The confederation of free peoples of the Caucasus? 

Question: Is there a future perspective to create a confederation of free peoples/nations of the Caucasus? And how realistic is it under the current military-expansionist policy of Armenia, with its explicit support of the Russian Putin regime trying to become an empire once again?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, there is always the possibility that people in a certain region can look beyond national, or even ethnic or racial boundaries and realize they have a common power bond and therefore, out of free will, desire to create a unit similar to a nation but even a federation of nations. This is always a possibility and it will happen, in many cases, many places around the world as we move further into the Golden Age. Some of these big nations that you see today will actually be broken up, and they will become smaller regions that can still cooperate with each other. But there will be a closer relationship based on these regions.

Of course, it isn’t realistic right now. Putin would never allow this to happen if he could do anything to stop it. But of course, Putin will not be there forever. On a little more long term view, there is that potential, as there is the potential many places around the world. As I have talked about before, that we have actually come to a point when nations states have started to have outlived their purpose, and it is time to move into a broader, more regional approach, where people come together based on regional, cultural, or other commonalities.


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The Venusians’ role is to ascend

Question: What is today’s mission for those who are the Venusians? Is it to build a Golden Age? Or is that not their purpose and it should be done by the original Earth inhabitants and a Venusian should ascend? How many Venusians are now on earth? Does Sanat Kumara continue to work with earth and the Venusian rescue team?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

The Venusians did not come to earth to build a Golden Age. They came to earth for a specific purpose of rescuing it from a downward spiral. Their role is not to stay on earth and build a Golden Age here. Their role is to ascend. There are still tens of thousands of Venusians left in embodiment because they have entered into a reactionary pattern with certain fallen beings. You can take the book, My Lives, and the description of avatars coming to earth. Basically, most of what is said there about avatars applies equally to the Venusians.

Even though you can say that the book describes a natural planet that was not part of this solar system, still the Venusians came on a very similar mission as avatars—for a similar reason as avatars, to create a positive change on earth. They have, of course, as avatars been the targets of the fallen beings where the fallen beings have attempted to draw them into a reactionary pattern and keep them locked in that indefinitely.

The primary task of the remaining Venusians is to get out of this pattern and qualify for their ascension from earth. And by qualifying for your ascension, you are, of course, doing the maximum that can be done to pull up on the earth. You can, therefore, use our teachings on avatars, Healing Your Spiritual Traumas and so forth, to come to this point. Sanat Kumara is obviously still working with earth and Sanat Kumara and Venus and others from Venus are seeking to help the Venusians, particularly, but all of us are really seeking to help both the Venusians and other avatars come to the point where you can ascend from earth.


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The Advaita teaching

Question: How close is the eastern Advaita teaching to the ascended masters teaching about the conscious you? Have any of the Advaita masters ascended in the last 200 years? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

The Advaita teachings are very close to the teachings we have given, not just about the conscious you, but also about duality and non-duality and the epic mindset. They are not quite as specific and related to specific conditions in the world as the teachings we are giving now. But they are from their origin inspired by us, and over the last 200 years, several of the Advaita masters have ascended, including as the latest one, Ramana Maharshi.


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A genuine charisma

Question: Regarding the concept of charisma or attractiveness, there are people who have it in different degrees and there are leaders who have it with an excess, allowing them to manage people. At the everyday level there are people who can have a lot of friends and girlfriends, and there are those who cannot make friends because of a lack of charisma and attractiveness. What is this charisma from a spiritual point of view? Can a person control it? Can having these personal qualities be included in one’s divine plan?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, you have to make a distinction here between charisma that comes from control, and charisma that comes from spiritual growth and the resolution of psychology. There can come a point where you have walked the spiritual path and resolved your psychology, where the light from your I Am Presence and the masters begins to shine through you and this will give a certain charisma in the eyes of people who can tune into this light.

You can also have a person who is not attuned to anything and who meets a spiritually evolved person, even a spiritual master and senses nothing special about him. You saw even in the scriptures how there were people who met me 2000 years ago, and didn’t see any anything different about me. There were also people who met me and could sense that I had greater light streaming through me than the average person. This is the so to speak, valid aspect of charisma.

But the other aspect of charisma is that many fallen beings have what you in the world normally called charisma. And it is because they have learned to control other people psychologically. You see that certain fallen beings are able to almost hypnotize people into following them, into submitting to them. Hitler was able to do this to a quite high degree, Mao also. Stalin really didn’t have the charisma, he had to resort to fear to get people to obey him although some people were overwhelmed by the energy surrounding him that was built up.

This actually leads to a consideration of the third aspect of charisma which is simply idolatry, an idol worship of certain people that gradually is built up. You saw this less in ancient times. But with the advent of modern mass communication, you see this far more. You can take a movie star that has played in several movies, have gotten an Oscar, have gotten a lot of attention in the press and media and many people will build up a certain idolatry of that person and think he must be something special.

He may even drink his own Kool Aid or drink the Kool Aid and believe he is special and start acting as if he was. But there are people who have met some of these movie stars and realized they are just human beings as everybody else. You see, of course, that there are certain fallen beings that have the ability to hypnotize people. There are certain spiritually evolved people who have a genuine charisma. But both of them, both the spiritual leader and the fallen leader can be subjected to this worldly created idolatry where people project certain qualities onto that person that are simply not realistic.

We have seen in the Summit Lighthouse and in the I Am movement, how there was tremendous idolatry created around the messengers. And we even see in this movement how some people have an idolatrous view of this messenger which he has not encouraged, which he has actually spoken about and which those who have met him and interacted with him will know that there is no reason to have that. He does not claim to be special, does not set himself above other people because he is a servant-leader.

I was the same 2000 years ago. But there was even then, some projection of idolatry. But it is nothing compared to the idolatry that has been projected upon me since the formation of the Catholic Church which elevated me to this superhuman status of being equal to God.

So, can it be part of your divine plan to develop this charisma? Well, why would you want to develop charisma? In other words, if you are a spiritual student, why would you want to have the charisma of the fallen beings where you can manipulate people? What you would want is to perhaps develop a natural charisma that comes from the resolution of psychology and spiritual growth. And this can certainly be part of your divine plan, but it’s not focused on charisma. Charisma might be a side effect of it, but it’s not your goal. It’s not a goal you define for yourself.

There are certainly spiritual people, including ascended master students, who have some far-flung dreams, that they would develop this charisma, so that they would be able to attract people to them, as they have seen some spiritual leaders do. There are people who have dreamt about gaining the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that they can make people faint just by waving their hand or by walking into a room so that people will see these visible manifestations that will make them believe that there is something to what these people are saying or believe that these people are special. But this is not what we encourage in our students. It is not what we encourage in anyone because what is the point of this idolatry?

What we desire to create is a teaching and a movement that is based on all people having a spiritual potential, all people having a potential to transcend themselves. So, if you are a messenger in a true ascended master movement, you are not special, you are not setting yourself apart as being special. You are an example that other people can follow. You may have walked further on the path than many other people have. But it doesn’t mean that they cannot walk the same path and reach your level of spiritual attainment. It may not mean that they are going to do what you are doing in terms of, for example, being a messenger, but they have other things they can do that is part of their divine plan.

So really, the goal of a true messenger for the ascended masters is to raise people up to the highest level of consciousness, to help them reach that consciousness. Whereas the goal of a false leader is to make himself continue to be the one who is the head of others. So, he is the leader. He is clearly above the others. He is looked up to as the leader. And therefore, is always special. The goal of a servant-leader is basically to make himself superfluous, where the people no longer need him or her.


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The potential of protests in the Russian Far East city of Khabarovsk

Question: Thousands of people of the Russian Far East Khabarovsk Krai region, have rallied for the 22 days to support the arrested ex-governor Sergei Furgal, who is a member of the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia. Furgal was elected by a wide margin in 2018 over the incumbent candidate from Putin’s ruling United Russia party. But on July 9, Furgal was arrested and transferred to a jail in Moscow for what authorities said was suspicion of involvement in several murders in 2004 and 2005. Furgal supporters say the charges against him are politically motivated retribution for the  2018 election defeat of Putin’s ally. The Khabarovsk rallies have attracted thousands of people and are the largest protests in any city since the fall of the Soviet Union. Sustained demonstrations against the government in Moscow are unusual for Russia’s regions, as is a lack of response from authorities to break them up. What potential does this situation have for Russia. And how do the people in Khabarovsk need to act in order for a government in Moscow to meet them halfway?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, certainly, it is encouraging that so many people have joined in these protests. It is also encouraging that the local authorities, regional authorities have not yet used violence to stop the protests. The question that remains to be seen is whether Putin will use a federal force to go in and stop these protests or whether he is just hoping that they will wear themselves out.

The situation here is simple. Regardless of what the governor has done or not done in his past; the current charges are obviously politically motivated. Otherwise they would have been brought much sooner. It’s clear that the people in the region have a right to elect a governor they want to elect—in a democratic nation that is. The question is how democratic Russia still is? And that is the question that is being tested here. Will Putin and the central government allow these regions some autonomy or will they not?

Basically, the biggest potential here is that the inhabitants of the region continue to protest, but also continue to do so in a nonviolent matter. And no matter what your authorities do, they do not respond back with violence. Any response back with violence will only give Putin an excuse for using more violence and therefore stopping the protests, which of course he can do if he decides to send in the necessary force.

You need to find some very delicate balance here of continuing the protests, keeping them nonviolent, and demanding the release of the governor or that he be tried in some independent way of these charges. Whatever that might be in Russia is a good question.

It’s clear that Putin has, already total control over the central government. But he does not have complete control over these regions that are further away from Moscow. If there is to be any change in terms of the people rising up against Putin and his regime, it must come from these more faraway distant regions where the power of the federal government is not as strong.

