2021 United States Capitol attack

Question: How does Saint Germain interpret the events of January 6th at the Capitol building in Washington, DC?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, if you can show me something in the United States Constitution, that describes such an event as part of American democracy, then I would be willing to consider your argument. But when I read the US Constitution, I do not see any place in the constitution for this kind of an event. It is, in fact, an antithesis to everything the constitution stands for, with an orderly succession of powers based on the elections, as the elections are held and as the votes are counted.

What I see here is that Donald Trump, as we have said before, because of his narcissistic psychology, could not bear to lose the election. He became pulled into a vortex of this illusion, this fantasy that the election was stolen, and he did not really lose.

After the election when he refused to accept that he had lost, he and his followers, the people around him and the broader population who bought into this, created a downward spiral, an energetic vortex that between the election and January 6 became stronger and stronger, until it not only overpowered Donald Trump and some of his advisors, but it overpowered many of those who considered themselves followers or supporters of Trump.

This caused some of the more extreme and unbalanced people that supported Trump to go into this state of mind where they started to feel that attacking the Capitol, entering the Capitol, breaking into the Capitol, even with the intent of forcing the vice president to do what he is not constitutionally authorized to do was justified. They felt justified in doing this.

But when you look at the entire event, how can you fail to see that this was an act of violence and force? What is the entire purpose of a democratic form of government? It is peaceful conflict resolution. How do you see this as peaceful conflict resolution? I cannot see it that way.

I know that many of the people who have been pulled into the vortex see it that way but that is because they are pulled into the vortex and they are seeing through the filter of the vortex. They are taking an ideological approach to the entire issue. They are refusing to consider that they could be wrong, that they could be completely wrong, that the election was not stolen, and therefore there was no justification for Trump’s behavior after the election, nor for the January 6th event, nor for anything that followed, nor for anything that some people think will follow when some mysterious force will reinstate Trump as president whereupon he will save America.

It just is not going to happen. It is a complete fantasy. The people who are being pulled into it are simply beyond my reach. I have no desire to change them. If they need that experience let them have it. But it will be the school of hard knocks for these people.


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Pure vs. perverted sexual practices

Question: The ascended master Astrea in the recent webinar for Russia mentioned that some Russian men are exploiting women through impure sexual practices. Could we know the acts that fall under ‘pure’ practices. If acts are improper to be mentioned, can the criteria to understand which practices are pure and impure be mentioned so as they can be avoided.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, there are certainly no sexual acts that are improper to be mentioned by an ascended master but of course, some ascended master students might find it improper, if we did describe them in explicit detail.

But what we can say is that the exploitation of women is a complex topic, it is not just a matter of the actual acts that are performed, also the attitude with which they are performed. First of all, what makes the sexual act impure is the attitude of the people involved, in this case, the attitude of the men who are using some kind of force, some kind of intimidation, some kind of pressure, some kind of manipulation, to get women to submit to their sexual desires.

So when men have this attitude that they have a right to force women, the sexual interaction is always impure. When they have the attitude that women are a lower form of being, they are just there for men’s sexual gratification, they should be a kind of sexual slave, they should to admit to the man’s desire, especially when they are married, then this in itself, this attitude in itself makes the sexual act impure.

There are certain sexual practices that have a particular influence on the energy flow in the chakras. This is something that is simply a matter of the energy flow, how the chakras are lined up. If a man enters a woman from behind as animals are doing, this does not create a positive upward energy flow in the chakras of either of the two. Reversing the position of the bodies, so that the chakras are reversed in their direction also influences the energy flow.

But really, in general, it is this: Is there force involved in the sexual act? Is there a derogatory, negative, humiliating attitude towards women on the part of the men? Of course, also the women can have an impure attitude, partly towards men, partly towards themselves, and this will always be a perversion of the sexual act, which does not create a positive energy flow.

You can say that a pure sexual act is one where the man or for that matter, the woman is not seeking personal gratification. There is a desire to have gratification of both parties, that both parties come to an orgasm, that both parties are emotionally satisfied by the act. This means there has to be a connection between the man and the woman, they actually need to not just strive for sexual gratification in the form of an orgasm, but strive to go beyond the physical gratification and have a deeper connection between them, a psychological, emotional, spiritual connection.

When two people can achieve this deeper oneness, then you have the maximum positive energy flow of the sexual act, which then really is not a sexual act as the world defines it. It is a spiritual act of unity, unification and harmony.

Naturally, you also need to see that when there is any kind of violence involved with the sexual act, whether it is a man forcing the woman physically, whether he is beating up the woman, or whether there is what you call sadomasochistic sex, then this also creates a non constructive energy flow. There are of course, other such what you would normally call more extreme or perverted sexual practices that people have developed or discovered over the ages, too many to mention, but you get the general idea that whenever there is force or violence involved, even psychological force and psychological violence, then it is a downward energy flow that is created.

It very much ties in, especially in the man to these beasts and entities in the collective consciousness that then causes him to be pulled into a negative spiral where his sexual desires become insatiable, become obsessive, and he becomes obsessive compulsive about having sex. This really hurts the man as much or more than it hurts the woman. So it is not just a matter of liberating women from these perverted sexual practices. It is also a matter of liberating men, because the men are, in many cases even more trapped, because the women at least realize that they are being forced, and therefore they can close themselves off emotionally. Whereas the man often opens himself up emotionally to the dark forces behind this.


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The end of the royal houses on earth?

 Question: Are Prince Harry and Megan supported by the masters to reform the British royal family or are they following their personal agenda?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, this certainly depends on what you put into the word ‘supported’ by the ascended masters. In the long term, it is clear that in the golden age, all the royal houses found on the planet will simply disappear. It goes for the British and all the others. It has already long ago outlived its purpose and really just needs to be abandoned completely.

But given that there are some nations where the people are still very attached to maintaining this tradition, it is clear that as an interim step, there needs to be reform of these royal houses and the way they are conducting themselves. There are certain people who have been born into these royal houses and Harry is one of them and Megan has of course married into it, who has it as part of their divine plan to attempt a reform.

You can say that this is also supported by the ascended masters as an interim step. But it does not mean that we are directly sponsoring them or that they have a particular attunement to us. You can say that they do not have a personal attunement, but they have a general attunement, that there needs to be change in the royal houses.

Now, of course, it is a very big question whether this will have any effect or whether the tradition will, and the beasts behind the tradition, will continue to grind away and maintain the current state of the Royal House. This will also depend on who becomes King after Queen Elizabeth dies. Is it Prince Charles or is it William?

Therefore there are many uncertainties in this entire scenario. But it is clear that the ascended masters want all of the royal houses to disappear, which of course, in the long run will entail that some of the people who now hold a position will approach the secular government and say: “Isn’t it just time to let this go?” But it can also, of course, happen from the government or it can happen from the people and it can happen by certain dramatic events and exposures, where certain things are exposed about the conduct and state of mind of these members of the royal families, which then creates a shock effect that makes the people tip over and say: It’s just time to end this. So there really is an open question exactly how this will happen. And it will be, of course, different in different countries.


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Bill Gates and the elitist mindset

Question: Can the masters comment on Bill Gates and what is happening right now where certain actions are uncovered? Is this also a result of the collective consciousness that is raised and the addressing of the ending of the era of elitism?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, I do not want to comment on the personal life of Bill Gates but I will say that Bill Gates has sort of become a symbol for the power elite, the very, very rich people. Even though he was not born into the elite, but worked his way up, he is still a symbol for this aspiring new elite that has come up through the new money, through technology.

Therefore, there is a connection to the fact that many people are beginning to question the elitist state, the elitist mindset and this has an effect both on Bill Gates and others, where you see that he is not the only known person, the only celebrity, the only powerful person or rich person who has experienced these humiliating revelations about their personal lives or their state of mind, the state of their health or whatever you have. So there is a certain connection between this.

But in some cases, it is also simply the person’s personal karma, they have reached the end of their opportunity and they can no longer maintain the illusion they had created before, the almost hypnotic state that some powerful people can create around them and it therefore starts to break up. Their public image is then shattered or exposed for what it is. This will also happen, and it has been happening to some degree to certain politicians.

It is simply part of the process of breaking up that elitist mindset by exposing these things that makes the general population realize that the elite are not infallible, they are not special, they are not superior. They are in fact, human beings like everybody else and therefore, they really do not deserve the special treatment they are given and they certainly do not deserve the privileged position that they think they are entitled to. They are not entitled to a special position.


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The spiritual effect of mass events

Question: Are very big gatherings where thousands and thousands of people come together natural or mostly serving some invisible destructive forces? Are personal development events with ten thousand people, huge festivals, sports games or even global meditation events constructive or serving a destructive purpose?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, that depends entirely on how they are conducted, what is the intent behind it, what is the mindset of the people. You can see based on our teachings on ideology, that sometimes people will come together in an ideological mindset.

The typical example is the rallies held by Adolph Hitler in the 1930s, where you had tens of thousands of people in a stadium, being hypnotized by Hitler’s speeches, and the energy flowing through him and with one mind screaming “Seig Heil” or “Heil Hitler” and thereby producing a very inharmonious energy that had a destructive effect. Now, you could say that these people did achieve some kind of unity of mind during these events. But because it was colored by the ideological mindset and directed towards a destructive purpose, it did not actually raise the planet.

Otherwise, you can say that what is the deciding factor on mass events is actually whether people can come together in the state of unity and harmony, where they are not seeking to force other people, meaning they do not have the ideological approach. They are just perhaps, centered around some positive event or purpose. Also it can be that they are simply unified in enjoying, for example, a musical performance, a theater performance and sometimes even a sports event.

Generally, sports events do not produce a high energy, because there is always this influence of the desire for your team to win and the other team to lose. There are some sports events that can have a unifying effect, first of all, the Olympics, where it is not quite as competitive as some other sports. The one deciding factor is of course the degree of unity attained and also the degree of harmony, whether it is a positive intent.

Now it is of course possible to create much more powerful events. If you, for example, had ten thousand people who came together to give decrees and invocations, or listen to dictations, then that would have a very powerful effect. In the Summit Lighthouse, there was sometimes three to four thousand people that would come together for a summer conference, and they would all be gathered together in the same place and they would be unified in giving the decrees and listening to the dictations that were given. This of course had a tremendous effect because the effect is multiplied by the number of people, it is actually multiplied exponentially by the number of people.

This is also why the Mother Mary 500 Vigil is important, because when you come together in a unified purpose, the effect of what you are doing individually is multiplied exponentially with the number of people present. It is also why a conference like this, where you are not physically in the same place, but you are still connected and united over the internet, and you have a common purpose and it is a positive one and this also has a tremendous effect because of the multiplication factor.


