An attachment to how people use the spiritual teaching

Question: Does it pain the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, that countries like Myanmar and Sri Lanka that claim to follow him and his ideals, indulge in mass rapes of Rohingya Muslim women, or large-scale extermination of Tamil Hindus? Or the Bhutanese harassment of Christian missionaries and even the perverted sex tourism industry prospering in Thailand? Are there any Buddhist majority countries still living up to his ideals today?

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

When you have reached the Buddhic state of consciousness, you do not experience pain as humans define it. And when you have brought forth a spiritual teaching on earth, you know, at least after you ascend, you know that once a spiritual teaching has been given in the physical, you cannot control how people use their free will to interpret it or apply it. Jesus has experienced this as well, as have others that have ascended. You let go of this, you let go even of your own teaching. You simply let it go and say, “It is in the physical, the opportunity is given. What people do with it is up to free will.”

Surely, I can look at countries that claim to be Buddhist, and see that they do not live up to the Buddhist ideals. Surely, Jesus can look at countries that claim to be Christian, but do not live up to the ideals. But this is something that as an ascended master, you have let go of, otherwise you could not ascend. If you had been attached to how people use the teachings you brought forth in your last embodiment, you would have had to re-embody in order to try to control how people were using the teaching, or at least guide them towards a higher understanding of the teaching. And so you could not ascend.

This is actually something that you as spiritual people need to be aware of. As Jesus has said, there were people who decided 2000 years ago, that they would stay in embodiment for these next 2000 years, to help Christianity have the best possible impact. There are also people who vowed this, when I ascended as the Buddha. For these people, it is very important to reconsider this and say: “Do I have an attachment to how people use this spiritual teaching?” Because if you do, how can you ascend? If it is in your divine plan to ascend in this lifetime, you need to uncover that attachment and let it go. Because otherwise, you will not be wanting to ascend, you will want to come into embodiment again, until you feel you have fulfilled your task. But when could you ever feel that you have fulfilled the task of fulfilling the highest potential of Christianity or Buddhism? It could be a very long time.

Now, in terms of countries, there are really no countries where the majority of the people have a higher understanding of the Buddhist teachings or a higher application of it. There are, however, some countries that are clearly more peaceful than others, and therefore have at least a good degree of internalization of the teachings. I do not want to mention specifics here, but there are several of them. But I do not look at it as countries—does a country have an internalization of Buddhism? I look at people. I look at individuals. I look at certain movements that have a greater internalization than others.


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Psychedelics vs. spiritual path 

Question: There is a trend building to use psychedelics and micro-dosing. I observe it with spiritual people, but it also slowly finds its way into organizations and society itself, where leaders start to explore this avenue. As an example, with the WEF, World Economic Forum, where government leaders and corporate executives have access to the Medical Psychedelics House of Davos, where they can participate in all kinds of workshops and ceremonies. Can you comment about the momentum that is building here, and the psychological mechanisms in these individuals and collective? I also feel a resistance in some way to this entire movement, and I am not sure how to resolve it. On one hand, I see how spiritual people who are quite aware, explore this avenue and I struggle to find a way to deal with them. There is an element of fear in my being that I do not want to be too close to the spiritual people who promote psychedelics and guide others with these ceremonies. I do not want to give it my light. On the other hand, I feel that by resisting it, I give it my light too. I have not yet found the key to transcend this resistance. Can you comment on this?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

The problem you are seeing here is that there is a certain group of people who have always, as Jesus said, been willing to take heaven by force. And these are people who actually throughout all of known history and even beyond, have attempted to use drugs to, as they say, enhance their spiritual growth by forcing non-standard, what they call ‘spiritual experiences’. I do not call them spiritual experiences. Because when an experience is produced by chemical reactions in the brain, it is not a spiritual or mystical experience. It is simply the brain doing what the brain can do. It is like watching a movie of cowboys in the Wild West, while sitting in a movie theater instead of sitting on a horse. It is, to use the expression from Kant, not the thing in itself.

You have these people, and you will see them in the worldly movements that are building, where you have these leaders that have ambitions of doing something important, being important people, enhancing their potential, but they want it to happen quickly. And so they are willing to experiment with various things that – “That person that I think is important said this worked for them, so I will try it also”. They have no Christ discernment that says: “This, I will not do”. They are willing to do anything, if it works—the ends can justify the means.

You also have this among some spiritual people who are not really spiritual, but who acknowledge that there is a spiritual side to life and follow some spiritual teaching. And they think they are working towards spiritual growth, but they are trying to take it by force. And that is why they are willing to use drugs. We have had many questions over the years for people who think that Ayahuasca or other drugs are a key to spiritual growth. We have said it before, if it was just a matter of putting some kind of chemical in your brain in order to attain Christhood, well, why would we not have promoted this from thousands of years ago? It of course is not the way.

Now in terms of your reaction to this, well there are spiritual people who in past lifetimes have experimented with drugs to promote spiritual growth and so you can come into this lifetime with a certain fear, you do not want to go into this again because you have experienced how detrimental this was and that it did not promote your spiritual growth, but caused you to go into an addictive spiral. You can have a certain fear-based reaction to this and it is understandable that you want to stay away from these people. But it is true that if you resist it in your mind, if you have the fear, you can give a certain energy to it that can make you vulnerable to projections from dark forces.

You need to use our tools, look at these selves, let them die, but you also need to recognize that you are at a certain level of spiritual maturity where you know this isn’t spiritual. You are able to stay away from it, you are able to avoid going into it and therefore you do not really need to fear it and you do not need to resist it. You still can have a self that resists and that is why you need to expose that self, consciously let it die. But you can also shift your entire attitude and say: “Well do I really need to fear this? Am I not beyond it? So I can let it go”.


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Are we sensitive narcissists? 

Question: There is a term called vulnerable narcissist used to describe people who are hyper-sensitive to rejection, negative emotions, social isolation, a distrust of others and increased levels of anger and hostility. Can the Masters comment on how this type of narcissism can possibly relate to ascended master students? It seems that narcissism is something that can affect everyone at various levels, although not as intensely as it does with the fallen beings.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

As the term ‘narcissist’ is used broadly or generally today, it refers to people who are very, very sensitive because they are very focused on themselves. There can be people who have no consideration for other people whatsoever and they are willing to harm other people and feel no empathy at all. But there is also a type of narcissist who has a need for validation or recognition. And they have a need to be right, they have a need to feel superior and they are very sensitive towards any challenge of this fragile equilibrium. And they can become very angry and hostile when it is challenged. These are not normally people that you would say are serial killers or dictators like Hitler, although Hitler was also very sensitive towards rejection.

You can see that many, many narcissists have a need to feel right. Many leaders who have been narcissists have a need to feel right. This is the case for some of the narcissists that are not, as we might say, evil, or aggressive in a physical way. But they are very sensitive towards rejection or a challenge of their viewpoints. Basically, you could say that Donald Trump is an example of this, he has a tremendous need for validation and recognition and being right. But he is not as physically aggressive, as, for example, Putin, who also has a tremendous need for being right, and is very sensitive in a certain way, but also is able to deny it more than Trump is.

In terms of how this relates to avatars or ascended master students, well, you could say that when you come as an avatar to this planet, and you experience this very severe persecution by the fallen beings, resulting in the birth trauma, you do actually go into this state of mind of being a very sensitive narcissist. You are not willing to kill other people, in most cases, and you certainly do not do it out of malice. But you can become very, very focused on yourself —very, very sensitive. You are seeking validation for why you came here. You are seeking a sense that you are an important person that is doing something worthwhile, maybe even a sense that you know better than people on earth. And this can cause you to become very, very sensitive and very, very self-focused.