So, this is something that could potentially lead to a change in the political equation in Russia. Whether it can actually unseat Putin, it cannot be done by just one region there would have to be others that will join in. And since these protests are not directly against Putin, but related to the governor, it is questionable how far they will go in actually changing the political situation in Russia, but at least they can serve to clarify the situation so that maybe the people and leaders in other regions begin to see that they need to demand greater autonomy.

We have said before that, in an ideal situation, Russia could potentially be divided so that the regions east of the Ural Mountains could form a separate nation. And this is of course, a potential although not realistic in the short term. It is not necessary that it comes to pass but you consider the vastness of Russia and the differences in culture and geography and you see that it is certainly one logical outcome of the situation in Russia.


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How to deal with a person who doesn’t want to live

Question: My daughter developed schizophrenia and she does not want to live. How can I work with my psychology? And how can I help my daughter psychologically? What kind of trauma is the key here? And what needs to be resolved in the first place? I’ve tried various methods including prayers invocations, casting out the spirits of sickness in the name of Jesus Christ and I Am, and others, but this is not enough. There is a feeling that the more I invoke light, the worse the situation with my daughter gets.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

You have to recognize here that no prayers, decrees or invocations will work against a person’s free will. That is why there are some situations where the more you invoke light, the worse it seems to become because the light is having an effect on the person and the person does not want to make the choice to shift back into a positive attitude to life. And therefore, the light is agitating the person or the demons or entities that are possessing the person and causing the person to act out in more extreme ways.

There can be necessary in such situations, to take a break from invoking light on behalf of that person. It can be necessary in cases like this, and I’m here speaking generally for people who are in the similar situation, that you stop focusing on the other person, but you instead focus on yourself and your own psychology and seek to resolve your own psychology. You also can focus on and make calls for the resolution of any karma you have with that person.

I know that it will be a difficult message for some people to hear but you live in a world where free will is the ultimate law. There can be situations where people do not want to live and you of course feel compelled to save them from this condition so that they will continue to live because you do not want your loved ones to die. But there can be cases where it can be necessary to allow a person to die because that is the only way that the lifestream can learn its lesson. Namely, that suicide or even dying does not free you from the condition you’re in because you carry your psychology with you.

I’m not hereby encouraging anybody to let people commit suicide or allow them to die. But I’m saying that there’s a point where you need to stop using spiritual tools. I’m not talking about breaking the law. But I’m saying that if you’re decrees and invocations are agitating the situation, it can be necessary to stop using them and let the situation run its course.

What you can do is work on your own psychology and seek to resolve the reactions that come up in you to the entire situation. This can be very subtle and very profound things about how you look at other people, how you look at yourself and your responsibility towards other people. You need to recognize here that you live on a very dark planet, a very chaotic planet. You look again at history and you can see how many people have been severely traumatized in past lives. There are people who come into embodiment today who carry with them these very deep traumas from a recent embodiment.

Your responsibility may not be to save that person or heal that trauma because it isn’t possible. Sometimes your responsibility is to give that person an opportunity to seek healing. But if the person does not want to use that opportunity, then that can be the end of your responsibility towards that person. I’m saying this so you can deal with these feelings of responsibility, of guilt and of hopelessness and despair of not being able to help another person.

There are times where there will be people who are close to you or even people you encounter in your work, that you simply cannot help. And you must therefore, simply watch as they do whatever they do of self-destructive actions. Again, I’m not talking about breaking the law and allowing someone to commit suicide against the law. But there comes a point where you need to let go of your responsibility towards another person and allow free will to outplay itself.

I’m not saying this is your first cause of action, but you have all obviously already taken actions. What you must do is step back from the situation and say, I will focus on working on my own psychology. And if you do this, there may sometimes come an inner intuitive insight that now that you have resolved something in yourself, you can approach the other person in a different way. And this may enable you to help that person in a way you could not have done before because your psychology caused a certain reaction in you and that blocked you from helping that person.


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The challenges of being a single parent 

Question: The woman gives birth to a child and the husband leaves the family. A woman gives all her strengths into raising a child, goes to work to provide for a child. A child stays with a grandfather, grandmother or nanny, but the child grows up with a feeling of being useless, inferior. In adolescence, the child becomes aggressive, alienated and explicitly disobeying his mother. What can a mother do to help her child take the spiritual path, regardless of the circumstances in which the child grows up so that the child does not destroy himself?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well my beloved, I fully understand the difficulty that many single mothers go through, especially in the poorer nations, but even in the more affluent nations. When you are a single provider for one or several children, how do you have energy and attention left over to spend time with the child and give the child the sense that it is important and that it matters. In many cases, this sense of not being important comes from the child feeling abandoned by the father, but since the father is not around the child, when it becomes a teenager takes it out on the mother.

However, for those who are open to the spiritual path, you can follow the advice I gave in my recent dictation where I said, work on your own psychology and seek ways to help your child work on his or her psychology. And that will for some women have a positive impact. But for those who are not open to the spiritual path, there is not much I can suggest, they would not be open to it anyway. Of course, again an awareness of psychology is the only solution here.


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The generational conflict in a family 

Question: The issue of generational conflict. My mother was born after the war. My daughter was born at the beginning of the 21st century. I love both of them very much but there is a constant conflict between them. I cannot take sides but I really want them to find a common language. Both of them do not believe in the teachings of the ascended masters. What are the calls for resolving such conflicts?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, again, the ultimate way to help them was to help both of them or at least your daughter see the value of healing psychology. This could have a positive impact where your mother might be too old, might be too set in her ways to work on her psychology but if your daughter could do it, she could stop having as confrontational of a relationship with her grandmother.

Now you can also work on your own psychology and say: “Why do you feel powerless to do something about this? Why do you feel that it is either a matter of taking sides or not doing anything?” If you can resolve certain things in your own psychology, you can certainly help at least your daughter and perhaps even your mother, adopt a different approach a different attitude to each other. In terms of making calls, well you can give invocations on their behalf for the resolution of psychology, but I suggest giving the violet flame to consume karma that they have with each other.

It is not so that you can necessarily thereby heal the relationship because they have to be willing to consciously change. But if you can consume some of the karma that causes this conflict and has caused them to be in conflict in several embodiments, then perhaps they will be able to make that conscious change which they cannot do now. There is of course a more realistic hope that your daughter can do this as she grows older and matures and hopefully can start working on her psychology and realizing that there really is no point in her fighting with her grandmother in the few years her grandmother still has left to live.


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What beliefs are behind the female genital mutilation?

Question: What beliefs and ideas are behind the mutilation of women’s organs. What do people need to recognize in Islamic nations in the Middle East and in African countries to end this inhumanity?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, the ideas behind this actually go very, very far back beyond recorded history. They go into things that we have never even really talked about, certainly not in this dispensation, but a little bit in the previous dispensation of the Summit Lighthouse, where we talked more about the persecution of women on Lemuria and Atlantis, the murder of the Divine Mother, and so forth and so on.

But in recorded history, it can obviously be traced back to the Old Testament, the view that women caused the fall, that Eve caused the fall of Adam and therefore women are responsible for the fall of mankind. This has caused some cultures, some groups of people to believe that eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden was a symbol for Adam and Eve having sex in the Garden of Eden.

And therefore, some believe that sex is sinful, inherently sinful and that what caused Eve to seduce Adam was that she wanted sexual pleasure for herself. And this sexual pleasure is centered in the clitoris and therefore when that is surgically removed, women cannot have sexual pleasure and therefore they cannot seduce men, they will not have the same drive to seduce men and lead men into sin. There are also some that believe that women should be punished for the fall of man by not being allowed to have sexual pleasure.

All of these ideas are completely wrong. They are complete lies and illusions out of touch with reality. They have nothing to do with divine revelation but they originate with the fallen beings who are only seeking to create division and chaos and put women down.

So what needs to happen in Muslim countries and African nations? Well, ultimately these beliefs need to be challenged but because these beliefs are so interwoven with Islam, even though they are not in the original revelation given through Mohammed, it is difficult to eradicate them.

The best opportunity to eradicate this is an increase in the level of the basic humanity. And as we have talked about before, it must start with mothers who have had their own genitals mutilated, who have experienced this as a very traumatic experience, for many the most traumatic experience in their lives. And they will awaken to their own humanity and say: “I will not do this to my own daughters.” And as they refuse to do so, it will begin to have more of an impact, because the men also will not want to do this.

Many men will not want to do this, some of course will, but if women say: “I will not allow this to happen to our daughter, if you want it done, you do it, you take her.” That can begin to have an impact where men also will directly experience the trauma their daughters go through, and they will not be able to continue it. Unfortunately, the realistic scenario is that many more young girls will have to suffer in these nations before the practice is fully abandoned. This is an unfortunate reality on a planet like earth.


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Spiritual perspective on telegony

Question: Is telegony real?

Telegony (by Wikipedia) is a theory of heredity, holding that offspring can inherit the characteristics of a previous mate of the female parent. Thus the child of a woman might partake of traits of a previous sexual partner. Experiments in the late 19th century on several species failed to provide evidence that offspring would inherit any character from their mother’s previous mates. It was superseded by the rediscovery of Mendelian inheritance and the Boveri–Sutton chromosome theory. Although no evidence exists of any true genetic mechanism of heritance. A similar phenomenon whereby environmental non-genetic traits of a prior mate affected the development of a subsequent mates offspring was recently discovered in species of fly.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, as you can see, even from this quote, the theory was developed before there was the modern understanding of genes. So that was why it was believed that certain traits from a sexual partner could be physically inherited by the child of a woman. This of course, isn’t the case. When there is no gene from the sperm of a previous sexual partner that fertilizes the egg there can be no genetic transference.

