The unresolved psychology behind the coronavirus outbreak

Question: Could Elohim Cyclopea or any masters comment on the unresolved psychology behind the corona virus outbreak? And would Cyclopea or any masters share with us teachings that can help us transcend this psychology? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

You will know, my beloved that a virus is not really a life form, at least not what you normally call a life form the virus is a parasite that is dependent, for its own survival, on the host cell that it invades.

Now, you can see based on this, that a virus is not a natural occurrence, in the sense that it is not the result of the normal evolutionary process. Because the normal evolutionary process, even on a planet like earth, that has such a density of matter, brings forth life forms that can survive and reproduce on their own. And therefore, they can grow, they can transcend themselves, evolve into other life forms and there is a progression in the evolutionary process. But you see certain life forms, viruses, parasites, toxic animals and so forth, that cannot exist on their own. And when you see these kinds of life forms, you know, that they are not the result of a natural, undisturbed evolutionary process, but they are a result of an influence by fallen beings and the fallen consciousness.

We have in previous dispensations talked about viruses and how they were genetically created or modified in laboratories in past civilizations by the fallen beings. But really, I do not wish to particularly go into this here. What I wish to say is that a virus is the manifestation, the outpicturing in the physical of the fallen consciousness. Fallen consciousness, fallen beings are a kind of virus, a kind of parasite because they cannot exist on their own. They can no longer receive energy from the spiritual realm, from their I AM Presences or the ascended masters and therefore they must invade the minds of other people and force these people who are receiving energy from the spiritual realm to misqualify it with a lower vibration so the fallen beings can survive.

This is really the mindset behind a virus, the refusal to self-transcend, the refusal to change, to come up higher, to evolve, to grow. And of course, there is a connection between the consciousness, the collective consciousness, and the particular places where a virus can make the jump into the physical or make the jump from animals to humans.

It is not a coincidence that this happened in China because China is one of the nations in the world today that is stuck in a state of consciousness where they do not want to, or they are not able to transcend themselves. There are many aspects of this consciousness including how they treat animals, how they treat animals in these animal markets, but also how they treat people. But the most glaring problem in China today is, of course, the refusal to transcend Communism and communist ideology.

You have a nation that is as capitalist, if not more capitalist than the United States, that has a growing number of millionaires and billionaires. And still there is this insistence on maintaining the appearance that we have a communist system and a communist party that runs the country. Who are they kidding? To use a popular expression. Well, only themselves, are they not? This, of course, goes back thousands of years in China, and even in the greater Asian area, where there is this tendency to create an appearance. And with all means available, they want to maintain that appearance. They want to save face.

Of course, you find it in other parts of the world. I’m not saying that there couldn’t be a virus outbreak in other parts of the world. But nevertheless, you see it very much in China. And that is the reason for this particular outbreak. It is a manifestation of this consciousness, this unwillingness to transcend itself, transcend yourself. And really, it is also a manifestation of the people’s unwillingness to stand up to the fallen beings because who are the ones who are maintaining the appearance that the communist party is in control of China? It is the fallen beings because they are the ones who created not only Communism and Marxism, but also certainly the communist party in China and the entire power apparatus.

When the people will not stand up to the fallen beings, there needs to be something that shakes that mindset, that challenges the mindset in a way that is more difficult to deny. You have a physical manifestation that is difficult to deny. I know very well that China was denying it for quite a while. And that they could have minimized the impact of this virus, if they have been more open and forthright with the W.H.O and the rest of the world. But this is again, this fanatical emphasis on maintaining the appearance and saving face for the communist party. They think they are in control, but are they in control of this virus? No. This has already had an impact on the collective consciousness in China. It will have more of an impact in the future. It, of course, has had a certain impact also in Western nations because, of course, there are also Western nations where the people have an unwillingness to transcend themselves.

You can go through the many different nations and you can find at least a reasonable correspondence between the number of people infected and the number of people who died from COVID-19 and the unwillingness in the collective consciousness to transcend something in that nation. You may see in Italy for example, this very fact that the Catholic church was started in Italy, still has its headquarters there but has the Italian nation really challenged the Catholic church? The same in Spain? In Britain, you see how, again, the people leaving the EU because they want to do their own thing, but they are not challenging the power elite that rules Britain behind the scenes, again an unwillingness to transcend.

You see in America, where we have said before that the power elite in America are becoming richer and richer, the middle class are becoming poorer, the poor people are becoming destitute. But Americans are unwilling to change this. They aren’t willing to demand that their government, their president, take steps to change this, even though that is what he, to some degree, promised to do when he was elected by a so-called populist movement. But where is populism today in challenging the rule of the iron grip that the power elite has on the American economy and financial system? You can certainly look at the world and find some correspondence there. Not that you necessarily need to over-interpret this, but it is there.

Now in terms of spiritual tools that can be used for this, well you can certainly use the tools we have given for raising your consciousness, you can call for your protection, for being cut free. And you can work with yourself and your willingness to transcend yourself. But you have to recognize here that there is a limit to what spiritual people can do in terms of calling for the mitigation of this COVID-19 disease and the virus outbreak. Because it is simply one of these lessons that humanity needed to learn, because they have not been willing to learn it from a higher spiritual direction, so they must learn it in the school of hard knocks. And of course, you could say that in recent times, it is certainly one of the events that has gained people’s attention, even more than the 2008 financial crisis and in certain ways, even more than 9/11. Because you see the restrictions that have been imposed, you see how governments have reacted.

And thereby you see that, if nothing else, this crisis at least got people’s attention. And they were shaken out of this idea that: “Oh, it will probably blow over. We don’t have to do much about it”. They were awakened to the fact that there is something they have to do or they will experience a true catastrophe. So again, even this awakening can lead the way for more of an awareness of the need to transcend the old mindset and move forward in various ways.


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