Basically, our books and our tools for healing your spiritual traumas, and making peace with being on earth and so forth, are all aimed at helping you overcome this. But it can certainly help you acknowledge this consciously, consciously see the patterns and say: “I have just got to get rid of this self that is so sensitive about everything that happens to me, I have had enough of living this way. I have had enough of being so overly sensitive, always feeling rejected, always feeling like I am not good enough, or I have made a mistake, always being so concerned about other people criticizing me or hurting their feelings or whatever. I have got to overcome this sensitivity.” And this will help you make a tremendous step forward and attain much greater peace with being here, and being in your own mind.


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The Anastasia movement

Question: Has the Anastasia movement had any impact on the Russian consciousness? How about the teachings presented in the books by Anastasia? Are they valid? These books introduced me to the spiritual path, before I found Kim’s teachings. While I felt a deep connection to the lifestyle described in them, there were certain aspects in the books that evoke a strong negative reaction in me. Something that has not happened with Kim’s teachings. Could the Masters comment on the Anastasia movement and books by Vladimir Megre?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, the movement has had a positive impact on the Russian collective consciousness and on the individual consciousness of some people. Are the teachings valid? Well, certain ideas are valid enough. But there are also certain ideas that are not of the Christ Mind, we might say. And the teachings in general do not come from the ascended masters but from beings in the mental and higher emotional realm. Can they lead to growth? Yes, they can.

There are many teachings out there that have some valid ideas and some not valid ideas. There are teachings in the Anastasia teachings, ideas in the Anastasia teachings that are not correct according to ascended master teachings. But they are not necessarily completely false or given with a malicious intent. There are people who have needed a movement like this to escape the suffering in Russian society. And it is understandable that there are people in Russia who will want to withdraw from society because of the way society is.

But of course, in general we of the ascended masters do not recommend that our students withdraw from society in this modern age. It is, as we have said many times, preferable that you live an active life in society, because you have a greater impact on helping other people and even society progress. I realized this is not as easy to do in countries like Russia or China or North Korea. But in general, we do not recommend our students withdraw from society. You need to recognize, of course, that the books are fictional in these actual events that are described, even in the people or beings that are described. But nevertheless, they have had a positive impact on a number of people.


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The further expansion of knowledge

Question: Would it be correct to say that mathematical equations in physics do not necessarily describe reality, but rather our experience of reality, and therefore are no more real than the virtual experience we are having in embodiment. Physics models are describing our knowledge of information about the world, rather than the world life itself. As masters frequently pointed out, information can be structured to ever more complex systems or models. Is this the way that the evolution of consciousness is governed? Is the further expansion of knowledge in the current situation, only possible with greater and greater integration to oneness? Could the masters comment, please?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, all of you can surely see that, although you can create an equation that describes the movements of the stars, the numbers you put on a piece of paper or the formulas you put on a piece of paper here on earth, are not the same as the stars in a faraway galaxy. Clearly, any model you create is just that, a model.

This goes whether it is in science, or whether it is in religion. Science is in its essence, human being’s attempt to make sense of the world they live in, and to be able to change their situation. Well, a religion is also an attempt for people to make sense of the world they live in, and to change their situation, as is a political ideology. The philosopher Immanuel Kant talked about, that there is a world that we can perceive, but it is not the thing in itself, because it is beyond what we can perceive.

Now, in our teachings, we would say that when you are in the duality consciousness, you cannot perceive the world as it is, but you can in the Christ consciousness. But nevertheless, even when you are in the Christ consciousness, or have reached a certain level of Christhood, but you are still in embodiment on earth, you still need to have some kind of model for how the world works. Even our teachings are basically a model of how the world works.

In terms of the expansion of consciousness, you need to make this distinction between the expansion of knowledge and the expansion of consciousness. You can look back at the last 2000 years, for example, and see that there has been a tremendous expansion of knowledge generated primarily by science, but certainly also by experience. This expansion of knowledge could not have happened without also an expansion of consciousness. But it is not a one-to-one correspondence.

We might say that, in order to expand knowledge, knowledge has to be in some kind of container, which is not the physical brain but the mind. In order to expand knowledge beyond a certain limit, you have to expand the container of the mind. But still, expanding knowledge does not necessarily expand the container. You have many examples of people who have great knowledge, it can be of science, it can be of politics, so it can be of religion. But they have not raised their consciousness, they have acquired horizontal knowledge, but it is knowledge at a certain level only.

And in order to take knowledge to a higher level, like jumping from Newtonian Physics to Einsteinian Physics, and then again jumping to quantum physics, it takes a transcendence of consciousness, vertically, where you expand consciousness. Naturally, the fastest growth can be attained, when people not only seek to expand knowledge, but also seek to expand consciousness. That is why when this breaks through to a higher level, where more and more people lock into the need to raise consciousness, expand consciousness, the growth towards the golden age will be accelerated many fold.


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Outer abilities on the path to Christhood 

Question: Why is it that some of us do not have much in the way of outer abilities in this lifetime, making it much harder for us to deal with the outer world and making our way through life, holding down jobs, etc.? Is it something to do with the dismantling process when we are closer to making our ascension or is there some other reason that we do not know about?

Answer from the ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, this is a complex question because there are individual factors. There are many spiritual people who over several lifetimes have built this attitude that we have talked about before, where they see the matter realm, the physical world, as an enemy of their spiritual growth. This has caused many people to create a subconscious resistance, meaning they have created many selves in the three other bodies that cause them to resist doing anything in the physical. And they think this is actually a sign of spiritual growth.

They have this subconscious resistance, sabotaging themselves, because they do not really want to have that job. They do not think they should need to have a job. They think they should be able to be spiritual and live off of being spiritual people or live in a monastery, as they might have done in past lifetimes. This is not a positive momentum, this is not a positive thing. And it is something you should strive to overcome, if you sense that this is the case for you.

Now, there is, of course, another consideration in the sense that there are people who have had a certain momentum in past lives of going into, for example, business, making a career, making lots of money and they have now decided that they want to become more spiritual, so they do not want to put be pulled into this momentum. And therefore, again, they have created this subconscious resistance that prevents them from being pulled into this career spiral or moneymaking spiral that they have been into in past lives. You see that, in either case, it is because there is a certain subconscious resistance. And it is not the highest spiritual approach in either case, although it can be necessary as an interim state for some people to overcome as certain momentum from the past.

But the ideal, the more ideal, is that you are able to participate in physical activities and do well there without being pulled into them, without being pulled into a career race, for example, or money-making race, but you are still able to hold a job, make enough money that you can live a reasonable lifestyle and still have time left over to focus on spiritual activities. It is not a goal that ascended master students should be poor and not have a decent lifestyle and not be able to buy a book or go to a conference or this or that.

If you are a person who is close to making your ascension, who has a goal of manifesting Christhood, higher levels of Christhood, then you naturally will be good at certain things in the physical. You will not have the resistance to it, you will just look at it and say, “Well, I have to do certain things to live, so let me do them as well as possible.”

And that is how you manifest your spiritual goals. If Jesus had been a passive person who could not do anything, how would he have done what he did 2000 years ago? It took a certain momentum. You could say, “What practical skills did he have?” But he did have certain skills of speaking, interacting with people and so forth. You can look at this messenger, who has not led a materialistic lifestyle, but has been able to hold a job in periods where that was necessary, has been able to do well in various jobs, teach himself various skills. And if he had not had the ability to do physical things, how could he accomplish the work he has accomplished, learning new skills of publishing books, publishing websites and so forth?

