A misunderstanding of how spiritual techniques work

Question: Dear Jesus, I am increasingly troubled by the paradox you present with your messenger Kim, who reveals profound understanding of the nature of the divine and the Christ, yet presents us with nursery rhymes as the solution to achieving non-dual states.  I have tried them but I just don’t think the Elohim are paying attention. I know because I have achieved non dual states before, and I just aint gettin em using the nursery rhymes. Is it me? (of course it is, I know). 

My real question – Has anyone reported achieving a true non-dual union with the Universal Christ using them since the inception of your site?
Again, utmost respect and love,’david

Answer from Jesus:

I can understand that someone can look at the decrees and rosaries we present as mere nursery rhymes. I can understand that someone would use our techniques with the expectation of having a spiritual experience. However, I cannot understand how someone can give the techniques with the attitude that they are nothing more than nursery rhymes and AT THE SAME TIME expect to get a spiritual experience. That is a misunderstanding of how spiritual techniques work.

A person might hate cars and think they are responsible for killing people, scarring the landscape and producing global warming. Yet if that person gets into a car and turns the key, the engine will most likely start. The reason being that technology is a mechanical device that works regardless of what you think about it. In contrast, a spiritual technique is NOT a mechanical device.

What you put into giving a spiritual technique has a direct influence on what you get out of it. If you want a holy experience, approach the technique with an attitude of reverence and holiness. If you cannot do that, simply admit so and don’t use the technique. Find another technique that you can approach with a more constructive attitude. And stop projecting your own inner paradox upon anything outside yourself. Deal with the problem at its origin. Listen to your own words, “I am increasingly troubled…” and be willing to admit that if you are not at peace, you have a problem that you need to solve.

Decrees and rosaries are not designed specifically to produce non-dual experiences. A non-dual experience is an inner experience. Such an experience is possible because the Conscious You is made out of God’s own being and consciousness. Therefore, the Conscious You can never lose the ability to tune in to a level of reality that is beyond the dualistic world view of the mind of anti-christ and the physical senses.

The Conscious You can have many different types of non-dual experiences and just about anyone giving decrees or rosaries with the correct attitude will have some form of spiritual experience, either as the technique is given or upon meditating afterwards.

However, rosaries and decrees are very active and out-going techniques, as opposed to contemplative and in-going techniques. Thus, they are not designed to give you a non-dual experience but to give you a tool for resolving dualistic beliefs and invoking and directing spiritual energy.

Obviously, as you clear the four levels of your mind, you will gain greater clarity, and this will open the way for spiritual experiences of various kinds. Yet this might take years, depending on how much junk is stored in the attic. So it is wise to approach any spiritual technique with not only patience but with complete non-attachment to what type of experiences you have as a result of using the technique.

The reason for this is that a non-dual experience cannot be “produced” at will. It is not a mechanical product of using a magical technique, and this taste of Heaven cannot be taken by force. A non-dual experience should be viewed as a gift that may or may not be given. You cannot force the experience, so all you can do is to make your mind as receptive as possible to having the experience. And only when you are completely non-attached to whether or not the gift is given, will you have maximum receptivity. That is why the Zen Buddhists talk about having the beginner’s mind that is open to spontaneous experiences instead of demanding them. That is why I said:

Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein. (Luke 18:17)

If you use your analytical mind to set up conditions for how you think the experience can or should be produced, you will only push the experience away from you. And if you use your emotions to set up expectations that you are supposed to have such an experience – thereby setting yourself up to feel disappointed or cheated if you don’t have it – you have blocked the experience before it can happen.

There are many spiritual seekers who had spontaneous non-dual experiences when they first discovered the spiritual path or even before. Some of them became obsessed with these experiences, thinking they were supposed to have them all the time. This has led some seekers into an endless pursuit of “peak experiences,” always chasing a goal that seems beyond their reach. And when they do have some experience, they feel it isn’t enough and immediately start longing for the next one. Some even become so fixated on having such experiences that they use drugs to supposedly produce them.

It is wise to look at spiritual experiences as having one purpose only, namely to demonstrate to you that there IS a state of consciousness beyond normal human experience. This should show you that the spiritual path is real and that there is a reward at the end of the path. Thus, a spiritual experience – even if you only had one in a lifetime – should be sufficient encouragement to make you pursue the spiritual path—for a lifetime.

Some seekers have been misled by certain false gurus – and even some otherwise true gurus – into building the expectation that the goal of spiritual practice is to have non-dual experiences all the time. They have set up a vision of the meditator, sitting in a cave in the Himalayas and experiencing constant bliss. Indeed, there are a few people whose spiritual mission is to hold the balance for planet Earth while being in embodiment and in constant meditation.

Yet for the vast majority of spiritual seekers – and the operative words are “vast majority” – this is not their Divine plan. You are not here to indulge in spiritual experiences. You are here to express your Christhood by ministering to other people and helping them grow spiritually. Doing something to raise the consciousness of other people and purify the planet is far more important than having peak experiences.

Take note of what I am saying here. There is a common misconception that having peak experiences will lead to spiritual growth and permanently raise your consciousness. Yet many people have such experiences and find it very difficult to integrate them into their daily lives and normal state of consciousness. Some fluctuate back and forth between living a normal life and frantically seeking peak experiences, being unhappy with either extreme.

Yet the reality is that a peak experience can be a detriment to your spiritual progress if you do not approach it as described above. As I said, some people become very focused on themselves and constantly seek the next peak experience. Others become prideful, thinking they must be spiritually advanced because they had such a high experience in the past. They feel entitled to have more experiences, becoming angry when they do not appear. Such attitudes will only block your growth.

The reality is that all spiritual seekers will progress beyond a certain point ONLY when they overcome the self-centeredness that springs from the ego and begin to selflessly seek to do something for other people or for the planet. Obviously, many people have daily responsibilities, so Mother Mary’s rosaries are designed to help you do something to raise the planetary consciousness right in your own living room.

The goal that I and Mother Mary have is to give people tools for systematically raising their consciousness and making the progress permanent. Our techniques are designed to gradually raise your consciousness rather than giving you an experience that is so far beyond your daily consciousness that you cannot integrate it. Obviously, you may have a spiritual experience as a result of using our tools, but it is wise not to expect it.

The real goal is to permanently raise your consciousness so your entire waking state of mind becomes a non-dual experience. However, take note that when this begins to happen, it might seem like you no longer have any peak experiences. A peak experience is per definition something that is beyond your normal experience. So it is actually possible to permanently attain a higher state of consciousness without fully realizing what is happening. You simply become so used to a higher state of consciousness that what used to be a peak experience has now become normal and it seems like you have no more peak experiences. Thus, it is good to once in a while look back and realize that you have made significant progress compared to where you used to be in consciousness.

The bottom line is that a non-dual experience is beyond duality. Giving any spiritual technique while expecting or demanding – even longing for – a non-dual experience is in the realm of duality. How could you possibly use the dualistic mind to produce a non-dual experience? Thus, the more you want a non-dual experience the less likely that you will have it. Only when you find ways to set aside your dualistic expectations and demands, will you be receptive to a non-dual experience. In the spiritual field, attitude is everything. What you send into the cosmic mirror is what will be reflected back to you.

Note from Kim: I have personally had many non-dual experiences as a result of giving decrees and rosaries. I have practiced such techniques for over 25 years and they have many times given me high experiences, especially as I meditated after invoking spiritual energy. Personally I have found that Mother Mary’s rosaries and invocations are very efficient for making me receptive to a spiritual experience, especially when I give them slowly and meditate on the words.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels

I did all the prayers but no change in my external condition

Question: Dear Jesus, I have faithfully said all the prayers for the last one year as much as a normal man can in a day. I find that there is no change in my external conditions. To add to it I have introduced my wife and my friends to these prayers and they too experience the same.

Is it time for us to give up now? or is our past karma so heavy that we have to spend a lot more time to improve our living conditions. ( I am from Mumbai India).
If we give up this site I don’t think we will have any more faith in anything else ever. We will be not co-creators but wanderers in this universe.
Do give us and people like us some timely advise else we have nothing to look forward to. We are catholics anyway so we just go back to our old Sunday church routine and when we come up we can meet and say that I at least tried my best to follow your path on this website.
I have asked many questions earlier but michaels is a barrier and if I give up on you and this site he will partly be responsible for my decision.

Answer from Jesus:

You raise an important question, namely when to give up on a spiritual technique. The short answer is to never give up, meaning that you never leave yourself in a vacuum. You never go backwards, feeling like you have no faith in anything or nothing to look forward to. You only stop using a technique when you have found a better one with which to replace it.

What I present on this website is a systematic path that leads you gradually toward a higher state of consciousness. When you fully understand this path, you realize that progress never stops. When you fully commit yourself to ongoing progress, you realize that you never give up. You never allow your ego or the forces that oppose your progress to manipulate you into a corner, where it seems like your only way to go is backwards.

When you are committed to growth, you realize that you always have the option to go forward, to come up higher. So if you feel a given technique is not working for you, you have more than one option for responding to that situation. You do not have to reason that your only option is to give up and have nothing. This is precisely what your ego and the dark forces want you to feel—they want to stop your progress. It is for good reason that people say discouragement is the sharpest tool in the devil’s toolkit.

Therefore, the rule is simple. If you get a strong inner impulse that it is time to stop practicing a spiritual technique and look for a different one, then by all means follow it. If you have not received such an impulse – an impulse you know comes from your Christ self – then don’t stop using your current technique. Instead, consider how you could improve the way you practice the technique, including your approach to it or to spiritual techniques in general.

Here are the main reasons a spiritual technique might not be working for you:

  • It is not a valid technique. For example, it might be released by the forces seeking to deceive humankind. One of the main lessons I give on this website is the need to develop your discernment so that you can get intuitive insights from your Christ self. You can then learn to expose false techniques.
  • It is not an efficient technique for you. Again, this can best be determined by an intuitive insight from your Christ self.
  • You have outgrown the technique and you need to look for a new one but your outer mind has not been open to doing so. Again, your Christ self is the only way to know, but very few people outgrow a technique in a year.
  • The technique was once valid – meaning that it was sponsored by the Ascended Host – but this is no longer the case. Again, your Christ self is the best guide although we generally do find ways to communicate this.
  • The technique is valid for you, but you have not practiced the technique long enough to see results.
  • The technique is valid for you but you have not taken the right approach to practicing it.

The techniques on this website – and especially Mother Mary’s rosaries – are both valid and very efficient. No technique can produce equal results for all people, yet consider the saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” There is a reason you were attracted to this website in the first place and felt the inner urge to use the techniques offered. Therefore, it is prudent to reason that the techniques will work for you. I strongly encourage you not to give up but to instead consider how you could improve your approach to using the techniques. To help you on this, let me use your letter to make some suggestions.

Idea 1
You say: I have faithfully said all the prayers for the last one year as much as a normal man can in a day. I find that there is no change in my external conditions.”

There is a reason I said, “In your patience possess ye your souls.” Although I commend you for practicing the prayers on this website for a full year, I must say that it is not long enough for most people to see changes in their outer situation. Many people have practiced valid spiritual techniques for decades without seeing visible results (but feeling many inner benefits).

Idea 2
You say: “I find that there is no change in my external conditions.”

As mentioned above, you always need to be on guard against your ego manipulating you into a corner where it seems like you have to make a black-and-white or an either-or decision. Your ego does not want you to continue using a valid spiritual technique, so when you do start using a technique, it is trying to set you up to become discouraged.

One way of doing so is to induce into your mind the expectation that a spiritual technique should produce physical results and that it should do so within a certain time frame. Thus, when the time is up and the results are not manifest, your ego will tell you that the only possible conclusion is that the technique is not working and thus you should give up. This is an age-old trick and many people have fallen for it. Please don’t join them.

Idea 3
You say: “I find that there is no change in my external conditions.”

There is no valid reason for assuming that practicing a spiritual technique should and must produce a physical result. This is an expectation created by the ego and dark forces and it has caused millions of religious people to feel that their prayers were not answered—even causing many to lose faith in their religion or in all religion.

As I explain throughout this website, the universe is a mirror. The physical conditions you encounter are simply the mirror images of your own state of consciousness. In other words, the cause is your state of consciousness and your outer conditions are only the effects. As I trust is obvious, if you want to change something, you must change the cause instead of seeking to work at the level of the effects. If you want to change the movie on a screen, don’t seek to change the screen. Go to the projection room and change the film strip in the projector.

My point is that the only way to truly change your outer conditions is to change your consciousness. Thus, if you pray or practice a spiritual technique with the expectation that this will – in itself and automatically – change your outer conditions, you are seeking to do the impossible. ALL valid spiritual techniques are designed to help you change your state of consciousness. And when you do so, your outer conditions will change—in due time, as they filter through the four levels of the material universe.

Idea 4
You say: “I find that there is no change in my external conditions.”

It makes a fundamental difference when you start practicing a technique with the direct aim of transforming your state of consciousness instead of expecting outer results. You will see far better results. They will be inner results, but they will be significant enough that you won’t even consider giving up on the technique as long as it improves your state of mind.

In fact, it is preferable to practice a technique without expectations of physical results. It is only when you are non-attached to whether or not you get physical results that the technique will be fully effective. Thus, we might say that you will only get the maximum physical results when you are no longer looking for such results—you practice the technique for the reward of raising your consciousness.

I am well aware that many people begin praying or practicing a technique specifically because they are suffering from physical limitations and their motivation is to change those conditions. I am not trying to make light of people’s suffering or belittle their motivation—you have to start with the motivation that is relevant to you. Yet if you truly want results from a technique, you must be willing to refine your motivation as you grow in awareness.

Thus, here are some higher motivations for practicing a spiritual technique:

  • You realize the truth that your consioucness must change before your outer conditions can change. Thus, you make it your main goal to use the technique to raise your consciousness.
  • You feel more peace, more clarity or more energy after practicing a technique, and this is a reward in itself.
  • When you give a rosary, you feel the light of God flowing from your higher self through your being and this is more than enough motivation to keep going.
  • You realize that the light will gradually transform your outer situation.
  • You realize that the light you invoke will also transform planetary conditions, and you feel a love for helping other people and the Earth itself.
  • You feel such a love for Mother Mary and the cause of the Ascended Host that you simply cannot help giving a rosary.

Perhaps you can see that what I am describing here is a gradual transformation away from self-centered motives and towards motives that are focused on improving the conditions for all life. This is an essential key to achieving maximum results from any spiritual technique. A valid spiritual technique simply will not reinforce your ego’s desires. It will only work when you separate yourself from the ego’s desires and reconnect to the higher desires of your spiritual self.

Idea 5
You say: “ Is it time for us to give up now? or is our past karma so heavy that we have to spend a lot more time to improve our living conditions. (I am from Mumbai India).”

You must always consider that when you live in a particular area, you not only have your personal karma but also the collective karma of the area. There is a reason you chose to embody in that area, and for many spiritual people part of the reason is that you wanted to help improve the conditions for all people in the area. In other words, you might have volunteered to help carry the burden of the collective karma. You have taken on a portion of that karma in addition to your personal karma (if you had any) and only when that is transmuted can you improve your outer conditions.

Thus, it might take some time to transmute this burden. You may also have chosen not to go too far above the other people in your area because it is part of your spiritual mission to help them take the next step. This can be revealed only through inner attunement with your Christ self, so that you begin to remember your divine plan.

Idea 6
You say: “ If we give up this site I don’t think we will have any more faith in anything else ever.”

This can only be your ego talking. There is no way your Christ self would make such a statement. This is precisely the plot of the ego that I described earlier. Simply see it for what it is and dismiss it as an outright lie.

