The 2020s is the decade dedicated to the situation of women 

Question: Since the year 2013 there is for each year one ray to study, as we started with the first ray. Last year was a year of freedom, the seventh ray. What kind of initiation is for this year, the year of integration of the seven rays?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

We have not decided to dedicate this year to a specific ray because we want to focus in the next ten years on the situation of women. You can, if you want to, go on and study the eighth ray for this year, but we have not officially dedicated the entire planetary growth to being associated with this particular ray.


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How to develop discernment and intuition

Question: This is a personal question for Kim. Considering intuition, what tips or techniques can you share about reading the vibration of people/things/ideas? How do we attune to this and make it better?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, that is a tough question because there is no mechanical way to develop discernment or intuition. It comes from two things mainly: resolution of psychology, where you resolve some separate selves that block your intuition, and then also striving to be in a neutral state of mind. But those two are, of course, very much connected. You cannot be neutral if you have a separate self that pulls you into looking at things a certain way.

What you can do is work on your psychology, use the tools the masters have given, but you can also be aware that the only way to really have attunement and to increase your intuition is to be completely neutral. With that I mean you are open to whatever comes to you. You are not having some process in your outer mind, especially in the emotional or in the mental mind, that wants a certain answer.

If you have the slightest kind of that overlay of wanting a certain answer, a certain result, then you are not neutral, and then your intuition will not be accurate. Your discernment will not really be discernment.

You can have people, and I have met people who claimed that they had gone through a certain process of discernment, but it was clear to me that they had a certain overlay. Many of them wanted to see a certain result. As a result, they believed that their intuition had told them what they wanted to hear. They were convinced that the result was the result of their intuition and their discernment, but I would say it was the result of a particular overlay where they wanted a particular result.

When I was younger, I also can see today that I had a certain overlay. There were certain things that I wanted to hear, or there were certain teachings I was not ready to question, and then my intuition was not as good as it could be. So it is important to keep that in mind.

So many people in the world, many spiritual people, they go to astrologers, they go to psychics, they get a reading of this and a reading of that. It is because they want validation that either they are special or they are important or what they are doing is right and they should continue to do it. So if you want validation of an already held belief, you are not open to intuition. You are basically saying to your intuition: “Leave me alone. I do not want the truth. I want validation of what I already believe.”  That is not discernment.

Discernment is you are being completely neutral. You have no preconceived opinions about this or that. I can see that sometimes I have. Let me give you a concrete example.

Many, many years ago, I had just heard about the ascended masters’ teachings in the Summit Lighthouse, and I had intuitively sensed that there was something there for me. Then I met a person who was also in the Summit Lighthouse, but she was also a follower of Sai Baba. At the time I had heard nothing about Sai Baba. I did not know anything about him, never ever heard of him. But one day, she pulled me into a room where she was doing her decrees, and then she took this picture and stuck it out in front of me and said: “Oh, this is Baba.” She expected that I would have some kind of reaction to him: “Oh, he must be a spiritual master or something.” That was what she wanted.

But I was completely neutral. I had no idea who this person was. I just took one look at the picture, and I almost felt like physically my whole body and my four lower bodies withdrew from him because I sensed such a darkness from this picture. As I said, I was just neutral. I was just open. I had no sense that he should be or he should not be. I did not care. I did not have a preconceived answer I wanted. So that was a very accurate intuition, and I have had that many other times.

Sometimes I can pick up a book, and I can just sense whether this book has a higher vibration or a lower vibration. Other times I could have a certain preconceived opinion about a certain author, and then I could not get an accurate reading of it. Then I would go into evaluating with my outer mind. And you can evaluate, you can have a certain evaluation, with the outer mind. You can apply certain logical, rational things and say: “Does this really make sense? Does this really sound true?” You can say, for example: “Is it true that a person claims to be God in embodiment? Does this really make sense?”

But if you want just an accurate intuitive reading, you have to be neutral. Then if you are neutral, you will get it, and it will not be in words, you know. It will just be a sensation. It was like this with Sai Baba, his picture there. It was not that any words came to me: “He is a false teacher.” It was just a sense of wanting to withdraw even from the picture, not even wanting to look at the picture, not wanting to take in his energy, his vibration.


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Some people need a physical guru

Question: Dear ascended masters, I connect to your teachings mostly via my intuition, and it recognizes and rejoices in the truth and beauty of the dictations. But I must be honest. I sometimes miss the realm of being that comes through a spiritual teacher that can mirror my I AM Presence back to me just by being around them. Usually I recognize the Christ mind in myself and others through the emanation of peace and love, and it is impossible not to feel the energy field of someone who is deeply established in that. How can it be that I cannot feel the divine energy coming through when you give a dictation? You are more established in divinity than anyone on earth. I am always sensitive to that. At that moment I am aligned with the river and in the same room. I just do not get it. I really feel that this exchanging of light is what can connect me with my I AM Presence more than any higher knowledge ever could. I want to feel it in my bones.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

People are very different. Not only are they in different levels of awareness, but they are also different in their individuality. The question is: What opens the mind and heart of a particular person to experience something that is beyond that person’s level of consciousness? There are some people who need a physical guru in order to experience this. They need to meet a physical person who has a higher level of consciousness than they do, and then they are able to shift their minds and open their minds to a flow of energy from beyond the person. That is why there are physical gurus, that is why Jesus took physical embodiment, and so on.

But there are also people who can do this through a dictation, through reading a dictation, through giving a decree or an invocation, or there are people who can do this without these outer means, but simply by attuning their consciousness to us. It is just a matter of where you are at. If you need a physical guru, make use of one if you know one that gives you that feeling. But otherwise continue to use the teachings, resolve the separate selves, work on your psychology, and there will come a point where you can feel it through our dictations as well. Many people obviously already feel it, or they would not continue to come back and experience it.


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Duality is not associated with or dependent on space

Question: I want to talk about duality, not in the sense of good and bad, but in the sense of space. Sometimes I am able to dissolve the distance between me and the things I perceive, objectification, and I see that all happens in the space that I AM. There is also me distancing myself from experience by dissociation and the dissolution of that, when I experienced that all that is in me, is also me as consciousness. There are a lot of teachings about how we can go beyond time by living in the eternal now. What teaching helps us dissolve the illusion of space further?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Duality has nothing to do with space as such. Duality is not associated with or dependent on space. Space is not in itself inherently dualistic. It is clear that space can, in a certain sense, encourage duality because space gives you the experience of being a localized being who is seeing everything from a certain vantage point in space, even a certain physical location, as you turn around and look in a 360-degree circle around your physical body.

This can give you the sense that: “This is me, and this is something else. This is outside of me.” This can then make you more susceptible to the dualistic teachings, but duality is based on defining two opposite polarities and adding a value judgment. In space itself there is no value judgment. We have given, especially Gautama has given, various teachings about space, and you can simply look up these dictations and study them, and those are the teachings that can help you gain a different perspective on space.


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Who holds the office of the Lord of the World? 