It is a natural aspect of the higher levels of the path that you are not attached to physical outcomes. You are not pursuing a worldly career, but you are able to do practical things and you are able to learn things, you are able to acquire skills, and this then is part of your spiritual activity, part of your divine plan.


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Momentum on the spiritual path 

Question: The masters frequently use the word ‘momentum’. In physics, the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, there is the concept of where light, which has no mass, can have momentum. The mathematical calculations show that E=mc2 is a special case for an object at rest, but can describe it in a different way mathematically where masses/object is equal to momentum with the more general equation, E2=(pc)2+(m0c2)2, which describes all situations. Is this the case that with increasing momentum, an individual collective has more energy available from the ascended realm and increased creativity?

Answer from the ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, when we talk about a momentum, we are talking about, for example, a decree momentum. Many of you will have noticed, when you think about it, when you first started giving decrees and invocations, it was more difficult for you to do it. It was almost like there was a resistance in your vocal cords, in your mind, to doing it. You found it more difficult to do it quickly, for example. You find it more difficult to do it with power. As you continue doing it, you often come to a point where you overcome a certain hump and then it flows more easily. This means you have built a momentum.

And it is also correct that in the beginning, when you are more hesitant, there is not as much energy flowing from the spiritual realm through the invocations and decrees into your four lower bodies, but as you increase your momentum, then more energy can flow. “To him that has, more shall be added.” And this, of course, increases your momentum. In a sense, you do find it easier to give the decrees and invocations, you kind of get to a point where you just start and then it flows. And if you are not too tired, then it flows and you actually gain more energy from doing it, even though it is a physical activity that also takes a certain physical energy.

It is correct, without going into the equations, that with anything, the more you do it, when it is a positive activity that multiplies the talents, the more you will receive a multiplication factor of energy from the spiritual realm that makes it easier for you to do more.


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When the woman grows faster than the man 

Question: I noticed this trend among the women in my family and friends who are in relationships and seem to have a hard time with their significant other stepping up. Oftentimes, they sound dissatisfied with how their partner handles situations. For example, the men do not communicate enough and do not take enough initiative and the woman feels like she is always the one suggesting things to do, planning and executing activities, taking care of the place, etc. They seem to just end up extremely frustrated and resentful of their partners, wondering what is wrong with men. Can the masters comment on how the women can get a better understanding on this situation?

Answer from the ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, this is a common phenomenon that is seen in many parts of the world, especially in the democratic nations, where there is more growth in many people’s consciousness. You will see, as we have said before, that there is a general tendency that women are more open to personal growth and even spiritual growth or psychological healing than men are. This means that in many relationships, there is a disproportionate growth, where the woman grows faster than the man and therefore, there comes a time where the woman is no longer satisfied with the man’s level of spiritual growth and also his activities. He does not have any interest in doing the things that the woman sees as important.

This is, of course, a very individual situation, how you deal with this. There is not just one way. For some women, it will be necessary to simply separate from the man and either live alone for some time or find another partner who is more compatible with her level of consciousness and her dedication to growth. But others can find a way to still coexist with a man and still pursue their spiritual growth. Still others may find it possible to inspire the man to be more active in pursuing personal growth.

There will always be individual scenarios but it is clear that if there is too big of a distance between the level of consciousness of two partners and the growth experienced by the partners, there will be tension, and there can certainly come a point where the person who is more dedicated to growth will find it necessary to remove itself from the relationship. I am not saying you should do this, I am not saying you should not.

It is an individual consideration and I recommend that you take your time and that you work on healing your psychology as much as possible and increase your intuition, so that you do not decide with your outer mind, but come to that point where the decision comes from within. You are neutral about it and it just seems like this is the right thing to do and this is the right time to do it. This, of course, is especially true if you have children, where you might give serious consideration to staying in a relationship in order to give the children a more secure upbringing. But again, there are individual considerations, where it is simply necessary to move on for you to experience maximum growth. This you will be able to tune into, in your divine plan, when you heal your psychology and try to be as neutral as possible.


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 What are black holes?

Question: What are black holes? In the universe, there are phenomena that are called black holes. NASA describes black holes as “a black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light cannot get out. The gravity is so strong because matter has been squeezed into a tiny place”. And says “the singularity at the center of a black hole is the ultimate no man’s land, a place where matter is compressed down to an infinitely tiny point. And all conceptions of time and space completely break down and it does not really exist”. Yet, it has been estimated that there are around 40 billion billion black holes in the universe, and in just our galaxy, the Milky Way, scientists estimate that there are as many as 10 million to a billion. The question is seen from the perspective of the spiritual realm and ascended masters. What are black holes? What is their function or purpose? Are they an extension of some phenomena or situation in the three higher material realms, the astral, mental and etheric realms?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, as with everything, science’s interpretation of its own observations is limited by the materialistic paradigm. What we can say, in general, is that it is known by science that the universe is expanding. It is also known by science that in a closed system, entropy will increase until structures can no longer exist, there is the lowest possible energy state. This contradicts the expansion of the universe that has been observed. If the universe is expanding, something must drive it. And in order for there to be something that drives it, there has to be energy added to the system. Energy is what drives any kind of activity.

Since the universe is expanding, there must be some realm beyond what is currently called the material universe, where there is more energy than there is in the material. And this energy must then somehow find a way into the material universe to drive the expansion. This is what happens in your sun, and in all of the other suns throughout the universe. There is an influx of energy that comes through the many suns, which could be called a form of white hole, even though there is also the concept of white holes. You have certain centers in the universe, where energy in a form of light enters the material realm.

However, because of very complex factors, there is always a certain energy balance in the universe. This is something that changes over time. In other words, if you go back far enough, there was a different energy balance than there is now. There needs to be a balance of energy in the universe. This means that there cannot be unlimited energy added to the universe at any given time, there must be a balancing factor and that means there must be something that can pull energy out of the material spectrum, so that there is not too much in the totality of the universe.

You could say that your solar system is a localized unit in a universe where there is an unbalanced influx of energy. This is necessary in order to provide enough light to provide for life on earth. But this energy goes out into the universe and if all of the energy from all of the suns went out into the universe, it would be too much, it would create an imbalance. Something has to balance this and that is one of the functions of a black hole, that takes the excess energy back out.

There are still the localized areas where there is more energy, or at least enough energy to provide for life. But in order to avoid an unbalanced state in the totality of the universe, energy is also taken out through the black holes. A black hole is really not a black hole, it is a portal to another energetic realm, such as the emotional, mental and identity octaves. Science is currently limited by the materialistic understanding, where they always want to find a materialistic explanation, so there always has to be a force. They observed that there are certain localities in the cosmos where light is going in and no light is coming out. And what can explain this? They must explain that this is created by gravity. A black hole is not created by gravity, but of course, a black hole can exert a gravitational pull on its surroundings.

But it is not created by gravity. There is not a singularity in the middle of a black hole. The singularity that scientists, materialists envision is a fiction of their imagination. It does not exist. There is no actual singularity that exists. Before the Big Bang, there was not a singularity. The Big Bang was not an event that started in one place. The Big Bang was a big expansion, where energy was lowered in vibration from the emotional realm by the Elohim and took the form of planets suns and so on. It was a lowering in vibration, not an expansion from a singularity. Space, the expansion of the universe, the expansion of space, did not start in one point. It started in a large sphere that has been expanding ever since.

There is, of course, much more to say about this, much more that will be discovered over time. But I have given you what I deem constructive to give at this point.


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Is the economy a closed system?

