The Prime Minister of New Zealand

Question: I would like to ask a question about New Zealand and the current situation that is unfolding given, that our Prime Minister is in fact a woman. There is a growing movement that has come to realize that our PM is possibly the most destructive leader that we have had, and is clearly leading us into more and more control by dark forces. This initially came as a huge shock to myself and many others, but some who have known that there has always been a dark agenda have been able to see it. It becomes more and more obvious and blatant each day as new control measures through restrictive legislation are introduced such as restrictions in movement, association and speech and a growing burden of debt to the people of New Zealand. Are the masters able to give New Zealand a better understanding about why this has happened under a woman, and what our lessons in this are, so that we can be more effective and balanced in being the Christ in action? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, my beloved, I will not comment about whether your prime minister minister is a fallen being or not, because I do not find this constructive at the present level. What you need to recognize is that a woman can also be influenced by certain aspects of the fallen mindset and therefore be used as an instrument for imposing tighter and tighter control. Being a woman does not necessarily mean that you cannot be used by certain forces that want to promote control and limit freedom.

You need to recognize that New Zealand has a special situation because it is a small nation, and it is very isolated. What you see is that in all nations that are fairly isolated and cut off from the world that can very easily develop has certain fixed mindset, a certain fixed view and attitude towards life. There are many other nations that are examples of this or have been in history, even the entire Soviet Union that was isolated for so long, even China that was isolated or isolated itself, as well as Japan.

You see many of these nations that have been isolated from the rest of the world, they develop a certain fixed mindset, and people can get very comfortable in this mindset. What can bring them out of it? Well, It can very well be that they need some leader who acts out a certain aspect of that mindset to such an extreme that it becomes obvious to people that a change is needed, that things have gone too far.

And so really, what you need to do in any nation like this is take a look at the nation. Take a look at the collective psychology, look at the attitude that people have to life. What are the things they take for granted? What are the things they are not willing to change, not even willing to look at or talk about? What are the things that they might not even be able to see? Because they have been in this mindset for so long, that they think this is the only way to look at things.

As with any leader in any country at any time, that leader is an expression of something in a collective consciousness, it may be something that is positive, it may be something that is not so positive, but that isn’t recognized and therefore isn’t dealt with. My advice to people in New Zealand and in any other nation is look at the leader only as an outpicturing of the collective consciousness, do not focus on the leader, avoid falling into the trap of thinking that it is only the leader who is doing this, and that if we had a different leader, it wouldn’t be happening. “We have no responsibility, it’s the leader that is doing something wrong.”

Be willing to look at: What is it in the collective psyche that the leader is outpicturing or acting out in an unbalanced or extreme matter manner? And what can we then do to overcome this in the collective psychology? As spiritual people, you can look at this for yourselves and say: “What can I overcome? What have I grown up with? And is it part of my divine plan to actually overcome this?” – which it most likely is when you are on the spiritual path. “Could I possibly play a role in helping other people or even a nation overcome this?”

You can certainly make the calls for it, once you identify it, you can overcome the selves in yourself, make the calls for it, but you might even be able to do more, speak out, write about this and get other people to also become aware of it, or even find other people who are already aware of it. In any nation, look at the leader, look at what type of consciousness the leader is outpicturing, and then realize that this can only be an expression of something in the collective consciousness that needs to be looked at. You might change that leader, but you will attract another leader who is either the same or even worse, more extreme, more unbalanced. Until you overcome it in the collective consciousness, you will not be able to attract a new type of leader.


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Our life after death

Question: I have a question about what a person does after he dies. What activities does it have? Can he think and meditate the same way when he was in the physical body? Does anyone show him the mistakes he made during his life? Can he see what is happening on earth in the physical realm? Can he interact with other relatives who have died like him? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, the answer to all of these questions is yes. But it does not mean that all people do all of these things. It is very, very individual what happens to a person after it leaves the physical body behind. It depends on its level of consciousness, it depends on what it has defined in its Divine plan, it depends, on first of all, its willingness to transcend itself.

We have said before in previous dispensations, that there is a concept called discarnates, where certain souls cannot actually free themselves from the physical plane, they are out of the body, but they cannot quite leave the physical plane, because they are so attached to the physical plane and the life that they had. They become what you have traditionally called ghosts, where they roam around, and they may even seek to influence people in embodiment in order to steal their energy, it can be family members, it can be others. Some souls are not able to move on.

Other souls are in such a low state of consciousness that they go directly to the astral plane to one of these levels that have a very hellish appearance. And you have other souls that are not on the spiritual path, that go into sort of a holding pattern where they do not make much progress. They are almost not aware, some are even in a coma, others are in almost a vegetative state, where they are not making much progress between embodiments.

Then you have souls who are on the spiritual path, who can go to various places, in the mental or identity realms, even go to the retreats of the masters. You have certain souls who go to what we call Devachan, which is a realm of wish-fulfillment, where if you had a very, very strong desire in your recent embodiment, then you can go to this Devachan in order to live out that desire there. It is almost like a virtual reality environment that can bring up any circumstance, so you can live out that desire until you have had enough of it. Therefore you can come into your next embodiment, being free from that particular desire.

As just one example, among thousands of possible examples, you could see a person who dreamt of living in a palace but could not achieve it in their recent embodiment. They can then go and live in a palace in Devachan, and maybe overcome this desire so that in the next embodiment, they can choose a situation that is more positive for their spiritual growth.

But again it is important to realize that the situation of each being who passes from embodiment on earth is unique and so you cannot necessarily create any universal standard that applies to all people. You can give these general hints, but it is very unique what a soul needs, what a being needs, in order to process his latest environment and go higher. Naturally, as is implied in the question, those people who are on the spiritual path will receive a life review after this lifetime, where they are guided by their spiritual teachers to evaluate, from a neutral perspective, their most recent embodiment. There are also some who are in a lower state of consciousness who can be confronted with a life review where they are confronted with a need to change because otherwise they will move into a negative spiral, or even go towards the second death if they do not reform themselves. Many, many scenarios are possible.


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The human age limit

Question: I have a question about the human age limit. Is the age limit clearly set in one’s Divine plan? Can a person not reach that limit, if he makes wrong choices (chooses suicide, does not care about the physical body, etc.) But can a person exceed that age limit? If so, under what conditions?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

When you formulate your Divine plan, you do set a certain age limit. This is based on a somewhat complicated calculation, based on the body you will go into, the family background, the genetic inheritance you have,  the situation in which you will grow up but also your spiritual goals.

It is not necessarily so that all people set as long of a lifespan as possible. You have, when you make your Divine plan, a certain purpose for that embodiment. And there are people who can make the determination in their divine plans that they will only live for a few years in childhood or they will die fairly young, go out of the body quite young, because they will have fulfilled their purpose.

But most people, of course, set the lifespan as high as they can, given the conditions in which they will embody. We can say that there is at least a certain set age limit; it is not necessarily accurate to the day, but a certain age limit.

Of course, if you misuse the body (alcohol, drugs, unhealthy living) or if you get a certain disease, you can die sooner. You are in the physical octave on planet Earth, there is a lot of chaos here. You could be exposed to violence that would kill you, you could be exposed to accidents, and you can be exposed to diseases that are not part of your divine plan, and therefore you could go out of embodiment sooner. This is simply what happens on a planet like Earth at its present level.

Now, there is also the possibility, of course, that you can exceed that age limit. But you will do that only through walking the path to Christhood and reaching a higher level of that path than you actually defined as to go for that embodiment. If you are diligent in pursuing the path and giving a service to life then you can exceed the lifespan because you are giving a valuable service and this allows you to stay in embodiment longer.

This does not mean that you need to look at all people who die young as not being spiritual or as old people who live to old age as being spiritual. There are other considerations that come into play. But if you want to live longer than the timespan, then the only real way is to pursue the path to Christhood and rise as high as you can.


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How to use the power of the spoken word

Question: How would we better use the power of the word? We are ascended master students, and we use words every day, most of the time without thinking about the consequences of them. Could the Masters give us some advice about how to better use this powerful instrument in our efforts to improve ourselves and the outcome of our communication? And what is the value of silence as an attitude for students? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, we have of course giving you these tools called invocations and decrees because they are an expression of the power of the spoken word. There is tremendous power in your voice because when you speak something, you make it more physical than when you feel it or think it. When you transfer this to the process of your daily communication, it is obvious too that you can think something, you can have certain feelings, but when you say it, you make it much more physical.

