not such a conspiracy that is aimed at doing this. There is no advantage actually to weakening the nations to make them taken over by a one-world government.

Who would make up that worldwide one-world government unless it would be the richer, more developed, more powerful nations? So there is a certain attempt by certain power elite groups to condition the United States and the more powerful nations to form a one-world government with the overlay that this is all benign, and this is all necessary and so on. This, however, is a delicate topic, because when you take the teachings we have given, you see that we have talked about the fact that there will come a point where nation states will have outdated their usefulness, will become obsolete.

And what will that mean? That will mean that you have to find some other form of government, that is broader. Saint Germain has talked about various regions, but there will come a point where it will be obvious that there needs to be some kind of organization that can facilitate worldwide cooperation. This does not necessarily have to be a dictatorial government, but there will need to be some form of international cooperation. And that of course, means that if you look at it from a neutral perspective, the earth is moving towards more cooperation on a worldwide basis and that will lead to some form of worldwide government.

The problem is of course, that with any endeavor that is necessary and beneficial, the fallen beings will try to pervert it and use it for their ends of attaining power and control. You see here you cannot take a black and white standpoint and say that a one-world government can only be bad and can only be an element or a tool for control. You need to make the calls that the fallen beings- if you are concerned about this issue, you need to make the calls that the fallen beings- are not allowed to pervert the movement towards greater and greater international cooperation. It is clear that as we move into the golden age, Saint Germain envisions that many nations will go together and form a kind of coalition, where they will say: “We will combine our resources to go into, for example, Africa and bring up these nations to a higher level. And we will, if necessary, use military force to guarantee the peace, so that we can avoid the tribal warfare or other kind of warfare between rivaling groups around the world.” And this is a necessary step, but of course, it can be perverted by the fallen beings. What you need to do as spiritual people, is hold the vision and make the calls that it will not be perverted, but that it will reach a higher potential.


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Opposition and chaos on the spiritual path

Question: I have great difficulty understanding what has been happening in my life during the past seven years. It is as though an earthquake has been happening and there is constant disruption and chaos. Through a series of extraordinary events, I have lost control of my own life and find that nothing I do makes any difference to the situation. Can the masters shed any light on why this is happening? And why it is so surreal. Can it be that matter is resisting the flow of Spirit through my own being and that is what is causing this upheaval? 

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, given that the question gives few specifics, I will not give a specific answer, I will give a more general answer. When you dedicate yourself to the spiritual path, there will be some opposition. There will be an internal opposition from your own separate selves. There will be an external opposition from dark forces that might be able to influence you directly or might be able to influence people around you. Many, many spiritual people have experienced that when they become aware of the spiritual path and make a more firm determination to step onto that path, they encounter various forms of opposition  perhaps from family members, perhaps from spouses, perhaps from people around them, perhaps at work, and it can create a seemingly chaotic situation, at least for a time.

However, it should also be the normal flow of events that as you grow on the spiritual path, as you use the tools, as you call for protection, as you work on your separate selves, the chaos or the upheaval becomes less and you find a new form of equilibrium in a more balanced state. If this does not happen, then I recommend that you make a more serious effort to work on your personal psychology, perhaps even seeking professional help and certainly using the tools to overcome the different selves. But also considering that in the more extreme situation, you might need the help of professionals who can give you a different perspective from the outside that you cannot get from the inside.


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Hong Kong’s role in the future of China

Question: My friend in Hong Kong is concerned about the recent riots in Hong Kong. What is the Chinese government doing behind the scenes to subvert democracy in Hong Kong? What calls can she make, and what invocations can help to keep democracy alive in Hong Kong and to accelerate changes in China? Does Hong Kong have the potential to create a shift in China? What is the highest potential outcome and what is the lowest potential outcome based on people’s current state of consciousness? Thanks.

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, to first address the question of what is the Chinese government doing behind the scenes to suppress democracy in Hong Kong? The answer is anything they can think of. Whatever means they think they have at their disposal, they are using them. They are of course very aware that the world’s attention is on Hong Kong, so they are trying to do this in a hidden way.

One of the more obvious things they are doing is that, as has happened many places around the world, that the government that feels threatened by demonstrations will send in people who are meant to create violence–to create a riot–because once what is perceived to be the demonstrators resort to violence, then the government feels justified in using violence to suppress the demonstration.

One of the most important things that can be done by people who are part of this is to remain nonviolent, even if there are certain elements that create violence, then people need to not be swept up in this and not partake in it. Are there invocations and decrees you can give? Yes, there are many. Any that mentions democracy, freedom. You can also call to Archangel Michael and Astrea. You can create an invocation, take Astrea’s invocation that has already been adapted to specific countries, and you can adapt it specifically for Hong Kong and for China.

