Relation between the collective spirits and the personal internal spirits

Question: Sometimes I feel opposition from the internal spirit. But could it be that I have an inroad, that the collective spirit is actually affecting me? How can I discern that? Is it my internal spirit or the collective spirit?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, basically you can say that a collective spirit does not have the power to enter your four lower bodies, or to influence your four lower bodies, unless there is an opening. And that opening is created by an internal spirit. It’s really the only way that these collective spirits gain an inroad into your consciousness. You created that collective spirit or separate self by making a decision. That’s why we stress again and again that you need to uncover the separate self, see the decision behind it, and then consciously change it.

It may be that, perhaps in a past life, as we have said with the birth trauma, for example, you are exposed to such a traumatic situation, that you are not making a conscious, fully aware decision to create a certain internal spirit, or separate self. So you can actually make an unconscious decision to create a separate self, but you can’t overcome it by making unconscious decisions. You have to make conscious decisions in order to let these selves die, or dismiss these spirits. Again, the best way is to look at yourself, use the tools for exposing the separate selves, until you come to see what kind of decision you have.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the calls, for example, for spiritual protection, for Astrea to cut you free from the collective spirit, because once you are influenced by a collective spirit, then it becomes more difficult to see the individual spirit, and more difficult to deal with it.

You understand here that there are many different kinds of internal spirits or separate selves. They have various degrees of seriousness. With that, I mean that some may open you up to a collective spirit, but only to a small degree, or on certain occasions. But other selves or internal spirits can create a bigger opening, so you have more of an influence from the collective spirits. Once you have an internal spirit, that has created a big opening for a collective spirit, then people can be overpowered by the collective spirit, to the point where they really can’t do anything about that individual internal spirit. What you need to do in those cases is you need to make a very sincere effort to use to calls and invocations to Archangel Michael and Astrea to be cut free from the collective spirit.

The purpose of these calls is then to seal your four lower bodies from the influence of the spirits so you have an opportunity, not to live a comfortable life as some people do. They pray or they use some spiritual technique to get some relief from a collective spirit, and now they say: “Ahh, now I can relax and enjoy life and go to a party.” But the opportunity is that now you can work on the internal spirit. And once you get rid of that, you seal your forcefield yourself, and then the external spirit cannot influence you.

It isn’t necessarily so important for you to know whether it’s the internal spirit or the external spirit. We can say that if you have a really severe problem where you feel a lot of energy, a lot of burden of energy directed at you, then you know this is coming from an external spirit. You need to then make the effort to close yourself off from that, and then work on the internal spirit. But if you don’t have as much of an influx of energy—and many of you, when you start working up to the higher levels, where you have overcome some of the more severe spirits—you’re dealing with more subtle things, where there isn’t so much of an influence from the collective spirits. That’s when you start looking at these internal spirits, separate selves, and what it is. Basically you could say that if you sense a very intense energy, that energy is coming from a collective spirit. An internal spirit, you will not sense as being such an intense energy, simply because it comes from the inside where you’re more used to it. When you sense that something is really burdening you, something is really intense, then you know that’s coming from the outside, because otherwise you would probably have gotten used to it.

And that, of course, is a danger of these internal spirits: that you can become used to the energy they are projecting at you. Some people, many people, have even submitted themselves to the energy, where they think it’s normal to live this way: “That’s just how life is” or “that’s just the way I am.” And that, of course, is what you don’t want to do as a spiritual person. But most of you, when you are sincerely striving on the path, you won’t fall into that pattern. When you have overcome one spirit, you will after a short time be ready to look for the next, and that’s just what you need to do.


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