Rising crime in Korea

Question: I have seen a lot of crime in the news lately, at least in Korea. A type of crime that used to be rare. Examples are extreme school violence, brutal killing of small animals, family killings, especially violence and killing of the old or infants. I think most of the offenders are believed to be fallen beings because they have no human aspects. Have many of these fallen beings been reincarnated recently? Or are they being expressed in different ways with the times? Or are they just being spread more in the news than before?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2024 New Year webinar.

It is simply an effect of what we have said before, that as you transition into the Aquarian Age, everything becomes more extreme, more pronounced. And it is simply that things are brought up to the surface so that it becomes more difficult for people to ignore.

There is in many societies a certain underlying violence, often within families for example, that is not acknowledged sufficiently, that is not talked about. It is kind of a taboo that you do not talk about. And these taboos are being broken simply by the raising of the collective consciousness and the energies that we are releasing to the planet, partly as a result of the effort of many spiritual people.

It becomes more difficult to hide. It also means that the press takes it up more because they feel they cannot ignore it. And the purpose, of course, is to bring a society to a shift where they look at this and say: “We have had this tendency in our society, in our culture, but it is no longer acceptable.” You can see that there are nations that have already, a long time ago, dealt with the violence against women, for example, and then this is not acceptable. But there are other cultures, including cultures in Asia, that have not done so and where it is still happening, but nobody really talks about it.

But you also have to add a factor here that, when you become aware of a certain issue, you tend to look for something that relates to that issue. You see it more because you are looking for it. And if you find that it is something that is important for you, that you suddenly become more aware of, then you can certainly make the calls on it. Use our invocations and decrees to reinforce the tendency in the collective consciousness to be willing to look at these issues.


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