It is clear that Hong Kong has a very important role to play in the future of China, and certainly in the future of making China a more free and democratic nation. When Hong Kong was created as a British colony those many years ago, or at least as an international trading colony those many years ago, it was one of the first serious openings that mainland China had allowed in the wall they had built between themselves and the rest of the world. It is clear that in communist China as it is today, Hong Kong–where people have been used to a more democratic form of government–they can be the opening that can bring more democratic reforms to mainland China. This is what the Chinese government is fully aware of, and that is why they are trying to stop it so that it will not spread.

You can of course, if you are concerned about this, make the calls for this. Make the calls that they will not be able to stop it, and that it will not deteriorate into the lowest possible outcome, which could be that the Chinese government would move in with force and violence to suppress the demonstrations, which could lead to certain violent groups springing up that might create almost a state of civil war. This would probably not be able to go very far because the Chinese government, once they cross that threshold of using violence would be very brutal and decisive in trying to shut it down. This would be an undesirable outcome, even though it could also have the effect of exposing the Chinese government and their willingness to suppress their own people.

But the higher outcome would be that the Chinese government would come to a point–and here you could, for example, use the invocation given in Korea for changing the mind of a dictator–that there would be a change in the Chinese leadership where they would realize that they cannot suppress these democratic reforms or the demand for democratic reforms in Hong Kong, because it would be too damaging to China’s standing in the world. Therefore, that would be too damaging to China’s trade with the world and therefore Chinese income.

There could then be brought about a shift where the Chinese government could realize that we have already crossed that threshold where we cannot in any way turn times back to the communist era. We cannot turn back to that, and therefore the only way to go forward is to allow more and more reforms even in mainland China.

It is clear if you look at it from a completely neutral perspective, that China is in an unstoppable movement towards more freedom and democracy. It simply would not be possible for the Chinese government to completely stop reforms, both democratic and economic, because it would cause the collapse of the Chinese economy, simply because Western nations would be forced to stop trading with China in order to maintain their own democratic principles.

These are also things you can make the calls for that the highest possible outcome would be a change in the mindset of the Chinese leadership, where they instead of trying to stop reforms now go in and say: “ How can we work with the people there and allow some democratic reforms without having it create such a dramatic effect in mainland China, that it goes too fast forth?” In other words, there could be a compromised situation, where the Chinese leadership would allow some reforms, even spreading to mainland China, but it would be kept at a pace where they could still feel they had some control, and therefore they would not need to resort to violence. This would bring a more gradual change in China, which is the highest outcome- a gradual change towards democracy and freedom.

I know very well that there are many people in China and Hong Kong or in the West or outside of China, who would like to see this dramatic shift. But it is not actually the optimal outcome for such a large nation where there is such a difference between the state of consciousness, the educational level, and the physical, material standard of living between various groups of people. It is more realistic and more beneficial to have a more gradual change that might take several decades, but still would bring about the same result.


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Being the mouthpiece of the Divine Mother

Question: What does it mean to be the mouthpiece of the Divine Mother? Is this similar to a mantle? Are there many mantles associated with being the Christ on earth?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, being the mouthpiece of the Divine Mother is not different from walking the path to Christhood, being able to connect to your I AM Presence or any ascended master and therefore give forth teachings from that level as you are inspired to do intuitively. You can of course also have a certain messenger who could have been trained to speak more from the masters who represent the Divine Mother for earth.

In terms of mantles, well, we have not given such extensive teachings on mantles in this dispensation because we do not really want you to focus that much on it. There was a tendency in previous dispensations that students became so focused on this mantle, and having a mantle, and thinking that when you had a mantle it basically meant that either you must have been infallible in order to receive the mantle, or after you received it you have practically become infallible. This is not really a view that we encourage because a mantle is a certain energetic protection that we placed on certain people to help them carry out a certain mission. You need to have a mantle as messenger because it helps you carry out that mission, but it does not mean that you are now a perfect human being or that you were before. It does not mean that you are not still walking the path to Christhood, that you have to overcome your separate selves and rise towards the 144th level of consciousness.


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What aspect of human consciousness does “doubting Thomas” represent?

Question: I saw on the ascended masters website that some of the disciples were fallen beings. Was the disciple Thomas a fallen being? Why is he called “doubting Thomas?” Is this a quality he had that needed to be transcended? Is he ascended or is he still working on his ascension?  

Answer by Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, I would like to answer this in a not linear way because the reality is that whether this disciple was a fallen angel or not, is not very important for you today. Some were fallen beings because they were given an opportunity to be close to me, as a person with Christhood, so that they might be able to reform themselves. Now naturally, these were not the fallen beings that were in the category of Satan and Lucifer, Hitler, Stalin, Mao. They were fallen beings who had started overcoming the fallen consciousness and therefore had the potential to overcome it.

