The Sanskrit language and the language of the golden age 

Question: There is something about Vedas that I have observed, that makes people more efficient than an average person. Mantra chanting in unison induces a certain calmness to the mind and makes them more open to a dynamic way of thinking. I feel this is not because of the Vedic philosophy or God behind it. But because of the language used. I feel the Sanskrit language was designed around 112 chakras in the human body and mantras aid to stimulate them in a certain sequence. I request the masters to share their insights on this. Also, the Sanskrit language is garnering more attention in recent years, especially in the scientific communities. Is there any future to this language and Saint Germain’s vision of the golden age? A person suffering amnesia does not forget a language but it is forgotten in new embodiments. Is it the choice of the spirit not to remember it? Or is it our own inability to invoke that part of our talent? What will it be like to go beyond the need for any language to communicate for humans?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, the Sanskrit language has certain characteristics, for example, it has more sounds than most other languages. And therefore, it is much more easy to look at the written language and know how to pronounce the words. This of course is a great advantage. And as we move into the golden age, there will be an evolution of language to where there will be more of a correspondence between written and spoken language. In other words, based on a certain spelling, there will be only one possible pronunciation. However, this not does not mean that the Vedic or the Sanskrit language will be the basis for this.

It is correct that there is a certain spiritual background for the Sanskrit language, but there are also reasons why this has not become a common language on earth. And it is partly because every language has a certain time. Some of the principles behind the Sanskrit language will be used to develop the language of the golden age. But it will not be exactly the Sanskrit language.

Now, it is of course correct that chanting mantras or decrees or invocations in unison produce a very powerful effect. And it is not, as so many Hindus believe, that because you are invoking certain Hindu gods and they use magical powers to reinforce what you are doing. It is because you are invoking energy and you are using certain geometrical energetic matrices that you are producing by the chants or the decrees. And when you do this, many people in unison, it has an accelerating or multiplying effect. And you can feel this. It raises people’s consciousness as of course most of you feel when you are giving decrees and invocations.

In terms of language, well, you forget a language when you come into your next incarnation, because you are incarnating in a specific situation where they speak a specific language and it would be very impractical for you, if as a baby, you were able to speak a different language than the one in which you grew up. It would only create immense confusion in the mind of the child.

In terms of going beyond language and being able to communicate without language, this is something that is quite far into the future. Of course, there can be a certain telepathy that will begin to develop, but for a very long period into the golden age, a written and spoken language will still be the main form of communication. Some people will develop more intuitive or what you call other forms of communication, but this will not be the main form of communication.

You can of course communicate via images. And some people have already a certain ability to do this. But what you see in science fiction movies about telepathy is not really the realistic form of telepathy. Many times, you see that people think that you can telepathically send worded messages to other people, but that is not really a realistic form because with telepathy, you are sending images. Telepathy is primarily a function of the mental body and the mental body even though it often is expressed in words, in terms of intellectual theories, the mental body really operates more with certain images or certain geometric shapes.


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The Buddha (nature) in a plant or an animal form 

Question: According to Buddhist texts, the Buddha has said that in some of his previous lives, he was a plant or an animal. Is this true or accurate?

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, here is again an example of a question that cannot be answered with a yes or a no, because it depends on how you see these concepts. You need to separate here. And this is what most people find impossible to do. You need to separate the Buddha as a physical incarnation, as a physical person, from the Buddha, as a broader consciousness. It is the same problem that many Christians have, where there is the personal aspect of Jesus taking incarnation as the Christ and then beyond this is the Christ consciousness.

When you look at the concept of Buddha, you will see that I said that the Buddha nature is in everything, everything has the Buddha nature within it. When you are talking about the Buddha nature, you can say that the Buddha nature was in rocks, in plants, in animals.

But the teaching we are giving today is that, you, the core of your being as the Conscious You, which is an extension of your I Am Presence, and that Conscious You did not descend into a rock, or a plant or an animal. That means you as an individual lifestream, you have not been a plant or an animal in past lives and then gradually evolved to being a human. You descended for the first time, in a human body, or at least a human-like body if it was on another planet.

I as Gautama Buddha, who was embodied 2500 years ago, had not been a rock or a plant in a past life. This is actually not what I said. But this is what has been interpreted by people later. Because they had a certain view of the world that is not there today. Your view in the Western world is very different from what people had 2500 years ago in the region of the world where I was embodied.

They interpreted it this way, they thought that everything had to come from the same source. And they thought in a very linear way, that is, in a way somewhat parallel to the evolutionary teachings you have today, that creation started gradually. So at first there were more primitive forms, rocks, and minerals, then there was plants, then there was animals, and then there was humans. Therefore, incarnation had to start in these more primitive forms.

Now, as I said, when you look at this as a matter of consciousness, it is not necessarily incorrect. But when you look at it as an individual being, it is a different story. Because the reality is that the Elohim brought forth the physical manifestations on earth in a series of stages. First, there was minerals and rocks, then there was plants, then there was animals, then there was human bodies. But it was not until human bodies, with a complexity of brain and nervous system were brought forth, that spiritual beings descended into the physical level.


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The cardinal points and the four lower bodies

Question: I was wondering about the cardinal points east, south, north and west which are the connections between the directions, elements and the levels of the mind. Is there a direct connection in its meanings? And what is it about the east as in the Bible it is stated  three kings from the East brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. I also read that monks start to meditate on a yantra starting at east. So what does east stand for?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, there are some esoteric teachings where you can find more details about this. But obviously, you can set up a certain correspondence between these cardinal points and the four lower bodies or the four aspects of the physical realm. You can say, for example, that east represents the identity body, or etheric body, south represents the mental body, west represents the emotional body and north represents the physical body. But you can find other spiritual teachings that give a different connection.

We have not given much teaching on this because we do not really want our students to be hung up on these very linear views of everything. Now, if you take this model, I have just given you, you will see that of course, the light descends first, into the identity body. And this represents the east because the east is where the light first becomes visible as the earth revolves around itself. The sun rises in the east, and this has always been a universal symbol for the appearance of the light, the descent of the light.

Really, you could say that the three wise men descended from the light. They also did physically come from the east. But the symbol is that they descended from the light and therefore the wise men that bring various spiritual gifts are of course, the ascended masters, who descend from the light to the identity realm, the higher identity realm and from there, give our gifts to human beings in embodiment as they are able to receive them, depending on the purity of their lower bodies.


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Your threefold flame on all seven rays

Question: There is a statement from an invocation for balancing the seven rays. “So we can see through and surrender all emotional control and the light of Christ balancing the threefold flame on all seven rays.” Can you please provide some more insight, what you mean by balancing the threefold flame on all seven rays?

Answer form the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, we have not in this dispensation, focused so much on the threefold flame as we did this in previous dispensations. But the basic teaching for those who are unfamiliar with it, is that behind your heart chakra is another chakra called the “secret chamber of the heart”. This is where the energy from your I Am Presence first comes into your four lower bodies and there is a white sphere, where the energy enters and then it divides into three plumes, a blue, a pink and a yellow.

What can be confusing to people is that these colors are associated with specific spiritual rays. Some people have then reasoned that the threefold flame in the heart represents the first ray, the second ray and the third ray. This is not necessarily incorrect, but you need to then ask yourself, Well, what about the other rays? Why are not they represented in the heart?

And, of course, we have given the concept in this dispensation that your threefold flame can be expanded to a seven-fold flame. In reality, we can say that, you are of course receiving the energies of all seven rays, at least when you reach beyond a certain level of consciousness. Fallen beings are not receiving it, of course. Otherwise, you could not survive or you could not express the energies of a certain ray if you were not receiving them from the ascended masters. The reality is that you are receiving all seven rays but some of the other plumes are not centered in the heart chakra or the secret chamber of the heart chakra but some of the other chakras.

The concept we gave in this particular invocation was that we, in order to avoid any kind of confusion, use the concept of the threefold flame but that it had to be balanced on all seven rays. You can say that there is a replica of the threefold flame in each of the chakras and that balancing the threefold flame on all seven rays means balancing it in each chakra.


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Enoch and Metatron

Question: Can you provide some more background on the being Enoch? Some claim that Enoch is Metatron.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Enoch is an ascended master who has not been particularly active in any of the dispensations we have given. You can also, of course, find the name Enoch in the Bible, which does not necessarily refer to the Ascended Master Enoch, not in all cases at least.

Metatron is not an ascended being. Enoch is not Metatron. There are many teachings floating around out there in the New Age sphere about Metatron but he is not an ascended master.  It is a being in the mental realm that you cannot really say it is a false hierarchy imposter because he is not really claiming to be a particular ascended master. But it is not an ascended being and therefore not some ultimate being as it is often claimed.


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Energy medicine techniques and the flow of energy 

Question: There are many energy medicine techniques emerging and I am wondering what happens with acupuncture, acupressure or tapping. The energy is free to flow again but what happens exactly with a blockage? How is stagnant energy coming into flow again with the act of touching or needling?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, we have given teachings on some of these topics before but what I want to say real short here is that the science of acupuncture is a very ancient science based on the knowledge of the meridians as lines that the energy flows through a person’s energy field. And the knowledge is, of course, that this energy flow can be blocked and by stimulating certain points with a needle or even with pressure, you can reopen these meridians so the energy can flow more freely. What we are talking about here is reopening an energy flow. It is somewhat comparable to if you have your veins where the blood is flowing have been clogged up and you remove the blockage and the blood can flow freely again.

But, of course, you can also go further here and take our teachings and realize that the meridians are not just a matter of the physical body. There is also emotional meridians, mental meridians and energy level meridians and these can also be blocked up, but these cannot be opened by physical touch or stimulation of the physical body. You need then a different technique and there are different techniques emerging.

We are working with various healers to reinforce these, but ultimately, you will not resolve something in the emotional body without doing two things: You transform the energy that is blocking the flow, that is accumulating in the emotional body so that it has a higher vibration and then it can flow back up through the higher bodies and then your I Am Presence can multiply it and it flows back down. You also have to resolve the beliefs both in the emotional, mental and identity bodies that are blocking the flow. This requires a deeper form of healing. Naturally you have a certain approach among people where they want quick results. They want some easy technique that they can do, some physical technique and this helps people. And these techniques can help people but there is a limit to what they can do simply because they work with the physical body.

Ultimately, of course, you realize that even though you can talk about a flow of energy through the meridians, the real purpose of this energy flow is that when you are using energy that ultimately comes from the spiritual realm in a loving way where you are helping yourself and other people, then the energy can flow back up to the spiritual realm where it is multiplied so you receive more energy in return. This is what Jesus described in his parable about the three servants who receive various amounts of talents.

