The linear approach to the teaching

Question:  In his enlightening book, Freedom from Internal Spirits, the Maha Chohan says that at any moment of the path, we need to deal with three different spirits. The one we created at the level of consciousness where we are, the spirit that corresponds to this one, and that is the illusion of this level, and the spirit below the 48th level corresponding to those that belongs to the collective consciousness. The path has three stages, 48 to 96 level, 96 to 144, and 47 to first level. As Jesus explains in his books, Freedom from Ego Games, and Freedom from Ego Dramas, the spirits below the 48th level are of the epic mindset and deal with the collective. And the ones between the 48th and the 96th focused on our individuality. But let’s focus on the two spirits above the 48th or the 96th level that are of different kinds. As the Maha Chohan says, because one is true, and helps us step up one more level, and the other is the illusion of this level, trying to stop our development. Where does this last one come from? Is it created by the ego in his attempt to survive and resist its demise? Or is it the antithesis of our Christ Self, the spirit of the false hierarchy, that once Mother Mary said we also have watching us? Or is it created by ourselves when we create a new spirit, since we are on earth where every spirit comes in pairs? From Jesus’ books, Freedom From Ego Dramas, and Freedom from Ego Games, could we say that the illusion spirits, the spirits based on illusion, are created by the ego and its false beliefs.

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, first of all, you need to recognize here that, although this is a very understandable question, it is also a question that very much springs from the linear, analytical mind. You are using the analytical mind to bring together different concepts that are actually given for different levels of consciousness and you want to fit them into a consistent worldview that the analytical mind can grasp. And this is not the highest approach to the teaching.

It is an understandable approach based on the culture of the Western world, and the deification of the analytical mind. But for a spiritual student, it is not the highest possible approach because it complicates things beyond what they need to be. You are mixing together different concepts that if you studied it, from a more intuitive perspective, you would see that they cannot be put together on this linear line where they all fit neatly into separate categories.

We have even in our teachings used the ego in different ways. We gave the teachings on the ego dramas, for example, that were given for a certain level of consciousness based on a certain popular view of the ego that is common among spiritual people. But we have given teachings since then that are based on a higher, more nuanced view.

What I would like to say here is that all of your separate selves were created by you, by you making the choice to accept a certain illusion. It is not constructive to say that the ego makes the selves. The selves are made by you when you make a decision to accept a certain illusion, or when you make a decision, as how to react to specific situations, especially difficult situations.

But if you take the early teachings that I gave on the ego, for example, they are based on this idea that is common in spiritual circles, that the ego is some entity that exists in your subconscious mind. It is a separate entity that can manipulate you, control you and make decisions for you. This was simply a teaching that we gave for that level of awareness.

What we have given since is that the ego is not a uniform coherent entity. It is not like you have a separate person inside of you. The ego is a conglomerate of all of these separate selves. You can resolve the separate selves one at a time, and thereby diminish the influence that the ego has over you. You can say that the ego in the early teachings was simply used as a broad concept, a nonspecific concept of something in your psychology that you needed to overcome. But in the later teachings, the separate selves, I explained that this is actually what ultimately makes up the ego.

Now, part of the ego is also how you see yourself. As we have said in this conference, there are certain aspects of your psychology that are not a specific separate self created in a specific situation or corresponding to a specific level among the 144 levels. They are more broader, about how you look at life, how you look at yourself. And these are what we are talking about when we often talk about how you can shift your consciousness and adopt a different approach, a different attitude to the spiritual path.

Without going into a too long discourse here, I want to say again, take a teaching for what it is, realize it is given for a certain level of consciousness. Then when you feel you have gotten the benefit you want to get from that teaching, then move on to the next level of teaching. And do not go into this detailed analysis with the linear mind where you want to fit them into the same picture. Realize that it is simply time to take the new teaching and allow that teaching to take you to the next level of your path. And then when you get there, you take the next teaching and so on.

The higher you go in consciousness, the less important it becomes to fit everything into this one picture. The less important it becomes to consider the meaning of words, because you realize that there is always more to grasp than what can be said in words, so the less important it becomes for you. We have seen students over the years in various dispensations, various spiritual teachings, who become almost obsessed with finding contradictions or what seems to be contradictions. And quite frankly, any teaching that reaches a certain size will have what seems to be contradictions from the linear mind as you can see contradictions, or at least seeming contradictions, in the Christian scriptures.


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What are our blind spots?

Question:  We have heard the Masters talk about some of the blind spots that students had in the Summit Lighthouse. Can the Masters discuss some of the most common blind spots that students have in this dispensation, including those participating in this call, especially those that have the greatest potential to slow our growth?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, we have in many dictations talked about the blind spots that people can have in this dispensation. Certainly, what I just said, there is always a temptation to think that you will reach some ultimate level, that now we have the ultimate spiritual teaching, the highest spiritual teaching, now we have the ultimate messenger, we have reached an ultimate understanding of the teaching, an ultimate internalization of the teaching.

You can say that, with any spiritual organization, any spiritual teaching, there is always a potential for going beyond the teaching, making a direct contact with a spiritual teacher and ascended master, being open to the flow of the spirit. And therefore, you can transcend the outer teaching, and actually reach higher than the outer teaching. Or there is the temptation that you can think that you have now reached some ultimate level because you understand this teaching, you have given so many decrees, and so forth.

You can go back to the teaching I gave two thousand years ago, and you can say that we are giving a much wider, much higher, much more advanced teaching today. But still, even the teachings I gave back then it was possible to transcend the outer teaching, to open yourself up to the flow of the spirit, to make contact with the Ascended Master Jesus Christ, and thereby qualify for your ascension. Not very easy to do in one lifetime, but over several lifetimes, and you can see certain Christian saints who have achieved this. But of course, it was not possible for the general population.

On the other hand, you can say that with the teaching we are giving today, there are many more people who have the potential to take advantage of this teaching and qualify for their ascension. But certainly again, the broad population are not ready to do this, because the teaching is simply too advanced for them. But of course, this can change as we move further into the golden age, and more people will be able to grasp the teaching.

It is really in every teaching, the tendency to focus on the outer teaching, to use the linear mind. One of the most common things we see in this teaching is that there are still some people who are trapped in the linear analytical mind. They want to apply it to the teaching instead of actually acknowledging the many, many things that we have said about going beyond the limitations of words, the limitations of the linear mind. But this is not really specific to this teaching, it is the same in all teachings.

There is also the tendency that you read the teaching, you understand the teaching intellectually, but you cannot apply it to yourself. You fail to make that switch where you realize: “Oh, the master is actually talking to me”. You still think the master is talking to someone else or about someone else. But you fail to realize: “Oh, but I have that kind of a separate self that the master is talking about. I have that kind of an attitude, I have that kind of belief about the spiritual path.”

We do see people in this dispensation, a smaller percentage than in previous dispensations, but still a percentage of people who fail to connect the teachings to themselves. We have in the last year seen some people who have this teaching, have studied this teaching, but they are still pulled into this vortex around vaccinations, wearing masks, the United States election, and suddenly this has become more important to them than the teaching.

And again, this is fine, this is the experience they need to have. But it really comes from a failure, an unwillingness of these people to apply the teachings to themselves and realize: “But I have an attachment. I am the one who have an attachment to this opinion to this issue. Why is this so important to me?” And as we have said, at this webinar, if you want to make maximum progress, look at yourself: “Do I have a very strong reaction? Do I have a very strong opinion? Do I feel it is really, really important that this opinion is right, that this is true, that this is validated?” Then you know, there is a separate self hiding behind it. And then use the teaching about this, to look at, look for that separate self and see it for what it is.


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“Born of water” and “Born of fire”

Question: In his book, “Freedom From Internal Spirits”, the Maha Chohan teaches us about the two decisive moments of the spiritual path on earth. The first one when we must let the self, created when we were between the 48th and the 96th level, die. And the other one when we are at the 144th level and have to choose if we are going to build up the self, we created from the 96th to 144th level, or if we are going to surrender this self and let it also die in order to ascend. When at the 96 level, we let the self that was focused on developing our individuality die, ‘we are born from water’, the Maha Chohan says. And when we let die the self, created from the 96th level to the 144th, we are born from fire and will be accelerated to the ascension. But what does it mean to be born from water? We know that we no longer focus on developing the individual self but are aimed at raising the whole. And we can do this because we open our heart to the divine flame of love. Isn’t that right? And how are we born from fire? Is it when we understand that although the self, we are creating is beautiful and a spirit of light, it is not our final identity, because our being is fluid, is transcendent and we must surrender all the conquests made so far, because there is no final stage, there is no power separated from love, no power to control or possess anything, any “I” separated from all of life?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, I could answer your question simply with a “Yes”, because you have understood the basic ideas, you understand that the Maha Chohan used these particular expressions “born of water”, “born of fire”, because I used them 2000 years ago, and you can find them in the scriptures. What I also alluded to back then, but could not give in its full form at the time, was that there are these two ways of being reborn.

The lower way or the first stage of the path is that you are reborn from the self that you created, as we have said to separate yourself from the collective consciousness. This self is created in reaction to the collective consciousness. And this is the consciousness that I have referred to as water. You can also refer to it as the emotional realm. But I really refer to it not specifically to the emotional realm, but to the most common human consciousness, the collective level of consciousness. This is the water that I walked upon to demonstrate that I had risen above that level of consciousness, and attained the Christ consciousness.