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Speaking out without inner tension 

Question: How to talk about ideas presented in ascended master teachings to the people who are not aware of the teachings in a way where the student doesn’t have a need to use the dualistic mindset to reason and try to use the teachings from the ascended masters as some ultimate proof point for bringing the idea or invalidate other teachings. How to stand up with ideas presented by the ascended masters through this dispensation, and not owning anything but at the same time not doubting the ideas if someone questions them, or even ignores them. I see there is a very high risk to fall into spiritual pride, feeling superior or special. I see a separate self who is afraid of talking about ideas brought by the ascended masters in the public or to new people because of fear of being ridiculed or put down. Also, if I don’t talk about ideas presented by ascended masters, it feels not right either. How to approach this constructively?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, this is certainly a problem that is very universal to avatars, whether they are in ascended master teachings or not. Avatars generally feel that you came to earth to make a difference so that means that you have this urge, this drive, sometimes even an obsessive compulsion to speak out, to help other people.

Of course, when you find an ascended master teaching and accept it, you experience that this increases your own understanding tremendously and therefore you tend to assume that if you just could present the ascended masters ideas to people and get them to accept them as you have done, it would have the same effect in their minds. This, of course, is not a realistic assumption. As Gautama Buddha just explained, there are 7 billion people on the planet who have each their own individual personal ideology and perception filter. You can present people with an idea that has had a tremendous impact on you but some of them will be opposed to it, some of them will ignore it and find it not interesting at all.

This very much, for avatars, ties in with going back to when you first came to earth, you came here with a positive desire to help people make a difference. You knew that this required you to help people see what they could not see and accept new ideas and you all felt that you were rejected at some point, often forcefully put down by the fallen beings, but you often felt you were ignored and rejected by the population of earth.

This is a dynamic that in order to fully overcome it, you need to take our teachings on the primal self and the birth trauma and work with them to overcome those selves. But you also need to go a step further and look at what brought you to earth, what ideas and desires did you have, like we have used the example several times of this messenger coming to this realization, as the first step, that there was nothing he had to do on earth.

He has also later realized many other aspects of this, that he does not have to achieve any results on earth, he does not have to come up with any final understanding or proof on earth, he does not have to convince anyone on earth, he does not have to change anyone on earth, he does not have to change anything on earth.

You can see that if you can overcome these selves that go back to your first coming here, then what will actually happen is that you will be free of this sense of compulsion. You will not feel that you have to speak out or that you have to speak out in every situation, you will be able to sort of feel intuitively when it is constructive to speak out and when it is not. More importantly, you will speak out without having an inner tension about speaking out.

When you can do this, you will find that you get a different reaction from people. Still, there will be some people who cannot grasp what you are saying. There might still be a few that will oppose it, but you will not get the same reaction from people that you do when you speak out with this inner tension. Furthermore, you will not have the same reaction in yourself if people reject what you are saying, you will just allow them to have their free will, be unaffected by it and continue to speak out.

What will also happen when you overcome the selves that give you this compulsion to speak out is that you will not need to prove anything, you will not need to appeal to any kind of authority. It is very correct that a typical reaction not only from ascended master students, but from really anybody who has been convinced about a certain belief system is that you have come to see the ascended master teachings as some kind of authority.

Here you are hoping you can convince another person, and you are hoping that the other person will also accept the teachings as an authority. But again, this is not a realistic expectation, because people are in a different state of mind. When you transcend that need to prove anything, to have some kind of authority, you are not putting pressure on people, and when you do not put pressure on people, they do not react as strongly as they do when you are subconsciously trying to pressure them, which they always sense.

What happens then is that you can adopt a new approach. Instead of trying to convince them, instead of coming with the approach of: “They should react a certain way, they should accept what you are saying, they should be converted by it”, you are simply sharing what happened to you. You are sharing how you found these particular viewpoints very helpful, how they changed your outlook on life, how they changed the way you experience life, how they gave you a greater sense of peace and enjoyment and fulfillment.

You are just sharing your experience with the teachings. That is a fundamentally different approach than when you have these selves left that give you this compulsion to speak out and that also give you this fear of being rejected. You can strive to come to that point where you are neutral. This also involves, as the teachings have been given, overcoming this ideological approach.

Also when you get rid of these separate selves, that is when you can follow the call of all religions: “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you, (do not do unto others what you do not want others to do to you).” You do not want other people to force you, so you do not want to force other people.

Basically, what we can say is that when you take Gautama’s teachings about the ideological mindset, and how many people in the world have realized that it does not help to force, it does not create a better society to force, you can see that it does not create a better society to force certain ideas upon other people. What you can even say is that if you take the admonishment ‘to do unto others’ to its logical fulfillment, or extreme point, it is that you may have a desire to change society. If you look at all the ideologies that have been given on earth, you could say that one of the things they have in common is that they are all based on this idea that in order to change society, you have to change other people.

There is, as Gautama Buddha explained, the division into those who are promoting the ideology and seeking to change and those who are resisting it and those who are promoting the ideology always believe that the way to change society is to change other people. But when you take the teachings of the mystical path, as given by the Buddha, by Jesus, by many other teachers, you see that the reality is that the way to change society is to change yourself.

When you have changed yourself, then you can share that process with others and that might inspire others, at least some people will understand. And this then, when it builds critical mass will change society. But again, the key is to recognize that whenever you have a tension in you, whenever you feel a compulsion to change other people, a tension about approaching other people, this comes from separate selves.

The way to get free of it is to come to see those selves, flush them out in the open, separate yourself from them, see the belief behind it, dismiss the belief and just let the self die instead of trying to solve the problem by forcing and convincing other people.


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How to resolve the division in the soul?

Question: Is it possible that the Conscious You of a person will withdraw from the body and go to higher planes in cases of severe trauma or mental illness, or where a demon or other entities come inside to take its place? While what is left to animate the body is the life force of the physical body or the soul? I am asking because I personally seem to live in two worlds. The first world is the regular physical world, where I seem to have no connection to spirit and the second is the world of sleep where I dream and have wonderful spiritual experiences, where it seems my Conscious You or I Am Presence is present. And I ask because I seem to have no spiritual growing transcendence presence in my daily life. And I was exposed to severe traumas and substance abuse. So it seems my Conscious You left the vehicle. What do we do in this case to bring back the Conscious You to its rightful place?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

We are running up against the limitations of words here. It just depends on how you want to use these words to describe a very subtle phenomenon. What we said in a previous dispensation was that there was a phenomenon of soul division, where the soul could split into several divisions. And this could especially happen as a result of trauma.

So if you say that the contents of your four lower bodies make up your soul, then we can apply this concept of soul division. You are exposed to a severe trauma. It is so severe, that there is a part of your being that does not want to experience this. And therefore, that part of your being withdraws from the physical body, attempts to withdraw from having anything to do with the physical body. So it does not need to experience life through the physical body, and the outer consciousness and the senses.

What is really happening here is that you have a split in your four lower bodies, there is a division, there is a barrier created, where you created an impenetrable wall between the division and your physical waking consciousness—this is a division that you have.

Now, in terms of the Conscious You, well, the Conscious You is what makes you conscious. You are not asleep when you are asking this question. So the very fact that you are able to formulate a question about the role of the Conscious You can only be done because you are conscious, you are self-aware. And what makes you self-aware is the Conscious You. As you are awake and experiencing your normal everyday life, the Conscious You is then in, (centered in) the physical body, and your outer mind.

Now at night, when you are asleep, it is possible that the Conscious You can enter into this division in your follower bodies, and now experience life from that vantage point, through that filter. And so what you can do is, recognize that such a division, such a dramatic split in the soul, is really still what we have talked about in the teachings about the separate selves that are the result of trauma. And the split goes back, whether it was caused by your birth trauma or not, but it goes back to that initial birth trauma and the creation of the primal self.

What you can do is, you can use the tools and teachings we have given on the separate selves to come to see that the division in your being is actually a conglomerate of separate selves that can be dissolved and allowed to die one by one. But in order to do this, you need to make some kind of deliberate conscious changes where you decide that you want to resolve this, you want to overcome the division in your soul. You want to be fully present in your daily outer life, instead of always longing to withdraw from daily outer life, feeling it as a burden.

And then you have to be willing to go through the work that needs to be done and experience the pain that you will experience when you begin to get in touch with these separate selves that you normally do not want to experience. What you actually need to realize here is that when you have a division, like what you are describing, what you are experiencing when you are dreaming is not actually what this division is going through, because there are separate selves in this division going on that are constantly in pain from the trauma.

But you have decided that you do not want to experience that pain and that is essentially why the split happened. So you have created a self in the division that thinks it is very spiritual and you are having spiritual experiences. It is in order to avoid the pain. So you have to decide that you are willing to reconnect to the pain as is necessary in order to see these selves.

Now we have given teachings and tools that when you use our decrees, you can transform the energy that intensifies the pain. There will still be some pain but it will not be as overwhelming when you use the appropriate decrees to dissolve the energy. For some people this can be a very intricate process, a long process, it can take years, maybe even a decade or two and it can be a painful and difficult process.

But you can consider this: Is your current situation pleasant to you? Would you like to change it? Would you like to change it in this lifetime, or would you like to postpone it so that you come back in your next lifetime with the same division and have to go through in that lifetime what you have gone through in this lifetime? Or would you rather do the work now, make the effort now to resolve that division so that you can possibly ascend, or at least come into your next embodiment with a much higher level of consciousness and without this split in your four lower bodies, your soul vehicle?


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Evolution of the humanoid bodies

Question: We know we are not evolved from the apes. But was the evolution of the primates necessary for the development of the physical bodies of human beings?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Well, I have given a previous answer where I talked about both myself and Maitreya giving some teachings about evolution. That there is a certain evolutionary process that was started in the physical octave and that was jump started at several levels to go to a higher level. And then after it was taken to a higher level, it was left to evolve from there. This was taken all the way up to the development of primates and this did lead to development of bodies that were human-like.

And the purpose for this was actually to serve as a kind of safety mechanism so that if the self-aware beings who embodied in the three higher levels, fell or descended to a lower state of consciousness, they would have bodies in the physical realm that they could embody in. You will see that in the higher realms, you can manifest a body in that vibrational spectrum. But that cannot be done in the physical realm when people are in a lower state of consciousness.

So therefore, there had to be an evolutionary process that gradually brought forth these humanoid bodies. I will not call them human bodies, because they were not really human bodies until self-aware beings embodied in them. Before that they did not have self-awareness. They did not have what you would call a human consciousness just as you today see in the other primates, in the apes.


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Ataturk, Islam, secularism and democracy 

Question: Do countries with a Muslim majority like Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania and Turkey, have a future in the EU or in Europe’s Golden Age? Should secularism be imposed there forcefully like Kamal Ataturk did in Turkey? Was he in touch with the Masters, or was he part of Dönmeh as alleged and a fallen being?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Ataturk was in tune with the ascended masters to some degree and he realized that in order to create a fully functioning democracy, it has to be a secular nation, there has to be freedom of religion. And there has to be a situation where the religious authorities cannot dominate the secular government, the civil government.