What you need to recognize is that some of these disciples, they more represent a certain aspect of human consciousness. Peter represented a certain aspect of the human consciousness where you can recognize there is something special about the Christ, but you are not willing to leave behind your mental box, so you want to pull Christ into the mental box and validate it. Thomas represented that aspect of the human consciousness that wants to doubt everything, that wants to see a physical undeniable proof of everything. It is more constructive for you on the spiritual path to look at the disciples from that perspective. But just to humor you, Thomas has moved on and made his ascension.



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Were Churchill and Roosevelt fallen beings?

Question: In the My Lives book, it states that three fallen beings met at the Yalta Conference in 1945: Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt. While I can believe that Stalin was unquestionably a fallen being, I never believed that the other two were. Can the ascended masters please clarify?

Answer by Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Exposing a fallen being is not a matter of belief. What is implied in the question is that you have a certain view of Churchill and Roosevelt, that you have been conditioned to have by what you have learned about them through normal history. It implies that you are taking a certain human evaluation, a certain human overlay that has been created, and you are using this to say: “Well, these could not be fallen beings.”

I understand it in the sense that clearly Stalin was in a different category of fallen beings than Churchill and Roosevelt. Churchill and Roosevelt did not systematically kill all who opposed them in order to get power, but fallen beings can act in many different ways. There are some fallen beings that use violence. There are other fallen beings that never use violence, but they use deception. There are fallen beings that are very, very subtle at disguising themselves as being seemingly benevolent people, having good intentions, having accomplished something worthwhile for humanity.

This is where you need to go beyond belief, beyond human images, and use Christ discernment. Christ discernment, when you reach a certain level of discernment, you are looking beyond the outer images, the official story, even the human evaluation, and you are reading vibration. When you do this and read the vibration of Churchill and Roosevelt, you can see that one of the characteristics they had was they had a very fixed world view of how things should be, they were very convinced that that view was right, and they also had a certain willingness to compromise in order to further that worldview.

But again, it is not really that you could analyze the lives of Churchill and Roosevelt and see obvious signs that they were fallen beings. It is something you need to read at the level of vibration, and at the level of looking at that lifestream and where it came from.

Now, you also need to recognize that any teaching we give about fallen beings can be misinterpreted, and the fallen beings will attempt to misinterpret it. What we have attempted to do with the My Lives book is to give a very direct view of fallen beings as being very violent, very destructive. This is because this is how most people can most easily come to recognize that there are certain beings in embodiment who have no empathy, who have no humanity, no concern for the suffering of others.

But this does not thereby say that the view of fallen beings given in the My Lives book is complete, because there are many fallen beings who are much more subtle. You might say, in a certain way, they are not as destructive as what we describe in the My Lives book. You can see that Stalin was in a category of fallen beings that are very destructive.

Roosevelt and Churchill were in the category of fallen beings that are much more subtle and therefore, it is more difficult to recognize them. There are fallen beings who have been historical figures that most everybody look up to as being benevolent people who have done something important for humanity. There are some of these fallen beings that you can debate how destructive they are, how destructive their influence has been.

There are some fallen beings that have actually, as we even described with Maleve in the My Lives book, that have made some progress towards overcoming the fallen state of consciousness. Therefore, you cannot necessarily say that they are as destructive as Lucifer and Satan are portrayed in the book. There are some of them, that you could say they are close to overcoming the fallen state of consciousness, but they still have elements of that fallen state of consciousness that can cause them to make certain decisions, especially when they are in a position of power, that are not constructive.

You will see many times in world history, that there has been this category of these fallen beings who are not clearly destructive, for that matter do not necessarily have an evil intention, but they still have a certain mindset, where they are very fixated on seeing things a certain way. They are very, very convinced that they are right. So even though they are absolutely convinced that they are doing the right thing and doing what is best for humanity, it actually is not what is the optimal choice in the situation, and if somebody had been there with the Christ perspective, they would have acted differently.

What I specifically can mention in terms of the Yalta Conference was that Stalin used that conference to set up the later takeover by Russia, of the nations in Eastern Europe and the Baltics, and Roosevelt and Churchill more or less accepted this. You can debate how clearly they voiced that acceptance to Stalin, or whether he just interpreted it that way, but nevertheless they allowed the communist takeover of the Baltics and Eastern Europe.

This was not the only way it could have been done. There could have been people who would have taken a more firm stand and clearly demonstrated to Stalin that this was not acceptable and that they would not divide Europe into two halves. That means that you could have then avoided the communist takeover of Eastern Europe and the Baltics, which would have been the higher solution, clearly. There could still have been a cold war between the Soviet Union or Russia and the West, but at least the Iron Curtain would have been east of the Baltics and the Eastern European states and I think that if you could ask them, most people in those nations would have preferred that solution.