First you let go of that, and you are reborn from this to a higher sense of identity, then when you come to the 144th level, you must decide to be reborn from fire, which means the fires of the ascension flame. This does not really mean that you are instantly dismantling the self, you are actually gradually dismantling this self between the 96th and 144th level of consciousness, but you make the decision that whatever self is left, whatever attainment you think you have on the spiritual path, whatever understanding you have, you are willing to have it accelerated by the fire of the ascension, so that you can attain a higher level of consciousness.

In other words, you might say that the challenge on each of the levels from 96 to 144th, is actually whether you will believe that you have attained some ultimate stage, some ultimate level of consciousness, or will you acknowledge that there is something higher. This ties in with what several other masters have talked about, where you do not accept that you have come to an ultimate stage or that you are ego-free, or that you are now enlightened.

Because as long as you are in embodiment, there is always a higher level of consciousness to attain, which for that matter, there also is in the ascended realm. But in the ascended realm, you do not have a separate self that you need to have consumed by fire in order to rise. There is nothing to consume in the ascended realm, you just effortlessly go from one level of consciousness to the next, there is no opposition to your growth.


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A fallen being  – a member of the ascended master organization?

Question: My mother brought up my brother and me with both physical, and mostly psychological brutal control. But led us from early days through an educational and spiritual path, including ascended master teachings from the “I AM” movement in the 70s. She channeled masters’ comments to us on a daily basis, and she could foresee many situations, and the outcome as a seer. Now she is 92, and still has a dominant narcissistic personality, never admitting a mistake. I long ago gave up idolatry of her. Might she be a fallen being despite her spiritual tendencies?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, she might indeed, and I do not want to give you a final answer on this, because it is a personal answer. You can get this answer from within. What I want to say here in general, because it applies to a number of other people, is that there has sometimes been this naive belief in previous ascended master dispensations, that if someone is a member of that organization, he or she cannot be a fallen being. This is of course not correct.

The fallen beings will try to do whatever they can to destroy or sabotage a spiritual organization, especially one sponsored by the ascended masters. They will send fallen beings into such organizations to create as much chaos as they can. There is also in some cases, that a messenger or particular guru can take on certain fallen beings as his or her students, in order to give them a last opportunity to turn around and start the upward path. This was especially the case with the messenger of the Summit Lighthouse, who had taken on as her personal chelas, some fallen beings, because she for various reasons, wanted to give them a final opportunity.

I can tell you that most of them did not use this opportunity to turn around, they either left embodiment in the fallen consciousness, or they are still in the fallen consciousness in embodiment. Therefore, they have not started the upward path. Some of them will go through the second death as a result of rejecting a sponsored messenger and others will get another opportunity in other circumstances.

It is clear that when a fallen being comes into an ascended master organization, he or she will attempt to use the teaching to exercise control over others, whether it is their children or other people. There are fallen beings in ascended master organizations who have set themselves up as a kind of mini guru, who are attempting to gather a following around themselves so that these people are following the person instead of the messenger, or the ascended master teachings. There are examples of some of these people who have claimed that they were channeling or taking dictations or messages from ascended masters, telling other people what to do.

And as you can see, in your own case, you are aware that this was done for the purpose of control, and that these messages did not come from the ascended masters, but from false hierarchy imposters in the mental, or even the emotional realm. This is not an uncommon phenomenon. I am not saying it is a common phenomenon, but it is definitely something that has happened in all ascended master dispensations, including this one.

It is something you need to be aware of, but of course, you do not need to go into a state of going around, judging everybody: “Is this one a fallen being? Is that one a fallen being”, and you especially do not need to fall into the trap that some people fell in, in previous dispensations, thinking that, “Oh, anybody who disagrees with me must be a fallen being”. This is, of course, not a realistic scenario either. You need to be careful with this.

But when you see this narcissistic behavior over a long period of time, this attempt to control, and this willingness to even use ascended masters, or at least their version of ascended masters to exercise control over others, then you can come to that point where instead of reasoning with the outer mind that this person is a fallen being, you can receive that intuitive confirmation from within.

Whatever that then means for you in terms of your relationship with that person, is another matter, and that is why you need to ask yourself: “Well, why did I choose to be in such close proximity to a fallen being. What was it in my psychology that I wanted to bring out in the open so I could see it and resolve it?”

There can be a tendency, and it is it is a very dangerous tendency, where some people come, take our teachings about fallen beings, did come to identify that: I have been in a relationship with a fallen being, that must mean that all the problems were that person’s fault, it was because they had the fallen psychology. And therefore, I do not need to look at anything in my psychology. This, of course, is not a productive scenario, because you took on that relationship to learn something, to overcome something, to resolve something in your own psychology, you may also have done it to give the fallen being an opportunity, but there was always something you wanted to learn, and see in yourself.

So get on with seeing that, resolving that. And then you have made the best possible progress you can make from being in a relationship with a fallen being. And then you need to be non-attached to whether they take advantage of the opportunity of being in a relationship with you. That is not really your concern, when you have learned your lesson, you are free to move on, if that is what you desire to do. And you have a right to move on from a relationship with a fallen being, when you have resolved the psychology that you wanted to resolve. You have no obligation to fallen beings, even though they are very skilled and very aggressive at trying to make you feel obligated towards them.


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The situation on the current music scene

Question: In a previous answer, the ascended masters said that most rock musicians and rappers were fallen beings. Am I correct to assume that they were referring to the well-known public figures associated with this genre and not just anybody involved with the scene in any way? I was also wondering if the ascended masters would comment on the current scene in music today, not necessarily what is on the radio but what you might consider to be popular with people who listen to music more actively. What kinds of ideas are being brought forth from the ascended realm in these areas? And what kind of developments could we expect to see in the future?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

We have never said that all people involved with rock music are fallen beings, but many of them are. Not only the rock musicians, but also the producers and the people who make the money, because they do not care how they make the money, and that is typical of fallen beings.

In terms of music today, it is a very broad, very complex topic that I do not wish to go too deeply into here. Most of the music that you see today is still the same as music has been in the past, especially popular music. It is meant to give people what they want, and they want different things. But many of them want simply to have their minds distracted from their menial everyday chores, or have their minds distracted, so they do not need to think. For many people, music is simply a way to distract the mind from being focused within. And music serves that purpose, fills that need, and some people make a lot of money doing so.

There is a small segment of the people in the music scene today who are open to ideas from the ascended realm, and we of course, work with them, as we are able to do so. And naturally I have ideas for bringing forth a higher form of music in the golden age, and it is simply a matter of time before there are people who are more open to this, and before the collective consciousness shifts so that more people are willing to listen to this. There are people today who can bring it forth. But there is not a critical mass of people who are willing to listen to this kind of music that actually shifts their consciousness, rather than enabling them to stay comfortable in the consciousness they are in right now.


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How to deal with unwanted half sibling 

Question: I have a question for beloved Mother Mary. I have endured psychological pressure from my mother for a very long time. She forces me to communicate with her child from her second marriage, calling this person my sister. I have 14 years difference in age with this person. The presence of this person creates nervous pressure and annoyance inside me, but my mother is not satisfied with this statement. She takes offense at me because of this, and for this reason, our relationship is getting worse. She believes that I myself have chosen this family and this sister, and I simply must somehow find a common language with this sister. It turns out that if I fulfill her conditions, then she will be satisfied and will love me, but I cannot do this. I would like to improve relations with my mother, but at the same time not enter into a relationship with the sister with whom I would prefer to have separate ways. Beloved Mother Mary, how can I get out of this situation? Can you give me a broader view of this situation?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, let me first comment on this topic, because it is a common experience that you have parents that get divorced, or one parent dies, and the other parent remarries, or maybe both parents remarry, and suddenly you have children from previous marriages that are now part of your family. So, how do you deal with this situation, which can often be quite difficult? Now, have you chosen this situation? Well, not necessarily.

It could very well be that the parents did not have it as part of their divine plan that they would have this second relationship. They actually wanted to resolve the psychology they needed to resolve with their first spouse, and perhaps stay in that relationship longer but because that proved to be too difficult for them, they decided to run away from the original goal and get a divorce and remarry. It may be that you did not choose to have these people in your life, but as a result of the choices made by your parent. However, from a broader perspective, you did choose in the sense that you chose to come into embodiment with a parent who had the psychology it has, and therefore there was always the potential for divorce and another relationship.

You need to recognize that either way, it does not really matter, because you have chosen to be in the situation you are in, in this lifetime and you have done this because there was something you wanted to resolve in your psychology. And whatever the situation is, it is an opportunity for you to resolve something in your psychology.

Ask yourself this: Why do you have such a strong reaction to this sister? It is because there is something, some attachment, some separate self, some trauma, perhaps, that you have not resolved. What does this reaction mean to you? It means an opportunity to look at this and resolve it. I am not telling you that you should have a relationship with this sister. I am telling you that you should resolve your psychology until you come to a point where whether you do or do not have a relationship with this sister, it does not matter. You are not running away from it and you are not forcing yourself into it. You are non-attached to it.

