How are the holes in the aura created?

Question: The ascended masters mentioned holes in the three higher bodies in the context of trauma. How are the holes created?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, if you look at your aura, your energy field, you can consider it a little bit like the physical body, just not as dense. So, you know in the physical body, if somebody shoots a bullet at you, it will create a hole in your body. If they shoot a large projectile, it can create a large hole. So, what the fallen beings attempt to do, what the dark forces attempt to do is to direct some kind of energy impulse, for example, at the emotional level, a very strong emotional impulse at you, so that it literally blows a hole in your aura.

This however, they cannot do unless, as we have said, there is some kind of self in you, some kind of belief in you, that makes you vulnerable to it. Otherwise it would either bounce off your aura or pass right through it. But that is the basic way it is done, the fallen beings sense that you have a vulnerability, they exploit that to send some energy at you, that then creates an opening in your aura in your force-field.

What you can do if you would sense that you have this is of course make the calls for Archangel Michael’s protection, for Astrea to cut you free from any ties to the fallen beings, any hooks they have inserted in your aura. But you ultimately also need to work on that separate self that made you vulnerable to it in the first place. So that, again, the prince of this world has nothing in you whereby they can create that hole in your aura.


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