Distinct personality traits and ascension

Question: I am struck by the fact that Guru Ma when she is speaking sounds exactly the same now as she did in her final physical embodiment when she was the leader and messenger for the Summit Lighthouse. Given that she, like most of us, has had very many physical embodiments where she would most likely have been very different to the person that people knew her to be in that organization, why have the character traits of who she was then as Elizabeth Clare Prophet carried over to the being that she is now in the ascended state?

Answer from the Ascended Master Guru Ma through Kim Michaels.  This answer was given during the 2023 American webinar.

It is not so much that these character traits have carried over. It is more that I take on these traits to give my former students a better opportunity to connect and recognize that I am today an ascended master. But it should be said also here that when you are in your final embodiment many aspects of what we might call the outer personality are not really coming from subconscious selves, they are just character traits you have taken on over many lifetimes, so it is sort of an accumulation of your experiences on earth.

This is not something that you need to be overly concerned about. It is the same as saying whether you have blue eyes or brown eyes- this is not going to prevent you from making your ascension. You can have a certain outer personality, a certain mannerism, a certain way of speaking and it is not hindering, it is not helping your ascension, it is just what you have accumulated over many embodiments and it is not essential for you to work on it.

What is essential for you to work on is the unresolved psychology, of course. I have even said this while I was in physical embodiment, that some of the people who have ascended have had a certain outer personality that was very distinct and that some people actually did not like. But it did not really- it was not a factor in their ascension or in their service in their last embodiment. So given how many things we are working on when we are in our last embodiment there is no point in dealing with things that will not make a difference to our ascension.

Sometimes there are things that we might be aware of. I was aware, to some degree at least, that I had a certain outer personality that was a certain way. It was affected by my childhood to some degree, but it was really an accumulation of many of my embodiments. I was aware that some people did not like it, that some people were offended by it, that some people were even turned away from the teachings because of this. But still, this was not something that I felt I needed to change in order to make my ascension and it was not something I felt I needed to change either in order to serve in my capacity as a messenger for that particular dispensation, because my outer personality was part of the test that people faced when they found the teachings.

It is the same as the old story that El Morya has a gruff gatekeeper at his retreat in Darjeeling and if people cannot make it past the gatekeeper, they are not ready to enter the retreat. And it is the same thing here- in any teaching, in any spiritual teaching and organization that is sponsored from the ascended level, it is necessary for students to look for the inner teaching and to look beyond the outer circumstances in which the teaching is given.

There were people who came to the Summit Lighthouse, often from a Christian background and they could not handle that there was a woman in charge. What was I supposed to have done? Have a sex change operation in order to attract these people? You get to a point where you say with Master More: “Let the chips fall where they may.” I look a certain way, I cannot change it, I have a certain outer personality. I could change it, but is it really necessary? You simply say: “Well, you cannot please everybody. You can only be who you are, be true to who you are and then let people deal with that as they deal with it.”

This is not to say that you should not try to resolve your psychology. And if I look back, I certainly wish I would have done more to resolve my psychology, but there is a distinction between the outer personality and the deeper psychology. Of course, there is also a connection between your outer personality and certain aspects of the psychology but nevertheless, there are some things that just, as I said: “You have the color of your eyes, what does it matter? Certain outer mannerisms, certain way of speaking, what does it matter?” You have to just simply be concerned about what is important for you in order to make your ascension and there were many of these things that I was not necessarily consciously aware of. It was not that I consciously could have said what I just told you. But I certainly had a strong inner sense that this was my last embodiment or potentially my last embodiment and that I needed to work on what was essential for winning my ascension and ignore the things that were not essential for winning my ascension. And the same of course goes for all of you who have it as part of your Divine Plan to qualify for your ascension in this lifetime.


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