And many people, of course, when they use the energy from a fear-based perspective, they bury the energy in the ground, meaning it accumulates and it starts blocking the flow because there is not so much energy that can flow up and therefore there is not so much energy that comes back down. Ultimately, this is what you need to restore, which of course, is what the spiritual path is all about as you will increase your energy flow as you start shifting from acting based on fear to acting based on love.


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The universal basic income in Korea

Question: The first question is about universal basic income in Korea. The next presidential election in Korea will be in March 2022. Major parties are in the process of the election of their representative candidates for the next president in Korea. The presidential service period in Korea is five years with just one time or one period. One of the hardest issues with pros and cons during the process is universal basic income for Korea. Mr Lee Jae-myung, Governor, pledges to distribute universal basic income to all citizens if he is elected. He is one of the major candidates for the next president. He wants to practice this universal basic income with a small amount during the five presidential years.  US 250 dollars yearly proposed in 2003 and up to 1000 dollars per person in 2026, up to 2000 yearly for young persons and 6000 yearly per person for a long-term plan for the future. Can you comment on this universal basic income plan for Korea?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, as we have said before, it is part of the steps towards the golden age that some of the modern democracies begin to experiment with this universal basic income. There are many reasons for this. First of all, as we have said, that it frees up some people to pursue their spiritual goals or pursue personal healing. But also, it will actually improve the economy, contrary to what some people believe.

Naturally, each nation needs to do this based on their culture, their tradition, the mindset in the nation and also based on the economic situation, what can they afford to do. This is something that the plan that is put forth right now is not likely to be the final plan for Korea. There needs to be input from different sides and there needs to be a more careful consideration. But the plan that is there now is a good first step. It is a good foundation for debate and then gradually you can arrive at a more practical realistic proposal.

We encourage, of course, the debates and we are happy to say that there are indeed quite a number of people in Korea who have at least some openness to the golden age ideas that I am seeking to bring forth. This does not mean that the way these things are implemented in Korea should be implemented in the same way in other nations, because as I said, it is individual for each nation. But as long as there are people who are open to these ideas then I will, of course, work with them and how it can be implemented in their specific situation.

Naturally, you need to have some practical, very down-to-earth considerations about what does it actually take to live a very modest lifestyle in our country? How much money does a person need to have per year in order to survive at a minimum income level? And is it economically feasible with our current economy to pay that amount out to all people?

You also, of course, need to take into consideration the impact that this will have on the economy. How will it grow the economy that all people have a certain income and therefore, at least in some cases, will have more money to spend than they have right now where they have no income or are dependent on family members for their sustenance.

You can see here that if you look at this historically, you will see that there are many of the more developed nations in the world who today provide a pension, a public pension for older people, for people over a certain age. This, as we talked about, is so they are no longer dependent on their children for their survival and so that the children do not have that burden of taking care of their parents.

If you go back historically, you will see that there was a time where some nation started debating this universal pension and there were naysayers who immediately started saying: “Oh, we cannot afford this, there is no way the economy can sustain this.” But you can see that the economy has been able to sustain it. It has actually grown from it because when people have more money to spend, businesses make more money. People who work pay more taxes, businesses pay more taxes and the entire economy grows – both the private economy and the public economy grows. The same in some nations with public health care, with unemployment benefits, with sick leave and even social benefits or social welfare programs. It simply grows the economy and when the economy grows, there is money to provide these services.


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The process of chakras opening in childhood 

Question: Is there a specific or natural order for how the chakras open when we grow up? For example, when coming into embodiment, is it first the root chakra, etc?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, we have to distinguish between what would be the natural process and what is the reality on earth because of the dark conditions, the dense conditions that are here. Many, many children do not actually have a great opening of their chakras as they grow up, because they are exposed to various events and they are generally not helped in their spiritual growth.

But in a, what we might call ideal or natural scenario, it would not be a linear opening with the base chakra first and then the other chakras. It would actually be, in general, the heart chakra that would open first. There are exceptions to this because there can be people who are coming into the present embodiment, having a certain momentum from past lives working on a particular spiritual ray. If they have a strong momentum of this, the chakra corresponding to that ray would be the first one to open up in their lifetime. In a sense, you could say it was already opened up, because your chakras are to some degree carried with you from past lifetimes as well. But in a general sense, it would be the heart chakra first because it is the one that balances the other chakras.


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People taking on the karma of the power elite

Question: In the vigil invocations, there is the following line about the power elite: “…for they think they will never have to suffer the consequences of their actions, being so used to the people bearing the karma that they think they can get away with anything…” Can you please elaborate how people unknowingly bear the karma of others, and how we can become more aware when this happens?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, basically, to simplify the topic, we can say: There is a power elite consisting of fallen beings, who have a very aggressive intent on earth. Let us, as a concrete example, take that there is a power elite that simply wants to create war because they want to steal people’s energy by getting people to engage in war.

When a certain power elite (they can be in the etheric, the mental, the emotional, and the physical realm), a power elite of fallen beings, create a war, obviously, they are taking the initiative. In a sense, they are the ones who are starting the war, and therefore, they should bear the full karma from the war. However, they cannot go to war by themselves, they need a certain amount of people who are willing to be soldiers, they need a certain amount of people who are willing to support the soldiers, and support the country in buying the weapons and so on.

When a population is manipulated by the fallen beings into supporting a war, then those people will take on part of the karma. After all, they are the ones who are making it possible that the war can take place. You see many, many examples of this throughout history, where one or a group of people have formed some kind of power elite, where they have managed to manipulate the people into taking on the karma that really should be theirs.

I can give you a couple of examples: We have talked about the unequal income distribution, where for the last 40 years the power elite in the United States have managed to divert income from the general population into their own hands through this unregulated financial industry. This is initiated by the power elite, they should bear the karma for it, but the people who have allowed this to happen, will have to bear some of the karma. This goes for the politicians who allowed it by buying into the neoliberal ideology, or by deregulating the financial industry. But it also goes for the people who were not aware enough of what was happening, who were not speaking out to their politicians, and demanding an end to this process. This is one example of how the people will share in what has been initiated by the power elite.

You can also take a more concrete example, where Donald Trump, after losing the election, created this lie that he had not actually lost the election, it was stolen from him. This was something that he created as a result of his narcissistic personality, where he could not bear losing, as we have talked about before. He created it, it was his lie. There were a few other supporters around him who participated in creating the lie. This group that created the lie should really bear the karma of it.

But the situation is that millions of people in the United States have bought into the lie, have accepted the lie and have spread it on social media and in other ways. As a result of that, they also bear a part of that karma, because the lie could not have had the impact it has had on society if these people had not participated in spreading it. Many other examples can of course be mentioned, so many that it could fill several thick books, but I think you get the general picture.


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Where is karma stored? 

Question: I have a question about where karma is housed. Is it accumulated in a specific chakra or area in our aura or even the physical body such as the organs? Or does it depend on what kind of karma we made, which ray was perverted when we made the karma?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, again, karma is also one of these words that has been used in many different ways by different religious and spiritual teachings. And we have attempted to give you a more nuanced view of karma. In reality, there are different forms of karma. To simplify it, we can say that there is physical karma, emotional karma, mental karma and identity level karma. And obviously, the physical karma is stored in your physical body, the emotional in the emotional body and so on.

There is also karma that is created by perverting the specific energies of one of the seven rays. This karma is then stored in the chakra that corresponds to that ray. You can simply take the teachings on the chakras and see which chakra corresponds to which ray.

However, be careful not to be too linear about karma, as we have said several times. What I am talking about here is the misqualified energy, but as we have said, you also have the psychological component of karma, which is the beliefs, the mindsets, the separate selves. And these are not really so much stored, even though they do exist in your three higher bodies, some selves in the emotional, some in the mental, some in the identity body. But really, when it comes to this psychological karma we might call it, it is not important to fixate on where it is stored. It is simply a matter of bringing them to the conscious awareness, so you can consciously dismiss the decision that created the self, and therefore let it die.


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The story of an avatar: overcoming the desire to save or change other people

Question: I have dealt with men with some sort of narcissistic personality all my life. I was the person who gave everything of myself away, and they took and had control over me. I was hoping to get love, but always from these kinds of men who would never give love. I have now completed the course of the seven rays, and I am aware of my patterns. I have now again attracted a man who lies, cheats and does everything for his own gain. Still, when I talk with him, he looks sweet, and he also has a very bright side, except for this specific behavior. I am aware, from the very first moment, that I should not have a relationship with him, but there is still a part of me that is deeply attracted to him. I hung out with him for a while to consciously go through the process in myself. After a month I have stopped contacting him, because I saw that he lied, cheated and acted very selfishly. Despite this being a constructive decision to stop meeting him, a part of me feels torn inside. I would like to know how it is possible that I feel so torn, even though the contact has not lasted long and yet the bond feels so intense. For me it feels like they are tentacles coming from his side and they are around me and that I have to break free from. What is it in me that those tentacles have that entrance me? What is the mechanism of the self or spirit I am dealing with? Please help me to understand this better.

Answer from the ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

We have touched upon this in our dictations: You can have karmic ties with people that makes you feel attracted to them, but really what is the core of this is that you have, as an avatar, a desire to help change or save other people. It may not be specifically this person, but you have a general desire to save or change other people. And as we have talked about, you need to come to that point where you overcome this desire, especially if this is your last embodiment, or you want it to be your last embodiment.

You cannot ascend if you have unfulfilled business of feeling there are some people you have to save or some people you have to help. You need to contemplate free will, and that you really cannot change other people. You need to tune in and see if it is your last embodiment. And therefore, you need to make a very clear determination that you need to cut all ties, all attachments you have to other people.

But what I am saying to you is this: This is not that specific person that is the issue. It is your selves you have that makes you want to save or help other people. You think you have an obligation to change other people, that you are here to change other people. In reality, you are only here to change yourself so that you can be free to express who you are. And this is how you can change the earth, as we have said.

You have already intuited much of the answer, you just need to simply become more conscious of it, study the teachings we have given at this conference, and come to that point where you can truly let go of this self, this desire that you even had before you came to change other people, or change anything on earth.

You can come to the point where you realize that you are not really on earth for other people’s sake, as many avatars believe. You really came to earth for the sake of your own growth and the real purpose of you being here is to grow yourself, until you come to the point where you can be the open door for your I AM Presence, regardless of the conditions you are facing on earth. In other words, you can be yourself regardless of how other people are or what they demand from you. This is the ultimate test for an avatar.


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The sound healing

Question: Do the masters have an opinion about the use of sound for healing, such as with tuning forks and singing bowls?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, we have, especially in previous dispensations, given quite extensive teachings on the use of sound for healing. Of course, decrees and invocations are part of sound healing, they are forms of sound healing. Tuning Forks, singing bowls can have a certain effect. But they are not the most effective forms of sound healing.