Question: One ascended master group claims that Lord Maitreya became Lord of the World about a year ago, at a ceremony at the Royal Teton retreat, on July 4. Would you like to comment?

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, and I am still Lord of the World. I am still holding the office as Lord of the World. There is, of course, a certain progression where, from time to time, an ascended master who has held a certain spiritual office will move on from that office, perhaps move to a higher office associated with earth, perhaps move beyond earth, and then another master will move up and take over that office. This happens, but it does not happen that often. And certainly I have promised Saint Germain to remain Lord of the World until we are so far into the golden age that it is beginning to be in physical manifestation. I may hold that office for the rest of the Age of Aquarius if Saint Germain wants me to. I may move on, and if I move on, then Maitreya would be the natural master to move into that office.


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How to live without making karma 

Question: The universal law of karma is the natural companion of free will. We are responsible for the light we receive. Therefore if we misqualify the light, we must requalify it back. For Most of us, entangled in the duality consciousness, we usually consider that all our karma comes from the wrong decisions we make through the duality consciousness, through the mind of antichrist. But what about when we make the shift of consciousness and identify with the Conscious You and become gradually united with the I AM Presence, free for the most part of the ego structure? We cannott say we no longer make karma because we continue to have free will. So what can cause karma for a being that is in the higher stages of Christhood, and what can make karma for an ascended being?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, first of all, we have said before that an ascended master does not make karma as you make karma on earth. You can, as an ascended master, develop certain conditions that either makes you attached to a certain planet or makes you need to move on from a planet to avoid becoming attached, but this is not karma.

What people normally mean when they say that we are making karma is something you make from the dualistic state of consciousness, from a separate self. This makes karma, misqualifies energy, but you need to be careful to realize that the Hindu idea that karma is associated with action is not the full explanation. Dualistic actions lead to karma. Non-dualistic actions do not lead to karma. They do not even lead to positive karma. In fact, you could say that, in a higher understanding of karma, the distinction between positive and negative karma is meaningless because any karma, regardless of what actions caused it, will tie you to earth and thereby prevent your ascension.

What happens is that when you begin to attain Christhood, you can take actions where you are not making karma the way you did through a dualistic self. You may still have certain dualistic selves, and if you act through them, you can make karma that way. But when you are not acting through a dualistic self, you are not making karma.

You are taking an action, but you are not misqualifying energy with fear. If you take the action without fear, and if you look at the result of your action without fear, you are not misqualifying energy with a lower vibration. It is perfectly possible to be in embodiment on earth and be so free from the dualistic mind that you are not acting through fear and you are not evaluating your actions through fear. Therefore you will not qualify energy with a lower vibration. You will qualify it with a love-based vibration, which, as we have talked about before, means that the energy will rise up in the figure-eight flow between your I AM Presence and your lower being, and as it rises up, it will be multiplied and given back to you so you have more creative energy.

This is something that is a very subtle teaching that can be difficult for many people to understand, and I foresee that many people will misinterpret the teaching from the linear mind. But the reality is that you can come to a point where the actions you take will actually serve to help you become more free and more creative. This does not mean that these actions are necessarily the highest or the ideal according to some spiritual standard or evaluation.

You can take some action sometimes that may seem to be selfish, but because you are not in a dualistic state of mind, because you are not acting out of fear, you are not misqualifying energy. You can take certain actions that have the purpose, for example, of giving you a certain experience that you desire to have on earth. It might seem that you are being selfish, but if you are doing it to fulfill a certain desire, so you can have fulfilled that desire to the degree where you can let go of that desire, then it can be part of your spiritual growth, even part of your divine plan.

For example, having children can be a legitimate spiritual desire, and it does not mean that you make karma for having children, even if you once in a while get irritated or overwhelmed by what you have to do. You can pursue a certain career, a certain job. You can even pursue certain material goals because it is a legitimate desire to experience something. You can then feel you have had enough of it and let go of it.

You might know that we have given teachings that there is a realm that some souls go to after the physical body dies, called Devachan, which is the realm of wish fulfillment, where you can live out certain desires until you have had enough of them. You can therefore let go and you do not have to reincarnate in an incarnation that is dominated by that desire. You will see in Yogananda’s book how he gives an example of how he had an experience of his master manifesting a palace for him because he had a desire to have such a palace, and by having it manifest, not physically but nevertheless in a tangible manifestation that he could experience, he was able to let go of the desire without having to have it physically, which would have prevented him from becoming a spiritual teacher in this lifetime.


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Spiritual perspective on famine and starvation

Question: What does physical starvation mirror from the condition of the three higher minds? 3.1 million, or 5% of the 60 million total deaths each year, are from child malnutrition. What causes the soul to embody in a situation where starvation is likely? Is starvation mostly caused by the greed of fallen beings, or what is the spiritual component? Are these many souls starving for some sort of connection with their higher selves?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, the issue of starvation is complex and has various causes, but one of the main reasons behind it all is, of course, the inequality created by the fallen beings. They have always attempted to set themselves up as a privileged elite that is enslaving the majority of the population.

Now the fallen beings have been retreating, in the sense that in many of the more modern countries people are no longer starving because they have had to give some more wealth to the general population. But you still have this imbalance on a world scale, where there are nations that are behind the others. You see that, as you had in the feudal societies of medieval Europe, you have a privileged elite and a poor majority of the population.

So now you have certain countries that are the privileged elite in the world, and other countries where many people are still starving. This is partly as a result of this manipulation of the fallen beings. It is also partly a result of the fact that the people in the modern democracies have not awakened themselves to what I call the basic humanity and said: “Would we accept that children in our country were starving to death? Then why are we accepting that people in India or Bangladesh are starving to death?”

But you can also look at this from the perspective of the soul. What has happened over a very long time span, since the fallen beings began to embody on planet Earth, is that they have caused these very chaotic conditions. There have been wars, wars have created famine, they have caused the imbalanced emotions which have affected weather conditions that have caused famine. You have seen many of these conditions that have caused people to either live in poverty or even starve to death, or watch their children starve to death. Sometimes, this has been caused deliberately as you saw Stalin causing the famine in Ukraine.

So what you have is a large number of souls that for many lifetimes have experienced these conditions. This has caused them to have partly what we have called hatred of the Mother, but even just a distrust that the Mother is willing to nurture them. In their minds they have created this schism, this gap, where they dare not trust that the Mother wants to nurture them. They dare not trust that they live in a friendly universe because they have experienced so often that they do not live on a friendly planet.

Of course, because of the manipulation of the fallen beings, there have been many epochs of this Earth where it has not been a friendly planet to be on. So it is understandable that people have these conditions in their psychology, in their three higher bodies, and unfortunately it is not an easy thing to correct.

It could really begin to be corrected if these people saw that people in other countries cared about them and were willing to help them. It could also be corrected when the economy in these countries improves so that people begin to believe: “Yes, I can have a job, and I don’t need to ever starve again, and my children don’t need to grow up having too little food, being malnourished.”

So this can gradually happen, and it has already happened in some of what used to be called third world countries, but there is a long ways to go.