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About spreading of Christianity around the world in the past

Question: Christianity was brought to Japan by Francis Xavier in 1549, a Jesuit missionary who was banned by feudal lords. A friend of mine recently asked me to watch the film Silence about two 17th century Portuguese missionaries who embark on a journey to Japan finding their missing mentor, Father Francisco. I watched the movie and it raised many questions in my mind about spreading the Christian faith. The two men minister to the Christian villagers who worshiped in secret. If caught by feudal lords or ruling samurai they must renounce their faith or face a prolonged and agonizing death. At least 5500 Christians are believed to have been killed for their faith in Japan. Some were burned to death, others were beheaded or drowned. Many Christians will quote the statement from Mark 16 “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned” and Matthew 24 “But the one who endures to the end will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations and then the end will come”. Christians throughout history have used these and many other statements in the Bible as a justification for spreading Christianity. Would Jesus, please respond to the question about if he ever sponsored the spreading of Christianity around the world in the manner of the Jesuit missionaries? If not, then did those who converted like the people in Japan during the 17th century and later die so unnecessarily? 

Answer by Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, based on all the teachings I have given on Christianity and the Catholic church, even my dictation today, it should be obvious that I did not sponsor this, neither the Jesuits nor any other Christian missionaries. This is a total misinterpretation that has been created after the formation of the Catholic church where the fallen beings defined a false christianity that was an outer teaching, an outer church and an outer savior and outer salvation.

It was not the gospel that I gave, the teaching that I gave, which was about the inner path. All of this they have interpreted, that what you need to do is to preach the official gospel of the Christian church and convert people to come into, and become members of, a particular Christian church, and that is how they are saved. This is of course false based on what I have given in many, many teachings.

Now in terms of the effect this has on people, well, this is where it becomes more of an individual matter. I have talked about earlier of the need to be willing to let the separate selves die in order to follow Christ. If you look at some of the early Christian martyrs in Rome who were martyred for their faith, this could–depending on people’s attitude and how they looked at it and how they did it–have an effect on them of helping them rise to a certain level of the spiritual path because they demonstrated that principles, or their faith, their belief, was more important to them than even their physical life. In other words, they demonstrate thereby that spiritual growth, walking the path to Christhood as they could see it, was more important than physical possessions, physical pleasures and even the physical life.

Even in a situation like Japan, which of course was after the formation of the Catholic Church, where people were preaching a certain outer form of Christianity, it could still have a beneficial effect on some people because it reinforced this inner knowing in them that the spiritual aspect of life and spiritual growth, is more important than the material aspect of life.

This of course, is not to say that I recommend this as a method for spiritual growth. It is not necessary to grow spiritually that way, but it can for some people have a positive effect. It is of course, not the path to Christhood. It is not necessary that you are physically persecuted, or tortured and killed, in order to manifest Christhood. This is a misinterpretation among some Christian sects, again created by the fallen beings who always seek to take things to the extreme. That is why you also see the self-flagellation and other forms of self-torture where people think that inflicting pain upon yourself enhances your spiritual growth. This is again, a misunderstanding.

Although, again, there can be a few people on an individual basis who can do this, and it helps them see that the physical body is not as important as spiritual growth, but this does not mean that I recommend this as a general thing. What I am saying here is there are some of these practices that people have created that are clearly unbalanced, that are clearly engineered by the fallen beings, but there are still some people who can use it to grow spiritually. The majority cannot, but a few people can.

You can look at some of the Christian, the Catholic saints that are venerated by the Catholic church today, and you can see that some of them were mystics. They still lived in a Christian context, a Christian monastery, but they were able to take even the distorted teachings of the Catholic church and use them to grow spiritually. This was because they had that momentum from past lives, so they could use any teaching to go beyond. The potential of these saints demonstrating that you could take the Catholic teaching and walk the mystical path was that other people could have been inspired to walk that mystical path, but this of course, was beaten down and discouraged by the official churches, who saw it as a threat.


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How are the holes in the aura created?

Question: The ascended masters mentioned holes in the three higher bodies in the context of trauma. How are the holes created?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, if you look at your aura, your energy field, you can consider it a little bit like the physical body, just not as dense. So, you know in the physical body, if somebody shoots a bullet at you, it will create a hole in your body. If they shoot a large projectile, it can create a large hole. So, what the fallen beings attempt to do, what the dark forces attempt to do is to direct some kind of energy impulse, for example, at the emotional level, a very strong emotional impulse at you, so that it literally blows a hole in your aura.

This however, they cannot do unless, as we have said, there is some kind of self in you, some kind of belief in you, that makes you vulnerable to it. Otherwise it would either bounce off your aura or pass right through it. But that is the basic way it is done, the fallen beings sense that you have a vulnerability, they exploit that to send some energy at you, that then creates an opening in your aura in your force-field.