Question: In terms of the general knowledge of the population about the economy, it would appear that Professor Richard Werner is on the track to reveal the truth about how private banks and central banks operate. He wrote a wonderful book, Princes of the Yen, where the practices are revealed. And as he says, in his words, do not listen to what they say, but observe the fruits of their works, which is Jesus’s quote from the Bible. It seems to me that the only problem which Richard has is his belief that the earth and cosmos is a closed system, and the economy is a zero-sum game. And as such, claims from physicists are just another axiom, which bear no truth. His work on the reform of banking, local first for the banks to serve the common man, and not to stock and property markets seems to be a step forward in the right direction. Please comment.

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Yes, there are indeed many people that are working in the field of the economy, who have certain ideas that are beneficial and who can see the shortcomings of the current system. This person you mentioned is certainly not the only one. It is also true that many of these people are still attached to, for example, a materialistic paradigm. And they are therefore hindered, limited in what ideas they can bring forth.

Now, in terms of the cosmos being a closed system, and the economy being a zero-sum game, what basis does that have in history? How do you explain, if the economy is a closed system, the increase in wealth that you have seen over the past several centuries? How do you explain that there are democratic nations that can afford to have public health care and others that think they could not possibly afford this? As we have said before, when a nation decides that it wants to provide public health care for its citizens, somehow the money appears to fund this. And it is because there is an acceleration from the spiritual realm, which also Jesus talked about the multiplication of the talents.

You see that if you are really a neutral observer of the history of economic growth, you must conclude that it is indeed possible to create new wealth, to increase the wealth to a very, very much higher level than it was 1,000 years ago, and that this will continue into the future. The economy is not a closed system. Just as energy generation is not a closed system and cannot go beyond the energy that is already in this world. There can be energy coming into this world, as there can be wealth and money coming into this world, in the sense that there is more value generated by people multiplying the talents.


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Drawing energy from the emotional realm

Question: When Saint Germain talked about energy electricity generation in the future, it would appear that it should be possible to draw energy by mechanical devices or means, either from the ascended realm or from the ether, the mother component of God in our world. Are Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism incomplete? Should scientists look more closely at quantum mechanics to see how matter combines in the three higher bodies of our world? Or should they look beyond our world towards the ascended realm?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, I have actually stated before that, ultimately, all energy comes from the spiritual realm. But what you need to do in order to generate what is popularly called free energy, is to draw energy from the emotional realm, primarily. This ultimately comes from the mental, which comes from the identity, which comes from the spiritual, but nevertheless, the closest to the physical is the emotional and that is where the energy can be brought into the physical. Maxwell equations are a step in the right direction, but are not quite complete, as is the understanding of quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics is not fully understood. Quantum mechanics is not complete in itself. But it is necessary to take physics in general, to a higher level, where some scientists have already done this, talking about an implicate order, a quantum field, a vacuum field. And these are just other words for the emotional octave and the mental and identity octaves. Scientists need to be willing to look beyond the materialistic paradigm. You can still create mathematical equations that apply to this. Otherwise, how could you create devices? Well, you actually could do this through a revelation from us, even if you did not understand the mathematics behind it, but it will still be helpful to have these mathematical equations to expand the understanding of it.

As we have said, the model that we are giving is that the physical octave, the material realm, is what scientists call the matter world. But there is the emotional, mental and identity beyond it, and then the spiritual realm. We are saying, as ascended masters, that the four levels are the four levels of the material universe. Scientists could, instead of completely abandoning materialism, they could as an interim step, say: “Well, perhaps there are energies that we have not discovered yet that we need to discover, and it is still in the material realm”. You could say that the emotional octave is part of the material world. And this would not be as dramatic of a shift as if science had to completely abandon materialism and recognize the existence of a spiritual realm. Of course, the spiritual realm cannot be proven through mathematical equations or physical instruments.

I cannot give you more specific instructions through the mind of this messenger because he does not have enough knowledge. That is why we have said many times that not all of the ideas for the golden age will come through a sponsored messenger because there needs to be people to have an expertise in a specific field, but still have the open mind to reach for new ideas, as many scientists have done. There are, of course, scientists today who are working on this. And it is just a matter of time before there are breakthroughs that will have an impact.


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 How to still the doubts 

Question: How do we know when our seeing is correct? I mean, if we are seeing things subjectively, then how do we know if what we see in others is correct? For example, sometimes we may see things in others, and it does not involve any emotional reactions. And this makes it difficult. And I wonder if I am seeing with discernment, or with the outer mind through interpretation? I am guessing it is both and I am aware of many of my false selves, which I have hopefully overcome from the course of self-mastery. Sometimes I get this sense with people that they are putting on this image of a false self. But maybe it is me? It is obvious when someone is having an emotional reaction to discern. Is this something we should practice, using the discernment tools, and ask? I know it has been said that our Christ self is always with us. But maybe we should be more direct in asking in the small things? I am not trying to create a drama about things when I ask. But I just want to know if my seeing is influenced by the outer self or not? As a side note, I realized my seeing in life has not always been correct. However, many times for certain people, I have experienced a lot of gaslighting, which has created certain selves and have experienced a lot of doubt. I have come to see some of these selves and let them go.

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, if you want a concentrated answer—and this is of course, a complex question—but if you want a concentrated answer, you can say that the more neutral you are, the more neutral is your state of mind, where you are not trying to judge other people, you do not have any intention, you are not pointing the finger at others, you are not criticizing them, you are not trying to elevate yourself above them, but you are in a neutral state of mind, then your observations will generally be valid, accurate. I will not say, correct, because what is correct in looking at other people?

You can have valuable insights when you are in a neutral state of mind. But saying this, even if you are in a neutral state of mind, you are still looking at everything from a subjective perspective. You will have a subjective perspective until you ascend because you are still centered in a physical body that has a specific form and exists in a specific location. You are seeing through these four lower bodies and as long as there are contents in those four lower bodies, then it is not completely objective. When you have grown up in a certain location, a certain culture, you will have a certain coloring based on this.

It is not that there is anything wrong with it, it is not that it necessarily makes your visions invalid or incorrect, but it does make them subjective. That is why we have said: “Accept that you will have a subjective localized perspective as long as you are in the four lower bodies”. What you can do is overcome the subjectivity of the ego, the outer selves, and heal your psychology from these selves. This is how you will get more and more impressions.

Now, if you look at the question and how you have formulated this, you will see that you still have a lot of doubt. Now, in a sense, it is better to have doubt than to be in a state of mind where you are absolutely sure that your subjective evaluations are absolute and universal, because these people cannot easily grow. It is better to be in doubt, but you still need to recognize that your doubt comes from certain selves, and you need to use the tools we have given to try to uncover these selves, work on them. And you also need to look at the linear mind, understand what the linear mind does, how it analyzes everything, sets up a standard.

You need to look at the teachings we have given, that the fallen beings have created all of these standards, and we cannot avoid thinking we have to live up to them. These are some of the tools you can use to still the doubts, still the turmoil, the analytical mind, and thereby get more and more neutral impressions from within or rather from above.


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A fallen being on the upward path

Question: Is it valid for a fallen being who originated in a higher sphere but wants to attain Buddhahood to commit suicide so that the fallen being can move on ? because other fallen beings and dark masters do not want that fallen being to attain that and try as much as possible, even try fooling true messengers to create chaos for that ex fallen being.

Answer from the ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, the short answer is no. Suicide is never a valid option. How will that solve anything? That you remove yourself from one specific karmic situation, you will just embody in a similar karmic situation with the same lifestreams. The only way to grow is to look at yourself, look at your psychology, heal that psychology. You cannot attain Buddhahood without resolving everything in your psychology. Truly, it is not realistic for a fallen being to even have the goal of attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime.