We are not really desiring to give extensive teachings on this through this messenger because there are already people who for many years and decades, have studied these topics, have tuned into us and have received various impulses and ideas, and have some experience with this. Not all of them are ascended master students. If you are interested in the topic, simply go out there and find something that resonates with you, and make use of it, but keep in mind that sound healing is also decrees and invocations.


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The immigration crisis in the US 

Question: Although the United States is a nation of immigrants, the political parties in Congress have been unable to agree on any legislation for immigration issues. Trump took a very hard line toward limiting the flow of immigrants along the southern border. Biden has said he wants to reverse this, but conditions continue to be very challenging for the people who continue to arrive. Many come from Central America to escape extreme violence and poverty, due to natural disasters. What can the US do to better support immigrants, both during the immigration process, and regarding the conditions in the immigrants’ home countries?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, we have said before that the rich nations in the world have a responsibility to use their affluence, even if they do not think they are affluent enough, to help other nations. We have said that you have the choice, as we have talked about Europe with the refugees from Africa and the Middle East, that either you help people in their home countries by improving conditions there, or they will seek to come to your country. It is the same dynamic that the United States is facing. Now, I realize, of course, as we have already talked about, this is a very delicate process, because you do not want to go into invading countries in Central America, and trying to build a nation there, so that immigrants do not come to the United States.

But we have also said before that the United States was built by immigrants, and it became a large and prosperous and powerful nation, because so many people came who had a desire for a better life than they could achieve in their own countries. There has been this attitude that has been created, this mindset that  has been created in the United States, that immigrants are a threat to the American way of life. It is thought by many normal,  ordinary people that immigrants come to take their jobs or to work for lower pay and threaten the jobs of Americans. But this is just what the elite wants people to believe. We have talked about this old elite in the United States that do not want to lose their control of the nation. And they realize that if a certain number of immigrants come in, they will start losing that control because the majority of immigrants are no longer white Europeans, but are people of various colors. This threatens their order, their sense of control.

Unfortunately, many people, members of a certain political party, have bought into this, have been persuaded, have been literally fooled by this rhetoric and these concepts that have been spread: That America should be led by white men, preferably Christian, white men. It just is one of those things, as Saint Germain said, it is the old order that needs to die so the nation can rise to a higher level. It will not rise to a higher level until this entire mindset is transcended.

Really, there is nothing that can be done in the short run, because you have this political gridlock. But in the longer term, it is clear that the United States will benefit from allowing a larger number of immigrants than you have today. It can only grow the economy in the United States, and a growing economy will lead to more prosperity for all people, especially when you at the same time counteract the concentration of wealth in the hands of the elite as we have talked about several times.


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Use of psychedelics for treating illness

Question: What do the Masters think about the use of psychedelics for treating illness? There is recent research into the use of substances such as psilocybin, found in psychedelic mushrooms to treat depression. Is it possible that using these drugs in a controlled way can help people improve emotional states, or is it too dangerous in the long term?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

There are forms of depression that come from the fact that people are not aware that there are other states of consciousness than the one they are in. Again, Jesus just talked about the soul or the word “angels” being very broad context, very broad concepts. And it is the same with depression. Depression actually has reached a point in the psychological profession, where it is a dangerous word to use, because it is used for a wide variety of phenomena that really should have different names and should be diagnosed differently. There are certain forms of what is now called depression that come because people feel trapped, they have no meaning with their lives, they think that what they are experiencing right now is the only experience there can be.

There can be cases where if people experience a different form of consciousness, they suddenly see that there are different forms of consciousness, and perhaps they can change their own state of consciousness. But this is, of course, something that, first of all, should only be used in the short term and second of all, it could also be achieved in different ways.

It could be achieved through the resolution of psychology, various forms of therapy, not necessarily traditional talk therapy, but certainly various forms of therapy that are already available and could, of course, be achieved through spiritual teachings and a spiritual path. It is not the ideal way to use it but of course, in the present situation, where science is so focused on the materialistic world, and therefore sees chemicals as the only way to change the state of mind, then it cannot be said that it is completely without uses, it can help some people.

We naturally do not recommend that our students use drugs, because once you are aware of the spiritual side to life and spiritual teachings, you do not need the drugs, you need to instead work with your psychology until you start having spontaneous experiences of higher states of consciousness.

You cannot make spiritual progress by taking it by force and there is an old example of one of the early people who wrote about psychedelic drugs back in the 50s and 60s, in Alan Watts, who said about drugs that “when you get the message hang up the phone”. In other words, he saw that the only real purpose of drugs was to give people an experience that there were different states of consciousness and once you had that, you should stop using them or you would end up being addicted to them.

You cannot say that in a specific situation there could not be some people that were helped by this but this is a far cry from saying that we are approving of this or recommending drugs, because they will not promote your spiritual growth in themselves. It requires work with your psychology to really attain spiritual growth.


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What is The Christ Self ?

Question: Maitreya stated that as the ego was not an original part of our beings on a natural planet, the Christ Self was given to us on these unnatural planets so as to compensate. Is in fact the Christ Self an angel within us, our guardian angel?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well again, you have to be careful not to be too attached to certain words, we have given many teachings that there are limitations to words. You need to recognize that in the past, both in spiritual teachings, but also in religious teachings, “angels” is a word that was used in a very broad sense for almost anything that was beyond the physical realm. There were messengers of God that were seen as angels, there were guardian angels that were protecting you or guiding you.

But of course, you can have a more nuanced, more specific understanding of this, so that you can realize that there are beings in the spiritual realm that can be called angels, but not all spiritual beings or phenomena are angels. You can call the Holy Christ Self your guardian angel, but you have to be careful that you do not take these traditional, for example Christian images of angels, and transfer that to the Christ Self. The Christ Self does not fit in that conceptual language of the traditional view of angels.

We have given teachings on the Christ Self from various perspectives. The simplest teaching is to say that there is an ascended master, who decides to sponsor you, and therefore creates an extension of its being that becomes your Christ Self to give you a frame of reference, as you are open to seeing it. But other explanations can be given that can also be valid in specific contexts.


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The meaning of the rose symbol 

Question: The rose, especially in association with the cross is an ancient symbol. Organizations have used it to symbolize the spiritual path and the perfectioning of the soul, but we know from ascended master teachings that the soul is the ego and it cannot be immortalized. And yet Master Jesus after five years in a cave, came out spreading a scent of roses around him. Master More also speaks about his garden of roses in the etheric plane and how special is the effect of the perfume of the rose. But what is the deep meaning of the rose, symbolically speaking? Is it a symbol of the moment when a Conscious You is free from all spirits, of the ego, except the one self that was created to come to the world of form and thereby is ready to ascend? Or is it something else?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

First of all, the story that I spent five years in a cave, and came out smelling like roses is not correct, it is simply a myth that has been created and it is not factual. When you look at it, historically speaking, the rose has been used as a symbol to symbolize different things by different spiritual movements. It can be used as a symbol for the spiritual path where you are unfolding your being. It can also be used as a symbol for the unfolding of the heart chakra, the petals of the heart chakra, where you open up the rose of the heart and you have that free flow of energy from your I Am Presence through the heart chakra.

In our teachings, we have given the awareness that the soul as it has traditionally been used, is the ego, the outer mind, but this is not the way it has always been seen.  There are past teachings where they have pretty much seen the soul the way we now explain the Conscious You. In other words, the soul is what is growing towards a higher state and therefore, the rose, the unfolding of the rose can symbolize the soul’s journey as the soul was defined by these teachings.

I am not saying that all past teachings are wrong because we are now giving a higher teaching. It is simply that those teachings were given for a certain level of consciousness, where people were not quite ready to embrace the higher teachings we have today. Even in previous ascended master dispensations, we used the concept of the soul, that the soul is ascending.

It is only in this dispensation we have given the more advanced teaching, that there are aspects of what has traditionally been seen as the soul vehicle, the four lower bodies that will not ascend, and that there is a core of your being that can ascend and if you see the teaching we are giving now about the Conscious You and understand it as it is given, you will see that I actually foretold this teaching when I stated to Nicodemus that “only the man who descended from heaven can ascend back to heaven”. It was not of course a man, but only the being that descended from heaven can ascend back to heaven. Only that what we now call the Conscious You can ascend. But even 2000 years ago, I gave hints of this teaching.


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Making peace with free will and the existence of fallen beings 

Question: From the minute they fell, the fallen beings claimed about the injustice of God and pointed out a flaw in God’s plan because of free will. And the appearances seem to give some support to their claims. The fall itself means that these beings were forced to live in a new sphere in a different environment, although created with special realms where they could live. But having lost their connection with their I AM Presences it seems that they had to, since then, parasite the new beings in the succeeding spheres to steal their light in order to survive. Therefore, it would seem that God allowed them to survive, because of the law of free will, but simultaneously condemned them to prey on other beings in order to survive, and these other innocent beings were also condemned to be the prey of them.

Could the masters explain what is missing in this argument, and why there is no contradiction in the fact that God allowed these fallen beings to keep living for a long period of time, falling from the fourth to the fifth to the sixth, and now to the seventh universe. At the same time, that (he) apparently condemned them to parasite other beings in order to survive, and innocent others to be their prey?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

In a sense, you could say that there is no flaw in the argument. If you look at it, from a certain perspective, the argument is reasonable enough. The fallen beings did fall and the consequence was that they could only prey on other beings in order to survive by stealing their energy. In a sense, you could say that you now had the fifth sphere, where you had innocent lifestreams that were in the same sphere as the fallen beings. However, you can also take another viewpoint of this, and say that even these innocent lifestreams could only be affected by the fallen beings through their own choices. And the fallen beings could not influence them until they had made the choices that opened them up to the fallen beings.

We have talked about before that the fallen beings are substitute teachers. Only when lifestreams have cut themselves off from being taught by the ascended masters do they become prey for the fallen beings, and this, when you cut yourself off from the ascended masters, that means you are not learning by getting this inner direction. You must learn by experiencing the consequences of your consciousness, the outplaying of it, and the fallen beings simply act in order to accelerate the consequences so that people actually in many cases learn faster by interacting with fallen beings than if they were left to themselves.

You could say that the fallen beings are acting out the same consciousness that these beings have gone into in the unascended sphere, but the fallen beings have had longer to act out this consciousness. Therefore, they have acted it out in greater extremes. When new beings see this, they have the option to say: “I do not want to go that far” and therefore, instead of having to repeat it themselves, taking a very long time to get to the point where the fallen beings are, they can actually progress much faster by having seen the fallen beings go to such extremes.

