Why the masters did not comment on the COVID-19 pandemic situation

Question: Can the masters briefly comment on what they want us to know about the coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, my beloved, the messenger has not been on vacation or in a coma for the past three months. That means that he has been willing and able to take a dictation anytime we wanted to give a dictation. So by the fact that the messenger has not taken a dictation, you can reason that we have not really had anything we wanted to say generally about the situation. So then, of course, your logical question will be: “Well, why not? Why haven’t you wanted to comment on this?”

And there is a multiplicity of reasons for it, but one of them is that when we saw this situation developing, and it had, of course, already started before the New Year’s, where Gautama Buddha gave his dictation, we realized that this could not be turned back. No matter what we had said to our students and told you to decree on this, it could not have been turned back. We have talked before about contagious diseases being a possibility that is lying there latent all the time, so it really is just a matter of when that happens. I know we have said that as the collective consciousness is raised, it is less likely to happen, but it still can happen.

Another reason we did not comment on this is that we are in a phase here where we are primarily focused on giving you teachings that will help the planet move into the Golden Age of Saint Germain. We are therefore looking at a more long-term perspective. And, quite frankly, I know that the situation now can seem very serious and, of course, it is serious for those who have either been ill or who have family members who have been ill or who have died from the disease. I know it is serious for those who have lost their jobs or are facing an uncertain future.

But nevertheless, when you look at this in the long run, in a longer perspective, such as the next decade, it will not be such a serious event. It will be somewhat similar to the financial crisis of 2008, which was very serious at the time but now, just those few years later, does not seem quite as serious in most people’s awareness. In other words, it is something that will be serious in the short run, but that people relatively quickly will move beyond, and many will even forget about it. Now it is not that we are not willing to comment on the situation further, but then I am asking you to ask more specific questions, which we will then comment on.


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