What you can do if you would sense that you have this is of course make the calls for Archangel Michael’s protection, for Astrea to cut you free from any ties to the fallen beings, any hooks they have inserted in your aura. But you ultimately also need to work on that separate self that made you vulnerable to it in the first place. So that, again, the prince of this world has nothing in you whereby they can create that hole in your aura.


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Chanting and using affirmations in the healing process

Question: The chanting at this conference, when we chanted “love is unconditional”, and “I have a right to be on Earth” tears began to run from my eyes. I could not almost chant. Can chanting be a healing process for traumas? If so, how do I know which mantras to chant? 

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Yes, certainly chanting can be very healing. And some of these statements are deliberately designed to help you basically connect with the belief of a particular separate self. And the chant, the affirmation of the chant can counteract that belief. Most of you will have a self that feels that you do not have a right to be on earth. And so the affirmation “I have a right to be on earth” can counteract that belief. And it can help you release the self or release the feelings created through that self.

Well, how do you know which chants to use? Well, you could say the ones that move you obviously, but you cannot know that ahead of time so you simply have to experiment. You can also make up your own affirmations and chant those. You do not even have to make up affirmations that you can chant. This messenger has, over the many years he has been on the path, often felt that at certain times, a certain affirmation came to him intuitively, and then he would use that for a time, either give it aloud or even repeat it in his mind, until he felt that it had done what it needed to do.

Examples of what he has used is that “I accept myself fully for who I am”, or just “I accept myself”, “I accept God’s unconditional love for me”. But you can each have your own affirmations that are meaningful to you. And if you try to tune in intuitively you might have certain affirmations that come to you when you are dealing with certain selves or certain situations.


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How to share your story without violating the free will of other people involved with that story

Question: Mother Mary encouraged us to share our stories. If I do it with my full name, is it not violating the free will of people who are involved with my story, but they do not want to share their stories publicly? 

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Yes, that can be the case if you use their names, or if you describe the story in such a way that it is obvious who they are. On the other hand you can also recognize that you and a few other people might be able to identify these people based on your story, but the general public would not know – unless you are a public person in some way. So if you have sensitive issues like that, then you can of course withhold your name. I am not saying you have to do it with your full name.

But you also need to recognize here that there are ways to describe your story in a more universal way, where you give not necessarily so much detail about other people. But you describe more your own reactions, your own experience. You also need to be sensitive to the fact that we are not talking about you describing necessarily only your spiritual growth or the spiritual aspects of your lives. You can also describe practical aspects and what you have gone through so that other people who have gone through the same can identify more with you and with your story. And also describe how a spiritual outlook on life has helped you deal with practical situations. For example, having children, raising children, your career, your job, dealing with your psychology, many, many aspects of life where you have felt that it has made a difference that you have a spiritual outlook on life.


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The golden ratio

Question: What does the golden ratio represent? 

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well it represents a certain geometric ratio that you can find many places in nature, because it has been used by the Elohim and by the elementals to construct almost everything that you see in nature.

Therefore you could say that it represents a certain formula that can be used to create something that has a certain harmony, a certain beauty. For example, it can be used in buildings to create buildings that are more harmonious than otherwise.


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About physical cleansing and spiritual psychological healing

Question: In the My lives book they spent many years in the Venusian mystery school purifying their four lower bodies, including a cleansing diet and yoga exercises, and purifying the emotions and thoughts and beliefs and sense of identity. What are the needs for physical cleansing? And what are the most useful steps, books and invocation to purify the emotional, mental and identity bodies? How do I relate this to the Course to Self-Mastery and work to overcome separate selves?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, in terms of the steps you can take, you can simply use the Course to Self-Mastery and the Healing Your Spiritual Traumas and the other books in the series as a substitute for what is described that took place in the Venusian mystery school. It is simply that the book describes a situation that took place a long time ago, when the consciousness was denser, the collective consciousness was denser than it is today. So you can feel at peace with using the tools we are giving now.

In terms of the physical cleansing, it is an individual matter, and you need to simply study the topic if you feel it is important for you, and use whatever tools seem to resonate with you. I do not want to give a general recommendation because we have seen so many times that people think: “Oh, if the masters have said we should do this, then this will work for everybody”, but there is nothing that works for everybody. So you can do this on an individual basis. And you can perhaps help each other and make recommendations based on what has worked for you. But you really need to tune in individually, use your intuition to see what works best for you in terms of cleansing the physical body.

Now again, we have said here that we are not encouraging our students to isolate themselves from society because you can walk the path while you are still living an active life. This, however, does not mean that you could not in the Aquarian age, in the Golden Age of Saint Germain see the emergence of certain, we might call them mystery schools, where people could withdraw for a time and be more concentrated in focusing on both physical cleansing and healing and spiritual psychological healing and growth. So it is not to say that there will not be these kind of centers in the golden age and that people should not use them, but only for a time, not to live in them permanently for an entire lifetime.