It is clearly the hope of us that people in the Western countries will wake up and realize that it is their responsibility to use their affluence, it is their opportunity to use their affluence, to reach out to these people.

The unfortunate fact is that on an unnatural planet whatever you project will reinforce itself and become more and more extreme until you realize that you need to change your attitude before the outer conditions can truly change. That is why you see today, you see in history, so many times where the Divine Mother has been forced to outpicture these very unpleasant conditions until people finally reached that shift where they started looking at themselves and what they could do, regardless of outer conditions.

This is something that you who are ascended master students can hold a vision for, you can make the calls for if you feel moved to it, but there are, of course, many other things to make the calls for. So we do not want you to feel overwhelmed.


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Why Iran needs an external enemy 

Question: Iran has recently increased their military activity and is clearly acting out in a provocative way to other world governments. Is Iran being threatened by the US? Are people in power acting out more to the extreme their consciousness and are not willing to let go of the warrior mentality? Or what else is behind this?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, Iran has been acting out for a very long time. We have said this before, that when you have what is essentially a dictatorship, which in this case is a religious, Muslim fundamentalist dictatorship, they need an outer enemy. The situation they are in is very simple. They have almost complete power to do anything in Iran that they can do. They have promised, of course, to bring basically an ideal Islamic state to Iran, with a flourishing economy where everybody has a good job and has enough money, but anybody can see that this promise has not been fulfilled. Since they have all power in the country, how can they explain this?

Well, they can explain it by saying there is this external enemy, this great Satan of America, which is interfering with our country, manipulating our country, and they are the ones that are responsible for our failure to do what we actually have, or say we have, the power to do. It is the same in many other countries around the world. You see here that this is the basic dynamic.

Now the reality is, of course, that Iran has isolated itself from the rest of the world, and if you look at the world, you will see that what has brought prosperity to a large part of the world is increased cooperation and trade. Iran cannot create a thriving economy as an autonomous unit. It can only create a thriving economy by trading with the rest of the world, like the most affluent countries are doing. But what prevents Iran from trading with the rest of the world? Well, partly the Islamic fundamentalist attitude and beliefs, so the very government which promises one thing will, by their fundamentalist attitude, prevent that promise from being fulfilled. This is what can cause the government to become more and more panicked and therefore wanting to create some confrontation with the outside world.

It is why the dictator in North Korea on a regular basis must pretend that there is some conflict with South Korea or the United States or whatever. That is the way it has always been with dictators or dictatorships, and there is nothing new under the sun here.

Now it is, of course, important, as Gautama said in the beginning of the year, that this does not cause the United States government to go into the extreme and create a confrontation as a diversion for this election. You already see now that President Trump is feeling the heat, so to speak, because all opinion polls say that he is not going to be reelected, and he is also reaching a certain level of desperation for what he can do to still be elected as President. As Gautama pointed out, the Americans might be more reluctant to elect a new President if there is some kind of war situation. So you need to make the calls that this does not become a physical reality because you can see here that both the Iranian government and the American government have these elements in them that want some kind of confrontation as a diversionary tactic.


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Poland and the European Union

Question: What is the reason behind Poland withdrawing from the European Convention, which aims to protect women against all forms of violence and prevent, prosecute and eliminate violence against women and domestic violence? Turkey is also considering this. Has the conference for liberating women had enough of an impact on the collective consciousness to raise the consciousness of the people? What can the masters say about the situation?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, Poland is one of these countries that exemplify where the European Union is at right now. The European Union is sort of at a crossroads, and the crossroads is simply brought about by the fact that some of the larger nations in Europe are at a point where they have the potential to make the transition from being focused on: “What can Europe do for me?” and shifting to: “What can we do for Europe?”

Germany has passed this point. France has to some degree. Britain obviously never passed the point, which is why they have now Brexited. Some of the smaller countries have also passed this point. But Poland is an example of a country that has not yet done this. Poland has swung backwards to become more nationalistic with this new government that has now been in power for some time. They are therefore in this no man’s land of not really knowing what they want to do with their own future because the Polish government right now fails to grasp the vision of the European community.

Therefore they cannot really see the positive potential of Poland remaining in and fully engaging in the EU. At the same time, this government has no clear vision of what would happen if Poland withdrew from the EU, as, for that matter, the British government has no clear vision of what will come after Brexit. They think they can muddle their way through.

But if you look at Poland and the position it is in, it is in a fundamentally different position than Britain. Britain is an island. Okay, they are isolated. They can muddle their way through, however good or bad that will be. But Poland is not an island. It is, as its history has proven over and over again, squeezed in between two blocs, the east and the east of Europe, or rather Europe and Russia.

What will Poland do if it leaves the EU? Right now it is on a course of conflict that could lead it towards exiting the EU. What would they do? Well, if they were to exit the EU, I can assure you that before the door to the EU was even closed, Putin would be knocking on their door in the east, and he would claim he would be willing to help them. But he would have a hidden agenda that you have seen examples of during the communist times, where you were part of the Warsaw Pact and dominated by the Soviet Union, therefore dominated by Russia.

Is this what you want to reestablish in Poland? I think not. I do not think the present government wants to, but because it has this cognitive dissonance of not making clear to itself what will happen if Poland exits the EU, well, then it is not able to see the consequences of its own policy and therefore not able to change them.

Now I know the question was about this European treaty to limit domestic violence. But this is just one example of how Poland has put itself outside of the upward movement of the rest of Europe. Therefore you cannot look at this as an isolated incident. In fact, this is not about women and domestic violence. This is about the current Polish government not having clarified what its policy really is, and therefore it is reacting almost in a panic against anything that it thinks goes against its own policy.

This is, of course, because the collective consciousness in Poland is still affected by the history, the long history, of Poland, where the country has been so divided by many different groups, first being dominated by this larger power, then that larger power, then at a point itself being a large power, having ambitions of becoming an empire and so on. You have these divisions in the country that have a major influence on the fact that the Polish people have elected this government and now re-elected the president that is in alignment with this government and therefore have not clarified for themselves: “What do we want in terms of our relationship with Europe?”

Now it is clear to me, when you look at history, that it would be far, far better for Poland to be an engaged member of the European community than to stand outside of it. Far, far better. Therefore what needs to happen is that the Polish people, at least a critical mass of them, also become aware of this. You can see from the latest presidential election how the vote was quite close between the sitting president and the incumbent president. There are many people who are aware of this. There are many people who know that Poland’s future lies with and in Europe. But there are not enough people who have realized that if this is the case, then you cannot maintain the current government. A change is needed.

Naturally, the webinar, the conference about women, did not have enough of an impact in itself to change the political equation in Poland because it was focused on changing the equation for women. There is a need for people who are concerned about the situation to make the calls on this. Use our tools and invocations, also speak out about this as you can, and then a change will gradually happen. I am fairly confident that Poland will not leave the EU. Nevertheless the question is how far, how close to the brink, do they need to have to come before they see that this is not the way forward.


