Step up and connect to where the masters are today

Question: What is the spiritual significance of the House of Rakoczy and what purpose does it serve in connection to the consciousness for the people?

Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, in the present age, it has outlived its significance.  It was something we talked about in previous dispensations where we gave a different view of ourselves that was adapted to the level of consciousness that people had at the time. There are many ascended master students who have decided that they needed to go there, to that particular place and travel there, meditate there, just like there are ascended master’s students who have decided to go to locations where we have said we have physical retreats. Some have had (a few have had) genuine experiences, many people have had experiences that did not come from the ascended masters.

So, again, in the Aquarian Age, in the present dispensation, it doesn’t have much significance which you can see from the fact that we do not talk about it. You need to recognize here that this dispensation is given for people in the Aquarian Age, in the Aquarian Age consciousness. And it is different from what was given just a couple of decades ago or those few decades ago when we had another messenger in another dispensation. It simply is a matter of, we are seeing things from our perspective, not from the perspective of many ascended master students who are still stuck in the consciousness for which we gave those previous dispensations. Many of these students are not willing to come up in consciousness, they are not willing to raise their consciousness and tune into what we are actually giving today. Some of them read our dictations, they listen to our dictations but they’re not doing it with a neutral frame of mind. They have an idea from previous dispensations of how we should express ourselves, what kind of teachings which we would be giving, how and what kind of words we should be using, and they are trying to superimpose that.

In other words, instead of listening to what we are saying, they have an image in their minds of what we should be saying and they are only looking for validation of that or they are looking for what contradicts that so they can reject the current messenger and the current dispensation. They are not neutral. They’re not listening to what are we actually saying? This is again, one of the problems we face as ascended masters. We give a certain teaching, we give a certain dispensation. This was meant to help people rise to a certain level of consciousness. The teachings we have given previously, were not meant to take students to the 144th level of consciousness, because that could not be done in the Piscean dispensation. They were meant to raise people to the 96th level for the Summit Lighthouse. Those teachings were meant to raise people to the 96th level of conscious—while you have a ways to go from the 96th to the 144th level. There can be students who felt, and it was a valid feeling, they have made maximum progress from the dispensation of the Summit Lighthouse. They have grown as much as they could grow from that dispensation. But some of them have now decided that this means that their view of ascended masters is the ultimate view based on that previous dispensation, the view that they created of the ascended masters and our teachings and how we should be giving our teachings is the ultimate view, the ultimate level.

So, they now take that view, they use that view to evaluate this messenger in this dispensation. And maybe they accept this messenger because they feel there is some correspondence. Maybe they reject this messenger because they feel we are different, we are expressing ourselves differently, which we are. But they are not willing to realize that we have moved on. We did what we wanted to do through the Summit Lighthouse or the I AM movement or other movements. But we have now moved on, we are doing something now that we couldn’t do in that time.

It’s not a matter of taking this old image and transferring it. It’s a matter of going into neutral, listening to what we are saying, reading the words with a neutral frame of mind and saying, “Where are the masters at today? And how can I step up and connect to where they are today, instead of being connected to where they were 30 years ago?” The question simply is, “What do you want to be connected to?” The ascended masters as we are today or the dispensation that ended many years ago—that ended my beloved! The ascended masters that express themselves through the Summit Lighthouse no longer exist in the ascended realm. We have transcended ourselves. There are some students who have listened to or read the dictations that I, Saint Germain have given through this messenger. And they have said, “It’s not the same Saint Germain. He is so different. The way he is talking, the words he’s using are so different. It can’t be the same master.” Well, they are perfectly right. I am not the same master I was 30 years ago.  I have transcended myself a million times in 30 years.  The question for you, if you have been a student of a previous dispensation is, how much have you transcended yourself in that time? And are you willing to transcend yourself so you can keep pace with me? So, you can retain a connection to me as I am now, not the way you saw me based on how I expressed myself three decades ago.  That is the question, to be where I am or to be where I was. That is the question.


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