Social skills of the young generation

Question:While the recent generation is more personal, individual and liberal, I am concerned that there are many people in this generation who are not good at following the minimum social etiquette or rules, or who are too hostile to others, at least in Korea. Does this have to do with the fact that I have become more conservative as I get older or is it part of a phenomenon that has resulted from a decline in the birth rate in Korea? I think there is a big pain in groups such as companies and schools due to generational differences.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2024 New Year webinar.

Well, yes certainly there is upheaval in these groups. But we have said before in several questions and answers and dictations in Korea that there is a new generation that is meant to bring Korea out of some of these old established patterns that are holding the nation back.

That is why these young people come in to break up, for example the view of the family and marriage and companies and work. You have to recognize here that it is their role to break up the old patterns. When the old generation say they do not have social skills, what is the basis for saying this? It is that they are not following the old patterns. But how can you break up the pattern by conforming to it? Now this is not to say that there are not many young people who do not have a certain level of social skill and they could have better social skills, they could be more neutral in their interactions with the older generation. They do not have to be quite as challenging. But then again there are some younger people, it is their role to challenge these social norms and break them up. You could say yes, the younger generation could be more understanding, but the older generation could also be more open-minded and tolerant and willing to be challenged.

Why do you see the reaction from the older people? Because they are not willing to be challenged. Well, if they had been more willing to be challenged in the past, then you would not have had to have these young people that are so radical or unbalanced in their approach. These things that are being challenged now could have been challenged decades ago. There comes a point where in order for the nation to move forward, these old patterns have to be broken up. And the more the old generation hold on, the more radical the younger generation must be in order to break them up. I am not saying this excuses all behavior. Again young people could be more balanced, but then again so could the older people. It is what it is in the sense that people’s consciousness is the way it is, and it is just a phase you have to work through before the nation finds a new balance.


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