About the need for visible phenomena

Question: In the My Lives book, you went through three teachers and you were taught how to move objects with your mind, heal and leave the body to travel in the different realms. Are you able to suggest any books that can help us learn this?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

I will answer this. I’ve said it before that the “My Lives” book is not meant to be a strict linear biography on my life. It’s giving general teachings by using experiences of different people. The whole idea that you can move objects with your mind, you can heal, you can leave the body, these I have come to understand from the masters and from my own intuition, these are gifts that may be given at a certain level of consciousness, but they may not be given. In other words, you can very well be a spiritual person, you can manifest personal Christhood or you can rise to the 144th level without doing any of these things. And doing them is not necessarily a mechanical path either.

There aren’t any books that I would suggest that would mechanically teach you to do this. There are some books out there that claim that you can go through a mechanical procedure and follow these steps and you can learn to manifest things, you can learn to do all of this stuff, astral travel, and all this stuff. Personally, I’ve never been attracted to it. I intuitively feel it certainly is not for me. But the books that I will suggest that can help you raise your consciousness so that you can perhaps receive these abilities, if it’s in your divine plan to do so, is “Healing Your Spiritual Traumas”, and the other books in that series.


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