When you truly commit to the spiritual path, you will gradually develop a faith in the process of growth itself. This inner faith is beyond your experience with any outer teacher, organization, teaching or technique.

In other words, no matter what disappointment you might experience on the outer, nothing can shake your faith in the inner process of growth. Many people have been disappointed by some outer organization and they have allowed their egos to use this as an excuse for giving up on the path itself. Yet the truth is that nothing can prevent you from moving forward on the path except the choices you make. Other people, dark forces or your ego can influence your choices, but no one can make choices for you.

Idea 7
You say: “We will be not co-creators but wanderers in this universe.”

An interesting statement that reflects the fate of many people who found a spiritual teaching or technique and allowed their egos to make them discouraged. There are indeed many souls who are – for all practical purposes – wanderers and refuse to fill their intended role as co-creators.

Yet this is a choice they have made, and it is a choice that springs from an unwillingness to make a commitment – an absolute commitment that the ego cannot touch – to inner growth that is independent of any outer conditions. One example of this is the unwillingness to refine one’s approach to a spiritual technique, thus using an easy excuse for not continuing to practice it until your consciousness truly is transformed and your ego defeated—or at least dethroned as the supreme ruler of your life.

Idea 8
You say: “ We are catholics anyway so we just go back to our old Sunday church routine and when we come up we can meet and say that I at least tried my best to follow your path on this website.”

As I said, if you are truly committed to growth, you never go backwards. You are not a Catholic because no earthly label can define you. You are a son of God, and you are intended to go beyond all outer labels that cause you to deny your Christ potential.

If you think I will accept the claim that “I at least tried my best to follow your path on this website” you do not know me as a spiritual teacher. Why do you think I said that only those who are willing to lose their lives for my sake are worthy to be my disciples?

You have the potential to become my disciple in this life. Yet to fulfill that potential, you must give up all of the illusions that your ego seeks to use to trap you into denying your Christ potential. Until you have given up every last illusion, you have not done your best.

Study the situation of the rich man who would not give up his possessions to follow me (Matthew 19:20-23). It does not apply only to those who have material possessions. It applies to all who have “possessions” of the mind – meaning attachments – that they are not willing to give up. And this first of all means the dualistic ego-illusions that cause people to deny their Christhood or their potential to self-transcend by following the inner path to the very end. Mother Theresa once said, “Give until it hurts.” I say, “Surrender until there is nothing human left to surrender—and then surrender even the emptiness and be filled with the Light of God.”

Idea 9
You say: “I have asked many questions earlier but michaels is a barrier and if I give up on you and this site he will partly be responsible for my decision.”

One of the main ideas I seek to get across on this website is that everyone has a Christ self that is the open door between your conscious mind and the spiritual realm—including your I AM Presence and the Ascended Master who is your personal teacher. When you truly begin to make the intuitive contact with your Christ self, you see that no one can stand between you and God. That is why I said that the kingdom of God is within you.

As you grow on the spiritual path, you need to question the assumptions that are a product of your religious upbringing. In your case, being from a Catholic background, you need to overcome the idea that only one person can communicate with the spiritual realm.

I go out of my way on the ARJ website to make sure people do not view Kim as some kind of replacement Pope. Thus, he is not a barrier between you and me and he cannot prevent you from seeking answers to your questions from inside yourself. On this website I give teachings and practical tools for expanding yourinner connection—if you did not already have some inner connection you would never have recognized anything of value on this site. So focus on getting answers from within instead of using another person as an excuse for giving up on the path.

The fact is that the path is an inner path—it is all between you and God. The key to walking the path is to realize that you are completely responsible for your inner conditions, your state of consciousness. Everything is a result of choices you made. No one can force you to make certain choices, which means that no one can prevent you from overcoming your past mistakes by making better choices to replace your old choices.

The real key to progress is to NEVER use any outer condition as an excuse for not walking the path—you must take full responsibility for your own situation and your own growth. If you allow your ego to make you think that another person is partly responsible for YOUR decisions, you demonstrate that you have not yet taken FULL responsibility for your path. This then becomes the major hurdle you need to overcome in order to adopt an approach that will give you the results you desire.

Thinking another person is responsible for your salvation is another example of Catholic baggage, and I give ample teachings on this website for you to let go of this burden that you no longer need to carry.

Leave your nets, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.

For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth (Hebrews 12:6).

Idea 10
As I seek to explain throughout the ARJ website, there is no mechanical, automatic, guaranteed path to salvation. The reason is that salvation – eternal life – is a state of consciousness that can only be attained when you stop identifying yourself with the ego and start identifying yourself as the spiritual Being you truly are. Thus, the results on the path are completely dependent upon choices that only you can make—meaning that no force can make them for you and no force can prevent you from making those choices.

The dream of this false path to salvation – where you practice an outer technique and achieve results without changing yourself – is very pervasive and is heavily reinforced by people’s ego’s and the dark forces seeking to prevent humankind from ascending. It has been promoted by many outer teachings and religions, including the Catholic Church.

From the perspective of a spiritual teacher, it is always sad to see people who are sincere seekers yet are fooled into the trap of looking for a guaranteed result and becoming discouraged when it does not happen. I truly wish I could help all who are open to this website understand that behind the outer desires and expectations is the real path, and it is filled with joy and the infinite peace that comes from knowing you are flowing with the River of Life itself.

As long as you are still seeking a result that can be denied or that depends on outer conditions, you have not truly discovered the inner path. On the inner path, the results are not automatic, but they are guaranteed—as long as you are willing to keep transcending yourself. Thus, the real key is the willingness to discover all your limitations and the willingness to go beyond every limitation you discover. When you adopt this approach to the path, you WILL see even outer results. When you are willing to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, all else truly will be added unto you—if you still want it.

We might say that as long as you think you need something from this world in order to be whole, you can’t have it. Yet as soon as you fully know that wholeness comes only from within, you can have whatever you want—because having or not having something will no longer keep you from being whole. The most important result of following a spiritual teaching is the realization that nothing in this world can prevent you from being who you are.

Being does not depend on having or not having. It simply IS. But in order to BE, you must stop defining yourself by what you have or don’t have.

BE ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect(Matthew 5:48).

Perfection does not mean stillstand—it means that you are flowing with the River of Life that is constantly transcending itself in a never-ending cosmic dance that does not go in circles but follows an ascending spiral. Seek to always ascend and you will forget all thoughts of giving up. Simply give UP the desire to give up.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels

Do the tools give life to imperfect things by focusing on evil

Question: Dear Jesus, I have come to understand, perhaps erroneously, that when we focus our attention on the imperfect things of this world, the illusions which have no reality or permanence, we in fact give life to these things. If this is true, then it would seem that any attention at all would serve to prolong the existence of these imperfections, no matter the intention behind the attention. For example, if we protest against war, or pray for peace, are we not focusing attention on war and ultimately prolonging it’s existence? If we donate money to the eradication of this disease or that, are we not affirming the existence of the disease and giving it life? In the message from The Presence of Oneness, the Presence states, “At the moment all conscious attention is withdrawn from such images, they will begin to break down and will eventually cease to exist.” This being so, it would seem that one tactic we could use to manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth would be to ignore all imperfections as if they don’t exist, thus causing them to disappear from the Earth. Of course, I realize that every single person on the planet, or at least a vast majority, would have to do this together, and this is unlikely to happen any time soon, but even if one person was to deny an imperfection his or her attention, would that not in some small measure be the beginning of the end of that imperfection? 

This brings me to another question. When giving Mother Mary’s Rosaries, I find myself affirming the existence of institutions and organizations that would actually have no place in the Kingdom of God that I envision. For example, in the Miracle Acceptance Rosary, we accept that all armed forces work to secure peace, etc. In my vision of the Kingdom, there are no armed forces and no need for armed forces. The same is true for health care. In the Rosary, we accept that health care establishments promote health and long life. In my vision, there is no need for health care because there is no disease, illness, accidents or even aging. Am I just being unrealistic? I do believe that with God, all things are possible. What do we do about differing visions of God’s Kingdom on Earth? Will we all share the exact same vision when we reach full Christ consciousness? When I think about the vast diversity we have here, it seems there could well be a million different versions Heaven on Earth. Thank you for helping me to understand these concepts more clearly. 

Answer from Jesus:

Thank you for bringing up some questions that I know confuse many of the people I am seeking to reach with this website. I often see people find this site, and at first they think the teachings seem fine. Yet when they find a teaching that talks about dark forces or the existence of evil, they get scared and don’t want to read any more. I also see many people, especially New Age people who see themselves as Lightworkers, who have been taught the understanding you describe. They think the only way to combat evil is to ignore it, so they refuse to read about it or give any of the rosaries that mention imperfect conditions. This reaction is understandable, but let me give you some thoughts that might help you develop a deeper understanding.

Thought 1
Can you make a cancer go away by ignoring it? Or are you simply allowing it to spread until it kills the entire body? The simple fact is that evil does exist [as a temporary manifestation], and its existence presents an inescapable dilemma to all people on Earth. I give some teachings on this dilemma elsewhere, but here is a short description of the problem:

  • If you ignore evil, it will spread because the basis for the existence of evil is ignorance. The simplest definition of evil is that it is the process of self-destruction. And since all self-conscious beings have a survival instinct, no being will knowingly destroy itself. Even the most evil being in the universe is not aware that it has entered a self-destructive spiral. It is trapped by an illusion that makes it think that what it is doing is right (because it knows better than God) or that it can get away with doing it (for any number of reasons). So evil exists because of spiritual blindness, and it is ignorance that makes people spiritually blind. Therefore, if you ignore evil, it will spread until it controls you completely and therefore pulls you into its self-destructive spiral. So you simply cannot ignore evil.
  • If you fight evil, you will give it power. There is truth to the statement that what you resist persists. As you say, if you give something attention, you will reinforce it. If you become fanatical and begin to fight evil, you will end up embodying the evil you are trying to eradicate. In other words, if you fight evil, you become part of it, you become absorbed by it. That is why I said, “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil:” (Matthew 5:39). So you simply cannot fight evil.

Now, from a normal perspective, one might say that this is a classical catch-22 from which there is no way out. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t—and that is precisely what dark forces want you to think. They want you to react in one of the following ways:

  • You ignore evil, whereby you give it free reign to take over your life and society behind the scenes.
  • You think evil is permanent, unavoidable or the polar opposite of good, whereby you give up and make no effort to eradicate evil. In other words, you are indifferent which also allows evil to spread.
  • You acknowledge that evil exists but become so scared that you will do almost anything to avoid confronting evil. This allows dark forces to control you through fear, meaning that they can scare you into either ignoring evil or unknowingly working for its spread.
  • You begin to fight evil with a religious fervor, which inevitably causes you to reinforce evil, either by misqualifying God’s energy or by using the philosophy of evil (the ends justify the means) to fight evil.

Again, there seems to be no way out. Yet this dilemma exists only when you look at the situation through the filter of the ego. This mind is based on duality and thus you think there are only two options. You have to either ignore evil or fight it, yet either action leads to undesirable results.

The way out of this dilemma is to rise above duality and embrace the unified vision of the Christ mind. This will empower you to see that there is an alternative way to deal with evil in which you neither ignore nor fight evil. The key to understanding this is my statement. “Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” (Matthew 10:16). I explain the importance of this statement elsewhere, and I recommend you study my explanation.

Thought 2
Two people enter a dark room. One says, “I don’t want to reinforce the darkness, so I will close my eyes that I shall not see the darkness.” The other person acknowledges that the room is dark, fumbles around until he finds the light switch and flips the switch. Who was most effective in removing the darkness?

Thought 3
While it is true that you reinforce what you focus your attention upon, it is possible to acknowledge the existence of evil without focusing your attention on it. Think about the fact that you daily take measures to avoid a bacterial infection, yet you do this without giving undue attention to the bacteria.

Some people become obsessed with cleanliness and wash their hands numerous times a day or clean the house fanatically. This becomes so all-consuming that they cannot function normally. Yet most people find a healthy balance, where they protect themselves from harmful bacteria without really giving it much attention. You can do the same with evil. Yet if you ignore the existence of harmful bacteria, they are likely to kill you.

Once can also say that if you focus on evil with – even an unconscious – fear, you will reinforce it. But if you focus on evil with unconditional love (fear springs from conditions), you will not reinforce it.

Thought 4
A doctor is not reinforcing a disease by acknowledging its existence and seeking to find a cure. The doctor is not seeing the disease as incurable. He is seeking to understand the cause of the disease so he can eradicate it. As I said, the basis for the existence of evil is ignorance. So it follows that the key to eradicating evil is knowledge and understanding. The first step toward removing any problem is to acknowledge that the problem exists. The next step is to understand the cause of the problem, so you can remove that cause.

Knowledge gives you power over a problem, and an understanding of evil allows you to protect yourself from its influence without being pulled into its self-destructive spiral. You cannot attain this knowledge by ignoring the existence of evil. In medicine, the first step toward a cure is to diagnose the disease.

You cannot be harmless as a dove unless you are wise as a serpent. Of course, it is important to avoid letting your knowledge of evil release negative emotions, such as fear, anger or hatred. So one might say that being harmless as a dove means that you avoid all negative feelings. This allows you to acknowledge the existence of evil without feeding it energy. You are coming from love, and love that is truly unconditional – the perfet love that casts out fear – will not feed evil, for evil cannot absorb its high vibrations. It is only when love has been perverted through conditions that the lower vibrations can feed evil.

Thought 5
When I say that you need to acknowledge the existence of evil, I am not saying that you should see it as unavoidable or permanent. On the contrary, when you truly understand evil, you see that it is only a temporary phenomenon. It is simply an imperfect image – created in the minds of self-conscious beings – that is being projected unto the screen of life. And behind the temporary appearance is the pure light of God, the Ma-ter light. This is what is being explained by both the Presence of Oneness and the Presence of Infinite Light.

When you understand this, you can acknowledge that imperfections exist without giving them power. You simply see them as temporary and illusory phenomena. Thereby, you can formulate a more perfect vision and use your attention to project that vision unto the screen of life. Yet until you acknowledge that some appearances are imperfect, you will not be able to purify your vision of these images. There are many imperfections on this planet that remain simply because people don’t see them as imperfect and temporary. They see them as normal, natural or unavoidable.

Thought 6
The basic law of this universe is the Law of Free will. So evil continues to exist on Earth because of choices made by human beings. Therefore, the key to removing evil is to enlighten people so they can choose to leave behind the consciousness of evil, the consciousness of duality.

That is why one person cannot make the most efficient contribution to the removal of evil by ignoring it. You must begin by raising yourself out of the consciousness of duality that makes you vulnerable to evil. And then you can work to help other people do the same. Only when a critical mass of people rise above the consciousness that created a particular form of evil, will that imperfection be eradicated. So you are right that withdrawing all attention from a particular imperfection will work only when a critical mass of people join forces. And to reach that critical mass, you must enlighten people to the existence of imperfections and give them a more perfect vision. Again, you must replace ignorance with understanding, blindness with vision.

Thought 7
It is not necessary that every person on Earth rise above a certain form of evil before that evil can be eradicated. As I said, everything revolves around free will. Archangel Michael has the power to remove all evil on Earth in the blink of an eye. Yet he cannot use his power as long as people choose to remain entangled with the consciousness of evil. This is explained in my parable about the tares and the wheat (Matthew 13:24).

For God to remove evil, people must authorize this by coming apart from the consciousness of evil. When a critical mass of people do this, Archangel Michael can then use his power. One might say that until you reach Christ consciousness, you should never attempt to fight evil directly because you are likely to become entangled with it. Yet you can give Archangel Michael and the Ascended Host the authority to fight evil on your behalf. That is precisely what you do when you give a rosary where you consciously affirm that you separate yourself out from the consciousness of evil.

