The coronavirus pandemic and conspiracy theories

Question: Which spiritual and practical tools should be used in order to avoid mass vaccination and to prevent a chip implantation in humans via vaccine as a result of the current pandemic? What would be the tools suitable for the Ascended Master students and recommendations for the general public?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

You already have been given tools to make calls on the corona virus and the COVID-19 situation. My beloved, we are not promoting, and we are not spreading conspiracy theories. It is clear that this is a serious situation that many governments around the world have recognized. They have recognized they needed to do something about it. They have taken whatever steps are available to them. It is clear that, as part of this process, there will be research into various forms of medication that can stop the COVID-19 disease or at least prevent it from becoming lethal. And it is clear that there will be efforts to develop a vaccine just as there is a vaccine for the common flu.

The idea that democratic governments would use such a situation to implant chips forcefully or without people knowing it through the vaccine is simply not a realistic idea. It is a conspiracy theory that has no reality to it. We are not saying that there are not certain fallen beings who would like to see this. But we are saying that there is no democratic government that would in any way do this.

In terms of a vaccine, it’s clear that when a vaccine is developed, you need to evaluate individually, whether you will allow yourself to be vaccinated. And you need to evaluate: “Has the vaccine been thoroughly tested and have the side effects been adequately evaluated?” Now in most democratic nations, you should have a choice of whether you will be vaccinated or not. So, you should be able to say “no” if that is what you feel based on your own inner guidance.

I am not making a general recommendation here to have the vaccine or not have the vaccine. That is what you need to decide individually because that is your responsibility to use your Christ discernment. But, as we have said before, if you are trapped in a fear-based state of mind, you cannot have Christ discernment, you cannot have accurate intuition. And my beloved, you cannot feed your mind with all these conspiracy theories, day in and day out without being in a fear-based state of mind. And therefore, you will not have accurate intuition.


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