In a sense, you could say that this is all part of allowing free will to work itself out. You could also go and take this viewpoint that when you truly understand free will, you see that there is no other option. There is no other option. And this is probably if we want to talk about a flaw in the argument, this is the most common confusion that people have when they begin to understand the concept of fallen beings and many of these other concepts we have given you. As we have said before, even avatars who came to earth did not have a full understanding of free will. And certainly, the fallen beings do not have it either. It is actually quite difficult, it requires a certain maturity especially on a planet as dense as earth to fully grasp free will. Free will is free. When God gave individual beings free will God also said: “I will not interfere with that free will.”

Now, God’s emissaries, the Elohim, the ascended masters have designed planets in an unascended sphere in such a way that it can help people overcome using their free will to go into separation, so they can find their way back towards oneness and again be connected. But the reality is that as a consequence of free will you start out as a being who has some sense of connection to something greater than yourself, but then some beings need to have the experience of cutting that connection, living now as separate beings for a time.

And then after having lived as separate beings and having had enough of that experience, they can start moving back into oneness by attaining the Christ consciousness, but now they are doing it with a greater awareness than they had before. It is not that beings have to go through this process, all beings do not go through it, but some do.

As we have said before, anything you can do with free will in an unascended sphere actually helps your growth, it helps your I Am Presence have positive experiences that are stored in your causal body. Again, we have also said that in the end, the fallen beings cannot destroy an unascended sphere, even as the spheres become denser they will not be able to destroy it, there will not be a point where a sphere cannot ascend and there will not be a point where a falling being cannot ascend if it is willing to do so.

Going to the second death is really a consequence of the fallen beings’ own choices. Following fallen beings, being preyed upon by falling beings, is the result of choices made by these beings who are no longer as innocent as when they were first created. When you begin to grapple with this, the full ramifications of free will, you come to a point where you are simply at peace with it, you make peace with free will.

You make peace with free will despite the conditions you see on earth, despite the abuses of free will, the disregard for other people’s will that you see on earth. You cannot ascend until you have made that peace where you again as we have said can look at earth and there is nothing that pulls you back here, there is nothing you have to correct, nothing you have to change, nothing you cannot look at and be non-attached to, and say: ”Regardless of what people are doing with their free will, I am ascending because I am using my free will to choose to ascend.”


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How to shift your attitude to money? 

Question: Observing my thoughts and conversations with other people, it seems that much of the topic goes around money. Such as, how much does something cost, and how great of a price/quality (value), the trip, or restaurant or new phone has. Do people, in general, have a disproportionate focus on the money, rather than on the experiences themselves. What are the underlying illusions underneath it? And how can we adopt a more constructive approach with a balanced focus on money and enjoying life? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

The fallen beings have put forth a great effort to get people fixated on money. They have attempted to create societies that are revolving around money. Where people’s minds, the way they look at life, are revolving around money. Because people either do not have enough money, or they do not have any money. There has been created this consciousness, that the way to get what you want in life is through money. Money is the key, even to being happy, or being fulfilled and getting what you want. Many, many people have been pulled into the vortex, the beast of this lie. You will see that even people who have more money than they can spend are fixated on money. Being afraid that they could lose it, being concerned of how they can make it multiply so they do not lose it gradually by the money losing its value and so on.

You are already, in the question, beginning to see the solution. The solution is to recognize that planet earth is, as we have said, a reality simulator and experience machine. The purpose of being on earth is to have certain experiences that shift your consciousness. My beloved, money cannot buy these experiences. You can see many, many people who have all the money they could possibly spend and they still are not having experiences that shift their consciousness.

You need to recognize here that many people will say: “But I have much greater freedom when I have money, I can travel, I can do this, I can do that, and that gives me an experience, does it not?” And that is correct. But there are two types of experiences in life. There are, as we have said before, some experiences that solidify a certain state of consciousness and that therefore become a black hole that can never be filled. There are some desires that cannot be filled. No matter how many experiences you have, it is never enough. That is why you see people, it is never enough money that they have, they never have enough sex, they never have enough this or that.

You need to recognize that these are not the experiences I am talking about. They are not shifting your consciousness, they are actually preventing your consciousness from shifting. The real experiences are the experiences that shift your consciousness. And you can have these regardless of whether you have money. I agree that for many people, it is necessary to have a certain amount of money in order to have some experiences that they need to have. But in many nations in the world, it is possible to have such desires fulfilled. For a house, for a car, for a phone, for a computer, for traveling and so forth. Many people are in the process of having these physical experiences because they have enough money to do it.

But what I am talking about here is that regardless of your outer situation, you can shift your attitude, so that you first of all go for experiences. You realize that the goal of your life is to have experiences that shift your consciousness. And then you say: “With the money I have available to me right now, how can I get these experiences?” And you therefore realize that it is not a matter of accumulating money. It is not a matter of always focusing on earning more money or always focusing on getting things as cheaply as possible.

It is a matter of focusing on which experience do I sense I need to have in order to have had enough of this so I can shift my consciousness. I am not saying that this instantly solves your money problems. But it does shift your focus, your attitude to money. And this will, for many people, mean that they will actually open up for the flow of energy that also will manifest the physical money, or in other ways manifest the physical situations where they can have the experiences they need, in order to shift and become free to move on from earth ultimately.

There is in many, many countries, this very deep poverty consciousness, it is very understandable. Many of you have grown up with parents who grew up under much poorer conditions than you have ever experienced. And you have taken on some of this consciousness from your parents and grandparents, that there is never enough money, at least not for ordinary people. You need to look at this and be willing to identify these separate selves and let them die so you can shift your attitude towards money and realize that you live in a friendly universe. You live in an abundant universe. The universe will give you the experiences you need in order to fulfill your spiritual goals.


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The story of an avatar: nightmares, the birth trauma and the consciousness of hell 

Question: When I found the spiritual path, and the teachings on non-duality, I started having nightmares. I sensed that there is an evil presence in my bedroom, and it wants to hurt me and I woke up terrified. When I found ascended master teachings and when I met my present husband, who is a great spiritual help for me in my spiritual path, the nightmares became even worse. I woke up in the middle of the night seeing the ugly creatures, like straight from the astral plane crawling around my bed, and I would see an ominous man standing above my bed and staring at me. And I have had one particular nightmare, which has been terrifying. So I wake up from a dream which I cannot remember, and it fades away. But I have a sense that I have forgotten about something very important. And now it is too late. I cannot fix it. And it has an effect on many, many people, and I feel completely destroyed emotionally, and I feel unbearable pain. And I always wake up from this dream crying and screaming. I did a lot of spiritual work to resolve the issue and the nightmares with the astral creatures ended. But whenever I am upset about something, especially something about my relationship, the nightmare, with the sense that I did something so bad comes back. Could the masters comment on it and give a higher perspective on this kind of nightmare or attacks of dark forces and how to deal with that.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

You need to recognize that we have told you that when you descend to earth as an avatar, you have a higher state of consciousness before you descend to earth. But in order to descend, you need to descend to what is currently the 48th level of consciousness on earth. Which is much lower than the consciousness you have as an avatar. What does this mean? It means there is something you will forget. There is a forgetting, when you come into embodiment for the first time as an avatar, just as I said in my previous dictation, that every time you come into embodiment, you are forgetting with the outer mind what you put in your divine plan.

For all of us who have ever embodied on a dense planet like earth, there is something we have forgotten. And in many cases, we can have this, (at least when we begin to rise higher in consciousness), we can have this intuitive sense that there is something we have forgotten. Now we go to the birth trauma that you receive. You take the book My Lives, and you see how the protagonist was exposed to this birth trauma by the fallen beings, where he was made to believe that his actions caused the downfall of a civilization and the death of millions of people. Well, many, many avatars who came to earth have been exposed to something very similar. It has been projected at you by the fallen beings, that you made this terrible mistake that affected many people and that you should feel guilty about it.

How do you even deal with this? Well, for many, many embodiments, you deal with it from a state of shock. But you need to realize that as you rise higher on the path, especially when it is your last embodiment, you need to resolve this. You start having more of an intuitive sense, you now get in touch with the fact that there is something you have forgotten. You get in touch with this sense that you have done something that had terrible consequences. And you connect the two. You think the reason why I did this terrible thing is because I had forgotten this thing that I was supposed to not have forgotten.

But what have I just said? Forgetting is part of the mechanics of taking embodiment on a dense planet, you did nothing wrong by forgetting, it was inevitable. You reacted to the situation of the birth trauma with the level of consciousness you had, most likely the 48 level. And therefore, you took on that sense of guilt, that sense of blame, which the fallen beings projected at you, even though you were not actually responsible for what they blamed you for. We all have done this as avatars. You have to find a way to deal with this, to see the fallacy, to see the lies. And to come to a point where it is not so much that you need to forgive yourself. It is simply that you need to recognize that you reacted the way you did based on the consciousness you had at the time. And this created certain separate selves. And you need to keep using the tools until you uncover those selves and can let them go, finally and fully.

Now, what has this got to do with nightmares? Well, it is partly, again, that there is a period on the spiritual path where you have not resolved certain important things. There is a tension in your consciousness, in your subconscious actually. This tension makes you vulnerable to the projection and the attacks of dark forces. They, of course, as we have said, target you when you are an avatar, or when you are in your last embodiment, they will target you very aggressively.

And they can do this when you have this sense that you have done something terrible. Or even a sense that you have forgotten something you should not have forgotten. In other words, you are in effect, blaming yourself. You are blaming yourself for something that you did not do. But it does not matter because there is a self that is blaming you and that self makes you vulnerable to this very old consciousness that really is the consciousness of hell, but it is the consciousness about hell: the projections, the images of hell, where you can even see paintings from the medieval period, where you see these distorted creatures that are torturing souls in Purgatory or in hell itself.

You need to recognize if you have grown up in a culture with a particular religion that promotes this view of hell and purgatory. And you need to recognize that, combined with what you have taken on and how you are blaming yourself, there is some self, there are several selves, that are either afraid that you will go to hell because of what you did, or even feel that you deserve to go to hell, or at least be tortured. Because there is this consciousness again, that if you go into purgatory and suffer, then maybe you can be cleansed from your sins.

This is, as we have attempted to explain many times, a complete illusion, has no reality to it whatsoever. No amount of suffering and torture can compensate for what you did. You need to dissolve, transform the energy and overcome the separate selves, and then you are free. But there is this consciousness, even the entire consciousness, that Christ died on the cross for your sins, and that he had to be tortured, and his blood had to be spilled, as payment for the sins of humanity. Again, a complete lie created by the fallen beings.