Of course, you also have unresolved psychology with your mother, otherwise this would not be an issue. Again, I am encouraging you to work on that psychology. Look at why you chose this mother, what does it show that is unresolved in your psychology, then use our tools to resolve it, so that you can be at peace about your relationship with your mother and your sister. You can make a free choice that is not driven by this desire to run away or this feeling of obligation towards your mother. When you are free to choose, you can choose whatever you want. I have no desire to tell you what to choose but I want you to make a free choice, not the forced choice you are making now.


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Gautama Buddha, enlightenment and levels of the ego

Question: Dear Buddha, in the last webinar, one of the masters said that if we are still in embodiment, we cannot be ascended. The teacher also emphasized to us not to believe anyone who claimed that they are ascended. As long as a person is still in a physical body that person still has the ego. My understanding of this is, a person cannot reach full enlightenment or be ascended until we die and leave the physical body. However, in Buddhist sutras the Buddha claimed he had reached full enlightenment—anatta, non-self—in his last and fourth level of meditation, and that is when the Buddha had the ultimate wisdom. Can you please help to explain how the Buddha can reach enlightenment when he was still in a physical body? And if this is correct for the Buddha, then how can we understand the above teaching from the ascended master that we still have ego if we are in a physical body?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, what you are dealing with here is how words are used and interpreted. We have talked at this conference about the fact that after I ascended as the Buddha, my followers started creating this idolatry around me. Some had this desire to make it appear as if I was the ultimate spiritual teacher that had ever appeared on this planet and therefore, I had to be special from birth and so forth. It is correct that I said that I had reached a certain level where I had overcome the not-self and had reached the ultimate wisdom.

However, that was the ultimate wisdom that I could see at that point. You need to recognize here that as you go to the higher levels of the spiritual path, you can start having certain spiritual experiences. Many people have had them from many different backgrounds, even some people who have not been openly spiritual. And when you have one of these experiences, it feels very, very real to you. And this means that when you then come back into the physical body and the outer mind, it becomes easy to interpret this sense of reality as if this must have been the ultimate experience. This must have been the ultimate enlightenment, the ultimate wisdom that could be attained. But the deeper reality is that it is simply what you could see at that level.

As we have already explained at this conference, I had not reached the ultimate level of enlightenment. Padmasambhava came later as an ascended master appearing with a higher level of enlightenment. And there are many higher levels of enlightenment in the ascended realm reaching all the way to the Creator.

Now, there can be some confusion here in terms of what exactly you mean with “an ego” or with “not-self”. What we are giving you is the teaching that there will always be some element of ego—what we call ego or separate self, until you ascend, because otherwise you cannot hold on to a physical body. Even though when I came back from Nirvana and was in a physical body and lived till the age of 81 and it was said that I had attained enlightenment, I still had enough of that self that allowed me to hold on to the physical body. However, the ego that I had as the Buddha was not what many people in today’s world call the ego, which is the selfish aspect of the psychology that causes you to be selfish.

I had, as I explained in my dictation, I had attained that sense of oneness, overcome the sense of separation, therefore overcome the not-self. In a sense, you could say that based on the definition that many people use, I was ego-free. But we are giving you the expanded teaching that there are separate selves that relate to each level of the 144 levels of consciousness. Each self is based on an illusion and you do not shed the final self, the final illusion until you are ready to ascend. And it was the same for me, it was the same for Jesus and all others who have ascended from earth.

So, be careful not to be too hung up in the words and the interpretation of words. And be careful to look beyond the idolatry, because the teachings we are giving you now are not based on this idolatry, we are not catering to people who have an idolatrous view. Basically, you could say that when you pass that initiation at the 96th level—that we have talked about, where you overcome the focus on self, where you are no longer working to raise yourself as a separate being, but you are working on raising the whole—at that point, you could be said to be ego free, according to the most common definition of ego found out there.

However, why do you not then ascend at that level? Because there is still something you want to experience, something you need to work out, something you need to resolve, and by doing this, you are helping to raise the collective, create that momentum in the collective that makes it easier for others.

There was a teaching given in the Summit Lighthouse that you could ascend with 51% of your karma balanced. We have explained at various times that this was a limited teaching, because you cannot really ascend until you have completely resolved your psychology. But what was meant there was that you did not have to come back into embodiment, but you could resolve the rest of your psychology, karma, from the etheric realm and then ascend from there. In other words, you did not ascend directly upon leaving the physical body as I did, or as Jesus demonstrated, although he came back in a physical body and lived to the age of 81.

You could say that, when you go to the 97th level, you are ego free according to the most common definition of the selfish ego, but you still have these separate selves. That is why there is still more to resolve, and this is what allows you not only to hold onto the physical body, but also to actually hold onto earth and still find that it is important for you to be here, there is still some work for you to do, there is still some good you can do here, which is perfectly correct, you can help raise the collective. If you just ascended at the 97th level, you would create a pull on the collective consciousness, but you would not have gone through each of these steps, while you were in a physical body, of resolving the highest psychology and therefore you would not have given the maximum service that you could give on earth.


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Can an avatar come back to a natural planet? 

Question: Could an avatar at a higher level of consciousness embody again on a natural planet before the ascension? If this is not possible, why?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Yes, certainly this is a possible scenario. Some avatars come to a point where they have overcome the birth trauma, freed themselves from whatever selves they have created in reaction to earth, but they still feel that they have some separate selves from a natural planet. And now they decide to go back to a natural planet to overcome them there. This has happened with many avatars and is certainly something that will happen again.

However, many avatars have also decided that they want to ascend from earth. And as I said, there is really nothing to prevent you from overcoming these selves here on earth. And the positive aspect of doing it from earth is that by ascending from earth, you are creating an enormous pull on the collective consciousness of earth. In a sense, you could say that you can have a greater impact on an unnatural planet by ascending from that planet than you would have by ascending from a natural planet, where many of the other inhabitants on that natural planet may be close to ascension or may have already ascended.


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An avatar and the selves created on a natural planet 

Question: At the previous webinar, Saint Germain mentioned about separate selves created by avatars on natural planets and brought to earth. Could the masters please expand on this? Where do these separate selves stem from, in comparison to separate selves created as a result of the birth trauma? And how can we let them die on an unnatural planet, considering they were created on a natural planet? Is this task achievable, considering the radically different environment?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

The selves that you have created on earth as a result of the birth trauma, was created in response to conditions you were exposed to on earth by the fallen beings, by the duality consciousness and by the collective consciousness of earth, which of course is much lower than on a natural planet.

The selves you created on a natural planet were not created in response or reaction to anything and certainly not dualistic or lower conditions. But you have to recognize that even on a natural planet, how do you grow? How do you start with a point-like self of identity and expand your awareness? You do so by first creating one self, based on the point-like self or sense of identity, then co-creating through that self until you are ready to expand that self. This is the process you continue to do. You are continually creating selves, which is how you see yourself in relation to your environment. And even when you reach the more mature aspects of what you can experience on a natural planet, you still have these selves.

The question is: Did you stay on a natural planet and attempt to overcome the selves there, or did you decide for a variety of reasons to go to an unnatural planet? In many cases, what brought you to an unnatural planet, was that you had created certain selves that you were not ready or willing to let go of. It could be a self where you felt that you were meant to help other people. When you saw they were suffering, you wanted to help them. It could also be a self that made you think that you were capable of deciding what should be manifest on a planet and what should not be. And you looked at earth and saw things you thought should not be manifest, so you decided to come here to do something about it.

These selves were created not in a reaction against anything. They were created as part of your own growth process. They were sort of created based on that growth process and how you had come to see yourself on a natural planet as you became more and more mature, more and more aware, more and more able to co-create what you wanted. Even though they were created in a very different environment, they were created by you, in your psychology and you took that psychology with you to an unnatural planet.

You can perfectly well overcome them here on an unnatural planet. You might even say that you can more easily overcome them here on an unnatural planet, because there is such a greater contrast between the environment you have here and what is found on a natural planet that it forces these selves out, it forces you to react, it forces you to see them and therefore makes it easier for you to overcome them if you are willing to look at them instead of denying them. But in order to deal with these selves that you created on a natural planet, you have to first overcome the primal self. Because as long as you are trapped in these reactionary patterns or things on earth, you will not be able to see these selves that you took with you here.


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Korea – Japan relations 

Question: What kind of efforts can Korea and Japan make to have a desirable relationship with each other?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, if you look neutrally at the two nations, you need to ask yourself: ”Which of the two nations is the most likely to be able and willing to change the equation of the relationship?” And quite frankly, when I look at the two nations, it is clear to me that Japan is far more stuck in a certain mindset than South Korea is. It is clear that the nation that has the greatest potential to change the equation is Korea.

In order to do this, Korea as a nation and Koreans in general need to completely and unconditionally forgive the Japanese nation and the Japanese people for anything that happened in the past. You can see that the whole issue of comfort women and the other events during the Second World War is still a very big issue and even some older issues are still there. But I am simply telling you that if the relationship is to change, Korea needs to forgive Japan. Also, if Korea will forgive Japan, it will set Korea free from this attachment to the past and it will help the progress of Korea, even if nothing changes in Japan.

A relationship is, of course, always a two-sided process. It is possible that Korea could completely forgive Japan and Japan still would not be willing to change and therefore the relationship would not change. But there would still be positive effects of this forgiveness in Korea itself and it will also improve the relationship between Korea and other nations. It will especially enable Korea to have a tighter relationship with some of the more modern democracies who have to a large degree forgiven those who have wronged them in the past.


