The Prime Minister of New Zealand

Question: I would like to ask a question about New Zealand and the current situation that is unfolding given, that our Prime Minister is in fact a woman. There is a growing movement that has come to realize that our PM is possibly the most destructive leader that we have had, and is clearly leading us into more and more control by dark forces. This initially came as a huge shock to myself and many others, but some who have known that there has always been a dark agenda have been able to see it. It becomes more and more obvious and blatant each day as new control measures through restrictive legislation are introduced such as restrictions in movement, association and speech and a growing burden of debt to the people of New Zealand. Are the masters able to give New Zealand a better understanding about why this has happened under a woman, and what our lessons in this are, so that we can be more effective and balanced in being the Christ in action? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, my beloved, I will not comment about whether your prime minister minister is a fallen being or not, because I do not find this constructive at the present level. What you need to recognize is that a woman can also be influenced by certain aspects of the fallen mindset and therefore be used as an instrument for imposing tighter and tighter control. Being a woman does not necessarily mean that you cannot be used by certain forces that want to promote control and limit freedom.

You need to recognize that New Zealand has a special situation because it is a small nation, and it is very isolated. What you see is that in all nations that are fairly isolated and cut off from the world that can very easily develop has certain fixed mindset, a certain fixed view and attitude towards life. There are many other nations that are examples of this or have been in history, even the entire Soviet Union that was isolated for so long, even China that was isolated or isolated itself, as well as Japan.

You see many of these nations that have been isolated from the rest of the world, they develop a certain fixed mindset, and people can get very comfortable in this mindset. What can bring them out of it? Well, It can very well be that they need some leader who acts out a certain aspect of that mindset to such an extreme that it becomes obvious to people that a change is needed, that things have gone too far.

And so really, what you need to do in any nation like this is take a look at the nation. Take a look at the collective psychology, look at the attitude that people have to life. What are the things they take for granted? What are the things they are not willing to change, not even willing to look at or talk about? What are the things that they might not even be able to see? Because they have been in this mindset for so long, that they think this is the only way to look at things.

As with any leader in any country at any time, that leader is an expression of something in a collective consciousness, it may be something that is positive, it may be something that is not so positive, but that isn’t recognized and therefore isn’t dealt with. My advice to people in New Zealand and in any other nation is look at the leader only as an outpicturing of the collective consciousness, do not focus on the leader, avoid falling into the trap of thinking that it is only the leader who is doing this, and that if we had a different leader, it wouldn’t be happening. “We have no responsibility, it’s the leader that is doing something wrong.”

Be willing to look at: What is it in the collective psyche that the leader is outpicturing or acting out in an unbalanced or extreme matter manner? And what can we then do to overcome this in the collective psychology? As spiritual people, you can look at this for yourselves and say: “What can I overcome? What have I grown up with? And is it part of my divine plan to actually overcome this?” – which it most likely is when you are on the spiritual path. “Could I possibly play a role in helping other people or even a nation overcome this?”

You can certainly make the calls for it, once you identify it, you can overcome the selves in yourself, make the calls for it, but you might even be able to do more, speak out, write about this and get other people to also become aware of it, or even find other people who are already aware of it. In any nation, look at the leader, look at what type of consciousness the leader is outpicturing, and then realize that this can only be an expression of something in the collective consciousness that needs to be looked at. You might change that leader, but you will attract another leader who is either the same or even worse, more extreme, more unbalanced. Until you overcome it in the collective consciousness, you will not be able to attract a new type of leader.


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