And of course, when you say something, you are also directing a certain energy out through the words that you are directing at other people. Obviously, as ascended master students, you want to take a look at how you communicate and you want to avoid speaking with a charge of very heavy fear based emotions, such as anger, or blame, or irritability, or any other of these lower emotions. You want to avoid that, to the greatest extent possible. However, here is where we have a difference between what we have given you in this dispensation and most other spiritual teachings.

You can find many spiritual teachings that say you should not speak in anger. But how are you supposed to stop speaking in anger? There are people who have gained some success by forcefully suppressing their anger and making a very firm determination, never to speak out in anger. But if the anger is still there, then there is always the risk that it can spill over. What we have given you in this dispensation is the teachings about the separate selves. And you can use that teaching, if you feel that you speak out in  inharmonious ways, to uncover these separate selves, see what is behind it, and then let the self die so you have resolved it. That is then the better way to avoid misusing the power of the spoken word, making karma through it.

What you can come to when you resolve these selves is a point where, as we have said before, you have depersonalized your life, so that you do not take situations personally, you do not take what other people do personally. And therefore, you can avoid responding with anger or negativity in any way, and you can therefore, speak in a constructive way. Now, you will see if you go to certain spiritual movements that there are some people who have developed this habit of speaking very calmly and softly, never raising their voice, always speaking with an even voice. I know I am making a little bit fun of this, but you get my drift. There are certain people that talk a certain way and they consider this spiritual.

But that is not actually what I am encouraging. Speak naturally, let it flow, let there be emotion in your voice, but it is not a fear based negative emotion, you are speaking to encourage people. You do not encourage people by talking in this even tone of voice. You encourage people by allowing there to be a certain enthusiasm in your voice, a certain joy in your voice, a certain upliftment in your voice.

Basically the teaching is, as it almost always is, resolve the selves and you will solve the problem. You will then learn to speak in a more natural, positive way, as you grow higher on the path, your I Am Presence or even ascended masters and the Holy Spirit can flow through your speech and therefore have more of an impact on uplifting other people.

You will also find that once you can overcome this tendency to speak with a strained, tense voice or an angry voice, you will get a whole different reaction from people. If you can speak without these fear based emotions charging your voice, then you can often say things to people, and they will not respond negatively. Whereas if you said the same words with a fear based charge of emotions, they would respond negatively. Why is that? There are so many times where you see situations, including situations between men and women, where, for example, a woman feels that her husband is doing something he shouldn’t be doing. But she doesn’t really want to say it so she is hoping he will stop by himself. Or she may drop a hint here or a hint there, but he does not stop so irritation starts building in her, and after a time, the irritation gets so intense that she has to say it. She says something to him about what he is doing, but she now has an irritated charge to what she is saying. And he responds very negatively, gets angry, storms out of the room and she is sitting back wondering: “What went wrong here? I know what I said was perfectly true and perfectly rational and logical. There was nothing wrong with the words. Why did he react that way?”

Well he did not react to the words because he did not really take in words. He reacted to the tone of voice, to the emotional charge and he got upset by this emotional charge, because it created a reaction in his emotional body. That meant that he could never actually consider the words with his mental mind and therefore see that they were reasonable enough. You will find that the more you can take this tension out of your voice, the more free you will be to communicate and the more positive of a reaction you will get from other people.


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The New Atheists Movement

Question: Could the masters speak about the new atheist movement, led by people like Sam Harris, who speak about self-transcendence, spirituality and cutting through the illusion of the self on one hand, while at the same time claiming to be atheists on the other? What are the limits to spiritual growth using this approach if it does not affirm the existence of God?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, it depends on how you define “atheist.” In a strict sense, you could say that I am an atheist, the messenger is an atheist. Because in the strict sense of the word “atheist” means “anti-theist” and theist is a person who believes in the personal god portrayed in the Old Testament. In other words, the monotheistic god portrayed by these three religions, that is the god that an atheist is strictly speaking against.

I was against that god 2000 years ago, I portrayed God in a different way in my teachings than what was portrayed in the Old Testament. Anyone can see this by just reading the New Testament and see how I talked about God. From this perspective you can say, well, there are many, many people in the world who call themselves spiritual but not religious. It is often because they are not believing in the theist god, that Old Testament god. This is of course an important step in people’s spiritual awakening.

Now, there is of course a movement that has portrayed atheism in a different way, as denying any kind of superior being, any kind of creative God, or even denying that there is a spiritual realm beyond the material world.

In this sense, of course, this is not constructive for spiritual growth, it cannot promote spiritual growth. How could it? You will see that there are certain people in this new atheist movement, who are promoting a strictly materialist approach to life. If they at the same time claim to be spiritual, well that is cognitive dissonance. There are some of them that have gone beyond this and are open to some form of spirituality, such as meditation that can lead to self-transcendence. This can be just a step in these people’s personal path, in their growth towards higher levels of consciousness.

You need to recognize here, that every human being must start at the level of consciousness they are at, with the level of consciousness they come into embodiment as, they must also start in the culture they are in. All people have to go through an individual path of challenging their own beliefs that they carry with them from past lives, challenging the beliefs and the culture they are born into, in order to really grow spiritually and come to higher levels of the path.

So what is it that each person has to do to achieve this? Well, that’s very individual, isn’t it? I have said before, that there are some people who may not have a valid spiritual teaching or insight but they have the insight that something needs to change. Therefore they can, at least for a period of time, be in alignment with Christ in the sense that Christ also promotes change, or at least self-transcendence.

Even a new atheist can be in alignment with this to some degree. If you look at one of the points that the new atheists have protested against, it was the teaching of Creationism as an alternative to religion in public schools in certain American states. Obviously, the teaching of Creationism was a backward step in the growth of the collective consciousness. Now, of course, teaching a materialist version of evolution was also a backward step. You can say that with the New Atheists, it was in a sense not a negative unconstructive thing to object to the teaching of Creationism. But if they were really in alignment with Christ, they would also have objected to the materialist version of Darwinism and evolution.

You see here, that there is often in such people a certain cognitive dissonance but that is simply because, instead of being truly aligned with Christ they are coming from a dualistic perspective. They are promoting one dualistic polarity and putting down another dualistic polarity. This of course, in the long run does not lead to real growth. The question is: “Can people like this have a valid point for a time, can they then transcend it and open their minds to a broader, more universal approach?” Certainly, we do not need people to start promoting a return to the theistic god. It is perfectly valid to promote a more universal form of spirituality.

The question can also be that some people have gotten themselves into a position where they say: “Well, we can observe that certain forms of meditation have positive effects on people. We can even see this based on scientific research, including research on the brain, the effect of meditation on the brain. We are therefore promoting meditation as having a positive effect on the person but we are still maintaining a strictly materialist view, that all mental processes spring from the physical brain and therefore, there is nothing beyond the physical brain, there is no aspect of consciousness beyond the physical brain.” Now again, as I said, people have to start somewhere and they have to walk a gradual path. Of course, this viewpoint is not sustainable in the long run, it is cognitive dissonance.

You cannot logically, rationally look at meditation only as a technique that improves your everyday life. All forms of meditation, whether they come from the East or wherever they come from are based on the idea that there is a spiritual realm beyond the physical. That you can raise your consciousness to fundamentally higher levels, where you no longer need to come back into embodiment but can escape the wheel of rebirth, “ascend” as we use the terminology today.

If you try to disconnect meditation from its spiritual origin, you are creating something that is neither this nor that and it just is not sustainable in the long run. These people will find that they will have to go through more and more convoluted intellectual reasonings in order to maintain this view. It just becomes so complicated that it validates the principle that they always hail, namely Occam’s razor. The simple explanation is to say that there is something,  a different realm beyond the material. It is not the way it is portrayed in the Bible or the Quran but this does not mean it doesn’t exist. It does not mean that we couldn’t know something about it, if we were willing to open our minds to a way that goes beyond both traditional religion and a strictly materialist approach.


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The Pleiadians, the Arcturians and Star People

Question: Can you as a human being on earth be the open door, the instrument for the ascended masters and at the same time also be the open door for Star People, the Pleiadians and the Arcturians?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, the short answer is no, you cannot. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. We of the ascended masters reside in the ascended level, the spiritual realm. We can go to some of the upper levels of the identity octave or the etheric octave but we do not go below this. The Star People, Arcturians, Pleiadians, whatever you have, they are still in the physical realm or they are in the emotional, mental, or identity level.

There are various beings that are being channeled by various channelers around the world who are in the identity, mental and emotional levels, then there are those in the physical but there are also some who claim to be Star People or Pleiadians who are not at the physical level, but actually in most cases in the mental realm. So, if you are open to channeling these people, the ascended masters will not work with you. We are not allowed to by law. So, in order to be an open door for the ascended masters you have to be willing to raise your level of consciousness to our level where we can meet you.

