Human emotions vs. Divine Flame

Question: Psychology tells us that a few emotions are biologically programmed and the ones that are not, are created by the collective consciousness and have a socio-cultural nature. It also says that emotions have an opposite. Knowing this, we can say that emotions and the so-called emotional body of human beings and planet earth are a creation of human kind and perhaps primarily of the fallen beings that could not connect anymore with the spiritual flames. Because it seems to be the simple truth that emotions are the biggest trap of humankind associated with desires and fear. They do not make it easy for us to be neutral and to connect with the Christ mind. As shocking as this may be for most of us used to associate good emotions to the humanity that we all share, emotions are the effect of duality and separation. Through them we keep ourselves in the duality consciousness of the relative personality and ego. But beyond this the masters teach us that there is a water element in the spiritual realm and the flames associated with it are not psychological. But how do we go from the chaos of the psychology of the ego and its emotions to the unity of the Christ mind and the reality of the flames?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2024 New Year webinar.

I do not sense they are answering this so I will make some comments on it. And I think the reason they are not answering is that it has really already been covered in all of the teachings they have given.

It is true that a lot of emotions are coming from the duality consciousness. And you see what Archangel Uriel said, that there is a relative un-peace and a relative peace. There can be what human beings call positive emotions that are indeed still duality. They are just the opposite of the negative emotions but they are still relative. And they are also fear-based. You take love for example where for many people love is possessive love. And if they say: “I love you.” to somebody, they take it as a statement of ownership. They have just claimed ownership of that person and they are obligated by their love to conform to whatever they want them to do. Yes, there are certainly both of what people call positive emotions, what people call negative emotions that are springing from the duality consciousness or the consciousness of separation.

And as Uriel also explained and as Nada explained, the duality consciousness can pervert anything. There are of course many emotions that the word has a parallel in the spiritual realm. Love of course has a parallel. There is a flame of love, divine love. But what has been created by the duality consciousness is a polarity where both what people call love and what they call anti-love, they are both dualistic. They are both relative to each other and therefore they come from separation. They essentially spring from fear.

How do you go from the chaos of the psychology of the ego and its emotions to the unity of the Christ mind? Well, by resolving psychology and this is what the masters have given lots of tools on. I mean look at the books, look at the website, there are so many tools on this, how you can do this. And especially take the Healing Your Spiritual Traumas book and the other books in that series. But depending on your experience you might also want to start with the books to the Chohans, The Path To Self-Mastery. You know, starting with the Mystical Initiations Of Power. There are lots of teachings on that, that is why they do not really have anything new to say about it.

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