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Question about Romania

Question: I have a question about Romania. What can you say about this country? Is this country in decline, or is it following the usual line through which it has survived over the centuries? What can you say about the fallen beings from this country, their degree of manipulation and the level of ignorance of the Romanians? What is the potential for transcending and entering the road to Saint Germain’s Golden Age?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Romania is one of a group of countries that, even though they are in Europe and part of, most of them, the European community, they are not really what we can call modern democracies.

There are complex reasons for this, but the main reason is that the collective consciousness has not been raised to a certain level. That is partly because in some of these countries there is a large group of people who are still so bound by tradition, trapped in, we might say, tradition, thinking that things have to be done a certain way and there is a certain mindset that has to be maintained. The reality is that these countries are actually on the road towards the golden age, and the more they become affiliated with Europe and the EU, the more they are pulled up by the other nations. This is one of the strengths of the European Union, that some of the more advanced countries pull up on the others. Even though this is not generally recognized, it is actually what is happening.

Now it is clear that there is still a lot of resistance to this in the collective consciousness because, as I said, many people are still so trapped in tradition. You can see this in the way they do farming and the traditional dresses, weddings, dances, rituals, their adherence to the church and so on. This is a resistance, and therefore I understand your question of whether the country is in decline or is actually moving upwards.

It is true that the majority of the people in the country just want to continue the pattern they have been in for so long, and they think they can survive this way, as they have done now for so long. But, of course, they cannot survive in the golden age, in the modern age even, unless there is change, and there is already some change. This is driven by a small minority, what we might call the top ten percent of the people in that nation, some of them in business, some of them not necessarily, particularly, in a high level of consciousness, but more focused on driving business for themselves. But they are still driving a change, where the economy is improving, and there are other jobs than the traditional jobs and farming and what have you. The country is, in my view, not in decline. There may be ups and downs, there may be resistance, but the country is slowly and gradually being pulled up by the rest of Europe.

In terms of the fallen beings, well, the country is not a country that has any particular power or position on the world scale, and that means it is not interesting to the more, we might call them, high-ranking fallen beings. They are not interested in Romania and many other smaller countries, which is an advantage for these countries because it means that they are more free from some of the more insidious forms of manipulation.

But, of course, there are fallen beings in the country, and they attempt to do what they always do, set themselves up as a privileged elite, not only in the physical but even in the emotional and mental, who can steal people’s energy, and they do not want the equation to change. They are also a driving force behind this unwillingness to change, this belief that you have to maintain tradition. Can something be done about it? Yes, if more people would use our tools and make the calls for it, then certainly something could be done. But unless you see a growth in the number of ascended master students, then you simply have to be patient and wait for these countries to be pulled up by the rest of Europe. This is happening, but it will take time, decades, as a matter of fact, before they come up near the level of what you see in other European nations.


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Having vs. experiencing emotions 

Question: Are our feelings of emotions such as happiness, anger, anxiety or sadness a result of a separate self? In other words, do we have emotions because of a separate self?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

You do not have emotions because of a separate self. The separate self has emotions, and if you identify yourself with or as the separate self, you are experiencing these emotions. I know the common saying is that you are having an emotion, but you are not. You as the Conscious You are not having an emotion. You are experiencing an emotion.

Now it is not that you as a Conscious You cannot experience certain emotions, but that would be emotions that are not dualistic. In other words, they have no opposite. The Buddha talked about bliss, which some people have interpreted to mean extreme happiness, but it is not actually. It is an emotion that is beyond the dualistic opposites such as happiness and unhappiness, anger, hatred, all of these fear-based feelings and all of the feelings that could be said to have an opposite. All of these opposable feelings, dualistic feelings, feelings that can be put into what the Buddha called the pairs, they are feelings that a separate self is having. When you are not aware of the separate self and you have not experienced yourself as pure awareness, when you have not separated yourself from a separate self, then you think you are having the emotion. You feel you are having the emotion, but in reality you are not, and the key here is for the Conscious You to become aware of this.

It does not mean that you will necessarily overcome all separate selves, or that you have to overcome all separate selves, but you can come to an awareness where you realize that you are more than the separate self. Therefore when you are having a certain feeling, you realize: “Oh, this is a separate self that’s having this feeling, but I am more than this separate self.” It does not mean you can instantly get rid of the separate self. The separate self may still have a feeling.

Let us say you experienced some very dramatic situation where something happens that is unpleasant to the separate self, that the separate self thought should not happen. The separate self has a certain emotion because of this, but you can realize that you are not the separate self, and therefore even though the emotion is there in your emotional body, you are not pulled into it. You are not identified with it. You are not experiencing the feeling from the outside. You are not inside this, we might say, glass container filled with water that is colored by the emotion. You are not drowning in the emotion. You are standing outside. You are seeing that there is this container with water that is swirling around and the water is colored by a certain emotion. But you can just allow it to be an emotion. You do not need to react to it.

This means you can break that spiral of emotions where in many cases, when you have a traumatic situation that happens, one self reacts to the situation with some emotion: “Oh, this shouldn’t have happened.” Another self then goes in and feels anger or regret or blames you for doing what you did or not doing what you did not do. All of a sudden there is this spiral that runs and runs and runs, where these separate selves are sort of activating each other, and your entire awareness is pulled into this, and you cannot pull yourself out of it.

But when you come to the recognition that you are not the separate self, you can allow these emotions to just be there, but they are not taking over your mind. You can actually step outside of your emotional body, perhaps step up to the mental, perhaps even to the identity, and you are just experiencing these emotions from the outside rather than from the inside, which makes it much, much more bearable for you.


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What determines the place the fallen beings are in? 

Question: During the Mother Mary 500 vigil of this year, each time I read these lines: “Divine Director shatter the energy veil and expose the existence of fallen beings in the astral plane that started out as either co-creators or angels in a previous sphere.” Or this line: “Divine Director, shatter the energy veil and expose that the fallen beings in the mental realm have taken on an appearance as professors, learned people or philosophers.” Then I start to wonder what exactly determines the place the fallen beings are in. In one case they take physical embodiment in other cases they stay in the three higher planes. Why does the astral plane belong to a higher octave if there are beings there who reached the lowest point?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar- Being the Divine Mother.

Basically, it is the consciousness of a fallen being that determines where it will end up. There are some fallen beings who have started to grow gradually, so that they do not need to be in physical embodiment. There are also some fallen beings who have manipulated themselves in a position where they do not want to take physical embodiment and they are allowed to be in that position, because they can still teach people on earth certain lessons. That is why you have the dark master in the lower etheric or identity realm. You have others that have manipulated them into the mental realm and are controlling the intellectuals who are in embodiment.

Now, in terms of the astral plane. It is correct that the astral plane is part of the emotional octave. And in the way we normally explain this, the lowest in vibration is the physical, and then comes the emotional, mental and identity. Yet the reality here is that, after the fallen beings started embodying on this planet, some of them committed such physical acts that they were no longer allowed, for a variety of reasons, to return to physical embodiment.