It is clear that what you see in many Middle East countries, and what you in fact see in Turkey at the moment, is that there is, what we have called a desperate attempt by the dark forces and by Islamic fundamentalists to maintain their grip on society. They know they are losing it, it is a losing battle for them, but they are trying to extend the time where they can influence society with their fundamentalist interpretations and the Sharia law.

It is inevitable that as we move closer and more into the golden age, this will have to fall, this will have to change, the same in Turkey, the same in European countries with a Muslim majority. These countries cannot be fully functioning democracies if there is a majority in the country, who want to impose a Muslim ideology really, a Muslim worldview upon the country, and upon the non-Muslims in the country.

You understand what we have said about democracy. It is a form of government that seeks to overcome divisions in society that seeks to overcome conflict and force. If you have one group of people who are willing to use violence, or at least force, to force their view upon the rest of the population, whether it is a majority are not, then this cannot be a fully functioning democracy. You have then a division in that democratic nation. A house divided against itself cannot stand as Jesus said, and therefore it cannot function at its highest potential.

You see this right now in the United States, where there is this minority of Christian fundamentalists who are seeking to impose their Christian worldview upon America. And they are joined by some very conservative people who are seeking to force a conservative view. And this creates enormous division that prevents the American democracy or the nation of America from functioning to its highest potential. And I have said before that this actually is holding back the manifestation of the golden age in the United States.

The same, of course, applies to other nations. Turkey, under Erdoğan, has gone into a blind alley that has set back the growth of Turkey towards the golden age, quite dramatically. And some of the nations such as Kosovo, and Bosnia, Albania, have not really even gotten as far as Turkey had gone before Erdoğan came to power.

So there are certainly some of these nations that have a ways to go before they can become functioning members of the EU, and before they can enter the golden age mindset. And so you could say that it would be constructive to have secularism established as a foundational principle in these nations. I am not thereby saying it should be forced upon these nations. And you could argue that Ataturk went too far in forcing it. But it certainly is something that needs to happen before these countries can really move into the golden age.


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Organ transplantation vs. new forms of healing 

Question: As the Golden Age is approaching, would you be releasing soon, technologies of effectively creating artificial human organs and tissues, as well as transplants efficiently? Hopefully this might reduce the human trafficking, kidnapping or killing for organs, trade and harvesting, etc.

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

I understand that currently harvesting of organs and human trafficking is a major issue, a major problem. But it is not something that would be solved by releasing technology for creating new organs that can be transplanted instead of taking organs from other human bodies.

The reality is that the current science of medicine is very primitive. Quite frankly, cutting the body open with a sharp instrument is a primitive form of healing that will not be necessary in the golden age. Transplanting an organ from one body to another is not only a very violent procedure, but of course it also, has a great risk in terms of the new body rejecting the organ and in terms of the transfer of some of the consciousness from the other person to the recipient of the organ.

So, this is primitive technology, it will not be replaced by a way to create artificial organs, it will be replaced by different healing methods that make organ transplant unnecessary. And this is something that I do plan to release and have started to set the foundation for. But it is again dependent on the need for people with medical knowledge, who do not have an ideological approach, a materialistic approach and therefore are open to receiving these ideas.

I can say that it very much has to do with a previous topic that we touched on in terms of vibrational medicine. It is possible to create certain technologies that send vibrations at damaged organs. Of course, in the longer run, you will also see that people will have more knowledge of how to have a healthy lifestyle so that they avoid damaging their organs.

In a sense, you could say that if a person drinks excessive amounts of alcohol and damages their liver, having a liver transplant really does not help the person change his or her consciousness. It may be necessary for that person to die, have the body die, in order to begin to question the consciousness behind the alcohol abuse. And the same thing with many other diseases. Sometimes people need to die of a certain disease in order to be willing to shift their consciousness so they do not manifest that same disease but adopt a different lifestyle.


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About the obsessive-compulsive attachment to the previous teaching

Question: I have a great frustration in my life. The Masters tell me that we can change gender from life to life. This is according to the truth given through the messenger, Johanne Agerskov in Towards the Light, 1920. Towards the Light is the only message to mankind that is approved by God. If we are changing gender, this will cause enormous pain, and it is normally not allowed. Why do the Masters tell us different truths?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, we generally do not comment on specific teachings. And one of the reasons is that we prefer to have people exercise their own discernment. Another reason is that if you look at many, many countries on earth, you will see that in most countries, there is one, or maybe a few people who, especially back in the late 1800s, or 1900s, claim to have received some kind of message from a higher realm.

You will see that this was a period where spiritualism was quite common in many countries, there was a growing spiritual awareness, but it was still at a lower level than it is today. There were some people who were able to tune in, in many cases they tuned in to the mental realm and they brought forth a teaching. In many cases, you will actually see that this teaching makes some kind of claim to have some kind of authority. And this was done, of course, in order to attract people who especially at that time, needed that sense of authority for a teaching.

Now, if you look at this specific claim that this teaching is the only teaching approved by God, then I will comment on that claim, because this is not a claim that will come from God, or from the ascended masters. God, of course, is while not technically part of the ascended masters, certainly, the ascended masters are in alignment with God, because we form this hierarchical pyramidal structure where the Creator is at the top of the pyramid. Everything we do is of course in alignment with it.

The very concept that there is only one teaching that is approved by God is not realistic. This is not something the ascended masters would ever say. We realize that there are many different evolutions on earth, many different groups of people from many different backgrounds, and they need different teachings. We would not say this, there may be some times where a messenger can distort this in his or her mind and make some kind of elaborate claim to some ultimate thing, but it is not something we say. You can evaluate the teaching based on this.

What I want to point out here is that we do see a certain amount of students that find an ascended master teaching, and they have studied a spiritual teaching or several spiritual teachings before finding the ascended master teaching. In a sense, this applies to all of you. But there are some students that have become very attached to the previous teaching. They have, to use the terminology we have used during this webinar, they have gone into an ideological mindset about this particular teaching.

When they come to an ascended master teaching, they sense that it is part of their growth, it is part of their divine plan to find the ascended master teaching, but in their outer minds they are seeking for the ascended master teaching to validate the previous teaching. They are obsessed with getting, they are compulsive about getting this validation from the ascended masters. And that is why they are greatly disturbed and frustrated when there is a discrepancy between the previous teaching and the teachings of the ascended masters. This can also happen to students who see a discrepancy between one ascended master dispensation and a previous or later ascended master dispensation.

The reality here, as we have explained many times now, is that you are not as a spiritual being male or female, you were not created male or female, and you are fully capable of switching between male and female bodies in different embodiments. We have explained previously at this conference that there are some people who have become so identified with a particular sex, that it can be difficult or painful for them to switch. But they are sometimes forcing themselves to do it precisely in order to move on.

The teaching that it can only be a great disturbance and a great pain, to switch sex in different embodiments simply does not apply to the vast majority of people. The vast majority of people do not find it particularly difficult to switch, it may take some adjustment.  But it is not that it creates enormous trauma and enormous frustration for them.

What you can do, when you experience this kind of frustration, or what you see as a discrepancy or contradiction between different teachings is that you can recognize that whenever there is frustration, the frustration does not come from you and it certainly does not come from the other teaching. It comes from a separate self.

The question simply is, are you willing to look at that separate self, until you separate yourself from it and let it die? Are you willing to look at a previous teaching and whether you have become attached to it, obsessive compulsive about it? Are you willing to consider that it might actually be part of your divine plan to find the ascended master teachings, because this is the teaching that can take you to a higher level of your spiritual growth, and in order to get to that higher level, you have to be willing to let go of the old teaching and embrace the new, and if you do not let go of the old teaching, it will hold back your growth, perhaps for the rest of this embodiment.

Are you willing to consider these questions, look in the mirror, assess where you are at and what is the best for your own growth. I am not here telling you what to do, I am just telling you what you can do. First of all, recognize that whenever there is a frustration, it can only come from a separate self because the conscious you does not feel frustrated, your I Am Presence does not feel frustrated.


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Pure awareness meditation vs. attunement to the masters 

Do the ascended masters consider that meditation, especially bare awareness meditation, is an effective tool for attunement to the I AM Presence and ascended masters? Should students who are new to both ascended master teachings and meditation, learn meditation as a tool for attunement? Should students who are already experiencing meditation use it as a tool for attunement?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, there are many different forms of meditation. And there are some meditations that are aimed at giving you what you can call bare awareness or pure awareness, where you go into a state of mind where you experience what we talked about when we say that the Conscious You can step out of its normal perception filter and just experience itself as pure awareness. And this is a valuable tool for most people. There are some people who should not do this because they are not ready for it. But for many people, it can be a valuable tool.

I am not thereby saying that all ascended master students should do this. But however as the question is formulated, I would not say that this kind of meditation is suited for attunement. The purpose of this kind of meditation is to help you experience pure awareness, naked awareness, awareness without thoughts, without any structure. And this is valuable for you realizing there is an alternative to your normal awareness that is so full of thoughts and feelings and structures.

But in order to attune to the ascended masters, you do not need naked awareness, empty awareness, you need to attune to the vibration of the ascended masters. And for that, I would more recommend that you use our decrees and invocations especially for new people.

You will often find that many people who are new to the teachings need to go through a period where they establish spiritual protection, they transform the inharmonious energies in their four lower bodies and they use Astrea to be cut free from any ties to the collective consciousness or lower beings. During this period, it can be difficult to attune, it can also be difficult to experience pure awareness.

But when you get beyond this period, you can still use invocations and decrees. But once in a while, be still. Just sit and try to be in an open and neutral frame of mind. This does not necessarily mean that you do not have any thoughts and you certainly do not need to go into straining to suppress thoughts, but you can strive to be as open and neutral as possible. After you have given decrees, after you have listened to a dictation, just spend a few minutes just sitting there and attuning to the presence of the master.

You can of course also give a novena, we have a novena to the Great Divine Director where you take the decree to the Divine Director you give it nine times a day and then after you have given the decrees you have a notepad and you write down without judging, without analyzing, whatever comes to you. You can do the same with any master for whom there is a decree. You can also, if you prefer this, do this after listening to a dictation, you can practice this exercise of just sitting with a notebook, writing whatever comes to you without judging or analyzing.


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To translate or not to translate 

How do the ascended masters see the potential of the Vietnamese people for receiving their teachings? I am considering to translate as much teaching materials as possible into Vietnamese so that they can benefit and would like advice on whether it would be a worthwhile exercise.

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, there are people in every nation who, before coming into the current lifetime, had reached the level of consciousness where they were ready, and able to receive and benefit from ascended master teachings. Many of these people in various nations do speak English. But there are of course many, in other nations, where English is not as prominently taught that cannot bridge the gap and receive the teaching in English.

There is always a value to translating the teachings. But again, you need to go with your intuitive insight, not force yourself with the outer mind. And we are certainly not forcing you to do a certain thing. You need to spend a little time with your intuition, feel not only is it worthwhile for the sake of others, but is this part of your divine plan. And if you feel that it is then certainly it will be of service to the people who cannot receive the teaching in English. And it will also be a benefit to yourself because you come to understand the teaching in a deeper way. And you of course in many cases, also will balance karma and do something that is part of your divine plan in terms of helping others.