Now, there is of course a qualification that needs to be made here. Because what do you mean when you say: “Can someone be an open door”? what I am talking about here is, can you be a messenger for the ascended masters and at the same time be a messenger or channeler for these other beings? the answer is clearly, no, you cannot. In terms of being an open door, it can also be interpreted to mean that you can receive ideas. Of course, we have said many times that there are certain ideas that we are releasing into the collective consciousness and anyone who is able to tune in to these ideas by raising themselves a little bit beyond their present level of consciousness, can receive such an idea. Then you are, in a sense, an “open door.”

Now there are people who are spiritually aware, who are new age people who have a sort of hit and miss approach. Sometimes they can actually receive an idea that is released by the ascended masters. Other times they are tuned in to or receiving ideas from these other beings, whatever you call them. There is a sort of mixed bag in their consciousness and what is the cause of this, it is that they do not have discernment, they do not have Christ discernment. So they are not able to read the vibration of these beings.

This messenger before he became a messenger was trained by us, he would read certain things on the internet, certain channelings, or even certain books. He had to read the vibration of this, he got to a point where he could pick up a book, or he could open up some channeled message and he could read just a few lines or paragraphs, and he could sense that this did not have the vibration of the ascended masters that he knew from the many dictations he experienced live through the Summit Lighthouse. He was in the Summit Lighthouse for so many years, the primary reason he was there, was to sit there and experience the vibration of the ascended masters as it came through our messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet. This gave him that attunement with our vibration, which he could then use to compare to the vibration of what was coming from other sources, and therefore learn to very quickly, simply read that the vibration was lower and was not coming from the ascended masters.

Naturally, it would be beneficial to all spiritual people if they built that discernment and how do you do that? Well, first of all, you cannot build discernment if you think that any source that is beyond the earth is as good as any other source. Many new age people have this idea that: “Oh, any being that’s beyond earth, whether it’s somebody on a different galaxy or somebody in the mental or emotional realm, they are all valuable, they are all okay, it’s all good.” They may not necessarily be malicious but they are not of the ascended realm. You cannot really build discernment until you realize that there is something called ascended masters, we have a fundamentally higher vibration because we are beyond all of the dualistic consciousness, we have no intent to manipulate you or to get energy from you. We only have the intent to offer you the means to your own liberation.

When you realize that, you can begin to build discernment. As long as you think everything is good, how can you discern? Then you need to be able to read the vibration and that means you need to work on your own intent for approaching a spiritual teaching. Now, as I just said in another answer, if you want a spiritual teaching to validate what you already believe so you can stay where you are comfortable, then you cannot build discernment, because you will be attracted to a teaching that tells you what you want to hear. Which is what you see with many people in the New Age field. Many people are open to channelers who tell them what they want to hear and they sit there feeling good,or they are feeling special, they feel superior to other people but they are not growing. They are not transcending themselves, they are not building Christhood.

The other thing you need to do in order to build Christhood, is of course to resolve your psychology. Again by resolving these separate selves as we have given you the tools to do. As you do this, you will gradually build discernment. You will be able to read the vibration, sense the intent behind it and know whether it is coming from the ascended realm or a lower realm.


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About a mental image of the teaching

Question: I found that for much of my path, when the masters would give a teaching, I would use it to create a sort of mental image that could fit in with my worldview. I compared everything I came into contact with to this standard. Recently I’ve had certain experiences, which leaves me with a feeling that truth not only cannot be confined in words but cannot even be really grasped by my four lower bodies. It is as if this essence of life literally cannot be contained in any way. It can only be experienced. Can the masters comment on this?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, we have in some of the dictations given at this conference commented on these issues, that there are certain things you cannot understand with the linear mind, you can only experience them. It is very, very true that when you first come in contact with a spiritual teaching, whether it is an ascended master teaching or another, it is inevitable that you will (so to speak) see the teaching through the filter of your current level of consciousness. Therefore you will color the teaching, you will interpret the teachings in certain ways.

This is in a sense the consciousness that Jesus addressed when he said to Peter: “Get thee behind me, Satan.” Because it is where you recognize that here is a spiritual teaching that comes from a higher level. Instead of being willing to change yourself in order to come up higher, as the teaching prompts you to do, you want to pull the teaching down to your level so you can use the teaching to feel justified in staying at your present level.

This is something that we see over and over again happen to people who go through a spiritual, we might say awakening and find some kind of spiritual teaching. They are willing to go to a certain level but they are not willing to go beyond it. There can come a point where they are stopped because there is a certain self they are not willing to confront, which is what we in the Summit Lighthouse called the dweller on the threshold, that then stops your growth at that level. You are on the threshold of a higher level of awareness but because you are not willing to confront that dweller, that momentum, that illusion, that separate self as we now call it, you cannot move on.

An important realization to come to, is that it is just part of the path. In the beginning, you must look at a teaching, interpret the teaching with the level of consciousness that you have. You need to come to that point where you become aware of this and you start looking at yourself and saying: ‘Oh, but I need to look at my reactions to a teaching.” Of course, this is what we have very carefully done in the Path To Self-Mastery books, where several masters gradually have addressed this and helped you rise above this. So I recommend that you follow this course with this in mind, that you overcome this tendency to want the teaching to validate your existing beliefs, instead of being willing to let the teaching take you higher than those beliefs.


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Primal selves of the fallen being

Question: We learned from ascended master teachings that avatars faced a very traumatic experience on earth with the  fallen beings. That experience caused them to withdraw or caused the withdrawal of the Conscious You and the building of a primal self. How is the experience of a fallen being when he decides to enter the path to Christhood different from this? By rebelling against God’s laws are you simply doubting that they are the best way to rule the creation? So the fallen beings also created an ego structure based on that first decision and their divine identity died. So they did fall on the earth as a result. After that, when they decided that they had had enough and want to get back to God and the I Am Presence or divine identity after a long sojourn on earth as fallen beings. Do they also have to face that traumatic experience like the avatars did with fallen beings, as a sort of revenge. And as an effect of that, do they create another structure on the ego that needs to be dismantled? Do they have two ego primal structures, or does everything go back to just that first decision that made them fall?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

The fallen beings could be said, when they first fell, when they were first confronted by the ascended masters with a need to transcend the sense of self they had built. It could be said that they also experienced a trauma, something not exactly similar to, but something like the cosmic birth trauma that an avatar can experience. So, this caused the Conscious You of the fallen being to create a primal self. The fallen being, after it has created this primal self, it falls into the next sphere that was created. It is then given the opportunity to exercise its free will in that sphere for as long as the sphere is going through the raising process, until the sphere reaches the ascension point.

Now if in that interval, which is a very long interval, the fallen being has decided to enter the path of Christhood, then of course that fallen being will receive help from the ascended masters to qualify for its ascension and it is no longer a fallen being.

If the fallen being has not made use of this opportunity, then there comes that point again where now the sphere is ready to ascend, a fallen being is then again confronted by the ascended masters with the need to either ascend with a sphere or to fall.

If the fallen being decides to fall again, well it will create a second primal self, we might call it a secondary primal self if there is such a thing. So, this is a structure that is built onto the previous primal self. As we have explained, some fallen beings fell in the fourth sphere originally, they fell again in the fifth, they fell again in the sixth. So, now they have three of these structures that they have built, building on each other. They of course, all have to be dismantled and confronted before the fallen being can join the path of Christhood.

Even before the fallen being can turn around and really start the upward path, it needs to be willing to confront its past momentums. It needs to then dismantle, just like any being does, dismantle the separate selves until it comes to that point where it has freed itself from it and it can confront the first primal self, the second primal self, the third primal self. Not in that order, it confronts the last one created first and then the next one and the next one.

So, in that sense there is no difference between the path that you walk. Of course, it is much more difficult for fallen beings to walk this path because they are more identified with it. It is so that when you have fallen into a different sphere, you lose awareness that you have fallen, you are not able to retain that awareness.

What does this mean? It means that the fallen being now experiences itself as being that way. In other words, the fallen being falls, it creates a primal self and it takes that primal self with it into its next sphere. But it doesn’t retain the awareness that it has created that primal self as the result of its own choices.

So the fallen being is now convinced that this is the way it is. It might even think this is the way it was created by God. That is why you have the concept of the devil who can be convinced that he was created by God to be God’s opposite. There is some reality to this, that the fallen beings really believe this. It may be so that the fallen being can turn around and start the upward path and see some of its selves and its momentums. It is more difficult for a fallen being to come to the point where it is ready to confront that primal self that it created when it fell in the previous sphere.