Therefore a place had to be created for these life streams, so they could still be associated with the earth for a time. In fact, this realm had already started to be created by humankind before the fallen beings arrived here. Because there were certain people who had committed such physical acts, that it would be very difficult for them to go directly back into physical embodiment. They, so to speak, needed a place where they could stay for a time before they went back into a physical embodiment.

Being that the emotional realm is more fluid than the physical realm, there was a realm, a part of the emotional realm that was set aside for these life streams that were in such a low state of consciousness that it could not return to physical embodiment. But they really were not ready to be in the higher realms of the emotional octave. So a lower realm was created.

I know it can be difficult to envision this with a linear mind. Because you tend to think that if the physical plane is the lowest of the four realms, then it should have the lowest vibration. But you need to recognize here that there is a difference between physical energy and emotional, mental, identity level energy. In other words, the physical energy can only vibrate within a certain spectrum. But the emotional energy can vibrate within a broader, a wider spectrum than the physical. That is why it is possible to create a realm of the emotional realm that is much lower than the rest of the emotional realm.

What you understand here is this: the model we have given you is that the energy flows from the spiritual realm, into the identity, into the mental, into the emotional and into the physical. This process is still going on, but this has nothing to do with the astral plane. The astral plane is a separate compartment of the emotional realm, and the energy does not have to flow through it to enter the physical. It is simply in order to create this sphere where certain life streams of the original life streams on earth can go and where some of the fallen beings can go before they are ready to come back.

You also have several periods in the earth where the population has been much lower than it is today. You will see this even in recorded history. At that point, many of the lifestreams that cannot have a physical body need to go somewhere else. And depending on their level of awareness, they can go in the identity, mental and emotional level, but some with a lower consciousness go into the astral plane. And when they are there, they still have an opportunity to grow. But they also have the opportunity, of course, to reinforce their mindset. And this is what has created different levels, or rungs of the astral plane, that go towards lower and lower levels.


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Meaning of the name of Shambhala

Question: For a long time, I had a question what the word “Shambhala” really means, and recently I had an inspiration: I saw that it was necessary to write «Shambhallah» and that it means «Shambhu Allah». Did I realize correctly? «Shambhu» in Sanskrit means “gracious, merciful”, so it means “Merciful God”?  Then, it is generally believed that the word “Allah” comes from “Al-Ilah” or “Al-Eloh” and simply means “God” (or “this God”). But in the Arabic language, there is also the word “Al-Lahut” – a very capacious concept in mystical Islam, but it can be briefly expressed by the word “Divinity”, or “Divine nature”, in the teachings of Suhrawardi – “Holy Spirit”, “Divine Light”. Is Shambhu Allah the true meaning of the word “Shambhala”? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar- Being the Divine Mother.

Well, again, a very complicated intellectual question. But the short answer is that ‘Shambhala’ does not have anything to do with the God Allah in the Quran. Shambhala predates the teachings of the Quran. It was a word that Sanat Kumara used when he came with 144,000 from Venus and started the retreat over the Gobi Desert.

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Is Kriya yoga effective today?

Question: Is Kriya yoga as effective today as it was during Paramahansa Yogananda’s time? Is Jamie Stevens’ book Secrets of Kriya Yoga reliable?

Kim Michaels: I’m sensing they don’t want to answer the second question where I have just explained. The question they’ll answer is “Is Kriya yoga as effective today as it was during Paramahansa Yogananda’s time?”

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar- Being the Divine Mother.

Yes, it is for those for whom this is a useful technique. This is not to say that all spiritual people could benefit from Kriya Yoga, there are only certain people for whom this is a useful technique and you need to sense this individually.


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About neuropsychology

Question: What do the Ascended masters think about neuropsychology that has penetrated almost all areas of life? Is ABA therapy (applied behavior analysis) effective?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar- Being the Divine Mother.

Well, my beloved, if you take my previous dictation, you will see that when people go into the school of hard knocks, when they separate themselves from the direct guidance from the ascended masters, the only way they can be freed from their mental boxes is that they take these mental boxes to an extreme.

You have neuropsychology, neurophysiology, which started out and still for most other practitioners, is a materialistic endeavor. They want to explain human behavior as a result of the physical functioning of the brain. In other words, their goal is that all aspects of human behavior can be explained by physical processes in the brain. Naturally, these people have closed themselves off from the ascended masters who are in a higher realm, and therefore, we cannot be explained by physical processes in the brain.

When we give a dictation, you cannot map the physical processes in the messenger’s brain and explain every word that is coming out of his mouth. It cannot be done. It never will be possible to do this, no matter how developed the science becomes. The only chance that people will get out of this is that they are allowed to run their course, they are allowed to take this into the absurd where it becomes clear that they cannot explain every aspect of human behavior by looking at the brain.

Now, this is not to say that there are not certain positive aspects of neuroscience, because there are certainly certain aspects of human behavior that can be affected by the physical processes in the brain, and it is valuable to map these and to understand them. But when you do understand how the brain influences behavior or even cognition, then you will also begin to understand that there are certain aspects of behavior and cognition that are not affected by the brain.

Again, this can lead to various useful therapies. Applied behavior analysis is one example of something that can be useful in certain conditions. But it is not as some people think, the ultimate method that will cure all mental illness. There is no ultimate method, because the human psychology is so complex.


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Understanding vs. experiencing reality 

Question: You said that the Pink Petal of the Threefold Flame is located on the right side of the body (from the side of the right hand), and the Blue Petal is on the left side. But Pink is Yin, Love, Feminine aspect, and Blue is Yang, Power, Male aspect. It seems more logical that Pink should be, inside us, on the left, and Blue should be on the right? Why is this not true? Do the images show a “mirror image” or is the polarity in the physical body different from the polarity in the etheric body?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar- Being the Divine Mother.

My recommendation is that you go over carefully the dictation I gave earlier, where I talked about the thinking mind, the linear analytical mind. What this mind will do is it will take any teaching and seek to understand it from a distance. Then, it will create a more and more elaborate understanding.

Suddenly, it will come up with questions that cannot be answered in the original teaching. It will come up with something that seems like an enigma, seems like a contradiction. Then, it will focus more and more on these questions and what does this do to you? It causes you to focus in the linear mind instead of using your intuitive faculties to experience what is behind the outer teaching.

We are not interested in having you understand intellectually your Threefold Flame. We are interested in having you experience your Threefold Flame and when you do, these questions simply fall away. They completely evaporate and become irrelevant in the light of the direct experience.


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The highest potential of the Montessori method 

Question: What do you think in the modern world has not been lost regarding the main point of Montessori’s method, given that there are a lot of followers and different interpretations of it?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar- Being the Divine Mother.

Well, to really give you a good answer to a question like this, I need a messenger who knows more about the Montessori method and the different directions that are out there. What has not generally been lost is the focus on the child and the child’s development and allowing the child to drive its own development by itself by encouraging the child instead of forcing it into a system.