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Is there a real danger of a nuclear war on earth?

Question: Is planet earth in real danger of a nuclear war? If the decision had been made by the fallen beings to initiate the bomb, begin the nuclear war process, would the ascended host interfere and prevent this from happening?

Answer by Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, given the law of free will, we would not interfere, because if it ever came to that point, it would be because there was something in the collective consciousness where people had not been willing to learn their lessons in any other way. And therefore, we would need to allow free will to outplay itself even to that extreme. This has happened on certain planets. However, I can tell you that planet earth is not in danger of going into that process.

As spiritual students you can recognize and accept that we have moved beyond the risk for a at least large scale nuclear war, but also there is a very little risk of a more localized use of nuclear weapons. This cannot be entirely ruled out in terms of an accident or a terrorist gaining access to nuclear weapons, but it is a low risk, and the risk of a large scale war is nonexistent at this point.


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About participation in the Mother Mary 500 Vigil

Question: Is it okay if I do the Mother Mary  500 Vigil not all at once and speak it all in a few days?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, yes, that is okay in the sense that you get it done. But on the other hand the value of the Mother Mary 500 Vigil is that people are doing it at the same time, or at least in the same time zones so that you are reinforcing each other. The other way to look at this would be to say if you can do some of it at the time when other people are doing it then do what you can do and then do  not force yourself that you have to do all the four hours.  It is not really necessary to again decide with the outer mind that “I have to do this” when it does not work in so well in your practical situation. Then it is better to be realistic and do what you can do. And then be satisfied with having done that.


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Positive feelings driven by entities

Question: Yesterday Mother Mary answered a question about feeling anger or strong negative feelings and to recognize that there is an entity or beast behind such strong emotions, so can this also be for the opposite with feelings of love or euphoria, where you feel you want more and do not ever want to leave that feeling? I believe this cannot be true love because there is an attachment to wanting more. How can I discern the difference between true love and this false love? It is not only a feeling for another person, but also my desire to be connected with my Presence and the Masters.

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Yes, it is very correct that it is not just negative feelings that are an expression of demons or lower entities. There are also entities, I will not necessarily call them demons because they are not as aggressive, but there are certainly entities associated with what most people call positive feelings including love, but it is as correctly stated in the question, it is a human form of love that is a possessive love.

There are many of what people would call positive feelings that are actually driven by entities. An obvious example is what you see at a sports game for example, where the fans of one football club are screaming at the top of their lungs and they think this is a very exhilarating positive experience they are having but it is clearly driven by entities and it feeds people’s energies to these entities.

There are of course many other examples of this and one of the subtle ones to discern is precisely in a love relationship. You know for example, that sex can become an addiction where people want more and more and feel that they can never have enough but the common feeling of being in love that is driven by a possessive love, that is driven by people having a need they are wanting to fulfill, can also be driven by entities and become somewhat addictive.

How do you discern the difference in terms of true feelings or true love? Well, whenever there is an entity or demon involved there is always a certain force that seeks to drive you. There is an element of force, there is an element of compulsion that drives you to want more and that makes you feel like it was never quite enough. You want more and more, so this is the best way to discern it and then realize that in true love which is non possessive love there is peace. If you are not desiring to own the other person then you are at peace. There is not that compulsion, that obsession with the experience or with the other person.

Love is a very tricky initiation for most people because it can so easily go into an unbalanced extreme and that is of course because the fallen beings have done everything they could to create this very unbalanced view of love relationships, where they have to be driven by this almost epic attraction and they have to provide these peak romantic experiences that you see in the movies and that leaves most people feeling like they could never achieve something like that.

The question is do you really want to achieve something like that that is driven by entities or to find a more peaceful non possessive love that gives you a deeper, lasting sense of enjoyment rather than defleating up and down with these more extreme experiences? You cannot have a peak experience without having a down experience that gives you the contrast, so when you move further towards Christhood and overcome the separate selves you start having less highs and less lows, you are more in the middle way where you are at peace.

Now, I am fully aware, we are fully aware, that many people in the world if they heard this teaching would say: “But isn’t that boring? That’s just boring. I want to have some unusual experience”. And that is fine, if that is what you want. You just need to recognize that that means you are not at the higher levels of Christhood or you would not want it, you would want that peace instead.


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Animals possessed by demons

Question:  Can demons take over animal’s bodies temporarily? For example, some dogs suddenly change from being normal to acting like a demon.

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Yes, they can of course and more so with dogs and other animals that are closer to humans.

