Is there a conspiracy behind the influx of immigrants to Europe?

Question:  Is there a policy of the elite implemented by the different governments of Europe that wants to flood the different countries of Europe with foreign nationals, refugees and asylum seekers, to the extent that it will water down or break down the original cultures of those countries, or by making them weaker and more easy to be taken over and governed in a one-world government system?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

No, there is not such a policy. We have before commented on why there is this influx of immigrants to Europe. And the essence of it is that the European nations have not used their affluence to help less developed nations. And therefore, instead of the European nations doing what they could to help the African people in their own nations, the African people are now going to Europe to get better conditions. There is not such a conspiracy that is aimed at doing this. There is no advantage actually to weakening the nations to make them taken over by a one-world government.

Who would make up that worldwide one-world government unless it would be the richer, more developed, more powerful nations? So there is a certain attempt by certain power elite groups to condition the United States and the more powerful nations to form a one-world government with the overlay that this is all benign, and this is all necessary and so on. This, however, is a delicate topic, because when you take the teachings we have given, you see that we have talked about the fact that there will come a point where nation states will have outdated their usefulness, will become obsolete.

And what will that mean? That will mean that you have to find some other form of government, that is broader. Saint Germain has talked about various regions, but there will come a point where it will be obvious that there needs to be some kind of organization that can facilitate worldwide cooperation. This does not necessarily have to be a dictatorial government, but there will need to be some form of international cooperation. And that of course, means that if you look at it from a neutral perspective, the earth is moving towards more cooperation on a worldwide basis and that will lead to some form of worldwide government.

The problem is of course, that with any endeavor that is necessary and beneficial, the fallen beings will try to pervert it and use it for their ends of attaining power and control. You see here you cannot take a black and white standpoint and say that a one-world government can only be bad and can only be an element or a tool for control. You need to make the calls that the fallen beings- if you are concerned about this issue, you need to make the calls that the fallen beings- are not allowed to pervert the movement towards greater and greater international cooperation. It is clear that as we move into the golden age, Saint Germain envisions that many nations will go together and form a kind of coalition, where they will say: “We will combine our resources to go into, for example, Africa and bring up these nations to a higher level. And we will, if necessary, use military force to guarantee the peace, so that we can avoid the tribal warfare or other kind of warfare between rivaling groups around the world.” And this is a necessary step, but of course, it can be perverted by the fallen beings. What you need to do as spiritual people, is hold the vision and make the calls that it will not be perverted, but that it will reach a higher potential.


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