The important point is that you do not give a rosary with a fear of evil or anger against evil. You give a rosary with love, and you see the imperfections you name as temporary and transient. You might notice that all of the rosaries and invocations on this website contain positive affirmations that make it very difficult to give them with negative feelings. These are safeguards designed to assist people in rising above negative feelings so they do not reinforce the imperfections named in the rosaries. Obviously, no safeguards can override people’s free will. Yet if people continue to give the rosaries, the affirmations will gradually help people overcome their negativity.

Thought 8
You are right that in calling for the purification of the armed forces or health care, you are affirming conditions that will not necessarily exist when the kingdom of God is manifest on Earth. Yet the problem is that the Earth is currently so far from the kingdom of God that it would be impossible to manifest the kingdom in one great leap. You simply have to take a gradual approach.

It is not Mother Mary’s intention that her present rosaries will remain unchanged for a long period of time. She hopes that a critical mass of people will use the rosaries to remove the imperfections described in the rosaries. And as this happens, she will release updated versions of the rosaries.

When you have been working with humankind for a long time, you tend to become a practical realist. You realize that you have to start at people’s present level of consciousness and then take small steps from there. So your vision of a society with no armed forces or health care is not unrealistic, you simply have to realize that before we get there, we have to go through some intermediate stages. And this will require us to start by refining the existing armed forces and health care systems. Only by doing so can we promote the peace and good health that will allow us to transcend the need for armies of soldiers and doctors.

Thought 9
You are correct that many people have different visions of the kingdom of God. As people manifest Christ consciousness, they will not all end up with the same vision, for there is room for much diversity in the kingdom of God. What will happen is that people’s visions will gradually come into alignment with the laws of God. This will allow different groups of people to manifest different visions without coming into conflict with one another.

In other words, Christ consciousness does not create harmony by eradicating diversity and creating sameness. It creates harmony by empowering people to see that they all came from the same source, and therefore they can respect each other’s individuality instead of being threatened by differences.

For example, it is not the intention of the Ascended Host to replace all religions with one faith. It is our intention to help people see the universal spiritual path behind all religions. This will help people see that all true spiritual seekers are walking toward the same goal, they are simply following different paths to get to that goal. And this recognition will bring peace to Earth and good will toward men without eradicating individuality or stifling creative expression.


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Tools can activate your threefold flame

Question: Since I began giving the Infinite Light rosary, I have noticed a wonderful warm burning feeling in my heart area that seems to grow every time I say it. Is this coming from my God flame or is it the feeling of the Presence of Infinite Light working through me?

Answer from Jesus:

Every soul was created with a spark of spiritual light, often called the threefold flame. This flame is located in your heart chakra, which is positioned at the same height as your heart but in the center of your chest. All of the rosaries are designed to balance this flame, meaning that the rosaries balance the three qualities of the flame. These qualities can be described as power, wisdom and love, corresponding to the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When your flame is balanced, it can expand and this will be experienced as a burning sensation.

Because different people have different imbalances in their threefold flames, it can vary which rosary has the greatest effect on the threefold flame. That is why some people feel particularly attracted to one rosary. They sense that they need that rosary to balance the threefold flame.

Obviously, using a rosary does invoke your God flame and the Being mentioned in the rosary. So the burning sensation can be the light streaming through you. If you have a particular affinity with the spiritual Being invoked in the rosary, that can also give you a sense of warmth. Or the answer could be all of the above.


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Dealing with feelings from the past

Question: I did the Archangel Michael’s rosary. It brought up feelings that were very sad about a certain issue. Is this normal and what do we do when this comes up? It is like going around the same mountain yet again. What can we expect or what is the effect of rosaries? Do they clear and bring up darkness at the same time? 

Much love, Nancy

Answer from Jesus:

As I said in another answer to a similar question, Archangel Michael’s rosary is a very direct action, and it can have the effect of bringing up feelings from your past that you have not fully processed. This is a normal part of the process of using spiritual techniques, and it can also happen with other rosaries and invocations.

The first thing you need to do is to avoid being pulled into the memories or feelings. Ideally, you should be able to simply let them pass over the screen of your mind without feeling emotionally attached or engaged. You can then give one of Mother Mary’s rosaries and make a specific call for the feelings, energies and memories to be consumed and transformed. Depending on the intensity of the feelings, it can take some time to process them.

This is what I said as part of the other answer:

“Be aware that Archangel Michael’s Rosary invokes a type of spiritual light called the Blue flame. It is very powerful for protection, and it is very uncomfortable for dark forces. Yet it can also have the effect of flushing out imperfect energies in your energy field. Therefore, I recommend that you combine Michael’s Rosary with Mother Mary’s rosaries. Her rosaries invoke the Violet Flame, which is designed to transmute toxic energy. By combining the rosaries, you will have a more smooth ride”.

In some cases you will not be able to remain non-attached to the emotions. This shows you that there is something you have not yet let go of in the situation or your experience of it. Mother Mary’s rosaries can greatly help you process such beliefs until you uncover the decision or belief that caused you to create the toxic feelings in the first place. Yet you can speed up this process by using various tools for psychological healing, as explained elsewhere.

The bottom line is that as long as you have an unresolved belief, an emotional scar or a fragmented soul, you will not be able to let go of the negative feelings. A spiritual technique can help you overcome the intensity of the negative energy but cannot remove the original decision that started the problem. You can do that only by replacing that decision with a more enlightened decision. And to replace the original decision, you need to uncover the beliefs that caused you to make that decision and then replace them with more mature beliefs. This must be done consciously, although not necessarily with full awareness of the circumstances surrounding the original trauma.

So when you find that feelings keep coming back, it is a sign that there is something you have not fully processed. You can therefore speed up your spiritual growth by making a conscious effort to process the old wounds. Would you rather continue to carry those feelings for the rest of your life, or would you rather make a concentrated effort and remove them permanently.


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How does God judge the dark forces?

Question: Beloved Jesus, In the Miracle Oneness Rosary, it states (near the end of the Rosary in #8), “I affirm that God’s mercy has come to an end this day, and therefore, these forces are judged.” I was quite surprised when I read that because I believe that even through the judgment of dark forces, God is being merciful. Would you please give me a better understanding of what Mother Mary means by this statement? Thank you so much. 

In God’s Love, I AM Victoria

Answer from Jesus:

The statement in the Oneness Rosary is derived from the discourse by the Presence of Oneness. This is the relevant text from the discourse:

“This then is a turning point in the history of Earth because I truly say that, from this moment forward, the process of judgment, started by Jesus Christ when he said, “For judgment I am come” (John 9:39), shall now be accelerated a thousand-fold by the Presence of Oneness that I am. Therefore, let there be a warning to all those who perpetuate the lie of separation to depart from your lies and your deceitful ways instantly, so that you will not destroy yourselves in the process of promoting the lie that is no longer allowed in the forcefield of planet Earth. Therefore, I say, “Woe unto you lawyers, for ye have taken away the key of knowledge, the knowledge of the One God that is all and in all. You yourselves did not want to enter that kingdom of oneness, the kingdom of your true identity as one with God. And in your unwillingness to accept that oneness, you sought to hinder the innocent ones from entering into the Circle of Oneness that is the true kingdom of the Creator of this universe.”

Out of the mercy of your Creator, you have been allowed to continue in your sin and in your illusion, yet that mercy has come to an end this day, and therefore I say, “Heed the true teachings of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who came to call the lost tribes of Israel to repentance, the repentance that means that you are willing to see through the illusion of separation, to accept it as an illusion and to choose this day to serve the One God who is in you and in everything else. You are willing to accept the truth in the statement made by Jesus that the kingdom of God is within you because God is within you. And without him was not anything made that was made, and therefore nothing that was made could be separated from the One God out of which it is made.”

This statement simply refers to the fact that there are certain cycles in the spiritual evolution of planet Earth. I am sure you are aware that humanity is moving out of the Piscean age and into the Aquarian age. The real significance of this change is that people need to rise above the consciousness that dominated the age of Pisces and rise to the consciousness of the age of Aquarius.

Each spiritual cycle presents humanity with a unique opportunity to rise above a particular aspect of the lower consciousness, thereby overcoming a certain illusion. I did indeed come to inaugurate a cycle that was meant to help humanity rise above the illusion that they are separated from God and that God is located somewhere up in Heaven where he is unreachable. I came to help all people accept the fact that they are sons and daughters of God, who can reach God within their hearts because the kingdom of God is within them.

As you will see from the scriptures, I was constantly challenging those who had taken away the key of knowledge, the knowledge that the kingdom of God is within each human being in the form of the open door that no human can shut, namely the Christ self. I came to bring the judgment of those who for thousands of years had promoted the illusion that human beings are unworthy to achieve oneness with their Creator, oneness with the very source from which they came. I did indeed initiate that judgment, which truly is an opportunity to rise above a certain state of consciousness. So for the past 2,000 years, all people have had a unique opportunity to rise above the illusion of separation from God.

There are still certain people and certain dark spirits who refuse to let go of this illusion, and who to this day seek to spread it among humankind. Yet as the Presence of Oneness states, the cycle of judgment that I started 2,000 years ago has now reached its climax, and therefore these people and forces will quickly be judged and removed from this planet unless they let go of the illusion of separation.

The simple fact is that God’s mercy means that after I started the cycle of judgment, people were given a certain period of time to actually rise above the consciousness that I came to judge. Yet if people had forever to do this, how would the planet ever make any progress? So the simple fact is that there must come a point when that opportunity comes to an end. This then becomes the opportunity for the rest of humanity to be free of the downward pull of these dark souls and dark beings, who will not say die to the illusion of separation.

As they are removed in the coming years, you will indeed see a lightening of the consciousness of humankind that will lead to many subtle changes in the religious life of this planet. You will also see changes in the scientific establishment who will begin to look beyond materialism to a much higher degree than has been the case so far.

So rejoice in the fact that the mercy, which in a sense allowed the illusion of separation to continue to affect humankind, has now come to an end. This gives rise to a new cycle of mercy, where people will find it easier than ever before to attain a sense of oneness with God.


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Am I hearing my higher self or my ego?

Question: How do I know if the voice I hear is truly my internal teacher? Sometimes I fear it might be my ego trying to deceive me.


Answer from Jesus:

A very good question, that has no black-and-white answer. The simple fact is that most people are still so enveloped in the dualistic state of consciousness that they will hear many “voices” that are trying to deceive them. It can be their egos, or it can be dark forces from the outside that are seeking to take them off the spiritual path.

The simple fact is that there is no absolute or mechanical way to determine whether the direction you get is truly from your Christ self and the Ascended Host or from lower forces. You can determine the validity of your directions only by gradually building your own sense of discernment, so that you can tell the difference by simply feeling the vibration of the message or the source.

When you are new to this activity, it is safe to assume that you will hear a mixture of voices. Therefore, you should not uncritically follow any thought or direction you get. It should always be evaluated based on your common sense. Let me give a few hints that can help people learn to separate the chaff from the wheat in their inner directions.

  • Start by realizing that there are dark forces who would love to give you a false direction that will take you into a blind alley on your spiritual path. To minimize the risk of receiving such instruction, make a determined effort to use spiritual protection. Archangel Michael’s Rosary is directly designed to protect you from such sources.
  • Study spiritual teachings and get a feel for what is true and how the Ascended Host have guided people over the millennia. This will help you evaluate whether an inner direction is in line with our timeless instructions or whether it goes too far beyond those instructions.
  • Make an effort to sharpen your intuition and tune in to your Christ self, for example by using the technique for attunement.
  • Always use your common sense to evaluate any directions you get. Be especially alert toward any direction that seeks to inflate the two major pitfalls on the path, namely fear and pride. If the direction plays upon your fears and seeks to make you take certain actions out of fear, then it is not from the Ascended Host or your Christ self. Likewise, if the direction plays upon your pride and tells you how great and wonderful you are and that the salvation of the entire universe depends on you taking a particular action, then it is not from a higher source.
  • Also be aware that dark forces will aggressively seek to manipulate you into taking certain actions, and this often manifest as a sense of compulsion, making you feel you simply have to do something. Your Christ self or the Ascended Host will never seek to manipulate you, but will only seek to give you an understanding that helps to make the best possible choices on your own. The dark forces will gladly run your life. The Ascended Host will not run your life because we know that it is only by refining your ability to make right choices that you will make it to the ascended state.
  • If you get a direction that doesn’t quite seem right, whether because of the contents or the vibration of the direction, then do not act on it. Simply put it on the shelf and be completely non-attached to whether the direction is true. Continue doing your spiritual work and wait for further directions or confirmation.
  • In some cases, you might get very persistent directions that seek to get you to take a certain action. If such directions seem aggressive or invasive, they are not from a higher source. Yet if you put a particular direction on the shelf and after some time get an inner or an outer confirmation that the direction was true, you can generally assume that it was from a higher source. In the case of important, life-changing decisions, you might want to surrender a direction several times before acting upon it.

Let me say again that there truly is no mechanical or absolute way to tell whether a direction is from a higher or lower source. You simply cannot do this with your analytical mind or your emotions because they will tell you what you want to hear. In the end, you can do this only by vibration, which requires you to have some degree of attunement with your Christ self and the Ascended Host.

When you have this attunement, you have a sense of the vibration of your Christ self or an ascended master, and thereby you have a frame of reference that allows you to compare the vibration of a certain direction and know from which source it came. This is not a mechanical but an artistic process. It will not happen overnight, but if you persist in using the tools I have given on this website, you will gradually expand your ability to discern.

I know some people will feel like I have not given a very clear direction, but the reason is that there is no mechanical path to Christhood. The path to Christhood requires you to make choices by using your own understanding, discernment and vision. In most situations there is more than one right choice, so the choice that is right for you is the choice that best expresses your unique individuality.

The dark forces will seek to make you deny your God-given individuality. The forces of light will seek to help you express that individuality. The dark forces want you to accept the identity defined by your human ego. The forces of light will seek to help you abandon the pseudo identity of the ego and accept your true identity as a unique spiritual being.


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Dealing with negative thoughts to stop using the tools

Question: Dear Jesus, My question is probably quite personal. I know you have said you wouldn’t answer personal questions but I felt prompted to ask anyway. As you know I am dealing with depression and anxiety issues. I have been saying Archangel Michael’s rosary daily. At first it feels good to say it but then after a period of time (weeks or even days) I’ll feel a huge urge to reject the rosary and everything else on your website. I start screaming (in my mind) that everything on the website is absolute rubbish/nonsense/etc. I panic and feel the urge to return to something more sensible but I don’t know what it is. I figure these are healing crises but I am left feeling confused about my progress and my relationship to this website. I’d be interested in your comments. And oh yes, is it 100% safe to say the rosaries on your website?

Answer from Jesus:

I don’t mind personal questions as long as they are general enough to be posted on the website and of such a nature that others can learn from the answers. This particular question has important implications for all spiritual seekers because it touches on a topic that anyone using spiritual tools can benefit from understanding.

If you stopped smoking or drinking coffee, you would expect that your physical body would go through a cleansing process that could be somewhat uncomfortable. The reason being that your body is getting rid of the toxins, and this causes various symptoms. When you start giving Archangel Michael’s Rosary [or use other tools] you are invoking spiritual light, and this light will flush out all spiritual toxins in your energy field. This is very similar to when your body goes through a cleansing process, because it is indeed a spiritual cleansing. So it is possible that people can experience various symptoms until this cleansing process is completed.