Because if you think you are a fallen being, then you need to work on your psychology until you no longer look at yourself as a fallen being. You may still be—have been in the sense that you fell—but when you have transcended the fallen consciousness, you do not look at yourself as a fallen being. You do not look at other people or dark forces trying to prevent you from attaining Buddhahood.

In other words, it is not realistic to think you are a fallen being and you can attain Buddhahood. You can grow and you can grow beyond the fallen state and then when you have done that, then you can consider other goals. It is not that it cannot be done, but it certainly cannot be done as long as you have this awareness that you are a fallen being, because you will have elements of the fallen consciousness, which is also what makes you vulnerable to these attacks.


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The upward spiral of the earth 

Question: For how long has the earth been in an upward trend? And how long has it been known that a golden age on earth is a certainty?

Answer from the ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, in a sense the earth has been in an upward trend since the Elohim manifested the physical planet. You will know of course, that we have said that, for the first three root races or groups of beings that descended into embodiment, they all ascended, and therefore the earth was from the beginning in an upward spiral, then there came a turning point where some in the fourth root race went into the duality consciousness, they created a downward spiral, and fallen beings were allowed to embody here, and so forth.

In a sense, you could say that this has been a downward spiral that has led to some dramatic falls of civilizations and so on, but nevertheless, even though there have been ups and downs in the movements of the earth, there has still been a general upward direction, simply because the earth is pulled along with the rest of the universe, and the earth cannot withstand the pull of these billions of inhabited planets that are at a higher level of consciousness. There has always been an upward trend.

Now, of course, you can say there was a downward spiral that led to the point where even in known history, you had this very low size of the human population. And then you can say that, for recorded history where the population has been growing, there has been an upward trend again, that has led away from that low. There is a relative low, but there is an overall upward trend. You can say that there has been an upward trend for all of recorded history, a localized upward trend, a relative upward trend.

In terms of a golden age being a certainty, well, you can say that, from the moment I was appointed as the hierarch for the Aquarian Age, it was determined by cosmic councils that the earth had progressed enough as a result of Jesus’s example and leadership and teaching that a golden age could be manifest. And I was then appointed as the hierarch and I had certain plans of my own. I, of course, confided with many ascended masters who are working with the earth, and we formulated the plan for a golden age.

And at that point, it could be said in a certain way that it was a certainty that there would be a golden age, but there is still the open question of when will it be manifest physically, and how golden will the golden age be. In other words, as I have said before, there is a high potential, there is a low potential, and will it be only the low potential that manifests, will it be the highest and when will it manifest.

There is always room for free will, there is always a certain unpredictability and certainly the earth could have been further along than it is. It could also have been further behind where it is. And again, as I have said before, we do not look at this with any regret, we say, well, this is the way it is. Because again, you need to realize, as I have said before, and which many people have found it difficult to grasp, is that I am not, when I am planning the golden age, planning certain outer manifestations that must come to pass, I am looking for growth in consciousness.

Really, a golden age is an age where there is a certain degree of growth in the collective consciousness and in the individual consciousness of as many people as possible. It is not really that we are saying, well, we have to have this advancement in technology at a certain date, this advancement in material living conditions, we have to have this kind of wonderful cities built and so forth. We are looking for growth in consciousness. And that is what we are looking at.

When you look at the growth in consciousness, there is not a specific goal that needs to be achieved, because we are always allowing people to grow at a pace that they need, what experiences do they need to have, how long do they need to experience the duality consciousness and fighting with their neighbors before they have had enough of it, and many other experiences like that. We are saying, as long as people are growing, it is not so important what the outer conditions are.


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The schizophrenic aspect of the spiritual path

Question: The last stages before ascending seem to be somewhat paradoxical, since we still have an ego, and this one seems to serve, as Saint Germain says, as an anchor or safety mechanism to prevent a premature withdrawal of the life force, when we are not quite ready to ascend, but at the same time, we are being the open door for our I Am Presence to express in this world, and are being creative through our I Am Presence. This seems a bit schizophrenic to experience. My question is, will we know for sure that we are ready, when we will be ready? Or can we be mistaken in judging, and do it all wrong? After all, the ego is still there.

Answer from the ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, let’s put it this way. Free will is free will. You can theoretically decide to start a downward path up until the 144th level. It is not very likely that you could do this, but it could be done. You could get yourself into a state of mind where you think you are ready to ascend, because you are over-evaluating your own progress. But again, it is not very likely to happen. It is more likely to happen at the 96th level, where you might think that you are either ready to ascend or you have some level of Christhood, and you start using it to promote yourself as a separate being and therefore start going down the left-handed path, in a downward direction.

Truly, as you move higher, beyond the 96th level, the ego has less and less of an influence upon you. It is as we have said before, it is just something that keeps you in the physical body, because if there is not some kind of separate self, you cannot be integrated with a body.

You might say, in a certain sense—we have talked about before—that when you descend to the 48th level, you start at the 144th level, you take on that illusion, then the next illusion, and then keep going down. These first illusions you take on are the illusions that actually allow you, as the Conscious You, as a formless being, to integrate with a body that has form, and therefore come to actually feel that you are inside the body and the four lower bodies. It is not just the physical body, it is first the identity, then the mental, then the emotional, and the physical. But you have to take on certain illusions in order to experience yourself as being inside this body, as having a sense of awareness that is localized around the body. And as actually being able to, so to speak, operate the machinery of the body.

And this is not really what traditionally is called the ego. It does not make you selfish, it just integrates you with a body so you can actually see yourself as existing in this body, being connected to this body, being able to operate the body and experience the world through the body and take actions through the body. This is not what you traditionally call an ego in the sense that it is selfish and self-centered.

The higher you go, the more you shed this focus on self. And you eventually come to a point where—and this is before the 144th level— you are not focused on yourself anymore, you are not even seeing yourself as a separate being, that you have to promote yourself, you want to become famous, or you want to do something important, and so forth.

You gradually shed this sense of being focused on yourself, and therefore it is of course less and less likely that you would make a mistake and start going down again. This also means that when you shed this focus on yourself, the schizophrenic aspect of it disappears. I understand why you feel that it is a somewhat schizophrenic process. There is, as we have said before, a period where you feel somewhat schizophrenic on the spiritual path. But you overcome that, you transcend that when you transcend the focus on yourself as a separate being, and you begin to integrate more with your I Am Presence and the schizophrenia sort of fades away.


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Being politically active and freedom from the epic mindset

Question: Is authoritarianism versus democracy an epic struggle?  If it is, should we turned away from activities such as getting out to vote, attending demonstrations, volunteering on phone banks, writing editorials.

Answer from the ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, authoritarianism is clearly in the epic mindset. The authoritarian forces are in an epic struggle, as they see it, against democracy. It is important that democracies do not go into the epic mindset, or rather, that they continue to gradually move out of the epic mindset so that you do not enter this epic struggle. Therefore, it is also important, if you are a politically active person in a democratic country, not to be politically active from the epic mindset.

But this does not mean you cannot be politically active. You can still participate in many political activities as you feel prompted to do, but you can shift your attitude and you can even attempt to help the other people around you shift their attitude away from the epic mindset. As Jesus said in his latest dictation, help people see that issues are more complex, and they cannot necessarily be resolved by these simplistic solutions.

Once you remove yourself from the dualistic mindset, you can, if you feel prompted to do so, if it is in your interest, participate in political activities with a different mindset, that actually might inspire other people to also shift out of the dualistic, epic mindset. How are people going to do this who are not ascended master students if they do not see examples of people who have done it? You again do not need to promote ascended master teachings, but just give them some general universal ideas of how you have shifted, and how you have come to see that there must be something beyond this epic fight between this or that party or this or that side, and so forth.


