Spiritual perspective on the immigrants issue in the Great Britain

Question: Many people say that the great cities of Western Europe, especially London and Paris, have become rude and are now only shadows of their former greatness due to the influx of third world immigrants who bring nothing of value to their new home. They make use of the system and are prioritized for housing and services, which should greatly be used for the indigenous population who are in need of them. They do not integrate or learn the language or try to adapt to life in the West. There is a saying that “If you bring the third world, you get the third world.” What is the ascended master’ perspective on this?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, what is the former greatness of these cities? Because if you look at it historically, you would have to go back to before the colonial age, and were these cities really that great at that time? You see that why is London invaded by people from third world countries? Well, is it third world countries or is it the former colonies of the British Empire? Who brought this influx of immigrants? Well, the British Empire brought it upon itself by going into these nations and subverting them as colonies. What you do unto others, you will experience yourself.

What was the subconscious message that the British Empire was sending into the cosmic mirror? Well, it was that “we want to deal with people from these other nations. We are willing to go in and use violence to suppress them in their own countries.” And this is what is now being returned to you on your own doorstep where you now have to deal with these people and decide, will you try to deal with them with the same state of consciousness you had when you were colonial power? Or will you transcend that state of consciousness and find a higher level of humanity, of dealing with them in that way?

You see that what is going on in Britain right now with Brexit is this very negative attitude towards immigrants from other countries. And, quite frankly, this has the danger of putting England, putting Great Britain into a downward spiral. And the only way that the British people can pull themselves out of that downward spiral is to rise to a higher level of humanity and develop a more humanitarian attitude towards people from other countries. Same goes for France and other colonial powers. You can see how Holland has made more progress in that respect than England has, clearly.

Truly, it can be said in a very simple way. And I am not denying or ignoring that there are problems with these people coming from other countries. I am not saying that they should not try to integrate. But when it comes to the British people, it is really very, very simple. Will we project that the problem is outside ourselves or will we take responsibility for our role in creating this issue? Will we then deal with it from that level of responsibility, instead of trying to deal with it from a level of denial, where we say: “Oh, could we only get rid of these people, then we will solve the problem!”  Can you not see that that particular attitude: “If only we got rid of that group of people, we would solve the problem?” Can you not see that that is exactly the same attitude that Adolf Hitler encouraged in the German people in the 1930s?

You all know what that led to, I am not saying it is going to lead to a second Holocaust, but it could really lead to something that is far more violent and far less attractive than what you see in England today. The potential is there. If you are concerned about this then make the calls that the British people will step up, accept more responsibility and find a higher level of humanity in their dealing with this issue.


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