However, when you look at the fact that you have energy bodies, then it is possible that a woman can have had a previous sexual partner that has affected her energy field. In extreme cases, which most of you don’t need to worry about, there could be a demon from the male partner that invaded the woman’s energy field and is still there. There could be discarnates, who have done the same. In a more realistic, more common scenario there could be separate selves from the previous partner that has invaded the woman’s energy field, or the woman could have created separate selves as a reaction to the previous partner.

So whatever you carry in your energy fields can obviously have some influence on the emotional, mental and identity bodies of the child. How big that influence will depend on the child’s level of awareness, it’s vulnerability, whether it has deep wounds from past lives, then it might take on more both from the mother and what is in her energy field.

So you could say that if you have had a previous sexual partner where you had a sense that there was some negative energy or some negative beliefs that you might have taken on from this, it might have been a traumatic experience for you, then you would do well to use spiritual tools and even psychological tools to cleanse your energy field, heal your psychology. You could do this before you have children, you can do it after because from the moment you have cleared your energy field, it obviously will not affect your children as much. And you can also use the tools to clear the energy field of your child from this influence. So this is something that can be valid to do, but it is strictly on the energetic level that there can be a transference.


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The concept of the soulless beings

Question: Does everyone in embodiment have a soul? Does everyone have a threefold flame? Would the ascended masters care to give some progressive revelation around the Great Divine Director’s teaching in the Summit about soulless beings?

Answer from the Ascended Master The Great Divine Director through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Again, you need to recognize here that progressive revelation is progressive. This means that if you go back to previous dispensations, what was given at the time, was what could be given at the time given the level of the collective consciousness and how words and spiritual concepts were used and understood. So, what we gave through the Summit Lighthouse was this concept of the soulless beings, the soulless one. This is basically what we today call fallen beings. The reason for this was that at the time of the Summit Lighthouse, the word “soul” was generally (when you look at the planet as a whole) used in an uncritical way. It was believed, even by many teachings in the East that talk about reincarnation, that there is a soul that was created in heaven, that descended into embodiment and it kept incarnating.

So, what was given in the Summit Lighthouse was that fallen beings could come to a point where they no longer had a soul. We also gave many more teachings in the Summit Lighthouse about the threefold flame, where the light, the energy from your I AM Presence descends into the secret chamber of the heart chakra which is behind the heart chakra. It springs out of a white unit of light, it then splits into these three colors, the pink, the blue and the yellow, representing love, wisdom and power. It was said that a fallen being loses its threefold flame. There were also teachings given that there are people who are in a physical body who do not have a threefold flame because they belong to what was called mechanization man. These were people who did not really have a spiritual potential.

Now, today we have as a result of progressive revelation, we have given some teachings that distinguishes “what you really are,” that gives a more nuanced, more profound teaching about what kind of a being you are. In these teachings we have chosen to not really talk about soul anymore. We have said that what actually is created out of the I AM Presence and what descends, is the Conscious You. As the Conscious You prepares to take embodiment in an unascended sphere, it creates an identity body, a mental body and an emotional body. This is what we today have called the soul even though we normally use the terminology, your three higher bodies or your four lower bodies including the physical. This is simply to give you the idea, which is a higher understanding than could be given in the Summit Lighthouse, that there is a part of you that descended and it is that part that will again ascend.

But all of these outer aspects, which we today now call the separate selves cannot ascend. So, what we have given you now is this teaching that you need to let all of these things fall away before you can ascend. As was just said, Jesus said: “If you seek to save your life, you shall lose it.” So, basically you could say that you have to be willing to die for the sake of following Christ, you have to be willing to let your mortal sense of identity die, your outer selves die. This is a teaching that for a variety of reasons we did not feel could be given at the time of the Summit Lighthouse because the collective consciousness was not there, people were not ready for it, even the students were not ready for it.

So, you cannot necessarily as we have talked about before, take one teaching and in a linear mindset transfer it to another teaching. But there is really no contradiction here. What we today call fallen beings is what was previously called fallen angels. We have switched to saying fallen beings because we have now given you the teaching of the spheres, that there were spheres before this one where beings fell. Therefore, you realize that it was not angels in heaven that fell. It was beings in an unascended sphere. Logically, and many students have wondered about this including this messenger, how could an angel fall? How could there be a war in heaven where Archangel Michael would have to fight other angels as it says in the book of Revelation? So, you see here that this is a deeper teaching, but it does not necessarily contradict what was said before, if you realize that the soulless one refers to a fallen being who had lost its threefold flame, its spark of life and therefore could not be considered a normal human being.

You can also say that there were the mechanization men who did not have that threefold flame and therefore did not have the same potential. They could receive a threefold flame, but they did not really have the same potential. This is something we have chosen not to really expound upon in this dispensation, because it is something that some people have used to create a sense of prejudice and discrimination against certain groups of people. We have previously said that many people in the Middle East are these laggard evolutions. Some of them are mechanization men who do not have a threefold flame. But we no longer want to focus on this because we would rather focus on the fact that all people have a potential to transcend themselves.

You could therefore say that as we use the terminology today, all people in embodiment have a soul in terms of they have an emotional, mental and identity body, otherwise you cannot be in embodiment. Even fallen beings have an emotional, mental and identity body or they could not have a physical body, because the physical body is a projection from the three higher bodies, it does not exist independently. You cannot have a physical body that does not have an emotional, mental and identity body, it cannot be done.

You can have a physical body that does not have a Conscious You residing in it, it basically functions to some degree at the level of an animal even though it can have a certain higher programming because of the three higher bodies. This is again a topic that we have chosen to not expound upon in this dispensation for various reasons. First of all, that we want to focus on all people having a potential to transcend themselves, which they do. It isn’t necessarily realistic that all people will do so, but it is more constructive for you to focus on this, focus on your own growth and self-transcendence and pulling up as many people as possible because this is what will change the planet.


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The Golden Fleece and a fountain of youth

Question: In the decrees and invocations that talk about the Golden Fleece and a fountain of youth, what do these terms mean spiritually?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Okay, so I will address this because I sense the masters want me to just go over this quickly. There are certain decrees and invocations where they talk about these concepts. They use these words, there are not very many. And it’s partly because they rhyme. You have to understand that when a decree is given that rhymes, you have to find words that rhyme with other words. That’s one requirement. And so there are sometimes a limited number of words, but they are also sometimes that the masters want to use a certain concept that has been used historically.

And the Golden Fleece goes back to Ancient Greece where there was, if I remember correctly, there was this in Greek mythology, there’s somebody who had this fleece, this skin of an animal that was made out of gold. And if I remember, it could even grow gold. So it’s a symbol of abundance. And from a spiritual perspective, the Golden Fleece is, in a sense a symbol of nature’s abundance, you put one grain of wheat in the ground and you get 20 in return. It’s the multiplication of the talents and the fact that the mother wants to nurture us if we allow her to do so.

The Fountain of Youth is, if I remember correctly, basically a concept that comes from South America where when the Spanish Conquistadores came over there, they heard about the Incas and the Mayans who had this myth about there being this spring somewhere in the jungle or in the mountains, where if you jumped into it, you would receive immortal life. And that’s basically a symbol for the Christ Consciousness. Also, spiritual growth in general, but specifically the Christ Consciousness, that’s the fountain of youth. That’s the only thing that can give you immortal life. You cannot receive that through the ego.

And of course, the fallen beings have perverted this, and many people have perverted it, they think somewhere there is this physical thing called the Golden Fleece, or the goose that lays the golden egg and if I could just capture that, then I would have unlimited riches. Or they think: “If I could just find that Fountain of Youth and jump into it then I would receive physical immortality.” It has never been talked about physical immortality, and not even really about material abundance.


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Spiritual potential of France 

Question: What can be done spiritually to move forward the nation of France?

Answer from the Ascended MasterSaint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, this is a difficult question in the sense that you can say at what level are you asking the question? Are you asking at the level of the few people in France who are open to ascended master teachings? There are so few that are open to ascended master teachings that you cannot have a major impact in the short term on the nation. You can of course do something positive by giving invocations and decrees by raising your consciousness. But there are still so few ascended master students, whether from this or other dispensations, in France that it will take a long time before you see any results of this, you may not even see it in this lifetime.

France is sort of a challenging nation for me and my plans for the golden age. There has been progress in the nation of France, even in terms of recognizing the basic humanity but not so much the essential humanity.

France is still very much trapped in not having freed itself from the Catholic past and having too many people who have been blinded by materialism, even socialism, or some of these more black and white, almost fascist belief systems. So when you look at the population of France, you see some very big contradictions: many people who are still firmly in the Catholic belief system, many who are still in a socialist belief system even though socialism is essentially dead, and many who are just trapped in a materialistic way of looking at life and so there is not that much unity in France. This is what prevents the nation from actually moving decisively into the golden age, and even having a greater impact in Europe.

The French also have a peculiar mentality that they haven’t quite dealt with. It’s a mentality that is, in some ways similar to what you’ll find in Britain, and in Germany. There is that sense of superiority. There’s the sense that France is or should be an important nation.

You can look back at history, you can look at various things that people used to say: “Look, France did this.” There was the French Revolution, there was democracy, there was Voltaire, Rousseau, the philosophers, there was all of this that shows that we are a highly developed civilized nation. There is technology, there is all of these things that people point to. But what drives this is not really a sense of humanity, a sense of oneness. It’s sort of a desire to set yourself above other people, and a sense that they should recognize your superiority. And if they don’t, it’s because they are not as sophisticated, as civilized as you are. I’m not talking about spiritual people, I’m talking about the French collective consciousness. And there is this sense that people should then be forced to recognize us. And this affects how France relates to the rest of Europe, even the European Union.

