Having children and free will

Question: Ten years ago I discovered I was pregnant. I felt I was not ready to have a baby and I panicked. I decided to connect to the soul of that baby and I asked it not to come just yet but to come back to me when I was ready. I spoke to that soul for two days and then it left so I had a miscarriage. As an Ascended master student, I have learned that one should not take other life streams opportunity to grow. Although at the time I thought the solution was better than abortion, is there really a difference how one takes someone’s life? What is the consequence of that decision for me and also for that life stream? I have felt that I owe it. I have felt that I owe to it the chance I took in ignorance and fear.

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, what you’re describing here is a process that is at a much higher level of awareness than many of the people who have an abortion because they are so frustrated and don’t see a way forward to have a child. So there is nothing really – I am reluctant to use the word wrong – in this process. You need to recognize here that the incoming soul of course has an opportunity and it has free will, but you also have free will.

We have even in our teachings on abortion said that you do have a right as a person in embodiment to decide whether you want to have children or how many you want to have. That is why we are not as the Catholic church against contraception because you have a right to decide for example, I don’t want any children or, I want two children or, I want one child or whatever the number may be. You have a right to decide that.

We are not giving a teaching like the Mormons where women are pretty much in prison to bringing forth nine or more children, which takes up their whole lives. You need to recognize here that if you have that level of intuitive awareness, it is perfectly valid to talk to the incoming soul and ask it to delay its embodiment. If the soul agrees to that and leaves then this is the outworking of free will. You don’t need to feel guilty about it.

Whether you are obligated to give that soul another opportunity is something you need to determine intuitively. I would strongly advise you to look at any sense of obligation, any sense of fear, any sense of shame and see that this comes from separate selves. Then work on getting rid of those separate selves because then you will be in a neutral state of mind. That means you can have a stronger intuition.

In many cases, the soul might have moved on and found another way to embody in the meantime. But if it hasn’t there is something you need to sense intuitively and then make that decision based on your intuition not based on some fear or shame in the outer mind.

The entire issue of having children is very, very complex. In previous Ascended master dispensations we gave a more black and white teaching on it and there was a certain culture created that was more black and white. This was because it was in the Piscean age. In the Aquarian Age there needs to be a less black and white view on this. This means that many, many things need to be understood at a deeper level and debated at a deeper level.

I can tell you that as we move into the Golden Age there will come a point where there will not be laws against abortion, where women will have a right to have an abortion. But there will also at the same time come a state where there will be very, very few abortions performed because women will have higher level of awareness, meaning that an unplanned pregnancy will become more rare. Nevertheless, you will have to say that, given the reality of free will if a woman has the awareness of the existence of souls and how a pregnancy can represent an opportunity for that soul, if a woman has that awareness, she also has the right, has the right to exercise her free will and choose not to become or to carry on that pregnancy, not to have a child at that time or not to have a child at all. This is a right you have within the law of free will.

You could say that given the much more nuanced teaching on free will, that we are giving today, you could say that some of the teachings given previously were interfering with women’s free will by presenting this very black and white view. And there were even some women who decided to have another child in order to give a soul an opportunity to embody in the world, but it wasn’t necessarily in their divine plans to do so.

So you see how almost any teaching we give, there will be some people who interpret it in an unbalanced way, instead of using their intuition to sense what is in their divine plans.  You need to recognize that  given the complexity of life,  it is entirely possible  that a woman can become pregnant but it is not in her divine plan to have a child at that time.  And that means that you can then say that the woman becoming pregnant is because she hasn’t used her intuition or she would not have become pregnant. But this doesn’t mean that the woman couldn’t then re-evaluate the situation, use her intuition to determine: Is this pregnancy part of my divine plan or isn’t it?

And we of course, always want people to make the most aware choices possible. We are not having the attitude that women should have children just to bring children into the world if it isn’t part of the divine plan that they chose before coming into embodiment.


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