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The axis of the earth 

Question: There is a prophecy that the earth’s axis shall stand straight up someday. If this is true, when would it happen? Could I experience this event in my lifetime?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

You definitely will not experience it in your lifetime. This will be a very gradual process. And it is not necessarily so that the earth’s axis will stand entirely straight, but it will gradually be tilted less than it is today.


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The distortion of the teachings of Confucius

Question: I heard that Confucius has already ascended and now he is serving another planet. When we look at Confucius, his teachings from a modern point of view, we might say that his teachings have promoted discrimination against women and had an effect on forming the culture based on duality. Why have these things happened? As Jesus’ teachings were distorted by the fallen beings, were Confucius’ teachings also distorted? If so, can it be possible for the essence of Confucius’ teachings to be introduced correctly in the modern world?

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, first of all, there has never been a spiritual teaching given on this planet that has not been perverted. Once a teaching is given in a worded form that can be duplicated and spread, then words can be interpreted, things can be built onto it, and the fallen beings have always attempted to pervert any teaching. The teachings of Confucius have been also perverted, of course. They have been used as an excuse for centralizing the state under the command of one person, one leader. They have been used to some degree to reinforce the discrimination against women, but there was already a very severe discrimination against women at Confucius’ time, and it simply was not possible to do away with that at the time.

Confucius realized this and took a practical realist standpoint of changing what he thought could be changed based on the level of consciousness he had at the time. And he was, of course, somewhat inspired by ascended masters but only to some degree.

Have the teachings, the essential teachings of Confucius, been reintroduced in the modern world? Well, they have through the teachings of the ascended masters that we are giving in the modern world. Could they be reintroduced as: this is the real teachings of Confucius? Well, that would be very difficult to attain because those who are still somewhat studying or following the teachings of Confucius would be the last people to acknowledge this. And therefore, for people who are not particularly concerned about Confucius, why tie the teachings to Confucius, why not simply give them as we are doing in other contexts?


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Children and extreme fear of strangers

Question: Selective Mutism is the disease in which children cannot speak to strangers. It is known to be caused mainly by anxiety, but I want to know if there is a spiritual cause.

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, with a spiritual cause, we can talk about whether there is a hidden cause that is not normally understood and that is more than physical. And, of course, there is such a cause. It is simply that these souls have in a past life been exposed to such severe trauma at the hands of strangers, that they carry this with them. And therefore, they still have this trauma in their four lower bodies, primarily in their emotional body as simply fear of strangers or fear of just what strangers might do, but also in the mental body, of feeling that they have been betrayed by strangers, and therefore, cannot trust them.

The only really constructive solution to this is to recognize reincarnation and use some kind of appropriate therapy to help people get in touch with these traumas from a past life and thereby resolve them. Naturally, our teachings and tools can help people if they are open to this, but there are also other forms of therapy that can help children overcome such problems.


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Popular gurus and collective consciousness

Question: There are some independent popular spiritual gurus in Korea, who are teaching only their own ultimate enlightenment: sin, to the people who are deeply interested in their short explanations regarding what is sin, regardless of any acknowledgment of ascended masters and or fallen beings and or reincarnation of human souls. As one of the ascended master students, what will be our most desirable standpoint and our relationship with them in your golden age? With regard to them, do we regard them as false gurus or incomplete gurus or anything else? I would like to hear some comments from Saint Germain on this issue.

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, I cannot give you a general answer to this because it is very individual: What is your role, what is part of your divine plan? What I can say in general is that any guru that gains some kind of following or popularity in a country is because that guru has found a way to appeal to something in the collective consciousness. In other words, a certain number of people in a country need this particular experience in order to learn their lesson, and hopefully increase their discernment to a higher form of guru.

There are many people and you will find them not only in Korea, but everywhere, who see spiritual growth as a way to raise up themselves. In other words, they are focused on themselves only, raising themselves to a higher level of consciousness so they can either feel superior to others, or they can go out and demonstrate some kind of superiority that makes other people look up to them, or perhaps even follow them or worship them.

There is a certain group of people that are attracted to these kinds of gurus who make these elaborate claims about their own state of consciousness and how advanced and sophisticated they are. They simply need that experience for a time before they can hopefully have enough of it, and rise to a higher level of discernment about what kind of guru that can really take them to a higher state of consciousness, or what kind of guru will keep them trapped in a spiritual blind alley where they might feel superior, but are not really making progress.

You might say, as an ascended master student, “well, what is that to thee”? Most of you can safely ignore these kinds of gurus. But if you have contact with people who are involved with such a guru or if you have been yourself, then it may be part of your divine plan to seek to help people see this. But you do not, in most cases, achieve anything by going into some kind of confrontation with this kind of guru. But you may be able to help people individually come to a higher understanding of what kind of spiritual teachers they really want. And you may be able to help people realize that if people are seeking to emphasize their own status, their own attainment, their own superiority, they cannot really have reached a high level of consciousness.

Because when you reach the higher levels of the spiritual path, you let go of the separate self, and you are not seeking to raise yourself up. You are seeking to raise other people up. You are seeking to raise the whole. You are seeking to help others. Again, this is an individual thing, how you individually feel. But I encourage you to not force yourself to do this with the outer mind, but to simply focus on raising your own consciousness and then letting intuitive impulses come from within that might give you some kind of idea of what to do and how to do it.


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Pets as teachers

Question: The cat that I lived with for four years died five months ago. I really loved the ‘child’, meaning the cat, and felt that it was more than my family. The ‘child’ suffered severe pain from illness for years but I did not take the child – cat to the hospital for surgery due to my wrong beliefs and stubbornness. Then eventually the ‘child’ was in so much pain and, in an emergency, that I took it to the hospital for surgery. But a few hours after the surgery, it went to heaven. When I brought the cat home after surgery, maybe it would not have died if I had taken good care of it at the time. Moreover, while I was raising the cat, I almost lived like a game junkie and did not take good care of it responsibly. I feel so sorry for the cat. On the day it died, I promised myself that I would give the best I could for it, raising my consciousness to the maximum for the rest of my life. How can I do this for a dead cat? If I raise my consciousness as much as possible in this lifetime, will I be able to help the cat during this lifetime or even after I die?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, you need to recognize here that, as we have said before, animals do not have individual souls. They have group souls. When an animal dies, it goes back to that group soul. The exception to this is that certain pets that have had very close contact with humans can receive an elemental and, therefore, become individualized and therefore they can start growing towards higher levels of consciousness. But this only happens when you have had a close personal connection to an animal, which it seems you did not have.

The best thing you can do for your cat is to realize that the cat was a teacher for you. It came to show you that you are still at a level of consciousness where you have a tendency to become too focused in yourself, in your own state of mind. Your mind becomes a closed system where you are pulled into these games, focusing just on yourself and not considering other people or even your cat. The best you can do, then, is to say that “my cat was my teacher. I need to learn this lesson. And I need to work the rest of my life on raising my consciousness beyond that level of selfishness, so that I can attain a more unselfish state of consciousness.” This would then be honoring your cat, and the sacrifice that was made to teach you that lesson.


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Do we need to change the past?

Question: I know that our universe is a multi-dimensional universe, where the past, present and future unfold at the same time. If so, is it possible to go to the past realm and correct karma by accessing the vibrational band where the multi-dimensional universe unfolds, in order to correct the things of the past that affect us in the present?

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

First of all, you need to recognize here that people in the modern age have a certain way of thinking. We have called it the analytical, linear mind. They tend to look at every idea through that mind and want to interpret it in a way that the mind can grasp. And this has led some people, based on spiritual teachings, based on near-death experiences or whatever you have, to come up with this idea that you live in a multi-dimensional universe where the past, present and future are unfolding at the same time. If you are to examine this a little bit critically, what does that really mean?

The past, the present and future are unfolding at the same time. But is not the idea of time that it divides experiences up into distinctly different stages: past, present, and future? So how can time be unfolding at the same time, if time is a linear process? You understand what I am trying to do here. I am trying to neutralize this linear mind.

It is correct that there is more to grasp about the universe than what the linear mind can grasp. But what has happened to many people on the spiritual path is that they are attempting to use the linear mind to go beyond the linear mind. They are attempting to express with words what cannot be expressed with words but can only be experienced. There are those who have spiritual experiences. There are those who have near death experiences. And when they come back, they have this strong desire to communicate these experiences. And how do you communicate? You do it with words. And how are words used in the modern world? Through the linear mind. They attempt to put into a linear context what was beyond the linear mind, an experience that was beyond the linear mind.

To be more concrete with your question, is it possible to go back to the past and correct your mistakes? Well, we have commented on this before in terms of what if you had a time machine, so you could physically travel back in time and correct the mistake. But this is, again, a meaningless concept. The past is irrelevant. What actually happened in the past is irrelevant to the present. What is relevant now is what you carry with you from the past. And that is partly misqualified energy which is what we normally call karma, and certain beliefs, certain separate selves in your four lower bodies.

You do not need to go back to the past to transform, transmute that karma. You just need to make the calls in the present. You do not need to go back to the past to resolve your psychology. You just need to look at it. Use the tools we have given and resolve it and let the separate selves die. Why do you need to go back to the past? It just is not necessary.