Now you can all see when you look at history going back before the First World War, the three nations of France, Germany and England had that sense of superiority. And they were the ones who were the primary reasons for the First World War and the Second World War, it was this sense of superiority. And quite frankly, Britain still has it, France still has an aspect of it, and the only nation that has really made sincere efforts to move beyond it is Germany. And that is why if you look at Europe today, you can say that France thinks it is or should be seen as the leading nation in Europe.

But in reality, the leading nation in Europe is Germany. And the reason for this is that Germany has, more than most other nations in Europe, adapted this attitude of what you can call “servant leadership”. The Germans are not serving from a sense of superiority, they are serving from a sense of wanting to give service. The French could make that transition, but they haven’t. They haven’t done it. And that’s why they can’t be considered the leaders of Europe.

So what can be done spiritually? Well, you can make calls for this. You could hold the vision for this, but from a realistic perspective it will take time before France makes this transition. It is not an easy task because as I said, we simply don’t have enough people in France who are open to ascended master teachings or even spiritual ideas in general. The realistic scenario is that France needs to receive some hard knocks, before the collective consciousness can shift and the French people can adopt this servant role that the German people have been more willing to adopt. I’m not saying all German people have done it, but a critical mass of them have.

There are also some of the smaller nations that have adopted more of this kind of a role, where they’re not always thinking about themselves first, but looking at how they can make a contribution to Europe and even the world.


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About the invocations for the Divine Mother

Question: Can you tell me how can I apply the invocations in my daily life that we invoke during this conference, and for what purpose can I use them?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, I think these invocations, these four invocations for the Divine Mother, I think they were given back in 2012 or maybe 2011. So I’m actually surprised when I read them today and see that they already contained these teachings about the separate selves. So I would say that they are actually very good for helping shift awareness. I’m not saying that all of you need them if you have made use of the latest teachings in healing your spiritual traumas and forward. You don’t necessarily need them, but it might still help shift your mind to give these invocations or to even read them carefully, because some of the statements are kind of like koans, enigmas that are meant to trick the linear mind.

So I would say that they’re very, very good for neutralizing the linear mind so you can get beyond that linear mind. They also good for dealing with hatred of the mother, our sense of resentment towards being in physical embodiment. So, you could do a vigil, where you took these four invocations, and you could give one one day one the next, the third the third day, the fourth the fourth day and then start over. And you could do that so you’re giving each invocation nine times for example, I think that would have a positive impact on many people in terms of shifting that identification we have with the linear mind.


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“Let it be” by The Beatles 

Question: Was the song: “Let It Be” by The Beatles inspired by Mother Mary? The lyrics would seem to suggest that, “When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom, let it be” and so forth and so on.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

So Mother Mary will say: No, The Beatles were not able to attune to my consciousness or the consciousness of any other ascended master. 


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Can I Am Presence send more than one Conscious You into embodiment? 

Question: Please address the idea of one I AM Presence sending more than one soul into embodiment simultaneously. Do these souls maintain a group soul relationship throughout multiple embodiments. What else do they share?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, obviously, these lifestreams, I will not say souls because as we use it today, we’re saying the soul is the four lower bodies that the Conscious You creates. So these lifestreams share the I AM Presence. They may also share certain characteristics. But you need to recognize that this doesn’t mean that you can now start looking for your spiritual family as these other Conscious You’s that were part of your own I AM Presence. Because why would the I AM Presence send more than one Conscious You into embodiment in an unascended sphere? It’s because It wants to have different experiences.

So if It wants to have different experiences, would It send two Conscious Yous to the same planet? So these Conscious You are usually spread out. I’m not saying that every I AM Presence sends more than one Conscious You but they are usually spread out on different planets so that they don’t come in into physical contact with each other. I’m not saying it can’t happen on rare occasions, it’s something that can be said to have had a certain impact on the twin flame concept, but it is not normal that this happens.


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Death of the Conscious You?

Question: When we ascend, does the conscious self merge and become one with the I AM Presence? If so, does the conscious self still have a separate sense of self apart from the I AM presence after the ascension? Do the ascended masters have a conscious self in the same way unascended beings do?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well again, I’ll address that because if you’re really interested in this question, you should read Guru Ma’s book: “Don’t Drink Your Own Kool Aid”, because she talks about it in there and gives actually the most detailed teachings that the masters have yet given on the Conscious You and the I AM Presence. The short answer is that when you ascend, the conscious self does merge, it becomes one with the I AM Presence. It sort of merges back into the I AM presence. The question says, “Does the conscious self still have a separate sense of self apart from the I AM Presence after the ascension?” Well, no, because it merges into the I AM Presence. But basically, you could also say, the conscious self stops existing—it’s not there anymore. It’s just the I AM Presence. That’s what Gautama talks about.

And so, do the ascended masters have a conscious self in the same way we do? No, obviously they don’t. That’s how you become ascended. The conscious self is like an extension of the I AM Presence, only created to go into embodiment in an un-ascended sphere. So when you ascend, there is no longer any need for it. And then you could say that the Conscious You comes out of the I AM Presence, but when you ascend, it merges back into it.

So it only has sort of a temporary existence and what happens when you ascend is you realize I, let’s put it this way, you go into duality. Or you start with a limited sense of awareness and you think you are all of these selves you create in order to be in embodiment on earth, or whatever planet you’re on, even a natural planet. So you think you are this, when you go into duality, you think you are the separate self, you identify yourself as a separate self. So what the masters have done is they’ve given us this concept of the Conscious You in order to help us separate from all of those separate selves. Jesus actually described the process 2,000 years ago when he talked about: “He who seeks to save his life shall lose it, but he who is willing to lose his life for My sake shall find it.” In other words, if you are seeking to save the life of your separate selves, you’re going to lose eternal life because you can’t move on and you certainly can’t ascend. But if you are willing to let these separate selves die in order to follow Christ, to come closer to oneness, then you will win eternal life.

So, the Conscious You is sort of a concept they have given us to realize that we are more than these outer selves. And they have said that we are pure awareness, meaning the Conscious You doesn’t have any features and characteristics that can be described. So you could even say that what we have been told here is also a stage. So in other words, first you’re completely identified with the outer self, then you come to this realization: “I’m more than this outer self,” and then they have given us the concept of the Conscious You to help us realize: “Oh, I am not the outer personality. I’m not the outer self. I’m a Conscious You that isn’t bound by anything in this world of form because I’m pure awareness so I can’t be imprisoned by anything in this world.” But eventually when you ascend, you come to the realization: “Oh, I’m not the Conscious You, I am the I AM Presence. And then you have ascended. I don’t think you can fully realize that until you ascend. Maybe you can, but then I haven’t realized it yet.


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The positive example of other planets

Question: In the annals of cosmic history, is there an instance of a planet in a similar situation to earth today that eventually manifested a golden age and ultimately ascended? Were any of the ascended beings we know of today involved in that victory?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

I’ll just answer that because the masses have talked about it before that there are many, many planets, they haven’t really put a number on it that I can remember, but I imagine thousands if not millions of planets which have been in a similar situation to earth and have gone into a positive spiral.

The masters have also said that Sanat Kumara, has himself said that he has worked with several planets that were in a similar or even a worse situation than earth today. He actually called himself the “Cosmic Garbage Collector” in one dictation. So he has done this several times. And I’m sure there are other masters who have been involved with similar things.


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Transcending  traditional roles for men and women

Kim’s talk given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

I think I would just like to share something. You know, from a certain outer perspective, and there was even a separate self in my outer mind who says that, because I’m a man, I’m a male messenger, how can I take a dictation from the Divine Mother, from these female masters? And I sense that there may be even a reaction from the collective consciousness, maybe some women feel this way.

I’m not saying any of you on the broadcast but out there in society. And I also sense that there’s a certain reaction to the conference, maybe even from some of the men who are familiar with the teachings or participating in the conference of: “Well, if the next decade is all about the liberation of women, where does that leave us men?”

And what I sense in myself is simply this, that there comes a point on the spiritual path where you transcend these traditional roles for men and women. I don’t see myself as a man, I don’t identify myself as a man. Obviously, I have a male body I am in a male body. But I am not a man. I am a spiritual being. And I am beyond sexuality as it’s defined on earth.

And so I think that you, whether you are in a female body or a male body, you can contemplate the same thing and you can strive to come to that point where you realize that these teachings, at a certain outer level they are given specifically for women, but they also apply to those of us who are in a male body, we can also learn from them, we can also make use of them. We can also serve to help liberate women and liberate other men from the traditional male roles because that’s obviously another aspect of it.

So it isn’t all or nothing as such. I feel that in order to take any dictation whether it’s from a male or female master, I have to go into neutral, a neutral state of mind. And therefore, I can just as well take a dictation from the Divine Mother, as from Saint Germain. I think it’s the same with all of us—the masters are for practical reasons talking about the liberation of women but we who are in a male body are just as much part of that movement.

It’s not like, well, we just need to go hide ourselves for the next 10 years and wait for this cycle to be over so we can come back into the game. That’s not the way I see it at all. And I hope you don’t see it that way either. We need as spiritual people, as ascended master students, need to drive the change in consciousness and we do that by transcending the roles for men and women. So we see that the liberation of women is really not a woman’s issue. It’s not a female issue. It’s a spiritual issue that applies to all people on earth.


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Ask yourself: What would I like to do on this planet?