But if you have these beliefs in you, then it can make you vulnerable to the astral plane and you can see these creatures. And you can see this ominous presence who is really like the judge, or the man, the death figure, that is found in so many places, that has come to collect you and take you to hell. You need to look at this, work on these selves, until you come to the point where you simply see the unreality of it. And then you can gradually let go of it, until you have let go of all of it. And you really can accept that God’s love is unconditional. And that all this judgmental attitude is a grand illusion created by the fallen beings.


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Covid: What would you do as the leader of a country? 

Question: A comment by the masters mentioned that it was considered that we should see the back of it by the beginning of 2021. This has proven more an issue than anticipated. Many nation governments are using various means to entice and intimidate its populace to be vaccinated. Is it still the case that those who die with COVID would have died because they would pass by the end of the year and just died sooner? 

What about people’s free will not to be vaccinated, but are manipulated by government direction and are coerced into being vaccinated and pass from the screen of life on earth? In Australia, many companies are headed towards: “You will get vaccinated, else your employment is terminated”. We have seen in rare cases that being vaccinated is not a guarantee that you cannot get COVID and die. The spin here is that you might get COVID but are unlikely to die. Of course, we do not know yet what long term effects may be, via the various vaccinations. Doctors have been given indemnity. Yet, the government is saying that they are not forcing anyone to be vaccinated. Yet still, it seems to be coercing that their only current recourse is by having everyone vaccinate. We are headed towards the divide of those vaccinated and those unvaccinated, where being unvaccinated you become an outcast. What is the lesson we were and are still to learn from worldwide COVID?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

I would like you to go through a little thought experiment. Imagine that you are the leader of a country, you start getting reports that there is this new disease that is spreading, people are getting sick. Some people have to be hospitalized, some people have to go to the intensive care unit and receive oxygen and some people die. You realize that it is especially the elderly and those with respiratory problems that are dying from this disease. You are the leader of the country. So, everyone is looking to you to decide what to do. What would you do in that situation? Would you make some rash decision? Or would you seek more information, so you can make a more educated decision?

Now imagine that you decide to seek more information. Where would you get this information? Well, you have two options, two main options. You can get it from the government apparatus in your country, scientists, medical professionals, bureaucrats, people in government, politicians. You can hear what they have to say. You can hear what their recommendations are. The other option is you can take your computer and go out on the internet and see what is available out there. You will find a lot of information that is coming from either a known source or that is coming from people who claim to have some kind of authority, although there is no proof that they have that authority. You will find that for each claim made by the authorities in your government apparatus, there is a claim on the internet that denies that official claim.

What would you do? How would you make your decisions? Would you base it on these allegations that are on the internet? Or would you base it on the government apparatus that at least has some tradition, some scientific investigations, some observations from hospitals and doctors on what to base it on? They have experience with other diseases. They make their recommendation based on those experiences.

What would you choose as the foundation for your decision-making process? Realizing of course, that it is your decision and whatever the outcome is, you will be blamed for it.

Now, you might decide that, we will now imagine that you will put aside the many claims out there on the internet. You will look at what is being said from government sources or at least professional sources. Then, you will find there are two claims being made. One says we should attempt to limit the spread of the disease as much as possible. Another says we should let the disease run its course, so that we can achieve herd immunity as quickly as possible.

You might observe, for example, that the country of Sweden decided in the early stages of the pandemic, to let the country experience the full effects of the disease without going into any kind of restrictions or lockdown in order to achieve herd immunity. You will find that most other countries took the other course of seeking to limit the disease, the spread of the disease, by taking whatever measures were available. What would you decide?

Let us now imagine you decide that you will limit the spread of the disease. You decide to create a lockdown to limit contact between people. A lot of businesses will have to shut down, especially restaurants and the entertainment industry, cultural institutions and so on. Travel will be restricted. Many businesses will shut down or people will work from home, government offices the same thing, in order to prevent that there is a violent and quick spread of the disease, which you know, will lead to your hospitals being overwhelmed by patients and therefore, people dying, that would not have to die if this was more spread out.

Again, you decide to do this and see the effects. Obviously, after some time you realize that this has limited the spread of the disease, your hospital system has not been overwhelmed, even though it has been burdened, but it has not been overwhelmed. And you can even look and see that far fewer people have died in your country than in Sweden, where they did not impose the restrictions.

You can even observe that the Swedish authorities and the Swedish people are beginning to question this approach of achieving herd immunity because the cost is too high. Especially, there are many elderly people in nursing homes that are dying from the disease. You are realizing that it probably was the more pragmatic decision to go for some kind of lockdown. But obviously, you also realize that you cannot be in lockdown forever. The economy simply cannot handle it. What do you do?

Well, suddenly, there is a new development in the situation. Several vaccines are brought to the market. It is now possible to vaccinate people, so they have a much lower possibility of getting the disease. Now what do you do? Again, you can listen to the professionals in the field in your own government, or you can go out on the internet and you can find that there are many people on the internet who are making completely contrary claims to what is being said from official sources. Some claim a vaccine will not work, some claim the disease does not even exist, that it is all made up. Some claim that vaccines will harm people or that it is a violation of their freedoms, their constitutional rights, and so forth. What do you decide?

You know that if you use the vaccine to its maximum capacity, and a certain percentage of people get vaccinated, you can stop the pandemic, you can lift the restrictions and society can at least start moving back to a normal lifestyle, even if COVID will still be with you in the years to come, in a lesser form. What do you do?

Now let’s imagine you decide to use the vaccine. After all they are developed, you have your citizens vaccinated against other diseases and you know it has been proven in the past that vaccinations have helped eradicate certain diseases that are no longer a problem. You decide to use the vaccine. In the beginning, you have a rush of people who voluntarily go to get vaccinated. But then after some time you run into a situation where now there are people who refuse to be vaccinated, even though the vaccines are available for them. Well, what do you then do?

You know that for the vaccines to be effective in eradicating disease, a certain percentage of the people have to be vaccinated. It does not seem that in your country there is enough of a percentage to be vaccinated. What do you do? Do you try to entice them? Or do you come to a point where you realize you have to use force for the greater good? What do you do?

Take note, I am not saying that you should do this or that. I am simply clarifying the options.

Now, you are, of course, not a dictator. There is a limit to what you can tell businesses to do. Here, you have many businesses who have either been locked down, or they have had their workers work from home, both of which are temporary solutions. You cannot really tell these businesses what to do. But you observe that many of these businesses are saying: “We have to get back to a normal way of doing business and the vaccination is the practical way to do this, and we cannot have an office with 100 people, where two people refuse to get vaccinated and they can then still keep the pandemic going, not so much influencing the vaccinated people, but our customers.” The company says: “Our company policy is, if you are not vaccinated, you cannot come to work.” And if you cannot work from home, you have to find another job, where they do not care about you not being vaccinated. What can you do about that when you are not a dictator?

Again, I am not telling you what you should or should not do. I am simply asking you to go through the scenario of, imagine that instead of you looking at the government and evaluating their decisions, you are now the one who has to make the decision. What would you then do in that situation, knowing that it is all going to come back to you?

Now, I am asking you to do something else, you step back from your own personal view of the situation and you observe what has been happening, what is happening in the world. I will use two countries as examples, because this messenger has lived in both of them and is fairly familiar with them and many of you will also be familiar with them. You have the country of Denmark. In the beginning of 2021, Denmark was behind the United States in terms of vaccinations. This was mainly because there were more vaccinations available in the United States because they were produced there. Denmark was behind, they started vaccinating the most vulnerable groups in the population but sometime in the early summer, Denmark actually got ahead of the United States in terms of the percentage of people vaccinated—certainly not the number because there are 5 million people in Denmark versus over 300 million in the United States, but in terms of the percentage.

This means that in Denmark today, the Danish government has lifted most of the restrictions. There are still some travel restrictions about other countries, but inside the country, most restrictions have been lifted. Why has this been possible? Why has the government decided to do this? Because, as of right now, more than two thirds of the adult population are fully vaccinated. The reason that it is not higher is that the vaccine is not approved for children. But of all of the people who have been offered the vaccine, more than 95% of them have chosen to get the vaccine.

Now, you look at the United States. As I said, first the United States was ahead of any other country in terms of the percentage of people vaccinated because many Americans rushed to voluntarily get vaccinated. Then this started to slow down, even though the current administration had set up a very efficient process for producing, distributing the vaccines and getting people vaccinated. The number of people vaccinated started going down. Why was this? Because there was a large percentage of people in the United States, who, for various reasons, would not voluntarily get vaccinated. It does not matter why. I am simply stating what anyone can observe.

You now have a situation in the United States where some states have lifted many restrictions, and you can simply look at the indisputable numbers that the number of cases is going up, the number of deaths is going up, the number of severe hospitalizations are going up, and there are states where the healthcare system is beginning to become overburdened. This is just a matter of observing facts. You can, of course, go into denial and say, “Oh, it is all fake”. But really, can you deny this? It’s just an observation you can make. What you have is a situation now where the disease is still spreading, mainly because of the Delta variant.

The United States is approaching a situation that is similar to what they had last fall, where there was not a vaccine, and the disease is spreading primarily among the unvaccinated. The United States government knows very well the enormous resistance to a government mandate; therefore, they are reluctant to do it. But there are, of course, private companies who are not limited by the government. They are beginning to say, our employees need to be vaccinated, partly because we have an obligation to society, partly because we want to go on to do business as we normally do and partly because, of course, we need to protect our customers. How can you in the American system prevent businesses from doing this? How can you even say it is wrong? There is no basis in the governmental system for restricting businesses from doing this. It is a private business; they can set the terms for employment.

What is the difference now between the country of Denmark and the country of the United States? Well, you can look at the outer situation, you can see that Denmark has a public healthcare system, the United States does not. Many Americans call this socialized medicine, but it is not. If you go back to my dictation about families, you will see that I was saying that there has, in many modern democracies, been an increase in the recognition of basic humanity. There has been an increase in social awareness.

If you look at Denmark, compared to the United States, there is a far higher sense of social awareness in Denmark than in the United States. This is one reason Denmark has a public healthcare system because the Danish people have said: We do not want people to have their lives ruined or go into bankruptcy because of medical bills. This is a burden we all need to share. Therefore, we are willing to pay more in taxes in order to have a public health care system.

The reality is that Denmark, as a country, spends a smaller percentage of the economic resources on health care than the United States does. Because in the United States, you have the middleman or private health care insurance companies who are seeking to make a profit. They have no reason to limit what companies can charge for medical treatment, because there is at least an unwritten agreement between the industry of insurance and the industry of health care providers. They have an unwritten agreement about what they can charge, so they can both make the maximum profit.

In Denmark, the social awareness has said: We cannot really allow people to make a profit off of people’s illness, therefore, we need to limit healthcare costs as much as possible within the restraints of the system. This higher social awareness is why the vast majority of Danes have voluntarily gotten vaccinated. The government has not in any way forced or coerced people to get vaccinated, private companies have not done it either because they did not have to, because of the social awareness.