Now of course, when a fallen being is willing to walk the upward path, it will receive help from the ascended masters. We will guide that fallen being to confront this self and overcome it and then move on to the next self as well. So in other words, it will take much, much longer for a fallen being to walk the path of Christhood and get to the point where it can ascend because it has more to resolve. Of course, it can be done and it has been done by some fallen beings.


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Is the Creator infinite?

Question: It was said before that a Creator once undivided is infinite. Once he divides himself from within such as Alpha and Omega, he is no longer infinite. Can it be explained why it is so? What is the meaning of this and what “infinite” is in this case?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, my beloved you need to understand here, or rather you need to experience the reality, that the linear mind has certain limitations. The linear mind cannot fathom something that is beyond the linear world. You have on earth, certain words that cannot be grasped with the linear mind. One of these words is infinite another word is unconditional. The linear mind cannot grasp this. So, the Creator is not really infinite but in order to use a word, well infinite is one word that could be applied because it implies that which is beyond the finite, that which is beyond the world of form.

The Creator does not divide itself in order to create its creation, in order to create Alpha and Omega. The Creator remains the Creator, it remains undivided, infinite if you will. So, the Creator can create but it does not become its creation. That is one difference between a co-creator and a creator. As a co-creator, how do you create? You create through the four levels of your consciousness and you are living inside those four bodies. Therefore in a sense you become what you create, you become trapped in your own creation. The Creator does not, the Creator remains the Creator.


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Hypnotherapy and other forms of therapy

Question: Is it legitimate to use hypnotherapy to get rid of spirits and demons.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

For some people it can indeed be valuable to use hypnotherapy, even other forms of therapy to become more aware of what is happening in your psychology, but you cannot look at this as a mechanical process. In order to get rid of spirits and demons that are attached to you, external spirits, external demons that are attached to you, you have to overcome the separate selves that give them an inroad into your consciousness. That is a creative process, where you have to come to see it, see the belief it is based on and let that go.

Hypnotherapy and other forms of therapy can help you become more aware of the separate selves you have, in the end you need to see it and make a decision. For that I would suggest that the tools we have given you in “Healing Your Spiritual Traumas” and the other books are very, very effective. They do not necessarily replace other therapies, you can use other therapies in conjunction with them but I strongly recommend that you use these tools also.


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Questions about twin flames

Question 1: In the “My Lives” book, you mentioned a couple of very long relationships you had on another planet but it sounded like you came to earth all alone. The notion of a twin flame did not come up at all during your sojourn on our planet. Would you be able to elaborate? It would be nice to get more insight on this twin flame aspect, in your case in particular, especially as it did not seem to play a significant role, or any role at all for that matter while here. I’m mainly interested to understand your spiritual journey and put into context the role of women in your story “My Lives,” as all the main characters are male. Of course, if any master would like to take a shot at the follow-up questions, well that would be great.

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

As I have said, the “My Lives” book is not an autobiography of all of my previous lifetimes. It is sort of a compendium of what many people have gone through. Let me comment on this last question first. The reason why it is mainly focused on men, is that Jesus was a man in his last embodiment and Jesus is a very important part of the book. So, in order to avoid confusing it too much, even though it is mentioned in there that we incarnate as both men and women, men are sort of the main characters. Of course, you also have the fact that many fallen beings try to manipulate themselves into being in male bodies because they can have more power that way. Since this is also the story of the fallen beings, it focuses on those main lifetimes, the other thing is that if you go back, many societies in the past were dominated by men and so again, there is reasons for that.

In terms of the whole twin flame relationship. Well, I have to say that I started my knowledge of ascended masters through the Summit Lighthouse. The Summit Lighthouse had some very elaborate teachings about twin flames. It was claimed that the founder of Summit Lighthouse Mark Prophet and his wife Elizabeth Claire Prophet, that they were twin flames. There were other people in the organization who were told by either Mark or Elizabeth that they were twin flames. Some of them ended up marrying, some of them ended up getting divorced after a short time because they could not harmonize together.

So I am familiar with that whole environment of the twin flame concept. I have also seen what it does to people. Quite frankly, I had a certain intuitive resonance that made me go into the Summit Lighthouse but there were certain ideas in the Summit Lighthouse that I never resonated with intuitively. That is the only way I can say it, it just did not resonate with me. I’m not intellectually or rationally arguing that they were wrong. I am just saying they did not resonate with me, there was nothing in me that vibrated and said: “Yes, this is for me.” I’m not even saying whether it is true or not. I’m just saying this had no pull on me, it had no appeal to me. One example of that is the idea of twin flames, it just never did anything for me. I have never had a clear sense that I have a twin flame that is in physical embodiment on this planet. I have never had it, I still do not have it to this day. I never looked for it, it was never important to me. Personally it is not something I even think about. I tend to ignore the whole concept and I reason that if the masters want to say something about it, at some point they will but for me it is just not important.

In the Summit you would say that people who did not have a sense that they had a twin flame in embodiment, that was because their twin flame could be ascended. I do not even think that way because it’s never been important for me that there was another soul that I’m in a polarity with, I have never had that sense. I have always had the sense that I’m a distinct individual. I was born as an individual. I evolve as an individual. I will ascend as an individual. The masters have always said: “You ascend as an individual.” You can ascend before your twin flame, even if your twin flame is a fallen being you can ascend, that was how they said it in the Summit Lighthouse. For me, it is just not an important concept, I do not sense that there is another human being on earth or anywhere else that I need to find in order to be whole, or in order to ascend and my sense is that it applies to everybody.

Question 2: Does everyone have a twin flame? Can twin flames choose to be apart for millions of years? Are twin flame relationships not as important as we have been led to believe?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

I think that is what is sort of covered by what the masters (Omega) talked about. I don’t think everybody has a twin flame, that is my intuitive sense, certainly twin flames can choose to be apart for a long time or they can be separated by other reasons. Quite frankly, I don’t think twin flame relationships are as important as they were made out to be in the Summit. It was a different dispensation, it was part of the Piscean Age, that was probably why it was considered so important back then.

When I look back myself at the Summit, I see that there was a certain culture in that institution where many, many people who were members of the Summit had a need to feel special, that they were somehow special. There was a certain need to project on the messengers that they were also special. There were people I met in the Summit who would not have been part of the Summit if they didn’t believe that Elizabeth Clare Prophet had some very special abilities. For me, that was never important, for me what was important was she could take dictations from the masters and there was tremendous light coming through her, that was what was important. Whether she could see my aura, whether she could walk through walls or this or that was never important to me.

So I think many people liked the idea that Mark and Elizabeth were twin flames because it made them seem so unique and important. It also gave themselves this sense that they could become unique or important if they found their twin flame, then suddenly, they would have this ideal relationship with their twin flame that they had never had.

I always looked at this and I felt, even if it was true that I had this twin flame that was my polarity, we would still have made karma, we would still have unresolved psychology. So how could it be an ideal relationship unless we worked on ourselves. I saw couples that were told by Elizabeth that they were twin flames and they were allowed to marry, they were on staff and they had this Hollywood expectation that this would be the ideal relationship and they would live happily ever after. When it wasn’t, they could not deal with it. I think they couldn’t admit that they could have problems when they were twin flames, so they tried to deny the problems and sweep them under the rug and it eventually caught up with them and they couldn’t stay together.

I think it was actually a difficult concept for many people. It was quite a challenge for many people to deal with this. Maybe that was why the masters gave that concept, as a test for people, to see what they would do with it. Whether they would overcome this and say: “Well, it isn’t about finding another person who completes me. It is about me resolving my psychology so that I become whole in myself.”


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Collective selves

Question: I would like to ask a question about what one could call “institutional selves.” For example, I work as a teacher and the minute I cross the threshold of my school, I put on the role of the institutional self of a teacher. I might do or say things that I normally would not do or say, because there is a certain expectation to fulfill a predefined role and I feel compelled to fulfill that role. Can the masters comment on how we can constructively deal with these kinds of institutional or workplace selves, without neither succumbing to nor resisting them.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, this is an important realization to come to, that as we have said before, basically any organized human endeavor will over time create some collective self, some collective entity and of course, many professions have this. The reality is that if you step into an environment like that, such as becoming a teacher, entering a business, entering the military, whatever it may be, then you will to some degree need to take on that self, you need to fulfill the requirements in order to get in to the place and be able to function there. There is no point in you rebelling against it, creating tension and opposition to it. You need to find your personal balance where like Jesus said: “You render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s.”

