How to give invocations being a busy mother

Question: This question  is about giving invocations, being a mother with a small child and wanting to give your invocations and giving them when you have time to give them when the child is sleeping. But obviously the mother wants to sleep at the same time too. So she faces a dilemma. Do you do the spiritual practice? Or do you take the rest and then expect to do it later or wait to the next day without giving the invocation?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Here you have to be a practical realist and look at your individual situation. You should not with the outer mind decide: Well, I have to give a certain amount of spiritual practice every day. You should be willing to tune in and say: Today I’m just too tired—I need to rest. But what I recommend is that you do not decide with your outer mind that I have to give a certain amount of decrees or invocations every day. But what you can do is you can look at your life and you can say: Is there a certain amount of time that I could set aside every day or at least almost every day. If it’s 10 minutes, then I can’t give a whole invocation. But I can give maybe one or two sections of an invocation. And then what I recommend is that you set aside the time when your child is asleep. You take those 10 minutes, and then you focus as much as possible on really being centered in the heart while you give part of an invocation. It is better to be centered in the heart for 10 minutes, then to give it more rotely, for half an hour or more.

So most of you will even if you have small children, be able to set aside 10 minutes or maybe more every day and then use it as a way to center in your heart instead of being driven by some decision by the outer mind. In other words, don’t make it a burden. Don’t make it an obligation. Actually make it something that is not necessarily rest, but that is rejuvenation. Where you are getting enjoyment and a certain rejuvenation out of it, rather than the frustration that you should have done more. Let go of that old frustration of what you should be doing, and then create a certain time where you can really enjoy what you’re doing.


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