Is the coronavirus natural or man-made?

Question: Is the corona virus natural, nature’s response for an unbalanced approach, greedy use of natural resources etc. or manmade: government ruling elite that wants to take more control over people and reduce freedom?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well my beloved, it is necessary to consider what you mean with the word “natural”. Is anything on earth natural? You have an artificial divide created in the popular awareness that says: “Here is the sphere of human activity. Out there is the sphere of nature and what happens out there is natural and what happens In here is manmade”.

But what have we told you? Consciousness comes before the physical manifestation. Everything on earth is affected by the collective consciousness of humanity. You have the four levels of the material universe: identity, mental, emotional and physical. What happens in the physical is a result what happens at the three higher levels. And this means that anything that happens on earth is affected by the consciousness of human beings.

You cannot really say that there is anything on earth that is “natural” in the sense that it is not affected by human beings. Even what you call nature is affected by human beings. The density of matter is affected by human beings. The fact that viruses can even exist on this planet is a direct outcome of the low level of the collective consciousness.

As the collective consciousness continues to be raised into The Golden Age of Saint Germain, there will come a point where viruses will disappear because they cannot exist at the level of consciousness that will be reached, but currently they can exist.  They are not natural occurrences. As we said they are an artificial creation, an out picturing of the fallen state of consciousness that does not want to transcend itself.

But of course, saying this does not mean that I’m endorsing all of the conspiracy theories that are floating around out there.There is a delicate balance to be found.And ascended master students need to be very careful to find it and you can find it if you use our tools to heal your psychology, overcome the selves and protect your energy field from the invasion of the very aggressive energies that are behind all of these conspiracy theories.

You need to recognize here that conspiracy theories, they all have a collective beast behind them in the emotional, mental and identity bodies. When you put your mind on some of these conspiracy theories, you make yourself vulnerable to being invaded by these energies. And you will see even some ascended master students, especially from previous dispensations that were more fear-based that had their minds and chakras taken over by these collective entities behind these conspiracy theories. You’ll even see a few today that have the same thing.

You need to be careful about this. You need to find this balance between not being so unaware as the average person is. You need to be more aware, you need to be aware that there’s a lot of manipulation going on on this planet, but you do not need to indulge in these conspiracy theories that are only created to actually distract the more aware people and get them to go into a blind alley that doesn’t promote their spiritual growth and that doesn’t help them have the positive impact on society that they could have.

There are people who have in their divine plan to play an active role in moving society forward, but that they get pulled into these conspiracy theories. And therefore they cannot fulfill the role that is in their divine plan because they come out with such an unbalanced approach that most people just shake their heads and say: “We can’t listen to this person. It’s just too far out.” You need to find that balance and again realize that you may see a huge manipulation that’s going on on this planet, but you cannot expect other people to immediately move up to see what you see. You need to give them something that relates to their present level of consciousness that they can handle, that can take them one step up.


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