You can realize here is a certain environment, there is a certain culture there is a certain expectation, yes there is a collective beast. In order to function in that environment, I need to follow these or these rules. But you can then not surrender yourself to follow all rules, certainly not to surrender yourself to identifying yourself based on that environment and the collective beast. In order to fully do this, you need to look again at yourself, look at your reactions, your reactions to that environment, see that they come from separate selves and then start resolving those separate selves.

It is in many cases so, that people are attracted to, for example a certain profession because they want to overcome the selves that they know will be stirred up by being in that environment. So, you can look at this positively as a learning experience, then use the tools that you have, that we have given you to resolve the selves that cause you to react to that environment, (either submit or resist). Then when you have resolved those selves, one of two things will happen: either you will be able to be in that environment and be free of the collective beast, that means you can give an example for other people that they can be free as well. Or you might come to a point where you say: “Well, that was enough of that. Now I need to move on to another environment, another profession, whatever it may be.”


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Online Dating

Question: What do the masters think about online dating and intimacy in an online relationship. Can the pursuit for a life partner distract you from the spiritual path?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, my beloved you are on a very chaotic planet, where there can be so many different considerations that come into play that determine where you take embodiment. You may have certain people that you are tied to, either karmically or in a more positive way, that you have been tied to for lifetimes. In this lifetime, it was not possible to be born close to them in physical proximity, so what is the only way you can find such people? Well, the internet then is a great help for doing this. If you were born in different countries you are likely not to meet unless you meet online, or at least establish that contact online. This is a perfectly legitimate way to find not only a romantic partner but also other people from different countries that you have, perhaps as part of your divine plan to do something with.

Now, in terms of whether the quest for a romantic relationship can distract you from the spiritual path? Well, the simple answer is yes. Many people have demonstrated this, even many ascended master students. Many people can become obsessed with this.

We have seen in previous dispensations where people became obsessed with the idea of twin flames. They were always frantically looking for their twin flame. They were often thinking that their current partner could not be their twin flame since it was not the ideal relationship, so they were looking for someone else. Then they found somebody that they thought they resonated with, they started this entire fantasy about whether this was their twin flame and in many cases it led to a relationship. The relationship then after some time when the honeymoon was over, went into a negative spiral and it detracted people greatly from the path, so of course it can do this.

Now again, the best advice here is to realize that if you feel like this compulsory need to be in a relationship or find the ideal partner, that this comes from separate selves. Again, understandable that you have built this up in past lives on a planet like this where relationships are so difficult. Therefore, it is natural that you build a certain desire for a better relationship and therefore think you need to find a better partner.

What you really need in order to get a better relationship, is to resolve the separate selves in yourself so that you are not approaching a relationship from a sense of lack or want. You have resolved those selves that give you that sense of being incomplete, therefore you can attract to you a partner who is at the same level of consciousness and you can build a positive spiral together. In order to do this, you need to have that resolution, you need to look at yourself, your attitude, your outlook on relationships. Determine what kind of relationship you really want and what you then need to do in yourself, in order to manifest that relationship.


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What level of consciousness are we at?

Question: How do we ascertain what level of consciousness we are at?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, my beloved the only way to really ascertain this is intuitively. It would not be constructive at all, if someone outside yourself told you this—if we, for example, told you what level of consciousness you were at. You need to sense this intuitively. Of course, by the fact that you are open to these teachings, you can say that you are most likely above the 48th level.

That is really what is important for you, because then you can engage in the Path To Self-Mastery course, raise yourself up through the seven rays and get to that 96th level, then engage in the other books and teachings to get beyond the 96th level.

It can be difficult to know where you are at by looking at your outer behavior. If you are open to these teachings as I said, or you can even look at people and say: If they are not aggressive, if they are not deliberately trying to control other people or being willing to use violence, even psychological violence, then they are probably above the 48th level.

Between the 48th and 96th it can be difficult for you to know where you are at but is it really that important? When you get to the 96th level you will have some intuitive sense that you have reached that level, because this is the level where you need to make that decision: Will you continue your path in order to return raise up your separate sense of self, or will you now step onto the higher path to Christhood, where you are not seeking to glorify yourself or raise yourself up but you are seeking to serve the whole, and you are seeking to overcome all separate selves?

There are people who can get very concerned about what level of consciousness they are at, even obsessed about it. I can assure you that people who are obsessed about evaluating their own level of consciousness or who are going around evaluating the level of other people, they are not at a particularly high level of consciousness.

Some can actually be at the 96th level but they have not made that decision to step onto the real path. They have not given up the separate self and that means they will start going downhill instead. Now what can happen is that people after they start going down from the 96th level, they do not realize it. They still maintain this illusion that they have a high spiritual attainment. This is of course, why they cannot give up the desire to glorify the self and build on that attainment as a separate self, there are people who have gone into various blind alleys.

There are even some that have set themselves up as spiritual teachers that have reached some level of consciousness, even claiming to have reached enlightenment, when in reality they have not even stepped onto the real path to Christhood, they are actually on the left-handed path.

As we have said, you can attain a certain appearance of mastery by being on the left-handed path. If you first rise to the 96th level and then go down from there, you can have various abilities that can impress people at a lower level of consciousness. This is how some people have set themselves up as teachers or gurus. What they often do is attract to themselves a flock of followers who are insecure, who are attracted because this person seems to be very sure of himself or herself, they then drag these people down with them. This messenger has encountered several people in his lifetime who have done exactly that.

What you need to be aware of as a spiritual student is not to be obsessed about this, not to be so concerned about it. There comes that point where you really step onto the path to Christhood and you are not concerned. You are not concerned about whether you are on the 97th level or the 120th level, you are just looking for the next illusion, the next separate self that comes up that you need to deal with and this fades away.

What level you are at, it is not important. Because when you are on the path to Christhood, you have no need to elevate yourself above others, to set yourself apart from others or to feel superior to others. So, one warning sign to watch for is always this sense of this need to feel superior, to feel that you are special, if you feel it in yourself, again there is no need to feel shame about this, you are on planet Earth. Realize that it comes from a separate self, do the work to discover that self, confront it and let it die and then you can step on to the true path.


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The teachings given through Kim Michaels and levels of consciousness

Question: What level of consciousness do the teachings on the website and books that you have published help us get to? For instance, do they help us get to the 96th level of consciousness and then do we need to seek guidance from our higher self to get to the 144th level? 

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

You have the series called “The Path to Self-Mastery”. There are books that start with a couple of books by Maha Chohan about internal spirits, but then there is a book for each of the seven rays that takes you through a gradual step-by-step process from the 48th to the 96th level of consciousness. It is not a mechanical path, but most people who really apply themselves will get to the 96th level by following those books.

Then when you get to the 96th level, there are other books, for example, the “Master Keys to Personal Christhood”, the “Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom”, Mother Mary’s three books on abundance. And then there are the books on “My Lives” book, “The Healing Your Spiritual Traumas”, and the other books in that series. They can help you go further. They can help you go quite high above the 96th level.

Now of course, as you get to the 96th level, you start having more intuition, and therefore, you start getting more guidance from your higher self and the ascended masters, but the books can still be a great help. Especially, I would recommend the books on “The Healing Your Spiritual Traumas” because that is really very, very important. But if you are new to the teachings, if you’re just starting out, depending on your background, you might consider starting with this Path to Self-Mastery course, going through the seven rays and then go on with the other books.


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How to understand myths (not only about Kuan Yin)

Question: Could Kuan Yin tell us a bit about herself, her past embodiments on earth and possibly other planets? There are a few legends about Kuan Yin but it is difficult to ascertain which are true. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Kuan Yin through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, my beloved, I will give you a short way to determine which myth about me is true and which is untrue. Any myth is untrue. How can I say this? Because a myth was never meant to be untrue. You need to recognize here that this question is asked from the western mindset, the linear, analytical, rational mind. Many people in the East who have been devoted to me for their entire lives, or even for many lifetimes, would not even ask this question. Certainly not the way it is asked here. If you go back in past ages, even in the West, to before the advent of science, and if you look at some eastern cultures, you will still find it. a mindset that has a different view of myth and mythology. These people in this mindset do not think that a myth should be literally true. They see it as a symbol for something, something they can contemplate, and it might give them a certain insight, a certain intuitive insight. But they do not think that it should be true in a literal, rational sense.

It was, as we have explained before, after the advent of the scientific, rational mindset that Christian fundamentalism developed. Before that people did not see the Bible as something that should be literally true, as the literal Word of God. And the same with many of these myths that are given in eastern teachings, many of the myths about the Buddha are not meant to be taken as literal truth. The myth about the Buddha of how he was born, are not meant as literal truths. You cannot look at these with the Western mindset and evaluate whether they are true or not.