It is a highly individual matter whether you will spend the considerable amount of time that is necessary to translate just a certain portion of the teaching. There are some countries where almost all if not all of the teachings have been translated. And this is of course, a tremendous amount of work that requires a strong commitment and also requires that you have a life situation where you have the time to do this, or it requires that there are many people doing it, as for example, you see in Russia.

Often it takes that there is one person that starts, and then others can join in. And this is, of course, the best way to do it. You see in Korea, where one person found the teachings, then discovered other people, a few other people that had found the teachings. But then one person decided to come to a conference, and really start translating and creating study groups, and then gradually attracted more and more people that participated in the work. And you now have this huge student community in Korea, that are publishing the teachings, creating their websites, holding meetings, giving invocations and so on. And it has to start somewhere by one person breaking through and bringing it into the physical so that there is something for others to join.


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Deciding with the outer mind vs. intuitive prompting

Question: I would like to serve the ascended masters. At present, I am facilitating a non English speaking group to study the teaching of the ascended masters. We meet online and come from many countries. Do the masters think that I need to open up my service and join or start face to face study groups in English in my local city, or an online study group in English involving people from different cities in my country.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

In general, we do not comment on these kinds of questions, because we do not want to tell you individually what you should do, it needs to come from within and you are capable of getting it from within. Until you feel a strong prompting from within, continue to do what you are doing. And then use your intuition to see it, do not go into the outer mind forcing yourself with the outer mind to say this is what I should be doing.

What we often see in students is that you find teaching, you have a strong desire to do something positive on earth, which is especially strong for avatars, but even some of the more mature inhabitants have this desire. You find the teachings and then you are sort of overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and you decide with your outer mind, I should do this, I should do that.

But what we always recommend is that you use our teachings to look at your psychology, work on your psychology, discover certain selves that are blocking you. And then you use your intuition to decide or rather not decide, but simply flow with whatever comes to you from within, so that you do not have this fixed idea of what you should be doing, and you force yourself to do it. You spend some time, even if it takes years to go within to increase your intuition, resolve your psychology. And then when things come effortlessly from within, then you act on it.


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The calls for Australia 

Question: Can the ascended master please comment on Australia? What are Australia’s strengths and weaknesses in her path to manifesting the Golden Age of Saint Germain? What calls do the ascended master students need to make for Australia to raise the collective consciousness toward facilitating a manifestation of the golden age in Australia?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

We have given, although it is some time ago, some dictations in Australia about Australia. And those teachings are still valid. The calls we gave at the time are still valid. You could even make new calls. For example, you could take what we have said previously, and incorporate it into an invocation to Astrea, for the nation of Australia.

Those things are still valid, but what you can do today for Australia is realize that Australia is one of the nations we call the modern democracies. Basically, everything we have said about the modern democracies can benefit Australia as well. The invocations that we have given that relate to this, including the invocations on dictatorships, fanaticism, and elitism are also applicable to Australia. Because Australia as a modern democracy is one of the forerunners for overcoming this consciousness on a planetary scale.

As we did say, in Australia, you need to overcome this, what you call the convict mentality. That those who founded Australia were the ones who were thrown out of England because they were criminals, and they were, therefore, in a lower class of people. This is of course complete nonsense in modern Australia, where many souls have embodied who are mature and advanced souls and certainly capable of taking Australia higher.

Naturally, you can work on some of the same issues that you see in other democracies. One is that there is a certain tendency for Australians to be very independent, very individualistic, and very suspicious of the government. You see some tendency to think that the government is out to get you, that there is a secret conspiracy behind the government, and so on. You can make calls on this. I am not saying there is a secret conspiracy. You can make calls on the mentality that causes many people to distrust the government.

Australia is also a very large nation, a continent. Many, many people live out in the outback, where they live very isolated lives. You need to recognize that a nation like Australia attracts the kind of people who are very independent minded, and who want to isolate themselves from society. And these people are, by definition, in a mindset where they are very suspicious of authority and society. And this is not really a constructive attitude to have in a democracy.

You can see the same thing in America, to some degree in Canada, because of the size of the country. But you can see that it is not constructive in a democratic nation to have some people who distrust democracy or distrust the government. It is better in a democratic nation, that people are willing to engage in all levels of government in order to improve things instead of standing back and only criticizing or thinking that there is nothing you can do because they are all bought, and there is a secret conspiracy running the country behind the scenes, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Well, if you think there is nothing you can do about it, there is nothing you can do about it. But if you think there is something you can do about it, there is something you can do about it. You can make the calls for more and more Australians to overcome this mentality, where they are actually also willing to overcome this not only distrust of the government but distrust of other people, the tendency to want to isolate themselves, because there is not as high of a level of unity and oneness in Australia as there is in some other democracies.

And this is definitely something that would be a benefit to Australia and a necessity for Australia moving further into the golden age. Otherwise, what we have said, generally about the golden age and being able to receive new ideas, of course applies to Australia as well.


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When am I ready to tell my story? 

Question: The ascended masters have said some time ago that it was time for us to tell our story. I would think at this stage that many of us are a lot closer to doing this than before. What is the ascended master view on this? And is there anything further they want to say to us on the matter now?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Some of you are closer, some of you are not. It is an individual matter. It really depends on the resolution of psychology before you feel you are ready for this. When we tell you something like this, we always walk a delicate balance. In a sense by saying this, and we have said it several times, we are pushing you to do it. This will have the effect that some people will begin doing it before they are quite ready to do it. In other words, they have not resolved the blocks in psychology. But even this can be beneficial because it causes you then to look at those blocks and do something about it.

It is an individual matter when you have this resolution of psychology that is necessary, where you feel you can tell your story and be at peace about it. Naturally, you get the most pleasant experience, if you can call it that, when you have resolved enough psychology, that you can tell your story without being disturbed or hurt by people’s reaction or non-reaction.

This messenger could have said at the beginning of his messengership: “Well, I won’t become a messenger until I have resolved my psychology enough that I don’t react to what people do or say about it”. But that would have meant he had not started his messengership until a couple of years ago. That means there was an awful lot of teachings that were given in those preceding years, that would not have been given because once he had risen to the higher level of consciousness, he would not have brought forth the previous teachings that were given through the level of consciousness he had.

You can take two approaches to this. You can say: “I’m not ready, I need to work on my psychology, I want to have more of a resolution before I begin”. I am not saying you should not do this, this is one possible approach. But you can also say: “I feel I’m ready to start now. And then I’ll just learn from looking at my reaction to the feedback I get”. Both approaches are valid.

Different people can take different approaches. It is not that one is better than the other. One certainly leads to quicker growth than the other in the sense that if you do speak out now and are willing to look at the reaction, then you can grow faster than if you wait to speak out until you feel you have resolved more of your psychology.

It does not mean you cannot make progress by working on your psychology, you can. But sometimes, you reach a limit to what progress you can make as long as you are only living your own life. And that is why the interaction with the world and with other people can be very helpful in uncovering these reactionary patterns you have.

Really, we are not telling you what to do. We are sometimes pushing you that there is something you can do. But it is always an individual matter how you will apply the teaching. You can always benefit by looking at: “What do I feel about this that the masters are telling me to do? Do I have any resistance? Do I feel there’s some kind of self I can come to identify that reacts to this?”, and then you can work on that by using the tools we have, overcome it until you feel now I’m ready to at least start.


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The role of John the Baptist

Question: What is the significance of the lifetime of John the Baptist? My understanding is that he was an ascended master and he received a special dispensation from the karmic board to enable him to be in physical embodiment for this lifetime. He was a forerunner for Jesus in some sense. Why was it necessary for him to be in embodiment at that time? What essential tasks did he perform that enabled Jesus to begin and complete his mission?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

John the Baptist was not an ascended master who received a dispensation to take embodiment. But he was highly developed and close to being able to make the ascension. However, I had been embodied with him in previous lifetimes where we had a guru-chela, guru-student relationship. He embodied at the same time as I, to once again serve in the capacity of a guru as I needed it in that lifetime.

Really, what he did was not necessarily the baptism, but that he helped me switch my mind in a way that was necessary for me to see my mission and to really start fulfilling that mission. He had the function of the guru who, sometimes just through one interaction, can set the student on a new track, that then causes the students to be able to fulfill their mission, which otherwise they might not have been able to do.

In this case, I would eventually have made that switch anyway, but it would have taken longer. And that would have delayed my mission, which not necessarily would have been a disaster, as there was not a fixed timetable. But nevertheless, it was helpful: what John the Baptist helped me do in terms of switching the mind.


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How to see what you cannot see?

Question: Dear masters, everything I create at the moment is not really coming into fruition or bloom. This has been going on for a while now. Even though the creations are valuable and constructive and can help people to get closer to themselves. At first, I thought it is a karmic thing that is returned, but I do not get that sense after tuning in. I’ve also worked a lot on dissolving the resistance against the mother realm. I also saw that it is partly a self-sabotaging act, because it is not yet fully aligned with my divine plan. So I shed many illusions in this regard too in the past years and will keep doing so. However, I’m really not sure what else I can do at this point. And I’m starting to ask myself if I’m simply too delusional, or it was simply not the right time yet. Could you give some insights into these dynamics also for other people that may find themselves in a similar situation?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

It is not an uncommon occurrence among spiritual people, that you have an intuitive sense that you are meant to accomplish something, bring forth something, create something. It is part of your divine plan.

You have a correct intuitive sense of the goal, but many times, you do not have a correct understanding of how it can be implemented, and when. Many of you are so eager to be of service, to do something positive on earth, and some of you also have a desire for personal recognition, that it sort of drives you to attempt to do something either before its time, or without having the full understanding, the full vision, the full grasp of how it can be implemented.

There are times where people have attempted to bring forth something before it was the right time to do so. There are other times that there are people who have attempted to bring forth something, and they have a correct understanding of what area they need to bring forth something — could be, for example, in the area of healing — but they  do not necessarily have the right view of how this needs to happen.

There can be a couple of reasons for it. One is that you do not have the outer understanding necessary to bring forth what you need to bring forth in a specific field. In that case, you need to study that field more. But the other reason can be that your outer mind is too fixated on a certain view. In connection with a topic for this conference, in a sense, you have a correct vision that you are meant to bring for something in a certain field, but you still have an ideological approach to that field. Where your outer mind is rigid. You believe that what you bring forth has to be within a certain framework. And this, of course, has to do with the fact that there are some selves you have not yet discovered, that are holding on to this particular view.

I know this does not necessarily help you that much. Because right now you are at a point where you cannot see these selves. You cannot see what you cannot see because your mind is too rigid, and it blocks your vision. Telling you that there is something you do not see does not necessarily help you see it. But the reality is that there is only really one problem, or one cause, for spiritual people, and it is that there is something you do not see. There are some selves you have not come to see. What you need to do is realize this, first of all, and then be willing to ask the questions that you have not asked so far.

