Chanting and using affirmations in the healing process

Question: The chanting at this conference, when we chanted “love is unconditional”, and “I have a right to be on Earth” tears began to run from my eyes. I could not almost chant. Can chanting be a healing process for traumas? If so, how do I know which mantras to chant? 

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Yes, certainly chanting can be very healing. And some of these statements are deliberately designed to help you basically connect with the belief of a particular separate self. And the chant, the affirmation of the chant can counteract that belief. Most of you will have a self that feels that you do not have a right to be on earth. And so the affirmation “I have a right to be on earth” can counteract that belief. And it can help you release the self or release the feelings created through that self.

Well, how do you know which chants to use? Well, you could say the ones that move you obviously, but you cannot know that ahead of time so you simply have to experiment. You can also make up your own affirmations and chant those. You do not even have to make up affirmations that you can chant. This messenger has, over the many years he has been on the path, often felt that at certain times, a certain affirmation came to him intuitively, and then he would use that for a time, either give it aloud or even repeat it in his mind, until he felt that it had done what it needed to do.

Examples of what he has used is that “I accept myself fully for who I am”, or just “I accept myself”, “I accept God’s unconditional love for me”. But you can each have your own affirmations that are meaningful to you. And if you try to tune in intuitively you might have certain affirmations that come to you when you are dealing with certain selves or certain situations.


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