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South Korea after Presidential Election in 2022

Question: Dear Saint Germain, this question is for Korea.There was Presidential Election in March  2022 and local election in June 2022. Through these two elections, the power of leadership in Korea was changed to the conservative party, People Power Party from the progressive party, the Democratic Party of Korea. The power of National assembly still remains to the Democratic Party of Korea. Yoon Suk-yeol elected president of S. Korea. Yoon Suk-yeol, a former chief prosecutor and political neophyte, was elected the next leader of South Korea on March  9, 2022 in one of the closest presidential elections in the country’s history.  After a tight race, Yoon took the win by a fine margin. Yoon and his party gained 48.56% the vote, 0.73% higher than the ruling party candidate Lee Jae-myeong, who received 47.83%.  Even though we put some efforts for not power elite, seems that the collective consciousness of Korea wanted to change from the existing leadership. Many issues for the candidates were outcome during the election.  My observation is that old generation (over 60 and 70 years) voted  to the conservative party overwhelmingly (about 65 to 70%) from their limited news. However, we much worry about for new president leadership like somewhat dictatorship through the power of prosecutors and the relationship with North Korea. North Korea is trying to go their own way with launching missiles continuously and nuclear test plan.

How do you see the current situation in Korea? And what can Korean students do?

Answer from the ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

You will see that in many democratic nations, there has for some time been this tendency for the formation of two political parties that often are in opposition to each other. You see that there is often this tendency where one political party is elected and comes to power and then in the next election they lose power and the other political party takes over. There is this going back and forth, and this is actually because these nations are at a point where they are ready to step up to a higher level, but they have not done it yet. They are still stuck in the old approach to politics that creates these polarizations into two sides or two blocs, even if there are more political parties, there can still be two blocs. What you actually see is that the nation has not made a decisive shift yet and that is why they go back and forth.

This is not something that as ascended master students you need to worry too much about. It is not an epic difference, whether it is this party or that party that is elected in most countries. What you need to do as students in South Korea is simply continue to do the good work that you have been doing, giving the invocations and the decrees, having your activities, having your meetings, and you will slowly raise the collective consciousness until there can be a shift. You will realize, of course, that we have given you certain goals in Korea, possibly the reunification of Korea as well, but this of course is not something that necessarily will happen in the short term. It could, potentially, but it is more likely to take some time.

You need to take more of a long view, and not be overly concerned about whether it is this party or that party that is ruling or this person or that person who is president. Even if you have a relatively inexperienced person as president, it is still an opportunity for the people to see, does this actually work? What kind of leadership do we want?

You need to recognize that you have a large group of students in Korea, you have built a very good momentum and it is having an impact, it may not have the outer impact that you would like to see in the short term, but it is having an impact, it is shifting the collective consciousness and you simply need to be happy with the efforts you are giving and continue to do so without being too concerned about whether this or that outer result manifests.

The same, of course, applies to students in other nations. You need to take a long view and realize that there is some distance between where the world is at now and where it will be in the golden age. There will be somewhat of a process, there will also of necessity be certain shifts that are more dramatic, but you are looking at the long-term perspective and you are working, in an ideal situation, to have a gradual evolution that gradually brings a nation forward without too many dramatic revolutionary events. Sometimes it is necessary with more of a revolutionary leap, but this is not something you are attached to, whether it happens or not.

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The self-centred quest for truth 

Question: I see that there are multibillionaires like Elon Musk, who talked about wanting to know truth and reality. For example, Elon Musk says he wants to know things as they are. Are these type of beings fallen or moving out of the falling mindset?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

You need to realize here, again, that what I said in the previous answer applies here. Some people are not fallen beings but have elements of the fallen consciousness. You even have some fallen beings who say that they want truth, they want to know things as they really are.

But do they really? Are they neutral? Or do they have, again, a very self-centered focus, a very self-centered motivation? Why do they want to know things as they are? Is it because they want to then state this, and promote this, so they can set themselves up as the ones who promote a truth and help people our societies come to a recognition of how things really are? Is there a self-centered motivation behind this? And if there is, it is very simple, they cannot know reality as it really is, because how do you know reality? Only by going into a neutral state of mind, and you cannot go into a neutral state of mind if you have this unbalanced focus on yourself and this ambition of promoting yourself.

Many, of course have had this, they are examples of this, and many gurus in today’s world that have this ambition. They tune in to some kind of beings in the mental realm that give them all kinds of fancy teachings, and then they come out and present that this is the ultimate truth that nobody else has ever had before. Again, self-centered, promoting themselves, and you cannot open yourself to the ascended masters with this mindset, and therefore how can you know things as they really are? Because only through the Christ consciousness can you know things as they really are.


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Elon Musk and the fallen consciousness 

Question: Is Elon Musk a fallen being, as he is known to be the richest man on earth, but he also helped bring electric cars? He sounds like he is defending free speech, etc., which is part of democracy and free will. He does not sound like a fallen being but there may be other aspects of his personality that are fallen, maybe.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

We are quite selective in how we answer questions like this, we are quite selective in who we call a fallen being or not. What I would say in this case is that there are many people, and Elon Musk is one example, who from past lives have elements of the fallen consciousness. They have not fallen in a previous sphere but they have taken in elements of the fallen consciousness. And this causes them to become very self-centered, very self-focused, so that they have the drive to build a business, to acquire these riches, they have the drive to be seen as important people who can bring progress, and so forth.

Now, if you look at world history, you see that there have been many, many ambitious people in the world and they have not all been fallen beings. But they have often been very self-centered, very narcissistic, and had very little empathy for other people. And they have been very focused on bringing something but their motivation has been to elevate themselves to be seen as special people. This does not mean that we have not been able to use them to bring forth certain ideas and inventions. But they have been very self-focused, very motivated by the building a certain image of themselves or leaving a certain legacy, and this is what has driven them.

They can still, as I said, be used as instruments for bringing positive change. But in many cases, of course, they have also become instruments for bringing negative change. This is clearly a mixed bag. And one of the things you can look at with people like this is: How do they treat the people in their companies, their own employees, how do they treat them? Do they treat them well? Do they pay them as little as possible? Do they make unreasonable demands of loyalty? And other things like this. How do they treat people in general? Are they seeking to help people? Are they seeking to create a change that will make themselves famous? Is it all centered on themselves?

This does not again mean that they are necessarily fallen beings, but they certainly have been affected by the fallen consciousness, where they have, in many cases, been inspired by certain people who were fallen beings. And they have come to admire these people, seeing them as an ideal, as an idol, as an inspiration, and saying: “I want that as well.”


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Can beings in the spiritual realm fall into duality? 

Question: In Maitreya’s book there are references to beings who fell from the spiritual realm. I am confused how beings in the spiritual could enter the duality consciousness and fall.

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

This is a misunderstanding because what Maitreya talks about is not the spiritual realm but previous spheres. Maitreya’s book introduces the concept of the previous spheres. And actually, part of the purpose of Maitreya’s book is to give a higher teaching that can resolve a question that was sort of lingering from, for example, the Summit Lighthouse teachings, where there was not the concept of previous spheres. And you have also in the Book of Revelation, there was a war in heaven and Michael and his angels fought the dragon, and the dragon prevailed not and was cast out of heaven, and so forth.

The Summit Lighthouse kind of built on this idea that the fallen beings were angels who had fallen in the spiritual realm. And you are perfectly right, how can a being in the spiritual realm go into duality and fall? It is very difficult to conceive of, because you have a direct experience of God and of oneness. Maitreya’s book is meant to resolve that by explaining that there were previous spheres that had not yet ascended and that is where these beings fell.

