About the US government’s response to the COVID – 19 pandemic

Question: What are some of the highest lessons that the American people can learn from reflecting on how the US government and Trump in particular has responded to the COVID – 19 pandemic?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, it’s sort of a question that is, in a way, not constructive to answer because the general public in America will of course not listen to the answer, will not read the answer. But naturally, the people of America need to look at their government’s response and they need to evaluate it from a neutral objective, perspective.

There are already nations in Europe, where the people or even the members of parliament have called for the creation of an independent, neutral commission to evaluate the government’s response to the COVID-19 situation in that nation. Something similar could and ideally should be demanded in the United States.

Naturally, any democratic government should submit to such a process because a truly democratic government is based on the mindset that we want to evaluate what we are doing, not to find fault, but to see what we could have done better, so we could improve for any future situation. Any president who is in the constructive mindset would have no problem subjecting himself and his administration to such an independent evaluation.

The step that I would recommend is that you, as spiritual people, can make the calls for this that people will be cut free, so that Americans can say: “Look, this is what they are doing in Europe, we need to do the same thing here and have an independent commission.” As this then gains momentum, you can see what the response will be from Trump, from the administration, whether they will submit to this, whether they will seek to avoid it and what kind of reasons they will seek to use to avoid it.

Based on this, you can evaluate what their attitude is, not only to the current situation, but to the people in general, and to the way they conduct the office, for which they were elected. Of course, the general concern from all people in any nation should be: “Have our government responded to this situation with our best interests at heart? Have they taken this seriously? Have they done what they could to protect us or have they been lacking? Have they not fulfilled the responsibility to take measures to protect the spread of this disease through a large part of the population?”

And again, I will allow the American people to make that evaluation because I really have no desire here, other than for the people to become more aware of what kind of administration, what kind of president they currently have, and what is his mindset and his attitude towards the office he is holding, and how he is personally executing that office.


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