Let me assure you that it is one hundred percent safe to use all of the decrees and invocations on this website—that is; it is safe for you, not for the forces opposing your progress. Whereas many of the invocations and rosaries are more gentle, Archangel Michael’s Rosary has a very direct action. For most people the cleansing process will be gradual enough that it will not be uncomfortable. However, for people who have various psychological symptoms, such as depression, the cleansing process might be more noticeable and at times uncomfortable. The reason is simple.

Addictions or mental health problems, including depression, always involves dark forces who magnify the condition. These forces might influence you from the outside, but it is highly likely that people with depression have had their energy fields invaded by dark forces. The dark spirits will steal your spiritual light. They will become drunk with that light, and you will end up feeling depressed because you do not have the light.

When you start giving Archangel Michael’s Rosary, you invoke a very powerful action of spiritual light. This light will literally make your energy field a very uncomfortable place for the dark forces that have invaded it. If these dark forces have been there for a while, they have gotten very comfortable in your energy field. When you start giving Archangel Michael’s Rosary, it is like shining a powerful light into a basement that has been dark for a long time. You know that there are various crawling things in the basement that will scurry to get out of the light.

As you continue to give the rosary, the dark forces will quickly begin to see the handwriting on the wall. They will realize that if you continue invoking light, they simply cannot remain in your energy field, and therefore they cannot maintain their control over you. Some of these forces will leave immediately and some will be bound through your calls, but others will not go without a fight. They will use all of their influence over you to get you to stop doing the rosary. This includes projecting thoughts and feelings into your mind, including feelings of fear and doubt.

You might have heard the saying that discouragement is the sharpest tool in the devil’s toolkit. The dark forces are experts at inducing doubt and fear into people’s minds. They can do this from inside your energy field or from the outside. There are indeed people who find this website and immediately are so overcome with fear and doubt, or an intellectual reasoning based on the carnal mind, that they reject the website without giving in a thorough examination.

In your case, your mind was obviously not completely taken over by dark forces, or you would not have had the courage to study the website or have had the determination to give the rosary. This is a proof that you have already started separating yourself out from the dark forces that influence your life. You need to hold fast to this positive trend, and you need to capitalize on it. You say:

“I’ll feel a huge urge to reject the rosary and everything else on your website. I start screaming (in my mind) that everything on the website is absolute rubbish/nonsense/etc.”

I would encourage you to consider whether it is really you who are thinking these thoughts, or whether it is dark forces projecting these thoughts into your conscious mind, either from inside or outside your energy field. Could it be that the dark forces are screaming in a desparate attempt to stop you from invoking the light that will force them to leave or be bound?

I can assure you that there is nothing shameful about admitting that you are influenced by dark forces. About 98% of human beings are influenced by dark forces to various degrees. So it is far better to admit this and take efficient means to overcome this interference than to remain in ignorance or denial. There are countless spiritual seekers for whom walking the spiritual path feels like an uphill climb. They take two steps forward and slide one or more steps backward. In many cases the simple reason is that these people have not started consciously separating themselves out from the dark forces that influence their lives and seek to prevent them from making progress on the path.

It is therefore extremely important to work on your attunement with your Christ self. This will give you the discernment to know when a thought or feeling does not come from yourself. Instead, the thought or feeling comes from your carnal mind or ego or some alien spiritual entity that is projecting it into your mind. Once you can begin to identify such alien thoughts and feelings, you can quickly detect them and avoid magnifying them or being overwhelmed by them. You can eventually learn to dismiss them outright, but in the beginning it might be helpful to give a simple call (silently or aloud), such as:

“In the name of Jesus Christ, Archangel Michael bind and consume my carnal mind, my ego and all dark forces who are projecting these thoughts and feelings into my mind. I accept it done with full power. Amen.”

This simple call, or a similar call of your own choosing, can help you dismiss these projected thoughts and feelings without engaging them with your mental and emotional bodies. It is always easier to put out a fire before it has taken hold and started spreading.

When you start using a spiritual tool, it is important to keep in mind that there will be some ups and downs. You will have periods where you feel good, and this will often bring out some toxic energy that might cloud your mind and emotions until it passes. So it is important to be prepared for this and simply realize that you are going through a cleansing. It is natural and it is temporary, so be alert and avoid magnifying the energy or getting swallowed up by the thoughts and feelings.

This is one reason I told people that in their patience they should posses their souls. As the popular saying goes, the darkest hour is always the hour before dawn. I can assure you that many spiritual seekers have started using spiritual tools only to stop or pull back just before they were ready to make a major breakthrough.

Look at the situation from the perspective of the dark forces. They have been used to controlling you for a long time. They did everything they could to prevent you from discovering this website and accepting the teachings on it. They did everything they could to prevent you from actively using the tools on this website. They know with absolute certainty that if you keep using these tools, they will lose their control over you. So they will do everything they can to discourage you just before you make a breakthrough that causes them to lose their grip.

When you understand what is happening, you can be prepared for this eventuality and avoid falling for the discouragement that truly is one of the oldest tricks used by dark forces. They will try to make you feel like you are getting nowhere or that it isn’t worth the effort. Or they will make you doubt the validity of what you are doing so you begin to think that it could never work.

What you need to do in that situation is to hold fast to the positive experiences you have had from giving the rosary and hold fast to the insights you have received by studying this website. Hold fast to the intuitive confirmations you have received from your Christ self. It is the strength within you that will carry you through the challenges on the path.

What I would recommend is that you acknowledge the fact that negative thoughts and feelings are projections from dark forces. You then recognize that they are trying to derail your progress on the path, and you determine that you are not going to let them get away with this. Therefore, you decide that the harder they try, the more you are going to use their attempts as a stepping stone for progress.

In other words, whenever you feel fear, doubt or other imperfect thoughts and emotions, you immediately use it as an encouragement to give the call I mentioned earlier or to give Archangel Michael’s Rosary or part of it. You take their attempt to discourage you and use it against them to actually encourage yourself to use the tools. You should realize that the harder they try, the more desperate they are, so your victory is getting closer. The dark forces would not attack you if you were doing what they want you to do. So the fact that you are being atttacked shows you are making progress.

Let me say that for people who suffer from mental illness or severe depression, I recommend using the Spiritual Crisis tools. Yet you should also be aware of the need to go through the cleansing process in a slow and gradual manner. If you start feeling very uncomfortable, pull back for a few days and give only part of Archangel Michael’s Rosary. Instead of giving the rest of the rosary, give Mother Mary’s rosary or an invocation that addresses specific issues you feel come up in your consciousness.

Yet let me also make it clear that for some people it can be necessary to take the opposite approach and actually give a major push in order to overcome a certain obstacle and be free of the dark forces that have controlled them. In other words, if you are a reasonably balanced person, it can be beneficial to give a very concentrated vigil where you might give Michael’s rosary a couple of times a day and also give one of the other rosaries.

Be aware that Archangel Michael’s Rosary invokes a type of spiritual light called the Blue flame. It is very powerful for protection, and it is very uncomfortable for dark forces. Yet it can also have the effect of flushing out imperfect energies in your energy field. Therefore, I recommend that you combine Michael’s rosary with Mother Mary’s rosaries. Her rosaries invoke the Violet Flame, which is designed to transmute toxic energy. By combining the rosaries, you will have a more smooth ride.

Finally, don’t forget that at the beginning of Michael’s rosary you can make a specific call for the binding and consuming of all dark forces that are attacking you and projecting imperfect thoughts, fear and doubt into your mind. You can ask your Christ self to mention the specific names of the forces that are attacking you and then ask Archangel Michael to bind them.

I can assure you that if you are persistent, you will come to a turning point where at least some of the dark forces that have attacked you will no longer be able to do so. And as you continue to climb the path, you will gradually spin off all dark forces that have ever influenced your lifestream. You can literally rise above all dark forces by using the tools on this website.

I am not going to say that it will be easy for all people, because it will require some effort. And for some people it will require a greater effort because they have spent a long time under the influence of dark forces. Nevertheless, once you break through to a new sense of freedom and self-control, you will realize that it truly was worth the effort. The trek upward is always worth the inconvenience. Once you get your head above the clouds of the lower mind and dark forces, I can assure you the view will be worth it. The view is just so much better from up here.


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Why do we need to read invocations out loud?

Question: Thank you for your suggestion today to try Archangel Michael’s rosary for 33 days. Does it need to be read out loud? Would it be “doubly” effective to include your spiritual attunement exercise right after? And is performing these mechanically, as you allowed for in response to an earlier question from a depressed person, still going to be adequate for this trial? I have a lot of discouragement in thoughts and feelings, wandering attention at various levels, and doubts about whether my visualization abilities are sufficient (for the attunement exercise). Finally, is my sense of being hypocritical at performing the “affirming” actions, while still doubting and not having results that I (or my carnal mind) can judge by, something else that I continue to let go of? This last one seems especially pertinent to the attunement exercise where we are instructed to proceed after, for examples, “feeling at peace” or “accepting that you love me unconditionally.” I’m guessing that I’m in that Catch 22 where I need my Christ Self to guide and reassure me, and yet I need to commit to an outer guidance first in order to get to that place. Thank you for your help with this predicament.

Answer from Jesus:

Yes, you do need to read the rosary out loud because by using the spoken word, you tap into the same creative power that God used to create the universe, the first act of which was the statement, “Let there be light!”

It is a good idea to give the attunement exercise right after the rosary because when you have established spiritual protection – and while it is still of maximum strength – you have the best opportunity to tune in to your Christ self without outside interference.

Performing the rosary mechanically should still allow a sensitive person to feel a difference, but as with all spiritual rituals, the more you put your heart into it, the better the effect. Make an effort to center yourself in your heart and then give the rosary with as much reverence and feeling as you can achieve. Yet do not strain, simply center yourself and then let the words flow freely without analyzing or worrying while you give it. Try to let yourself become lost in the rosary rather than being stuck in the intellect.

The symptoms you describe as “discouragement in thoughts and feelings, wandering attention at various levels, and doubts about whether my visualization abilities are sufficient “ are typical of what happens to many seekers in today’s society. You are surrounded by negative energies that pull on your emotional and mental bodies. We might say that your conscious mind is a radio receiver, and during the attunement exercise, you are trying to tune in to the station of your Christ self or an ascended being. The symptoms you describe are the result of static – foreign influences – that either prevent you from tuning in to the right station or prevent you from getting a clear reception.

The best way to overcome spiritual static is to invoke protection with as much fervor as you can muster. I think you will find that by giving Archangel Michael’s rosary for 33 days, you will begin to get a clearer reception. Then, imagine how clear the reception can become by continuing to give the rosary. Kim invoked spiritual protection for years before he was able to hear me clearly. Yet the trek upward is always worth the inconvenience, as one of my beloved colleagues is fond of saying.

However, it will also help you to purify your life of disturbing influences, such as high stress, psychic energy or addictive substances. Basically, anything that gives you stress and takes away your sense of harmony and inner peace will function as static that prevents you from tuning in to your Christ self. You also need to be on guard for an overactive intellect. Be careful not to overanalyze the process of attunement. Simply give your protection and then let it flow without analyzing what is happening.

Remember the biblical quote, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). You need to have some faith that invoking spiritual protection will work, even if you do not see concrete or immediate results. The best measure of spiritual protection is greater mental clarity and emotional calm, but how exactly will you measure that? There is nothing hypocritical about making an affirmation while doubting the results, but the less you doubt, the faster you will see results. It can be a great help to specifically ask Archangel Michael [in the beginning of the rosary] to bind your ego and all psychic forces or energies that project doubt into your mental and emotional bodies. These forces want you to keep doubting the results of spiritual protection because they know that when you establish such protection they can no longer control you.

Other efficient tools for transcending doubt is the invocation for dealing with the Accuser of the Brethren or for protection from Pyshic projections. You can also use the invocation for Oneness with your I AM Presence.

You are quite right that many spiritual seekers are in a catch-22. You are also right that the best way to brake this stalemate is to make a firm commitment to giving an efficient spiritual ritual – and you have found one of the most efficient rituals on the planet in Michael’s rosary – and then simply give it faithfully. I am suggesting 33 days because I believe most sensitive people will see results by then. Obviously, when you see results, you should not stop invoking protection and think you are home free. As long as you are on this planet, you will be exposed to imperfect energies, and until you manifest full Christ consciousness, you can benefit from spiritual protection.

I can tell you that for sincere spiritual seekers, invoking spiritual protection is the master key to breaking the catch-22 and truly tuning in to the guidance from their Christ selves. You simply need to do it with the expectation that you will experience better attunement with your Christ self, and then you need to be patient if the results are not instantaneous. In your patience posses ye your soul.


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Some channelers say we don’t need protection

Question: Master Jesus: I follow the Kryon channeling since the beginning of the convergence. For some time now Kryon says as light workers we do not need to surround ourselves with light for protection; we are light. That was the way of the old energy; we are now in the new energy and we are light. I have been using AAMichael’s protection and giving it to all my other light workers. I need some clarification on this.

Answer from Jesus:

Whether you follow this or that teaching, it is always prudent to use your intuition and common sense to evaluate all statements made. In the Bible you find the statement that God started the creative process by making the fiat, “Let there be light!” As I explain throughout this website, everything in the world of form is made from God’s light. You have always been light, meaning that even in the so-called “old energy” you were still made of light. So if you needed spiritual protection then, why would you suddenly no longer need it?

The important distinction here is not whether you are made of light but whether any of the light that makes up your four lower bodies vibrates within the spectrum of frequencies currently found in the four lower bodies of planet earth. As we explain elsewhere, this planet is currently polluted by many imperfect energies. If you doubt this, just look at the news. Therefore, as long as you are in a physical body, you will inevitably be exposed to these energies on a constant basis. The question is what happens to these energies as they enter your energy field?

If you have any lower energies in your four bodies, the energies that are directed at you will resonate with the energy in your energy field. The incoming energy will reinforce whatever negative energies are already in your field because like attracts like. So as long as you have any imperfect energies in your field, you will need to invoke spiritual protection.

It is possible to go through the spiritual initiation called the transfiguration. As you do so, your physical body will be purified of all imperfect substances and genetic defects. Your emotional body will be purified of all imperfect desires or attachments. Your mental body will be purified of all imperfect thoughts and beliefs. Your identity body will be purified of all imperfect sense of identity and all imperfect memories. When that happens, there are no longer any imperfect energies in your four lower bodies. You then live up to the statement that the prince of this world comes and has nothing in you. In other words, when you are exposed to the imperfect energies of the world, there will be nothing in your energy field that resonates with those energies. In a sense you have now become transparent to the energies of the world and they pass right through you. This transparency is the ultimate form of spiritual defense.

Yet I can assure you that very few people on this planet have passed through the initiation of the transfiguration. Therefore, it is prudent for all spiritual seekers to invoke protection, and this will be the case for the foreseeable future. Obviously, I hope that the Earth will eventually become so pure that it will be unnecessary to invoke spiritual protection. But I can tell you that this is not likely to happen for the foreseeable future.

It is correct that certain events signal or initiate a new spiritual cycle that affects all people on planet Earth. Nevertheless, there are no such events that will affect all people equally. For example, we have now entered the Aquarian Age, which makes it easier for people to communicate with the spiritual realm. Yet this does not guarantee that all people, not even all light workers, can automatically attain this communion. It is up to each individual to open up and maintain a pure line of communication. In the current situation on planet Earth, there is so much imperfect energy that it requires diligent spiritual protection in order to obtain accurate communion with the Ascended Host. If you do not invoke such spiritual protection, it is highly likely that you will communicate only with beings in lower realms.