Question: I would like to know what you, Kim, usually do when you are not working as a messenger. Are there some interests in this your human life? I was just freed from most of the desires and things that I had before. I often can’t figure out how to fill the day in a new way.

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

So the person is saying that: “I have freed myself from most of the desires and things I had before and therefore I often cannot figure out how to fill the day in a new way. I am interested in your experience. One cannot work with psychology or dictations all day.”

And that is true. Well, when I was in my first years as a messenger I actually, especially after I had started the “AskRealJesus” website, I did work on it pretty much all day and sometimes all night. I was constantly, in most of my waking hours, working on new questions and new answers, putting them on the website, doing this, doing that. When I had dictations, I was working on that. And creating the websites and publishing the books and there were also some practical things I had to take care of, filling orders for the books, shipping them out. And of course, the practical things of eating, shopping, heating the house, cleaning up the house and all of these, maintaining the house, and so on.

There are some practical things I had to do. But when I wasn’t working on practical things, I was pretty much working on doing the websites and the books. And that lasted for quite a number of years, but there did come a point where I started realizing that I cannot continue to spend so much time in front of the computer. And it was partly because I think many people do not realize what my work actually consists of.

You can see that even if we have four or five conferences this year, it is only a few days that I travel to a conference and then there are three or four days for the conference where I take the dictations.

Then I go back home. And what I do most of the time at home is I edit and proofread text. I have people who are transcribing the dictations but when they send them to me, they have to be edited and proofread, then they have to be turned into books or they have to be put on the website and so on.

I have spent so much time editing and proofreading text that it came upon me, I started realizing that either my eyes or my brain, they have a limited capacity to do this. And that means that since I moved back to Denmark in 2014, I have started spending more time away from the computer. I have simply realized I need to spend time away from the computer.

What I simply do is I have come to a point where I have stopped having this black and white division in my mind that I had earlier, that certain activities are spiritual and certain activities are not spiritual. To me, everything I do is in a sense spiritual, because my whole life is spiritual. I am on the spiritual path and everything I do is part of my personal growth.

So, it is not so that I think that, when I am working on the books and the websites or taking dictations that is spiritual and when I am taking out the trash or shopping that is not spiritual. The distinction is meaningless to me now.

I have certain things I have always been interested in. I like doing something physical. I like building something. I remodel the house, I refurbish the house, I paint the walls, I build things outside the house, new entrance, roof over the terrace, and this and that. I like doing something that is physical because you see a physical result of it.

Julita and I usually take a walk every day to, or at least most days, to get out there and do some physical exercise. We do a little bit of boating and kayaking. When I was young, I enjoyed boating, I enjoyed building boats so I have some small boats.

Since I am back in Denmark, I grew up in a family of duck hunters, so I have taken that up again, because I wanted to see how I reacted to it psychologically, which has been a very good learning experience for me. But it is also a physical activity, very physical that gets me out in nature in the winter where you normally, because of the weather in Denmark, don’t like to go out.

Some will say that is not a spiritual activity. For me, it is just meaningless to make that kind of distinction. Because whatever you do is part of your spiritual growth and your part of your spiritual path. I would say it is true that you cannot work on psychology all day but in a sense, working on my personal psychology is sort of, and has been for many years, the background of my life.

There is always an undercurrent where, whenever a situation comes up, if I feel a reaction in me, I look at that reaction and I try to see where it comes from. And sometimes there is not an outer situation, I am just walking and some kind of thought or some kind of feeling comes to me and I say: “Okay, so where did that come from? Is there something I need to look at?”

In the last year or so, I have started realizing that sometimes I can have a feeling or reaction come up and it is actually not because I have a certain self, it is a projection from the outside. I realized that many of the thoughts that come into my mind, they are just produced by the mind, they have no real purpose.

I used to think when I was younger, that when a thought came into my mind, I had to accept that thought and I had to follow that thought. And that would create this whole string of associations where, you can sit down to relax and then a thought comes in. And you follow that thought, and it leads from this to this to this. And five minutes later, you realize: “Gosh, I’ve been thinking this whole time, starting with this original thought, my attention has been caught up in this loop.” And it really led to nowhere. So, I have started realizing that more, and I pay less attention to it. So, I have come to a point where, I do not actually always have to be doing something.

So, the question is, now that I have overcome most of my desires, and the things I had to do before, sometimes I cannot figure out how to fill the day. Well, I would say maybe look at the fact that we are brought up, we are programmed in our culture thinking we always have to be doing something, we always have to be active, we always have to be engaged in something. And personally, over the last year I have started questioning this: “Do I always have to be doing something that leads to some kind of result?”

I have described how I came to this experience of dissolving a separate self that probably was my primal self after coming to earth. What I felt, I always had to do something on earth. I had to do something. It had to make a difference that I was here. So, in the beginning years when I was a messenger, I felt I always had to be working. I always had to be working on the websites or the books, doing something that relates to spiritual growth and helping other people and helping the masters and getting the teachings out.

But now, I have come to start to question that. Do I always have to be doing something? Is it not enough that I am sometimes just here, that I am engaged in some kind of physical activity, and I am just absorbed in that activity? It doesn’t have to be that I’m doing something that leads to a particular result or particular outcome. It is like I’ve started getting better at doing what the Buddha has talked about several times where you disconnect your actions from a result. Instead of being focused on the result, you are focused more on the process.

Sometimes, I can actually sit down, and I am not thinking about something I should be doing or could be doing. It does not last very long before something comes and: “Oh, you should be doing this.” But I have gotten better at simply being present, being present in the moment, instead of always either doing something physically or doing something with the mind.

The mind, the linear intellectual mind, its greatest fear is that it becomes irrelevant, so it creates all of these scenarios where you always think if you are not doing something, you should be doing something. You should at least be thinking about what you could be doing. But why? Can we not just be, and be here, and be the open door for the light of the masters in the I AM Presence? This is still having an impact on the planet. But it is not technically what we normally see as doing something.

The other thing I realized is that as spiritual people—you know, the masters have said this several times—when we find a spiritual teaching, even an ascended master teaching, we have a certain level of consciousness. We have a certain mindset, and we transfer that to how we use the teaching. We, in essence, use the teaching to validate this, and I remember, especially when I was a child, when I was a teenager, I had this very strong sense that life should have a purpose. There should be a purpose for why I was on this planet, but I did not know what it was. So, it was a vacuum. I was living in a vacuum.

Then I found Yogananda’s book, which told me there is a spiritual path. I found the Transcendental Meditation movement, which talked about having an impact on the world by meditating. And then I found the ascended masters teachings, which also talked about having an impact on the world by giving decrees. I took that state of mind and felt that it was validated by the ascended masters that part of my purpose in life was to give all these decrees to transmute negative energy and therefore have a positive impact on the world.

I became very obsessive-compulsive about decreeing, and I gave hours of decrees a day. And I had periods where I would get up at five o’clock in the morning and decree for two hours and then go to work or do what I had to do. And then, I would decree for two or three hours in the evening. It became really obsessive-compulsive in periods. When I then became a messenger and started doing this, I transferred this. I always had to be doing something that was constructive, and the only way I could see that was that I was doing some outer physical activity.

But as I said, as I have resolved this self that I felt I had to do something on earth, I realized that it is not just when I am doing something that is supposed to be a spiritual activity that I am having a positive impact on the earth. Because the more I get rid of these separate selves, the more I become an open door for the energies from my I AM Presence. So, whatever I am engaged in, I am having a positive impact on the planet. The same goes for those of you who have resolved these selves.

So we are the open doors for the I AM Presence, for the energies of the masters. And it does not matter really what we are doing on an outer level. You can be reading a book—and I like to read books, I read quite a few books—and you are still having a positive impact on the planet because your mind is an open door for the I AM Presence. You may even be reading a book about a certain topic, and just by you putting your attention on it, energy can flow into it.

You can be doing many activities, and what I have come to realize here is that I used to have this idea—and this goes very far back, probably to my birth trauma—I used to have this belief that I am not on this planet to enjoy life on this planet. I did not come here to enjoy the things that you can do on planet Earth. I came here as a sacrifice because I wanted to raise the planet up and improve the planet. So basically, that gave me the belief that as a spiritual person, I should not be doing something that is pleasurable. In fact, I should feel a little bit guilty if I did something pleasurable and enjoyable.

In other words, I could not allow myself to say: “I would like to do this. I would like to experience what it is like to do this, and therefore, I am doing it.” And it is just as spiritual as anything else. I felt I could not allow myself to do this. I felt—and it was very much reinforced by the culture in the Summit Lighthouse—that I should set aside all of these pleasurable activities, and I should only do what served the masters or what has something to do with my spiritual mission and my spiritual growth. That was all I should be doing. And I did this for many years, and I am not saying it did not lead to a certain growth, but there also came a point where I realized this also has a certain limitation.

There is a limit to how far you can go on the path with this approach. What I have done in recent years, especially after I started working on this primal self and the other selves, is I have said: “But I am on earth right now. There are certain things you can do on earth that you can only do on earth, that you cannot do on a natural planet, and if I have a desire to experience that and enjoy that, why should I not do it? Why is it unspiritual to do this?” I am not talking about harming other people.

But why not? Why is this not a spiritual activity? This means that I can now look at life, and I can say: “Is there something on this planet that I would like to do, like to experience, before I permanently leave this planet behind? And if there is, why is it anti-spiritual to do it, and why is it anti-spiritual to enjoy it?”

