Being the mouthpiece of the Divine Mother

Question: What does it mean to be the mouthpiece of the Divine Mother? Is this similar to a mantle? Are there many mantles associated with being the Christ on earth?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, being the mouthpiece of the Divine Mother is not different from walking the path to Christhood, being able to connect to your I AM Presence or any ascended master and therefore give forth teachings from that level as you are inspired to do intuitively. You can of course also have a certain messenger who could have been trained to speak more from the masters who represent the Divine Mother for earth.

In terms of mantles, well, we have not given such extensive teachings on mantles in this dispensation because we do not really want you to focus that much on it. There was a tendency in previous dispensations that students became so focused on this mantle, and having a mantle, and thinking that when you had a mantle it basically meant that either you must have been infallible in order to receive the mantle, or after you received it you have practically become infallible. This is not really a view that we encourage because a mantle is a certain energetic protection that we placed on certain people to help them carry out a certain mission. You need to have a mantle as messenger because it helps you carry out that mission, but it does not mean that you are now a perfect human being or that you were before. It does not mean that you are not still walking the path to Christhood, that you have to overcome your separate selves and rise towards the 144th level of consciousness.


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