It is not necessarily because the closeness to humans makes the dogs more vulnerable, but because the demons will use the dogs as a way to get to the humans, but there are of course also situations where people mistreat dogs for example, or other animals, and in that case then that makes the dog more vulnerable to being taken over by the demons, but it is  always an attempt to get to human beings that causes the demons to take over animals.

You can of course deal with this by calling for the protection of the animals, for the binding of the demons and that can be effective in some cases, in fact in many cases.


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About turning the other cheek

Question: Turning the other cheek? How do I turn the other cheek in a situation being attacked verbally or being treated disrespectfully? Is it not by being silent in the situation and removing myself if I can, and just let it be? I am not defending myself in any way by not responding.

Answer by Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, when you look at it historically there are probably few of my statements that have been more misunderstood and misinterpreted than turning the other cheek. It is posed by people who have chosen to do it and people who have argued why they should not do it and on both sides most people think that turning the other cheek means that you do nothing, that you are passive, or that you withdraw from the situation and, at a certain level of consciousness, that is actually a valid interpretation.

Let’s put it this way, you are verbally attacked by somebody who is directing a lot of negative energy at you, you are at a certain level of consciousness where you have various separate selves. That means that the only way you could respond to that situation was by sending back what is being sent at you. In other words, you would escalate the argument, you would create an argument that might even end up in some physical fight. So from a standpoint of you not making negative karma it is better that you withdraw from the situation instead of escalating it. At a certain level of consciousness that would then be a valid interpretation, better to withdraw than to escalate a situation that can only lead to the equation of more negative energy and more karma.

However, the higher way to look at this is of course that what you do in a situation like this is you look at yourself, you look at your own reactions and if you find you have a reaction where you are not at peace,  then you realize that this comes from a separate self and then you withdraw from the situation and then you work on that separate self. But when you have worked on the separate selves and let them die then you will come to a point where now you can be verbally attacked and abused by somebody and you do not have a reaction in yourself and at that point you should not remain silent, you should not withdraw, you should speak out but you speak out from that sense of peace and therefore, instead of reacting to the other person you are simply speaking out from that neutral perspective and this will then allow you to speak out in an entirely different way.

In some cases this will mean that the other person will change because you do not respond the way they expected you to respond. You will see that in many cases where people attack others verbally or otherwise they are expecting to get a certain reaction back. What always happens and you can see this in world history, you can see  it for examplein the Middle East, one side attacks the other, the other side attacks back and now the first side feels justified: “It was acceptable that we attacked them because their response back shows that they are violent people, so they deserve to be attacked”. That is how they respond.

So somebody attacks you verbally, they expect you to argue back, to defend yourself, to accuse them back and if you do not do that, but speak from a neutral perspective, sometimes they do not know what to do. In some cases, people can be transformed by this, and they change their behavior. In other cases, it has no effect on them. They continue being aggressive. In that case, you become the instrument for the judgment of Christ where these people now receive the judgment of Christ for their aggressive behavior.

We could say that if people are not changed when you have spoken out from a state of peace and a neutral perspective, then you do not need to continue to allow them to abuse you or attack you. Then you can withdraw, but you should first state very clearly and calmly how you look at their behavior, that you are not accepting their behavior, that you are not going to expose yourself to it and therefore you will withdraw if they continue to do this. This is what it ultimately means to turn the other cheek.

It actually means that instead of reacting back with the human consciousness, with the separate selves, you are acting back with the Christ Consciousness from the Christ perspective. Even if you withdraw from a situation or become passive in a situation and people still attack you, that can also bring the judgment of Christ, but you bring it at a much higher level when you come from that state of peace.


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President Trump’s attitude towards Russia

Question: How can we explain Trump’s dependence on Vladimir Putin? Playing along with him, refusing to arrest the trillion dollars sanctioned by American lawmakers withdrawn from Russia by her corrupt rulers, mild sanctions for occupying Crimea and fomenting conflicts in eastern Ukraine. Is there any compromising evidence, a lot of money invested in electing Trump as president in 2016 or in his business empire, or the psychological dependence of the American president on the Russian dictator, or the influence of the fallen beings, or all together and something else? 

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

It is mainly a matter of the psychological state of the American President which is partly his own psychological issues, partly also that these issues make him open to certain forces in the mental and identity realms that  gives him a certain desire to impress, not only people, but also certain people that he either admires or that he wants to put down as being lower than him. In other words, he wants to raise himself above them in his own mind by feeling he has some kind of influence or control over them.

These are some psychological traits that go very, very far back for his lifestream in many, many previous embodiments and this is the main inroad, so to speak, that the fallen beings have into his psychology, whether it is related to Putin or many other things.