Let me make a recommendation. Don’t listen to what I say. Don’t listen to what Kryon, or any other channeled message, says. Instead, give it a try and listen to what your Christ self tells you. Decide to sincerely invoke spiritual protection for a period of time. I would recommend that serious light workers give Archangel Michael’s Rosary every day for 33 days. A sensitive person will feel some effect from the very beginning. Yet after a 33-day period, you should be able to tell whether invoking spiritual protection has had a positive effect. If so, why not continue to invoke protection?

I think most people would clearly feel a positive effect after 33 days, although for some people it might take weeks or even months to experience a major breakthrough from invoking spiritual protection. So give it a try and see what difference it makes in your life.

Let me also mention that both Archangel Michael’s Rosary and Mother Mary’s invocations are not designed only for your own benefit. They have a major effect on the planet as a whole, including for your fellow light workers. In other words, even if you don’t think you need spiritual protection, there is still good reason to use the rosaries and decrees to invoke spiritual protection and purification for other people and for the planet as a whole.

By the way,  Kryon is not a member of the Ascended Host but resides in the mental realm.


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How can I attune myself to Jesus?

Question: Beloved Jesus, Thank you for this opportunity! I have visited many websites lately that are offering Christ attunement and they are quite expensive. I really would like to be attuned to your energy and love and work with you for my transformation and the spiritual benefit of the Universe. Can you share with us a technique for this? Thank you very very much! Shalom!


Answer from Jesus:

I already have, and they are freely available on this website. Unfortunately, some people tend to think that what is given away freely cannot be as effective or as valuable as techniques for which they have to pay high prices. They do not remember my statement, “freely ye have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8).

For inner attunement with me, your Christ self or another member of the Ascended Host, use the technique for inner attunement or the vigil for calling for inner guidance.

For protecting yourself and others, including the entire planet, from dark forces, use the decrees for protection.

For transforming low-frequency energy into high-frequency spiritual energy, use the decrees to the Violet Flame.

And for a set of extremely effective rituals for both protection, transformation and attunement, use the beautiful rosaries and invocations released by my beloved Mother. These tools are truly from the heart of Mother Mary, and I can assure you that they represent a major dispensation and a major opportunity for the spiritual people on this planet. In fact, they are among the most effective spiritual techniques ever released on this planet.

If enough people start using them, you will truly see the world change, as it has already changed as a result of the relatively small number of people who are presently using the rosaries. Yet, remember that in reality all life is one, so even one person anchored in oneness with his or her spiritual self can have a major impact when giving the rosaries or other spiritual rituals—even by living a seemingly normal life.

Let me assure you that we of the Ascended Host have great hopes for what these tools can do for the planet. Yet for those hopes to be fulfilled, someone must decide that “I am the one who will give a rosary every day!”

BE that someone!

For an extremely effective tool for increasing your understanding of Christ consciousness, read the book The Christ Is born in You or follow the Master Keys to Personal Christhood course.


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How can a pregnant woman best protect herself from lower energies?

Question: Dear Jesus, When a woman is pregnant, is she more vulnerable to dark forces and emotional trials. If this is so, why? And what could she do to protect herself psychologically as well as spiritually.

love Sara

Answer from Jesus:

When a woman carries an unborn child inside her body, she has to open up her energy field to allow for the lifestream and the energy field of the child to gradually mesh with the fetus. To do that, the woman has to accept energies from outside of herself and allow them to enter her energy field. Since much of this process takes place below the level of conscious awareness, it is quite possible that a woman can open her field to energies that are not part of the energy field of the child but an outside – and not necessarily benevolent – influence. You also have the fact that a woman’s body is under stress, and this can cause her to be weaker and more easily exhausted. All of this adds up to the possibility that if the woman does not remain balanced, she can be more vulnerable to dark forces than she normally is. This is one reason some women go through major emotional adjustments during pregnancy.

Another factor is that there truly are dark forces that seek to take every person away from the path of Christhood. Such forces will seek to attack the child even while that child is in the womb. The reasoning of the dark forces is that the earlier they can get some kind of psychological hook in the child’s consciousness, the more easily they can manipulate the child as it grows up. Some souls might already have such hooks from previous lifetimes.

It is the responsibility of both the father and the mother to provide the spiritual protection of the incoming soul, and also to protect the child until it matures and can protect itself. Obviously, current culture does not teach people about the spiritual aspects of life, and therefore most people are not aware of the need to provide for their own spiritual protection, let alone that of their children.

The ugly reality is that the dark forces are in no way deterred because of people’s lack of knowledge. You know that before people recognized the existence of bacteria, they would still become the victims of infectious diseases. Likewise, even though most people do not recognize the existence of dark forces or the need to invoke spiritual protection, they will still be the victims of the attacks of such forces.

As an additional complication, it has been a divine law for some time that parents are allowed to give birth to children who have greater spiritual attainment than themselves. This was done to speed the growth of the entire human race in order to break the downward spiral that would have led to humankind’s self-destruction. As a result of this law, many women have (in recent decades) given birth to souls of very high spiritual attainment. Even though a woman might not be consciously aware of this, the dark forces are keenly aware that such high souls represent a threat to them. Therefore, they attack such souls, and their parents, with all the power they can muster.

Please do not misunderstand these remarks. I am in no way trying to scare you or anyone else from having children. There is truly no influence from dark forces that cannot be counteracted by the light of God and by your wise choices to avoid the subtle lies of dark forces. Many women have provided adequate spiritual protection for themselves and their children simply by remaining balanced and remaining true to timeless principles and ideals, especially through practicing their religion. If they do not engage in negative behavior and do not take toxic substances into their bodies, many women will be adequately protected during pregnancy.

However, if you are a spiritually aware person, there is obviously much you can do to increase your protection. You can also cut your child free from any negative influences from past lives. I highly recommend that people give the Elohim decrees during pregnancy, as they give a good balance. Archangel Michael’s rosary is very efficient if you feel you are under severe attack. This can be a great advantage and give your child a much better start in life. Also, Mother Mary’s invocations will work both as protection and for the transformation of energy. They can also help to resolve psychological issues for your incoming child.

You see, while you carry the child in your womb, the proximity of your energy fields gives you a unique opportunity to help your child resolve psychological issues that might have burdened it for lifetimes. Many women are so sensitive that they feel such issues during their pregnancy. An outer aspects of this can be cravings for certain foods that are truly cravings that come from the soul of the child. Yet at deeper levels, a woman might also sense psychological issues that she has never noticed in herself before. The reason is that these issues are not her issues but those of the soul of her incoming child. Yet because the woman senses these issues, she can help her child greatly if she works on resolving them as if they were her own.

Because of the woman’s greater maturity and because she is not as attached to these issues as  the child, she can resolve such issues while the child is still unborn. This will allow the child to grow up without being burdened by these issues. If the issues are not resolved, the child probably will not be able to deal with them until adulthood, and by then the issues might have been reinforced by various experiences and have become so solidified that they are much harder to resolve. Incidentally, there is a real need for sensitive therapists to develop an entirely new branch of prenatal therapy. This could also help women have an easier pregnancy.


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Building a momentum on using a technique for protection

Question: My question concerns negative energy. If you use the protection measures espoused what is stopping the negative energy knowing this and then sending a stronger vibration against you. To use an analogy, you protect yourself with a stick, they use a knife, You then use a gun, they use a canon. Poorly expressed, but do you get my drift. I don’t understand how the dark energy seems to overcome light protection when the best intention and methods of protection are used.


Answer from Jesus:

Your analogy is very good, and it is true but only up to a point. When you begin to use spiritual protection, the dark forces will step up their attack and try to break down your protection. However, if you make a sincere effort, you will build a momentum on using a technique for protection. As you increase your connection to your Christ self, you can invoke such a powerful spiritual protection that none of the forces of this world can penetrate it. You can literally invoke spiritual protection of such strength that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

This is easy to understand when you contemplate the reality that everything is energy. The forces of this world can use only the energies of this world to attack you. All of the energies in this world are of lower vibrations than the energies in the spiritual realm. Therefore, when you invoke a wall of spiritual light around yourself, that wall will have such a high vibration that the lower energies from this world cannot penetrate it. By continuing to attack the wall, the dark forces can gradually break it down. If you don’t renew it, they can eventually create holes in your protection. However, as long as you keep up your protection and renew it on a daily basis, you will be protected from the dark forces.

Unfortunately, you are correct that dark forces can overcome your light protection in other ways. The reason for this is that the spiritual protection you invoke will not override your free will. As an illustration of this, imagine that your spiritual protection forms a wall around you, much like a house. The wall is impenetrable, but it has doors and windows. If you open a door or window, then energy can penetrate the wall from the outside and reach you even though you are inside the wall.

So what causes the opening of the doors and windows in the wall? It is your own imperfect beliefs and psychological wounds. As long as you maintain certain imperfect beliefs, such as the belief that you are a miserable sinner who deserves to be punished for doing something bad, then the dark forces can attack you through that belief. This does not mean that such imperfect beliefs completely neutralize all spiritual protection. But it does mean that imperfect beliefs can be like a door or window in the wall. A certain amount of energy can enter your forcefield through that opening. You are still much better off than without the wall of protection, but you are not completely protected.

Another factor that can cause chinks in your armor is psychological wounds that cause you to respond to certain situations with negative feelings. For example, if you are afraid of dark forces, the vibration of fear can create a hole or crack in the wall of spiritual protection. Another common factor is anger. If people respond to certain situations with anger, they will create openings in their spiritual armor, and the dark forces will then have access to their conscious and subconscious minds. In fact any of the spiritual poisons described by Mother Mary will create holes in your armor.

What you see here is that when you first learn about the need for spiritual protection, you will face an uphill battle for a time. You will invoke spiritual protection, but it will be partly neutralized or broken down by imperfect beliefs or psychological wounds. If you never do anything to resolve such beliefs or heal your wounds, the battle can go on for the rest of your life. It is literally like taking two steps forward and sliding one step backward. Many people do indeed live their entire lives this way, and the reason is that they do not make the necessary effort to resolve their imperfect beliefs and heal their wounds.

When you decide to fully engage in the path to personal Christhood, you will engage in a serious study of spiritual teachings that will eventually help you remove all imperfect beliefs from your being. You will also engage in an effort to heal your psychology, to heal your soul, from all wounds received in this and past lifetimes. As you do this, you will close the doors and windows that make you vulnerable to the attacks of the dark forces. When you invoke spiritual protection, your subconscious choices will no longer neutralize that protection. Therefore, you will be sealed inside a wall of light, and as long as you maintain that light, you will truly be invulnerable and sealed from the dark forces.

However, for your spiritual protection to work with maximum efficiency, you need to overcome the beliefs and the wounds that make you vulnerable to the temptations of the dark forces. When you do, the Prince of this world will come and have nothing in you whereby he can tempt you into neutralizing your spiritual protection. You can then be in the world without being of the world. You can be the light that shines in the darkness, and the darkness comprehends it not, nor can it attack your light.


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The purpose of saying mantras, affirmations or decrees is to invoke spiritual light

Question: Dear Master Jesus: Could you please explain the purpose of saying mantras? I am in the process of trying to indoctrinate myself from orthodox Christianity. Since orthodox Christianity teaches that saying mantras is “of the devil,” I would like to know the truth about this practice and if it would really aid spiritual growth.

Curious truth seeker

Answer from Jesus:

As explained elsewhere, the purpose of saying mantras, affirmations or decrees is to invoke spiritual light and draw it into your personal energy field or into the energy field of the planet. You can direct the spiritual light to form a shield of high-frequency energy around your field to give you spiritual protection. Or you can invoke spiritual light that will transform negative energy into a higher vibration. Because you are invoking spiritual light, it is appropriate to say a mantra more than once.

As explained in the The Secret Coming of Christ, orthodox Christianity has become trapped in a fear-based approach to religion. This approach is in direct opposition to the love-based approach that I taught and demonstrated. One effect of this fear-based approach is that many Christians tend to label anything which is different from traditional Christian practices as being of the devil. This happens almost automatically, and most Christians do not bother to examine a topic properly before they label it as evil.

If you take a look at Christianity itself, you will see that it has an old tradition for using the power of the spoken word. You are using the spoken word to invoke spiritual energy when you give the Our Father, say the rosary or sing many Christian songs. The same happens through the Gregorian chants, the reading of Scripture out loud or the recitation of other Christian prayers and rituals.

The process used by Christians in these ways is essentially the same as the process used by many other religions in which people use spoken mantras or affirmations. It is quite unfortunate that orthodox Christians have labeled the prayers or affirmations used by other religions as mantras and have labeled all mantras as being of the devil. This is a fear-based and close-minded approach that has no constructive value whatsoever.

I am not hereby saying that all mantras are good. There are certainly some mantras that have a negative effect, and therefore one might label them as being of the devil. Nevertheless to label all mantras or the technique of saying mantras as being of the devil is simply incorrect.

One of the main characteristics of personal Christhood is the ability to discern between what is of God and what is not of God. As you attain Christhood, you will build this discernment, which starts as intuition. However, it is a simple fact that you can learn only by doing. You can build Christ discernment only by exercising your ability to discern even while it is not yet perfectly clear.

The unfortunate effect of a fear-based approach to religion is that people are afraid to exercise their intuitive faculties. They have managed to get themselves into a state of consciousness where they believe that if they make a mistake, they will go to hell. They easily get into a state of mind based on a black-and-white perspective, an all-or-nothing approach to spiritual growth. They believe it is so important to avoid making a mistake that it is better not to try at all. Yet the simple fact is that if you don’t try, you will never develop the ability to discern what is truth and what is error.

Imagine that you have a child who is so afraid of falling down that it does not dare to try to walk. No child could ever learn to walk without experimenting, and in experimenting it will inevitably fall down. If the child refuses to experiment, it will never learn to walk.

Unfortunately, this is what happens to many Christians who take the fear-based approach to religion. In their refusal to use their intuitive faculties to discern what is truth and what is a lie, they prevent themselves from developing those faculties. Therefore, they begin to believe that they cannot know truth on their own, so they should allow some church authority to do their thinking for them. This often aborts these people’s spiritual progress and confines them to a certain level of consciousness. They will remain at that level of consciousness until they decide to run the risk of exercising their discernment even while it is not perfect.

If you read the scriptures, you will see that I often chastised my disciples for having too little faith or too little understanding. However, I did not reject my disciples because they were not perfect. I continued to work with them to help them grow, and this is what every true spiritual teacher will do. No spiritual teacher requires the student to become perfect instantly. The real requirement is that the student is willing to try and to keep trying. As long as the student does not stop trying, and does not stand still, the student is fulfilling the requirements of being on the spiritual path that leads to God.

If you are not willing to try, not willing to open the mind to new ideas, you have essentially turned your back upon God and upon me. Many Christians sit in their churches and feel holier than other people. Yet I tell you that they are unreachable for me or for any other spiritual teacher. They have built walls around their minds that prevent their spiritual growth. I gave my life to bring forth the teaching that could set people free from bondage. Do you think I am happy with the fact that so many orthodox Christians have used my teaching to build prison walls around their minds?


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The Law of Free Will and praying for others

Question: How are we to pray for others? My daughter is in a very abusive and extremely volatile marriage. I want to know how to correctly pray for her safety and her newborn son!

Answer from Jesus:

In situations like this, it is extremely important to understand the Law of Free Will. I explain the importance of free will throughout this website, but especially in my teachings on the path of Christhood. The essence of this law is that God has given every human being free will. Therefore, no heavenly being will violate the free will of anyone on Earth. The importance in this context is that when you pray for others, we of the Ascended Host cannot violate the free will of the people for whom you are praying.

In other words, even if you pray for my intercession in your daughter’s situation, I cannot intervene against the free will of your daughter and her husband. Therefore, in such situations the best approach is to pray for their enlightenment, so that the people will come to a higher understanding that will allow them to improve the situation.