I think we, as spiritual people, sometimes we become way too black-and-white in how we look at life on this planet. And we feel that we cannot really allow ourselves to enjoy life, to engage in life and to just do it. It goes for many aspects of life. It could be many aspects of life that we do not feel we should engage in, but I think there comes this point where you realize that you are not doing something because you have some compulsion to do it. You are not having a separate self that drives you to do this activity. So, you are not caught in this spiral of wanting more and more, and it is never enough. You are doing it as part of your process of ascending from this planet, as part of your process of coming to the point where you can say: “I have lived on this planet for a long time, and I have engaged in some of the activities you can do here. I have enjoyed them fully, and I am done with it. And therefore, I am done with life on this planet.”

In other words, it is not just negative that you want to get away from the planet, because I can see that when I was younger, I was driven by the fact that there were so many things on earth that disturbed me that I just wanted to get away from. My main motivation for seeking my ascension was to get out of here, get away from all this nonsense that is going on on this planet. But now, I have come to the point where I have a more positive view of life on this planet, and I realize there are certain activities that have a certain enjoyment. It may not be an ultimate enjoyment compared to what you can have on a natural planet, what you can have when you ascend, but while you are on earth, why would you not engage in life with a positive outlook and enjoy it? When you are not compelled to do it, it is not anti-spiritual; it is not unspiritual.

I think you can allow yourself to say: “What would I like to do on this planet?” Then you do it. You do not feel guilty about it. You do not feel it is unspiritual. You do not feel you should be doing something else. It is almost as if your life becomes spontaneous. Before, a few years ago, I had used the masters’ teachings to evaluate everything I did. Should I do this? Should I not do that? I was always thinking, there was always a thinking process evaluating before I did it whether I should be doing it or not. Quite frankly, that came from a separate self. I see that very clearly now. I could not have seen it five years ago, but I see it now.

Now, there is no evaluation process. If I feel like it, I do it. A few months ago, on one of the first warm spring days, I felt like driving down to the nearest town. I had to go shopping anyway, but I felt like buying an ice cream, and walking out on the marina, and looking at the boats while I was eating this ice cream and enjoying the sunshine. Well, back in the Summit days, I would not have done that because there was sugar in that ice cream, and I should not be eating sugar. But now I just did it, and I just enjoyed it, and I did not feel guilty about it. I do not think it was an anti- spiritual activity to enjoy the spring sun while eating an ice cream. I think you can take a new look at life on the planet based on overcoming these separate selves and allow yourself to enjoy it, to enjoy life, to choose what you want to do, or to let it come spontaneously. It is much more enjoyable.


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Free will choices of other people can influence what happens to you

Question:  Is it true that we are the creators of our own reality to the extent that everything we experience in the manifest world has been created by us in our three higher bodies, through our beliefs, thoughts and emotions prior to our experiencing it? This would include all of our most negative experiences, everything that has been perpetrated on us by the fallen beings, everything that has happened to us while we have been in physical embodiment. Have we somehow made ourselves a vibrational match to it prior to it happening? Or can something happen to us that we have not created and when we are not a vibrational match to it?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, I will answer that because the masters have given certain dictations over the last few years where they have said that, first of all, you live in a world where there are other self-aware beings with free will than yourself, so it is possible that somebody can choose to do something to you that you really haven not created yourself, and so you need to recognize that you live on a planet where there are many other people and their free will choices will also influence what happens to you. It is not just your freewill choices. The other thing is that you of course live on an unnatural planet where many people are in the duality consciousness.

This planet is very, very chaotic and of course you live on a planet that is under the influence of fallen beings so, for example, you can see what they have said about avatars. You come onto earth as an avatar and you are exposed to this very, very traumatic event that gives you this cosmic birth trauma and makes you create this primal self. You did not have this in your being when you came as an avatar. You did not create a vibrational matrix in your three higher bodies that corresponded to what the fallen beings did to you, so this was perpetrated upon you by the fallen beings. Now, what we have created since then is that we have created in our three higher bodies all of these separate selves that are reacting to conditions on earth. What we can say now that we have created these selves is that, in many cases, we may have a self that has a certain belief that bad things can happen to us and this may very well precipitate these things happening to us because we need to come to the point where we see the self and let go of it.

Even so, we still live on a chaotic planet with free will, and so we have to find a delicate balance where we have to say: “I take responsibility for my own state of consciousness. I realized that my own state of consciousness will have some influence on what happens to me.” But there comes a point on the spiritual path where you realize that not everything that happens to you can be explained by something in your own state of consciousness. What you do at this point is you start looking at: “It is actually not what happens to me that is determined by my consciousness, but my reaction to what happens is determined by my consciousness.”

And this is where you can come to a point where you realize that the next phase for you is to work on changing your reactions to anything that happens on Earth. You overcome your reactionary patterns which all spring from a separate self. So when something happens to you it is not so much that you need to say: “Do I really have something that negative in my consciousness that corresponds to this event?” but you can look at your reaction and say: “What can my reaction tell me about the separate selves I have?” and then you work on that, you come to see that and you let the separate self die.

You need to come to a point on the spiritual path where things can happen to you that are not necessarily positive but you do not react to them anymore, you have no reaction to it, you have as little reaction as possible. This is what is illustrated in the story of Jesus and the Buddha where Jesus said: “The prince of this world cometh and has nothing in me,” and the Buddha was under the Bodhi Tree being confronted by the demons of mara and they tried to create some kind of reaction in him.

This is the more constructive point when you have walked the path for a while and can come to a point where you sense you have basically balanced your karma and so what happens to you is not a result of your karma or something you did in the past, but you can still use it as an opportunity to look at your reaction to it. We have to recognize that while we are still on earth, which is an unnatural planet, we have to allow free will to out play itself and this means that we can be exposed to certain situations.

You can say some people have been impacted by the corona situation, some people have lost their jobs. You could go in and say: “Oh, is this me personally that has something negative in my being that caused me to lose my job?” But you could also say: “Is it really just simply an outplaying of the collective consciousness that caused this epidemic and maybe my personal role in this is to look at my reaction, and to look at what is the opportunity I could get out of this happening? Is there maybe a new direction I can put my life in? And could I overcome some separate selves that would help me overcome the reaction so that I can see this opportunity, I can see this as an opportunity, and I can see the new direction I can go in.”

It is just one of one many examples, where you look at your reactionary patterns. Your reactionary patterns will often block you from seeing whatever happens as an opportunity. We have to be aware also that sometimes things can be an opportunity. For example, if you lose a job, it can be because it is time in your Divine plan to find a different way to make a living, maybe even a different career path. And so, if you allow your separate selves to cause you to react to the situation, then you cannot see this as an opportunity. You cannot see the doors that are opening. But if you overcome those reactionary patterns, then you can see it as a new opportunity and say: “What is the new direction I could go in with my life? And how could I turn the current situation into an opportunity for growth?”


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Child sex trafficking

Question: The issue of child sex trafficking. A lot is in the news about sex offenders and the powerful elite. This has been hushed up well for many decades. Will there be full accountability from the perpetrators and besides making calls to expose this consciousness, what else can we as ascended master students do to continue to expose this sickness and hopefully eradicate it from the planet altogether? I don’t think it will be part of the golden age.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

No, of course this will not be part of the golden age. What you can do as ascended master students is continue to make calls for this, make calls for the exposure of the dynamic behind it. Will there be full accountability for the perpetrators? Well, of course there will be in a karmic sense. These people will generate very much negative energy, they will lower their own state of consciousness, they will tie themselves to the fallen beings who are behind all of this and they will not escape accountability.

Now, whether there will be a public accountability in the public awareness or in a courts of law on earth is another matter. It is clear that many of these powerful people know how to manipulate the system and escape accountability for this. Again, you can make the calls for the binding of the demons, the fallen beings, the collective beasts behind this that are preventing the exposure of it. But still it is likely that some of them will be able to escape accountability.

What you can make the calls for is that people will begin to see that of course the sexual exploitation of children, no matter who does it, is not in accordance with the basic humanity. No child should be exposed to sexual exploitation from anyone whatsoever. And so you can make the calls for this to be seen, and this will gradually raise the collective awareness so that these practices will not be able to be tolerated or remain hidden and therefore some of these people will realize that time has run away from this.

You can also make the calls that there will be an exposure that this is, really has, only one purpose and it is to steal energy from these children who yet have a higher degree of innocence and therefore they have certain energies they can steal. You can make calls for the exposure of this entire mythology that has been created about virgins, that it is somehow desirable for men to have sex with a virgin. This is again because they steal energy from a person who has never had in this lifetime sexual activity, so there is some reality to it but the reality of course is not a positive one because why do these people, men or women, need to steal energy through sexual activity? It is because they have cut them off from getting it where all people should be getting energy, namely from their I Am Presences.

And so you can see that these beings, they are not all fallen beings, but they are certainly stepped into a realm of being energy vampires that are aggressively and with force stealing energy from other people. This of course is not in accordance with the essential humanity according to which all people should have the opportunity to live their lives without having their energy stolen by any external force, but it will be a little more long term that society will be able to recognize this. Of course it will be recognized when, as Saint Germain said, there will be the technology that will enable people to see directly how energy can be stolen and extracted from people’s energy fields through music, through sexual activity, through many other human activities.

There will come a point in a golden age where it will be possible to evaluate human activities based on the cost of the energy drain that it exposes people to, and this will create an entirely new awareness about what activities people want to go into. It is not something that in all cases will be the subject of laws where certain activities will be prohibited. It will simply be that society will realize that people need to know what the effects are before they engage in an activity and then society can allow people to make the choice, at least for some activities. Clearly sexually exploitation will, to a greater degree than it is now, be outlawed so that the punishment will be higher for those who can only be scared by the threat of exposure and punishment.