There is a phenomenon that we see over and over again. Not only in this dispensation, but in previous dispensations and other spiritual teachings, and in other fields of life. We have given some very extensive teachings in this dispensation. But there are some people that come to these teachings and they have what we now call the ideological approach. In other words, their minds are fixated, they are rigid on a certain way of looking at life. They have accepted a certain viewpoint, a certain worldview and are not willing to question it. They actually come to the teachings to get validation for this.

This means that you have people who listen to a dictation without hearing what is being said. They hear the words but not beyond the words. They read a dictation, but they do not see what is being said. They see the words, but they do not see beyond the words. They intellectually understand and grasp the concepts, but they do not go beyond the intellectual understanding, to an intuitive experience.

We see that there are a certain number of students who are stuck. Most of them are stuck before they even found the teachings. Some become stuck after they have found the teachings, because there is something they will not question. And we would, of course, all like to help such students. The messenger would like to help these students as he has observed them for the past 40 or so years. But the reality is that there is no mechanical or guaranteed way to help people.

There is something you have not seen. There is something in your mind that blocks you from seeing it. But you do not see that it is something in your mind that blocks your vision. So how do you come to see what you cannot see? You can do much by shifting your attitude, opening your mind, being willing to see, asking for help from the ascended masters. But again, there is no guarantee.

How do you come to see what you cannot see? That is the question. And even as an ascended master, I have no surefire answer to it. It is an individual process. Sometimes you cannot do it right now, no matter what you do. It takes time. You need to go through several stages before you are ready to see something. This messenger recognizes in himself that somebody could have told him something 20 years ago, or two years ago, that he was not ready to see and he would not have been able to grasp what they were saying. And it is the same for all of us when we are in embodiment.

In some cases, you can do something by studying the teachings, asking the questions, opening your mind, asking for help. But in some cases, the reality is that you just have to wait until you have gone through certain stages, cycles have turned and now your mind is open to seeing what you cannot see. Not a very comforting answer, I know. But a realistic answer.


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About pure geometrical forms

Question: Dear Saint Germain it was mentioned that there are pure geometrical forms in the ascended realm. When these geometrical forms are cycling through the four levels of the mind, what exactly happens to these forms when there is some impurity on the seven rays? Are there geometrical forms that are linked to a certain level of the mind? Can the dark forces use certain geometric forms in matter or by visualizing to extract energy from people? And if so, is there also a possibility to use certain geometric forms to uplift people? Could you give an example of such a pure form?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, it is not easy to describe in words the pure geometric forms that exist in the spiritual realm or in the high identity realm, because they are beyond words. These forms are not made up of words. This is why as we have said that, when we give a dictation, we are actually releasing geometric forms. And as they cycle through the four levels of the material universe or the four levels of the mind of the messenger, they are translated into words. And really in order to know these forms you need to experience them, because they cannot be described in words, it will just be a description. But it is true that there are these geometric forms.

Now, I know that when we say geometric forms, you will think of circles and squares and triangles, which is what you normally call geometric forms on earth. But the reality is that the geometric forms in the spiritual realm are much more complex. They are not the simple forms that you see on earth. What you see on earth as geometric forms are what some spiritual forms are translated into when they descend through the four levels and into the physical realm.

You see that currently, forms are constructed according to these geometric forms, but if you actually look at nature, as opposed to human constructions, you will see that there is a difference in the geometric forms.

The forms of nature are much more complex, by some described as the Mandelbrot set, a geometric or a mathematical creation, where they are self-repeating, self-replicating—can be seen as different at different scales. They are, as some people call it holographic in nature. But what you see is that the collective consciousness of human beings is currently so low, they cannot create based on the complex geometric forms that you see in nature. And therefore, they have resorted to creating buildings and technology based on the more simple forms of squares, triangles, circles and so forth. Which is what the human being can currently grasp.

But you also see how this limits the kind of buildings people can build, the kinds of machines that they can create, because they are all based on these simple geometric forms. In a sense you could say that the geometric forms you see are fixed forms. That is why they obey certain simple mathematical laws. The triangle always has a certain shape and a certain geometry in terms of its angles. And the same with a square, a circle and so forth. These are what could be grasped in ancient times, even by the Greek philosophers who dealt with a much more primitive collective consciousness than what you have today.

But you see that they have not really been replaced, even though there are more complex mathematical creations today. What I want to say here is that everything you see in the physical is, in a sense, a manifestation of some geometric form in the spiritual—it originated as a geometric form in the spiritual. However, this does not mean that there was a one-to-one translation of the spiritual form into first the etheric, then a mental and emotional and a physical form. Because in the process of a geometric form being translated into the physical it is, of course, affected by the consciousness of humankind, both of individuals and the collective consciousness.

So, you cannot look at the forms on earth, and work your way backwards up to what the form in the spiritual realm looks like. Because there is currently such distortion. And that is why there is no real way to describe in words, the spiritual geometric forms. You can, if you are open to it tune into them, and experience them in your consciousness, but you need to do this by stepping beyond even your identity body.

What has happened, of course, is that many perversions have been created of these geometric forms where they deviate. In other words, you could say that, here is the geometric form in the spiritual. When it is projected into the mental, or the identity realm, it takes on a slightly different form, but it is not distorted. And if this form is projected into the physical without being distorted, it takes on a certain physical manifestation. But currently, because of the low level of consciousness, there are hardly any forms on earth that are pure. They have all been distorted in some way.

What you also have, of course, is that the fallen beings after they fell, have created certain forms that are not based on spiritual geometric forms. The statement earlier that all forms on earth have a parallel in the spiritual realm is not actually entirely correct, because there are certain forms created by the fallen beings out of the fallen consciousness that do not have a parallel in the spiritual realm. They are not really perversions of spiritual thought forms. You could say that, in a certain sense they are, because the fallen beings have not been able to come up with something entirely new, but they have perverted it to the degree that there is no resemblance and you certainly cannot work your way back up to the spiritual form.

So the fallen beings have of course projected these forms into the collective consciousness of earth. Many people have come to believe that these are the ultimate forms or natural forms or even created by God. And that is what is the basis for much ideology, these perverted geometric forms. That society works a certain way, matter works a certain way, the natural laws are a certain way, human beings work a certain way, and therefore they have certain limitations. It is clear that the fallen beings can use these geometric forms to extract energy from people, the beasts in the astral realm, for example, can extract energy when they believe this, when they take these forms in.

Now, to give you a practical example, there are geometric forms in the spiritual realm for certain kinds of music, music that is uplifting that enhances life, that raises consciousness, that makes matter sing. Some of the classical composers were able to tune in to these geometric forms and pull them down in a more or less pure form, and encapsulate them in their music. And that is why people today still feel that they can receive some spiritual experience from listening to certain classical music. There are a few modern composers who can do something similar to varying degrees of purity.

But there are of course, also many modern musicians, the rock musicians, rap musicians, jazz musicians, who are using the perverted thought forms or the perverted geometric forms generated by the fallen beings. And that is why they create music that is inharmonious that does not make matters sing, but actually makes it vibrate at a lower level that can even cause matter to start disintegrating. This is one practical example of it.

There are also other examples. You can see animal species that are according to the lower geometric forms. You can see many diseases, viruses, and bacteria that are expressions of these lower geometric forms. And you do see some animal species that are more in alignment with the geometric forms in the spiritual realm, primarily birds. And you see some plants that are higher, some that are lower, you can in fact, look at everything on the planet and see that some are the expressions of original spiritual thought forms, even though they have been distorted, and some are expressions of the lower thought forms, geometric forms generated by the fallen beings.

The fallen beings can use these geometric forms to incorporate them in a certain ideology. And you see, for example, the Marxist ideology that an economy can work when people produce according to their ability and consume according to their desire or need. This is a thoughtform created by the fallen beings it has no parallel in the spiritual realm because as Gautama said, the real spiritual economy is based on people multiplying their talents by helping others and increasing themselves and their ability and consciousness, and then receiving a multiplication factor from the spiritual realm. And it is this that increases wealth and makes an economy sustainable.

There is no way to create an entirely physical economy, that is why when you take the geometric forms created by the fallen beings and base an economy on it, it will at some point self-destruct.


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How to overcome the feeling of being helpless

Question: Dear Mother Mary, could you please give your perspective on the feeling of helplessness? How can someone break the vicious cycle of feeling helpless about decisions made by some sort of authorities, the government, federal offices, big companies that influence their own life situation? What is the lesson that is hidden in these situations?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

You need to look at the fact that planet earth is a schoolroom as we have said. There are two ways to learn, the school of hard knocks and the school of inner direction. When you are an ascended master student, you need to make sure that you are taking our teachings and putting yourself into the school of inner direction, pulling yourself away from the school of hard knocks.

And therefore, you need to recognize that before you came into this embodiment in a particular country and outer situation you now find yourself, you decided in your divine plan, that you wanted to embody in that situation. And the reason you did this was that this could help you learn certain lessons. It could even, so to speak, force you to confront certain issues in your own psychology, and overcome them.

And so, if you now feel that you are living in a society, where the leaders of society are making certain decisions that are affecting you, you feel restricted by this and you feel helpless to do anything about it, then you need to recognize as an ascended master student, that you put yourself in this situation for a purpose, because when you created your divine plan, you have a higher vision than you have right now.

But it is possible to use our teachings and tools to realign yourself with the vision behind your divine plan. So, one reason why you put yourself in a situation where you feel helpless, is that from past lives you have not overcome the consciousness of feeling helpless and you wanted to put yourself in an outer situation that would make you feel helpless, in order to force yourself to confront this psychological issue. There are of course separate selves that cause you to feel helpless, and they might go very far back. It might even go back to your original cosmic birth trauma, or first coming to earth being attacked by the fallen beings and being helpless to do anything about the attacks of the fallen beings and being helpless to do anything about the rejection from the people of earth.

So, we are giving you tools and teachings on how to discover these selves and overcome them. You can also benefit of course, from making the calls for spiritual protection and for being cut free from the collective beasts and demons that make people feel helpless. Because it is clear that the fallen beings want to control people on earth, they want to pacify people on earth. So they have, ever since they came here, projected into the collective consciousness that ordinary people, so to speak, cannot stand out against the elite. And this is a very, very large momentum, a very large conglomerate of beasts and demons that are projecting this image of people, and if you have this tendency in your psychology, you will be tied into it.

And you can cut those ties through the calls to Astrea and the calls to Archangel Michael. But ultimately, you can only fully cut the tie when you overcome the various psychology, the separate selves that caused this feeling of helplessness. You are not feeling helpless, there are separate selves in your four lower bodies that feel helpless. And when you identified them with yourselves or when you have not separated yourself from it, then your outer mind experiences the feeling of helplessness.

But you, you are not helpless. You feel helpless because you are seeing life through the perception filter of a particular separate self. When you overcome the self, you overcome the feeling of being helpless. You are not helpless, you may not be able to change the outer condition, but you can change your reaction to the inner condition and to the outer condition.