I really do not desire at this point to give you any details about my incarnations on earth, other than saying I have had many incarnations on earth. And I have qualified for my ascension by transcending the mindset, letting the cells die that I developed as a result of embodying on this planet and certain other planets. That is what is important to know about me, because that is why you can use the teachings that we give today to transcend your own mindset and qualify for your ascension. What does it really matter to you who are open to these teachings, but Buddhists who are devoted to Kuan Yin believe about these myths about past lifetimes? What does it matter to you when you have a modern progressive revelation? Make use of that, ignore the rest or use it to stimulate your intuitive musings, and gain a direct inner experience.



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Question about fluoride

Question: In the book, “The Path to Immortality” by Mark Profit and Elizabeth Clare Profit, there is an explanation of an entity called Flourida. The book states that this chemical is harmful to the spiritual centers of men. Could you please elaborate on this and the scientific findings of fluoride being good for the teeth?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, you’re in the physical octave on an unnatural planet. As a result of this, you know very well that there are many medicines that can have a certain effect on a certain disease or at least the symptoms of that disease, but they can have side effects. In other words, there are many physical substances that have a certain effect on one aspect of the body, but it can have other negative side effects.

Fluoride is just one among many substances where if it is taken into the body in a certain quantity, then it can have various negative effects. But it still, as the scientific findings show, will improve and strengthen the enamel on your teeth. Again, you need to evaluate here, intuitively sense, whether it is right for you to use toothpaste with fluoride or not. If you feel your teeth are vulnerable, then it can be right for you to use it when you are careful to spit it out and take as little as possible into your body.

You need to recognize here that in previous dispensations, especially at Summit Lighthouse, there was a certain tendency to promote certain ideas in more black and white terms. This was again in line with that Piscean mindset, but it was also the result of the collective consciousness of the people in the organization who had a more fear-based mindset. And therefore, there’s a tendency to think that fluoride is so toxic, that it can prevent your ascension or prevent your spiritual growth. Now, it is not so that it can’t have an effect on you, but you need to take in a certain quantity. And quite frankly, that is difficult to do by brushing your teeth once or maybe even twice a day.

You do not need to necessarily panic about things like this. There will also come a certain level of consciousness where many of these substances will no longer have an effect on you, just as I said that crystals will not have an effect on you and you rise above a certain level of consciousness. There is, of course, many physical substances where there are certain entities involved that are attempting to get people to partake in these substances without realizing that it can have other effects. This is true for many substances that are being promoted. For example, most medicines that are promoted by pharmaceutical companies will have certain entities that have been created as people are using them. And they are created, partly of course, to make people take this substance and to ignore or deny or explain away the side effects.


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About the need for visible phenomena

Question: In the My Lives book, you went through three teachers and you were taught how to move objects with your mind, heal and leave the body to travel in the different realms. Are you able to suggest any books that can help us learn this?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

I will answer this. I’ve said it before that the “My Lives” book is not meant to be a strict linear biography on my life. It’s giving general teachings by using experiences of different people. The whole idea that you can move objects with your mind, you can heal, you can leave the body, these I have come to understand from the masters and from my own intuition, these are gifts that may be given at a certain level of consciousness, but they may not be given. In other words, you can very well be a spiritual person, you can manifest personal Christhood or you can rise to the 144th level without doing any of these things. And doing them is not necessarily a mechanical path either.

There aren’t any books that I would suggest that would mechanically teach you to do this. There are some books out there that claim that you can go through a mechanical procedure and follow these steps and you can learn to manifest things, you can learn to do all of this stuff, astral travel, and all this stuff. Personally, I’ve never been attracted to it. I intuitively feel it certainly is not for me. But the books that I will suggest that can help you raise your consciousness so that you can perhaps receive these abilities, if it’s in your divine plan to do so, is “Healing Your Spiritual Traumas”, and the other books in that series.


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About burning sage and incense

Question: There are many spiritual people that burn sage or incense to clear negative energies or entities in the house and around the body. Please can you help me understand why or how the smoke can do this? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, it is actually not the smoke that does it but the vibration released when these substances are burned. Now, I have just talked about crystals and said that you cannot depend on a physical substance for your spiritual growth. Again, there is a certain level of consciousness where people can derive some benefit or at least a perceived benefit from burning incense. There are some forms of incenses, such as pine, that can scare away entities, just as the physical substance of stainless steel can cut entities in an unpleasant way and make them withdraw.

But you should not, when you are open to the teachings of this dispensation, believe that this is enough in itself. You have the teachings, you have the decrees to Astrea and Archangel Michael, you have the calls to Shiva—use them. But beyond that, use the tools for healing your psychology, so that these entities no longer have an inroad into your consciousness. They no longer have a trauma they can use to influence you. You have fulfilled the requirement defined by Jesus: “The prince of this world cometh, and has nothing in me.”


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Question about moldavite and crystals

Question: In the My Lives book, it was stated that glass found in various places that can only have been created by extremely high temperatures were created by previous civilizations waging nuclear war. There are many New Age spiritual people that use moldavite as a healing crystal, because it contains energy. I, too, can feel the energy of this crystal. Please, could you clarify if moldavite was created as a result of a past nuclear war? Also, can you help me understand why this crystal has energy and has certain effects on people? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Was moldavite created as a result of a nuclear war? Well, the answer is yes and no. There was an original pure moldavite that was created as a result of a meteor but there is also, as you may know, many other minerals that are sold as moldavite because people have begun to place value in moldavite. Some of these fake crystals are created as a result of nuclear war and it can be difficult to tell the difference.

Now in terms of crystals, I simply want to make a general remark here. We might start by having the messenger hold up his hands to show that he is not wearing a ring on every finger with a different crystal or gemstone in it. I know that we have given teachings through a previous dispensation about crystals and their uses. If you feel interested in this, if you feel this applies to you, go and make use of them. What we do, in this dispensation, is that we do not talk about crystals, we do not promote it as a use, because we have given so many tools now for the raising of consciousness. If you use the tools for the Course To Self-Mastery, where you go through the seven rays and raise your consciousness towards the 96th level, then you do not need crystals.

If you use the tools for Healing Your Spiritual Traumas and the other books in that series, you can quickly move beyond that level of consciousness where you need crystals.

Quite frankly, many, many people who are using crystals and who are convinced that the crystals have an effect on them, whatever the effect may be, the effect can be explained by one word known for the medical profession, “placebo”. For many, many people, these crystals have a placebo effect. It is because they believe in them that they have an effect. There are people who are sensitive and who can sense the different vibration of different crystals, who can feel they have an influence. Unfortunately, some of these people believe that their sensitivity is due to the fact that they have a high level of consciousness and therefore, they are not willing to realize that if they think that their level of consciousness depends on or is advanced by any physical substance, then they are not really at a high level of consciousness.

They would therefore benefit to being humble enough to admit that they need to make an effort to raise their consciousness. For those of you who are aware of and open to these teachings, I encourage you to spend your time and energy on applying the teachings rather than thinking that wearing some kind of crystal will do the work for you. We have said many times the spiritual path, the path to Christhood, is not a mechanical path. It is a path of coming to see what you do not see in your consciousness and transcending it.


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Question about adrenochrome

Question: I have a question about information that recently appeared on the web, about the substance called adrenochrome. It is said that it is extracted doing a certain ritual from the body of a child and that many famous actors and singers take it to maintain their vitality. Can the masters give any comment on this? Why did this information become public? Or is this just another injection of shocking lies into the mass consciousness of people?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Adrenochrome is a substance that is extracted from the adrenal gland. It has been used in the past as a drug that is supposed to give the ultimate high. But in the past, it was only possible to extract it by killing the donor. There is no reality to this claim that this drug gives a particular bigger high than other drugs. There is no reality to the claim that this prolongs vitality and this prolongs your longevity. This is simply a lie spread by the fallen beings. That it comes out, well, it is part of exposing what the elite is doing, of these very outrageous, unbalanced practices and the lies they believe in.

You understand that there is a certain consciousness among fallen beings where they want to prolong their physical life as long as possible because they do not want to lose these privileged positions that they have gotten themselves into. They have for a very, very long time, been desperately seeking for a way to prolong physical life, including these myths about the fountain of youth and many other substances or magic rituals that can prolong life. They have virtually no reality to them. What prolongs your life is the raising of consciousness. Of course, that is the one thing that the fallen beings cannot do.


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Is there male and female primal self?