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How can we help to end female genital mutilation 

Question: Will there come a time when female genital mutilation becomes completely outlawed on earth? What can we do to hold the focus to bring about that reality?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, as Portia has already stated in her dictation, it’s clear that there will come a point where this is outlawed. What you can do if this is a concern to you is of course make the calls for it. You can make various calls, but certainly for the binding of the demons that are behind this, the fallen beings that are behind this, and even the collective beasts that are created in these countries where this is a practice that has been performed for a long time.

It is not necessarily demons in the collective consciousness, but there are these collective entities that people have created because they have believed in this practice, and they are fed by the negative energy that is produced when young girls are exposed to this very harmful practice, very traumatic practice. And you can make the calls for them to be bound, you can make the calls for all of this dynamic to be exposed so that people can begin to see it.

You can also make the calls, as Portia said, that women will be awakened to this basic humanity where they say: “This was one of the most traumatic experiences in my life and I, as a mother, cannot expose my own daughter to this. I simply cannot do this because it is not humane to do this. It was done to me but this should not be done to my own daughter.”


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About mass culture focused only on physical appearance

Question: Society has conditioned men to believe that the more feminine a woman looks, with makeup and dress and mannerisms, the more desirable she is. Is this because the fallen beings have made women to represent the material world, the omega aspect of men wanting to control that and have power over it?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well my beloved, to a large part it is correct that the fallen beings have created this mindset that a woman’s outer appearance is what makes that woman desirable to a man. This is of course a completely artificial mindset. Now, if you look upon this realistically from a certain biological perspective you would say: “What would make it desirable for a man to have sex with a woman?” From a purely biological perspective, it would be to produce offspring that had the best ability to survive, but would that necessarily be physical appearance, even in the present society?

Now you can go back to hunter-gatherer cultures and see that a woman’s look had very little to do with her ability to survive, but even today does it actually have anything to do with her ability to survive to bring forth healthy children? Would it not be so that intelligence, wisdom and the ability to know how to live a constructive life would be far more important, and what does the outer appearance have to do with this?

Now, of course you can go in and see that if you look at this from a spiritual perspective, what would make a man want to have children with a particular woman? It would not be related to the physical appearance of that woman, it would be related to her energy field and the energy field is not necessarily reflected in physical appearance.

If a spiritually inclined man was to evaluate a woman it will be based on: “Can she and I bring forth children that have the highest possible level of consciousness so that we can bring forth spiritual children that can help raise the collective consciousness?” This would be from a spiritual perspective what would make a woman desirable to a man, and of course a man desirable to a woman.

And when you understand this perspective you realize that what the fallen beings really want to do is to manipulate the relationship between men and women so that as few children as possible can be born who have a higher level of awareness, who have the potential to manifest and express Christ Consciousness in this lifetime.

This is their real hidden goal behind all of the other manipulations of the relationship between men and women and so from this perspective you can see that what the fallen beings have attempted to do is to create a situation where the relationship between men and women, the attraction between men and women, is based only on physical appearance. Does this mean that all men fall for this manipulation? Of course not. Does it mean that all women fall for it? Of course not, but the tendency is there and this is what they want to create by creating this mass culture that is only focused on physical appearance and certain manipulated ideals for beauty or sexuality.

If you really look at this, even from beyond the biological and spiritual perspective, but you are looking at it from a psychological perspective and you take a man who says: “What kind of woman would I want to have sex with?” Well would you not want to have sex with a woman who can give you the biggest sexual experience, the highest possible sexual experience? But would that necessarily be the woman who lives up to the current ideal of beauty?

Would it not rather be a woman that harmonized with you psychologically so that you could have the greatest possible degree of harmony, even oneness? This will lead to a higher sexual experience. You see again the fallen beings tried to manipulate everything, made it superficial, artificial and therefore, to make sure that people cannot actually have fulfillment out of the interaction between men and women, the relationship between men and women, even the sexual relationship between men and women. This is partly because they want to prevent Christed children but also because they just want to create chaos and prolong suffering.


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Music in the golden age 

Question:  I have noticed that many people need music to surround them all the time. For example, people like to listen to the radio in their workplace and cars. It is also constantly playing music in shopping centers and other shops etc. I like to listen to music myself, too, but since I started with the teachings of the ascended masters I sense that almost 99% of that music is lowering my vibration, and has a loop effect to get me caught in a closed circle. What is the psychological need for this to be surrounded by music and radio? For me it is very hard to find any uplifting or non-looping effect music, and it is difficult to be there where that kind of music plays. Can Saint Germain comment on this? Will there be more silence in the golden age?

Kim: I want to refer to the answer given yesterday by Mother Mary about music because it addresses this, why people have this need to always have noise, and also talks about music and that much music is not raising your vibration. This is actually what the person is sensing. But Saint Germain will still give some teachings and also comments on this.

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

In the golden age, music of course will be changed dramatically. It will be recognized, at least as we move further into the golden age, that music, as Mother Mary said, moves energy and that you have energy bodies, your emotional, mental and identity bodies, but that even the physical body is an energy body. Therefore music can have a profound influence on these four energy bodies and it can be a constructive influence or destructive influence.

There will come a point where you will have technology that can display the aura on a screen and you can directly see the effect of various types of music, so naturally this will be used to see what effect music has. There will come a point where you will have tools that can show that certain forms of music are so destructive that they can actually lead to physical diseases, and other forms of music are so destructive that they can lead to mental diseases such as depression.

Much of the music you have today, as many people have correctly intuited, lowers your energy, forces the energies down and it is clear if you made a scientific inquiry into this that you could see a connection between the prevalence, the spreading, of this kind of music and the increase in especially depression, but even other mental illnesses and disturbances.

If you look at some of the more destructive music that is out there today and if you could look at the auras of the people who are listening to this for most of their waking hours, you will see how there is a certain accumulation of dark energy in their auras that will pull their minds into feeling hopeless, disempowered and therefore leads to depression. This will all be clear in the golden age.

This will of course lead to the development of new types of music that have the purpose of furthering people’s raising of consciousness, furthering their spiritual development, and it is clear that this will be a major field in the golden age. Of course there will also in the golden age be more and more people who reach this point that Mother Mary talked about where they do not need any outer noise. They do not need even any music because they can use spiritual tools to tune in to their own higher selves, to the ascended masters and therefore have a mystical experience and they will want to have complete silence around them in order to have that mystical experience.

There will also be technology developed, as you now have a noise cancelling headphones, you can have technology that will cancel out all sound in a particular room so that without wearing headphones you can be in a room where there is no sound to disturb your meditation and visualization.


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About enemas

Question: I have a question for Jesus. In the gospel of peace, Jesus talks about what to do to clean up bowels by enemas, and ask the angel of water to clean it. How many times a month or in a week do we need to do these procedures so that they do not harm ourselves? And with what herbs or solutions are best to do this? Or was this advice given by Jesus at that time for the people of that time, and for disciples of that time, and do not need such procedures with bowel washing?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, you will notice that I have not, through this messenger or even through other messengers, recently referred to the gospel of peace. It is not actually a gospel that came from me, but it was something that was channeled from a source in the mental realm. Now, this is not to say that people cannot benefit from doing enemas if they feel intuitively moved to do so.

I do not wish to make a general statement about whether people should or should not do this. This is something you need to decide individually. And you simply need to look for someone who has experience with this who can recommend certain herbs, or you can experiment with this on your own. It is not something I want to give a general teaching about.


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The higher potential for philosophy 

Question: Mother Mary’s opening dictation has, among many other things, provided a severe challenge to the whole area of philosophy. This discipline has, at least in its Western form, to large parts from its very inception, deeply embraced linear thinking. My question is, what role can philosophy play in the golden age, if there is a place for it at all? How would philosophy have to change in order to play a more constructive role? What questions must philosophers address in the coming decades in order to facilitate a potential transformation of philosophy?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, we have in many dictations actually challenged current philosophy, at least current Western philosophy. We have talked about how this goes back to Aristotle, who did not recognize what was recognized by Plato that there is a realm beyond the material realm. And that, therefore, you cannot ultimately explain the material realm by looking only at the material realm. It is, as the example we have used, attempting to explain the cause of the tide by only looking at the ocean.

It was Aristotle who gave rise to this form of very linear thinking because he claimed that the material world is made of smaller components, and if you understand how the small components work, you can understand the whole. This gave rise to this attitude that you see in most Western philosophers where they believe that by using their minds in their present form they can come to rationalize and reason, and use logic and linear thinking to explain everything in the universe.

Now, if you study Western philosophers as this messenger has done, you will see that most of them think in a very similar way. They believe that they can sit there, wherever they are in the physical, but they can sit there and use their own minds to probe deeper and deeper aspects of how the world works without ever stepping outside of themselves and looking at their minds.

Very few Western philosophers have asked a question: “Is my mind limited? Is my mind, in its current state, in a limited state of consciousness at a limited level? And does my current state of consciousness limit what I can see? What I can know? What I can grasp? What I can experience about the universe? In other words, can my current level of consciousness grasp the totality of the universe? Or are there aspects of how the world functions that are simply beyond the observation horizon, on my current level of consciousness?”

These questions then lead on to the next question, which ties into what Portia said. That the essential humanity is that you have an opportunity to raise your consciousness. Very few Western philosophers have tuned into this, and this is the most severe limitation of Western philosophy. Then the need is to ask this question: “Is it possible for a human being to raise his or her consciousness beyond what is considered normal in the present time in the present society in the present culture? And can raising your consciousness then enable you to see, to grasp, to understand and experience something that you cannot currently see?”