What would be more constructive is to say that you are right now carrying your past with you in the sense that you are carrying the karma and the separate selves and the traumas and the illusions that you have, in the past, allowed to enter your three higher bodies. And if you do not change what is there, what you carry with you from the past, not only does this affect your present, but it will also affect your future. Because you can, at this very moment, look at the tendencies you have in your past, and you can project how your future will unfold because you will keep repeating the same patterns until you overcome those separate selves. In that respect, you can say that you are right now carrying your past with you. And if you do not change it, you will carry it with you into the future. And it will affect you as it does in the present.

It is, I realize, quite difficult for many people to grasp these concepts. But it is, as I said, because they are attempting to do something with the linear mind that cannot be done with the linear mind. And this is probably the greatest hang-up in the modern nations. It is that so many people who are focused at the mental level, and who are ready to step up and focus on the identity level, they cannot step up higher because they are still so trapped in, so attached to the linear mind, the analytical mind. They want to create, always create a linear line for everything. And they want to put everything on that linear line, and everything has to just work out perfectly so that this leads to that, and that leads to the next, and now we have the right result in the end, like a mathematical equation.

But despite the fact that there is a certain math in life, there are certain numbers in life, the spiritual path is not a mathematical process. It is a creative process. There is no formula. There is no formula. There are formulas that limit people. You can say that your karma and psychology from past lives, they form a formula. And if you do not change anything in the equation, then the outcome will be given at some point in the past.

At any time in the past, you can look at that point, and you can say if you do not change anything from now on, this is going to be the outcome ten years from now. But you always have the option to creatively change the equation. And that also changes the outcome. That is the only way that anything can change because otherwise, the universe would be the machine that physicists envisioned in previous centuries where the initial conditions of the machine decided the final outcome of the machine.


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Purifying the lower bodies using hypnosis

Question: Is it effective to use hypnosis techniques when we work on our psychology to purify the four lower bodies?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

The masters have commented on using milder forms of hypnosis where you are not really put under, you are not really in a trance that can be helpful for resolving psychology. It is not really something you do for purifying the four lower bodies, that is when you use decrees and invocations to transform the energy. You might be able to use hypnosis to let go of certain energies, but they still need to be transformed by the decrees.


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The effectiveness of the funeral rituals 

Question: I lost my husband in March of this year. In Korea, there is a traditional funeral culture that has been affected by Buddhism, there are certain rituals to make the souls of the dead go to paradise. For example, people often hold a certain ritual on the 49th day after a person died. Do these rituals have a positive effect on the dead?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

You need to recognize here that in every culture around the world you have a very natural reaction when people lose a loved one. They do not want to lose that loved one, they want to maintain some kind of tie. Various cultures have built, various elaborate constructions for what you should do for your departed loved ones, how the funerals should be, what kind of rituals you should do, you will find them in both religious and non-religious contexts.

It is not necessarily that these cannot have a positive effect on the departed person. Sometimes a soul will need some kind of boost from its living relatives to move to another level. But in general, they have more of an effect on the people who are still in embodiment. They might serve to comfort them. But in some cases, it also serves to maintain an unbalanced attachment to the departed person, and it can actually prevent the departed person or soul from moving on to a higher level. There are people who have such a strong attachment to their departed relatives that the souls of those relatives cannot move on, but are tied to the physical realm.

And in terms of this specific ritual of trying to make souls of departed loved ones go to paradise, this is not a constructive view. But of course, it is understandable given the context. But the reality is that very few people go to paradise or the ascended realm after the body dies. They go to a certain station depending on their level of consciousness where they can prepare for their next embodiment.

What is more constructive is of course to do a certain ritual for helping the soul of the departed loved one to move on. When you have ascended master teachings, you can give the decrees to Astrea to cut free the soul. You can use various invocations, including the invocation to Astrea to cut free the soul so that they become free from any attachment or ties to the astral plane, to the physical plane, the mental plane, the lower identity realm and move to the highest possible station they can move to in between embodiments. You can also make calls for your departed relative to help them resolve various psychological issues that you are aware of, and that they might not have been able or willing to deal with while they were in embodiment. But this does not mean they cannot deal with them in between embodiments.

There are certainly various things you can do. But most of the things you will find out there are not particularly effective for helping the departed. They are more aimed at comforting those who are still in embodiment.


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Making karma for comments on internet

Question: Can posting comments on the internet make karma? And is it necessary to write comments on the internet in order to give beneficial influence on people? Or is it enough just to make an effort to raise my consciousness for the ascension and to ask the ascended masters through invocations?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, my beloved, it is an important question to ask. Because even though it should be obvious, there are indeed many people and there are even some ascended master students who seem to believe that posting comments on the internet does not make karma. But how could it not when everything else you do makes karma? If you are posting comments that influence other people, then obviously, you will make karma. If you pass on comments from other people, and those comments have a limiting effect on people, you will make karma.

Consider today how one posting on Facebook can be shared by many, many people. If you go on Facebook and look at some of these postings that have millions of ‘likes’, or millions of ‘shares’, then in some cases, the people who started that post made tremendous karma, because they influenced many, many people. You spread some of these comments that are not factual, that are not tied to reality, whether it is about this or that topic, it does not matter. And obviously, you are making karma for doing so. How could you not? You are influencing other people.

In terms of whether it is necessary to post comments on the internet, that is an individual matter. You can certainly, at least for a time, focus on giving our teachings, using our tools, and then you can gradually see if you later get an intuitive prompting to start posting something on the Internet. You do not want to force yourself to post with the outer mind. You do not want to force yourself not to post by your mind. Of course in saying you make karma, well there is what you normally call a positive karma, a negative karma. In other words, there is karma that limits you by limiting other people or there is karma that helps you grow by helping other people.

You need to be relatively certain that the information you share is valid. Otherwise, you can make yourself quite a large amount of limiting karma just by putting one post on Facebook that is shared by others, or by sharing something that is then shared by others, and it spreads like rings in the water. I mean, if you consider before the internet, where you only interacted with certain people through what we might call physical means, you either interacted with them by meeting them personally, or by calling on the phone, writing them letters and so on, there was a limit to how much karma you could make. But with the Internet, and posting something on Facebook that is shared by many other people, you can suddenly make karma much faster than you could before.


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Intellectual understanding of the ancient spiritual concepts 

Question: I’d like to ask Gautama Buddha. You taught your disciples about Nirvana and Arhat when you embodied it on earth. In those days, what was the concept of those teachings? And is it true that you taught the Vipassana and tranquility as a Buddhist practice to lead to Nirvana?

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

It is correct that I taught many different teachings. Some have become Vipassana, other spiritual teachings or Buddhist practices. I also taught the concepts of, of course, Nirvana, enlightenment, and other concepts. It is important for you to understand here that the question you are asking is asked from the mental level. You are seeking to mentally understand how people experienced those concepts 2500 years ago.

First of all, this cannot be done because the collective consciousness on earth has been raised in those 2500 years. And there is no way that you can really grasp, based on the experience you are having today, you cannot intellectually grasp how people saw those concepts back then. But furthermore, back then, people did not understand these concepts intellectually. They had a certain experience. You could potentially have this experience, but it is virtually impossible given that the collective consciousness has moved on. You cannot really fathom how people looked at life back then.

What would be the point in having that experience? The reality here is that people were much much less intellectual back then. And this was not necessarily a positive, but it did have certain positive aspects in the sense that people were more experiential, they could better experience something, a teaching, a practice, without having the mental overlay that so many people in the modern world, especially in the Western world, have today.

Really, what is important for you in the current age is that you do not try to mentally understand the teachings, whether it is the Buddhist teachings that I gave back then, or whether it is ascended master teachings given today. You seek to experience a deeper reality behind the teaching. It does not mean you do not use your rational mind to build a certain understanding of the spiritual path and the universe, but if that is all you get out of the teachings, you have not realized the full potential of the teachings.


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How does the transformation of consciousness happen?

Question: If we read articles on near-death experiences, those people who experience near-death, say it like this: “When I left my body, my view was open towards all directions, and I could go everywhere that I wanted, and watch the situations that I was curious about. Furthermore, I could receive all knowledge about any questions, telepathically, even though they were cosmic issues, or the principles of life.” And we can see that after a near-death experience, people change their view of life and raise their consciousness. Likewise, after we die, we will learn various things without being restricted by our body until re-embodiment. Especially, during that time, we could realize that we did lots of things based on illusions. Nevertheless, when we re-embody, we repeat old patterns over and over again. Why isn’t this knowledge learned before re-embodiment, saved in the soul vehicle, so it can be used in the next lifetime?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, first of all, you need to be a little careful how you evaluate near-death experiences. The near-death experience phenomenon is a very valuable phenomenon that has helped many people achieve or attain/adopt a more spiritual outlook and attitude to life. But you also need to recognize here that not everything that some people have experienced during a near-death experience applies to all people.

Many, many people have looked at these near-death experiences, and have wondered why they don’t have such experiences during their spiritual practices. Some people have actually had near-death experiences and have not had these profound spiritual experiences and they wonder why. You have to realize that some of the people who have had these very profound near-death experiences, they have reached a fairly high level of consciousness. They may not always have been aware of this, but they had a certain attainment from past lives.