Question:  Is there a meaningful distinction between male and female separate selves, or even male and female primal selves? Say I were in a female body when I received my birth trauma. Would my primal self have certain female characteristics then? And how would that affect me if I am now in a male body? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

If you were in a female body when you received your birth trauma, you are likely to have certain separate selves that are defined by the way that you reacted as a woman in that particular embodiment, and the same, of course, if you were in a male body. However, your primal self is not really male or female because it is reacting to something that is beyond male or female. There may be certain elements where, for example, a woman who was in her first embodiment was put down by the fallen beings for being a woman. And therefore she can have certain selves that are based on her reaction as a woman. But still, the primal self itself really is androgynous or beyond sexuality because it is responding to your rejection, as a being, as a spiritual being.

You need to recognize here that many avatars have received their birth trauma in their first or one of their very first embodiments on earth, and that means you have not had very many lifetimes in a male or female body. So you are not as strongly identified with a male or a female body at this point. Now in terms of the original inhabitants of the earth, they will have had more lifetimes, of course, before they encountered the fallen beings. But still, because you will have had lifetimes of both being in a male and a female body, you are not necessarily completely identified as either male or female.

So, again, the primal self is really beyond the male or the female, but you can still have certain separate selves that are based on the reaction of being a man or a woman. But you will also have selves that are reinforced after that embodiment where you received the cosmic birth trauma because you will have had many lifetimes as both men and women.

So basically how does it affect you in this lifetime? Well, all the separate selves need to be looked at. And the fact that you are in a male body does not mean you cannot look at separate selves that were created when you were in a female body. If you use the exercise I have given you, of taking you through the gardens to the theater, you can very well use that to resolve any separate self, whether it was created in a male or a female body.

There is, of course,  a certain tendency that if you are in a male body, for example, it will be more difficult for you to be willing to look at those separate selves that were created in a female body. But this should not really apply to ascended master students who are open to these teachings because you are not as closely identified as a man as many people in the world are, or you would not be open to the teachings.


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How do women balance men?

Question: Can you or the ascended masters explain how the dynamics work that in purifying, balancing the feminine, also the masculine will balance? How is it that the perverted masculine will then be purified or balanced through the feminine?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, as we have explained in our dictations, and as we will explain more, the male and female, even as you see it on earth, should actually ideally be in a polarity. The expanding and the contracting forces, as Omega explained, are not opposites. They are not in a dualistic relationship. They therefore complement each other. Therefore if you look at the specific situation of a couple, a man and a woman, if the woman starts balancing her female energies, working on her psychology, it will also have some subconscious effect on her husband or male partner, so that he will also find it easier to balance himself. Now if he is not aware and not willing to do anything about it, it may have a limited effect, but if he is more willing to work on himself, then it can have a dramatic effect.

In terms of society as a whole, when more and more women begin to become more balanced or, we should say, even heal their traumas, then it will affect the collective consciousness. It can have a very dramatic effect. If a critical mass of women would heal the traumas they have from past lives and from this life, then it would have a dramatic effect on pulling up the collective consciousness. And that will often mean that men will then be able to begin to look at their own traumas.

Many times it is so that there is a dynamic between men and women where they have built a certain pattern, a certain momentum of having an antagonistic relationship. They might be arguing. They might be nagging at each other. They might be making stupid jokes or ironic or sarcastic remarks. Or they might just not talk. In such relationships it is often so that the man uses the woman’s reaction to him as an excuse for not looking at himself because he reasons: “Oh, it’s just the wife that’s going crazy again.”

When the woman starts healing herself, she will change her reactions to the man, and unless the man is at a very low level of consciousness, this will also affect him. He will not be able to at first understand why she is not reacting the way he is used to. He will first be confused, but many men will eventually come to the point where they start looking at their own reactions and saying: “Why am I hostile to her when she is not hostile back?” Many men will not be able to be hostile towards a woman if she does not respond the way they expect in that situation.

So that means the woman balancing herself can make it easier for the man to look at himself, and once he is willing to look at himself, it also becomes easier for him to balance himself and heal his wounds. So there is a potential that, by the woman taking the steps to heal her own psychology, she can help her man heal his. If that does not happen, then there will in some places be simply a situation where the woman moves on and attracts a more aware man who is willing to work with his psychology, and therefore the two can together form a higher spiral than was possible in the previous relationship.


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Question about an epidural in labour

Question: I would like to ask what Mother Mary thinks about the epidural. Is there a way to avoid the pain during childbirth by invoking the divine light throughout pregnancy? If yes, which decrees and invocations can we use?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, this is one of these questions where I cannot give a general answer because everything depends on the individual situation of the woman. There can be many reasons why a woman may have severe pain during childbirth or may have an extended labor. But it really does not matter what is the cause of this because once you are there, your labor has started. If it is very, very difficult, very excruciating, very painful, then it can be legitimate to use a painkiller to minimize the pain and provide for an easier delivery. I am not saying that this should not be done and cannot be done. Now in terms of what you can do to avoid being in that situation, then, yes, it can certainly help to invoke the light in the form of decrees. You can use Astrea, you can use the Violet Flame, you can use decrees to myself.

But, first of all, I would say that what you can do during pregnancy is to look at your own attitude to being a woman, to being in a female body, to being a mother, to giving birth to a child, to having a child grow inside of you. And you can then see that if you have any concerns about this, any sense of tension or trauma, then it is most likely because of traumatic experiences in a past life. When you look at the history of this planet, you will see how many, many women have been in a situation when they were pregnant and something happened, whether it be a war, natural disasters, poverty, this or that, where they would have to flee or move or be in another difficult situation during pregnancy and during childbirth. Or even a time after, where they had difficulty raising the child and keeping it alive. This can give you severe wounds, and if you sense that you have something like this, you can use our tools from Healing Your Spiritual Traumas and the other books, give the invocations, use the tools, even some of the tools we will give at this conference, to heal those traumas from the past, and that will make delivery easier.

You also need to realize that it is one thing to be pregnant and feel that you have a child growing inside of you. But it is another situation to suddenly realize that now that child is coming out and, by the way, this is not very pleasant. You can work with yourself to prepare yourself for that situation psychologically because there comes a point where you simply have to decide: “This child is going to be born, and it might as well happen in the easiest possible way, so I will not resist it.” It may require some psychological work before you can make that choice, but even if you have done the psychological work, it can still be necessary to make a decision: “I cannot turn back the clock. I cannot avoid this. Therefore, I will not resist it. I will make it as easy as possible for myself by accepting this, by flowing with it, and letting the thing happen that needs to happen.”

Many women have a subconscious resistance that they do not become aware of until they are in the delivery room, or maybe they do not even become aware of it, but they just feel it and act out on it, and they go into various fear-based reactions. It can be necessary to try to mentally step back, tune into what resistance you have and make a decision to just let the process happen. The less you can resist, the less painful it will be, unless there is some physical problem, which, of course, is why you need doctors and midwives who have experience with the process.


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Women who call themselves “witches”

Question: What do you think of women saying that they are witches? What is it? What is at the center of this archetype? How can that symbol deform the light at the identity level? Can it be a positive thought form?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, my beloved, whether it is a positive thoughtform or not depends entirely on the context. In other words, what is the situation in society?  Basically, we can say that, from an ascended perspective, we would prefer that women would not declare themselves as being witches. Because the concept of a witch has been so distorted by history, partly because it has been associated with the witch trials and the persecution of witches in the Middle Ages by the Catholic religion, partly because in the modern age it has become more associated with Wicca and other questionable practices.

We would rather prefer that women would identify themselves as more aware or awakened women, rather than witches. “Witches” is putting a matrix on yourselves. And often you are associated with some outer philosophy or thinking, and therefore you put yourself in a box.

Naturally, you also have societies where women who are somehow different or standing out a little bit are identified as witches and therefore persecuted, even killed. And this is, of course, something that is also very unfortunate. And that is why anyone who openly declares herself to be a witch is, at some level, helping to reinforce that thoughtform in the collective consciousness that has caused so much persecution in the past and is still causing persecution.


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New teachings on relationships

Question: Are there plans to release teachings from Jesus and Mary Magdalene about higher relationships?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, I will just answer that because there are plans, but there is no specific timeframe. It depends on what happens to the collective consciousness. But I sense that other masters will also release teachings on relationships. It is just a matter of the timing.


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Matriarchy is not the solution to patriarchy

Question: I have been grateful to be raised in an Asian matriarchal family, where my mother is the head of the household, and my father respects her position with grace and harmony. But I found this to be a very rare trait in most Asian families, where men dominate the decision-making. When did China or Asia in the past go between instances where women were in positions of leadership and, if so, when did it switch to having men in power? And do the masters see that Asian women will be in political leadership in the Golden Age?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, naturally, the situation for women in Asia will also begin to shift in the Golden Age, and they will be more involved with the decision-making process in all areas of society. And, of course, the relationship between men and women will change. Now this does not mean that societies will become matriarchal instead of patriarchal. We are not looking for societies to go from one extreme to the other. We are looking for societies to find a new balance, where neither the woman nor the man dominates or is the decision maker, but where they can make decisions together, hopefully in unison and harmony as we move further into the Golden Age, but at least they can make them together, so they are both involved with this.

