About physical cleansing and spiritual psychological healing

Question: In the My lives book they spent many years in the Venusian mystery school purifying their four lower bodies, including a cleansing diet and yoga exercises, and purifying the emotions and thoughts and beliefs and sense of identity. What are the needs for physical cleansing? And what are the most useful steps, books and invocation to purify the emotional, mental and identity bodies? How do I relate this to the Course to Self-Mastery and work to overcome separate selves?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, in terms of the steps you can take, you can simply use the Course to Self-Mastery and the Healing Your Spiritual Traumas and the other books in the series as a substitute for what is described that took place in the Venusian mystery school. It is simply that the book describes a situation that took place a long time ago, when the consciousness was denser, the collective consciousness was denser than it is today. So you can feel at peace with using the tools we are giving now.

In terms of the physical cleansing, it is an individual matter, and you need to simply study the topic if you feel it is important for you, and use whatever tools seem to resonate with you. I do not want to give a general recommendation because we have seen so many times that people think: “Oh, if the masters have said we should do this, then this will work for everybody”, but there is nothing that works for everybody. So you can do this on an individual basis. And you can perhaps help each other and make recommendations based on what has worked for you. But you really need to tune in individually, use your intuition to see what works best for you in terms of cleansing the physical body.

Now again, we have said here that we are not encouraging our students to isolate themselves from society because you can walk the path while you are still living an active life. This, however, does not mean that you could not in the Aquarian age, in the Golden Age of Saint Germain see the emergence of certain, we might call them mystery schools, where people could withdraw for a time and be more concentrated in focusing on both physical cleansing and healing and spiritual psychological healing and growth. So it is not to say that there will not be these kind of centers in the golden age and that people should not use them, but only for a time, not to live in them permanently for an entire lifetime.


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