And changing your reaction to the outer condition is precisely what the spiritual path is all about, as demonstrated in the story of the Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree, being ready to go into Nirvana and being confronted with the demons of Mara, who attempted to pull him into reacting to anything on earth. And if he had reacted, he would not have been ready to go into Nirvana because he was still having an attachment to something on earth. And in order to ascend you need to overcome all of your attachments. So you can look back at earth, even in the primitive conditions it is in right now and say: “The prince of this world has nothing in me. I am leaving this planet permanently”.


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The Son of Man and the Son of God

Question: Can you explain “The Son of Man”?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, let me explain it as I used it 2000 years ago. Even in ancient Israel, there was a concept of the sons of God and the sons of man. This was a concept that primarily existed in what we today would call the mystery religions. There were, if you look at it historically, a number of religions before my time and around my time that taught a certain mystery, mysterious view, a path of initiation.

Some of them had this concept of a god man, that had many similarities to how the Christian religion has portrayed me. There are books that show that Christianity has rewritten history to write these mystery religions out of history. There are books that even claim that Christianity was just another mystery religion, which happened to become more successful than the others. And you can take that viewpoint, even though, as I have actually commented on before, it is not entirely correct.

But the fact of the matter is that there was a concept of the Son of Man and the Son of God. And in some mystery religions, it was seen that there were some people who were not the original inhabitants of the earth, as we use the term right now. This was not how they explained it then, but in terms of what we are explaining now, there were some people who had taken incarnation on earth who were not the original inhabitants, they are what we call avatars. And they had a higher level of consciousness than the average person on earth. And therefore, in some mystery religions, they were called the sons of God, as opposed to the original inhabitants who were the sons of man.

But there were other mystery religions that had a different concept, where they said that, in a sense, all people start out as the Son of Man. But they can, by following the mystical path, rise to a higher level of consciousness, and now they become anointed as the Son of God. And it was, of course, this process that I taught to my disciples, that I attempted to outpicture with my life and my example.

You will see that I, most of the time, referred to myself as the Son of Man, because I wanted to make sure that people understood that I was not fundamentally different from them. I was demonstrating a path that all people, man and woman, have the potential to follow. And when you follow this mystical path, this Christ path, you can raise your consciousness, until you, as for example happened on the Mount of Transfiguration, are transfigured and you are now anointed and become the Son of God.

I primarily used this expression, in the terms that all people are the sons of man or daughters of man, but they have the potential to become the sons and daughters of God, by following the path that I attempted to describe and demonstrate. Of course, this view was not universally understood, even by my disciples, or by the people who encountered me. You will see that it is not very accurately reflected in the four gospels, or in the Book of Acts.

From the beginning, there were Christian groups that did not grasp this. But when the Catholic Church was formed, of course, the entire concept of a path of transformation from the Son of Man to the Son of God was written out of the Christian religion, because they elevated me to being the Son of God, the only Son of God, being God from the very beginning of the same substance as the Father. And this then was the total eclipse, the total perversion of what I actually taught and demonstrated.


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Using the wisdom of the elderly

Question: How can we use the wisdom of the elderly constructively as one invocation says?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

You can explain this in many different ways. If we take the current topic of ideology, you will see that there is a tendency that young people are the ones who become most enthusiastic about ideology. You will see, for example, that in the time when Marxism was a factor in European nations, many teenagers became pulled into the Marxist ideological mindset. And they were very enthusiastic about it for a time. But then as they grew older, gained more life experience, dealt with the harsh realities of making a living and raising a family, they moderated their views. They became less extreme, more pragmatic, more practical, more realistic, in a sense.

One way to use the wisdom of the elderly is certainly to balance the young people, and help them not go too far into ideological extremes, where the old people can point out that life just doesn’t work according to your ideology, as it didn’t work according to my ideology, the ideology I had when I was young. This would be one way. Older people have more experience with practical life and therefore often tend to take on a more pragmatic approach to life. They, of course, also have specific knowledge in specific fields.

It is clear that you often see, for example, that young people go to a university. They study a particular topic, they take in the ideas, the ideology, the mental images that are given in their field of study, they become very enthusiastic about it. They think that what they have received at university, for example, is the ultimate knowledge of the topic. Because that is what the teachers at universities think and project, at least many of them.

What could be used is to say: Why should a person who has been functioning, for example, as a doctor for his or her entire life, suddenly retire, and then live an isolated existence after retirement? Why shouldn’t these experienced doctors, come to the medical students, interact with them and share with them their experiences of what it actually means to be a doctor. The same could of course be transferred to any other field of human endeavor. Why would you have each new generation start over? Even though they do not always start exactly over. But why wouldn’t you have the new people in a field be able to draw upon the experiences of those who have been in the field for a time.

Now, of course, using the wisdom of the elderly needs to be done in a specific, realistic way. Because the fact of the matter is that while elderly people can gain experiences and become more pragmatic, there also is a tendency that sometimes elderly people become less flexible, less willing to experiment and they do not want to think about anything new. They just want to live out the rest of their lives, the way they have come to think that is comfortable and secure for them.

There can also be a tendency that older people are not as open to new ideas as young people. Clearly, that needs to be taken into consideration so that the older people do not discourage the young people from experimenting. But you understand here that when young people take the ideological approach, they are not actually experimenting, they are seeking to project the ideology onto how life works.

But you cannot go into the opposite extreme, either, of saying that young people should accept everything that is told to them by the older people. There needs to be that openness, flexibility of mind, because young people tend to have more flexible minds than older people. And there needs to be that willingness to experiment and allow that experimentation. As always, there is a balance to be found.


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Beyond ideological approach to nature and animals

Question:  We humans share this physical earth with another group of sentient beings, animals.  What are animals and what consciousness is it that is experiencing the physical plane through the senses of animals? How will we best interact and work with animals? Some further point to ponder? Have humans and fallen beings had a role in developing animal species in the past? Do animals have astral, mental and etheric bodies? How are they active in those realms compared to humans?  I once read that animal characters in cartoons and children’s books were created by the fallen beings. Why is it bad to see animals having a human like character and any other point about animals that may be of interest?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Well, we have given certain teachings about animals. Maitreya talks about it in his book, Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom, I talk about it in Healing Mother Earth, and there are other teachings around. What I want to say here is that, as Maitreya describes, when the planet was first created, it was created with four levels of the material universe: the identity, mental, emotional, and physical. But when the first self-aware beings descended to earth, they did not descend into the physical octave, they descended first to the identity, then to the mental and then to the emotional. But from the very creation of the earth, there was a process that was started by the Elohim, which is what scientists have described as the evolutionary process. And this process took place also in the other three realms, but it was primarily directed at the physical octave. So the process brought forth life and then through various stages, higher forms of life.

Now, as Maitreya explains, the very first appearance of life did not happen by accident, it was not a random process, it was not a material process. It was because the Elohim, when geological processes had reached a certain point, interceded and started life. Then for a time, the first primitive life forms were allowed to evolve through the principles that are defined for how the physical octave works. Then there was a point where multi-celled organisms were brought forth, then more complex life forms, and so forth.

The Elohim have stepped in several times, raised life to a new level and then allowed it to evolve from there. When you look at the timeline given by materialist scientists, it is not entirely incorrect, there are some adjustments that need to be made because time has not always been the same on this planet.

But nevertheless, physical life did appear many millions of years ago, and there has been a gradual evolutionary process that has brought forth the animal life forms that you see. What is not, of course, recognized by materialists, because it contradicts the materialist ideology, is that this process has not happened by itself, it is not a random process. Evolutionists cannot explain these sudden jumps in the evolutionary process where suddenly a new kind of life form appeared or a multiplicity of new species appeared and this has been the intercession from the spiritual realm. But there have been long, long periods on earth where evolution has just been allowed to run its course, according to the principles defined by the Elohim.

This process has brought forth various animal species. Now, were these animal species the highest possible species that could be brought forth? No, they were not. But they were what was in accordance with the design principles for the earth. Now, of course, from the moment that self-aware beings descended into the identity octave and then the lower octaves, there has of course always been a connection between these beings and the physical octave, because there is always the flow of energy and matrices and images and ideas from the identity into the mental, the emotional and the physical.

Basically, the appearance of the first animal life forms coincided with the descent of self-aware beings from the spiritual realm to the identity realm. We can say that almost from the very beginning, there has been an influence where the self-aware beings, so to speak, incarnating on earth, even though it was not in the physical realm they were incarnating, and have influenced the evolution of animal species according to their consciousness.

Of course, there came that point where humankind descended into duality. And this changed the evolution of animal species dramatically. It is correct that human beings in embodiment have had a dramatic influence on the evolution of animal species. Because animal species have tended to take on the forms that you see in the consciousness of people who descended into duality.

The process, where there have been animal species on earth, is actually much older and much longer than what is currently recognized by science. When you look at what is currently called the fossil record, this actually does not go back to the first appearance of life forms on earth because the first appearance was higher life forms than what you see in the fossil records. What you see in the fossil record was affected by the descent into duality of the self-aware beings embodying what you today would call human beings.

Basically what this means is that, despite the way words are being used, nature on earth is not natural. The way nature is on earth is not the only way it could be. It is, in fact, a much lower version of the way it was designed to be and the way it would have been if the self-aware beings had not gone into duality.

There is no need for carnivores on earth in order to uphold the natural balance. There is no need for some animals eating other animals. Animal species can grow and evolve in complete harmony without artificially inflating their population beyond what the food supply can sustain.

Basically, you can say that there is no animal species on the planet today that is completely natural. And this means that they are all affected by the consciousness of humankind, the collective consciousness, which also means that as the consciousness is raised, it is inevitable that many of the animal species you see on earth today will become extinct. There are many, many people and many well-meaning people and many people in the top ten percent, who are very concerned about the extinction of animal species, feeling that it is important to preserve them.

But the reality from the ascended perspective is that these did not evolve naturally, so to speak, and not according to a higher spiritual vision. They are temporary manifestations of the lower state of consciousness, projected on animal species by humankind. And therefore, as humankind raises its consciousness, these animal species will, so to speak, naturally become extinct. Because when the consciousness, the matrix that precipitated them is no longer there, in the identity, mental and emotional realms, the physical form cannot be sustained.

Scientists like to talk about that there was a period in the Cambrian age where there was an enormous extinction. They theorized that this was caused by a meteorite hitting the earth and many animal species died, the dinosaurs died out and mammals appeared. This was actually coinciding with a dramatic shift in certain civilizations on earth that were taken to a higher level at the time which caused the lower forms of the dinosaurs to disappear and the higher forms of the mammals to appear.

But without going too much into that, we can say that what the scientists are talking about today, because of the growth in the number of human beings and the expansion of technology and pollution and this and that, there is a second great extinction that they talk about. But the reality is that planet earth is a planet that is designed for the growth of humankind, not animal kind, they are simply a side effect compared to the evolution of humankind. So, what is really causing the extinction of many species today is not the growth in the number of people, not the growth in pollution or technology, but the raising of the collective consciousness which means that these animal species cannot be sustained anymore on the planet.