Before I go on, let me say that in situations like this, it is extremely important not to rely on prayer alone. Because of the Law of Free Will, you must take physical action to help change the situation, especially to protect your daughter and her newborn son. You must contact the proper authorities and ask for guidance as to how they can help you. This is extremely important, and you can see this by contemplating the saying that God helps those who help themselves.

Let me give you some practical advice on how to pray for a situation like this.

  • First of all, you need to recognize that even though every human being has free will, most people are not exercising their free will. You simply cannot make a free choice unless you have a clear understanding of the situation, the options you have and the potential consequences of those options. When people are in a crisis situation, they are so burdened by the energies of that situation, that they simply do not have the clarity of mind to make truly free choices. Therefore, your first and foremost concern is to remove the barriers that prevent the people for making free choices.

    Use decrees and invocations  for calling to Archangel Michael for the protection of yourself or for other people. I suggest that you use these prayers for your daughter, her son and for her husband also. Call for them to be protected against all negative energy that prevents them from having a clear vision of the situation and how they are harming themselves.

  • In situations of abuse, you must recognize that the person committing the abuse is not doing this entirely of his or her free will. People who abuse others are always influenced by dark forces and potentially demons. Therefore, you should call to Archangel Michael and myself for the binding of all evil forces attacking your daughter and her son through her husband. You have the right to call for Archangel Michael to bind the human ego that prevents him from seeing what he is doing. You even have the right to call for the judgment of all dark forces, including the human ego, working through your son in law. You should also call for the binding of your daughter’s ego, so she can overcome any attachments that prevent her from getting away from the situation.
  • You should recognize that each human being has a Christ self and that each human being has a guardian angel who is assigned to protect and enlighten the person. You can therefore call, through a silent or spoken prayer, directly to the Christ self and the guardian angel of a person and ask them to protect and enlighten the person, so that he or she can take the best course of action in the situation.
  • You can help improve the situation by using proper techniques for consuming the negative energy that interferes with the situation and prevents the people from seeing the right way out. The need to transform toxic energy is explained in great detail elsewhere. Use decrees and invocations for transforming such energy.
  • It would also be extremely helpful to talk to your daughter. Help her see the potential dangers so that she can make a clearer and more levelheaded choice as to whether she should stay in a situation or remove herself from it as quickly as possible. You should recognize that in the end, you cannot make choices for her. It must be a choice that comes from inside herself.

    However, you might tell her about this website and about the idea that she has a Christ self that can help her make such decisions. You might tell her about the technique for attuning to her Christ self  and ask her to perform it. If she will not, then you can perform it for her and visualize that I and her Christ self give her the answers that she needs even while she is sleeping at night.

  • You can also pray for your daughter’s soul to be taken to the spiritual retreats at night, as described elsewhere.
  • You might even consider doing a vigil or novena on behalf of your daughter, as described elsewhere.

I can promise you that if you make use of these suggestions, you will see that your daughter will become empowered to make a better decision. However, because I respect the Law of Free Will, I cannot promise you what kind of choices your daughter will make. This is truly a matter over which I have no control.

I fully understand that it can be very difficult and frustrating for you to watch such a situation and feel helpless. I can tell you that both myself and my colleagues in the Ascended Host often feel helpless when we watch human beings continue to harm themselves and others by making choices that everyone can see are not in the best interest of anyone.

However, because I am a spiritual teacher I am able to take a longer view and see that in some cases lifestreams have encaged themselves into so many erroneous beliefs that they need to go through certain situations in order to finally come to the realization that those beliefs are harming themselves. Therefore, even very difficult situations can truly help the person learn lessons and move on to better things.

However, let me caution you once again to not rely exclusively on prayer but to take the appropriate physical action to get your daughter the protection and counseling from the proper authorities that she needs.


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Having a better communion with your Christ self

Question: I have made the 33-day vigil, as you advised. Increased the sensation of the internal fullness. Every time I asked some question, but in most cases answers were dim and through writing only. Can during such vigils carnal mind to distort the message of the Christ? The thought about this forces to distrust in truth of the message. If this possible on this website, prompt, if I made all correct? I know that you can be connected to my consciousness. Possible, such question appeared beside many. Please, tell also, how differs the automatic writing from that what I did during the vigil?

Thank you very much.

Answer from Jesus:

I commend you for doing this ritual, and I encourage you to continue to use these tools, including the tools for spiritual protection and for the transformation of negative energy.

What my exercise is designed to do is to help you sharpen your intuitive faculties and establish a direct communion with your higher self. This communion is between your conscious mind, which abides here in the material universe, and your higher self, which abides in a higher realm. In between the material universe and the level of your higher self are several other levels of vibration, including your emotional and mental bodies. These other realms can act as noise or static just as the noise or static you have on a radio receiver. This can therefore influence and distort the messages you get from your higher self or from your Christ self,which is the bridge between your higher self and yoru conscious mind.

In my instructions to the exercise, you will notice that I encourage people not to ask questions about what to do, but instead ask for a higher understanding of the issue.

I encourage people not to consider the answers you get as absolute or infallible answers. You should still use your conscious mind and your common sense to make decisions based on the answers you get.

When you are new to this technique, there is a possibility that the answers you get from your higher self will be influenced by your emotional and mental bodies or even by outside forces. You can improve the connection through practice, whereby you become better at discerning the answers that ring true and the answers that are influenced by noise. This will come as you keep practicing the technique.

However, the noise or static that I am talking about is actually low-frequency energy that is either stored in your mental and emotional bodies or directed at you from outside forces. So by protecting your personal energy field from negative energy from the environment and by transforming the negative energy that is already stored in your field, you can gradually reduce the amount of noise and gain a clearer connection. Use the decrees and invocations for this purpose.

So not all of the answers you received were accurate, but that will be the case for virtually anyone who is new to this technique. However, please do not let this discourage you. There is a tendency in modern society that people expect immediate results from spiritual techniques. They think it should be like flipping a switch to turn on the light. That is not how it works on the spiritual path. Depending on your personal situation and your past, it might take some effort to establish a clear connection to your higher self. However, I can assure you that it can be done and that it will be well worth the effort.

When you write down the answers that come to you after the exercise, you are writing down thoughts that go through your conscious mind. You are not in a trance as people often are during automatic writing. You are writing down the ideas; it is not some outside force who is writing through you. If you feel that some outside force is writing through you, then I strongly encourage you to increase your spiritual protection or even discontinue the exercise.

Because the writing goes through your mind, there is always the possibility for interference. Nevertheless, it has never been my goal to turn people into mediums who write in a trance. It is my goal to turn people into Christed beings who gradually build such a strong connection to their higher selves that they can receive directions from above while they are fully conscious and in the midst of everyday activities.

I encourage you to continue the vigil, even if you do not have time to do it every day. Simply set aside time on a regular basis to perform the exercise, including spiritual protection. I also encourage you not to be too attached to getting specific answers. The more attached you are to getting answers, or to getting answers to certain questions, the higher the risk that your emotional or mental bodies interfere with the answers you get. In fact, to receive truly accurate answers, you need to be completely non-attached. You need to have what I called the mind of a little child or what Zen Buddhists call beginner’s mind.

Therefore, you might consider performing the exercise without having any specific questions but simply writing down the thoughts that come to you afterwards. The important point of the exercise is not so much to get specific answers as to establish a connection to your higher self. After you begin to establish this connection, you will often get the answers you seek after the exercise, at a time when you least expect it.

Simply allow the process to run its course. Different people will communicate with their higher selves in slightly different ways. If you keep experimenting without being attached to a specific outcome, you will gradually find your personal form of communication.


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Life is a path whereby lifestreams gradually grow to a greater awareness of their true identity as spiritual beings

Question: Should we strive to ascend to the Inner Planes as a method of spiritual development and if “Yes” what is a safe method to do so? This also brings up the question of what is consciousness and what part of us actually ascends to the inner planes. In particular, I’m very interested in a safe method that I and others could use to rise to the level of the I AM Presence.

Answer from Jesus:

As I explain throughout the ARJ website and in the books, life is a path whereby lifestreams gradually grow to a greater and greater awareness of their true identity as spiritual beings. No lifestream can be completely happy or at peace as long as it is separated from its spiritual self, its I AM Presence. Only by attaining union with the I AM Presence can the lifestream be fully at peace.

So the answer is that all true spiritual seekers should strive to ascend to the inner planes. However, the only safe method is to walk the spiritual path and strive for union with your Christ self. And you should strive to attain this union while you are still in the physical body, so that you can be the Christ in embodiment and express your Christhood in this world. Thereby, you can help raise the consciousness of all human beings and contribute to the raising of the vibratory level of the entire planet.

An important part of my mission was to demonstrate the path that leads to the ascension of the lifestream. Because reincarnation, as explained elsewhere, was removed from Christianity, most Christians do not have a clear understanding of the process that leads to the ascension. In fact, many Christians think that I was the only one who could complete this process. This is a very dangerous fallacy that I would like to see all Christians abandon once and for all.

The reality of the situation is that a number of lifestreams made the decision to eat of the forbidden fruit. This fruit was a symbol for a state of consciousness in which the lifestream becomes aware that good and evil can be defined as relative terms instead of the absolute reality that is beyond good and evil.

Because these lifestreams partook of this relative state of consciousness before they were sufficiently bonded to their I AM Presence, they gradually became lost in the lower state of consciousness and lost their connection to the I AM Presence. This caused these lifestreams to misqualify the pure energies of God, which the teachings on reincarnation describe as karma.

As long as the lifestream has karma in the material universe, it cannot permanently ascend to the spiritual realm. Therefore, the lifestream must keep reincarnating until it has balanced all karma and requalified all impure energy. This then becomes what Eastern religions call the wheel of rebirth, but contrary to the teachings of many Eastern religions, the wheel will not continue forever. Each lifestream has an allotted time, and if the lifestream does not qualify for its ascension before the time is up, the lifestream will go through a ritual called the second death and be erased as an individual lifestream.

Virtually every religious teaching on this planet talks about how to rise above the lower consciousness and ascend to the spiritual realm. This is what many Christians call the process of salvation. Unfortunately, partly because of the loss of the teachings on reincarnation, many Christians take a passive approach to salvation and think I will do all the work for them.

There are many safe methods whereby the lifestream can rise to unite with the spiritual self. Over the past century, the Ascended Host have sponsored several organizations that brought forth new teachings and techniques that are specifically designed to help spiritual seekers in today’s age. However, you can also base your path on older religions.

To be effective, a spiritual teaching must give you the following tools:

  • A way to requalify the misqualified energy, or karma, that keeps you tied to the material world.
  • Teachings and techniques that help you resolve all false beliefs about yourself, about God and about your relationship to God so that you can voluntarily choose to ascend back to the spiritual realm.

All of the tools we give on this website are designed to help you complete the process that leads to the ascension. Together with the teachings, they form a path that is safe and effective. However, each lifestream is an individual. There are certainly other valid teachings/tools that can help you make progress, and you need to follow your own inner prompting and use what resonates with you.

What is consciousness? In its essence, Consciousness is God’s substance and Being. The unmanifest aspect of God, what I call the state of pure Being, is a state of pure consciousness. The Creator is an individualization of the state of pure Being, and it is conscious of its own existence and its ability to create. An individual lifestream is an individualization of the Creator.

A new lifestream is not created with a full awareness of its oneness with God. The lifestream is meant to grow and mature and gradually rise to higher levels of awareness, until it can fully recognize itself as an individualization of God and as a co-creator with God.

The unique individuality of each lifestream is anchored in the I AM Presence, or spiritual self. At some point in the past, a number of lifestreams decided to experience life in the material universe. For this purpose, a lifestream, or I AM Presence, created an extension of itself. This lifestream is what we call the Conscious You.

One might say that the Creator is an individualization of the state of pure Being, the I AM Presence of each lifestream is an individualization of the Creator, and the Conscious You is an individualization of the I AM Presence.

The soul is simply a vehicle that enables a lifestream to descend into the material universe and experience this level of God’s creation from the inside. Obviously, the very fact that the soul is made from lower energies than the I AM Presence makes it possible that the Conscious You can become lost in this universe, because it comes to identify itself as a human being rather than as a spiritual being inhabiting a human body.

Because the Conscious You is the part that can act in the material universe, it is also the seat of your free will. That is why the spiritual path can be described as a process whereby the Conscious You must gradually raise its understanding, so that it can begin to make constructive choices. Constructive choices are decisions that bring the lifestream closer to God, as opposed to destructive choices, or sins, that bring the lifestream further away from oneness with God.


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The Holy Spirit is more than the Violet Flame

Question: Master Jesus: Are the Holy Spirit and the violet flame one and the same?


Answer from Jesus:

The Violet Flame is one aspect of the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit is more than the Violet Flame. In other words, the Holy Spirit can take on several God qualities. The seven main God qualities, also known as the seven rays, are described elsewhere.

Let me give you a visual illustration of the relationship between God the Father, God the Mother, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The image I will use is to compare creation to a movie projector.

The central element of the movie projector is the light bulb, which radiates white light. The light bulb itself can be compared to God the Father. He is the source of all light. Yet when the light has left the bulb, it takes on the quality of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the Holy Spirit – in its impersonal or universal aspect – is the light that streams through all levels of creation and gives it life, movement and forward momentum. As I explain elsewhere, the Christ consciousness is a state of mind which holds the matrix, or blueprint, for the form that is to be created. This then is the film strip upon which you find the images. The matter (ma-ter) substance of the divine Mother can be compared to the movie screen.

So you now have God the Father acting as the light bulb, which produces the light that drives everything in creation. The light of the Holy Spirit passes through the film strip and is colored by the images on the film strip, meaning the images in the minds of all sons and daughters of God, including human beings.

When the colored light of the Holy Spirit hits the movie screen, meaning the energies of the divine Mother, it projects an image upon that screen. The divine Mother lovingly reflects whatever is projected upon her through the power of the Holy Spirit and through the minds of the sons and daughters of God.

Human beings are always co-creating their own reality on Earth. This happens when the light of the Holy Spirit passes through their subconscious and conscious minds, where it is colored by the perfect or imperfect images that people hold. People create these images by using a combination of the qualities/flames/rays of God or a perversion of those qualities.

The seven main qualities are:

  • God Power
  • God Wisdom
  • God Love
  • God Purity
  • God Truth
  • God Peace
  • God Freedom

These qualities are perverted when people descend into the lower state of consciousness, and therefore people begin to create imperfect images that reflect control, ignorance, hatred, impurity, deceit, aggression and bondage.

The Holy Spirit also has a personal or specific aspect, which is created when the lifestreams in an unascended sphere use their co-creative abilities to raise all life. The principle in an unascended sphere is that after an initial release of the Holy Spirit, more light will be released only when co-creators multiply what was given previously. I explained this in my parable about the three servants who were given talents by their master.

Thus, in an unascended sphere the Holy Spirit is the combined force created by all of the lifestreams who have made constructive choices. Each selfless choice ads to the force of the Holy Spirit and this is what creates an upward spiral that leads an unascended sphere – or planet – towards the ascension point. You can either shut yurself out from this upward spiral – whereby life becomes a constant struggle – or you can tune in to it and flow with this River of Life.

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The Violet Flame is a very efficient technique for consuming or transforming imperfect energies

Question: Through the Summit Lighthouse I have learned that the science of the spoken word and the use of the Violet Flame is the quickest way for us to make our ascension in this life. What do you say about this? Also what about other things that people can do with sound, such as healing. I am very interested in sound healing but do not want to get caught up with psychics in my search. What do you suggest? Thank you for you consideration.