The most important thing about any method whether it is the Montessori method or any other one is that you realize that when a method is given, in this case, quite a long time ago, what can be given at the time is a product of the collective consciousness – to general knowledge that is available at the time and the person who receives the teaching – their consciousness.

Since the Montessori method was given, there has been tremendous progress in the field of psychology. There are things there that Montessori did not know, could not have known, because there was simply not in the physical yet. These things need to be integrated by people who know about the Montessori method, by people who know about psychology. They need to integrate the teaching, some of the teachings on psychology with the Montessori method and thereby, in a sense, come up with a more universally applicable teaching.

Again, what you have in most instances like this is that you have a person who is charismatic and who starts some new initiative. It applies to many other things than Montessori. It applies to many endeavors, both in secular fields and in spiritual fields. We have a charismatic person who starts some kind of movement, some kind of new tendency. This person attracts a group of very enthusiastic followers. Now, these followers begin to believe that their main goal is to promote that method as it was given by that teacher.

What have we said over and over and over again through this messenger? It is not a matter of promoting this messenger as the highest messenger ever or this teaching as the highest teaching ever. It is a matter of taking some of the ideas we give out and some of the ideas you can receive individually and putting them in a universal context. What is the highest potential in the modern age of the Montessori method is that it is developed beyond being called the ‘Montessori method’.

What is most important in today’s world? Is it to honor the memory of Maria Montessori who passed away over a century ago? Or is it to bring out the most universal of her ideas, so they can be incorporated into education on a more broader realm than creating specialized schools that are so specialized, that the majority of people will not be able to see the value of them.

What are you loyal to? The central ideas that Maria Montessori brought out or her personal memory or the organization? These are questions to ask yourself and then see how that relates to you individually, given your background and your potential, what is in your Divine plan.


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How to spiritually evaluate a piece of art

Question: Which style of directions in contemporary fine arts can promote spiritual growth? And which ones would not? What artists should spiritual seekers pay attention to?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar- Being the Divine Mother.

Well, my beloved, what you need to do here is to apply the teachings we have given you on increasing your personal discernment. I have no desire to go out and give a list of artists that are supposedly positive artists or not as we do not have a desire to do this with even spiritual teachings or spiritual teachers.

What you need to do is increase your attunement and your discernment by coming to a point where you can sense the vibration of a work of art in your heart. You can, as we have said before, sense whether there is an uplifting movement of energy or a downward movement of energy.

You can look at a piece of art; you can experience it beyond the linear analytical mind. You can feel whether it raises or lowers your energies. You can go beyond this and increase your discernment even more where you can look at a piece of art and sense certain elements that are uplifting, certain elements that are not. But this is something you can develop, if you have an interest in doing this as an individual.

It is not something we want to give any general teaching on, and it is partly because as we move into the Aquarian Age, people need to increase their attunement and discernment, but also because as we are moving out of the dualistic mindset, it is in many cases too simplistic to say: “Well, this school of art is entirely negative and this school of art is entirely positive.”

There are very, very few artists who are entirely positive and very few that are entirely negative. There are some, but not many. Most people are a mixture of both. Most people have different elements in their art, and therefore, it is simply too simplistic to apply this black and white evaluation.


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What drives the need for expansion

Question: The question is about the history of the East Slavic tribes. From the early Middle Ages until the 18th century, the East Slavic tribes migrated from Europe to the east and beyond. Instead of settling down on the territories already occupied and settled, the eastern Slavs and later the Russians constantly conquered new lands, eventually reached the coast of North America. What are the reasons for this? Is it just greed for the purpose of seizing new territories and resources? Or was there some plan to unite Europe and America? Russian colonies in Alaska and California could have played a positive role in relations between the Russian and American peoples. But this did not happen.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar- Being the Divine Mother.

If you look at the history of this earth, you can see that what you are talking about here does not only apply to the Slavic people, but too, many different people.

In different periods on different places on the earth, some group of people, whether it is a tribe, whether it is a religion, whether it is an ethnic group, a race, have attained growth. And they have gained some kind of position, where they have started to expand beyond their previous borders. Some of them have gone quite far beyond, that have conquered vast territories, as you see for example, in South America and Africa. In Asia, you see it with the Mongols and so on. What always is behind this is two things. First of all, there is a certain force which drives people to self-transcend.

There can come here, a rising of a certain culture, which has reached a higher level of sophistication than the cultures around them. They have a desire to spread their culture, which they see as being superior, to those other people. This can be partly an expression of the expanding force, but when you use violence to do this, it is also based on a perversion of the expanding force.

As soon as the perversion is there, the fallen beings will always have an influence, and they will seek to influence the leaders and even the people of such a civilization to go out and conquer, until they have ultimately conquered everything there is to conquer. They want to, in other words, put all of the world under their control, meaning that all of the world is under the control of the fallen beings who control that civilization. This is what you saw with the Roman civilization as an obvious example. There was nothing different in the dynamic with the Slavic people as there has been with so many other people.

Those who seek to conquer with violence are not part of Saint Germain’s plan for the Golden Age. This is simply a fact that you could even go back and look at the non-violent teachings that Jesus gave 2000 years ago on the brink to the age of Pisces. He did not want the Christian religion to be turned into such a tool for conquest, violent conquest and centralizing control under the fallen beings. You can see here that this is a perversion of the teachings of Jesus and certainly a perversion of the teachings of Saint Germain.

If the teachings of Jesus at the beginning of the Piscean Age were non-violent, I can assure you that the teachings of Saint Germain at the beginning of the Aquarian Age are possibly even more non-violent.


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Left handed and right handed path

Question: What do the terms left handed path and right handed path mean in a current context? And does this relate to Ancient Egypt, where there was the school have the right eye of Horus and school of the left eye of Horus? Why is left often considered bad, demonic and so on? Is there any particular meaning to this in a technical sense, like where a spiral twisted to the left leads downward, plunging into ever denser matter? Is that why the left has a negative meaning?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar- Being the Divine Mother.

My beloved, we have said that the fallen beings chose to make men the superior sex, but they could have chosen differently. The fallen beings also chose to make left associated with bad or negative, but they could have chosen differently. The reason they did not do it was that most people are right handed. And therefore, it was easier to get more and more people to believe in the idea that left should be associated with bad and right should be associated with good. It is, of course nonsensical, and simply a choice that was made to manipulate people.

Of course, you can say that not only in Egypt, but in various previous civilizations there have been two opposing schools of thought. There has often been a school that used the expanding force of the Father, and perverting this expanding force of the Father, in order to gain power and control. There has often been another school who used a perversion of the contracting force of the Mother to in various ways gain control over matter. Both of these schools have been dualistic, and therefore, not a valid spiritual path.

But in many eras, one has managed to attain dominance over the other and has therefore labeled the other as the left-handed path, even though if you use that terminology, they are actually both the left-handed path. You will often see that there has been a dominant thought system of religion, such as the Catholic church during the Middle Ages, that labeled all competing or different thought systems as being bad, demonic of the devil, witches, anathema, blasphemy and so forth.

