President Trump’s attitude towards Russia

Question: How can we explain Trump’s dependence on Vladimir Putin? Playing along with him, refusing to arrest the trillion dollars sanctioned by American lawmakers withdrawn from Russia by her corrupt rulers, mild sanctions for occupying Crimea and fomenting conflicts in eastern Ukraine. Is there any compromising evidence, a lot of money invested in electing Trump as president in 2016 or in his business empire, or the psychological dependence of the American president on the Russian dictator, or the influence of the fallen beings, or all together and something else? 

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

It is mainly a matter of the psychological state of the American President which is partly his own psychological issues, partly also that these issues make him open to certain forces in the mental and identity realms that  gives him a certain desire to impress, not only people, but also certain people that he either admires or that he wants to put down as being lower than him. In other words, he wants to raise himself above them in his own mind by feeling he has some kind of influence or control over them.

These are some psychological traits that go very, very far back for his lifestream in many, many previous embodiments and this is the main inroad, so to speak, that the fallen beings have into his psychology, whether it is related to Putin or many other things.

There is of course various evidence that could be brought forth and if you feel concerned about this you can certainly make the calls for the exposure of these things. But whether they can be exposed or not, it is a complicated equation. It is not something we are really encouraging all of our students to make calls about because there are many other issues that are important. You need to recognize here that even though we have in the past talked about Putin, you need to recognize that one particular leader, whether it is Putin orTrump, is not as important in today’s age as you saw decades ago with for example, Stalin or Hitler or Mao.

There was a certain phase in human history where it was necessary to have these very strong, narcissistic leaders who created these various disasters so that humankind could see this and that equation has shifted. There is not quite the same potential today that one leader can create that level of disaster, and therefore one particular leader is not as important as some people think or as the leaders themselves think, they do not have near the power.

Trump is simply a president that can help the American people see what kind of leader they do not want by acting out this narcissistic personality disorder to a certain degree. But he is not nearly as important as he himself thinks in terms of the world and the forward movement of the world, nor is he as important as many among the fundamentalist Christians in the United States think.


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