In the United States, you have this lack of social awareness, which is why you do not have a public health care system, which is why you have people who have taken their issue of freedom, personal freedom, and perverted it so that it can override their social responsibility towards other people. In other words, many Americans are, as the saying goes, looking out for number one. They only care about themselves: What is in it for me? They do not have the social awareness to look at the whole. Whereas, people in Denmark look at society as a whole and say: What do I need to do to help the whole?

In America, there is, among many people, not that social awareness. Of course, some people in America have it, but many obviously, do not. You made the remark in the question, that there is a divide between the unvaccinated and the vaccinated and the unvaccinated become outcasts. Well, in the United States, there is clearly a divide between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated and the unvaccinated become dead. That is the stark reality of what you can observe right now.

Now, my beloved, this messenger has looked at this situation. And he realized, because his mind works that way, that he looks for deeper connections, that the republican party and President Trump, former President Trump, are the ones who are promoting this individual freedom, constitutional freedom among their electors. And therefore, they do not want to force them to get vaccinated. At the same time, these people hope that they can win back a majority in Congress and the Senate in the midterm election. And some, at least, hope that Donald Trump can run for president again in 2024. Do they not see, this messenger realized, that by not encouraging their electors to get vaccinated, there is a real risk that so many of their potential electors will die before the election, that they cannot win a majority? They are literally letting their own supporters die from a preventable disease, because the vaccination is there.

This messenger looks at a situation like this, cannot understand why people cannot see this. Of course, there is another part of his mind where he realizes why. Because we have given teachings on perception filters, cognitive dissonance, the fallen beings, and so on. But I am simply giving you these thoughts so that you can put yourself in a situation where you have to make the decisions: What would you do? You can observe neutrally what anybody can observe, by just looking at statistics, looking at the numbers. Of course, you can deny anything, I realize that. But can you really deny these numbers that are compiled by people from all over the world who really, most of them, just want this pandemic to end?

Again, I am not telling you what to think or not think. But I am asking you to think.


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Ancestor worship and reincarnation 

Question: I come from a background where people keep in touch with their ancestors. However, I wonder how someone can make contact with an ancestor who passed away hundreds or thousands of years ago, if this lifestream has been reincarnated multiple times since?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

A very logical question for these people to consider. But the question is, of course, if they believe in reincarnation, which not all who want to keep in touch with their ancestors do. Some believe that they are in touch with the spirits of their ancestors, and that these spirits live on.

Now, of course, when you know the reality of reincarnation, you know that a person will move on, take incarnation again, most likely in a different culture and a different family. And therefore, there is no real person that they can contact. What the vast majority of these people who are in contact with (or think they are in contact with) their ancestors are really contacting, are some collective entities that are simply trying to take people’s energy by getting people to give them their attention.

It is not really their ancestors they are communing with and it is certainly not their ancestors they are worshiping. They are simply giving their energies to these collective beasts that are absorbing it like a black hole absorbs light.


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Should I say it or not?

Question: Sometimes I feel an impulse or a pull to say or ask something and this pull generally only disappears after I say it. Could this come from my I Am Presence? Or is it more likely to be from a separate self? How could I better distinguish where it comes from?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

You need to consider the more subtle feeling behind it. There are some times where you will be able to identify that there is almost a compulsion to say something. It is almost like you feel you have to say this. There may even be some kind of explanation for why you should say this. In that case, it comes from a separate self.

When it comes from your I Am Presence, there is no compulsion, there is no argumentation or reasoning. You can learn to recognize that there is just this inner sense of, it can be almost a peacefulness or calm or heightened awareness. And something spontaneously comes, almost like you see a bubble of water coming up to the surface from the depths of the water, and it comes to your conscious mind. And you can learn to come to a point where whenever this happens, you just say it. You are not arguing or reasoning or thinking, should I say it or not? You just say it, you just express it. And when there is this evaluation, should I say it or not? You just learn to not say it because then you know, it is from a separate self.


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Spiritual experiences without drama and contrast

Question: I have an expectation that when I connect to my I Am Presence or to an ascended master, I will experience some spectacular feeling or experience. But could this be an unrealistic expectation? And that this connection is more subtle and not as different from my normal awareness. Is there any experience or general state of mind that we will feel as we let go of more and more selves? Or is it more an individual experience to everyone?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

You are perfectly correct that it is an unrealistic expectation. In a sense, we can say that all expectations are unrealistic expectations. But in this particular case, you need to recognize here that we have given some teachings about the difference between non-duality and duality. In duality, you have two opposites: black and white, good and evil, right and wrong. They are absolute opposites, there are no shades in between. That is why there is always a very big contrast between them. This consciousness of duality, has been projected upon spiritual teachings, spiritual masters, spiritual experiences, to where many people have created this awareness that if they are really spiritual, if they are having a really spiritual experience, it should be some dramatic experience that is very different from their normal state of consciousness.

And of course, you can find many people who have had dramatic experiences, but they seem dramatic, only in contrast to their normal state of awareness. Some people have forced these experiences, for example, through drugs or through unbalanced spiritual practices. Some people have had them spontaneously because it was part of their divine plan.

But nevertheless, the reality is, as you have correctly intuited, that as you raise your awareness more and more, as you begin to raise your awareness out of duality towards non-duality, you are escaping the dualistic extremes. You are escaping the “pairs” as Gautama Buddha called it and therefore, there will be less and less of a contrast between your spiritual experiences and your everyday experience, because your everyday experience will be raised up, but this happens so gradually, that you have time to get used to it. There comes a point where you have a much more peaceful state of mind than you had before, but you have gotten used to it so it is your normal state of awareness.

When you experience the presence of a master, it is much closer to what is now your normal state, whereas it is still far from what it was before. This messenger, for example, had some more dramatic experiences when he was younger. And from time to time, there are people who think that he must constantly have these dramatic experiences of interacting with us or taking a dictation. But as he has explained himself, when you raise your consciousness, there is not the contrast. And he just strives to be in a neutral state of mind, where he is not experiencing our presence as something dramatic, or something dramatically different from his normal state of mind. Of course, it is different, of course, there are some times that he has a more intense experience than others, but still, you need to recognize that the higher you go on the path, the less drama, the less contrast and the less you have these “peak” experiences, because in a sense, your normal state of consciousness becomes a peak experience.


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Experiencing vs. Understanding Conscious You

Question: I sense that I have a lack of spiritual understanding of the Conscious You. Can you please expand on this to help us understand what it is, what it consists of, how we are to use it, et cetera?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, we have given many and extensive teachings on the Conscious You. Way too many teachings to give in an answer like this. You can obviously go on the websites and search on it, but I recommend that you also look at Guru Ma’s book Don’t drink your own Kool Aid, which talks about the Conscious You. However, be very aware here that there is this, as we have said before, very long tradition that spiritual people try to understand everything with the analytical, outer mind so that they can label it, categorize it, fit it into their database.

When we gave the concept of the Conscious You, and even the name Conscious You, it was actually given, to a certain extent, to confuse the linear, analytical mind. You have seen various people who are trying to argue against the concept. But the Conscious You is not really a concept that you can understand or argue against. The Conscious You is meant to be an experience.

The teachings, the explanations we have given is not meant to help you understand what the Conscious You is, but to give you the impetus, where you want to experience the Conscious You, which is, what we have said, pure awareness. Well, what do we mean with pure awareness?

Again, you can put concepts on it, but it really means that you are aware, but you do not have any content of your awareness, you are not thinking, you are not feeling, there is just awareness. And when you have that experience, it gives you a contrast to your normal, busy state of mind where the mind is always analyzing, categorizing, evaluating, judging, thinking, feeling, whatever. And that becomes a foundation for realizing that you are not the outer thoughts, you are not the outer feelings, you are not even the outer personality. You are not even the soul-vehicle, you are more than this.

And therefore, you are not so identified with it, you do not take everything so seriously, you do not take things so personally, because you realize that you are not the outer mind and this then is the foundation for realizing you are not all of these separate selves. It is the separate selves that have the feelings, the thoughts, the nightmares, the patterns, the reactions. You are not. The Conscious You is not reacting, is not thinking, is not feeling. You are beyond this. And that means you can then separate yourself from it, you can depersonalize your life and have a different foundation for your spiritual growth.

When you are actually trying to use the outer mind to overcome the outer mind, which is a very difficult proposition, even though some people once in a while have made it, mainly because they got themselves into such a stressed state that they could not stand it anymore and suddenly snapped out of it and experienced pure awareness.


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Muscle pains after decreeing 

Question: I started doing decrees at 1.02 and 7.07 in the morning, and 4.01 and 7.07, or 7.02 in the evening, for about two months. I recently have a lot of deep muscle pains in my neck, back and arms. Does it have anything to do with doing these decrees?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, in a sense, it never has anything to do with doing the decrees directly. It is not the decrees that are causing physical pain or discomfort. But you can be aware, or you need to investigate, whether you are giving the decrees with a certain tension that might make you tense certain muscles. People can see or can experience from time to time that when they are giving decrees, they are straining, they are sitting in a certain strained position and this can give you muscle pains.

There can also be times where decrees start to resolve something in your three higher bodies and this can filter through to the physical body so you can have temporary pain or discomfort. But it should not become severe and it should not last for a long period of time. Then you would have to take appropriate measures, whether it would be to see a doctor or whether it would be to take a break with decrees or not give us many decrees, so that you do not get more of a release than what your body can deal with.


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Studying Confucianism

Question: Is Confucianism worth learning to improve ourselves to better levels or is it evil, from a fallen being?

Answer from the Ascended Master Confucius through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, I am not a fallen being, I never was and so it did not come from the fallen being. I was in embodiment at the time I gave the teaching, I had reached a reasonably high level of awareness, but by no means the highest that can be attained on earth. But I was able to receive some ideas from the ascended realm, and encapsulate them into the outer teaching of Confucianism.

However, what you have to realize is that, as all teachings must be, it was given in a certain context, for a certain culture, for certain people, for a certain time. Naturally, it has timeless elements, timeless principles, but it is not something I recommend that you study today, when you have the ascended master teachings. There may be a few people who will find that they need to study it for a time in order to familiarize themselves with it, but I will not give a general recommendation that all spiritual students should study it.

It was very much given for a certain time, and it was very much given to change outer behavior, not so much the deeper psychology because it was not possible at the time. It should also be said that it was very much given from a certain viewpoint that it explained the relationship between the state and the citizens and how the citizens should behave to uphold the state as an orderly, functioning state. But of course, what you had at that time was by no means a democracy and so it is not really applicable for a modern democracy.

