The figure-eight flow with beings in the lower realms

Question: Is it possible to perform the figure-eight flow with forces or entities lower than the ascended masters? And is it possible to connect to the River of Life through them? And what is the fate of those who do so?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2024 New Year webinar.

Well, yes of course it is possible. You can have a horizontal figure-eight flow between two human beings in embodiment. You can have a down-going figure-eight flow from human beings in embodiment to beings in the lowest levels of the astral plane. And you can have up-going figure-eight flows between a human being and the higher levels of the emotional, the mental realm and the lower identity realm. And there are beings in those realms. They are not always certainly malevolent beings and there are many of them that have a positive outlook. They just do not have the perspective or the level of awareness of an ascended master. That is why they are still in those realms. Many of the channelers out there are connecting to beings in the mental realm and are having a figure-eight flow while they are taking a channeled message from these beings.

And you could say that if they are at a higher level than human beings and if they have a benevolent intent, then you can in a sense connect to the River of Life through them. I mean human beings can be open doors for the River of Life. You can have a human being who is very connected to the River of Life and can therefore radiate energy to another human being who is not as connected. You can have many different flows there.

What is the fate of those who connect to such beings? Well, it is that the more you connect to beings on a certain level, the more you magnetize yourself and your consciousness to that level. Quite frankly, if you are connected to a being in the identity realm and downwards, you cannot ascend after this lifetime. I mean the only way to ascend is to connect to ascended beings. Otherwise you will simply magnetize yourself to that level. You will stay there in between embodiments and will have to come back into embodiment. And there are certainly people who have been connected to such beings for several lifetimes and it has prevented their ascension.

And some of these beings, again they are not necessarily malevolent, but they still want energy from you so they want to keep you tied to them. And this has prevented some people from making their ascension where it really was in their Divine Plans to do so.


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