This is simply what the fallen beings do in order to polarize people into one or the other dualistic extreme. Some fallen beings do not even care which dualistic extreme people are polarized into as long as they are in duality. Others do care because they believe their dualistic extreme is the absolute and the superior one. But it is all a fight between the fallen beings that you of course need to free yourselves from.


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Political change in Belarus? 

Question: What is the probability of a change of power in the presidential elections in Belarus on August 9 this year? Is the collective consciousness of Belarusians ready for this?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

My beloved, as much as I would like to see Belarus make significant progress towards the Golden Age, there is a low probability that the current president will not win another term. This has a lot to do with several factors.

First of all, the Belarusian people are not quite ready to have a more open and you might say democratic form of government. There is currently, really not an alternative, a person or group of people, who could take Belarus to the next step.

This has not only to do with Belarus, but also it has to do with the situation in Russia. Specifically, Vladimir Putin and his plans. He would like to see that Belarus became absorbed back into what he now calls Russia, but what used to be the Soviet Union. He would like even the current president to give up his power so that Belarus essentially became a part of Russia. This, of course, is not what most of the Belarusian people want. It is not what is in a Golden Age matrix for Belarus. But in order to avoid this, you need a strong leader, even though he may be too strong in how he is dealing with his own people.

This is an example where it is impossible to move to an ideal situation. Because if there was a shift in government, it is very likely that Putin would do whatever he could to absorb Belarus into Russia or the Russian Federation. This would not be to the long-term benefit of either Russia or Belarus. The realistic way to avoid this is that the president who has so far managed to avoid it continues until something shifts in the equation.


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About attachment to other people 

Question: For a long time, I’ve been trying to get rid of the spirits that are behind my attachment to the past, especially with the people I used to have relationships or to the ones who passed away, but I can’t let them go. I’ve sincerely been using the recommended tools and have been working with my psychology but I feel very little progress. Could you comment on what beliefs might be behind the reluctance to let go the people we used to have relationships with?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar- Being the Divine Mother.

This is a complicated question to answer because it is so individual what causes you to be attached to people. But we can talk about certain main groupings. In other words, the particular belief that you have as an individual can be very specific to you, but it falls within certain categories.

One category can be that you have a self that is dedicated to helping these other people. There are certain avatars who embodied with fallen beings when they first came to earth, and who formed a very strong desire to save that fallen being and get them on this positive path. For this kind of belief, I would recommend that you read the My Lives book where there is a description of how the protagonist went through an entire process of freeing himself from any attachment to Lucifer, the lifestream that is called Lucifer in the book.

You can also have an attachment to helping other avatars, to helping the original lifestreams on the earth. And here you need to start looking at free will. You need to start recognizing that other people have their free will and therefore you cannot save anybody else. You cannot change anybody else. This can be a difficult initiation to go through. This messenger spent years working on this until he realized that he had to let go of all desire to change other people. Because otherwise it would trap him on a merry-go-round for the rest of his life and perhaps even beyond.

You need to realize here that you have your individual free will and other people have their individual free will. You need to free your free will from the free will of other people. This is the only way you can make your free will truly free. You need to recognize here that if you are an ascended master student and if you’re sincere about qualifying for your ascension in this lifetime, you cannot be attached to other people who may not ascend after this lifetime. You have to therefore work on this, come to see these selves and let them die. If you still having attachment, there is obviously a self you have not seen, so you need to work on it until you see it, you need to continue to use the tools until you see it.

Another category is that you might have a self that has a desire to control other people. And therefore you will not let that other person go, because you feel you should have some control. This may again be from some seemingly benign purpose of helping that other person, but it is still a controlling self that wants to control or even own that other person. I am not saying this is the case for most spiritual people, but you can all have certain selves that were created a long time ago that you have not let go of. You need to be willing to look at this.

The basic fact is this: any attachment comes from a separate self. If you still have an attachment, you have a separate self you have not seen. Then use the tools we have given, contemplate the teachings, look at yourself, look at your beliefs. Why are you attached to these people, what you feel you should do, what you really feel should have happened or should not have happened. And continue to do this until you expose these subtle beliefs that you have that keeps you tied to other people. It all revolves around the fact that you think there is something you have to do here on earth.

As this messenger has described, when you resolve your birth trauma, your primal self and the other separate selves, you come to the point where you realize: there is nothing you have to do here on Earth. There is nothing you are forced to do; there is nothing you are compelled to do. You may still do things because you are the open door for your I AM Presence, but it does not come from a separate self.


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About giving selflessly

Question: The Gospel records the following words of Jesus: “That your left hand not know what your right hand is doing.” I have always understood this in such a way that the right hand is giving the left hand is taking. Do Jesus’ words mean that when you give, do not think how much someone will have to give you in return, but that you simply give unselfishly. Is this correct? What did Jesus mean and why?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, as Mother Mary has just said, when you take a spiritual teaching, and want to interpret it with a linear mind, you can find many of what seems to be enigmas or contradictions. I knew this very well 2,000 years ago, and I made many statements that were deliberately meant to confuse the linear mind. I made many more such statements that are recorded in the scriptures. This was simply one statement.

However, what I will say is that it is very correct that when you give you should not be concerned about what the other person can give back in return. In fact, if you truly give there is no concern about you getting anything back from the other person, we have given teachings on this before. It is only a separate self that evaluates what is the result of my giving, what will I get back from giving. This is not giving. This is trying to strike a bargain with either another person or with the universe or with God. We are saying God: “I am so good I’m giving to this person. Now you should give back to me.” This is not how the law works.

My concern was to help people understand the whole concept of the servants who had multiplied their talents and the one person who had buried his talents in the ground. Those who had multiplied their talents they gave without being concerned about what they would get back in a particular situation, what they would get back from other people or what they would get back in a physical way. In other words, when you give selflessly you will get a return.

But that return may be that the universe gives you something in the physical or that the universe gives you spiritual credit, spiritual attainment, however you want to see it that will benefit your growth. In other words, there may be no physical sign of this but there is a non-physical sign that will speed up your spiritual growth towards Christhood and your ascension.

You could also say that you can balance karma by giving selflessly without expecting a return and you won’t get a physical return, but you will get the balancing of karma which sets you free to grow quicker. It can be understood this way. It can be understood that the left hand could be a symbol for the human self, which should not know what your higher self is doing, because then it cannot  interfere with it. You give without having that concern or evaluation of the human self – what will I get in return?


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The Garden of Eden is a symbol 

Question: The teaching says that the God who walked in the Garden of Eden and taught the disciples was Lord Maitreya. I believe that the history of the Garden of Eden goes back to more ancient times. If Lord Maitreya ascended 2,500 years ago, how could he walk in the Garden of Eden as an ascended master?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

If you take the dictation I have just given, I have given very important teachings in there for how you deal with these kinds of situations.

What you realize here is that what I call the thinking mind, the linear mind always wants to take everything literally and put everything on a linear timeline. This will give rise to these kind of contradictions, seeming contradictions. If you take almost any spiritual teaching, any religion, even scientific materialism, any philosophy and apply this kind of very linear, analytical mindset, you can find what seem to be contradictions.