It was just that in the Summit Lighthouse, for example, there was like there is in the Bible, there are human beings and there are angels. And apart from God and ascended masters, there were not any other beings there. What you have in Maitreya’s book is a much broader teaching that shows that there were previous spheres where beings fell. You can see that in some of the earlier teachings given through me, they were still using the concept of fallen angels but they stopped using that at some point. I think, actually, it was in Maitreya’s book, and they started talking about fallen beings instead.


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Mental and physical burnout

Question: Many people suffer burnouts. As a result, they have diminished mental, emotional and physical abilities, often for years. What led them to abuse their bodies in that manner? And are there spiritual recommendations for the healing of the condition?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, there can be many reasons why people go to this extreme. It is not necessarily just the body that burns out but certainly also the mind. In many cases it is because people get caught up in outer situations where they feel they have to work towards a specific outcome. They have to, for example, have a certain career, they have a demanding job, and they have to fulfill the requirements of that job. They stopped listening to their bodies or to their minds or to their spouses or their families, and they are so focused on the goal that they believe the ends of neglecting everything else can justify meeting that goal. This can lead people to this unbalanced state where they cannot do it anymore.

There are of course many things you can do to heal this, you can first of all shift your mind and say: “Well, if I have gotten myself into this state, then I need to see it as a spiritual opportunity, as an opportunity for spiritual growth, for healing. I need to take some time out, reconsider what are my important goals in life. And then I use the tools for spiritual healing that the masters have given.” Again, Healing your Spiritual Traumas, but really many of our books including my course on abundance, can be very helpful for healing these kinds of traumas.


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Are there any harmless seasonings?

Question: Are seasonings like MSG as harmful as sugar? Are there any harmless seasonings?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, if you want a general rule of thumb, I would say that any substance, any kind of food, or any kind of drug that stimulates the brain is something to avoid, if you want maximum spiritual growth. You can look at seasonings that do not stimulate the brain. And they will in most cases be acceptable to use. That can of course be individual differences where your stomach, for example, cannot handle certain seasonings. But nevertheless, that is something you need to tune into individually. In general, I recommend avoiding substances that stimulate the brain.


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New series of books on Christhood? 

Question: Do the masters plan to release another series of books similar to the ones by the Chohans to take people from the 96th level to the 144th level?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, we have already released the Healing your Spiritual Traumas and the other books in the avatar revelation series, including of course the My Lives book. And we have the Master Keys to Personal Christhood, Master Keys to Personal Freedom, the Course on Abundance, and other books that you can take when you have finished the Chohan’s course. I know some of those were released before the Chohan’s books but nevertheless, they are meant for people who are at a higher level of consciousness.

We may, of course, at some point decide to release more books. But you have to realize that when you go above the 96th level, the process of growth is not quite as linear. In other words, it is still helpful for you to realize that there are 144 levels, you have quite a number of levels above the 96th level. But still, it is not quite as linear of a process, you actually do more parallel, it is more difficult to set a step by step process and say: this is the 96th, this is the 98th, this is the 99th and so on. But nevertheless, we will, as time moves on, consider releasing other books that can be helpful to people.


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How to become a messenger for the ascended masters 

Question: I have been feeling that it is in my divine plan to become a messenger for the ascended masters in some way. I know my next step is to become more balanced through physical health. But would the masters like to comment on any other tips that could accelerate my growth in this direction?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I know we sometimes sound like a broken record but the key is to heal your psychology. And that is what the books Healing your Spiritual Traumas and the others in that series are all about. Use these books, use the Chohan books if you have not already done so. And generally use all of our books and teachings to focus on healing your psychology. This will increase your intuition, your inner clarity, your inner peace, and therefore give you the intuitive directions that you need.

You need to recognize a very simple fact here. This messenger has, over the years he has been a messenger, met various people who came to him and wanted him to validate them as messengers, to give them an outer confirmation that they really were meant to be messengers. And he has always refused to do so for the simple reason: What is a messenger? It is a messenger like this messenger who takes dictations or a messenger who receives ideas from us. A messenger is a person who can tune into the ascended masters inside his or her own mind and received something from the ascended masters.

How can somebody else validate you as a messenger? How can somebody else tell you that you are a messenger or not? It needs to come from within. It must come as intuitive impressions that you get. And you get those by calming your mind, purifying your mind, healing your psychology. When your mind is open, when you are in a neutral frame of mind, then you can receive from our octave.


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Who makes our divine plan? 

Question: Which self decides the divine plan? Is it our I Am Presence?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

It is primarily the Conscious You. Now, the Conscious You when it is in between embodiments is not as blinded by the four lower bodies, the contents of the four lower bodies, so you have more of a connection to your I Am Presence. But the I Am Presence does not make the decision. It can give you a perspective, it can give you what we might call recommendations, although they are not in a verbal form, it just gives you impressions. And then you decide as the Conscious You. You of course have spiritual counsellors, ascended masters who are working with you, you have your Christ self. You can get feedback in this way. But in the end, you, the Conscious You, makes the decision.


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Seeing new opportunities vs. cultural expectations

Question: On the fifth level of Saint Germain’s initiations of freedom, the lesson is invoking the vision of how I co-create. The invocation says I was brought up to take on certain things from my family, from my surroundings, from my society. There are certain things where it is not that I deliberately consider them impossible, I just do not consider them possible. I do not even think about them as being possible. And the people around me do not think about this as being a possibility. I am sure that many of us, even after studying this lesson, are not considering many of the opportunities that could be available to us. Could Saint Germain expand on this and give us some tips to open ourselves to opportunities that we may currently be blocking?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, obviously, you can study the lesson again and again, you can give the invocation, and wait until something clicks in your mind. But you can also, of course, take a look at your family background, your society – what were the expectations that people had? What was the image they had or what was considered a normal and acceptable life in your family and culture? What are the other people in your family doing or not doing? What do they think is impossible for you?

For example, you may have grown up in a family where everybody has been used to going out and finding a job, and where hardly anyone has started their own business or gotten a higher education. There will then be an almost unconscious expectation that “this is what we do in our family. We do not start a business. We do not get an education, we just go out and find a job or whatever is available in our area”. You may also have an expectation or a culture, in many cases, where “we do not move from our hometown. This is our town, this is where we were born. This is where our whole family has lived their whole lives. This is where all the people we know and care about are. We cannot possibly move from this town, let alone move from the country”. You can begin to identify these, perhaps even write them down and then it is not that you deliberately need to go against them but you need to shift your mind so you become neutral. Should you necessarily follow what your family has been doing or should you do something different?

If this messenger had followed what his family was doing, he would not have moved to the United States. Therefore, he would not have had the accelerated growth he had there, and he would not have become ready to be a messenger for us. It can be necessary for you when you are a spiritual person who has a divine plan to do something different than what your family is doing. But you should not decide this with your outer mind. You should work with your outer mind to overcome these expectations and these images of how you are supposed to live. Go into a neutral state of mind, and then wait for direction to come from within or perhaps a physical opportunity opens up that your family would not have taken, but then you can take it and see where it leads you.


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Answers from within vs. answers from without

Question: The first question is, beloved ascended masters, please tell me if it is possible for a disciple of the ascended masters to consult an astrologer to find out my predestination in life, and whether I have a husband in my divine plan, because I do not know how I can hear the answers directly from the masters.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, in a previous dispensation, we did talk somewhat about astrology and many people did go to astrologers. But, in this dispensation we have chosen simply not to talk about the issue because we believe that with the teachings we are giving today, you will be able to raise yourself above the need, where you need astrologers or other kinds of outer guidance like this.