This will then lead up to a broader question: “Is it really possible to do philosophy without understanding the workings of the mind, including the limitations of the mind and the potential for raising your consciousness? Is it even meaningful to start at a certain level of consciousness and then pursue philosophy by thinking that by using rationality and logic and reasoning you can expose all of the secrets of the universe? Does this give any meaning? Or should it instead be so that philosophers see themselves as mystics, who are first of all pursuing a process of raising their consciousness to a higher level before they even start doing philosophy, or certainly writing about philosophy?”

What you see about current Western philosophy is that there are, of course, philosophers who have used their intuition to see certain aspects of how the world works that are not incorrect. You can take some of the more prominent philosophers and you can see that, despite the fact that Western society is so enamored with rational thinking, there were philosophers who were willing and able to use their intuition and they gained certain insights.

But what you most often see is that these philosophers, they had certain things that they took for granted. And there is nothing wrong with this, as such, because you must start somewhere. You can go back to Immanuel Kant, who wrote his most famous book Critique of Pure Reason where he attempted to grapple with the limitation of reasoning and the mind. And you can say that he gained some valuable and valid insights, but you can also see that his entire philosophy is based on a certain foundation. There were certain things he took for granted: what he could see with his own level of consciousness, how his culture used language, the ideas, the concepts that were found in his culture.

You can say that, within the context of which Immanuel Kant did philosophy, he came up with many valid insights. But if you take the step of thinking that Immanuel Kant discovered some ultimate truth, some ultimate insight, some ultimate philosophy, and therefore his philosophy represents some absolute truth or some absolute achievement, then you have stepped into the realm that we might call the religious realm where you claim that something is ultimate.

In essence, no philosopher should ever make the claim of having discovered an ultimate truth. Truly what philosophers could benefit from doing is to recognize the potential for raising human consciousness. And also, again, as Portia said, use this perfect hindsight of looking at history and see that there has been a raising of the collective consciousness.

What can you do as a philosopher, living right now in this time? Well, you can first of all, recognize that your current state of consciousness is limited. And then you can seek to raise that on an individual level. When you have raised yourself beyond the level of the collective consciousness in your society, then you can bring forth some insights that will be valuable for other people in your society who have not raised their consciousness to that level. Therefore, your philosophy can help people individually raise their consciousness, but it can also help raise the collective consciousness of your society, which can then transform your society.

But you need to recognize that as your philosophy has an impact on your society, the primary impact will be that it raises the collective consciousness. And that means that something can now be brought forth that is higher than what you have been able to bring forth, at least with your present level of consciousness. That means that if you have time in your lifespan, you need to again go into a cycle of raising your consciousness. Then you might be able to bring forth something new. But you may also have reached the end of what you are capable of bringing forth because you are not willing to transcend your consciousness. And therefore there will be someone else who will pick up the torch and bring forth something new.

It is, again, exactly the same as we have sponsored several dispensations of ascended master organizations and teachings. And in each of them there are some that have believed that their messenger was capable of bringing forth the ultimate teaching that would stand for the next 2000 years.

This messenger has not made this claim and does not believe this, but realizes that as the teachings we have given through him begin to affect the collective consciousness, of course, we can bring forth a higher teaching. If he continues to raise his consciousness he can bring forth at least part of that higher teaching.

But there will come a point where there will be other messengers who will now be able to pick up on this and bring forth the next teaching. And that is simply how progressive revelation works. That is also how philosophy progresses, it is how science progresses, it is how religion ideally should progress. What you see is always that there is a historical process that drives progress. There is a force that drives progress. And this force is not a dualistic or dialectic force.

You know the philosopher Hegel came up with the idea that a thesis created an antithesis, and the interaction between the two led to a synthesis. This is actually not the full explanation here. The reality is that what we have called the force of the Holy Spirit or the river of life is what drives progress on earth. It is because the Earth is one among billions of planets where self-aware beings on the vast majority of these planets, these beings have made constructive upward choices of raising their consciousness constantly transcending themselves. This creates this force that pulls on the earth. It pulls the earth upwards, it pulls on the collective consciousness.

Now what creates the dialectic that Hegel correctly intuited is the duality consciousness. There is a force that drives progress, but progress often happens because there are two opposing polarities. It can be, as we have explained, an established power elite that opposes change and an aspiring power elite that seeks to bring about change but does so through force and violence. They often see themselves as opposing the established elite, rather than being truly attuned with the upward force. What you see here is that there is an underlying force that drives progress. But then there are, because so many people are still trapped in the duality consciousness, the emergence of these dualistic polarities that oppose each other. And this is what Hegel saw, that one dualistic polarity forms the thesis, the other dualistic polarity forms the antithesis, and the interaction between them creates a synthesis. But this synthesis is not created exclusively by these two forces. It is created by the upward force of the universe pulling the two dualistic polarities higher. It is not just a synthesis between these two polarities. There is that underlying force that pulls everything up. And that is what drives progress. There may then, when a new level has been reached in society, form another dualistic pair of polarities that becomes a new thesis and antithesis, and therefore, you can see that this process continues.

But as we move further into the golden age, as people become more aware of the dualistic dynamic and the epic mindset, and as the collective consciousness is raised, there will be less of this dialectical ping pong game. And the earth will go into a spiral of more upward growth that does not require these swings into the extremes. And therefore, there will no longer be, at a certain point, a thesis and an antithesis. There will simply be an upward moving growth where it is not necessary for people to go into these absurd extremes before they see a more balanced way to create growth.

There is, of course, much more that could be said about this, but certainly these thoughts in itself could put philosophy on an entirely new track that could bring it forward into the golden age. But I can tell you that as we move further into the golden age, philosophy will not be separated from mysticism because philosophers will no more be intellectuals that use only the reasoning faculties of the mind. They will become aware that in order to reach their potential—in fact, in order to move philosophy out of the stalemate it has been in now for a long time—they need to use their intuitive faculties and raise their consciousness.

Mysticism and philosophy will begin to merge, as of course, mysticism and science, mysticism and religion, mysticism and spirituality, mysticism and invention, mysticism and business will all begin to merge because people will realize that in order to fulfill your highest potential in any endeavor you must work actively on your personal psychology, resolving any traumas and raising your level of consciousness so you can grasp higher ideas in your particular field of interest.


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About being the extension of a spiritual being 

Question: Is Dimash Kudaibergen, a young Kazakh singer of international renown, also known for his kindness and humility, an extension of Lord Maitreya or another master of love?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

While I understand the question, it is not really based on the latest teachings we have been giving. In a sense you can say that all of you are extensions of some spiritual being. But the way that many spiritual students unfortunately look at this is that they look at somebody who has perhaps a higher degree of kindness and humility than most people and they think he must be a direct extension of a spiritual being with the same qualities, and therefore he must be above and beyond other people.

I want to make it clear here that neither this messenger nor any previous messenger, nor any other person in embodiment now or at any other time, has been fundamentally different from all the rest of you. This goes for Jesus, this goes for the Buddha, as they have talked about.

All of us in embodiment, who have been in embodiment, are, of course, extensions of our spiritual parents, but besides that it is up to our choosing, our freewill choices, our development over many lifetimes, which qualities we embody, which qualities we open ourselves for, so we can become an open door.

When you look at a person who has the ability to inspire others and has humility and kindness instead of having the big ego that often comes with fame, then you can realize that this is a spiritually mature being who has spent many lifetimes developing to this level. It is a result of his own efforts, his own choosing, that he has reached that level, not because he is somehow magically an extension of a spiritual being. This does not take away from him having the attainment he has. It actually adds to it because it is a result of him following the path, as you are all following the path.


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Question about the Ma-ter light 

Question: Can we perceive the Ma-ter light as a boundless combination of possibilities, manifesting in creative acts based on individuality and the free will of individuals?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

I would prefer to say that the Ma-ter light is not only created by the free will acts of individuals. Because there are certain aspects of the world of form that are created by the ascended masters, such as planet Earth being created by the Elohim.

You see that there is a certain matrix for the Earth that was created by the Elohim, and within that matrix people in embodiment, fallen beings and not fallen beings, have been able to change the Earth, change certain aspects of the Earth. But they have not been able to change everything.

You are co-creators. Even the fallen beings are co-creators, even though they think they are not. Therefore there are certain things you cannot override. The Ma-ter light is a very complex matrix of the creative effort of both the ascended masters and unascended mankind.


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The purpose of music

Question: What is the purpose of music? How does it relate to the fifth ray and its attributes?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

We have given other teachings about music, so here I will just give a very short teaching that gives you a certain perspective. The purpose of music is to move energy. Music can move energy in an upwards direction or in a downwards direction. In other words, it can raise the vibration of the energy, which can pull your mind upwards as you listen to the music, or it can lower the vibration of the energy, which can pull your mind downwards. Much music in the world, even what has become popular music, is designed specifically under the guidance of the fallen beings to draw the energies down and therefore draw people down.

Some music draws the energy down into the base chakra, creates chaos in the base chakra and causes many people to be pulled into extreme forms of behavior, such as sexual behavior or other forms of wild partying or whatever you call it. Some music, of course, lifts you up so that when you listen to it, you are having an uplifting experience.

However, when you come to the higher levels of the spiritual path, music will have less and less of an impact on you. You can listen to some of the syncopated music, and your energies will not be pulled down. You can listen to what many people call uplifting music, and your energies will not be pulled up. You do not need music to pull your energies up because you can go within your heart, tune in to your I AM Presence or the ascended masters and listen, either to what is coming from us or simply listen to stillness.

You realize that the world is very noisy. It is a very noisy place. Music, therefore, can be for some people a refuge to withdraw from the noise of the world by focusing on another type of noise. But when you reach a certain level of neutrality in your mind, where you are not pulled into identification with the world, then silence can be much more enjoyable and peaceful to you than any kind of sound, including the most uplifting music. Basically, there comes a point where you transcend the need for music.


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