What you are doing here is you are trying to take the biblical story and put this in a linear timeline. You are therefore saying that the person who taught in the Garden of Eden should be the Lord Maitreya we know today and there must be a linear timeline for when the Garden of Eden was and that must be before the time we have been told that Lord Maitreya ascended and therefore this can’t be correct.

The reality is here, that these are symbols. Even the teachings given in a previous dispensation about Lord Maitreya, was based on this linear mindset. There are teachings given in the Summit Lighthouse that as we have said before were given specifically for people in the Piscean mindset. And they were based on and colored by this mindset. And that is why you will see these linear contradictions.

The name Maitreya has been used by different ascended beings over time over the long timespan of this earth. The Garden of Eden story, as we have said before, was not really a pure teaching from the ascended masters but was very much influenced by the fallen beings. It is more constructive to look at this as a symbolic teaching that cannot be put in a specific state in time.

It cannot even be put into the context that there was only one Garden of Eden, there was only two people in that garden, and there was only one teacher or one God. This is far too linear to take such a teaching if you are to make anything constructive out of it, you do as we have said through this messenger, see it as a symbol for the duality consciousness and how all people were tempted by the duality consciousness, and this caused them to lose contact with their spiritual teacher, whoever that spiritual teacher may have been. It was not the same for all people on earth, regardless of what was said in previous dispensations.


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Questions about dementia

Question: My mother has senile dementia. I have been caring for her for almost six years. I feel severe fatigue from this very heavy process of caring for her. In Russia due to the national mentality, as well as financial inability, many people bear the burden of caring for their sick relatives who have the same disease. In this regard, I have the following questions. 

Kim Michaels: There are four questions so we will take them one at a time. 

Question 1: What are the spiritual tasks of people who care for people with this disease?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

The spiritual tasks vary widely depending on people’s level of consciousness. This answer will not just apply to this particular disease but to anyone who cares for other people. For the majority of people in the world, the spiritual task they have is that the situation is brought about by karma from past lives.

In some cases, you may have been embodied with this person before, you may have harmed them in some way and people can, to use the normal expression “payback their karma” by caring for that person. You may also in some cases pay back karma for harming other people by caring for one particular person. So, this is the case for the majority of the people who do not have a particular spiritual awareness.

If you have a higher spiritual awareness, the primary spiritual task you should look for is how you can use the situation to transform your own consciousness. You can use our teachings if you are familiar with our teachings on the separate selves to seek to discover what selves you have, that are reacting to this situation that are resisting the situation. And then you can look at it as a learning process, as an opportunity to accelerate your spiritual growth tremendously by using it to look at what it is in your own psychology that you can overcome.

You can also of course, give our invocations and decrees to transform the person’s karma that you’re caring for. Thereby you can help that person move on in their spiritual unfoldment so that they can perhaps get out of this situation earlier and move on to their next embodiment.

Question 2: What happens to the soul of a person who has this disease? What octave or plane does it occupy during the disease? Is it more difficult for such a soul to rise to the light after the transition? 

Kim: I think this question has been addressed before. Hasn’t it? There has been other questions about dementia, I think I’ve addressed this.

So what I’ll basically say is that it depends on the person’s level of consciousness. Some may go to the astral plane, some to the mental some to the identity plane. If people have a higher level of consciousness, it might be an opportunity for them to work on their growth while they are not focused on the physical body, but they are still not ready to leave embodiment or they are not ready to ascend.

Question 3: Is this disease in accordance with this life streams scenario for this life or is it a deviation from it as a result of life streams free will choices when it does not follow its divine plan? 

Mother Mary: Again, this depends on the person’s level of consciousness before they came into embodiment, and what they do with the opportunity to be in embodiment.

For many people, the disease is a result of their karma from past lives. It is the result of them over several embodiments not being willing to take responsibility for themselves. Not being willing to grow, not being willing to work on their psychology and learn from the experiences they are having. This can cause some people to get one of these debilitating diseases where either they are not conscious in the body or they are paralyzed in the body and have very few things they can do through the body. This then is a way for a life stream to force itself to look at itself, which it has not done for several embodiments.

However, there are a few people who have a higher level of spiritual awareness and they can use such a disease to work on their psychology at inner levels and therefore make progress towards their ascension.

In some cases, it is correct that if people are not following their divine plan, they can precipitate a disease such as this, which then forces them to, again look at themselves, work on themselves instead of being trapped in the physical or focused on the physical.

Question 4: I feel a strong affinity to my mother, to this lifestream. I feel love and compassion for her and a desire to help. But since this situation has already been very prolonged, how can I know whether it contributes to our growth or whether it is just an attachment by one of us and a reluctance to let it go? I of course ask myself these questions, use spiritual tools, but I do not have a clear answer. 

Mother Mary: Whenever you are in a situation where you do not have a clear answer and you are an ascended master student, you should look at this as an opportunity to grow further. You should reason: the reason why I do not have a clear answer is that there is one or several separate selves I have not yet seen. You can say that as long as you do not have a clear answer then the situation is an opportunity for you to grow further. And you can therefore use it as such.

What I will recommend in situations like this is to step back from the situation. I know that many people who are caring for others in such situations feel they have been forced by circumstances to go into the situation. Perhaps they were the only one who was able to do this. Or perhaps there was some external pressure to do this, whatever the situation may be. But you can start by recognizing that you are still an individual human being with free will. And you do have a choice. You do have a choice to say I will no longer do this. And then there might be others who will have to take over.

It is important for you to recognize that you have a choice. Because by even contemplating that you could remove yourself from the situation, you will feel a reaction in your own psychology, you can then look at that reaction and realize it comes from various separate selves, and then you can start working on these selves.

But what you will often realize is, that on the one hand, you have a self that makes you feel that you have to take on the situation. But on the other hand, you have one or several selves that are resisting you being in the situation. What you can do then is start working on these selves and strive to come to a point where you no longer have any resistance to being in the situation.

This can be a tremendous opportunity to overcome the separate selves that may have nothing specifically to do with this situation but relate to your attitude towards the physical realm, towards the material world, even the Mother realm. It can help you overcome your resistance, even hatred of the Mother for the fact that the Mother does not always give you the conditions you want. Many, many people, in fact all people have such selves, and this can be an opportunity to work on it.

If you can come to a point where you have resolved these selves, you will get a clear inner answer on whether you are to stay in a situation or remove yourself and what your options are. You may even in some cases, see that the person you are caring for is now free to move on because you have resolved what you needed to resolve.

Of course, you can also make calls for the person to resolve their psychology and you may even be able to use some of the tools we have given you for the separate selves. If you take the book, Healing Your Spiritual Traumas, the visualization I have given where you go through the different levels on turn, you come back to a theater where you will see a situation from the past, you can actually use that on behalf of the person you are caring for, to help them resolve the situation. You can make the calls to me so that you can be the one who helps this other person, see what they can see and I will assist that person as they are willing.


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