Aliens or astral entities?

Question: The masters say that there are no aliens other than astral entities. However, there are a few people speaking about meeting aliens, and no matter what level of consciousness I am using to investigate this, I can tell or feel that they are not lying. Am I failing my discernment? And I am not talking about when people make a crossover effect where they see into the astral plane, but where people really believe that they have seen aliens. I am convinced they are not lying about the experience. Because of what the masters have said about the topic I am wondering if I am discerning correctly.

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Our teachings have not said that people who have believed they have had alien encounters are lying. In that sense, your discernment is correct that they are genuinely believing that what they have seen was reality. But the idea of the crossover effect where the vibration of the material realm and the astral plane can be so close that people can see something that is a manifestation of the astral plane, even with their physical senses, and therefore, they can be completely convinced that what they are seeing is the physical manifestation, they are not lying about this. Because it seems to their physical senses and their outer consciousness that what they are experiencing is a physical reality.

But, as we have said, it is not a physical reality in the sense that aliens have physically (traveled) in spaceships through the vast distances of space to get to Earth. It is a phenomenon created by beings in the astral plane that is meant to deceive people into thinking that this is real. You can also see people who are absolutely convinced today they have seen ghosts or other kind of mythological creatures that people have seen throughout history. There are even some people who are convinced that they have seen angels, but it is not actually beings in the spiritual realm that they have seen.


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