Positive feelings driven by entities

Question: Yesterday Mother Mary answered a question about feeling anger or strong negative feelings and to recognize that there is an entity or beast behind such strong emotions, so can this also be for the opposite with feelings of love or euphoria, where you feel you want more and do not ever want to leave that feeling? I believe this cannot be true love because there is an attachment to wanting more. How can I discern the difference between true love and this false love? It is not only a feeling for another person, but also my desire to be connected with my Presence and the Masters.

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Yes, it is very correct that it is not just negative feelings that are an expression of demons or lower entities. There are also entities, I will not necessarily call them demons because they are not as aggressive, but there are certainly entities associated with what most people call positive feelings including love, but it is as correctly stated in the question, it is a human form of love that is a possessive love.

There are many of what people would call positive feelings that are actually driven by entities. An obvious example is what you see at a sports game for example, where the fans of one football club are screaming at the top of their lungs and they think this is a very exhilarating positive experience they are having but it is clearly driven by entities and it feeds people’s energies to these entities.

There are of course many other examples of this and one of the subtle ones to discern is precisely in a love relationship. You know for example, that sex can become an addiction where people want more and more and feel that they can never have enough but the common feeling of being in love that is driven by a possessive love, that is driven by people having a need they are wanting to fulfill, can also be driven by entities and become somewhat addictive.

How do you discern the difference in terms of true feelings or true love? Well, whenever there is an entity or demon involved there is always a certain force that seeks to drive you. There is an element of force, there is an element of compulsion that drives you to want more and that makes you feel like it was never quite enough. You want more and more, so this is the best way to discern it and then realize that in true love which is non possessive love there is peace. If you are not desiring to own the other person then you are at peace. There is not that compulsion, that obsession with the experience or with the other person.

Love is a very tricky initiation for most people because it can so easily go into an unbalanced extreme and that is of course because the fallen beings have done everything they could to create this very unbalanced view of love relationships, where they have to be driven by this almost epic attraction and they have to provide these peak romantic experiences that you see in the movies and that leaves most people feeling like they could never achieve something like that.

The question is do you really want to achieve something like that that is driven by entities or to find a more peaceful non possessive love that gives you a deeper, lasting sense of enjoyment rather than defleating up and down with these more extreme experiences? You cannot have a peak experience without having a down experience that gives you the contrast, so when you move further towards Christhood and overcome the separate selves you start having less highs and less lows, you are more in the middle way where you are at peace.

Now, I am fully aware, we are fully aware, that many people in the world if they heard this teaching would say: “But isn’t that boring? That’s just boring. I want to have some unusual experience”. And that is fine, if that is what you want. You just need to recognize that that means you are not at the higher levels of Christhood or you would not want it, you would want that peace instead.


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