How to understand myths (not only about Kuan Yin)

Question: Could Kuan Yin tell us a bit about herself, her past embodiments on earth and possibly other planets? There are a few legends about Kuan Yin but it is difficult to ascertain which are true. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Kuan Yin through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, my beloved, I will give you a short way to determine which myth about me is true and which is untrue. Any myth is untrue. How can I say this? Because a myth was never meant to be untrue. You need to recognize here that this question is asked from the western mindset, the linear, analytical, rational mind. Many people in the East who have been devoted to me for their entire lives, or even for many lifetimes, would not even ask this question. Certainly not the way it is asked here. If you go back in past ages, even in the West, to before the advent of science, and if you look at some eastern cultures, you will still find it. a mindset that has a different view of myth and mythology. These people in this mindset do not think that a myth should be literally true. They see it as a symbol for something, something they can contemplate, and it might give them a certain insight, a certain intuitive insight. But they do not think that it should be true in a literal, rational sense.

It was, as we have explained before, after the advent of the scientific, rational mindset that Christian fundamentalism developed. Before that people did not see the Bible as something that should be literally true, as the literal Word of God. And the same with many of these myths that are given in eastern teachings, many of the myths about the Buddha are not meant to be taken as literal truth. The myth about the Buddha of how he was born, are not meant as literal truths. You cannot look at these with the Western mindset and evaluate whether they are true or not.

I really do not desire at this point to give you any details about my incarnations on earth, other than saying I have had many incarnations on earth. And I have qualified for my ascension by transcending the mindset, letting the cells die that I developed as a result of embodying on this planet and certain other planets. That is what is important to know about me, because that is why you can use the teachings that we give today to transcend your own mindset and qualify for your ascension. What does it really matter to you who are open to these teachings, but Buddhists who are devoted to Kuan Yin believe about these myths about past lifetimes? What does it matter to you when you have a modern progressive revelation? Make use of that, ignore the rest or use it to stimulate your intuitive musings, and gain a direct inner experience.



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