This means that they were not as attached to the physical body. That is why they found it relatively easy to leave the body and retain consciousness. Many people find it much more difficult to leave the body, whether they are under anesthesia, whether they are asleep, or whether the body is actually dead. For many people, it takes much longer to leave the body. And many people, even after they leave the body, they go to a realm that is adapted to their level of consciousness. There are only certain people that can go so far beyond the body that it can have these more profound experiences.

Now, in terms of the question of what you learn while you are out of the body between embodiments: First of all, when you are out of the body between embodiments you are not out of your four lower bodies. You are out of the physical body, but not your emotional, mental and identity body. Now you can have periods where you can separate yourself from these and travel somewhere and have certain experiences. But when it comes to coming back into your next embodiment and preparing your divine plan for that environment, you are very much in your emotional, mental and identity bodies because your next embodiment is planned so that you can overcome the wounds, the separate selves, the traumas that you have in those bodies.

This cannot be done, at least not all of it, while you are in between embodiments. There are certain things that need to be done, need to be overcome, while you are in physical embodiment. You are learning certain lessons that are beyond your level of consciousness, but not too far beyond the level of your emotional, mental and identity body. When you come back into embodiment, you forget what you learned while you were out of the body, because it is part of the learning process that you discover this while you are in a dense physical body.

There is a certain misunderstanding that is found among many spiritual people that is very, very common in the New Age community. And it is that the purpose of spiritual growth is to reach some ultimate level of consciousness. Whether you call it enlightenment or whatever, it does not matter. There is a goal that needs to be reached, and these people think that it is just a matter of achieving this goal as quickly as possible: “So why don’t the masters just help me overcome all of my issues, so I do not have to come back into embodiment?” But this is not the case. The goal is not to reach the ascended state as quickly as possible. As we have said before, the goal of life is not to come into embodiment, make karma, balance that karma and leave. The goal is the transformation of consciousness.

The confusing thing for many is that the transformation of consciousness happens at the level of your I Am Presence, giving your Presence experiences that are stored in the causal body. But these experiences are based on what the Conscious You experiences while you are in embodiment. It is not a matter of simply overcoming a certain problem as quickly as possible. It is a matter of you going through the process of consciously undoing the choices you made in the past. And it is only when the Conscious You undoes a choice that the Conscious You made in the past, at a lower state of consciousness, that the experience of your I Am Presence results in growth at that level.

There would be no point if you received help from the ascended masters to achieve enlightenment in five minutes. You have taken a certain time through your own free will choices to walk into the labyrinth of the reality simulator. This was perfectly in order. This was part of what you were meant to do as part of the immersion phase. But the awakening phase is that you retrace your steps, undo those decisions. And it is in doing this step-by-step, one thing at a time, that you achieve growth. And the purpose for your I Am Presence sending the Conscious You down was to achieve growth. It was not just to come down here and then get out of here as quickly as possible. It was to have as many experiences and as much growth as possible from being in an unascended sphere or being on an unnatural planet.


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Combining  decrees with body motions

Question: I am an expert in traditional martial arts and Qi Gong. While giving decrees I do this in my own way, using body motion. Especially, I came to know that some decrees combined with certain body motion, are effective to activate a certain chakra, but occasionally I doubt whether this is my own way, whether this is right or not. My question is as follows: When we invoke spiritual light with decrees, how does it interact with our physical body system? And is it okay to give decrees with certain body motion?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, certainly, there is a long tradition, in various spiritual fields, of using the body. You have yoga, you have Qi Gong, you have martial arts that make use of the physical body. And naturally, there is a certain effectiveness, a certain effect of this, a certain validity to it. You can combine decrees with various body motions if you have some experience in that field. There is nothing inherently wrong with it, but you will notice that we do not teach it directly. And we are not, by saying this, encouraging other people to start doing this, if they do not have previous experience with particular body motions.

It is perfectly true that there are certain body motions, which can activate chakras, even the body motions themselves, and you can combine this with decrees. What you need to be very careful about, in some of these traditions, is that you do not seek to force. There are various traditions, including martial arts, where people have a clear goal of performing some physical feat. And they are willing to try to use finer energies to reinforce their ability to do something physical. And often they are not very concerned about what are the more subtle consequences, the spiritual consequences, of this.

There are people in the field, especially in martial arts, who have gotten themselves into this very forceful state of mind where they think, not only it is legitimate to force the energies, but it is necessary, perhaps even beneficial to do so. Or it proves that they have power and attainment. And this is something we do not encourage in our students. Because force will always encounter a counter force and it will always generate a counter force. You can end up using all of your energy overcoming a certain opposition. But then when you overcome that level of opposition, there is just a new level of opposition, and it just ends up eating up your energies. You need to be very careful about this. And this is why we generally recommend that people give decrees sitting in a comfortable position and with eyes closed and your body is just at rest, or at least in a relatively comfortable position.

But if you have spiritual expertise in various fields, then it is perfectly legitimate to experiment with this as long as you keep in mind that you are not trying to force anything, you are not seeking to achieve a physical goal, but you are seeking to achieve the transformation of consciousness. Some of you have backgrounds in various fields, where it is part of your divine plan that you take ascended master teachings and tools, and you combine them with your field. And you can then teach others with this which can bring some renewal in these fields. Again, you do not need to convert people to an ascended master teaching. You take the ideas that relate to your particular field, and you incorporate them and teach them.


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How the Conscious You experiences reality

Question: Can our Conscious You see and feel and think without the physical, emotional and mental body?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, the short answer is ‘no’. But it needs to be qualified, of course. What do you mean exactly when you say “think, feel or see”? If you are referring to what people normally call thinking, feeling and seeing, then these are activities that are tied to the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body. You cannot experience, the Conscious You cannot experience, human emotions without doing it through your emotional body, because that is where the human emotions are. You cannot think normal human thoughts without doing it through the mental body, because that is where thoughts are located in your being. And, of course, you cannot have a physical experience without going through the physical body.

However, the Conscious You can, as we have said, go outside of the physical body, or the four lower bodies. There are people who have developed the ability to travel, as it is called, astral travel, for example, to different locations and experience there, in a way that is not through their four lower bodies. There are other sensations you can have, of course. You can have an experience of the spiritual realm, which does not happen through your four lower bodies. Or at least, it may happen through the higher identity body, but not the mental, emotional and physical body. But it is not really what you normally call thinking, feeling, or seeing and experiencing in a physical way.


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A question about guardian angels

Question: I’d like to ask Jesus, please let me know more about the guardian angel. During my dark days, a guardian angel appeared in my dream and helped me several times. I was so sad in my dream that I jumped out of the apartment and at that time, the guardian angel hugged me in the middle and saved me. Also, there was a time when he appeared and gave me a soft, warm kiss on my forehead, even when I was unable to move due to sleep paralysis. Sometimes I just saw a guardian angel emitting golden and bright white light on his face and whole body. Through these experiences, I learned that I am not alone, and that there is a lovely and grateful being who always helps me. My question is as follows: Is there only one guardian angel assigned to one person, or several angels to one person? I have seen and experienced the presence of a guardian angel for a while. But now it has been quite a while since I experienced it. I feel sad not to see the guardian angel and I feel somewhat obsessed with it. I want to have a more balanced attitude towards guardian angels. I would like to get some advice from Jesus on this.

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

You need to recognize here that there are certain terms, certain words that become common in, we might call it the spiritual or religious community, and all of a sudden, they start being used to the point where different people interpret different things when they say the same words. There are many different concepts that are read into this. You will see that there was a time where religious people only conceived of basically two kinds of spiritual beings existing in the spiritual realm, namely God and angels. Some people saw more than one God, but still, there was God, there were angels.

Based on this attitude, there was the concept that there can be a guardian angel who is seeking to guide you and help you. But in reality, most of what people have called guardian angels were not really of the angelic realm but were ascended masters that appeared to people, and people interpreted this to be an angel appearing to them.

There was also a tradition in the Summit Lighthouse, for example, of seeing your Holy Christ Self as your guardian angel. But again, your Christ Self is not of the angelic realm, but it is an extension of an ascended master. Really, I am not saying that there are no people that have contact with the angelic realm, but in general, guardian angels are ascended masters that are assigned to help you. There is not just one guardian angel for each person. Most people will, for a time, work with one particular master. After some time, they may be passed on to another master, as you clearly see in the self-mastery course, where you start with Master More and are then passed on to the other Chohans.

Now, the reason why you may have experienced the guardian angel, for a time, is twofold. First of all, guardian angels are often not seen by people who are in what we call a balanced state of mind. For most people, it is that when they are in an unbalanced state of mind, they are open to seeing something beyond the normal. Therefore, often in a crisis situation, people experience some other-worldly presence that is helping them. You can see many experiences out there from people who have felt that in an accident, for example, they were saved or helped by what they see as an angel of some kind.

And it is not that this is invalid. In those kinds of situations, it is often beings from the angelic realm that step in. But when it comes to guidance, this is primarily the ascended masters and, again, often it is a crisis situation where people are open to seeing us. Then when you get back to a more balanced state of mind, you do not directly perceive us. This does not mean we are not there. We are there. But, of course, there may be times where we are not as active because you do not need it, or you are not as open to it. When you are in a crisis situation, we seek to help you get back on track. But if you are in a situation where you feel you are okay, then many people go back to focusing on their daily lives and are not as open to our guidance.

