Hong Kong’s role in the future of China

Question: My friend in Hong Kong is concerned about the recent riots in Hong Kong. What is the Chinese government doing behind the scenes to subvert democracy in Hong Kong? What calls can she make, and what invocations can help to keep democracy alive in Hong Kong and to accelerate changes in China? Does Hong Kong have the potential to create a shift in China? What is the highest potential outcome and what is the lowest potential outcome based on people’s current state of consciousness? Thanks.

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, to first address the question of what is the Chinese government doing behind the scenes to suppress democracy in Hong Kong? The answer is anything they can think of. Whatever means they think they have at their disposal, they are using them. They are of course very aware that the world’s attention is on Hong Kong, so they are trying to do this in a hidden way.

One of the more obvious things they are doing is that, as has happened many places around the world, that the government that feels threatened by demonstrations will send in people who are meant to create violence–to create a riot–because once what is perceived to be the demonstrators resort to violence, then the government feels justified in using violence to suppress the demonstration.

One of the most important things that can be done by people who are part of this is to remain nonviolent, even if there are certain elements that create violence, then people need to not be swept up in this and not partake in it. Are there invocations and decrees you can give? Yes, there are many. Any that mentions democracy, freedom. You can also call to Archangel Michael and Astrea. You can create an invocation, take Astrea’s invocation that has already been adapted to specific countries, and you can adapt it specifically for Hong Kong and for China.

It is clear that Hong Kong has a very important role to play in the future of China, and certainly in the future of making China a more free and democratic nation. When Hong Kong was created as a British colony those many years ago, or at least as an international trading colony those many years ago, it was one of the first serious openings that mainland China had allowed in the wall they had built between themselves and the rest of the world. It is clear that in communist China as it is today, Hong Kong–where people have been used to a more democratic form of government–they can be the opening that can bring more democratic reforms to mainland China. This is what the Chinese government is fully aware of, and that is why they are trying to stop it so that it will not spread.

You can of course, if you are concerned about this, make the calls for this. Make the calls that they will not be able to stop it, and that it will not deteriorate into the lowest possible outcome, which could be that the Chinese government would move in with force and violence to suppress the demonstrations, which could lead to certain violent groups springing up that might create almost a state of civil war. This would probably not be able to go very far because the Chinese government, once they cross that threshold of using violence would be very brutal and decisive in trying to shut it down. This would be an undesirable outcome, even though it could also have the effect of exposing the Chinese government and their willingness to suppress their own people.

But the higher outcome would be that the Chinese government would come to a point–and here you could, for example, use the invocation given in Korea for changing the mind of a dictator–that there would be a change in the Chinese leadership where they would realize that they cannot suppress these democratic reforms or the demand for democratic reforms in Hong Kong, because it would be too damaging to China’s standing in the world. Therefore, that would be too damaging to China’s trade with the world and therefore Chinese income.

There could then be brought about a shift where the Chinese government could realize that we have already crossed that threshold where we cannot in any way turn times back to the communist era. We cannot turn back to that, and therefore the only way to go forward is to allow more and more reforms even in mainland China.

It is clear if you look at it from a completely neutral perspective, that China is in an unstoppable movement towards more freedom and democracy. It simply would not be possible for the Chinese government to completely stop reforms, both democratic and economic, because it would cause the collapse of the Chinese economy, simply because Western nations would be forced to stop trading with China in order to maintain their own democratic principles.

These are also things you can make the calls for that the highest possible outcome would be a change in the mindset of the Chinese leadership, where they instead of trying to stop reforms now go in and say: “ How can we work with the people there and allow some democratic reforms without having it create such a dramatic effect in mainland China, that it goes too fast forth?” In other words, there could be a compromised situation, where the Chinese leadership would allow some reforms, even spreading to mainland China, but it would be kept at a pace where they could still feel they had some control, and therefore they would not need to resort to violence. This would bring a more gradual change in China, which is the highest outcome- a gradual change towards democracy and freedom.

I know very well that there are many people in China and Hong Kong or in the West or outside of China, who would like to see this dramatic shift. But it is not actually the optimal outcome for such a large nation where there is such a difference between the state of consciousness, the educational level, and the physical, material standard of living between various groups of people. It is more realistic and more beneficial to have a more gradual change that might take several decades, but still would bring about the same result.


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