Answer from Jesus:

What you have learned is correct. We of the Ascended Host have used several organizations to release spiritual techniques that make use of the spoken word. The spoken word is very effective, because when God created the universe, he said, “Let there be light.”

Therefore, the entire material universe was created through the power of sound. A thought carries power, but the spoken word releases that power into the material universe. The Violet Flame is a very efficient technique for consuming or transforming imperfect energies, including karma.

However, one must always bear in mind that each lifestream has a unique path that leads back to God. Therefore, even though a spiritual technique may be extremely effective, one should not reason that every human being should be using this technique. People are individuals, and some people might need other techniques to make it back home. Furthermore, much depends on where a given lifestream is on its personal path. At some levels, a lifestream might not be ready to use the spoken word, and if not the technique will not be effective for that particular person.

However, I will say that a very large number of people could benefit greatly from using the technique of the Violet Flame.

Sound healing

Considering that sound is the creative force that the Elohim used to create the material universe, it is obvious that sound is a powerful tool for healing. That is why we have given so many tools – decress, affirmations and invocations – that make use of the spoken word. All of the tools that produce sound are a form of sound healing.

Every lifestream has a unique sound, which can be described as its inner name. This inner name is a “soundless sound,” and it cannot be spoken by the human tongue or heard by the physical ears. However, as a lifestream attains a certain level of Christ consciousness, it can, by making a conscious effort, come to know it’s inner name. This inner name is a very powerful key to healing the lifestream. Because of the nature of the inner name, I cannot give you an outer teaching on this. This is something that each person must attain through inner knowledge. However, knowing that the inner name exists is a good starting point.

Obviously, there are many ways to use sound for healing purposes. I am sure you are aware of the effect of classical music that has been documented by some scientists. The messenger I am using for this website is not an expert on healing. Therefore, we of the Ascended Host are always looking for messengers who can bring forth new ideas and teachings concerning healing. You might want to consider that you could become an open door for bringing forth such new ideas.

Concerning psychics

I understand your concern about psychics. However, if you recognize the teachings that the Ascended Host have given forth through various organizations, you already have a guiding rod for evaluating other teachings and people. In other words, you can only recognize the truth in our teachings if you have attained a certain measure of Christhood.

Christhood gives you the discernment to know what is of God and what is not of God. You simply need to recognize that you have attained some level of Christhood, and then you need to make a conscious effort to increase your discernment. This discernment can tell you whether a person’s vibration is psychic or spiritual.

I must tell you frankly that there is no fail-safe way for you to avoid psychics. To grow in any aspect of life, you must be willing to try, you must be willing to open your mind to new ideas. If you close your mind, you cannot grow, as so many religious people, including many Christians, have already demonstrated.

When you decide to open your mind to new ideas, you might make imperfect choices, but instead of being afraid of making any choices, I encourage you to see them as another opportunity to learn.

Obviously, you never want to give your soul to anyone, including a healer. However, if you exercise due caution, you can always learn something from investigating new ideas or techniques. Simply realize that everything can be used to increase your discernment. If you learn from an experience, it was never wasted. It was not even a failure; it was simply another step on your path to greater understanding.

Use the appropriate tools to pursue the path of personal Christhood. Always strive for balance and use common sense to avoid the extremes on both sides. If you remain balanced and use your intuition to evaluate every new idea, you will find ideas that are valid and useful to you at the present level of your personal path.


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Is meditation the best way to experience God?

Question: Kim, thank you for your site.  I have studied spiritual teachings for years and meditated, but it was not until I discovered your site that the pieces all seemed to come together.  I have been doing many of the rosaries and affirmations along with prayer and meditation.  Here is my question for Jesus.  My concern is that even though I feel God’s presence, I have not yet had a direct contact experience and I tend to believe that this would most likely occur during meditation.  I’ve read Autobiography of a Yogi and feel inspired to study Kriya Yoga.  The SRF Fellowship indicates that Jesus was initiated in this yogic practice.  Their study course is 3-1/2 years long and involves initiation into Kriya Yoga.  However, on this site Jesus seems to discourage the meditation path for those in the Western culture, or am I interpreting that incorrectly?  Could Jesus provide some guidance on the value of this type of meditation to make the connection with our inner God self.  Or are there other spiritual techniques that are more effective?  I have prayed and meditated for an answer to this question, but to this date I continue to be without an answer.

Answer from Jesus – September 2, 2011

During my 17 so-called “lost years,” I did travel in the East and I did experiment with and learned a number of Eastern spiritual techniques, as I was indeed very open to learning anything that might help me in my mission—which at the time I did not fully understand or “see.”

I did learn something that is comparable to Kriya Yoga, but to say that what I learned is the same or was taught the same way as what the SRF Fellowship is offering today would be a misrepresentation. You also need to remember that I learned many other Eastern techniques, so it is not my intent here to endorse or recommend any one technique.

Everything is meant to evolve over time, as change is indeed the order of the day on this planet (due to the fact that the collective consciousness is lagging behind the growth rate of the rest of the universe). So even though Indian gurus have a tendency to claim they have rediscovered a lost technique, it simply isn’t possible to separate a spiritual technique from its context, meaning the society in which it is used and the level of the collective consciousness at the time. Which explains why we of the Ascended Host do not generally recommend Eastern meditation techniques for Western students.

Now, I know there are people who will immediately reason that this statement alone means I am not the real Jesus. For example, many SRF students will reason that since Yogananda was working with the real Jesus, then anything said on this site should be in complete agreement with what Yogananda said—and if it is not, this can only mean this site is not from the real Jesus. Of course, people from other movements or gurus do exactly the same.

Yet for those with a more discerning mind, let me make it clear that I did indeed work with Yogananda. Yet what I could bring forth through Yogananda was very much a product of how far he was able to transcend his own background, as this website is a product of how much this messenger can transcend his own background.

You see, an ascended being has transcended ALL backgrounds on earth and is always seeking to get people to do the same, starting with their current world view. Thus, we are indeed willing to work with most people who are willing to transcend, and we always seek to bring forth something that can help a certain group of people transcend their current thought system.

What causes many otherwise sincere students to miss our instructions is two things:

  • The belief that we of the Ascended Host have a universal, fixed or absolute truth up here that we are seeking to bring forth in its complete non-diluted form.
  • The belief that we have already brought forth parts of this truth, and thus anything said after a certain guru or movement MUST conform to what was said before.

It is precisely these beliefs that cause people to become stuck in misguided loyalty to an outer teaching, guru or movement. Which not only causes their personal growth to come to a halt, but also causes the universal work on raising humankind’s consciousness to slow down.

This is also what causes a clear pattern in spiritual movements, that any honest student can observe, namely what we might call the “expand and deflate” syndrome. You will see a number of spiritual movements that have gone through a quick growth phase, only to then stagnate and slowly deflate. The deflation often begins with the death or retirement of the leader, but it sometimes starts even before.

The reason for this deflation is that either the leader or a majority of the students of a movement cannot or will not multiply the talents—in the form of the teachings or techniques given. You see, there is a spiritual law, which guides ANY spiritual movement.

Contrary to what many ascended master students think, we are NOT working with just one or a few movements. We are working with students wherever they are, seeking to accelerate the growth of the students—having no fixed loyalty to an outer teaching or movement. Which means that if a movement is indeed helping people transcend their old thought patterns, we will give a certain multiplication to that movement.

Take note that this does not mean we endorse or agree with everything done or taught in the movement. There have been many movements which had a teaching that was largely out of touch with reality, yet the movement was still helping people transcend their old level of consciousness, and thus it received the multiplication factor—and it was our multiplication that caused it to grow.

Yet what often happens is that a movement cannot maintain the growth rate, and the reason is that too many students stop transcending themselves. Instead, they use the teachings and the tools to reinforce the world view of their egos, meaning they now feel superior to others and feel they will be “saved” without having to expose their egos.

When that happens, a true guru will leave the movement, and in many cases even leave embodiment. A not-so-true guru will stay, but the movement will now become subject to the force behind the second law of thermodynamics, wherefore chaos will increase, until the movement breaks down or slowly declines.

So my point for this long discourse is to show why certain Eastern gurus have been successful in establishing a movement in the West and also why they usually decline after a time. The reason is that in most cases, Eastern gurus cannot sufficiently transcend their backgrounds and adapt their teachings and techniques to the Western mindset.

You see, in most cases an Eastern guru comes to the West with a subtle sense that the spiritual tradition of the East is superior. The guru thinks he is here to bring something superior, and thus it is not he who has anything to learn. Which is why you see that Eastern gurus are usually not very willing to adapt to the Western mindset.

Yet when an Eastern guru comes to the West, that guru is being severely tested in his or her ability to be flexible. You see, you will not help the forward movement of humankind by seeking to turn Western spiritual students into clones of Eastern spiritual students. You will further growth ONLY if you can distill the truly universal elements of your spiritual tradition and then express it in a Western context. One of the few Eastern techniques having been successfully transferred to the West is yoga, and the reason is that it has not been under a centralized control but allowed to diversify.

What ads to the complexity of the situation is that there are many of today’s spiritual students who chose to embody in the West in order to help with the spiritual awakening of the West. Yet for several lifetimes before this one, they were embodied in the East, and thus they have not themselves transcended Eastern spiritual tradition. They are attracted to Eastern gurus, and once there, they think the Eastern tradition is not only familiar to them but also superior and thus should not be changed.

So, you see, like attracts like. The guru who has spiritual pride in the Eastern tradition attracts students with the same pride, and they together reinforce each other in creating a closed system that will eventually decline.

What you are essentially dealing with here is the eternal challenge of balancing the two basic forces of creation, namely the expansive and the contracting force. The expansive force says you need to transcend the old, and the contracting says you need to remain true to tradition.

If you become unbalanced in the expansive, you will indeed lose your bearings and everything will be blown apart in an uncontrolled expansion. Yet if you become unbalanced in the contracting force, everything will contract and implode from within.

So the key is the Christ perspective, which is always seeking to expand, but is NOT seeking to get everyone to accept one superior truth. The Christ meets people where they are and then seeks to help them grow from there. And if people are not willing to transcend the old, then the Christ withdraws (if they do not kill him first).

This explains why I left my students after three years and why Yogananda left his students when he saw that SRF had reached the limits of transcendence. The Living Christ has no loyalty to anything on earth, but always looks to the next level of transcendence.

Now, that we have a better foundation, let me address the original questions:

“However, on this site Jesus seems to discourage the meditation path for those in the Western culture, or am I interpreting that incorrectly?”

I am discouraging people from plunging themselves into using meditation as it is often presented by Eastern gurus, namely as a “one solution to all problems” and as their only spiritual technique. The West is a very busy, intense and chaotic environment when it comes to the psychic energies to which you are exposed in daily life. It is NOT advisable that anyone uses a technique for stilling or emptying the mind without invoking spiritual protection, such as through our decrees and invocations.

Take note that what we always encourage is that people follow their own inner promptings. If you feel a strong attraction to for example Kriya Yoga, the reason is that you need to learn something from that experience. What you need to learn will in some cases be that this is not for you, but most people still cannot learn this by being told from without. So if you feel a strong attraction, follow it—but be alert that the true spiritual lesson may be beyond what you outer mind can conceive right now.

“Could Jesus provide some guidance on the value of this type of meditation to make the connection with our inner God self.  Or are there other spiritual techniques that are more effective?”

What we are talking about here are two very different things, namely a systematic technique and an experience of the formless God. Take note of what is said in the question:

My concern is that even though I feel God’s presence, I have not yet had a direct contact experience and I tend to believe that this would most likely occur during meditation.

The problem here is that many people seek an experience of God, yet they think they have to use a systematic approach in order to produce or even “force” the experience. This simply cannot be done. The formless will NEVER be forced into ANY form, so you need to question any image of what God is like and what a mystical experience should be like.

Many people think they have had an experience of God as the result of using some technique or even taking drugs. Yet what they have done is to force their brains and nervous systems to produce an experience so far beyond their normal experience, that they thought it was God.

Do you see the subtle distinction? ANY experience you force will be produced by the mind, and it will take place INSIDE the mind—and as such it CANNOT GO BEYOND THE MIND. Yet a true experience of God is completely and utterly beyond the mind.

Do you see the impossibility of using the mind as a tool for transcending the mind—it can NEVER be done. The more you focus on using the mind, the more you tie your true self to the mind. Because your very attention creates a bond of energy that causes YOU to be imprisoned by the mind, which is meant to be only a tool for interacting with the material world. How can you use this tool to go beyond the material world?

So the key to having an experience of God is to realize that there is nothing you can DO to bring it about.

This is not to say you should not use a technique. A proper technique can further your growth in terms of clearing your mind and balancing your chakras, which will make it easier to have an experience of God. The more you reduce the chaos in your mind, the easier it will be for YOU to free your awareness from identification with the mind.

One of the most efficient techniques available right now is the Elohim Decrees. Although we have not (deliberately so) announced them with great fanfare, they represent a major dispensation for clearing and balancing all of your chakras. Yet again, this is not to say that using them will guarantee you an experience of God.

A mystical experience cannot be predicted, because it is beyond form. Thus, you cannot meaningfully define what a mystical experience should be like—it will take different forms for different people.

So the key is to focus on using a technique that is attractive to you, but never allowing it to become routine. Never allow yourself to fall into the pattern seen in so many movements, where people think they have to continue to use a technique for the rest of their lives and that this will guarantee them some result. You must be very alert to when your higher self prompts you to move on to a new technique or a higher use of your present technique.

You also need to get yourself out of the mindset of seeking or even wanting a mystical experience. If you want something, it is because you have a mental image of what the experience should be like, and that is like seeking to force God to appear to you in a certain form. That is a graven image, which will almost certainly block your experience of the formless God.

Instead, focus on raising your consciousness, so you can give better service in the universal cause of raising all life. In other words, many well-meaning seekers have become so focused on themselves and having a peak experience, that they have become closed systems. You need to get out of the narcissistic mindset, and the only way is to focus on serving others or a greater cause—but doing so selflessly and not in order to elevate your ego.

So you need to strive for a state of complete non-attachment to what form of mystical experience you should have—and even whether you should have such an experience. If you can achieve this, you might just transcend the outer mind to SPONTANEOUSLY have an experience. But then again, you might not have a mystical experience, because many people can make progress without one or by having just one.

You are on earth to fulfill a mission here and qualify for your ascension. Earth is far from being an ideal environment for experiencing oneness with God. You have only a certain amount of time to qualify for your ascension, but once you ascend, you have unlimited time to experience oneness with God. Set your priorities accordingly.


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The concept of resurrection

Question: I am looking for an ascended master description on what resurrection means and entails. Some religions have scriptures referring to resurrection as the renewal of our physical bodies being recreated and brought back to life in a perfected human form. As in: “So would it be with the resurrection of the dead. The body that is sown is perishable, it is raised imperishable”. I have also read that resurrection equates to crystallization of the light body and such things. Does resurrection equate with ascension, or is it different?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

The resurrection is not the same as the ascension. But the resurrection that I talked about 2 000 years ago, was not a bodily resurrection. There are unfortunately, some misunderstandings of this, even in the scriptures. And there are many Christians who have built this erroneous concept that at some point in the future, when the second coming of Christ occurs, then all those who are good Christians will be raised incorruptible in their physical bodies. And they will then live in the heaven realm, in physical bodies like they have today, but they have been perfected so they don’t get old and they don’t have diseases.

This is an unrealistic scenario. As we have said before, in the spiritual realm, why could you possibly need a physical body? You need a physical body, only in the material realm, because your physical body is made out of the energies that make up the material realm. That is why you need a physical body. In the spiritual realm, you have no need for physical body whatsoever. You do have a light body.