The best thing you can do is, first of all, not be obsessive about this, not demand it. You have to realize a very simple psychological mechanism. A spiritual experience of any kind is an experience that is beyond your normal level of consciousness. If you focus your normal level of consciousness on wanting a spiritual experience, and if you strain your mind in order to have it, then you are closing your mind to the experience. The more you strain the mind, the more difficult it becomes for you to have any kind of spiritual experience. Many people will have recognized this, that when they try to force an experience, they cannot have it. Having a spiritual experience is a matter of letting go. You cannot do that if you are in an obsessive-compulsive state of mind.

You can give various decrees to Archangel Michael and Astrea to help cut you free from the entities or the demons that are trying to pull you into this strong reaction, this obsessive-compulsive reaction. But you can also simply work with yourself and realize that when you have experienced us once, you know we are there. And you know we are always there, seeking to guide you. It is a matter of you being open, but you don’t demand that we appear to you, on command. You just do what you need to do. Do what is part of your path. Give the invocations and decrees. Study the teachings. And then you are non-attached to whether or not you have any kind of experience. You do not seek to push it because that pushes it away. You just allow it to happen or not happen, as it will. The more non-attached, the more neutral, the more open you can be, the more likely you are to have various experiences.

But, of course, there also come stages of the spiritual path where you do not need our direct guidance, at least not in a way that you see us through the inner sight or even see us physically. There come higher stages of the path where you just, once in a while, get an inner impulse from us that you do not consider any big other-worldly experience, but you know where it comes from, you heed it and then you move on.

You have to realize that as was just expressed by the messenger, the higher you go on the path, the less drama, the less contrast there is on the path. And, therefore, the less you will experience us as some being outside yourself, but you will experience us much more as an inner presence that you feel a connection with, even a oneness with, instead of this external being that suddenly appears to you.


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What to follow: the recommendations or my intuition?  

Question: I wonder if it is right to study as guided by the Korean student community website, or to do it intuitively? Some of the students go through the self-mastery course step by step as guided by the website, while others skip the self-mastery course and study books for healing birth trauma, according to their intuition. I have a desire to skip the self-mastery course and start with the healing trauma process earlier, because I want to solve problems concerning my primal self as soon as possible. I also have my own standards to go up step by step from the basics, therefore, I sometimes conflict between the two. I would like to know how you, the ascended masters, recommend students to study the teachings in this dispensation.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, as always, there needs to be a certain individual attunement to what you need. If you have such an attunement, and if it is clear, and you are not in doubt about it, then follow it. But if you do not have this attunement, or if it is not clear, if you are in doubt about it, then start with the Self-Mastery course and work your way up. You do not necessarily have to be rigid about it. You may start the Self-Mastery course and after having worked on this for a while, you may get the impulse to take the book, Healing Your Spiritual Traumas, and look at that, at least for a while. You do not have to be completely linear about it, you can allow yourself to be guided by your intuition.

But if you do not have a clear intuition, then we recommend that you start with the basics and go up from there because the entire process is, of course, designed to be building on each other. You are given the first steps and when you have integrated those steps, you build on that with the other steps that follow.

It is very much so that when you have done the Self-Mastery course, you are better prepared to go into Healing Your Spiritual Traumas. But it is clear that when you have a teaching like the one we have given here, there are people who have followed these teachings for a long time and so the reason we gave the teachings on the separate selves was because a critical mass of the students were ready for them. It was right for them to take these teachings, even if they had not followed all of the books in the Self-Mastery course. So again, follow the guidelines unless you have a clear intuition to do differently, and then do that.


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The meaning of the language of scriptures

Question. There is a vast amount of scriptures passed down in Buddhism. By the way, the Pali language scriptures have been handed down to southeast Asian Buddhist organizations, and the Sanskrit language scriptures have been handed down to northeast Asian Buddhist organizations. Why did this happen? And which scriptures are more reliable? And I’d like to know if we as ascended master students need to learn these Buddhist scriptures, or if it is more appropriate to concentrate only on learning and practicing ascended master teachings.

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

It is not constructive to consider which language is the best according to some standard, with high and low, good and bad. Each language has its advantages and disadvantages. But it does not really matter because people need to study scriptures in the language that they know. And then they need to do what you need to do with all scriptures: Go beyond the words, go beyond the language and seek an inner experience, an inner connection to the master behind the scripture, which then gives you the deeper insights. For some, it will be better to study neither in Sanskrit or Pali, but study in their own language.

Now, in terms of ascended master students: In general, you should not focus too much attention on studying these old Buddhist scriptures. However, this does not apply to those of you who might have it as part of your divine plan to teach the connection between ascended master teachings and Buddhist tradition. If you feel that you have a background and affinity with a Buddhist tradition, and it is part of your divine plan to teach how this can be taken higher by using some ascended master ideas, then you should of course study the scriptures, so you know them.

This does not mean that you need to convert people to an ascended master teaching or organization, but that you can insert certain ideas in certain Buddhist groups that they are open to, and that can give them a deeper understanding and appreciation for my actual teachings as they were given back then. And also help them see beyond the outer tradition that has sprung up since then, and that is often obscuring that inner meaning.


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Beyond the Highs and Lows

Question: I am on the self-mastery course (Path to Self-Mastery Series) now. Ascended master teaching has touched my heart very much, although there are many difficult parts. It also solved the questions I wanted to know so much. However, I feel that all sorts of emotions in life are gradually fading away and life feels less vivid. In fact, there is little feeling or excitement in the various phenomena experienced in daily life. I tried to get a more intense (a high) experience, but there was no such experience. I wonder if I am only studying intellectually. I want to get a great unconditional love, or an experience that can change my consciousness, but how can I do this?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

I sense that the masters want me to comment on this, because they have given various teachings about this already, but they want me to speak from my experience. I very much understand the background for the question, because I remember very clearly myself that when I was new to the spiritual path, I once in a while had a more dramatic experience. And I felt it was a great contrast between the experience and my daily state of consciousness.

And then after being many years on the path, I started noticing that I did not seem to have those kinds of dramatic experiences anymore. And it took me a while to realize that the reason was that I had actually raised my consciousness, so there was not such a big contrast or difference between my normal state of consciousness and a spiritual experience. It was not nearly as dramatic.

And I think this is what happens to many people when they have been on the spiritual path for a while, it is individual how long that may be, but certainly for me, it was 15-20 years. And what happens is that we stop identifying ourselves with the outer self or with the worldly things. We gain a different perspective where the outer things are not as important anymore, so we are not as caught up in things. We do not have that sense of drama that “this is so important to me” or “this experience was so great compared to my normal experience” or even that “this experience was so low, compared to my normal experience.” We do not have the highs and the lows anymore. And we kind of look at ordinary daily activities, and they just do not have the pull on us that they used to have because we are not identified with it anymore, we identify ourselves as spiritual beings.

And it is not that I do not enjoy doing things in life, but it is just that I am not pulled into the experience as I used to be (sometimes). And it has a good aspect, which is that, if I am in some kind of difficult situation, it does not affect me as it used to. It is like it just kind of rolls over me. But the other aspect of it is that I do not have quite the same intensity of positive feeling of happiness or joy that I used to have. But this is not because I do not feel joy, it is just that I feel a background joy all the time, that is always there. And it is much more enjoyable than the dualistic joy I used to have. But it is just that this kind of joy, or what the Buddha, I think, called bliss, is that it does not have a contrast, it does not have an opposite. There is no contrast between this and that. It is just there all the time.

And I think we need to recognize that as we go higher on the path, many of the things that used to be important to us, they just fade away. I have met people, once in a while, that are always chasing these peak experiences, and you can find them out there on the internet. They are always chasing some peak experience. But for me, my everyday state of mind is a peak experience, I do not need to go higher than that. It is not that I do not have certain experiences. For example, during Maitreya’s dictation I really felt this wave that he was talking about. I could really feel it—how my entire being was lifted up by that wave, and it was a profound experience. But it was not such a big contrast between that and my everyday experience that I did not see it as what many people call a peak experience. I just sort of flowed with the experience while it was there.

I think what has happened to me over the last several years is that I have overcome this tendency to always—like Maitreya was talking about—always evaluate everything based on a certain standard, where I can see that earlier I had the standard he was talking about: what it means to be a spiritual person, what it means to be a spiritual teacher, what it means to be a messenger, how I was supposed to behave and not behave. And that has faded away over the last couple of years.

When I am not judging myself, when I do not have the standard, I am not evaluating the experiences I am having. I am not categorizing it, I am not putting them on a scale of high and low anymore, I am just experiencing. And it is a very liberating state of mind to be in compared to this constant, evaluating, analyzing, judging, comparing.

I can see, based on this invocation we just gave, and some of the statements in there, I can see that when I was younger, I had this, that the masters talked about: when you are wounded, you are very focused on yourself, you become very, very conscious of yourself, very focused on yourself. And I was that way when I was younger. I always felt driven to do something different. And in a sense, I think what I really wanted was some kind of attention, where people say: “You are okay Kim. Relax, you are okay.”

But there came a point where I realized that it is never going to happen from outside. Because what I came to realize, actually many years ago, was that I was not accepting myself, I was not accepting myself for who I am. And as I started working on it—this was long before we had the teachings on the separate selves, it was actually before I even became a messenger— as I started working on it, I realized that the only person who can give me acceptance of myself is me. I am the one who has to accept myself.