You could say that, to some degree, Confucianism has been used by the fallen beings to justify a state where they are in control. And this is a valid point. But it does not mean that the teaching itself does not have timeless elements or valid elements. Anything that we can possibly give, the fallen beings will attempt to pervert it. And of course, some people will want to pervert it because it gives them an advantage. It solidifies the ruling elite’s position and makes the people subservient to the elite, for example.


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Who is my master?

Question:  I believe I have a master who looks after me from above. I would like to know who that master is, can you please tell me? I believe this will give me the encouragement in my spiritual learning journey.

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

I am reading the question because I just want to explain that these are the kind of answers you need to get from within. You can ask the masters directly to reveal this to you, and you will get it if you are open to it. But you also have to be aware that the masters have explained that at any time we are working with a certain master, that is the primary master that is working with us. But it does not mean that it will be that way for the rest of our lifetimes.

We will often switch from one master to another. And therefore, it is important that you do not become rigid about these things where you think, “Oh, now I am working with this master, and it will be that way forever or for the rest of his lifetime.” That is another reason why they do not really want to give you these answers from without because people often fixate their minds on this. You need to be flexible and go within.


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Nightmares after invoking spiritual protection

Question: I have recently started to do the Archangel Michael decree 1.02 from the toolbox website before bed. But that night I had a few bad dreams and on the same night, I chant the decrees nine times. One of the worst dreams I could remember is there was someone outside my living apartment front door, who was trying to get in to kill my family. I sometimes have bad dreams, but this is the worst dream I ever had. Can you help to explain to me, what does it mean and why I had such a bad dream, even though I pray for protection?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

You need to recognize that if you are not doing any spiritual practices, if you are not calling for protection, there can very well be and there will be for most people, dark forces who are trying to influence you. When you do not know what you are up against, when you have no protection, you can be influenced in various ways. This means among other things, that they can put a certain fear in you of what could happen.

When you start doing spiritual protection, there will be a certain upheaval in your four lower bodies. Many, many people find that when they either make it their first commitment to the spiritual path, or when they step their commitment up to a higher level, they can go through a turbulent period, where it almost seems like they are exposed to more attacks or more opposition than before.

Now there can be two aspects of this: one is that you can be exposed to more attacks from dark forces who want to derail you, before you have really built a momentum by invoking spiritual protection. They want to scare you into thinking “This is dangerous, and I should stop”. If they have projected a certain fear into you that someone might try to kill your family, then this can surface as a dream, because they are hoping that you will be so scared that you will stop doing it.

Now obviously, if you keep calling for spiritual protection, there will come a point where you will find there will be fewer of these dreams. But the other thing that can happen is that when you start doing spiritual protection, there can be an openness, where you suddenly begin to see something that was an attack on you all along, but you did not see it before.

Sometimes you can see this in an intuitive experience where you suddenly realize there is a dark force that is after you and the reason you see this is because now you have the contrast between that dark force and its energy and the light you have invoked through decrees and invocations. It can also be that it sometimes surfaces in a dream, because your conscious mind is not ready to deal with it so you see it in a dream instead. And it is sort of a revelation of what you have been exposed to so that you can see that you need to be diligent in invoking spiritual protection until you are so protected that it cannot impinge upon you.

This of course, does not mean that you should not also do the spiritual work of working on your psychology, resolving these separate selves because it is the separate selves that give the dark forces an inroad. But the real value in invoking spiritual protection is that it minimizes the attacks and the noise coming from the outside so you can better look at what you need to resolve in your psychology, in your subconscious mind.


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Decisions behind internal spirits

Question: In our practice, we need to see the spirit we have created, and the decision behind it, so that we can transcend it. If the decision was made in a previous life a long time ago, I find it very difficult to remember a previous life, especially when a decision is hidden in my subconscious. What can help me see a decision made in a previous life? For example, I can see that a decision was made, that this earth has two types of people, those who are right and those who are wrong, and then my spirit decides it is among the “right: people. But I cannot remember clearly the circumstances in a past life that made me make that decision. When a spirit keeps coming back, is it because I could not see the decision behind it and therefore my I AM Presence has not shattered the matrix of that spirit?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

What we have given you is a set of tools and teachings that can help you uncover the decision behind a certain spirit without necessarily seeing the exact situation where this happens. I have given you tools in the book Healing Your Spiritual Traumas, the meditation where you go back through the seven gardens, go back to the theater where you see yourself on a certain stage. This can help you get at least glimpses of what the situation was like, what the dynamic was, how other people were involved, what you were exposed to, and the decision you made.

You do not need to know exactly what happened in order to uncover the decision, you just need to see that decision, see how it affects you and then decide to let it go.

If a spirit keeps coming back, it is because there is something you have not seen. It is not actually that the I AM Presence shatters the matrix, it is actually that you are using your free will to keep the spirit alive because you have not undone the decision that created the spirit. You are feeding it your energy. And when you stop feeding it your energy because you changed the decision, then the spirit simply dies and that is when you can then make the calls for the energy to be transmuted back into a higher vibration.


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Questions on Afghanistan (2021)


1. Is Afghanistan similar to the Middle East and where is it headed? What might be expected in the coming years from Afghanistan? 

2. Looking at the situation in Afghanistan, we saw the Taliban very quickly in less than 10 days were capturing the country after the American decision to withdraw. I thought the highest potential for the Afghan people through their army was to stand up to the Taliban and protect the country and the people but that did not happen. They were trained for 20 years during the American occupation for this purpose, but they capitulated very quickly. Can the masters comment on this situation? 

3. We were led to believe that the Afghanistan government forces outnumber the Taliban forces by a considerable number. Why did this government collapse so quickly and why did Ghani the Afghan leader, not even try to hold on to power? Even though the Taliban had a lot of support from Pakistan, Ghani would have had a lot of support too from the Western allies so what’s going on? 

4. It has been very difficult for me personally as an urban Western woman to watch the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and the US withdrawal of forces. From what I have read under the US occupation, there was an urban, rural divide in Afghanistan, where many rural people continue traditional cultural practices, including the routine subjugation of women, while the urban population especially in Kabul, enjoyed a more liberal, tech-savvy culture. The masters have stated that no Western power can force democracy on another nation but it seems that the US presence did have an effect on some of the people there. Now there is a risk of famine and economic collapse. Given these things and the many interests and concerns of various nations in Afghanistan, what could the near future of Afghan society look like? And how can we as ascended master students help?


Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, my beloved, I first want to go back before the United States and Western nations invaded Afghanistan. As we have said before, we did not in any way support the invasion of Iran or Afghanistan, we did not support or inspire, or sponsor or in any way back the neoconservative movement that saw it as their duty to spread democracy and Christian values to the rest of the world by using the United States Armed Forces, and of course, their economic power as well. We have said before that democracy is a demanding form of government, and people in a nation have to be ready for it. It cannot be brought by force, how can a non-force based form of government be imposed by force, it simply is not logically possible.

It is clear that we did not back the invasion, we did not back the 20 year occupation, if you want to call it that. We did not back even the attempt at nation building, although you have to say also that once the Western powers had invaded Afghanistan, we tried to do whatever we could through the people we could work with, to at least make the best of the situation. If for no other reason, then so that the Afghan people and the Western nations would have the greatest possible opportunity to learn a lesson from the situation.

The entire occupation or involvement with Afghanistan over these 20 years is an example of what happens when people are in the ideological mindset that Gautama Buddha talked so profoundly about in the last webinar. What happened was that the United States could not really admit that it had been a mistake to go in there because they would not admit that the world does not work the way America thinks it works.

This is the essence of the ideological mindset, you have an idea of how the world should work and you only look for what validates the idea, you do not want to look at what does not validate it. In a sense, you could say that it was a mistake to stay as long as they did during the Bush administration. It was a mistake for President Obama to stay in Afghanistan, to recommit forces there, because he thought he could do something, or that America could do something that had not been done so far.

There is no question that America had to pull out at some point. You can say that Donald Trump did see the need to pull out and therefore did whatever he thought could be done to negotiate some kind of exit. President Biden also saw the need to pull out and therefore, instead of trying to renegotiate or recommit forces, which would have been a considerable expenditure, decided to simply go with a deal that was there and withdraw the US forces.

Now, you may look at the chaotic situation that happened after this Taliban started taking over these provincial capitals, and leading to the less than elegant exit from Kabul. I can assure you that whether this had happened during the Trump administration, or during the present administration, there would have been chaos in any event. There are several reasons for this. One is, of course, that the Taliban have been waiting very patiently for their opening. They have, as one of the questions mentioned, also acquired strong backing from Pakistan, but not only from Pakistan from many other Muslim nations who wanted to see the Western incursion in Afghanistan fail.

They have done whatever they could to keep some kind of pressure and tension but they realized that as long as the West and especially the United States was committed to keeping forces there, there was little they could do. They have been waiting patiently but very aggressively plotting for when the opportunity would come because they figured that it would have to come simply because of the expense of having such a large military presence in such a remote nation.

If you look back at history, you will see that going back to when the British invaded Afghanistan centuries ago, the logistics of the remoteness of Afghanistan, the roughness of the terrain, simply makes any kind of large-scale military operation impractical, whether it was a couple of hundred years ago or today. The people in the region knew this, there was an inevitable exit that had to happen. They were waiting for it, plotting whatever they could do, so they had a clear strategy.

The other element is, of course, is that the Afghan government and the Afghan security forces, even though they have been trained for 20 years  and were well equipped and supposedly had sufficient numbers, they simply did not have the will. They could very clearly see the handwriting on the wall that once the American military presence was no longer there, they would face a very aggressive opposition from the Taliban and other fighting groups, and they faced the choice: Are we going to drag this out for a long period of time, which will cost lives and blood? But the end result was for them to seem inevitable. The Taliban would take over, the government would fail, so it was simply a matter of when the Taliban started making progress in terms of taking over the country. There was a domino effect that more and more of the leaders of the Afghan government and the security forces simply decided to give up instead of prolonging the inevitable.

Now, you can of course look at this and you can say, well, when they invaded Afghanistan, they ousted the Taliban from government and now the Taliban is back in government so has anything really changed? Has there been any progress over these 20 years and all of this expenditure? Of course, some Americans will try and spin it and say our goal was to get al Qaeda and other terrorist groups that were getting sanction in Afghanistan, but that is, of course, just trying to save face because the reality is that Afghanistan is not the only nation or region in the world where there is safe harbor for terrorists, as northern Pakistan is, of course where the Taliban and many other extremist groups have been given sanctuary, or at least been allowed a presence there and there are other examples around the world.