There is of course various evidence that could be brought forth and if you feel concerned about this you can certainly make the calls for the exposure of these things. But whether they can be exposed or not, it is a complicated equation. It is not something we are really encouraging all of our students to make calls about because there are many other issues that are important. You need to recognize here that even though we have in the past talked about Putin, you need to recognize that one particular leader, whether it is Putin orTrump, is not as important in today’s age as you saw decades ago with for example, Stalin or Hitler or Mao.

There was a certain phase in human history where it was necessary to have these very strong, narcissistic leaders who created these various disasters so that humankind could see this and that equation has shifted. There is not quite the same potential today that one leader can create that level of disaster, and therefore one particular leader is not as important as some people think or as the leaders themselves think, they do not have near the power.

Trump is simply a president that can help the American people see what kind of leader they do not want by acting out this narcissistic personality disorder to a certain degree. But he is not nearly as important as he himself thinks in terms of the world and the forward movement of the world, nor is he as important as many among the fundamentalist Christians in the United States think.


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Physical symptoms of spiritual growth

Question: Could a growth in consciousness be accompanied with mild illness or symptoms, like an example of a fever or headache? Like with little children, you can see this more clearly. Is this also the case for adults?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, certainly when you overcome a certain self that you have had for a long time there can be a reaction to this. It’s almost like when you are fasting, and the body is cleansing out toxins.

So you could say that you are, in some cases releasing toxins in the three higher bodies and it can also have an effect on the physical level, much similar to what you can experience after fasting or doing some kind of cleansing at the physical level.


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Helping others from the neutral state of mind

Question: Regarding free will, as I understood, we are in no way to tell other free-will beings what to think and what to do, since it would apply suggestion/influence on what to think and how to make a decision. However, I have been reading old questions and answers, and when it was asked about the astral plane Jesus sometimes had a direct answer, what to do and how to do it as in: “You need to do this.” To do that or do this. The question is if someone asks you directly can you answer them what they should do? Or simply use neutral language and attitude to present them information and leave should, need, must, it is better for you and such words and phrases out since they might apply subtle suggestions on what to do. I understand it is not about the language per se, but about the attitude and intention. What does Jesus say about this?  

Answer by Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

It is very much a matter of looking at the intent behind what you are saying to other people. You will see that there are many, many people in the world who so identified with their external selves that they feel a compulsion to change other people, or they have a need for power, they want to have power over other people or it can be many other things—they want validation, they do not want to be ignored—many, many motivations that people have in these separate selves.

If you are acting from a separate self that is driving you to tell other people what to do because you want to gain some kind of, let us call it an advantage, that your separate self sees that it needs—it may even be that your separate self thinks it is working for a better world, and this involves telling other people what to do so you can manifest that better world—it is still a need that the separate self has to produce a certain outcome to get validation. In that case you are interfering with other people’s free will.

But if they are asking you for help, and if you are in as neutral state of mind as possible, there is no problem telling people you need to do this or you should do this.  Let us not get hung up on words. But what you can do of course, is try to adopt a more neutral language where you make it clear to people that whatever you do has a certain consequence.

You can say: “Well, what is it you want to accomplish here in this situation?” And then they say: “Well, I want to accomplish this.” And then you can say: “Well, in order to accomplish that, you need to do such and such.” You are not interfering with their free will as such, but you are making it clear to them that if you want a certain result you have to take certain steps to get there. And this is not interfering with people’s free will, especially not when they ask you for advice.

But what you basically need to do is to look at yourself. Am I neutral when I give other people advice or am I acting from a separate self? But if you find that there is some kind of tension, if you feel some kind of compulsion to tell other people certain things, then you know it is coming from a separate self. And you use the tools, you work on that to become as neutral as possible.

You will see that any kind of therapist, any kind of advisor, it is recognized in the world that the more neutral they are the better advice they can give. And the same, of course, applies to you helping other people answering their questions and so on. As an ascended master I have overcome all of these human idiosyncrasies and separate selves. I do not have any intention as such. I would, of course, like to help people be free of whatever limits them and causes them to suffer. But even that, I recognize that they have the free will to create whatever condition they want.

You could say that when you give people advice, you can also look at how attached are you to getting a certain response from them. And if you find that you are attached to them reacting a certain way or following your advice, for example, you can look again for the separate self that is causing this. Because, really, you want to get to a point where you are neutral when you give the advice and you can remain neutral no matter what people do with it.

And you will see that this is, of course, more difficult with people who are close to you because many times there is a mechanism that comes in. For example, with your children you feel responsible for your children and you want to help them, and so it becomes much easier to go into this reaction where you are not neutral, you want them to react a certain way. But this again comes from a separate self. It may come from a separate self that relates to how you see yourself as a parent and what you feel you should accomplish as a parent. There can be so many pressures on people in more close relationships to get a certain result. And this then prevents you to be neutral. Strive for neutrality, and strive to maintain that neutrality regardless of what other people do with the advice you are giving them.


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