When you are spiritual students, when you are open to ascended master teachings, it is important to take a look at yourself. What attitude do you have towards animals, what ideology do you have towards animals and then seek to overcome any kind of unrealistic view, any kind of sentimental view, that animal species must be preserved at all costs, even at the cost of limiting human society and human activity.

If you want to say it from a larger perspective, you can say that animals are meant to serve humankind. There have been times where human society had descended to such a primitive level that there could only be a few people on the planet. They did not have any sophisticated technology so they were dependent on hunting animals and eating animals for their survival.

To some degree, still, the maintaining of the physical bodies is dependent on taking in animal protein, which human bodies cannot as easily take in through plant food given the current density of matter. This will of course change, and there will come a time where there is no need to eat animals. But we are not there yet, even though some people have adopted an ideology that believes they can live without eating animals, and a few people can at least for a time, but it is certainly not something that the majority of the people could do.

What we see is that animals are, if you want to use that terminology, content to serve human beings in whatever capacity human beings need. Therefore, animals are also, so to speak, or at least the elementals behind the animals, the creation of animals are content to let a species die out, when it is no longer needed, or to have their numbers reduced when it no longer serves human beings.

There is, of course, more that could be said about this. But I feel that what I have given here is enough to at least start some people reevaluating their view of animals and considering whether they have taken on some of these ideologies related to nature and animals that were actually created by the fallen beings in order to trap avatars and spiritual people into a blind alley of denying themselves and their own growth in order to preserve nature.

There is no need to preserve nature, nature serves human beings. This does not mean of course, that you can go to the extreme and say human beings can do anything they want and pollute the environment, because this will affect human beings in a negative way. Human beings can also look at nature as a teaching device. If you see, for example, that human beings produce pollution that destroys an animal species, or coral reefs or some so-called ecosystem, even though there is no strict ecosystem, then it can of course be a lesson that people can learn and say if we don’t do something this will affect ourselves. Animals can serve humans in different ways. One of them is as a lesson, as an indicator of the consequences of human actions.

It is clear that in the golden age, societies will not pollute and they will not destroy nature, but they will create an environment that is designed specifically for humans. This will mean that many of the areas you today consider nature will become inhabited by humans. Some will even be more densely populated so that the animal populations that currently live there cannot be sustained. If you look at Africa, you can look realistically and say that if the population in Africa is to increase their standard of living beyond what it is now, then it is necessary that many of the big animals that live on the savanna become extinct. It is simply inevitable, as the same thing has happened to some of the large animal species that once lived in North America or Europe. It is an inevitable process if we are to take people in Africa out of poverty.


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What is a virus?

Question:  What is a virus? In the World Invocation Number 38, “Invocation to Astrea for Consuming Corona Viruses”, paragraph six of part four says: “Beloved Astrea, we call for your circle and sword to bind the demons, entities and fallen beings, and shatter the energetic matrix that prevents an exposure of what a virus really is, and how we can use specific energy frequencies to kill any type of virus”. The question is, what is it that a virus really is? And do you have further insight into how we may use specific energy frequencies to kill any type of virus?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Well, without going into a very technical discussion, which is beyond the outer knowledge of the messenger, and therefore he does not have the concepts to be able to receive this teaching and turn it into words, we can say that a virus can be understood at the level of energy as a particular form of vibration.

Of course, anything, everything, is energy, so anything can be understood at an energetic level. Any kind of disease in the body can actually be understood at an energetic level. And you have the teaching that a lower form of energy can be transformed by directing an energy wave of a higher frequency or higher vibration at it, and you can then transform the lower energy.

What you can say is that a virus, as well as bacteria and many other conditions in the body, are a specific matrix of energy. There is of course a certain idea behind it, but there is also an energetic component, where the virus can be broken down into energy frequencies, certain particular energy waves. And when you can identify these energy waves, their frequency, their vibrational properties, you can design an energy wave that will transform the energy of the virus into a higher level, thereby in essence, freeing the energy from the matrix of the virus.

This is what has for a long time been called energetic medicine. It is something that certain people have experimented with even going way back to a man named Rife back before the Second World War, who came up with a Rife generator. And it is something that has a certain validity to it.

Now, it has been suppressed deliberately, partly by the pharmaceutical industry, who realizes that you cannot make as much money on this as you can on chemically-based medicines. But it has also been suppressed by the materialistic ideology, which will not recognize that everything is energy and the consequences of this, because it threatens the materialistic claim that there is nothing beyond the material universe.

When you recognize, truly recognize, that everything is energy, you realize that there must be energy vibrations beyond what is currently considered as the material vibrations. And this of course, points to a connection between matter and mind, and the possibility that mind can influence energy. And if matter is made up of energy, then mind can also influence matter, and this is the absolute taboo in the materialist ideology.

There are of course, people in the world who have a greater knowledge of this than the messenger has, they have already experimented with this for a long time, and it is simply a matter of time before this breaks through to gaining more widespread recognition.

It is again a matter of realizing that the ideological approach to medicine that currently dominates allopathic medicine, is precisely that, an ideological approach that limits medicine, that limits the curing of many diseases. It is a matter of going back to an experimental approach and saying: We don’t necessarily need to have an ideology about a spiritual side to life or how energy works. We need to be willing to experiment and see: Can we generate energy vibrations that can cure certain diseases? Does it help people, and if it helps people, regardless of the ideology or lack of understanding of it, then we should experiment with it and find ways to use it to help people.


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Overwhelming desire to own something

Question:  Why are we overwhelmed by the desire to own something which can be an external object or even a desire to reach an ascension, and it seems that we could not exist without it? And how does it relate to the desire body?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Well, anytime you have an obsessive compulsive desire, you have created an energetic vortex in your emotional body that pulls on your conscious mind, in fact, pulls on your four lower bodies. And this vortex ties you into the planetary beasts, the planetary entities and demons that are behind this particular desire.

What we have said before is that you have people who go into this, they cross a certain line, they create this maelstrom, this vortex. And now they have an insatiable desire, and it is never enough. You can never feel truly fulfilled except perhaps for a short period of time. But then quickly the desire resurfaces and the cause for this is that pull, where the entities, the beasts, that are sucking your energy want to be fed again.

You need to recognize this, you need to recognize the mechanics of this, and use the tools we have given. First of all the decrees for protection for cutting you free by Astrea, but also resolve the selves that you have that causes you to have this unbalanced, inordinate desire that the Buddha said was the cause of all suffering. We have given you the tools to achieve this as ascended master students.

And of course, when you look at the history of this planet, you see that ownership is indeed a desire that has been around for a long time. And ultimately it comes, as you can see from Gautamas’ dictations, from the fallen beings. They want to feel that they own the universe, they own this planet, they own all of the people on the planet, and therefore they are in control.

But many people, of course, have taken on certain desires for owning something, because it makes you feel secure when: you have enough money, you have a big enough house, you have whatever you think you need. And that is why you see many rich people who cannot get enough money, because what is enough, what if you lost it, what if something unforeseen happened and so on.

When you go into this inordinate desire, there is no rationality to the desire. There is no logic, it is entirely illogical, it is inconsistent, it is self contradictory. But you cannot see this when you are in the spiral, but you can use your rational mind to step outside of it, look at yourself, look at the consequences of having this desire, and then decide to take appropriate measures to overcome it.


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The COVID situation in India

Question:  This question is about the COVID situation in India, which in turn will probably affect the world. The second wave has been very deadly with no end in sight. Now there seems to be a new variant which is more powerful and new diseases, like black fungus and white fungus, which are just relentlessly killing people in very large numbers. When can one expect this to end? Things seem to be getting worse this year, and what can a country like India do to ease the situation? What would be the best case scenario, and how would you envision that to be achieved?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Well, the short term practical solution is of course, to vaccinate more people in India. But an even more short term practical solution would be to use the same precautions that have been used in other nations: wearing masks, keeping distance, avoiding large groups of people and so on. I know some will say that it is not realistic with another lockdown of India because the economy cannot handle it, but there are still certain practical measures that can be taken.

Now in terms of vaccinations, it is clear that this will require that the richer nations change their approach and are willing to donate vaccinations to India because they know that if the current spread is not stopped in India, it will affect other countries as well.

These are some of the short term solutions. But you have to recognize as we have said before that part of the reason why this pandemic has developed and spread is that it is part of the school of hard knocks. It can potentially show nations something that they have not been willing to look at so far.

And the same of course applies to India. You will see that the pandemic is worse in India, worse in Brazil and worse in the United States than in many other countries. And when you look at these three countries, you see that they all have had the same type of leader which is often called a populist leader. Modi in India, Bolsonaro in Brazil and Trump in America have had what we now call the ideological approach. They believe that they have a certain worldview, that it is infallible and they are projecting that society should work according to this, refusing to look at evidence to the contrary.

You will see that all three leaders from the beginning, downplayed the importance of the pandemic, downplayed the risks, and refused to listen to their own scientists who told them how to prevent the more widespread pandemic. And the results are undeniable, unless you are in the ideological state of consciousness where you deny any evidence that contradicts your sense of infallibility.

This is of course one thing that needs to be considered, but the more long term lesson that needs to be learned by Indian society is that Indian society needs to step up to an entirely higher approach to dealing with poverty. It is not sustainable to have a country with 1.3 billion people where the vast majority of them are living in poverty. And it is not necessary, because there is enough wealth in Indian society to raise the standard of living of the general population if it was distributed more evenly.

But when you look at the history of India, you see that India has been elitist and has allowed the concentration of wealth in the hands of an upper class and power elite. And this has been going on for thousands of years, partly because the Hindu religion has been based on an ideology that accepts this division of society into classes with a clear upper class and lower classes that must accept their station in life.

It is time to truly do away with the caste system, and the caste system mentality, the elitist mentality behind it. People were not created by God to be in different castes, different classes. All men and women are created equal and endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights, the same rights for all. India needs to step up and base its national mindset on these principles, which will require India to go through a process of seriously looking at the national mindset, the national ideology, in terms of people being considered to be in different castes, different classes, and they cannot rise from one to the other. Nor can they descend from one to the other, which is of course possible with reincarnation, even though the version of reincarnation that most Indians believe in does not allow for this. If you are born a Brahman, you are always a Brahman and so on. But it is not of course correct.

If India is to learn the lesson from this pandemic, it needs to go through this process of looking at its own history, looking at its own ideology, worldview mindset, and stepping up to a higher level that is based on a more realistic view, even a more spiritual view which would require India to do away with the rigidity of the Hindu religion, which could be done by transcending and transforming the Hindu religion or by espousing a more universal form of spirituality, or even by more people turning to Buddhism, which is not as rigid as the Hindu religion.

There are certain short term measures that can be taken, but this pandemic, not only in India but throughout the world, has pointed towards the need for long term changes. The question is, to what degree will nations be willing to learn those long term lessons and implement the necessary changes?