The reality of the situation here is that, as we have said before, you cannot force democracy on a population that is not ready for democracy. The reality of the situation is that a majority of the Afghan people do not want democracy. For many of them, it is not a matter of some kind of sophisticated reason. They simply do not want it because it is change. It is something they do not know and they do not want change. They basically want to keep living the same lifestyle that they have been living for their entire lifetimes and for generations, they do not want anything to change.

You may say: “Well don’t they want greater freedom?” But they believe they had all the freedom they needed. “Don’t they want greater prosperity?” But many of them believe that they had all the prosperity that they could have given the roughness of the terrain and the climate and the situation in Afghanistan. They wanted to live the kind of lifestyle they were living and that they had been living for generations. It is a mindset that is very alien to what it is in most modern democracies but it is a mindset that is very common around the planet in some of these more rural populations. They simply do not want change, whatever it is.

Now, of course, you also have a certain segment of the population, not only in Afghanistan, but in all Muslim nations, who do not want democracy because it is associated with the West, with Christianity, with Western society, with consumer culture, and all of the things that Muslim nations look at as the devil’s work in the West, as un-Muslim and they resisted for that very reason. They do not know really what they are resisting, they do not understand it, because they really have no sophisticated understanding of what a democracy is but they resist it simply because it is associated with the West.

You also have a psychology that is very common in Muslim nations, but especially common in Afghanistan, and that is that no foreigner should ever force anything upon them. As soon as an outside force comes in, and says you should have this, they resist it. It is almost what you could call the genetic resistance, because it is very deeply ingrained in the collective psyche. You have no chance of overcoming it in the short term. Of course, you can overcome it over generations.

It is correct as one of the questions mentions that there has been a divide between the outlying areas and some of the cities, especially Kabul. There is a more progressive element of the population who lived there, and who not fully embraced the changes, but at least they said from a purely practical situation: “The Americans are here now, how can we make the best of them? What is in it for us?” It was not really that most of them wanted democracy.

There were of course, a small percentage that wanted democracy, wanted change, wanted different ideas, wanted greater prosperity, a functioning economy, a functioning country for that matter which they did not have before. But it was really what you call a marriage of convenience for most people. They simply accepted: “The Americans are here now, we can’t kick them out, let’s make the best of it, let us prosper, while we have the chance.” You see that many of these people have left now. And this, of course means that there are very few progressive people left to have an impact on Afghanistan.

Now, I know this sounds dire. But there is actually a “but…”. There is actually a “but…”. There is a silver lining. Again, I want to make it clear, we of the ascended masters did not support the adventure in Afghanistan. But you look at the fact that the Western forces did go in there and they did what they did to try and build a more modern nation. It is clear that this has had an impact on the collective consciousness and on the individual consciousness of some people, which of course again, affects the collective.

There has been a shift in Afghanistan. Very, very few people in Afghanistan realize this. But there has been a shift. And it has been a shift for the better. Some people have seen that there is an alternative to the way things have been before, that there could potentially be some advantages to having a modern nation, having a functioning government, that the people could have more influence on the government, and so forth. This does not mean they have accepted the Christian religion, Western ideals or Western culture. But they have accepted that perhaps there are some changes that could be beneficial.

There has been a shift in the collective consciousness. There has also been a shift, of course, in the collective consciousness on a planetary level so even the Taliban have changed over 20 years. It cannot be any other way. How much they have changed remains to be seen. How much of a shift there has been in the Afghan collective consciousness and what that will do also remains to be seen.

What will happen in the short term is that there will be a power play. There will be a power play in the Taliban because there are some of the Taliban leaders who realize they have changed, they need to change, they need to implement a different policy than they did 20 years ago. Some of them are practical realists enough to realize that they simply cannot make the economy function by doing what they did 20 years ago because the economy clearly was not functioning back then. In fact, before the invasion, it was only a matter of time before the Taliban government would have collapsed for economic reasons.

There are some of them that are able to see that if they do what they did 20 years ago, it will only be a matter of a short time before the economy will collapse, there will be widespread famine, and people will rebel against them, and some resistance group will rise up, who will now start fighting the Taliban and there will either be a civil war or the Taliban will simply have to fold and leave the country in chaos. There is a faction within the Taliban that are saying: “What changes do we need to make so we can at least create a functioning country?” But there are also some of the fighters and some of the local commanders who do not want any change, who are resisting what the leaders of the Taliban want.

The question is, how does this play out between these two factions of the Taliban? Will some of the rural commanders split off from the Taliban and start their own Mujahideen movement as Afghans have done in the past and start fighting to start creating their own autonomous regions. You could have a situation in a matter of months or a year where the Taliban have control only over rural areas and these local resistance groups have taken control over the more outlying areas. This is one possible scenario. You do of course, have the immediate situation that there could be widespread famine, within a matter of months, that the economy is not functioning, the banking system may not be able to function at all. Of course, international aid will be withdrawn and what will be given will only be aid to prevent starvation, mass starvation.

It is clear that the Taliban are not in any way realizing what they have walked into. In fact, you could say that the former Afghan President, and the leaders of the Afghan government were the smart ones, because they got out of there and the Taliban, well, it is the old saying that men rush in where angels fear to tread. They rushed in, and only some of them are now beginning to realize what they actually face. They had a plan for taking over the country, they have no plan for running the country, and will they be able to run the country.

Then of course, you have the potential for some outside interference or help. Pakistan might attempt to do something, but it is unlikely that they will be unintelligent, I might say, enough to attempt some large scale military operation. It is also unlikely that the Russians will want to go back in militarily, although they will probably try to get something out of it. Then that leaves the Chinese, which is also unlikely that they will do some military incursion, although it cannot be ruled out completely, that they might actually think that they can do what the Western nations could not do in Afghanistan. If they do so, then it will also be a very big lesson for China, because they will not be able to achieve what they think they can achieve there. There are also different scenarios where they might attempt to give some kind of economic assistance, but they will eventually, within a matter of months, or years, realize that it is simply a black hole and they can keep pouring money into it without getting anything out of it.

Naturally, when you look at the situation in Afghanistan, there is a major concern for women and children. Children especially for starvation, women, especially for those who had accepted some greater freedoms being suppressed again, persecuted, perhaps even executed for taking a liberal stand. It is clear that in the short term, there will, no doubt, be major suppression of women. But it must also be said that if there is any hope of positive changes in Afghanistan, it will be driven by women who have accepted different values and who refused to go back into the old state where they were suppressed. This is the only realistic hope. And again, there is the question of: Will it be the progressive wing of the Taliban that will win? Or will it be the conservative that will brutally with violence put down any rebellion from women or even any attempt from women to demand better treatment.

As you can see, I am not about to make any predictions about what will happen because no predictions can be made. This is a very chaotic situation. You can say, it has been made more chaotic by the Western presence over 20 years but even if we say that there had been no Western incursion in Afghanistan, Afghanistan will still have spiraled into chaos under the rule of the Taliban. There would already have been several civil wars, several rebellions against Afghanistan, several regions declaring autonomy from the Taliban, and so forth. Basically, what you see has been going on in Afghanistan for centuries would have continued and perhaps… perhaps, there is a more realistic hope of improvement now, because of the Western incursion but it is a very big perhaps.

What can you do about this as ascended master students? Well, quite realistically, there are so many things to give invocations and decrees for in the world right now that unless you have a strong personal affinity with Afghanistan, there really is not anything I recommend that you do. You could certainly make calls that the Western nations and especially the United States would learn the lessons that they can learn from this. The lesson that the West needs to learn is actually not a simple lesson. It is not the simple lesson that we should stay out of other countries from now on or nation building is dead, or the era has ended where the United States will attempt to build nations and other countries, this is not the lesson. That is just going from one unbalanced extreme, the naivety of the neoconservatives thinking they could spread Western values, and Christianity around the world with force to the opposite dualistic extreme of saying: “America is going to be isolationists and we are not going to mess with any foreign countries.”

It is clear that as we have talked about before, as Mother Mary has talked about, there should long ago have been major improvement in the Middle East, in Africa and in other regions of the world, economic improvement especially. The Western nations should have done something to improve these situations. If the Western nations do not want to be overrun by refugees who seek a better life because they intuitively know they should have had that better life already, then the Western nations need to find a way to promote economic prosperity in these nations.

This will in many cases require some form of democracy because you look at the Western nations: Why do they have the affluence they have? Because they have had the freedom, not only the freedom of the economy, but the freedom in other ways, that leads to greater prosperity. It is a very, very delicate question. How do you help a backwards nation become a modern nation that has a functioning economy, that has a functioning political system that is not completely mired down in corruption and local fighting and tribal warfare and whatever you have. How do you do this?

How do you actually create a functioning nation in Africa, for example, when Russia and China are interfering with these nations, because they want raw materials, and they do not care whatsoever about promoting democracy and freedom or prosperity for the population, they just want to create an unstable political situation with rivaling local factions that they can take advantage of to get the minerals that they need for their industry.

And you can say: “Isn’t the West doing the same?” Well certainly, you go back several decades and there were Western corporations doing the same but it is not done to this quite the same extent today by the West, as it is by Russia and China. But of course, it is still taking place and this is another factor that nations like the United States especially, would have to deal with, in order to move to a higher level, where they can actually start having a positive influence on these nations instead of having to go in with military might. But quite frankly, this is a very complex issue. There is no simple, clear-cut solution to it but it is an issue that not only the United States, but all other Western nations will have to grapple with in the decade and decades to come.

I will of course, do everything I can to work with the people in government and in other areas of society who are open to certain ideas. It is clear that there are things that can be done. It is simply a matter of selecting a few nations and showing that it can actually work, that you can actually increase prosperity and freedom and create a functioning nation. It is a matter of getting started. And you could say: “Well, why couldn’t it happen in Afghanistan?” Well, my beloved, if you look at the world, and say: “Which would be the most difficult nation to improve?” then certainly Afghanistan has to be at the top of list. If the West, if the neoconservatives in the United States wanted to prove something, they certainly picked the most difficult target. There are many other nations that it would be much more successful to go in and build a nation. But you also have to realize here that building a nation is not a matter of exporting Western culture and a Western mindset to these nations.

These nations need to have some form of democracy, they need to have greater prosperity but they need to have it based on where they are at in consciousness, what is their culture, what is their mindset? There is a huge difference between going into a nation and saying: “How can we work with what is there?” Instead of saying: “How can we impose our values and mindset on them, so that they can become a nation like we are?” They will be democracies, they will be affluent, but not like a miniature United States or Germany or France or England or even the Scandinavian countries. They must have their local autonomy, their own way of doing it but they just have to find a way that actually works. So that they have a sustainable nation, with certain rights and freedoms, with peace and with prosperity. Of course, many other things could be said here. I could go on and on but I have given you the most important ideas I wanted to give you at this time about this topic.


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