You can say that you are reborn into an ascended body. But that is not actually the same as the physical resurrection that so many Christians think about. In a sense, you could say that, there can be a certain form of resurrection. You have what we have told you that, after my ascension, I was allowed to take on a physical body and live in Kashmir for some years. And you can say that—you can express it different ways, because words are really not adequate—but you can say that I resurrected my body into a higher level. You could also say that I manifested a new body. It is really a matter of how you define these words.

Resurrection really is not that important of a concept, when you have the teachings about the ascension. You are focusing on ascending, which does not mean that your physical body ascends. It does not, as we have explained, mean that your four lower bodies or your three higher bodies ascend.

We realize that in previous dispensations, such as the Summit Lighthouse and the I AM Movement, there was a concept of a physical ascension, where the physical body was raised up. And there was the sense that your soul ascended, meaning your three higher bodies—your emotional, mental, and identity bodies—became perfected, so that they could ascend. But these were teachings that were given for that level of consciousness. And what we give today is a higher level of consciousness for the Aquarian Age, where we have given you the teachings that you do not take the physical body with you, you do not take the emotional, mental, or identity bodies with you. It is only the Conscious You, the man who descended from heaven, that will ascend back to heaven.


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How to deal with the pressure associated with spiritual work

Question: I usually sense when there is something bigger coming up in my psyche. I actually sense it long before it becomes very clear to my conscious mind and reveals itself. As soon as I sense something though, I find myself falling into the pattern that I start to over-analyze and constantly ask myself questions around the topic I sense. This self puts me under a kind of pressure that takes away my peace of mind, and I’m not able to trust and surrender completely in that moment, that it will come to me when I am ready. What beliefs are behind that self?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Again, there are individual conditions here. You can indeed have a self that drives you to always look at yourself and over-analyze. Many people have built this in past lives of analyzing themself, and it is, again, a control issue. There may very well be a self that causes you to create this pressure in your mind. And this is something you can then look at and use our tools to resolve it. But otherwise, there are many of you who can sense when something is coming up. You simply become aware of a certain issue, you might read something, you might hear something, or it might just come from within. And in that case, it is correct to use, to proceed asking yourself questions about it. But of course, what you need to do is avoid the pressure. And the pressure comes from an unresolved self.

You can come to that point where you feel something is coming up, you put your attention on it, you ask questions about it, but you are not over-analyzing, you are not putting pressure on yourself.

In fact, what this messenger usually does in these situations, and it happens to him, of course, on a regular basis, is that he puts his attention on it, he asks certain questions, he considers the issue. But he does not do it in an obsessive way. He is not putting pressure on himself. He thinks about it, and then he lets it go. He simply drops it, and he waits for some other impulse to come back to him. And he might look at it from a slightly different angle. And this may go on for some time before he has a more conscious awareness of what is going on, and looks at something in a more conscious way. Then he usually, after even doing this, lets it go again. And then after some time, and it could be days or even weeks, he may feel that release from within that shows that the issue has been resolved.


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Why some people choose to live in different countries 

Question: The dictation and discourse today helped me a lot to gain a deeper understanding about this restlessness, and a desire to have so many experiences. I have lived in five very different countries so far, and I wonder if we choose specific countries because we have some karma to resolve with other people from past lives, or are there other reasons?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

It is correct that some people have a sense that they have karma in different countries with different people. If you are in what you plan to be your last embodiment, you may indeed want to move several times and live different places in order to resolve that karma. But you can also have a desire to experience how life is looked at in very different countries.

This can help you break up what you were brought up with—the way you were brought up to see life. Or even going back to other lifetimes, break up the habit of looking at life that you have built, by seeing how different people look at it differently. It can help you broaden your perspective, free yourself from some of these old patterns.

You can, of course, also have people who need to learn something from these cultures that will then help you express your Christhood or your creativity in helping other people. There can be a variety of reasons for doing this. This is not to say that everybody needs to do it, because it is individual.


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Question about dynamic meditation

Question: Can you give us some insights about what happens in dynamic meditations?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

I’m not entirely sure here but I assume that this is the kind of meditations that were given by Osho Rajneesh where people have this movement, dances they went through and where they release all kinds of emotions, whatever comes to them, they scream, or do whatever, I assume that’s it, if I’m not correct, then you need to submit the question again. But I’ll just comment myself, if this is what you’re talking about, I have seen this—what they do.

Question: I’ve experienced several people have a huge release of stuck energy while moving their body and doing some sort of dynamic meditation. Is this also tying into the reverse energy flow you explained in one of the last conferences with the spoken word?

So my sense of this is that you can have these forms of meditation that actually force people to release emotions or emotional energy. But it does not vibrate healthy to me. I think, in many cases, it opens people’s emotional bodies up. It may release some energy, but it is such a violent release that it opens your emotional body to the astral plane or to other people and lower forces. I think people who go through something that violent will often end up feeling depleted of energy, or feeling overwhelmed and they can become open to lower beings. I would not personally do something like that.


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Kindness does not mean that you never challenge or oppose other people

Question: Lord Maitreya’s dictation was about kindness and what that means on a dense planet such as earth. I mean, how do we stay being kind and not become a doormat?

Answer from the Ascended Master Maitreya through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, this is indeed a difficult question to answer in a linear way, it is a challenge that all people need to go through. We have said that there is a point where you have this desire for control, this need for control, and you are willing to project out at other people in order to get the sense that you are in control. This of course is not kindness, so when you overcome that desire to be in control and all kinds of aggression towards other people, that is when you start manifesting what people normally call kindness.

Many people will then go through a phase where they almost overcompensate for feeling that they were not kind before. And so, they go into this passive view of what kindness is where they think that kindness means that you never challenge or oppose other people. You basically let them do whatever they want to do and then you always turn the other cheek, and this is kindness. But when I originally volunteered to come to earth, I raised a question of whether people on earth could be awakened through kindness. And the answer I received from my spiritual counselors at the time, was that only if I mastered the 144 shades of kindness.

In other words, there is a shade of kindness for each of the 144 levels. And when you go towards the lower levels of consciousness, or when you are dealing with a person at the lower levels of consciousness, being a doormat and allowing them to do whatever they want, it is not kindness, it is not kindness towards them, because it will only reinforce their state of consciousness that they can get away with abusing others.

When you are dealing with people at a lower level of consciousness, people who are aggressive, letting them get away with it is not kindness, it is actually kindness to challenge them. Not in the sense that you go into a physical battle with them, or that you seek to destroy them, but that you seek to make their behavior more obvious to others and ultimately, perhaps to themselves.

In other words, you seek to call them out, you seek to ask them questions of why they are behaving like this, why they think this is justified, why they think this is necessary, why they are not concerned about the effects on other people and various other questions that you can ask. And then of course, in some cases, kindness is to just walk away from these people and leave them alone, if they will not listen.

So, you can see here that whatever level of consciousness you are at personally, there is a shade of kindness that corresponds to that level. And that is what you can be aware of and seek to attain individually through an intuitive experience. You can certainly ask for my help, give my decree to help you see what kindness means for you at your level, but also what it means when you are dealing with specific people that you have to deal with. So, ask and I shall give it to you, to the extent that you are able to receive it by again being in that neutral state of listening.


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Ascended Masters have a spherical, non-local state of consciousness

Question: How do ascended masters connect with us when we tune into them in our hearts? For example, if I meditate and call upon Jesus, will he be interrupted in the ascended realm with his everyday doings, so he needs to rush to me? Or does his office have many beings who help him? A lot of people are constantly seeking to have communion with Jesus. How will he handle this?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, the question is asked from the level of consciousness you have here on earth, where you are in a very linear state of consciousness. It is understandable that people have this question and wonder about this. But it is based on the fact that when you are in embodiment on a dense planet like earth, you cannot even imagine, or envision what it is like to be an ascended master, you cannot imagine what state of consciousness we are in. You are in a localized state of consciousness that is focused around your physical body. So, you think that if someone calls you to come and help them, you have to physically go to them and your entire consciousness goes there with your physical body.

I do not have a physical body. I do not have a localized sense of consciousness. I have a spherical or non-local state of consciousness so I can be in two places at the same time. In fact, I can be in 2 million places at the same time. I can be everywhere in a localized sphere of earth so I can help millions of people at the same time. I do not need helpers to send one helper to each person, I can be there at the same time. It does not distract from my normal doings. In fact, it is part of my normal doings. This is not to say that everybody who meditates on or prays to Jesus, reach the ascended master Jesus Christ—some reach lower beings, some reach imposters, it’s very individual. But there are certainly many, many people who have built a certain connection to me, some of them are Christians and therefore they can sense my presence. And I can of course, manifest my presence with them, and still have a part of my presence that is doing other tasks in the ascended realm.


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144 levels of consciousness and reincarnation 

Question: When the physical body of a lifestream passes on and the being reincarnates to a new body and a new life, does this being start at the same level on 144 levels of consciousness, as where it left its previous life? The reason I’m asking is, is that I have the idea that a lifestream has to go many times through 144 levels of consciousness instead of just one time.

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

In most cases, when a being reincarnates, it comes back at the same level of consciousness that it had at the end of its last lifetime. There are a few beings that actually deteriorate while they are out of the body because they get caught in the astral plane and they descend to a lower level.

There are also a higher number of beings who are spiritual students, whether they are ascended master students or studying other spiritual teachings, who managed to make progress in between embodiments. They process their psychology, they get help from the ascended masters, and they rise to a higher level so they can come in one or even several levels higher than they were in their last embodiment.

The idea that you have to go through the levels several times is not correct in a linear way. There are, of course, people who will go up to a certain level, and then either standstill there for some time, or go down again. It is not such a linear process that once you have reached a certain level, you could not go below it.

There are people who will go back and forth several times and therefore in that way, they go through some of the levels many times, but there are very, very few people who reach the higher levels of Christhood and go backwards.


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How can we help our adult children to deal with difficult situations?

Question: I have a 21 year old son who is in his fourth year in medical school who has suddenly lost interest in the field of medicine with just two years more to complete the course. He complains of headaches and insomnia, and loss of interest in the field of medicine, and therefore wants a new experience to study mathematics. Is he following his divine plan or is it because of a trauma and separate selves from past lives and projections from forces of death and hell, causing him to abort the medical course? And how can he be helped?

 Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Now I’m reading this question because it’s actually a, it’s an example of a question that’s a little bit personal, where the masters would not want to say, for example: “Yes, this is part of his divine plan”, or “No, this is not part of his divine plan”. Because your divine plan is something that you need to sense from within, and you are really the only one who can do it.

But I’m reading it because I feel that the masters want me to make some comments. So, what I would say when I hear this, the first thing that comes to my mind is: Here’s a 21 year old person who was in his fourth year of medical school, that means he started when he was 17, or 18 years old, studying medicine, which is a very intense study. So no doubt he went to school up until that point in lower levels of school. So maybe he is just very young and maybe he needs to have some more time to mature. Maybe he needs to do something else for a while. It doesn’t mean he couldn’t come back to it.

And what I would also question is, why has he lost interest in the field? Is it possibly because he’s seen the limitations of traditional medicine? Or is it because he feels that this really isn’t what he expected it to be? I would also consider looking at what is the context in which he’s grown up? What is the attitude in his family towards studies in general? Has he felt a certain pressure to become a doctor, to go into medical school? And has it just caused him to do something that really wasn’t part of his divine plan? And now he’s reached a point where he realizes that it isn’t what he is meant to do. I’m not saying this is a final answer, I’m just saying these are questions that I would consider if I was in a situation.

Headache and insomnia, loss of interest. It could be a sign that he is overworked, that he’s stressed out, that he’s burned out, that it’s simply too overwhelming for him. It could also be a deeper issue where he feels that this really isn’t what he’s supposed to be doing and it’s become too much of a strain to suppress this.

So could it be trauma and separate selves from past lives? Yeah, of course it could be. But then the question is, is he open to ascended master teachings, is he open to giving decrees for protection or could you do it for him and maybe see an effect of that? The same with forces of death and hell, it could be projections, but again, you can give calls for that protection.

Then the final sentence in the question is: How can he be helped? Well, that’s why I would say well I understand that as a mother or father, you want to help your children. But sometimes you have to consider what does that mean to you? What exactly do you mean, when you say that my child should be helped? What are you basing that on? What’s your evaluation of the situation? How are you looking at it? And is there possibly something in the way you look at it, that could be a result of your programming, your upbringing or your separate selves and you could resolve this? You can also ask the question, does he need to be helped? And maybe he does, I’m not saying he doesn’t, but then it would be a matter of how well can you communicate with him? How free is your conversations? Can you talk to him about this? Are you at a point where you are able to help him? Are you open and neutral to talking to him, hearing about his issues and trying to find out and understand what’s really going on?

Because if you have decided with your outer mind that him being helped means he has to go back to his studies and complete his studies, that may not be the help he really needs. He may need someone who will listen to him who will try to understand what he’s feeling and maybe that will be enough for him to talk through it and work through it. Or maybe it won’t, maybe it will help him gain a greater resolve that he’s going to go in another direction? I don’t know. There isn’t a final answer. I’m just saying, this is what comes to me that I would consider in a situation like this.


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About rocking back and forth during decreeing 

Question: While decreeing I often find myself rocking backwards and forwards, not all the time, but I wonder if this affects the energy flow and if it is better to remain still. Sometimes I will go between being very still and then find myself rocking. Also, I have noticed a slight and at other times stronger pressure in the heart center. Can this also be addressed?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, there is nothing problematic about you rocking back and forth. It can be as a result of an energy flow that stirs up something in your four lower bodies and then causes this. When you have a flow of energy through your chakras, you will sometimes have a physical movement of the body. If this does not becomes so pronounced, that it disturbs you, and distracts you, then you do not need to even be concerned about it.

You will also find that if you try to forcefully stop it, then this will be disturbing to your centeredness in your heart. Unless it becomes so strong that it is disturbing, I would not be concerned about it, simply let it be. If it does become very strong, then you can experiment with whether you can suppress it by simply making the decision to stop it or not allow it to go on, or whether this becomes disturbing in itself. Otherwise, you may need to, for some time, just let it run its course and make the calls, for example, violet flame, to transmute any unresolved energy in your four lower bodies.


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How to have a deeper unity through sex

Question: Most of the time, I feel that I need sex no more. But sometimes I want to feel a deeper unity with my husband. I know that my husband wants and likes to have sex with me. I like it too, but I can’t understand how we can achieve deeper unity through sex, or is it easier without it?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, what would be helpful for you is to look at your relationship or your view of your physical body as a woman. And you can look at your cultural context, how traditionally people have looked at women, at the female body, the physical body and at sexual activity in that culture. By being willing to work on this and see what kinds of selves you have taken on or created as a result of your upbringing, you might be able to resolve some of these so that you can actually come to a point where you can see and you can experience how to have a deeper union through sex.

It is not that it cannot be done, but it requires, of course, a certain openness, so that you are not blocked. Many, many people have been brought up with an attitude to sex that blocks that deeper union. It will also require some adjustment on the part of the man to come to a point where a man and women can have a deeper unity through sex.

You also need to be aware that once you clear away these blockages, you can have a deeper unity without sex. You can have it just by lying next to each other, or you can have it by touching and kissing without having actual intercourse. It is indeed possible to have a deeper unity through sex, but it is also possible to have it without sex.

You always run into the age-old challenge on this planet that men want or feel they need sex more often than women. This is an individual thing of how you can deal with this. But as we have said, if a man is addicted to sex or has these selves that makes him feel he has to have sex, then these will block a deeper unity. If the man will be able to overcome these, then there is more of an opportunity for you to have that deeper unity, where the sex is not a physical activity primarily, but it is driven by this desire to have that deeper unity.


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