Now, if you feel you cannot hear the masters, then use the tools we have given to heal your psychology, especially the birth trauma in the Healing your Spiritual Traumas book and the other books in the series. And you can of course, if you want to consult an astrologer, you have free will, we are not saying that you should not. But what is an astrologer going to tell you? And even if the astrologer says yes, you have a husband in your divine plan, how will that help you find that husband?

You need to simply look at your own psychology. It would be more constructive to do so, and to see how you can heal your psychology of any attitudes that block you from finding a partner in life. This involves looking at your attitude towards relationships, and seeing whether you have some unrealistic expectations that it would be impossible for someone to fill. Again, the key really to any improvement is the healing of psychology, and consulting an astrologer or getting another answer from without is not going to help you heal your psychology.


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Why we have so difficult lives in this embodiment

Question: Mother Mary, you mentioned in one of your dictations that many of us in this group have had very difficult lives in this embodiment. Could you elaborate on the reason for this? Is it because we would need to remember to connect to our I Am Presence or to the ascended masters for guidance, and for remembering our divine plan? You also mentioned that many of us have embodied with those who caused our birth trauma. Can you talk a little more about this as well?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, the primary reason is really, that many of you want this to be either your last embodiment or one of the last embodiments. You have decided that you want to make as much progress as possible. This means that you determine that you will not shy away from difficulties, you will not seek to have a comfortable, easy life, you want maximum growth. This means, among some other things, that you embody with people with whom you may have karma, or who have a psychology that might clash with your own, so you have an opportunity to look at your own psychology. It may also be that you want to help certain people—give them another opportunity.

For many of you, you have also put yourself in certain situations in order to force yourself to deal with your own psychology. In other words, you can see when you are making your divine plan, you look back at your past lives, you can see there are certain lessons you have not learned. And the reason you have not learned those lessons is that before you come into embodiment, you can have the best of intentions and put this in your divine plan that you want to overcome this aspect of your psychology. But when you come down in the density of the four lower bodies in the physical octave, you forget this. You have a tendency to refuse to look at this psychology, to run away from the confrontation with it, and try to have a comfortable life.

This time, you have decided you want to put yourself in a situation that is so difficult that you cannot ignore this reaction in yourself. You cannot ignore the need to look at your reactionary patterns and overcome them. What you can do here is you can take our books, Healing Your Spiritual Traumas, and the others, even the My Lives book, and you can look at your psychology, you can look at your reactions in this lifetime and say: “What is it I wanted to resolve in my psychology in this lifetime that has caused me to be confronted with the same situations over and over again? It must be because I have not learned a lesson. Otherwise, I would not continue to attract these situations. So now I want to know, and I am going to use these tools, study these books until I have the direction from within.” You can of course ask me or another ascended master you are close to, but use the books, study them. Wait for this inner epiphany, use the invocations. But first of all be willing to look at yourself and your own reactionary patterns.


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Economic forecast 2022 and beyond

Question: Beloved Saint Germain, what will happen to the economy in the near future? According to some journalists, the worst is still to come due to the central banks being unable to mitigate soaring inflation by raising interest rates. It seems that the central banks are stuck between a rock and a hard spot and nobody knows what exactly will happen. Could you please give us some insight of what will most probably happen? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, in the short-term inflation will continue to go up. This is not just because of the inability of central banks to stop it via interest rates. It is also because after the corona pandemic, there is a pent-up demand that is causing prices to rise according to some supply and demand.

However, much of the inflation you see is actually driven by speculation. Especially commodities and oil prices are driven by speculators who have seen the opportunity to make a huge profit out of the growing demand by creating an artificial shortage. What will happen, most likely in the near future, is that there will come a point where economic growth will start to stagnate and the world will go into a recession, which will then bring prices down again because demand will decrease. In the best-case scenario, this recession will not last too long. But in a worst-case scenario, it could lead to a deflation, where prices go down.

The real underlying issues behind the economy are basically three things:

First of all, there is the exploitation of the economy by the financial elite through financial instruments that do not contribute to the natural economy by providing products or services. They siphon money away from the population, and from the businesses who are providing goods and services. This is one issue that needs to be addressed.

The other issue is the money system itself, the creation of money through debt, which has reached a point where it just is not sustainable anymore. And this is partly a matter of creating a sound money system that is not based on debt. You could say this is the second issue, the creation of a money system that is not debt based.

But the third issue then, is the debt in itself, where people, companies and governments, nations have incurred such huge debt, that it just is not sustainable. Even the interest payments are threatening the economies of many nations, businesses and people. There will come a point where a growing number of people—economists, politicians, journalists, and so forth—will become aware that the world faces a simple choice. Either the economy completely crashes, and the entire financial system crashes because of debt, speculation, and so on. Or the democratic governments fulfill their responsibility to create a truly democratic economy, a free economy with equal opportunity for all that cannot be exploited by the power elite.

Even the power elite will begin to see that they can either choose to nullify some of the debt, or maintain the debt and demand payment of it, where they can cause the economy to crash so they will never get any more payments. There simply needs to come this awareness that the debt has reached such a level where the only way out is to nullify the debt, maybe not all debt, but certainly much of the debt.

You can see in the United States where the national debt has reached truly astronomical levels. And there needs to be some awareness and a movement of people saying: “Where are we borrowing this money? Who is lending it to us? To whom do we owe the money?” And it needs to be this awareness that: “Yes, we owe it to some big national banks, even some multinational banks. But shouldn’t these companies, these corporations, be American corporations? Why have we created this debt-based money system where the government needs to borrow money from private institutions, and the taxpayers are paying interest to these private institutions? Why are we not doing what it says in the Constitution, that only Congress has the power to print money? Why are we not printing money directly, instead of borrowing it from private banks that make a profit? Why are we allowing this kind of money system? Why are we allowing the Federal Reserve to run the economy?”

And other nations can of course, have different institutions, but nevertheless, debt-based money is a problem everywhere. The question is when this awareness will be there, whether it will happen in time to prevent a crash, or whether there will have to be another crash as severe as 2008 or 1929 in order for people to realize that you cannot have a democratic nation that has an anti-democratic financial system.


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Mineral traces of ancient civilisations 

Question: Are the ancient ruins in many parts of the world mainly stone, which some in our civilization consider impossible to create with current technology as a result of the densification of matter? Meaning that the hard stone would have been somewhat less dense, perhaps like wood, so it could have been worked with like tools of our current time. It was also said that most of the rock formations were created by past ancient civilizations and the ancient stone buildings are just sophisticated composites and not naturally occurring stones or rocks. Could the masters comment?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, there are many ramifications of what we have said—that matter has been densified along with the lowering of the collective consciousness. And it is correct that in a time when matter was less dense, it was easier to form the matter that existed at the time. But it still does not mean that the Egyptians used exclusively the tools that your civilization knows today, that they had at the time. They had more sophisticated methods for carving the stone than are known by modern technology. They also used the power of sound to move these heavy stone blocks.

Now, if you go further back beyond the Egyptian civilization, it is true that it was easier to carve stone, as you would call it today, because it was not as dense. It is not so that all stone formations were buildings in previous civilizations that have now turned to stone. But it is so that there are many of the minerals you see today that are not naturally occurring and were not the result of a geological process. They were man-made in previous civilizations.

We have said before that, not so long ago, there was a very thick ice cover over the island of Manhattan that is today covered by huge concrete buildings. If you imagine again, an ice age where the ice moves down, and a thick ice cover moves back and forth over the island of Manhattan, the present buildings would be ground to dust, or at least to smaller particles. If there was a future civilization that believed they were the first civilization on earth, they might discover some of this powder that was created by the ice from the buildings, and they might think it was a naturally occurring mineral. And the same is the case with present civilization.


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