What aspect of human consciousness does “doubting Thomas” represent?

Question: I saw on the ascended masters website that some of the disciples were fallen beings. Was the disciple Thomas a fallen being? Why is he called “doubting Thomas?” Is this a quality he had that needed to be transcended? Is he ascended or is he still working on his ascension?  

Answer by Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, I would like to answer this in a not linear way because the reality is that whether this disciple was a fallen angel or not, is not very important for you today. Some were fallen beings because they were given an opportunity to be close to me, as a person with Christhood, so that they might be able to reform themselves. Now naturally, these were not the fallen beings that were in the category of Satan and Lucifer, Hitler, Stalin, Mao. They were fallen beings who had started overcoming the fallen consciousness and therefore had the potential to overcome it.

What you need to recognize is that some of these disciples, they more represent a certain aspect of human consciousness. Peter represented a certain aspect of the human consciousness where you can recognize there is something special about the Christ, but you are not willing to leave behind your mental box, so you want to pull Christ into the mental box and validate it. Thomas represented that aspect of the human consciousness that wants to doubt everything, that wants to see a physical undeniable proof of everything. It is more constructive for you on the spiritual path to look at the disciples from that perspective. But just to humor you, Thomas has moved on and made his ascension.



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