I know very well that when you look at either a matriarchal or patriarchal society, there will be some people who actually like this. There are women in a patriarchal society who like having the men make all the decisions, so they do not have the burden of making decisions or facing the consequences or wondering what is the right thing to do or what was wrong about what they did. Same way in a matriarchal society, there are men that are happy to let the women make the decisions. But that is because there are many souls that have been so hurt and wounded in past lives by making decisions, and they have the feeling that they are making the wrong decisions.

This is always the manipulation of the fallen beings, where they want people to make decisions that later turn out to have disastrous consequences so that people become afraid to make decisions and therefore submit themselves to authority in their next embodiment.

And this will, of course, begin to change in the Golden Age, when more and more people will pursue healing, and they will become more balanced in themselves, which means they can also be more balanced in their relationship to the opposite sex. You can have a more equal decision-making process between men and women.


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How can women transcend traditional roles?

Question: In my country, Burkina Faso, although more and more women are becoming financially independent, society still expects them to behave as housewives. That puts a strain on them because, like their husbands, they spend their days out at work, help pay the bills, and they come back in the afternoon to start another full-time job, which is that of a mother and wife. For the stay-at-home mothers things are worse because they are seen as worthless, since they do not contribute financially. More and more women are looking for ways to work from home, or at least make an income while not being away from home for a long time. What is the role of men and women in a marriage? How can women in Burkina Faso transcend a mindset that is making us accept such a treatment?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, the situation you are describing is not unique to your country. It is faced by women in almost every country on earth. There are some of the more mature democracies where they have various laws and rules that make it easier for women. But nevertheless, it is always a challenge that a woman is often the one responsible for the children and the house, while the man is free to focus on his career or hobbies or whatever it may be.

In your nation, in the, shall we say, less mature nations of the world, where women are still looked at in a more traditional way, this is not something that has an easy solution. It will take time. What women can do in such nations is, of course, to look at the more mature nations, look at the situation of women there and then begin to work towards those conditions in their own countries as opportunities are there to do, being realistic about what is possible and not possible.

As we have said, you cannot expect all nations in the next decade to come up to the same standard as the most mature nations are today, but you can certainly expect all nations to make progress.  And, of course, when you look at the more mature nations, you will see that there has been a change in the attitude to women and the attitude that men have to their responsibility as fathers and husbands. So that there is more sharing of the responsibility in the home and therefore less of a burden on the women.

This is something that will be coming gradually in all nations. But, of course, there will be some nations where it will take longer, and this will especially be the case in nations that are dominated by the Muslim religion, where women are put down as being in a lower state than men. But there are, of course, other societies, such as India, which is predominantly Hindu, where also women have a much lower status, and therefore it will take longer.

But you can basically again look at the more developed nations and realize that women need to take some of the same steps that women have taken in those nations.


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How to balance career and motherhood

Question: Women tend to stay away from decision-making positions because such positions take up most of their time, and they end up not having time to get pregnant, get married or even take care of their kids. How can more women be more involved in decision-making without having to forsake motherhood and getting married?  

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, my beloved, what you see happening in many societies today is that some women postpone having children until they are getting a little older, and then they have their studies or their careers before they have children. This is one way that some women have found to deal with it. Other women may do the opposite and have the children fairly early so that by the time their children are grown, then they will have time to focus on their careers. Of course, many women also find a way to balance the two, and I know that this is very difficult to do, especially in some professions, where the demand is that you spend a lot of time at work.

What will actually happen as we move further into the Golden Age is that, first of all, the time you work will be shorter. There will be many people who can work at home, and therefore it becomes somewhat easier to combine having a family with working. What will also happen, of course, is that as men and women both become more balanced, the father will take more part in raising the children and doing all the practical things, as you indeed see has already happened in some nations.

These are some of the things that can be done. But the other thing that can be done is that in your mind you do not necessarily need to see that there is a conflict between the two. Your career is what? Your career is not necessarily having a job, but it could be more subtle elements that are part of your divine plan: making a contribution to some area of society, bringing forth certain ideas, being involved with discussion groups, working on the Internet, or whatever.

In other words, there are women, for example, who are running a blog, writing about motherhood. There can be many other women’s issues where you can participate in this way while you are still living an active life, doing what women are uniquely suited to do: namely, have children and raise them.

As we move more into the Golden Age, women will become more and more open, more and more flexible to seeing different ways. But what will also happen, of course, is that society will shift so that there will be a different view of having a career. So far you have a very particular view of what it means to have a career, which is based on a male-dominated society where the woman stays at home and takes care of the house and children, and a man can then focus on his career.

And therefore it is demanded of those who have a career that they spend a lot of time at work and can devote their attention more or less fully to this. But this will begin to break up in the Golden Age, and there will be a different view for both men and women that you do not need to spend 60 or 80 hours a week in order to have a career. And that businesses will not require that kind of commitment because they will actually realize that there is value in having people spend less time at work, and also have time for other activities, because it gives them a different perspective, makes them more creative and even more efficient.

The entire idea that if you are spending 12 hours at work, you are more effective than a person spending six hours at work is something that will begin to become questioned, as has already happened to some degree. And there will be a realization that people can be very effective in a shorter period of time. And therefore you can also easily have a situation where you can be at home and you can work very concentrated for two or three hours, then take a break to take care of the children or meals, and then you can come back and work again concentrated for a couple of hours and still put in an effective day’s work.


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Is the coronavirus natural or man-made?

Question: Is the corona virus natural, nature’s response for an unbalanced approach, greedy use of natural resources etc. or manmade: government ruling elite that wants to take more control over people and reduce freedom?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well my beloved, it is necessary to consider what you mean with the word “natural”. Is anything on earth natural? You have an artificial divide created in the popular awareness that says: “Here is the sphere of human activity. Out there is the sphere of nature and what happens out there is natural and what happens In here is manmade”.

But what have we told you? Consciousness comes before the physical manifestation. Everything on earth is affected by the collective consciousness of humanity. You have the four levels of the material universe: identity, mental, emotional and physical. What happens in the physical is a result what happens at the three higher levels. And this means that anything that happens on earth is affected by the consciousness of human beings.

You cannot really say that there is anything on earth that is “natural” in the sense that it is not affected by human beings. Even what you call nature is affected by human beings. The density of matter is affected by human beings. The fact that viruses can even exist on this planet is a direct outcome of the low level of the collective consciousness.

As the collective consciousness continues to be raised into The Golden Age of Saint Germain, there will come a point where viruses will disappear because they cannot exist at the level of consciousness that will be reached, but currently they can exist.  They are not natural occurrences. As we said they are an artificial creation, an out picturing of the fallen state of consciousness that does not want to transcend itself.

But of course, saying this does not mean that I’m endorsing all of the conspiracy theories that are floating around out there.There is a delicate balance to be found.And ascended master students need to be very careful to find it and you can find it if you use our tools to heal your psychology, overcome the selves and protect your energy field from the invasion of the very aggressive energies that are behind all of these conspiracy theories.

You need to recognize here that conspiracy theories, they all have a collective beast behind them in the emotional, mental and identity bodies. When you put your mind on some of these conspiracy theories, you make yourself vulnerable to being invaded by these energies. And you will see even some ascended master students, especially from previous dispensations that were more fear-based that had their minds and chakras taken over by these collective entities behind these conspiracy theories. You’ll even see a few today that have the same thing.

You need to be careful about this. You need to find this balance between not being so unaware as the average person is. You need to be more aware, you need to be aware that there’s a lot of manipulation going on on this planet, but you do not need to indulge in these conspiracy theories that are only created to actually distract the more aware people and get them to go into a blind alley that doesn’t promote their spiritual growth and that doesn’t help them have the positive impact on society that they could have.

There are people who have in their divine plan to play an active role in moving society forward, but that they get pulled into these conspiracy theories. And therefore they cannot fulfill the role that is in their divine plan because they come out with such an unbalanced approach that most people just shake their heads and say: “We can’t listen to this person. It’s just too far out.” You need to find that balance and again realize that you may see a huge manipulation that’s going on on this planet, but you cannot expect other people to immediately move up to see what you see. You need to give them something that relates to their present level of consciousness that they can handle, that can take them one step up.


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