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How to make matter sing

Question:  Dear Saint Germain, there’s a teaching you have given about our divine plan in which you mentioned that it is in some people’s divine plan to make matters sing. Can you expound on this some more? When I read that teaching, this was the one thing I was averse to, and I felt this does not apply to me. But I’m beginning to feel it might not be so, and it was just an aspect of ego projecting upon me not to consider that this could be what is in my plan. Please, could you elaborate more on what kind of service one could be giving when that is part of one’s divine plan? How would one encounter situations in life that would present an opportunity to make matter sing?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Well, you make matter sing in various ways. You make matter sing by raising your consciousness and attaining the Christ consciousness. You make matter sing when you are kind and loving towards other people. But there are of course more direct ways of also making matter sing.

When you give decrees and invocations you are making matter sing because you are sending these vibrations into the four levels of the material universe. And this is raising the vibration of matter itself, even the atoms, the molecules and so forth, so that it starts vibrating at a higher level. Making matter sing is a symbol for the matter realm vibrating at its natural level. When you are sending a high frequency energy wave into the matter realm, you are causing the matter itself to vibrate at a higher level, and this is what is meant by making matter sing.

Now music and song can also have this effect. Some musicians who are playing the kind of harmonious music can also make matter sing. When people sing, for example, in a large group, they can make matter sing. It is even possible to give a talk, give a speech, in such a way that it moves people, it makes them see something they haven’t seen before, and it can also send out this vibration that makes matter sing. When people come together in any kind of event where they are united in a positive state of consciousness, that also makes matter sing.


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Validity of the teachings given through the sponsored messenger 

Question: What if a messenger gets stuck or falls to a lower level of consciousness? Is the work which was brought before still of value?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, the simple answer is, of course, that if a messenger is a sponsored messenger and has a mantle, then as long as the messenger has the mantle, the teachings brought forth through that mantle are still valid. But there is a certain complexity you can add to it.

In the Summit Lighthouse, there was a certain culture that was gradually developed, that the messenger was a messenger because she had a very high level of spiritual attainment before she came into this embodiment, she had been an embodiment for a long time on earth, she had been prepared for many embodiments to become a messenger, she had reached a high level of consciousness, she had certain special abilities, and so forth.

Based on this culture, you could say that many people believed that the messenger was a messenger because of her attainment. And there was no question about whether she could become a messenger, or whether she could, continue as a messenger. But the reality is a little more complex. The reality is that being a messenger, you are basically always on trial. There is never a point where you are a messenger because you have reached some ultimate level of consciousness from which you do not need to grow. There is never a point where you can say: “This person has reached this level of consciousness and received the mantle of a messenger and could never lose it”.

The reality is that as a messenger, you are always on trial, because it depends on various things. It depends, among other things on your intention for being a messenger. Do you at some point, start using it for personal aggrandizement, setting yourself up in a certain position, having power over others, telling them what to do, working out a comfortable lifestyle for yourself by having people support you or whatever it may be?

There can be a personal intent for being a messenger. And you can start as a messenger by having some personal intent, but then you have a certain time to transcend it. And if you do not transcend it, you can lose your mantle. There is also the fact that when you start as a messenger, you have a certain level of consciousness. Any previous messenger has started at a certain level of consciousness, this means that at that level of consciousness, you are able as a messenger to bring forth teachings at a certain level. This is perfectly valid, because there are many, many people, students or potential students who are at the level of consciousness where they need that level of teaching and this is all they can grasp.

However, what happens then, if you after say, a number of years, we have now given all the teachings we want to give for that level of consciousness. What happens to the messenger? Well, if the messenger has not been willing to transcend his or her level of consciousness, we cannot give a higher level of teaching through that messenger. This does not necessarily mean that the messenger loses his or her mantle. That depends on complex factors, including whether there is another messenger in embodiment who can take over that mantle at the time.

And so, you can see that there are messengers who become a messenger, because they have a certain level of attainment that allows them to bring forth that level of teaching. And if the messenger does not transcend that, when we have brought forth the teachings we want to give for that level, then the messenger may lose his or her mantle, but may also retain it for a time, where we can continue to give more and more dictations for that level of consciousness.

But you will see that there is not really any new level of teaching brought forth through that messenger. You can see this in several of the previous dispensations if you study them closely, which I am not necessarily saying that you have to do, that is your choice.

There are also certain messengers who become messengers, not because they have already achieved a certain level of consciousness, but because they have the possibility of achieving it. So, they are not given the mantle as a result of their attainment, but their potential attainment. This, of course, means they do not really receive as high of a mantle, as a messenger who has attainment.

But nevertheless, there are people who have been given an opportunity to function as a messenger. But it is contingent upon them using that opportunity to transcend their level of consciousness, raise their level of consciousness. And in some cases, these people are not willing to do so, so after a time, they stopped functioning as messengers, in some cases, because they make the decision to stop. In other cases, because they lose their mantle. In some cases, they continue to take dictations, but they are not from ascended masters, they are from beings in the mental realm.

I am not here intending to be specific, and name specific people or organizations. I am simply giving you these teachings and by going back to the question, if you take a messenger, who had a certain level of attainment, and brought forth a certain level of teaching, it is not likely if the messenger had attainment, that that messenger is going to sink into a lower state of consciousness, or go into a downward spiral. That is not likely to happen.

But it is possible that the messenger will stay at that level of consciousness and not transcend it, which then means that the teaching given through that messenger was of course valid. But it is very important to realize that it was valid for a certain level of consciousness, therefore, it was not the ultimate teaching. If you now take such a teaching, and you build a culture in an organization that this was the ultimate teaching, the highest teaching on the planet, then you can actually pervert the purpose of giving the teaching, which is to lead to continued growth.

And of course, if you go into the state of mind where you say that: “Our messenger was the ultimate messenger, and no person who claims to be a messenger, after ours is a valid messenger, because our messenger brought forth the ultimate teaching”. Well, in that case, you have truly perverted the purpose behind progressive revelation. It does not mean your teaching is invalid. But it is not valid to project that nobody should study a teaching coming after yours.

Now you look at the messengers who were given an opportunity to become messengers, these people did not have the attainment, they had the potential to reach it, but they still had certain illusions. And for such a messenger who has a lower mantle, it is possible that their consciousness can color the message to some degree. Even though they gave or received dictations, and they had a certain mantle, there can still be a certain coloring in those dictations that was not the highest possible. This means that the dictations are partly valid and partly not valid. It does not necessarily mean that they are completely wrong, but they are colored, they are somewhat subjective.

Now, you can of course go into an entire discussion of whether any messenger is completely neutral, because as we have said before, any person who grows up in a certain culture has a certain mindset, has a certain way of using language. And therefore, this will give a certain coloring to the message. You can see in previous dispensations, where the messengers had grown up in America, where these organizations and even the teachings given were more focused on America. And you can see, this messenger who did not grow up in America is not quite as focused on it, because he grew up in a different culture and a different mindset.

There is a coloring to any messenger. But again, this is acceptable, because it makes the teachings easier to grasp for people who have grown up in a similar culture. There may be, of course, some cultures that are so different from the messenger’s native culture, that people find it difficult to relate to the teachings. But you do see that there are many, many students throughout the world who have been able to relate to this dispensation, and also previous dispensations. It shows you that there are many students who are willing to transcend their particular culture and can still find universal elements in the teachings brought forth by a messenger from a different culture.

We cannot necessarily say that this is a problem for the teaching. But it is, of course, necessary for you to understand that no messenger can be completely neutral, because no messenger of the ascended masters is in a trance. The teaching always comes through the messenger’s consciousness, and is clothed in words in the messenger’s four lower bodies. It can be no other way. It is not meant to be any other way, at least not at the present level of the collective consciousness of earth.


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Constructive and negative aspects of globalization

Question: What is globalization? Why is globalization seen as a bad thing by some people? Or is it because it is being used in a perverted way?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, we have said many times that there is no concept that the fallen beings cannot pervert and will not attempt to pervert in order to make use of it for their own purposes.

Now, if you look at what has happened on earth, from a purely technological perspective, over the last decades, you can see that with the advent of the internet, and better communication, there has been a more global awareness that has begun spreading. People have become much more aware of different cultures of how people in different cultures think and communicate.

And so there has been a raising of a global awareness. This is of course, not something that happened just with the internet. It also happened with the improvement of technology that made long distance travel more feasible and more affordable, so that people have physically traveled to other countries and seen other cultures. So by the very fact that people are meeting or being exposed to different cultures, different backgrounds, different races and religions, you have the growth of a global awareness.

Now it is clear also that we of the ascended masters do intend to increase this sense of global awareness because it is a part of our efforts to raise the awareness that all life is one—all people are one, all people are connected, all people are part of the same fabric of life. And therefore, what you do to other people will affect yourself. And this is part of the global awareness that we are seeking to promote.

It is also clear that in the golden age, there will be a greater sense of global awareness. There will eventually come a point where there is a more globalized form of government, where there are certain principles that are espoused by all nations around the world. There will come a point when nation states will start fading away. You will first have regions emerge, but then eventually you will have that sense of a global awareness.

However, it is also clear that some fallen beings are trying to prevent this move towards oneness by dividing people and creating chaos and division and conflict and war. But there are other fallen beings who are trying to make use of this raising of the global awareness to put themselves in a position where instead of having power over just one nation, they can now begin to exercise global power, they feel.

It is clear that globalization is a concept that can be perverted by the power elite, and by the fallen beings. Some people have sensed this intuitively, or they have reasoned their way to it intellectually, rationally. And so, they oppose what is normally called globalization. Some people can see, as we have said, that the ultimate outcome of capitalism is that one corporation destroys or incorporates all the others, and therefore dominates the economy. And they are aware of this, and they want to counteract it, as they see they can do. And it is valid enough to be aware of these things and to spread awareness of it and to work against this form of globalization that is based on power. And based on concentrated power in the hands of fewer and fewer people.

It is clear that the form of global government that I envision is not going to be a dictatorship led by one person, or even a few people, or even an elite of people. It is going to be an entirely different form of government that, of course, is based on a much broader involvement of many different people, so that one person cannot determine the fate of the entire world.

What you can do as an ascended master student is use our teachings to increase your discernment and awareness and realize that there are certain negative aspects to globalization. There are certain constructive aspects to globalization. And you can make the calls for the furthering of the constructive aspects and for the exposure of the destructive, for the binding of the dark forces and the fallen beings behind it, for the judgment of Christ upon them, and so forth.


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Teachings about the eighth and higher rays 

Question: Will we receive teachings and techniques related to the eighth ray under the Maha Chohan?

Answer from the Ascended Master Maha Chohan  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

We are at some point, planning to release more teachings about the higher rays, the eighth ray through the 15th ray. But until that happens, and I do not want to put a date on it, use this book “Freedom From Internal Spirits” as a way to tune in to me. And therefore also, even though this book does not specifically talk about the eighth ray, you will get a feel, an experience of the eighth ray.


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