And I also realized that there was no standard I could take in the world and say: “When I fulfill those requirements, when I live up to this standard, then I am acceptable.” And this ties in to what I have described: I had this experience, where I experienced the Alpha and Omega and the Central Sun, I experienced the Creator beyond Alpha and Omega. And what I gained from that experience was that God is in a state of mind that is beyond anything we can conceive of on earth. And that means that there are no conditions that we can define. I used to say at the time that God’s love is unconditional, but it is not really even love as we conceive of love on earth. It is just a state of mind that is beyond any of the dualistic conditions that we have. And this meant that I realized that God loves me, regardless of conditions. If I am to accept myself, I need to accept myself regardless of conditions.

Now, the question always comes up: “Well, but how can you accept your human self, your separate self?” But you do not need to accept that. You do not need to accept a specific condition of your human self, but you accept the part of you that is beyond the human self. But you also accept—and this is what I found was very important for me—you also accept that right now you are on the spiritual path. I could look back at myself and I could see that I was always very eager to improve myself and to grow. And I was always very willing to look at myself and how I needed to grow. I did for many years have exactly what Maitreya talked about: there were certain things I could not look at, but there were many other things that I was willing to look at. I realized that I am a sincere student, but right now I am at a certain point on the path, and I do not need to feel that this is wrong or that I am behind, or that I am not good enough until I reach a certain level. I am acceptable as I am right now, because I am always willing to improve. It is not that I will stand still, it is not that accepting myself means now I do not need to change anymore, I will continue to change, but I can accept myself at every point I am at.

Because, what is the path all about? It is about taking one step at a time. And I will continue to do that for the rest of my life. That is what I realized. But in order to realize that, to fully accept that, I also had to deal with this consciousness that is out there, that certain people are in a higher state of consciousness, certain people are perfect, certain people are enlightened, certain people are this or that.

I had to come to a point where I realized that it is not that there are no people that are at a higher level of conscience as me (I do not have any problem with that), but that the fact that I was not at the highest level of consciousness did not mean that I could not accept myself. Because I can accept myself at the level I am at, and I can grow beyond that. There is not a standard for how you have to be.

And what helped me very much in this respect was to realize that there is this old model in the world, that in order to be a spiritual teacher, or spiritual leader, or guru, or some kind of, you know, supernatural being—like Jesus or the Buddha are often portrayed as—you have to be perfect, you have to be in this state of perfection. But I had a very profound experience, really an “Aha” experience where I saw this, that this is not really the kind of teacher for the Aquarian Age.

In the Aquarian Age, we do not need these elevated teachers that are up there on a pedestal, and that are claimed to be perfect. We need examples. I do not have to be at the highest state of consciousness before I start teaching. Like Maitreya was talking about, many of us feel that it is part of our divine plan to teach. But we have this tendency, this temptation, to think that we have to be perfect before we can teach. But I realized that I can actually be a much better teacher, by instead of teaching from a state of perfection, I teach my own path.

I talk about the steps that I have gone through, that I was not perfect when I started, that I had the same issues that many other people have, that I have gone through a process that all can go through. And this is how you teach in the Aquarian Age. You do not have to be perfect. There is really no state of perfection, it is a meaningless concept, when you really realize it.

And I also had an experience that—you know there are many people out there who talk about enlightenment, and I always sensed there was something missing in that concept—you know, they say: “Oh, this person is enlightened. That person is enlightened.” But if enlightenment, if being enlightened, has any meaning, what does it mean in the Buddhist context? The Buddha talks about the pairs we need to overcome, what we today call the duality consciousness. And what does the duality consciousness do? It puts labels on everything. Being enlightened is a label. There is a reality to it, but the reality is a state of consciousness. But when people who are not enlightened talk about enlightenment, they are putting a label on it, because they have not experienced it, so they do not know what it is. What I realized was that if you are truly enlightened, you would not say so, because that would be putting a label on yourself. You would not encourage your followers to say so because you are encouraging them to put a label on you, and thereby create a distance between you and them so they cannot follow your example. What is the point in that?

I think this applies to all of us. You know, we have to be very careful that we do not allow ourselves to think that we have to reach some kind of high state before we can teach or help others. We can teach the process we have gone through and are still going through. And it does not have to be perfect before we can help others. You could say, in a certain sense, that if you are at the 140th level of consciousness, how can you help somebody at the 48th level? Because you cannot even remember how it was to be at the 48th level. But if you are at the 60th level of consciousness, then you can help those at the 48th level, and so forth. This was much longer than I wanted it to be, but I felt these thoughts were important to get out there.


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How to avoid getting discouraged

Question: I am possessed and I have lived in a lot of pain. I grew up in a dysfunctional family and suffered from depression, anxiety disorders and various addiction phenomenon. I have walked the spiritual path faithfully, exercising Mother Mary’s practice in the book, Healing Your Spiritual Traumas, and studying psychology books, Buddhic books. Through this effort, things have improved a lot. Nevertheless, I am still suffering from severe anxiety. And I am trapped in quicksand that I could not solve the spirit conglomerate of the primal self and other selves. Especially I do not know how to get out of the chaos of shame, guilt, conceit, desire and anger. And I am worried that I might not be able to solve it in this lifetime, and continue to the next life. Since I have found the ascended master teachings, I have made a big effort to solve this problem. Please let me have a proper wisdom and let me know some better way.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, you need to focus on the fact that you have made progress, that you have improved by using the teachings. Then you need to make a conscious decision and realize that there is a separate self, there are dark forces that want to sabotage your growth by making you afraid that you cannot fully solve the problem, that you cannot fully overcome this or that you cannot do it in this lifetime. And you need to make a decision that you will not fall prey to this.

You will recognize that if you are better off today than you were in the past, that means that what you have done has worked. And if you continue to do it, it will continue to work and it will bring you gradually more and more progress so that in the future, you will be better off than you are now. The problems that seem like you cannot solve them today, there will come a point where you suddenly can solve this self here, that self there and gradually you come to these breakthrough points where you realize you have really changed.

If you need to, you need to of course, seek professional help with severe issues like this. This we always recommend. But you need to recognize that if you are better off now, you can become even better off in the future. And you just need to decide not to let these dark forces discourage you. Discouragement is the sharpest tool in the devil’s toolkit. And one way to do this is to say: “Well, so what if I do not solve it all in this lifetime, as long as I make as much progress as possible, I will come back in a better situation in my next lifetime, where I will not have the dysfunctional family and therefore I can start at a much higher level and I can resolve it in that lifetime.” And that is still much better than staying stuck at my present level for the rest of this lifetime.

Encourage yourself and do not allow the dark forces to discourage you. I certainly encourage you. I can assure you that there are other students we have seen who have been in fully as difficult of a situation as you are in and who have made progress. This is not to make you feel inadequate, but to make you feel encouraged that what one has done, all can do and therefore you can do it also.


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“Being criticized and defending yourself” game

Question: I often run into someone who is willing to criticize others than to teach others. At this time, I do not react the same way and I try to turn the other cheek. Because I know that such arguments are meaningless and others are to some degree my reflection. But in these situations, I can still find that I have some anger and stress within. Even though I can deal with these situations better compared to the past, there still remains some amount of anger and stress. How can I purify the suppressed anger and stress? And how can I be free from the situation where I am criticized?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, on a planet like earth, it is impossible to not be exposed to people who will criticize you, you may not have been exposed to it in this lifetime, but you surely have in past lifetimes. You need to consider that all of you have this issue of dealing with being criticized. And in the past, you have created various separate selves to deal with this. And the only realistic solution is to uncover those selves by using our tools and then letting the selves die.

You need to recognize here, criticizing other people is a state of mind. What have we said many times? The analytical mind can always find an argument for whatever viewpoint it wants to validate. If someone has the attitude that they want to criticize you, they can always find something to criticize no matter what you do, or say. No matter if there is any validity to it or not, they can always find something to criticize that is valid in their eyes.

You need to make it very clear to yourself that if people are critical, they are in this critical attitude. There is no point in arguing with them, because you cannot convince them that they are wrong and that you are right. And it is not a matter of right and wrong. Every consciousness has a polar opposite. You have the consciousness of criticizing, which has the polar opposite of wanting to defend yourself, often by proving others wrong.

There are many spiritual people who are not outgoingly aggressive people. You are not necessarily going around criticizing others. But when you become criticized yourself, you go into a mode of wanting to prove those who criticize you wrong. And this is just allowing yourself to be dragged into the dualistic game. You need to make a conscious decision that you will not allow yourself to do this, that you will expose the separate selves that are behind this reaction and you will decide that: “I am not going to try to convince this person that he or she is wrong or that I am not as bad as they say I am. I am just going let the separate self die, so that this person has no influence on me—cannot force me into a reaction.”

It is only when you no longer have a reaction to being criticized that you are really free of this consciousness. Consider it an opportunity to free yourself and reach a very important milestone on the spiritual path. It is truly impossible to manifest Christhood and dare to express your Christhood unless you overcome this entire quagmire of being criticized and defending yourself or trying to prove other people wrong. It just needs to go. You need to transcend it, let it go so you are not touched by it. And then you can start expressing your Christhood freely and without the fear or without the anger of criticism.


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