Spiritual perspective on the COVID-19 disease

Question: I wonder if the people who get the corona virus attract it through their lifestyle and way of thinking, or are there more reasons? Was it time for these people to leave the earth? I think I had a mild form of corona, did not stay in bed, but had some mild complaints. I ask to tell me what it was in my system that attracted the virus and what I can learn from it. I got better without being aware of a block or something similar. Is the cause physical then?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, as we have said, there is always a connection between your state of consciousness and what happens to you in the physical. However, you must be careful how you interpret this. You have to realize that there are certain events that happen, and once they cross into the physical octave, there are certain different rules that apply. In other words, of course, you can say that the higher your level of consciousness, the less likely you are to attract a contagious disease.

However, this does not mean that you can then reason that all of the people who got the disease must have been at a lower level of consciousness. Because once the disease is in the physical, the virus is in the physical, is spreading between humans, then there can be people who are in a specific physical situation where they cannot avoid being exposed to the virus.

As an obvious example, there are certainly doctors and nurses who are at not necessarily the highest level of consciousness but a higher level of consciousness than the average population. And precisely because they are at a higher level of consciousness, they are willing to serve others, and that is why they were attracted to the position as doctors and nurses. And, of course, once they are in an environment where there is a heavy contamination of the virus, then even though they can take precautions, they can still get the disease, and the same holds true for other people who are in certain positions.

So you can, of course, say that many of the people who died from the coronavirus, it was their time to move. You will see that in most cases, in fact, the majority of cases, people did not die from the COVID-19 disease. They died with it, as they say in at least some countries. In other words, they already had certain preexisting conditions, such as respiratory problems, and the COVID-19 disease reinforced that and therefore caused their death. But many of these people would have died anyway, not necessarily at the same time, but within a relatively short period of time.

You also need to recognize that what you call the normal flu can fluctuate greatly from season to season. And there can be some flu seasons where, at least in some countries, more people have died from what you call the normal flu than from COVID-19 and the coronavirus. But because of the entire attention around the COVID-19 it seems as if this is much worse than a normal flu season. Now in some countries, of course, it has been much worse, but in other countries it really has not. What you realize here again is that many of the people who died from or with having COVID-19 disease, they would have passed on anyway sometime during this year.

There are, of course, exceptions. There are people who got the COVID-19 disease and who otherwise would have lived for some time longer. But this is, again, what happens once certain things are in the physical. Not all people who have a higher spiritual consciousness can avoid being involved with these situations. This also goes for natural disasters or wars, where some people have lived a certain place in order to hold a spiritual balance that had the potential to turn back a certain dramatic event. But then, still because of the reaction from other people, the event could not be turned back. But the people could not get out of the way fast enough, and thus they were caught up in the situation.

So, again, you can reason that in general the higher your level of consciousness, the less likely you are to attract a disease like this, but do not, if you do attract the disease anyway, condemn yourself and feel that you must have somehow sinned or done something wrong to deserve this. You are in the physical octave on a dense matter planet, and sometimes certain unfortunate things simply happen.


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